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Title: ACL Stretched/Loose Questions
Post by: tybrimm23 on April 12, 2017, 06:15:23 PM
Maybe it's just paranoia and my head but here's a quick recap. At around 4 months I was playing BBall with my brother. It was lowkey, just shooting around and the sudden "quick" breaks to the hoop and my knee felt solid. I was driving to the hoop and stopped and did a few quick movements and he had his arms up and naturally I duck under to take my 2 steps to the hoops and my knee kind of slid outwards, but no pop. After that I got the Drawer Test on my R knee (ACL Recon) and it moves significantly farther than my left knee, but my knee felt fine and the PT said it was still intact. At 5 months, I went in to get my brace and I asked my doctor to test it to make sure (Paranoia was driving me up the wall). He asked what I did and I said basketball and he got pissed (good reason to) and he test it and played around with my knee and said it was good. Im now around 6 months and paranoia still kills me. I have a few months until a big football camp (Hall of Fame camp in Canton, OH) and I have been training my ass off. My PT came in to my school and he gives everyone a quick check up to see whats wrong etc. and I asked him to check my knee because I asked if it was stretched out or what the deal was. He tested and he kept moving my right knee, and for a minute or 2, he finally tested my left knee and was like, well there is a significant difference, but where youre at at 6 months, it should be close to normal. He said the ACL will tighten up soon, and to lay off the hard work and let it do its thing. How long till the ACL tightens up? The difference of my leg is so crazy it's not even funny. I can lay my heels on the ground and with my left leg, foot pointed in the air, and rotate my foot left to right to move the entire shin bone, it barely moves. My right leg, it almost seems to pop out and the max right and max left, like it did before surgery. It has me stressing like non other because my dream to go big in football and this will be a huge setback if I have to get surgery again. :(
Title: Re: ACL Stretched/Loose Questions
Post by: swimmermex on July 06, 2017, 06:40:37 PM
I am unsure how much it can tighten up by itself, muscles could make it feel less loose. I am no expert here , I had reconstruction as well 4 months ago and I my OS said it felt a bit bit loose. I am also panicking here.
Title: Re: ACL Stretched/Loose Questions
Post by: Heisman14 on May 18, 2018, 08:41:05 PM
An ACL surgery is a slow drawn out process to full recovery you can watch professional athletes like Adrian Peterson or laquon Treadwell have a miraculous recovery and return in 7 months. Yes pick up basketball isnít a hard core contact sport like football but it is one of the hardest sports on your knees. The constant jumping changing direction and landing on your knees does quite a lot of under the radar damage. You need to speak to your physician and have him check you out if you havenít already. I am only 2 weeks removed post op, but my PT told me that I shouldnít try and rush this unlike a professional athlete we as regular citizens only go through 2 at the least to 4 at the most max days a week of while a professional athlete is in PT sometimes twice a day or everyday in a week. It is up to a Professional Athletes PT to return them as soon as they can. An ordinary PTís job is to return you to the best you can get. Take your time with rehab. Stop playing sports I know it sucks because I tore my ACL playing football. And I probably did even more damage not having an MRI immediately as getting it repaired. I want nothing more then to play ball again but if you donít take your time rehabbing and doing everything you can to get better you will never feel comfortable with your operated knee to even think about going big in football. You will constantly have issues if you donít allow that knee to heal