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Title: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 03, 2014, 08:53:38 PM
In just a couple of days, I will have my mpfl reconstruction. And I will start this diary.... I hope this can be a learning tool for doctors, physios and patients alike as there is alot still to learn with mpfl reconstruction and a place for me to vent my pain, frustrations and describe everything.....
My history is a long one with my knee I have had this since I was 15 it would always give way to the lateral and sleeping at night was hell as my body was growing rapidly i was near enough 6ft by the time i was 15, they put me in a cast for 8 weeks to see if it would stop it but it did not Year after year it kept dislocating, i sometimes would cry to sleep, but when i was 26 it all changed......
I travel round the world to take part in competitions and matches, but last year it all went wrong.
My opponent did a wrong move on me and my patella dislocated laterally. After this I went straight back home to see a doctor my knee kept dislocating by itself and the effusions I couldn't control I saw three doctors who said your muscle was not strong enough, i said to them my muscles were strong enough as i lift men above my head for a living that is enough to make a doctor go quiet and drop their pens lol....
After a YEAR later and the THIRD orthopaedic doctor  and over 30 dislocations/ sub laxions in 6 months he finally agreed to send me to a orthopaedic surgeon, who specialises in the knee......

So i met the surgeon a very nice gentleman very sarcastic which to be honest in sports you have a sarcastic sort of personality so it was nice to speak to a happy doctor he checked me he asked me to squat i could barely squat by this point, he checked it over and asked me how was i still training with the condition my knee was it i replied " dunno, just keep going" So after a few hmmmm from the surgeon he said sit down that's when he said my MPFL he thinks its rupture my tttg was above >>20mm and there was also cartilage missing from behind my knee cap, i had never heard of mpfl ligament at that point. I thought im an athelete and i have never heard of this ligament???

He then explained oh don't worry we will take out the hamstrings put incisions in these several places, you will be back to work in two weeks, back to wrestling in 6 months... Everything was abit of a blur to be honest when he was telling me about the surgery, when your an athlete then you hear the word surgery... the first thing you think is.....i'm buggered lol! then you realise it will get better no pain no gain.....

So i signed the paperwork walked out.... but then i did feel a bit frustrated with the fact that why didn't any of the other doctors before him see these problems? I kept training on it when they said there was something wrong where i knew as an athlete there was something wrong.... so i have found new hope this surgeon will fix the issue
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Post by: esm87 on May 08, 2014, 06:42:34 PM
Hi Lucha86

Have you had your surgery yet? Hope everything went well with you and you are not in too much pain.

I'm only 8 days post-op from a MPFL reconstruction and Lateral release so I know that it's pretty tough the first couple of days.

Looking forward to hearing how you are getting on. I've started a post-op diary too as reading other diaries was invaluable to me.

Take care,

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 11, 2014, 01:40:05 AM
Sorry for the delay yes Emma I had the surgery on Tuesday I only got out on hospital on Friday as I got an infection the, day of the surgery was ok ,

Day 1 surgery day i arrived at 7am to the hospital,abit late as the taxi had broken down, no food no water, very hard especially when you have a strict diet as an athlete.. so waited for the anaesthesia doctor he came in and i said oh your the guy whos gonna drug me up and keep me alive in a sarcastic tone he laughed and said yes he was i signed his paperwork gave him some chocolates he looked a bit shocked and i said there for keeping me alive in the surgery he laughed and walked off, then the surgeons right hand lady to sign more documents gave the team some chocolates as a thank you as i think its important to show some doctors appreciation as they work hard..
So they said i would probably be one of the last ones, which made me feel better it was now 8am then i managed to rip my theatre socks don't ask me how lol after this so i waited and talked to some wrestlers on my blackberry on Skype within an hour of seeing the nurse they said your next i was like?? i thought i was one of the last, and they said change of plan when you have no one with you fear can set it but then you only have to think of the positives of the surgery i even remember one of the wrestlers on the phone asking me in Spanish what just happened i said to him im going under then he decided to put on a bet how long it would try me to cry lets say he lost the bet lol ...
so i walk to the theatre, at 10:00am i remember the clock clearly then i am in the anaesthesia room and they start putting in the canular in my hand first time no pain amazing...... by this time im relaxed i then jump out of my skin as i hear the two doors from the theatre open and my surgeon comes in and says thanks for the chocolates then i see the operating room is dark and the lights were on at this point i thought oh great its happening right now!!...
The surgeon then said but i must say to you my registrar is not here to do the surgery he is running late.. at this point i said to him in a sarcastic tone oh dont worry if anything goes wrong i will just go after you he went very white and quiet and the other doctors and nurses in the room as they know i wrestle started laughing...

then i hear the other doctor saying you will have a warm sensation count to 10 and you will be out i counted to 12 everything went into a blur... then the next thing i know i have a nurse looking at me saying wake up that was really weird, that whole evening i got drugged up so i don't remember much expect the nurses calling me dory the fish from finding nemo as i was so high lol i even remember laughing with an older lady next to me who had a knee replacement i had double the amount of tablets compared to her...... and i was 45 years younger than her

Day two was the hardest as the nerve block ended during the night so only had two hours sleep so my surgeon came the next morning and asked how are you doing, you look like your doing fine.. i replied in a sarcastic response "I'm absolutely fantastic which he replied " do i sense sarcasm there" i replied dose me up please"

He then laughed and looked at my drugs chart  ...i was on quite a few drugs from oral morph to paracetamol, ibuprofen, codeine phosphate,

then he said he would lift my leg in the air and told me i would have to hold it i thought he was joking then he said has she had her painkillers and the nurse replied yes and then he lifted my leg up in the air and let it go... i had to hold it mid air to be honest i was holding my breath the pain was shooting through my whole knee wanting to seriously jump and attack lol

i remember one of the patients shouting on the ward i looked angry and the surgeon better stand back lol , he was happy with my extension he walked away after me giving some extra chocolates for the surgery

My physio tried to get me out of bed but could not get out of bed because my leg was so tight and painful, so when the physio left me alone and time to calm down i got myself out of bed.. i get frustrated when i cant do something...

But what I didn't know was the surgeon told the nurses on my ward this is one if the most painful knee surgery you can have its worse than a knee replacement as the knee surgeon I had is one of the best in the country for mpfl surgery. the nurse said i caught an infection and they needed to manage my pain better and I had to be kept in for longer.

But it was frustrating how people were getting up quicker than me with knee replacement and they were 80 years old! and im a late 20's wrestler, it made me even more frustrated and the pain was so intense once i got out of bed i refused to sleep in the bed as the pain was so much getting out of it even being drugged up like dory the fish so the nurses let me sleep in a chair with a stool..
 but the matron then told me it will happen it time, remember this isnt an easy operation.

Day 3 omg painkiller painkiller and the icing machine changing it every two hours is the best thing I can advise as the knee swells to stupid amounts started moving knee very stiff pivoting is hard my doctor has given me no brace, with no explanation why so I'm having to listen to my knee on each move.. and even walking you have to blank out the pain i do alot of meditation and sometimes for me even it was hard to overcome that pain! do not underestimate this type of mpfl surgery, it is complex and will hit you hard...

Day 4 day of discharge I get home with 15 tablets a day to take luckily enough my sister is a pharmacist and my brother in law is a pharmacy lecturer so they made sure i was taking the correct medication and the correct time because it became confusing.....and trying to walk is hard because it's so tight but I'm persisting in it but had to stop as knee was swelling badly doing my physio exercises some are a little too advance but I'm starting on the ones I can do, i am so drugged up that even my niece who is four kept asking what's wrong auntie and my nephew who is only two kept climbing on my chest to give me a hug young kids pick up things quickly.... i have slept a lot i think that is due to the surgery and medication.....everything is a bit of a blur, im so dory the fish out of finding nemo
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Post by: lucha86 on May 11, 2014, 01:51:55 AM
My knee now mpfl reconstruction
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 11, 2014, 10:21:34 AM
Day 5 - frustration of tightness
I found walking today annoying because of the swelling and muscle tightness been walking on it for two days now the physios say the more more I walk on it the lower it will get I'm still waiting on my ice machine which will arrive tomorrow as I have just
been using general ice packs for the moment the pain you cannot describe it's best to keep on top of your meds as the pain is so immense it can physically and emotionally drain you I'm finding I'm sleeping a lot due to the meds I'm taking I'm hoping in the next few days it will get lower any extra ideas to get my knee more comfortable would be nice
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Post by: esm87 on May 11, 2014, 03:53:30 PM
Hi Lucha

Glad to hear you are at home but so sorry to hear about you contracting 2 infections. I can only imagine how much worse that must have made you feel!

