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Title: Fibular head popping?
Post by: tomn on July 09, 2014, 06:42:07 AM
I have this popping in my fibular head area when I squat down. I even made a video of it:

I haven't injured my knee or anything and there is no pain. Just that clicking/popping sound which obviously makes it a challenge to squat since it starts to get inside your head. I made a appointment today with a knee doc in town for an assessment.

What's funny is if I stick my hand down there and put pressure from the inside out, it won't pop but I can't do that when I'm squatting...

Any ideas? Chiro? Knee doc? I have a 2k deductible now so I can't afford the entire array of MRIs, xrays,etc..

Also, I have read this which was posted by a few other posters here. I don't have any pain so I am wondering if what I have is different.

Title: Re: Fibular head popping?
Post by: jackedupknee on October 02, 2014, 04:28:35 PM
This is actually a post from Driz in 2009 that I copied and pasted because it home.  I've got an injury the same and feel exactly the same way and would travel anywhere to get it fixed.  Driz please come back and respond.  Someone PLEASE HELP. 
"My right knee has been locking up for 10 years. Been to four specialists, 2 MRI's, one scope, zero results. The doctors are baffled. If I straddle my right leg so that the knee is hanging rightwardly loose, or simply allow the R knee to exist without support in a rightward manner - or pulled rightward by gravity, or even if I let the right leg lean rightward too much while I'm sitting at a desk - it can go into lock condition and is VERY painful. Can't move until it unlocks, which can sometimes take up to an hour or more, though I've learned some tricks that can usually unlock it sooner.

It's a PHYSICAL LOCK UP and it's a BIG BONE that's locking up ("THUNK") and/or coming "out of joint." That's the only way I know how to explain it, but when I tell the doctors this they tell me it's impossible. When it unlocks, it gives another "THUNK" and I can feel it sliding back into its proper place. It's a horrible sensation. One doc surgically took out a small piece of Meniscus, but that wasn't the problem. It solved nothing. I've checked all the medical websites and none of the listed "knee lock" symptoms correspond to mine.

I've been experimenting (painfully) during lock-ups, trying to isolate the problem area. The issue seems NOT to be in the central knee, but on the right side of the leg below the knee about 2" - apparently where the Fibula connects with the Tibia, best I can gather from anatomy diagrams. My only conclusion is that the Head of the Fibula is sliding out of its normal joint - as if certain ligaments (Collateral, Posterior, etc.) have been damaged (or degenerated) and cannot hold the Fibula in place when the knee/leg is bent or pressured outward-rightward. Based on my lay efforts to localize the source of locking, that's the only conclusion I can draw.

Ortho doctors may scoff at this. But until they can properly diagnose it and fix it, they have "no leg to stand on." I would enjoy talking with others who share this issue: JL (at sign) JPS (dot) NET. Maybe if enough of us got together, we could petition some medical college to do a small study on us all. I would travel anywhere in the world if I thought someone could truly fix this condition. It is misery to live with." 
Title: Re: Fibular head popping?
Post by: bob.gomez56 on January 26, 2015, 04:02:21 AM
I have the same problem.  I've seen your video.  Has there been a resolution?  I'm going to PT, but I'm not sure if they know what they doing.  Please advise!