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Title: 4 days post partial menistectomy
Post by: 65Dart on March 02, 2004, 04:43:14 AM
After babying my right knee for two years following a meniscal repair, I decided to run again eventhough the pain never completely subsided.  After a month of running, and after 1 mile that last day, I felt a sharp pain no different than the pain felt when I initally tore the medial meniscus.  I limped back to my home and scheduled a partial menistectomy (surgery #2) and last Thursday I had it done at El Camino Hospital in Mt. View CA.  The results after surgery so far:
- No crutches needed, I could bear full weight the first day.
- Slight swelling but ice has really helped.
- No pain from the meniscus what so ever.
- Slight inability to straighten the leg completely-still very stiff
- Minimal loss of muscle since I bear weight on it daily.

My conclusion is that I should have NEVER done the repair in the first place...what a complete waste of time.

Title: Re: 4 days post partial menistectomy
Post by: agilk9 on March 02, 2004, 05:19:01 AM
Hey Andre -

You live in my old stomping grounds.....I lived on Mary Ave in Sunnyvale!

It sounds like you are doing quite well!  I don't understand your last statement that you should have never done the surgery in the first place.  You're doing great!

Icing is good, keep at it.  Even though your knee may not look swollen, the arthroscopic surgery is still bound to irritate all the tissues in your knee and the tightness more than likely are those swollen tissues.  Don't know what your rehab protocol is, but when you are given the ok, try putting a pillow (folded double) under your ankle (you are sitting on floor or bed, legs in front of you) and let gravity gently straighten your knee.  When I started this, my knee was (in looks) about 2 inches higher than my other knee....within a week, they were almost equal, now they are.

You'll be back running in no time....maybe Bay to Breakers???

Title: Re: 4 days post partial menistectomy
Post by: 65Dart on March 02, 2004, 05:40:41 AM
Hello Aggie,
Thanks for the advice.  My last statement pertained to my first surgery which was a repair..which was different than last week's partial menistectomy surgery.