I'm 12 days post-op so still relatively new to all this too. I find that walking does get easier the more you do it but it's still not pain free. I have a stocking bandage, a brace and crutches. Starting to try and walk without the brace though to see if it get easier. I also bought muscle resistance bands to try and bend my knee.

I find that the best thing for pain is the ice and also keeping on top of your medication. I try and ice my leg every hour, especially after i've been up to go to the bathroom etc. I don't have an ice machine either, I just use ice packs. My medication makes me really tired too, I usually have to have a sleep during the day. My pain has got easier though but it is by no means pain free!

Hopefully the pain you are feeling will ease off a bit soon.

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 11, 2014, 04:17:45 PM
Lucky for you Emma I don't have a brace the doctor elevated my knee post surgery and said no brace for you and that I didn't need it, so it makes it a lot harder to be mobile I argued with the doctor to have the brace he said your an athlete your legs are stronger than thought this surgery so every movement I have to be careful with, because i have no protection

Glad to see your doing well good thing is I have a nurse coming to check on me each day to give me my injections and check on infections .. I have a post op surgery appointment with the surgeon in over 10 days so I'm hoping by that point I will have at least 70-80 rom so I can sit in a car comfortably
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Post by: lucha86 on May 11, 2014, 06:16:58 PM
Things I've learnt so far with mpfl surgery
1) ice ice ice
2) know your limits, push to a certain point but don't over do it
3)pain meds keep them constant or the pain will be physically emotionally draining
4) if walking on carpet socks are best as you can glide compared to slippers grip shoes etc
5)have as much support around you as possible because this surgery is a severe complex surgery
6) sleep off any large pains or cramps..,
7) be aware of your surroundings plan your walking routes which have more space as sometimes if you don't you can get stuck in a position
8) have hope and determination and it will get you through the hard points..
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Post by: lucha86 on May 12, 2014, 09:04:57 PM
Day 6 - failure is not an option
Today has been hard, I slept bad last night leg kept twitching, so it kept waking me up my cryo  cooler ice pack arrived today, before it I tried to walk tops I could do was 60 steps.... Wearing the ice brace cryo I managed 110 which made me feel great, after that my knee had other ideas, started cramping very badly

so I dosed myself up on medications and had the nurse visit me to give me my injections, so I rested so the determination and the help of the ice cooler  I achieved more than without it, my knee is still tight to the medial side,

as a wrestler, it's easy to get frustrated from three hours in the gym a day to sitting down or walking like a baby taking its first steps, but I know I coming to the end if my first week I have about 55 rom ( range of movement) and still have one week before I go to see the surgeon for my post op. It's amazing how with this surgery they say this surgery is worse for pain than a knee replacement.. I can seriously believe it. 

Today cheered me up as I had my first shower and felt more dignified and independent....My knee is bruising now which I expect and I'm feeling it knit together... Tomorrow I see my wounds for the first time.. I believe as an athlete this surgery has challenged me on every physical and emotional state there is possible..

There will be points I cry get frustrated and get determined this surgery has been trial and error knowing what works and doesn't, but through the trails  I believe it's giving me more hope and determination that each day there will be less pain and it will only get better.... But one thing I will say is never underestimate what your body is trying to tell you listen to it....
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Post by: lucha86 on May 13, 2014, 04:18:01 PM
Day 7 - no sleep and giving way
So last night tried to sleep knee kept jerking so it kept waking me up. So I decided I
Would get up Start walking and get some breakfast, my ice pack I have been walking around on with
It as I can do more as it eases the swelling I'm finding harder to do elevation exercises but walking going upstairs is getting better and less tighter but today my knee gave way twice I started freakin out,
The nurse visited Me and checked it and said it's ok but she said to me do not push your body or you will do more damage to it work with it rather than against it she now has told me to elevate it for the rest of the day but my legs remain restless I'm Hungry for more to do more

My bandages got changed and the surgeon has done a great job can't complain. its very neat... but the wrestlers have been making a joke that i have a smiley face on my knee and to be honest they are correct lol but the ironic thing is that i am like the bad girl in the wrestling so to have a smiley face on my knee is just  hilarious to the wrestlers.........
 I'm taking less medications now which is good my next aim is to work on elevation of leg as my quads are weak, i think its really important to get it moving as soon as possible to get rid of stiffness

i am still having celxane injections in my stomach to stop the risk of DVT the district nurses have been giving them to me each day because they freak me out i cannot do them myself, they are wonderful nurses.... :)
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Post by: rob2278 on May 14, 2014, 03:48:14 AM
It always amazes me when I read cases like yours when the doctor doesn't provide a post op brace. In the US, you'll see every professional athlete in a post op brace no matter how strong their leg may be. As someone who's 3+ months post op, I'd recommend to take it easy on your feet until you feel stable. You can damage your knee if it gives way - the ligament you had repaired/replaced takes time to heal.

At this point, youu can work on strengthening your quads with leg lifts - even if you're unable to get the leg up unassisted, start by using your good leg to help out. My DR wouldn't let me out of my leg brace until I was able to do them!

Good luck with your recovery, and if you have any questions, ask! We're here to help

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Post by: esm87 on May 14, 2014, 10:08:48 PM
Hi Lucha

It's good you're active and I can understand that due to you being so active normally that you will feel like things are not moving fast enough. Just make sure you don't overdo it.

Hopefully you've had a better day today? I find sleeping really difficult at the moment too. I think it's something I'm just going to have to put up with until my knee feels better.

I had my first physio appointment today. It was pretty sore but at least i've got some exercises to work on now.

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Post by: lucha86 on May 14, 2014, 11:06:34 PM
Day 8 - no doctor available , hired sports therapist, gruesome stairs
Today again sleep has been an issue I keep waking up with pricking, cramping pains, the meds aren't really helping control these immense pains so I thought I would ring the surgery for better meds and they said it was a training day and no doctors were available, as I only had around 50 degree flex right now getting into a car is like impossible, so I have to wait till tomorrow to speak to a doctor.... For them to give me a prescription over the phone I was actually screaming and crying down the phone I felt sorry for my gp luckily enough he specialised in orthopaedics he said are you ok>> i just remember blanking out with the pain and I handed the phone to my sister who us a pharmacist and he gave me a whole bunch of codeine phosphate to help me ride the storm/pain the pain was crazy i felt like my calf, knee and shin and foot were going to burst open.... ..........

