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Title: Lateral knee pain - could be ITB syndrome
Post by: Jaap on December 17, 2014, 07:31:37 AM

to cut the long story short. I am having pain on the outer side of the knee when sitting cross legged or in other similar movements of the leg. I went to one orthopedic surgeon and he said that I had an irritated  kneecap  and gave me ant-inflammatory pills. These didn't work so I went to another doctor and he said that it was probably the popliteus tendon. Went to physio and after 2 sessions working on the hamstring area he tried pressing the ITB close to the knee which triggered pain. After 4 sessions of deep tissues massage of the quadriceps and ITB and electrotherapy, I have not seen any progress.

Do you guys have any suggestions?

Title: Re: Lateral knee pain - could be ITB syndrome
Post by: Clarkey on December 17, 2014, 04:30:30 PM
Hi Jaap,

I have medial knee pain in my right knee and maltracking problems in my left knee and have had problems with my ITB in my right knee and also have scar tissue to contend with. I was and still getting pain and tightness pre op and post op to scope#2  around my quads that contributing towards the hip and knee pain as I have very tight and knotted muscles.

In September 2013 my OS tried out a relatively new method of a Botox injections into tensor fascia lata under a CT guided injection just below the hip at the top of my right thigh. It did not help as it was excessive scar tissue inside my right knee from scope#1 after having my medial plica removed and fat pad trimmed that can that often leads to even further soft tissue problems.

I had to have Anterior interval release surgery to remove excessive amounts of scar tissue in July 2014 with recovery not going to plan with right knee even worse of as it's hard to control AF from reoccurring!

It could be a number of things contributing to lateral knee pain that your OS should be able to work out in the end. Maltracking and PFS are what I am dealing with in both knees, these are common knee problems that can contribute towards knee pain.

PT is a good start then seeing a sport Sports physician is my advice from personal experiences and to go for an exploratory scope as the very last option as it can make a knee condition even worse!

I am more prone to scarring with many patients recover well from knee surgery just tend to get members on KG with long term knee problems, it depends on each individuals knee problems, we all react differently to different sorts of treatments.

Good luck with what ever option of treatment you go for next.

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