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Title: What is wrong with my knee and what can I do?
Post by: freestyle on February 04, 2004, 09:38:17 PM
Hi, this is my first time visiting this forum, I came across it while looking on search engines for some answers.

A little background: I am 23 almost 24 years old, and have played soccer for probably close to 17 years.  I played pretty competitively throughout highschool, and now just in rec leagues in my area.  I have never had any prior knee injuries.

During my last game (this last Sunday) my left knee was popping a lot, like popping your knuckles, not painful at all.  During the game I didnt notice any weakness or pain at all.  That night, I sat down in front of the computer for a few hours while playing some video games and when I got up my knee was really stiff, and kinda weak.  I didnt think anything of it.  The next morning it was pretty sore, a kinda dull pain, and it felt even more weak.  I noticed if I tried to rotate my upper body (from my waist up) in one direction or another as it slightly turned my knees I would get a little bit of pain.  Crouching down and then getting up almost always gives a little pop with a dull pain, and going up or down stairs my knee feels a little weak.

I really dont know how else to describe what it is feeling like.  ??? Its just slightly sore to the touch, below my knee-cap, and looks a little swolen compaired to my right knee. Throughout this whole ordeal I have never experienced any extreme pain.

Basically I was wondering if anyone else has had simular problems or know what the problem is.  Also, I am curious as to what I can do about it.

I love playing soccer and do not see giving it up... So I truely appreciate any information and help you can give me.

Title: Re: What is wrong with my knee and what can I do?
Post by: jathib on February 05, 2004, 12:32:28 AM
Everyone can tell you what the problem "could" be but nobody can tell you what it "is". You need a doctor to tell you that. Once you have a diagnosis then you can find out what to do and people in here can share their experiences.  Until you know for sure then you're risking further injury by continuing to play sports. Get it checked out.
Title: Re: What is wrong with my knee and what can I do?
Post by: Linds on February 05, 2004, 02:44:34 AM
I agree you need to see a doctor or a physio therapist, to get a clear diagnosis. Sounds to me like possibly a meniscus tear or tendonitis. Maybe read up a bit on those and see if it sounds like what you are experienceing. But you really should get to a professional and make sure you get this taken care of now, don't wait til it's worse.
Title: Re: What is wrong with my knee and what can I do?
Post by: The KNEEguru on February 18, 2004, 09:21:11 PM
Read up also about infrapatellar bursitis: