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Title: Just introducing myself - new quad repair
Post by: Palerider on March 07, 2015, 12:44:47 PM
Glad I found this site.  From what I understand quad ruptures are fairly rare and although I would not wish this on anyone reading the posts have been comforting.   

I live in the Midwest right outside of Chicago.  Active mid 50s.  On January 3rd I slipped on some ice and fell strangely. Heard a big pop and thought I had dislocated something.   Went to er and they said it was a quad strain but not a complete tear since I could do straight leg lift.   

Being the the do it yourselfer  that I am I self diagnosis myself and read if not complete tear that surgery not needed. Actually after a couple weeks was walking okay very little limp and actually starting  using treadmill again. I went a head and seen an ortho after a month just to make sure my self diagnosis was okay.   As soon as he looked at it he knew right away I need surgery.  Got another opinion just to play it safe that along with Mri confirmed had a 90 percent tear. 

Had surgery on February 17th 6 weeks later.  Was real concerned that I waited too long.  Dr was not concerned. 

The immediate pain after surgery for a  - couple of weeks -was more than I expected but now close to 3 weeks more uncomfortable than anything else.   

 I Started rehab after first week and using a cpm.  I realize this is a long recovery.  My goal is not to mess it up by pushing too hard.

I'm sure I will have questions as I go.

Good luck to everyone going thru this now.   
Title: Re: Just introducing myself - new quad repair
Post by: John42 on March 07, 2015, 03:20:25 PM
Hi Palerider

Welcome to KneeGuru - you have sustained a very rare and serious injury with a long rehab in front of you.  Would suggest that you repost on the thread

Ruptured Patella Tendon/surgery which will bring you in touch with fellow patients who have sustained a ruptured Patella/Quadricep tendon.

Click on the undermentioned thread which will give you an outline of your injury and the rehab process.

Where do you live?

ASK questions and DON`T` push it, listen to your knee - sleep with a pillow/cushion between your knees.

Take care/ JohnK/Manchester UK
Title: Re: Just introducing myself - new quad repair
Post by: Palerider on March 08, 2015, 12:26:00 AM
Just  read the thread and will post there.   Btw in usa right by Chicago.  Fortunately lot of good Drs.