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Title: postero medial ramp
Post by: fraz on December 23, 2016, 10:14:54 PM

I've recently had much needed surgery with what was suspected as a PCL rupture and a PCL reconstruction, however according to the surgeon the PCL was not as bad as what was thought and is rated at grade 1 assuming the 100% truth is told.  PCL had healed for the most part but the postero lateral corner had not with an LCL that had torn and healed in a not so anatomical position.  Also the capsula tissue was damagec quite badly due yo hyper extension.

The point of this post is to ask about one specific area of the operation.  A large postero medial ramp in surgical notes as closed down presumably with sutures.

I've looked into this and all I can find is details about meniscus ramp meniscus tears.  According to the surgeon I don't have meniscus tearing but some of the meniscus came away from capsular but has been pinned back down.

What is needed is some more information about postero medial ramp, OK it's medial, I understand and it's postero, at the back on the medial side but some more information appreciated from people with good medical knowledge.

After the surgery two weeks now and coping well with this but I'm just trying to get on top of the situation and with somd good information I should be able to.

So in a nutshell the LCL is reconstructed along with postero lateral corner and with big postero medial ramp in surgical notes.

I will talk with surgeon again but for now I ask here, thanks!