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Title: Lateral release problems
Post by: duke4life3443 on February 09, 2017, 05:38:15 AM
I had a lateral release done on May 20, 2016. About 5 days after
My surgery I couldn't lift my lower leg at all without sharp pains and my reflex kicking. The dr gave me gabapetin and that helped stop the sharp pains. I started pt about a month and a half after my surgery. When I started I was at a 72 degree bend and a 15 degree straight. I did pt for about 2 and half months and was only able to get to 87 degrees bent and 10 degrees straight. I can't put my full weight on my knee. I walk with a cane or a limp. I can't get into the shower without the help of my cane or really do anything that I use to do. I had a chondroplasty and he also cleaned up my kneecap. I saw another os and he said there's nothing he could do for me after an exam. I am now seeing a neurologist and she ordered an MRI which is set for March 1st but I'm at a loss. I've lost my job over this and everything.
Title: Re: Lateral release problems
Post by: Brandon123 on May 17, 2017, 12:49:50 PM
Hi Duke,

Sorry to hear about your struggle, and I hope the situation has improved. If I may ask, what was your original problem/diagnosis?