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Title: Tibial Plateau Injury (type 6)
Post by: 10bellies on February 15, 2004, 08:19:41 PM
On Jan. 16th my scooter skidded out from under me at 10-15mph (I know this, as I had slowed to turn onto a side street) and smashed down onto my left leg.
I ended up with, as the title suggests, a type 6 tibial plateau injury (completely closed wound, no broken skin, which according to my OS is surprising), and my kneecap knocked a few inches up into my thigh.

The first day in hospital, they opened me up, collected all the fragments of bone they could find, moved my kneecap back into place then placed a plate and pins (screws?) to hold the tib. together (which had split vertically from the plateau down to a few inches above my anke.

Because of the swelling of the surrounding tissue, they left it as an 'open' wound for a few days before they could consider closing it.

A few days came, and it was still very swollen, so I got refered to the Plastics dept. of the hospital for their opinion.

Monday 19th Jan. and I was back in theatre, under the care of plastics, who take half my calf muscle and graft it over the previously installed hardware, in order to be able to take a skin graft from my right thigh (8"X7" approx).

I even had a couple of trainee Doctors come through from a Leeds hospital to be show the muscle graft, as they'll "Probably never see that sort of graft again"

The OS wanted to put a cast brace on my knee, but was overruled due to muscle graft needing regular (every two days) dressing.

3 weeks later, and several sessions on the *wonderful* CPM machine (with +100 to +15 ROM), I am allowed to go home.

I've been told that I'll be non-weight bearing for at least 12 weeks, and on crutches for longer than that, and I'll need to see a physio 2-3 times a week until they say I'm fine.

I've already been told that I'll probably always walk with a limp, probably using a stick/cane, and I will need a complete knee replacement within the next few years.

Still.....gotta laugh, eh?

(oh, pictures of my leg, taken while I was still in hospital, are available...)
Title: Re: Tibial Plateau Injury (type 6)
Post by: caroline_f_98 on February 16, 2004, 01:55:02 PM

I'm also a type 6 tibial plateau, fractured fibula and torn crucial ligaments.

I also had an open wound. What is is? No one could explain it to me.

They told me all that stuff too but I am almost 12 weeks post surgery and am doing really well. I have a diary on the link below if you'd like to see it. On my last check up I asked when I'd need this knee replacement as I was told that based on my progress this is not an issue. Also, the limp is a possibility if you can't straighten the leg which you can work on with physio.

I'm still swollen now but that's to be expected.

Don't accept what they say. I have loads of tips if you need any advice. I tried just about everything and my extremely negative surgeon has now admitted I will make a 95% recovery (which to me means 110%)!

Title: Re: Tibial Plateau Injury (type 6)
Post by: 10bellies on February 16, 2004, 03:58:34 PM
The Doctor in A&E classed an 'open wound' as when the bones stick through the skin, as is normally the case when the bone is badly splintered.

Both the OS and the plastic surgeon class it as the time after the op to pin everything back together, but are unable to close the wound back up due to swelling.
This is what they meant by my 'open wound' (**warning** don't open if squeemish, it's nasty) (, taken 2 days after they grafted half my calf muscle round to the front.

if you look closely, you can make out the mesh of the skin graft taken from my right thigh, which classes it as still open until the graft takes.

That's the reason they couldn't put a cast brace on it, as it would irritate the healing tissue, and make it impossible to change the dressing without cutting the cast off every two days.

As for my knee, they have told me that it's basically buggered, and will only get worse from here-on-in, but it could be 6 months or it could be 6 years before it deteriorates to the point of needing a replacement (to be honest, I'm glad they told me, and that i don't have false expectations of how well it's going to get.)

My limp is pretty much certain, due to the amount of calf they moved round to the front, there probably won't be enough left to allow me a near-full ROM
Title: Re: Tibial Plateau Injury (type 6)
Post by: caroline_f_98 on February 16, 2004, 06:07:16 PM
Well I hope like me they are telling you the worst and that you get good news as you go along. Keep posting. There is a section called 'bone breaks around the knee' where there are many other people with tibial plateau fractures.

Best of Luck ;)