.Physios in the uk private I looked to take in my jaw dropped for a homes session 30 minutes  was 100 pounds (160 usd) so I went back to my old gym trainer and got her for 20 pounds half an hour which is a huge difference, she has known my knee problem for 2 years and trained me for 3 years, she helped me to get up 3 flights of stairs in my house twice,  which is like 40 steps one way, which was an immense success,

stairs are the worst part of this  for me out of any exercise with the rehab the stairs make me quite literally drip sweat, so after this I have decided to rest my knee and put on the ice cuff knee cooler so I don't feel anything

 As a wrestler we get trained to show no pain have no fear I say if anyone can get through this type of surgery, then you are a true warrior because mpfl surgery is a complete different level of pain lol put me in a ring any day lol :)
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Post by: lucha86 on May 14, 2014, 11:19:17 PM
I know what you mean rob leg extensions are hard to do, but the trainer I have is working on that with me now  I can get a little up but not much, I was bit shocked when he didn't give me a brace I even remember not even saying a word because I was shocked, I know some wrestlers who have had this surgery and they all had braces except for me.. My knee feels like a bunch of elastic bands right now and I'm fighting to stretch them out......
Esm87 yes sleep is a strange thing right now if I get 4 hours sleep I'm happy, I feel it's like cramping knitting together swelling etc at night  my first proper physio appointment is not till June, as that is the only appointment they have available,  but I will train with my sports gym rehab trainer till that point.
Sometimes you could say its frustration because you lose independence, as well as having to rely on others and sometimes the way I travel round the world by myself and do things how I want to do it is taken out of your control and it's like you have to work with your knee or it will work against you.
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Post by: lucha86 on May 15, 2014, 05:53:27 PM
Day 9 - more meds from gp - surgeon cancels post op consult until 2nd June!!!!! - lightening bolt pains....
Today has probably put my blood pressure through the roof, so I managed to get some extra medications woohoo, while walking today I had huge lightening bolt pains running through my veins in my foot and shin, which stopped me from walking, my foot is now a balloon, as well as my calf shin and foot with blisters on them...... so the surgeons secretary confirmed 18 hours ago I had an appointment this Monday with the surgeon then she sends me a message today saying it's cancelled and the next appointment available is 5th June  omg that is like 4 weeks post op....I know the nhs is under pressure the surgeons secretary was lovely my sister rang the secretary as she was worried as a pharmacist i might have a DVT, and that was the nearest appointment she could get, which i did appreciate....

 I'm furious because I thought the surgeon needs to see you in a certain time frame after the surgery and  then they tried to give me an appointment for 5th June and on that day i have physio at the same time the surgeon wanted to see me at a different hospital?? i cant be in two different places at once??

 so i rang up the appointments line and explained the situation and they said well if you cancel one of them you will be discharged i flipped and being high as a kite and very sarcastic i tell you what shall i just send my leg to the surgeon and he can just sew it back on via post and then i can see the physio at the same time? the lady laughed on the phone and said your funny..and said yea funny and drugged up she laughed again..and i was being serious lol.

then she realised i couldn't be in two different hospitals at once so i agreed to the surgeons one and i agreed to a later appointment that day with the physio
stupidity considering the hospital system shows all my appointments I'm so frustrated and just too drugged up right now to vent it lol
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Post by: lucha86 on May 15, 2014, 08:53:15 PM
Knee swollen
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Post by: lucha86 on May 15, 2014, 09:20:12 PM
Top 4 news things learnt
1) small steps with crutches not large as it will pull the ligaments too much
2) acceptance of being uncomfortable due to range of movement
3) found lower leg and foot massage alleviates knee pain
4) keep flexing and walking  it will loosen up the stiffness and to stop cramps stand up  don't move and it will pass quickly
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Post by: lucha86 on May 16, 2014, 10:48:09 PM
Day 10 frustrated and determined- blood clot injections
The nurse has been visiting me daily to give me DVT injections I have bruises all over my stomach but can't complain they are keeping me safe don't care how many needles they put in as long as it helps me to recover ....  And they are the best nurses you could ask for......
Today was a good day I managed to keep on my feet for three hours without sitting and got up two flights of stairs even though it took me one hour to do it I did it it would normally take me 20 seconds lol  the pain is still quite strong but it's the sharp lightning pains in my shin and sometimes in my foot forcing me to stop because the sharp pains are So strong I can't describe  hopefully they will wear off, my foot, calf shin and still swollen like balloons and still blistered just have to keep going
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Post by: esm87 on May 17, 2014, 04:53:16 PM
Hi Lucha

Where are you based, is it the UK? I was lucky enough to get a physio appointment 2 weeks after my surgery but I wish it had been sooner so I could have been working on bending my knee.

Hope you're doing okay. I've been trying to bend mine and I'm getting increasingly frustrated at how tight and stiff my knee feels. Also I'm really struggling coming downstairs. Hopefully it will all start to get easier soon!

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Post by: lucha86 on May 17, 2014, 07:06:10 PM
Yes esm97 based in uk  the stairs I have managed to do 7 times now but as I live in an old house the stairs are deep so I have to go down backwards rather than forwards, but the tightness I agree is frustrating you feel like your knee if full of rubber bands, I'm trying to work with it but my feet are swelling which isn't helping I get the point that it is normal considering before the surgery I was doing 3 hours in the gym and a 2mile run every day now very immobile lol , I have found though resting it makes it worse, than when you keep going on it. Because I have to wait till June for physio I have hired my old pt trainer in the gym and I find I'm getting a lot more flex... Hope all is well with you and the pain management is going well
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Post by: lucha86 on May 17, 2014, 07:17:38 PM
Day 11- intense training - swollen feet- controlling knee temperature issues- tightness
So today decided to go up and down a few flights of stairs by using my frustration of not being active which worked, I walked about in a few rooms in the house, then my knee went tight, would not move, so after this point decided to rest it, my feet have been swelling up especially my surgery leg and my feet feel pretty uncomfortable so I suppose going from 3 hours a day in the gym and a run to only being able to walk from room to room no wonder my feet are swollen.... I have also had an issue while I was trying to sleep with controlling my knee temperature even once I take the ice pack off it still feels hot, so I have to keep an eye on that, I'm finding with the bruising and swelling I'm having to moisturise my skin more as it's very sore and a little knee I'm also getting some nerve pain and cramp pain still which us to be expected during the healing process
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Post by: lucha86 on May 18, 2014, 03:47:46 PM
Day 12 - shin tightness - stairs becoming easier- nerve pains - keep walking
So today been feeling a lot of shin tightness swollen calf, blistered whole bottom leg and swollen foot which is stretching my skin..... which I expect from the surgery,  so it is harder to walk the tightness on the inside of my knee is beginning to subside I find as long as I don't sit down for too long my knee doesn't seize up as much .......went up the stairs a few times today on crutches to build my hamstrings and quadriceps up, I am getting my quad randomly contract with my knee cap now and again so I have to be aware because when it happens my knee reacts to it......... The nerve pains that are like lightning throbbing bolts in my leg  are continuing but I have to make sure I have ice near me when this happens to numb it walking a lot my knee is becoming more mobile another two weeks till I go to the hospital to start physiotherapy but in the meantime I will continue with my gym trainer it just seems crazy i have to wait so long to see a physio especially after knee ligament surgery, now looking into private healthcare
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Post by: lucha86 on May 20, 2014, 09:55:33 AM
Day 13 - uncontrollable swelling- keeping active- hospital dash
So today I kept very active, pain was beginning to ease then during the evening my whole surgery leg started swelling and blistering so I began to get  worried as I couldn't control the swelling so rang 1111 for advice who got the gp to ring me back who they said she wasn't a specialist in that field and by what I was describing it sounded like she asked me to make my way to the hospital I told her I couldn't as my leg was so swollen..... So I had to wait three hours for an ambulance, the paramedics were so nice the first one walk in and went...... Oh..... THIS IS DVT! We have to get you to the hospital......

