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Title: Cold compression wrap - Talar made/ Sissel
Post by: deesan on August 07, 2014, 02:06:19 PM
Hello folks

I am having an ACL r on the 18/8/14. I am looking at cold compression options now. I cannot afford the cryo cuff or  ice machines but can buy either the talar made or Sissel wraps. Any views on which one is better. I live in London and will buy over amazon or ebay I think.

Also when I asked my surgeon about that, he mentioned the physio would take care of that. But I have my doubts if the NHS will be able to provide one. Any experienced on this on the NHS would be helpful.

any suggestions for cold compression is much appreciated.


P.S About 10 days before surgery now and my BP is up to 140/93. I think I am really nervous!!!