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Title: lateral bone bruise
Post by: Slippyknee on July 18, 2016, 10:52:44 PM
Last week I jarred my left knee while stepping down some steps..
I ended up with my knee buckling and hyperextending with me on the floor in agony @ first.
I managed to get up after about 5 minutes with my knee feeling very weak and limping badly, more with shock I think than pain afterwards,  I went home and rested (icing)  for a few hours,  I was OK till Friday morning then a dull ache started when planting my foot wich got worse as the day went on.
By Sunday it was quite unbearable walking with some swelling and lateral knee pain (LCL again)
I went to the hospital yesterday and they put me in a splint and told me not to weight bear, roll on today they said I've a slight tear in my LCL and possibly a bone bruise looking at the x-ray,  awaiting results from Mri.
I've been put in a full leg brace and have to go back next week for results,  I've been told to keep the weight off it completely,  I know my knee from previous years of injuries and haven't had pain like this before when my foot lands on the floor.
What can I expect from a bone bruise in terms of healing and how long on crutches again?
Anyone else had this problem before..

Title: Re: lateral bone bruise
Post by: walkingdaily on July 20, 2016, 02:04:01 PM
After an impact of the femur and tibia, you can have  bruises in both bones (kissing bruise, check a photo here (

So, if you have kissing bruise(s), they will be just underneath the articular surfaces and will be affected by walking...

If the bruise is caused by a side hit (so, not by the hit of the other bone), walking will likely affect the bruise much less.

It depends how big the bruise is and where it is located. Crutches--I don't want to speculate, but few weeks at least. You might feel the pain from bone bruise for months, but you will be probably able (and allowed) to walk free, especially if it's not a kissing bruise. The bruise may need as long as a year to completely disappear from MRI, though.