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Title: Question about fulkerson, mpfl, lateral release recovery
Post by: erinlee60 on September 15, 2015, 12:46:15 AM
Hi.  I recently had a Fulkerson Osteotomy, MPFL reconstruction, and lateral release.  My surgery was May 15, almost 4 months ago now.  I am still walking with a cane because my knee still gives out quite frequently, and today was the first day I got to full ROM, but that was with my fiance pushing pretty hard to bend my knee, causing quite a bit of pain.  I go to physical therapy twice a week, as well as doing my knee exercises everyday.  I've also purchased an exercise bike for home, and just joined the YMCA hoping that their treadmill and pool will help.  I've read a lot of post op diaries on here, but I feel like most people are so much more advanced at this point than I am.  I'm starting to get frustrated...after working so hard, my leg is still SO tiny, I barely have a quad muscle, and I never thought I would still be walking with a cane!  I'm trying hard to stay patient because I know everyone heals differently...but it's getting hard!  Has anyone else had any experiences similar to this?