I arrived at the hospital and the doctor came up to me and said so what's wrong and I said I had mpfl surgery he said " huh  what's that"
Again another doctor who doesn't know what mpfl surgery is so had to explain to him what it was so he said " well what do you want me to do" at thus point I was so irritated that I said to him while in tears just check my leg for DVT will you it's blistering it feels like it's burst open I have taken so much medication today end the pain isn't going I can't control the swelling my calf is very tight my shin feels its going to burst open  its so swollen and so hard i cant feel it....and im not even a doctor but my sister who is a pharmacist sent me up here due to her opinion it was DVT....I'm already on celaxne as well  Just do something will you by this point the paramedic came back over even to say to the doctor he reckoned it was DVt........,

so doctor he believes I might have a  blood clot so now I must go for a test to check for this he has raised my celaxne from 40mg to 180mg a day more injections then lol new buffer form for the nurses.... My knee is doing ok I'm getting a range of movement I am going up and down the stairs now on two crutches it will take time I know but I have to be patient
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Post by: lucha86 on May 20, 2014, 11:14:23 PM
Day 14 - having to explain mpfl surgery to doctors/nurses - DVt tests, frustration, knee contractions,
Having to explain mpfl surgery to near enough every nurse that visits to do my injections as they don't have a clue what it is, and other doctors as they don't know what it is after a while it does get frustrating because, you would expect them to know what it is when they are medically trained, any rare surgeries i believe should have more notes written about them to confirm a description of the surgery because i shouldn't have to teach a doctor what mpfl surgery is and for them to be taught orthapedic surgeries by a patient.. that is the wrong principle of medical ethics etc
I  had my DVT test they could not find clots thank goodness but because my leg is so swollen they want to rescan me in a week as they are worried about the size of my whole leg........ Getting frustrated as my knee and quad is contracting so I'm not getting a lot of sleep each night and a burning/ knitting sensation , pain is ok my flex is still the same getting frustrated now .......
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Post by: lucha86 on May 21, 2014, 02:36:08 PM
Two week round up  of mpfl surgery
Mpfl surgery should not be UNDER RATED as a EASY QUICK FIX surgery if you are considering this operation make sure you research this surgery and find out as much information as you can, as this is a knee surgery there is not as much information available except on the internet,  I found this as many doctors and nurses I spoke with didn't have an idea of what I was talking about, and mostly react with what's that?? or uh??? A message for the surgeons... be upfront.... give as much information as possible... and yes its a painful surgery and don't say it will be a little pain!
i wish i had read more information to prepare me better for this surgery.....
Make sure you ask the surgeon as many questions as possible so you know what to expect......One thing i will say is return to work is down to each individual for me it is not two weeks looking around 4-6 weeks........
 Finally pain management  keep on top of your Medications because if you don't the pain is persistent and extreme so make sure you keep dosing yourself up in the first week....... And understand that the knee will feel very tight like elastic bands in the first two weeks it can be frustrating but make sure you work with your knee rather than against it........
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Post by: lucha86 on May 22, 2014, 10:27:19 PM
Beginning week 3 - separating quads from hamstrings - lowering the painkillers. Swollen feet
So this week I brought in my trainer from the gym she has given me some extra exercises to work my quadriceps only, to work on beginning to elevate my leg, it's amazing how when you are just working your quad muscle on the surgery leg the amount of energy and sweat it tears out of you and all the exercises are sitting Down this has been the first point today when I have felt the contraction of my quad so I have been working on these few exercises and I am starting to notice the difference...
 I have decided to try to lower the painkillers as I'm finding the pain is getting less and I get very tired when I am dosed up and i am fed up with feeling like dory the fish from finding Nemo.. I'm beginning to find my swollen feet are a nightmare its feels like they are on fire and i can feel the skin being forced to it's not helping with my flex or mobility so the doctor has given me something to help so fingers crossed the swelling will ease  and also my calf, shin are massive they are hard as a rock ! cant feel them but hopefully this will also ease:)
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Post by: lucha86 on May 23, 2014, 06:06:30 PM
Knee at beginning week 3 mpfl reconstruction
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Post by: lucha86 on May 23, 2014, 10:30:46 PM
Day 16 determined to get quadriceps working- pushing through- nerve pain-
So my gym trainer I hired before my physio which begins on June 2nd has been making me concentrate on quad excercises I have been working on these and it's proving to help I managed to slightly elevate my leg today which I am happy with, I went up the stairs 9 times today as she said the more I can go up the more it will strengthen the legs, I had some of my plasters removed but I am being very careful with what I wear as they are still tender, so I have been pushing through and have dropped my Meds without any issues which I am happy with... I am trying to gain more flex so I can sit it a car comfortably... As I have to see the surgeon in two weeks,  but I am getting weird nerve pain in my foot and shin sometimes it stops me but I try mentally to control it as it can stop me in my's amazing I have looked on the net and there is very little information about mpfl surgery except for diaries or sites like these, so for me it us like trail and error and knowing what works and what doesn't .....
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Post by: rob2278 on May 24, 2014, 03:39:43 AM
Hang in there.. getting the quad firing again can be one of the most difficult and frustrating parts of recovery. What worked for me was while trying to flex my quads on my bad leg, i'd lift it with my foot of my good leg. At first it was all good leg.. but slowly I could start feeling my bad leg do some of the work.. up to the point where in a few days I was getting my bad leg up by itself.. (of course, doing a 'straight' no-lag lift is another story- that took 2 months)

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Post by: lucha86 on May 25, 2014, 10:19:32 PM
Day 17 - screaming in a bed - knee jolting - physically exhausted
So I thought I would try to get into my bed which is abit higher wrong move !! Screaming my lungs off could not get out of bed  or change position due to my knee mpfl surgery the pain was immense I can't remember half of it lucky my sister and brother in law who are both pharmacists managed to get me out of bed I could barely stand......The sweat was dripping off of me i dont know why... So decided I have to leave it longer till I have more flexion..... My knee keeps jolting and the pains are so sharp it takes me off guard....... When I sleep my knee jumps and it keeps causing me to wake up so I'm finding I'm tired and exhausted I just hope it is part of the healing process and it will disappear in time.......

Rob I understand  about the quad  and it is frustrating because  you have to work with it rather than against it and it's annoying because I have 10 months to get myself sorted till my next competition and my knee is taking its time
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Post by: esm87 on May 28, 2014, 04:55:08 PM
Hi lucha

Sorry to read you were in so much pain. One of the physio exercises I've been given is to sit with my leg out straight in front of me and using a towel to pull my foot back to bend my knee? (Hopefully that makes sense) I've found this has greatly improved the bend of my knee and I've gone from 50 degrees to 95 degrees in a week.

This also really helps me doing things like getting out of bed as I can't do this without lifting my leg or using a towel as like a sling to lift my leg? Hopefully this all makes sense to you.

I know how sore it can be and how hard it is to try and stay positive.

Hopefully your pain eases soon.
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Post by: lucha86 on May 29, 2014, 08:43:50 AM
Day 18-  swelling of hamstrings - got my shoes on - visit to hospital
so today my trainer came round to my house and said now she understood when my flexion was taking time my hamstrings are hard as rock compared to my other leg its like a huge lump- but i have one problem cant take anti-inflammtorys painkiller due to blood clot injections, so she gave me a few excerices and i went up to 50 degree flex today which made me feel better- i managed to put on my trainers without any help which has pushed me to drive myself, then i had to go to the dvt clinic ( blood clot ) clinic to get my final tests done was on my feet that day for like 5 hours and they said i could drop the injections which made me feel great as i am hoping my swelling will go down as i had been on shots of 180mg of celaxane  A DAY which normally then only do tops 80mg... im still getting nerve pains but im finding my pain is alot more under control i just have to be able to b aware of pivoting.......

