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Title: Plica Resection worries
Post by: Kright1005 on September 02, 2017, 05:34:31 AM
I'm going in for a plica removal in 4 days and I'm extremely nervous. I have done marching band for about 9 years between high school and college  so that's probably where the pain and weakness came from.  For about 5 years now I've seen 2 different sports medicine doctor about knee weakness and pain. Both have given me a diagnosis of plica syndrome. When I was 18 I was told I had it and that if the cortisone injection didn't work then surgery would be needed, well the cortisone didn't last long  and I wasn't ready to have the surgery. So I've been getting steroid injections through the 5 years and I'm still having the knee lock up and crack, weaknesss and pain going up and down steps, and pain during running or walking/standing long periods of time. . I went and saw a different doctor now and he said he agrees with the original diagnosis of plica syndrome.

I've researched and I know that only about 50-60% of people even have a plica so what if I go in for the surgery in a couple days and I don't even have a plica and that it might just be arthritis? I'm only 23 so it makes me super nervous, would there be any way to fix anything if I don't have a plica while he already is in my knee?