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Title: 3 months post MCL tear still pain
Post by: mclguy on October 29, 2014, 07:25:10 PM
Hello everyone, I am a 25 year old male, and I tore my MCL in late july and it was a mild tear between grade 1 and 2.  I took longer than the doctors recovery time to walk without pain.  I also had an MRI because the doctor thought I could have had meniscus damage but it proved negative and was there was evidence of good scarring,  showing my MCL is recovering.  I have been working out my strength and have been bike riding but running is still causing me pain, not on the inside of my knee where it initially hurt when i tore my MCL, but at the bottom of the knee in the middle.  It is a sharp pain every step i take when i run and cut my run short today.  Does anyone have any insight on what it may?
Thank you,