Day 19- Birthday- excercises- knowing when to rest
after yesterday walking in the hospital for quite a few hours my knee was wanting to rest so i decided i would give it a rest and do alot of sit down excercises, as my feet were very swollen and my knee was swollen, took some pain meds but not much im finding  my knee is feeling less tight now compared to the first two weeks, i am getting more flex, i am waiting for the stitches to be fully shut then i want t start swimming to get my joint moving and weight free as i know some other wrestler s who have had acl,mcl,pcl ligament reconstruction....and they have all said to me the sooner you can swim the better and quicker you will get your flex back as water has no impact on the joints..............

day 20- yes i sat in a car =) - flex gone down to 50 degrees - increasing activity walked up 8 flights of stairs .........
so i managed TO SIT IN FRONT OF A CAR! at 50 degree flex which was great, but i have noticed today i have lost a little flex maybe this is due to me pushing my knee , because im determined to get in moving, my trainer came to give me more rehab as with the NHS IN ENGLAND the next first  avaliable date for physiotherapy is second week of june.. which is 6 weeks post surgery! which seems a bit crazy so that's why i paid for a trainer of sports rehab t come and train me , knee keeps jolting in the night which annoys me but i understand with the healing process, nerves can react like this so i have to expect it i do have bruising on the knee now and its still swollen but i still keeps icing it with the cooler system and i also walked up 8 flights of stairs sometimes i find when i get frustrated the wrestling athlete comes out in me and i get more determined to do something so i walked up 8 flights without stopping on each flight 15 stairs on each so very happy =)
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Post by: lucha86 on May 29, 2014, 02:28:10 PM
week 3 what i have learned so far
1) cut your trousers on your surgery knee to just over the knee, and leave the other leg as normal so then you can pull it up quick for the doctors to check and its easy to work with ice packs
2) keep wearing trainers- the amount of support you get and more movement is alot more, i would recommend nike air (running) max 2014, they feel like your walking on feathers and very little impact on the knee compared to other trainers i have tried...
3)be aware of stitches, i have stitches which will dissolve but some of mine are sticking out of my knee so be careful when putting on clothes or covering you legs....
4)when i feel the screws in my knee, i stand up and ice and move rather than sit and the sensation will go away
5) nerve pain in the knee shin and foot, like jolting lightening pains-  again i find by keeping it cold the pain subsided............

Emma i think as you know with this type of surgery you get good days and bad days, and you have to be able to assess what can be done at certain stages and what cant be done and i think i was abit too determined or frustrated to say the least lol, pain medications im only taking four a day now two tablets in morning two tablets  at night  i hope everything is going well with you =)
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Post by: 2cutekiddos on May 30, 2014, 01:30:05 AM
Hey Lucha,

Wow...I am so impressed with how you are trying to get up and active so soon! I just wanted to let you know I had the same problems when you said

"My knee keeps jolting and the pains are so sharp it takes me off guard....... When I sleep my knee jumps and it keeps causing me to wake up so I'm finding I'm tired and exhausted I just hope it is part of the healing process and it will disappear in time."

For me they were muscle spasms and muscle relaxers didn't even help! It always hit me right as I was entering sleep. Then I would scream as it felt like my knee cap was subluxing...scary! One time my husband started massaging my quads to soothe me and that night there were no muscle spasms. From that night on, he massaged my was the only thing that worked. It took about 2 it will get better!

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Post by: lucha86 on May 30, 2014, 08:39:32 PM
i know what you mean andrea and the spasms are intense they are not small ones either i just have a main problem right now all my leg thigh hamstrings and foot are rock hard and swollen so i think i might rest it ......but sometimes you have to work through the pain
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Post by: lucha86 on June 01, 2014, 08:35:51 AM
Day 21- everything coming together - no crutches- suture problems
So on this day I don't know what happened but everything which I couldn't do seemed like I just did because of my frustration, so I in the kitchen I got annoyed I ditched my crutches I said to myself I will walk and I did 20 stops around the kitchen unaided which made me feel great so I keep practising now in the kitchen as the sides are tall so if anything happens I have something to hold on to in case I need to.... I sat in the car and my leg went yo to 70 -75 degree flex ion as well so that made me feel proud as I am doing 10 different exercises a day 4 reps each time....5 times a day... So it's working....

The structures in my knee are dis-solvable but they are sticking out of the cuts so my sister who is a pharmacist and my gp said don't go into the shower until you see the surgeon in two days time be use my shower is a rainfall shower I tried tying bags on it and cling film but because of the pressure of the shower and water even with a bag or cling film water seems to get through ..

So I can't shower to lessen the factor of infection... I have been up 50 stairs 8 times today but I am beginning to notice my hamstrings are hard as rock as well as my shin and calf which isn't helping my flexion in certain moves but I'm not allowed to take anti swelling medication as I was on the blood clot injections so I think I will have to ride through the storm  :))
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Day 22- more movement - sitting better in car
I have found that my movement has increased to 50 again, and I'm sitting more comfortable in a car.... But I am suffering from a lot of hamstring swelling it's so hard no longer soft, still got nerve pains, and my cAlf and shin are very tight so I will see the surgeon tomorrow I'm only taking tablets in morning and at night before bed paracetamol and codeine phosphate which is great as in total 4 tablets........ :))))

Day 23- surgeon decision is final- more surgery - physiotherapist shocked
So bad news got to the surgeon- he is going to give me another surgery in 48 hours!!!! So i saw the surgeon today after a long wait as his registrar was 1hr 30 minutes late to work, i was suppose to see his registrar i asked the nurse to give him a present as a thanks for helping me....

I then spoke to him at the door of his room he asked me how i was doing and i told him my rom ( range of movement) and swelling and he said that's not good you need to keep trying.  Then i joked with him and said you did a smiley face on my knee, he said no i didnt and i said trust me you did....  my knee is now a common joke among the wrestlers.....he laughed...So i said to him i was going to sit down and wait to see his registrar then the surgeons nurse calls me back into the surgeons consult room. 

So then he said right lets check your leg shall we... when i lifted my trouser there was this utter silence....and a oh my....and a silence again when my surgeon did that i thought "im buggered."  and i said to him its blistered it's swollen and tight on my shin calf and foot very shiny skin... when a surgeon goes quiet you know something is wrong... then he kept prodding my calf and feeling the skin, and looking at the blisters...
then the next thing i know he is pulling out the bed into a different position  bringing it low down he asked me to push against his foot to be honest i just wanted to cry because the burning sensation was immense i just looked up at him with like a defeated look my sister said who was with me....i remember looking up just feeling tired, and hearing a hmmm from my surgeon and my leg just felt so heavy and swollen.... then he pushed the bed back asked me to walk...and i struggled because my leg was so swollen and because of the tightness everywhere including in my foot........ he said how do you feel? what would help you.... i felt a bit emotional and frustrated by this point i just remember said its tight its stiff and i remember just looking at my leg with frustration and disgust.....

he sat down and looked at my leg and laughed and he said you are right i did do a face on your leg, im sorry about that i didnt mean to do that i said well at least its a smiley face and not a frown.......

All through the consult the surgeon was going hmmm.... when he does that or goes quiet you know he thinks differently or has concerns... but just wont blurt them out... so then he said are you sure it is not a DVT?

i explained my notes should see that i was cleared of DVT threat then he said hmmm again he looked at me sitting down and then said look your not even comfortable sitting down your surgical leg side is raised to be honest by this point i said it had been like that for three weeks he hmmmm again and went into a slient thinking ... my bubble was now burst nothing positive said i just thought im buggered!...

seconds later i see a red sheet of paper and he said your coming in for an MUA in 48 hours... we need to get this done... you have a lot of stiffness... i remember i did a small nervous laugh because i thought just my luck if i didnt have a small laugh i would have probably cried....

I look at my sister for a response and she said you need it to get your leg moving more.. i didn't even have a clue what it was i was too tired, too emotional and spaced out to argue so i skimmed read it and signed... hoping for the best...

I remember going to the car and i just cried in it for about 10 minutes. I think my sister just let me cry because it was just to release my frustration, tiredness and being drugged up and in pain... crying was the only way to release it........i have never felt defeated in my whole life till that point and that is saying something especially when you wrestle an us wrestlers are very stubborn and determined lol
i was confused why i needed the mua as i was doing all my exercises, and the pt exercises,

 I went straight to the physio after the surgeon feeling deflated after me doing everything possible to help it and the physio was not happy and said I have a swelling issue and my whole leg is tight.......... He again thought my ligaments were too tight in my knee....... As the reaction of my leg was not good as it has blisters and is swollen ........ So it's going to be manipulated and there could be a risk of rupturing it the physio said now I'm freaking out!!!! sometimes

 i think it doesn't help with negativity its best to say to a patient ok this is happening this is our plan everything will be ok, but i suppose in the moment physios and surgeons forget this but rather want to fix the situation quickly which i appreciate......
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Post by: 2cutekiddos on June 02, 2014, 10:10:10 PM
Oh my goodness! I am so sorry you have to go through this!

