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Title: So this is my answer!
Post by: higgi on October 20, 2014, 01:27:24 AM
ACL reconstruction done Feb 2002 using the hamstring, had lower screw removed 18 months later as it was protruding and causing pain, between 2004-20010 i have had 3 menscial cartridge repair ops done, last Oct went to GP as pain was getting bad as i work 12 hour shifts, referral to Orthopedics actually seen in March 2014, had x-rays taken which showed i had Osteo Arthritis in the medial joint, with mild osteophytes and sub chondral sclerosis as well. History of removal of tibia screw which is prominent over the skin!
Planned in for MRI and review next time.
Had MRI 5 months later!
Results of MRI showe a strong evidence of a full thickness tear to the mid ACL graft and medial paterrofemoral articular cartilage degeneration as well as some changes on the lateral femoral condyle.
Clinically there is a mild effusion on the left side, i have a irritable patellofmoral joint with positive Clarke's Test.Collateral ligaments are intact and there is no distal neurovascular deficit.
Whilst there is a possibility that my ACL rconstruction may have ruptured he thinks that it may more thank likely that my symptoms where originating from a degenerate patellofemoral joint!
Therefore his plan of action for me is pain control and physio, so i am booked in with the physio on Wed and i am waiting for an appointment with someone as consideration for Radiofrequency ablation!
Just wondering if anyone else has had this, as i am at the end of my tether now! just seems to be going on and on! Appreciate any imput guys and thank you for reading my post.
Title: Re: So this is my answer!
Post by: higgi on October 20, 2014, 02:26:57 AM
I also have to admit that a lot of this is gobbly gooch to me! so if anyone understands it please tell me  ;D