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Title: scar tissue after broken patella and 2 surgerys
Post by: Ireneoro on May 11, 2016, 12:49:31 AM
I broke my patella in half July 2015 Dr put tension wires and screws for to reattached ligaments. I was in mobilizer for 8 weeks. started PT at 4 weeks. December   I had MUA done and started using a CPM machine for 4 weeks. Continued PT. ROM on flexion 8-15 extension 60-70. April 1 had surgery to remove wires and remove scar tissue, still have alot of pain ,same ROM and now have times when I stand up sharp pain in knee cap. My Dr is referring me to the Knee specialist in his group. I am 65 and know am having problems with my other leg( hamstring) Anyone have any advice.