My doctor left me a "port hole" after my procedure to help let excess blood and swelling be released. One of the holes that had a camera inserted into my knee was not sewed up. You would be amazed at how much came out! I even have pics! I would ask your doctor if he is going to do something like this for you so you don't have to go through this again.

Good luck and I am sending good thoughts your way!!! Keep us posted!
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Post by: esm87 on June 03, 2014, 09:25:45 AM
So sorry to hear you have another surgery scheduled. :(

Hopefully it manages to sort out the problems you are having.

Keep us updated of how everything goes.

Take care
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Post by: lucha86 on June 06, 2014, 11:04:22 PM
Day 24   Waiting waiting waiting.....
As I had to wait for the next day for the surgery I had to fast and it was pretty hard as I had to adapt my diet to complex carbohydrates slow releasing so I would feel hungry I only took  one painkiller today which I found a was a surprise as it was ironic I was on one painkiller and going in for surgery the next day...... I still carried on with my exercises..... But the secretary for the surgeon rang me to say she would confirm time tomorrow...

 Day 25. Surgery- high as a kite - drugged - rush hour
So I was woken up at 7 am by the medical secretary to say we need you at the hospital in one hour ...... Ok I was thinking 20 minutes in taxi 20 minutes to walk to theatres on crutch  this will be stressful .... So I managed to get there I was going to have a MUA with cpm machine  with a night stay in the hospital..

So first i had the surgeon come out to me a different one he didn't seem happy at all he asked me sign here no smile nothing i even said to him " can you smile?" That seemed to make his frown worse..  and then he was having a small argument with the main nurse because the anaesthesia doctor hadn't been out to me i said to the nurse i will go to the theatre to sign the paperwork for her to same time but also to help the doctor he seemed he was having a bad day and i thought i would help him out as i appreciate any help i get from any medical professional .. I asked him again you can smile after helping him..i got a frown, i think some doctors forget a smile goes along way with a patient who is about to go under... patients want to seem some positive responses there already going through enough problems....

So they took me to the  theatre the anaesthetist tried 5 times to put a canular in me but wasn't able to even though in my first surgery a different one find it first time no pain, but this guy I was stressing out  after the fourth attempt I had both hands in the air covered in cotton buds and tape I looked at the surgeon and nurse  and said just knock me out with something please!!!  Next thing I know I had a mask for me and they both said breathe it in, not knowing it was laughing gas...... It was the weirdest stuff I have tried..., I remember I couldn't stop laughing and. All the voices blended into one and my brain couldn't understand 

So after the surgery found the anaesthesia doctor managed to put in a canular but I had 6 blotches on my hands with bruises, and I looked at my knee thinking why have I got bandages on my knee???so the surgeon came out . He asked how i was i replied i would feel a lot better if you smiled and it would make your patient feel more positive. then he actually gave me a big smile i finally had achieved my goal lol to make the surgeon smile lol that then made me smile

 So he said do you want the good news or bad news??? I said start with bad ok i ripped your sutures from the main surgery due to the tightness of your joint so we had to re stitch them..... I was like pffff!! The good news he could get it to 90 degree rom..... But I would need to see my normal surgeon in 2 weeks again..
So that night I stayed in the same hospital ward from the first surgery and all the staff were happy to have me back they all said the wrestler is back!!!! Cause I always gave them chocolates and biscuits... I didnt need a lot of drugs which was good.... but to my horror they didn't give me the CPM machine even though i could feel it was tight still!!

Day 26- leaving hospital- DVT injections- physio - the surgeon's registrar frustrated with!
The next day I left with less tightness in my quad and hamstring which was good and it was already showing a 10 degree increase of range.....after the physio torturing me which i appreciate it to help get it going.....but before I left a doctor my surgeons right hand man came up to me didn't introduce himself but just stared at me with another doctor for about 12 seconds, i wasn't to sure what they were staring at to be honest lol  i was fully dressed with make up on lol as i was waiting for them to introduce themselves i got fed up waiting and so i said " and you are?"  then they introduced themselves and i was like " well nice for you to actually finally introduce yourself" then he said to me i like your bag  please sit down but no how are you doing or how are you feeling quite bizarre and he said so you have had ACL surgery he was touching my knee wrong directions I was horrified surely a surgeons registrar  would know the difference from acl surgery to mpfl surgery i mean seriously i had medial sutures!! so basically the question is did my surgeons right hand man read my notes??... I was just so incensed !!!! Frustrated is not the word !! especially when your dealing with a professional athlete one wrong move and you could end their career! i appreciate the fact doctors are under pressure but i am just dumfounded as in what to say here pff!
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Day 26 -physio - sore chest - knee is waking up quite quickly !!
So after the MUA which means manipulation under anthestist control, my knee seems to be waking up if feels more the ability to move but im have been finding since the MUA my chest has been sore while breathing so who knows how many gases they gave my lungs lol.... So I went to the physio today she managed to get it to 52 degree rom  they she said that's not good then I freaked out I said tell me what else do you want me to do swing from a tree? I do all the 12 exercises everyday 8 times a day  I walk up 10 flights of stairs a day and have help from a gym trainer!  For all we know the surgeon might have done it too tight and I wasn't given any physio consults until 5 weeks post op!!  I now have you and the surgeons asking what's happening I don't know! I have went from 3 hours in the gym everyday to this !!! A 50 degree rom!!
The physio they said we all heal at different rates,  some people don't mean to say it in a negative way, your body will tell you when it's ready to move and keep going ....but I want to work intense with you to see what is the main problem as right now your hamstrings are swollen and you have water in the knee which won't help.... So she gave me more exercises to do and see her again in 4 days.... I asked her how many surgeries does this physio department get per year for mpfl?? It shocked me what she said next around 15 a year!!! No wonder there is lack of information about this surgery....

Day 27- determined - hate crutches let's drop one - lack of knee sensation
So I woke up and I looked at my crutches and said stuff it I decided to drop one crutch and it was ok to walk on my leg seemed to like it better to be honest as I'm under pressure to get back to full fitness as I have a wrestling match in December.... I have also noticed from my knee to my shin is all numb the nerve sensation isn't great I have being done what the physio said rubbing my leg to stop the nerves from overreacting, and I also found I over flex my legs which doesn't surprise men when you have to fly out of a wrestling tablets now only two a day of ibropfuen and the DVt injections...... My leg seems to be moving better on the one crutch now.... And today was the day where I managed to get out of bed myself without helping my leg which made me very happy but I still can't do a straight leg raise I know it will come in time
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Post by: esm87 on June 08, 2014, 11:01:36 AM
Hi lucha

So sorry to hear what you're having to go through!!

It's so frustrating that there seems to be a lack of knowledge about mpfl reconstruction. I had to go to my GP last week to request different painkillers as the ones I was on were making me sick and she hadn't heard of the surgery before and I had to explain it to her.

Luckily my physio has heard of it though and she has actually worked with my surgeon in the past and she attended a seminar about the procedure just last month so I think I've totally lucked out there! Are you still stretching your knee to make it bend using the towel? That exercise has really helped me!

I have the same feeling on my shin, I've also found my skin is really really dry.
So I've been using moisturiser to massage my shin to help the nerve pain. I also have a few areas of total numbness but I've been reassured this is all normal.

Keep your chin up - it sounds like you're doing great despite what you've had to go through.

