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Title: Ligamys for ACL ?
Post by: bashar on September 30, 2017, 10:16:06 AM

I had partial tear on my right knee ACL plus a meniscus tear in 1994 when I was 28. At the time the Consultant advised me not to do the reconstruction and only trim the meniscus. Due to the instability of the knee I was not able to play much sports. In 2008 I slipped and completely tore the ACL. At the stage I went through a reconstruction using Hamstring graft. I had very little expectations of active sports however I started training slowly and eventually started playing tennis three times a week. I felt both my knee were great and was playing aggressively (maybe too much!). I am now 51 and last week I injured my left knee. The MRI showed a complete tear. My first reaction after visiting the Consultant was to do a reconstruction with Hamstring graft. However I have just come to learn about Ligamys. Has anyone heard about it, and more importantly has anyone have gone through this procedure for ACL? It sounds like a great alternative but at the same time I wonder why it hasn't taken off more and is not very popular judging by the limited surgeons and hospitals where this is performed.