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Title: acl pcl?
Post by: slokie on February 20, 2017, 04:01:35 PM
10 days ago my right knee kind of locked in the leg press. didnt feel any dislocation (like the knee going backwards) or any pain. I continued my training that day but was feeling kind of discomfort behind my knee like i pulled a muscle or something.
The following days the knee didn't swell at all, my muscles didnt loose any mass and the leg didnt loose any range of motion but was feeling a bigger discomfort (back of the knee)  with the extension when walking and running . deep squat and full range of motion ok.  knee feels weak however.
now the discomfort has been much better but not gone. i tried some bosu (one leg ) today also to test the knee with no big problems of stability.
is it possible i tore an acl or pcl ? ??
would be difficult for me to stand on the bosu ? wouldnt i have some swelling? 

i have an appointment with the doctor in 7 days ...
Title: Re: acl pcl?
Post by: Vickster on February 20, 2017, 04:49:21 PM
Could also be meniscus or anything really, or indeed nothing (the weak feeling could be psychological as you felt it twang).  Rest it until you see the doctor, no gym/training, especially nothing with weights, squatting, lunging, leg press, leg extension etc until you have a diagnosis and cleared :) 

If you cant wait 7 days, see a sports physio privately?  They're much better with knees than GPs generally anyhow (GP will likely just tell you to rest it).  Cost around 50-60 for assessment, don't usually need a referral (unless using private healthcare)

I'm assuming you're in the UK hence the above suggestion
Title: Re: acl pcl?
Post by: slokie on February 22, 2017, 10:42:53 AM
i went to a doctor and he suggested its probably nothing serious (he did the ligament and meniscus tests) but said to have an mri just in case...
however the mri confirmed a medial meniscus tear..
the doctor said its up to me to do the surgery or not. 
i know the meniscus surgery is not a major thing but... i prefer not to (wait and see)

as i said doesnt hurt , catch or swell but feels a little heavy and sore
Title: Re: acl pcl?
Post by: Vickster on February 22, 2017, 11:03:29 AM
Sounds sensible.  The meniscus surgery would be keyhole, so not a massive op but still traumatic(and not without potential risks and complications) and takes 3-6 months to full recovery usually.  Also, if the meniscus tear is removed rather than stitched, you do open yourself up to more likely developing arthritis sooner than you might otherwise.  If it's stitched, you'd probably be non weight bearing for 6 weeks. 

If the knee is sore rather than biomechanically compromised, waiting is best.  After all thousands of people have torn meniscii and don't even know

Avoid squatting, lunging etc until it's better.  Perhaps get a couple of physio sessions.  Given the speed of ypur scan and diagnosis, you obviously have speedy access to treatment
Title: Re: acl pcl?
Post by: The KNEEguru on April 19, 2017, 02:32:54 PM
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