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Post by: lucha86 on June 08, 2014, 03:11:54 PM
End if week 3 picture
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Post by: lucha86 on June 08, 2014, 03:26:03 PM
Emma I understand what you mean with gp's in the uk, during the first two weeks of the surgery I spoke to 3 different gps and only one had an idea what it was the rest of the GP's and doctors and nurses did not have a clue and asked me to explain it to them they didn't know what it was. The go who did I felt sorry for him I was crying asking for codine phosphate and he Said to me oh I know this surgery is an evil painful surgery , they class it as one of the top 3 most painful to have on the knee.... I told my nhs surgeon the next time I have to explain to doctors what mpfl is  I'm going to go crazy, I shouldn't have to explain it to a doctor, but I suppose I have learnt and you as well Emma about this one surgery that we could do our own research on this.... And if any doctors read these blogs which I suspect they do should take note of these diaries to be able to understand what people feel and have after mpfl surgery, and see what complications we have ....
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Post by: lucha86 on June 09, 2014, 10:42:11 PM
Day 28-  tightness - determined - keep moving leg- knee on fire sensation
So been doing my 12 exercises 8 times a day 20 reps of each aswell as stairs, lunges, quad dances, knee cap dances etc...... My physio has been great, she has given me some great moves to do, it's made me more determination it sounds crazy but it can sometimes be frustrating to separate the muscle groups, like the quads the patellar tendons, the hamstrings the gleuts.....but you have to work at it,  my physio told me that due to the dislocations me leg keeps twisting itself inwards to protect itself,  and  it's bizarre she is right I have to try to stop it but she Said it will take time for the habit to change to make the body realise my knee is better....  So I keep pushing it to make my knee stronger and looser after so many dislocations in the past and my knee feeling loose and now the joint feels tight feels strange but it will only get better :)  wasn't a great sleep I had felt like knee was on fire, and cramping had to dose up on the painkillers it's a weird sensation but you just feel like your knee is on fire inside or very hot

Day 29-  physio,  - frustration -
So I go to the physio and she pushes me to the limits I managed to do a straight leg elevation which suprised my physio, I managed to put it down myself, she was impressed then she tried my range of movement my rom hadn't changed still 52 degrees by this point I was frustrated again and she said well at least it hasn't got worse you have maintained i still was frustrated, so she took me into the gym and got me up and down the stairs to see how I was doing and she was happy then she was looking at my notes and said I have to see you more often by what the surgeon has put, I was like wth??????So I said to the physio watch this take my crutch I was so frustrated and determined to walked I walked without a crutch  20 steps...... The physio looked in shock and said well done but why can't I bend my knee to 90 degree flex I wrestle I need to get it to flex !!!  The physio then replied your doing well but sometimes the body will when it's ready in its own time do it when it feels ready! I'm just baffled I look at research and it says I should be at full rom by now and I'm not....... I will see the surgeon in 17 days times......lots to vent at him lol
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Post by: lucha86 on June 10, 2014, 07:04:31 PM
What I have learnt at end of week 4 .....
1) massage the knee and areas of surgery as it stops the nerves from over-reacting
2) don't think just do it... It has been shown distracting ourselves and forms of meditation can help to move the joint quicker.....
3) dry skin with this surgery- Vaseline aloe vera is the best for it.....
4) and fire sensations in leg deep tissue rub works best to stop it
5) hyper extension of knees can cause problems post surgery ( which I didn't know I had!)
5) finally the mpfl is getting looser
6) not to get too excited walking without  crutches first time doing it as your muscles start reacting in weird ways! Bit by bit is best
7) people who have patellar instability in extreme cases are know to turn their leg slightly inwards as it's how the muscles cope with the lack of instability.... So it takes time to retrain the muscles after mpfl surgery .. Which is interesting ....... New research which the physio told me about.....
8) the pain is nothing now compared to the first two weeks the first two weeks were terrible now I'm on only one tablet a day compared to 25 a day in the first 4 days ........"
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Post by: esm87 on June 10, 2014, 08:53:25 PM
The dry skin was terrible! Thankfully I seem to have it under control now but it was just another thing that was driving me crazy for the first few weeks!

How are you finding walking? I am trying to walk "normally" but I'm not quite there yet! Do you still use your crutches? I am down to one now
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Post by: lucha86 on June 10, 2014, 09:32:16 PM
Hey Emma I hope your doing ok yes I'm the same as you I'm down yo one crutch I hot frustrated the other day with my physio and surgeon and I managed go walk without crutches but my range if movement is stil terrible sounds frustrating but I think I'm more frustrated that I keep trying to flex the joint and get more rom ( range of movement) but it's not happening, I think because I'm sporty generally it's frustrating to be at 50 rom and be walking like herr flick from the series allo allo  when I can just about now elevate my eg standing and I managed to do an elevation lying down as I'm confused why I'm doing all these excercises  every hour of every day and my rom hasn't hit better but everything else has.... Lol.....

Walking I find when I walk without my crutch my leg goes into a spin I feel all my muscles contract like my quadricep keeps contracting, the patella tendon shakes a little but what I'm finding now is I just put my iPod in my ear to distract me away from the sensations and keep trying but I'm still on one crutch...... Hopefully by First week of July which is my next appointment with the surgeon I should be off by now but my physio doesn't want me to get off the last crutch till I reach at least 85 degrees

Another question Emma are you finding the shin and calf a little tight???  My hamstring still feel hard but the surgeon said that's normal as he ripped out hamstring grafts...............
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Post by: esm87 on June 10, 2014, 11:01:38 PM
Hi lucha,

Keep trying to improve the rom, I've got mine to 120 but I'm still struggling to walk properly. I found stretching it with the towel was the best exercise for this. My physio gave me this exercise. I'd bought the resistance bands off the Internet but she told me not to use them as the towel is better as there's no resistance in that. It took me 4 weeks to get to 120. I'm sure you are just moving slightly slower due to what you've been through! It must be frustrating being so sporty. My knees were so sore that I did little to no exercise before my surgery so can only imagine how you are feeling!

Yeah my calf and shin are sore and tight. I've been given exercises to stretch my calf but I'm still getting some nerve pain down the front of my shin? I've been told to massage this and my scars every day. I can see an improvement but still not completely away yet.

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Post by: lucha86 on June 11, 2014, 02:52:52 PM
Day 30- walking without crutch - knee weak - physio physio - no painkillers
So I managed to walk from one part of the house to the other without a crutch for 10 minutes not a great rom at only 50 rom but I managed to walk unaided I forced my knee to move further which was a bit stupid it over flexed at the back of my knee and feel down onto the tiles luckily enough as wrestlers we get trained to land and fall without hurting certain parts so I managed to break the force of the fall but my leg did get part hit in the process ......but I still got up and walked again for another 10 minutes ....even though it hurt I carried on it has been a bit weak after that I went to my physio later that day as it happened a second time before I saw her and she said that can be normal as the knee was weak post op due to the dislocations I haven't taken any painkillers for the past two days..... I feel after having all the medications I have my body doesn't want anymore... The rom is frustrating me but I'm determined to get there!! .. ::)
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Post by: rob2278 on June 11, 2014, 10:37:53 PM
A buckling knee is very common post op.. be careful
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Post by: lucha86 on June 11, 2014, 11:28:38 PM
after a few experiences, i want to raise this as an opinion, as PLATO once said never discourage someone who makes progress no matter how slow.
As there is so little research on medical journals about MPFL surgery, which i have checked from doctors via the States and the UK how can they create an assumption or judgement, of what is correct or what stage is correct to be at if there is little evidence to prove it.
Empathy is a word which i rarely use, but n this situation i will with doctors ethics and so on.
What is the point in saying something negative, when you know so little about a surgery which is classed as a new modern surgery or a grey area, where research, cannot offer enough evidence to say if a person is doing well or not. I mean you have drilled throught our femur, and knee caps attached screws and ripped out our hamstrings, then bolted in the new ligaments sorry to be blunt :D lol.... How can a negative be positive on a patient, that has to learn to work every single muscle seperate from the quad to the hamstrings to the abductor, has to learn to walk properly, who gets frustrated because they cant do certain moves,nerve pains which stop you in moments unexpected, spending 8 hours a day in intense scrutiny workouts checking that your scars/ wounds are moving to make sure your working the correct muscle groups..  It is not an easy surgery, for me a doctor cannot say what is right or wrong is this surgery because everyone heals differently... people find their comforts, people through trial and error, will find what works for them and what doesnt,  this type of surgery is frustrating, because we all have to find our own way to get through it due to the lack of information and considering what we go through a bit more empathy would be desired for every patient

