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Title: I feel bad about writing this....
Post by: vester on February 15, 2004, 07:38:10 AM
I feel bad about writing this because after reading through some of this site it does seem that so many of you are going through so much pain. I really am sorry for that.

I am new to this whole subject and would just like to ask a quick question.

I am a woman who does aerobics, etc. My knees have popped my whole life but never ever hurt. I've asked doctors about the popping and they have all told me as long as I have no pain not to worry about it.

I'm 32 now. In the past 6 months I've noticed that my left knee seems...."weak." and right above it seems weak.

But interestingly its not after I work out or even while I"m doing the elliptical machine or aerobics.

It feels "weak" when I'm just walking around. Like if I walk around shopping for a few hours, it starts to feel weak. Or several hours after I work out it feels weak.

Any ideas on what this is, or what I can do about it? I'm a little scared, and dont know if I should be.

Thanks - you guys all seem like experts here, so thank you for any advice you can give.

Title: Re: I feel bad about writing this....
Post by: Marie on February 15, 2004, 07:51:23 PM
Hi Annette,

What exactly do you mean by your knees pop?  Do you audibly hear sounds and/or feel any strange sensations?  And have you seen an orthopaedic surgeon (OS) or had any x-rays to make sure your knees are healthy?  Other than the weak feeling when you walk, do you notice any differences on stairs and/or inclines, are particular positionings of your leg uncomfortable or more comfortable?  

I obviously cannot diagnose you, but would encourage you to see a specialist.... I lived with a bad knee for nearly a decade and should have gotten it looked at earlier - thing was, I wasn't inhibited much from doing anything so I mostly just let it go and hoped it would get better.  I, too, did aerobics and/or daily cardiovascular workouts using my knees to their full ability, and didn't experience much pain while exercising.... but it was obvious something was wrong and was getting worse for years.   Best to get anything concerning you checked out by an OS, not just a GP.

Don't feel bad about asking any further questions!  I wish I'd asked more 10 years ago.  

Take care,
Title: Re: I feel bad about writing this....
Post by: vester on February 15, 2004, 07:59:57 PM
Thank you so much for answering.

No, I havent been to any specialists.

The "pop" is a sound.  It never hurts ... ever. It just is a pop that both knees make. Its been going on since I was a teenager and I'm 32 now and I've NEVER EVER had a problem. Ever. They never "feel" like they are popping, just it feels like if you were to crack your neck or fingers. Doesn't hurt.

The left knee though in the last maybe 4 months or so, just every once in a great while (like maybe 10 times total) feels a bit weak.

I started an exersize program about a week ago, and have been working out very hard, which is new for me!!! (I need to lose some weight.)

So I'm thinking that maybe I just overstressed it a bit. I can walk on it now, and it doenst "hurt" per se. It just feels a bit weak, and a bit kinda loose. Not loose like my knee is coming out, just a bit weak, I guess.

Hope I'm explaining myself well. I really dont feel any pain at all, just a little teeny tiny uncomfortable. Do you think I should put heat or ice on it?

It might not be a bad idea to get this checked out just to make sure in the future but I"m on a business trip for the next two weeks away from home.

Any ideas besides two ibuprofin haha that would make me feel just a bit better.

Again, I feel badly because my knee doesnt really have the problems that some people have on this board. Just wondering what I can do to make it stop feeling so "weak" and the tiny bit of uncomfortableness and if it IS BECAUSE of the exersize that I was doing.

Thank you so much!


Title: Re: I feel bad about writing this....
Post by: lizl on February 16, 2004, 03:30:57 AM
Hi, Annette!

If you do seek a medical opinion, I'd advise going to a specialist.  If your problem is not yet well-developed (thank goodness), the signs may be subtle enough to allude a general practioner.

I am definitely not an expert, but from what I've read on this board, weakness can be a sign of meniscus tear. Of course, there are also other, more dramatic signs such as pain and locking of the joint. Then there are also tears that have nearly no symptoms and do not need intervention. Have you kind of poked around to see if there are any sore spots, especially around the joint itself?

Title: Re: I feel bad about writing this....
Post by: Jennie on February 16, 2004, 04:14:49 AM
Hey Annette

I would probably go and get my knee checked out if I were you. If you are not in pain but hear a pop and it feels weak I am really not sure what it could be.

Obviously you know the difference from wearing your muscles out working out and feeling weak and having an the end you just have to listen to yourself!

Good luck and let us know what happens

Title: Re: I feel bad about writing this....
Post by: vester on February 20, 2004, 11:50:18 PM
Well, I worked out more on it and it still hurts, ugh.

It just feels "weak" and its a bit uncomfortable.

I'm taking ibuprofin and putting heat on it. Hopefully that will help. I'm out of town on business so I cant actually go to a doctor until next week.....

hopefully I'm ok until then. I hope its just a minor problem....

Any more advice would be appreciated!!!!!!