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Title: mua and acl surgery post op day 3
Post by: karma15 on September 06, 2014, 03:43:30 PM
hi - i have written here a bit ago and LAS replied with some great info for me..  I had an acl, mcl tears with lcl sprain.  I was misdiagnosed with an isolated mcl sprain and worked that as directed for 2 weeks when my knee and leg gave out which is when i got the second opinion and mri that showed the acl tear and lcl sprain in addition to the mcl sprain.  Dr. said do PT for 3 weeks so you can get to full ROM and we will talk again.  Well I went to PT six sessions and then BAM once again my entire leg gave out...  I could not walk without a limp so I went back into the Dr. and he recommended just to bite the bullet and have the surgery and he can fix the issue once I get under general anesthesia.  Well I guess he did MUA and got my leg straight then did the acl reconstruction... omg.  I see him again in a few days which will be 7 days post op.  Has anyone ever heard of a doctor doing MUA and acl reconstruction in one procedure?  Needless to say I'm in alot of pain but actually feel better every day.  My leg is straight!  hope it stays that way.  What do they do in MUA?  I will ask when I see him again but I was wondering if anyone knows how this is done?  Do they just pull your leg still it straightens?  ugh
Title: Re: mua and acl surgery post op day 3
Post by: Scubagrl4 on September 06, 2014, 07:26:19 PM
I had similar injuries to yours.  I had a complete ACL tear and a grade 2+ MCL tear going into my surgery.  My MCL tear was severe enough to be placed in a brace and locked for 3 weeks, then 2 weeks of rehab prior to my ACL reconstruction.  During that time, I developed some very large adhesions around my torn ACL.  Because of that, I was not able to gain full ROM prior to surgery.  I had a manipulation during my ACL surgery where they bend or straighten your knee as far as they can while you are under anesthesia.  This helps break up the scar tissue/adhesions and also stretches your muscles to the max.  Because they are already in your knee for the surgery, they clean up the scar tissue that was broken up.  I think a large majority of my initial post op pain was because of the MUA (because I had a femoral nerve block).  After that, I have struggled to get my knee to bend because of some weird hamstring problems.  This resulted in another MUA 2 days ago without a scope.  Luckily, I didn't really have any scar tissue, I just needed some heavy duty quad stretching.  So far, it seems to have helped.  I have very little pain in the quad (just still fighting these hamstring issues), and I am able to reach higher flexion numbers on a more consistent basis despite the inflammation. 
I would say in your case, if you are able to reach full extension, you should be able to maintain it as long as you keep working on it. It is painful, and I do think the added MUA to your procedure probably has added to your pain level.  It may take you a little longer, but the pain should gradually has in my case. Oh, and don't be surprised if you lose extension when your knee is more will probably come and go for a while.  I know this seems like a huge nightmare right still is for me a little....but, as everyone keeps telling me, this too shall pass (eventually). 
I hope this helps :)  Good luck with your upcoming Dr. appointment.
Title: Re: mua and acl surgery post op day 3
Post by: karma15 on September 07, 2014, 12:11:35 AM
thank you so much for your reply!!!  it is so nice to hear other's stories and you have helped me understand this.  Wish you all the best and I'll post as I go forward. :)
Title: Re: mua and acl surgery post op day 3
Post by: Scubagrl4 on September 07, 2014, 07:49:28 PM
Glad to help.  This is a long, frustrating process, and it is good to be able to come on here and voice your concerns.  I'm sure your recovery will go well :)
Title: need advice 6 weeks past mua and acl surgery still bent knee
Post by: karma15 on October 18, 2014, 01:21:57 PM
well i had previously written my situation of being misdiagnosed with isolated mcl tear only to find out 5 weeks later after switching OS and getting an mri that i had torn mcl, acl, and lcl sprain.  I had surgery on 9/3/14 with mua and acl reconstruction.  I was not braced after surgery which was this doctor's protocol but was puzzling to my PT.  I have been going to PT 3 times a week now for almost 7 weeks.  I have 85/-9 in flexion/extension.  Still can only do a half revolution on bike.  I am soooo frustrated.  Not knowing what to do next.  OS says it appears I am scarring up again.  I do not know if I can work this scar tissue out myself and am puzzled whether to do another mua.  Do you think another mua may help..  then what immediately after?  should i ask for a cpm machine or would it not be so painful that I could start extension and flexion exercises myself right away...    I am not sure what to even do next...   continue PT not knowing if I can work this out or do an mua in a few weeks.  I will see the OS this week once again... he said come back in a month... I said NO... I'll see you in 2 weeks I need a plan!!!  maybe I should go see yet another doctor.
Title: Re: mua and acl surgery post op day 3
Post by: Scubagrl4 on October 22, 2014, 05:22:20 AM
I am really hating to see that you are in a similar situation to me again :( the MUA that I had told you about did not work for me long term. I finally learned to trust my instincts and went to see an expert in arthrofibrosis. Right now I am a little over two weeks out from another surgery to clear out scar tissue. So far, things are going well, but it is too early to tell. I can tell you that I can hyperextended for the first time since my injury. Flexion has improved as well, but my hamstrings are still causing some problems. It turns out part of the problem with that is I have a screw protruding out of the back of my femur by about 3mm. The doc did not want to remove it because of my AF and it would be a very invasive surgery.
I am very glad I had the surgery as there was already some damage to my knee because of the scar tissue.  Leaving it there would have made things worse. I have also found a doctor that understands pain control, and I no longer have massive anxiety going to see the doctor and PT.
I am so sorry that you are having so many problems :( maybe it is time for another opinion. Just be sure to make your time and energy worth it and see an expert in arthrofibrosis. Even if this is not your problem, these docs are talented enough to get you the help you need.
Sending big hugs and good luck your way