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Title: Problems after falling on knee
Post by: Kneefall on December 06, 2015, 08:32:29 PM
Hello everyone. Was wondering if someone more knowledgable than me could give me some advice.

About two months ago I slipped on a wet floor and landed down on my right knee. My knee was bent when it hit the floor.
It was very painful so I used ice on it. It left me with a lot of bruising over my knee, and some swelling, which gradually went after about two weeks. I didn't get it looked at by a doctor, just hoped it was one of those things that would sort itself over time.

I'm now having problems with my knee, which I'm attributing to that fall. My knee clicks regularly throughout the day when I'm walking, especially if I change direction. Also clicks when getting up from a chair, bed etc. However the main problem I'm finding, and this is hard to explain, is that when my leg is straight, it feels like my knee is going to bend back on itself. That's the best way I explain it, hope you understand what I mean! My knee hurts but not agony, just uncomfortable.

Can anyone shed any light on what I may have done and if it's something that will sort itself out or if I need to get it seen (difficult to get time off work plus a doctors appointment so convincing myself not to go!).

Thank you all.
Title: Re: Problems after falling on knee
Post by: Vickster on December 06, 2015, 08:56:46 PM
Go see a doctor, don't let work get in the way of health and wellbeing, knees especially are too important to mess around with, you only get two in a lifetime ;)

Book an appointment tomorrow, get it checked over, have scans as needed. It may well just need time to heal (months aren't unusual for strains, sprains and bruising to recover), or it may get worse if it doesn't get the treatment it needs

No one on here can diagnose you, it needs a trained and experienced medical professional to do that after examination

Good luck :)
Title: Re: Problems after falling on knee
Post by: thegirlracer on December 09, 2015, 11:34:31 PM
Hi! Very sorry to hear about your fall. I had a similar incident (fell on concrete), and ended up with a shattered knee cap. Anyway, you would know if it was that =)

I deal with the same "clicking" sound and sensation you do when I bend down. It may very well be cartilage that could've been damaged when your knee joint took impact. For me, my options are Euflexxa/Synvisc shots every six months or arthroscopic surgery, which I've opted not to have.

Not sure about the bending back sensation.

I hope you get some answers!
Title: Re: Problems after falling on knee
Post by: IMF73 on December 14, 2015, 11:10:07 PM
As they have said, go get it looked at.
I am currently 8 weeks post op on my knee. I damaged my articular cartilage. No one knows for sure the cause but I blame it on a similar fall. Similar to u the swelling etc from the fall went away but a few weeks after it clicked a lot and locked up.
Go get it scanned and they will know for sure may be something  simple
Title: Re: Problems after falling on knee
Post by: Clarkey on December 15, 2015, 04:54:30 PM
Hi There,

I agree with what has been advised already by other members of KG that it better to be safe than sorry! I have managed to fall twice directly onto my right knee. The 1st fall was tripping over an untied shoelace while running and fell hard with speed directly onto my right kneecap. 2nd fall was on black ice while walking once again fell directly onto my right knee that has already had one surgery. I then had to have another surgery and since then my right knee never been right again.

Having a standard MRI scan is a good tool to see if there any damage and the extent it has got to and if it requires rest and physio or surgical intervention. It does sound like a torn cartilage from the symptoms you re describing.

I had catching post-op surgery#1, it was not a torn cartilage but a soft tissue injury of an inflamed fat pad and medial plica. Fat pad was trimmed and medial plica was cut out and recovery was very slow of over 18 months till me knee felt ok again.

As already mentioned the kneecap might be badly bruised bone that can take several months or over a year to get over fully. A good starting point is to see a PT for an assessment as well as having an MRI scan.

Both my kneecaps clunk and click a lot that PFS and maltracking that is another common knee problem amongst knee sufferers.

Good Luck and hope it a straight forward diagnoses and fix.

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Title: Re: Problems after falling on knee
Post by: Gabrielle_S on December 27, 2015, 02:39:52 PM
Definitely go get that checked out. On my fall I thought I had just bruised my leg, it did hurt but not as much as what you would constitute to a fracture. The biggest thing that meant I couldn't walk on my leg was about 1 hour after the fall my knee got stiff and felt like it was going to flip backwards or something, like it just felt too weak to hold me up. I have a minimally displaced fracture which is now just one week old.