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Title: Knee Strengthening Exercises
Post by: zigmude on April 27, 2015, 12:53:19 PM
hope im posting in the correct area. Im looking for some advice on knee strengthening exercises. Im trying to rebuilt my range of motion and confidence but definitely need to stay away from Mrs Pain. Any suggestions? are pool based exercises better than say the gym?
Title: Re: Knee Strengthening Exercises
Post by: Vickster on April 27, 2015, 12:55:40 PM
You'd be best off working with a physio as everyone is different and needs to focus on different muscle groups where there may be weakness or imbalance.  It's also extremely important to have someone show you how to do the exercises correctly, so you don't risk doing more harm that good (which may or may not be indicated by pain)

What's wrong with your knee(s)? Did you have surgery? What are you trying to achieve - sport, just getting around, being pain free etc?

Heel slides, static cycling with no resistance are good for ROM, but it depends why the ROM is poor - swelling, scar tissue, a fracture?
Title: Re: Knee Strengthening Exercises
Post by: zigmude on April 28, 2015, 06:38:51 AM
Hey Vickster. Thanks for the feedback.
I originally hurt my knees playing basketball. The injury and downtime really weakened alot of areas in my legs and its been seemingly downhill ever since.

I have met with and used PT specialists but it seems like the PTs here in virginia are not too knowledgeable. I might go see one in New York next month but the problem is it will be a one or 2 time session then i have to return home.  i was hoping to get first hand experience from actual patients who are going through something similar.

Im at my wits end. Im willing to try to do anything to get strength and stability back and avoid any new injuries. Been reading alot about alternative treatments and rehabbing in swimming pools to avoid un needed stress.

Would static cycling in the pool safe?
im pretty good at gauging pain now so i wouldn't really be pushing too hard.