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Title: A knee with a history of injury (and probably arthritis) gets warm again
Post by: asm on December 14, 2017, 08:54:42 PM
About 2 years ago I had a sudden swelling in my knee, probably due to over-doing sports. It didn't want to subside, and I eventually ended up at rheumatologist's, who somewhat tentatively diagnosed it as autoimmune arthritis (not rheumatoid though). At that point I was only taking NSAIDs. This spring, after reviewing up-to-date MRI and ultrasound and testing synovial fluid, it was decided that since my knee no longer had the amount of fluid that stood out, no further action (immunosuppressive drugs that is) would be taken at that point, and I was advised to wean myself off of NSAIDs too and get back if and when my knee swelled again. I spent the last 6 months biking (up to 100k a day sometimes) and even occasionally running (up to 10k). I stopped taking NSAIDs too. Everything was fine.

Now, a year ago, when I still had my knee swollen, it often got warmer than the other knee in the evenings. Only in the evenings - the temp would start rising around 6-7 pm, stay like that for 2-3 hours, and then slowly fall down to match the other knee. From this spring when I last saw my rheumatologist it was weirdly quite the reverse - my ailing knee stayed dead cold (unnaturally cold I would say) all day long, while my healthy knee would get warm precisely in the evenings. Until the last couple of weeks... Now they changed places again - although my healthy knee is not colder than cold, it's definitely colder than my problematic knee. Again - only in the evenings.

Now, the reason I'm writing this is to ask whether warm temperature in the joint is always a cause for concern or whether it may just be an idiosyncratic type of thing that some people have and that I always had but didn't notice until I had it swollen. Possibly something related to circadian rhythms, since it's always in the evenings. Now my rheumatologist told me to get back with her if it swelled again, but so far it hasn't - it possibly will, but so far it only gets warmer in the evenings. Now, I will probably be scheduling an appointment anyway, but I doubt they will see me sooner than in mid-January. It would be nice having some peace of mind till then that warmer temp by itself especially while presented in this peculiar way (in the evenings) means probably nothing.  :)

Title: Re: A knee with a history of injury (and probably arthritis) gets warm again
Post by: Brandon123 on December 18, 2017, 08:51:01 AM
I do think knees get warmer in the evening. I have noticed that both my good knee and my bad knee (patella cartilage damage) get warmer in the evening. However, my bad knee gets much warmer and also red and hot. 20 min of icing of the bad knee in the evening helps a lot, and makes them evenly warm (both still warmer than during day the day) :)
Title: Re: A knee with a history of injury (and probably arthritis) gets warm again
Post by: asm on October 19, 2018, 10:10:47 PM
Still getting weird temp behavior from the knee... When I saw rheumy earlier this year, I was told I shouldn't pay much attention to the knee getting slightly warmer if it's not accompanied by the swelling, changes in images/ultrasound, blood-work, etc. And then somewhere in mid-spring it stopped getting warmer anyways. But now it's back, but it's even weirder this time - it still gets slightly warmer in the evening, but if I go to the gym to pump some iron, it very quickly goes cold. Today all it took was ridiculous 15 minutes of chest and back exercises - I didn't even do legs. I suppose it has something to do with general sweating, blood circulation, etc. Any suggestions what could be going on here? Thanks.