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Title: Synovectomy at 17??
Post by: Cindi on September 10, 2015, 02:38:08 PM
My 17 year old son has had two partial menisectomies (tore it once playing football and again weight training). During the second surgery, the dr found a lot of brown tissue which he removed and biopsied - he feels it was PVNS, the lab says hemangioma. That was in January of this year; my son still has marked swelling and pain in that knee. We tried a steroid shot - helped for less than a week. The ortho referred us to a child rheumatologist; all bloodwork was normal, and a contrast MRI revealed nothing remarkable, and he sent us back to the ortho. We are now discussing another biopsy - he wants to go in and see what's going on in the knee and if the tissue is back, do another biopsy of more material. He's also discussing the possibility of a complete synovectomy ... I'm just wondering what the long term effects might be since he's only 17!

Any ideas/suggestions/advice??
Title: Re: Synovectomy at 17??
Post by: willrunagain on September 25, 2015, 04:54:42 PM
I'm 26 and I had a partial synovectomy about 7 months ago.  My OS just removed the inflamed synovial tissue.  I don't think synovectomies have any negative long term effects.  I'm pretty sure your knee lining regenerates after a synovectomy anyway.  After my partial synovectomy, my knee felt a lot better in regards to activities of daily living.  I had a cartilage defect on my kneecap which was causing the synovium to become so inflamed.  I just had a separate surgery (cartilage allograft) to repair that two weeks ago.