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Title: Synovitis after partial knee....radiation!!!
Post by: Towny4ever on April 22, 2015, 12:39:03 PM
Hi poster here!

7 years ago I tore my cartilage and since had several scopes resulting in a partial knee replacement at 45 which went well but have since developed synovitis.

Had a partial removal in 2013 but last week had a full one as synovitis was bleeding into knee it was that widespread.

I have also been advised it may be a good idea to have the radiation injection to kill off any remaining damaged cells.

I am so fed up as it takes a toll mentally when it affects family events and work....I know in the future a TKR is probably inevitable but has anyone had this radiation injection as the 2 consultants seem to be at odds as to whether I should have it but I need some normality back and be able to get back to light exercise etc...

Plus how long should it take to recover from a full synovectomy?

Many thanks all-John.