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Title: Odd knee tightness
Post by: thebigboywiththebutter on March 07, 2015, 05:34:23 PM
    First off, i'm asking because i do not have the money to see a doctor, haven't been able to find any info about this specific problem on the internet, and not being able to find an answer for months on end has been bothing me. i realize this is a lot to read, so i don't expect a lot of answers.

    New to weight training, and i've been squatting for about 5 months now, and about a month and a half ago i started noticing some tightness, crepitus, and slight pain, as well as perceived instability (no real signs of instability) when standing for periods of time, but only a few days after squatting and the pain and tightness was only when i sat for long peroids, which, along with further scrutiny, made me think it was patellofemoral pain syndrome. I did some vmo strengthening, ankle mobility and hip mobility, and i'd say i'm sufficiently mobile in those areas. So i just had a squat day after three weeks of not squatting, never any pain while squatting as usual, but it's 4 days later and i'm having the same tightness (no pain) in the vastus medialis insertion as well as knee popping (which i've had since i can remember) when extending under no resistance. I understand squat mechanics quite well, so i've perfected my squat to the best of my knowledge since, so i'm not sure how much it has to do with form. I did have some pretty nasty falls (skateboarding) as a kid, and one that stands out is when i smashed my knee (not sure how traumatic it was, as it healed quickly), never went to a doctor but i had never had any symptoms after it got better. I did have some numbness over the knee cap for years to come, but that has since gone away.

    So i'm wondering, could this still be patellofemoral pain (which i'm doubting cause the symptoms do not match up completely) or could there be some scar tissue causing tightness/pain, also maybe nerve damage that has been exposed from the squatting? because my vmo on the affected leg appears to insert about half an inch higher, and is otherwise the same size as the other leg. I realize this isn't s**t compared to some others with knee problems, but i'd rather prevent than treat. I also want to squat morrrrrrre boiiiii.
Title: Re: Odd knee tightness
Post by: thebigboywiththebutter on March 07, 2015, 06:04:44 PM
idk that was a little all over the place, i might be completely wrong, i think it's something different every two weeks, so i'm just looking for another opinion...