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Title: Can you explain my knee MRI
Post by: betterangel1001 on January 07, 2016, 11:15:38 PM
I had it in April, and my dr said I am requiring surgery as all other things have failed to help. It has become worse and quite debilitating, the worst part is it is in both knees and I am only 36! Left knee MRI results say this:

Effusion w/ lateral tilt of the patella.
Cartilage fissuring at medial facet and medial ridge.
Extensor mechanism intact.
Trochlear cartilage thin at lateral aspect.
MCL thickening and mild synovitis w/ mild extrusion of medial meniscus.
Osteophyte formation at periphery of medial compartment.
myxoid changes of the ACL noted w/ cystic changes of tibial spine.
PCL intact.
Iliotibial band, fibular collateral ligament, bicep femoris, and poplitius tendon and popliteal fibular ligament intact. Lateral cartilage compartment intact.
Tendinopathy of semimembranous posteromedially w/ synovitis posteromedially
Residual fluid of the Baker's cyst.

Can you explain this in simplified terms?  I have also been diagnosed with advancing Osteoarthritis bilaterally of the knee.  I can no longer work (especially my primary jobs were as a CNA and a Paramedic), and it's even hard to sit comfortably and sleep is awful. I cannot get into a bathtub, kneel, or squat anymore. and my knee is so unstable I need the assistance of handrails for stairs.  My doctor has suggested possibly needing the aid of a cane or walker!!! I'm 36!!!!   I've never had a surgery on anything before, and the dr said this one is a biggie.

Thank you so much for any help!!!