reference ROB hey i know sometimes its frustration more than anything lol but i have to know when it is too far lol
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Post by: lucha86 on June 12, 2014, 07:11:53 PM
Day 31 - the hill climb - buckling of knee - walking -excercises
So today I decided I would try to walk up a hill due to my frustration even on 52 degrees rom range of movement by the time I got up the hill took 50% longer compared to normal... But my leg I tried to flex and if i force it last 50 I feel it's not right, so after this I went home, and after two hours I walked again and my knee buckled at certain flexes which I expect to happen..... I keep doing the excercises lunges, hamstring tensions, abductor training, patella tendon training, knee cap dances, heel movements, leg swings, contractions etc knee has buckled again at home but no pain so I know that's a good thing, considering I have a hamstring in my knee that use to lift well over 160kg I have a strong ligament in my knee.......I have found the swelling is small now compared to the first two weeks and the hamstrings is getting less swollen..... But my rom is frustrating me.......
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Post by: lucha86 on June 13, 2014, 10:44:55 PM
Day 32 -  weird sensations -58 degree rom yey! -  face down!
So my knee I'm get knitting sensations, nerve twitches, and jolts I'm just dealing it with music I just put it in my ears and walk to ease it off but sometimes I find when  I have done maybe a little too much that us when I know to stop.... Still I haven't taken any painkillers which is good :) ...... I moved Up to 7 degrees  in 12 days which as long as I'm seeing a improvement I'm happy considering I only had the MUA manipulation under anthesist like 10 days ago +'dvt .....

.so then I went out for a walk with my sister as I needed to get some waterproof plaster for hydrotherapy and my sister accidentally bumped my crutch and I went face down in front of the pharmacy counter........ Bridget jones cringe moment that was for sure I managed to get up I had no pain and my knee was still tight which was a good indication that my ligament hadn't been damaged but I have hired my wrestling pt who has given me some good tips on top of my normal physio........
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Post by: lucha86 on June 14, 2014, 08:09:47 PM
Day 33- frustration of rom - walking for fours hours no stop weird sensations-
So I have been getting frustrated  with my rom so now I have my hospital physio and now wrestling physio which my promotor has hired for me so today the wrestling physio checked out my rom he thinks there is something not right as he has trained  a lot of athletes over 60 people on mpfl surgery and he thinks the tension is not right but until I see the surgeon next he had given me more excercises on top of my physio at the hospital.......... So he told me walking is one of the best things to get the main muscles fired up he said my quads are fired ... My hamstrings are swollen which isn't helping the rom issue also........ So I decided to walk like he said so .... I walked for several hours took a rest on seats in between but by the end I felt my nerves twitching in my whole knee and leg.... The cramping was strong and my leg kept twitching ...soI sat in a Starbucks and massaged it then I walked an extra 10 minutes to get home, considering some of it was hill iwas impressed so I put my foot up did my excercises then fell asleep as my leg was saying enough so as the physio said sleep is the best thing as it helps to repair the body. I'm also managing to walk around the house without any crutches....... My rom is around 55 degrees today so +2 degrees..... Soooooooo frustrated right now I have two physios a personal trainer and I'm doing every excercise they request of me?.......I'm hoping when hydrotherapy starts next week it will be better :) because I don't want another MUA !!!
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Day 34 knee picture I still have plaster due yo the MUA ripping my sutures they have told me because of the position of the incision and sutures in my job it might take a month to 6 weeks to heal as it's on the flex point
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Day 35  walking up hills and down - lots of excercises - a big crack oops!
So I have been doing really well managed to get my Rom to 60 degrees so a 5 degree improvement, so I went for long walks for the past 5 days on straight level and I phill to get the joint moving as I'm finding even though it's tiring I feel it us fitting up my muscles in my legs..... So I started walking upstairs and doing the lunges at the bottom as the physio asked of me...... this evening and my knee made a huge crack sound after it the pain was shots all the way through my knee.... I tried to lift my knee as a standard standing leg lift which I can normally do when I tried the shots of pain was immense Sharp stabbing throbbing pains I couldn't lift it without using my hands..... So now I sit with ice on my leg ... I refuse to take painkillers as my body has been fed enough painkillers the past 4 weeks... I will see my physio on Tuesday so I will get her to check it for me.......
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Post by: lucha86 on June 18, 2014, 05:41:40 PM
Day 36- first day back at work - swelling knee - gym time!!! :))
So it was my first day back at my desk job, but I found I had to keep standing up cause my knee was stiff.... But also I kept getting sharp pains and my knee kept swelling for the flex ion so I had ice it to keep it low I found I had to take a painkiller for the swelling, so my boss gave me a stool under my desk so that I could elevate it when needed, I also had a football under my desk to help keep my knee moving to flex it .... I did notice by playing with the football it helped my knee............
So as I got frustrated I spoke with my pt at the gym and asked her for upper body workouts as I'm preparing for a match at the end of the year so then my upper body is ready by the time my knee gets better......but I'm noticing after the fall I had my knee is playing up so I have the physio tomorrow :))

Day 37? Increased rom by 8 degrees,- physio not happy - frustrated!!
So I managed to get my rom up by 8 degrees in 5 days yey so now on 64! Then I told the physio about the fall / give way and she felt my knee and she wasn't hsppy she said if that happens again i will send you back to the surgeon.... Wth I thought I have increased by 8 degrees and no well done but  more concerned about the give way..... I feel like so frustrated right now................ I have two weeks to get up to 90 degrees or the surgeon won't  be happy even though I have two physios, and a pt it's like what does this surgeon and physio want I'm trying my best and I'm doing my best...... And there still not happy!! Even the other physio and pt have told me well done because they have seen my progress but this surgeon and physio don' t and they don't consider I've had two surgeries already no cpm machine and no physio several  weeks post op and no brace pffffff!!!!!!

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End of week 5 what have I learnt
1) if you have a desk job play with a ball under your foot under your desk to stop your knee going stiff
2) listen to different physios for advice some things work for some people and some things don't and each physio can give you different ideas
3) Swiss balls are you best friend when trying to help your mpfl less tight
4) putting a pillow on top on top of your knee under your desk for any nerve jumps in your leg to protect them while doing excercises
5) this week there has been weird sensations only you can know if they are good as in the healing process or bad......
6) keep icing your knee to stop swelling under desk if you have a desk job.....
7) i must get PRIVATE HEALTHCARE!! After not being able to see over 4 and a half weeks post op and no CPM machine avaliable....
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Post by: lucha86 on June 22, 2014, 02:36:37 PM
Day 38-  gym every day- interesting news from physio- trying to understand bigger picture
So I have been gyming it every day working my fully upper body beefing myself out for the match in November and sitting on the bike trying to force my leg to move and working with a Swiss ball on lower legs ........ I do one hour 30 minutes in the gym morning and night not including other physio excercises.... I do under my desk at work and once I get home, knee is still stiff it's frustrating me a lot!! So I had my other physio from mexico call me by Skype he talked to a important orthapedic doctor out there who told him to suggest one of two complications I have due to my lack of  rom...... So I will ask the physio and the surgeon because every time I ask them they just seem to keep me in the dark try to change the subject or avoid it and I feel there not giving me the full picture even when I ask for it they go round the daffodil bush!! So with all these excercises and physios and pt I have I'm beginning to think I'm trying my hardest so it is not me !! Time for honest Answers I think......

Day 39- walking walking walking- strange pivot movement- great support from pts at gym - suture issues
So I kept walking today for hours as it's my day off and I'm noticing weird pivot movements like as if my muscles are fighting my knee over this ligament when it gets too tight then it hyperextended when it's walking so I put it down to the muscles  groups who knows just kept going then it happened again and I lost my balance so I thought rest it....... Then afterwards I went to the gym and I must say for pt lessons in the gym I pay over 700 pounds a month and they have all helped me to get back on track helping me with so e equipment as I can only go so low right now, they are being more positive than my own physio and surgeon which is nice  a breath if fresh air,......... Anything I want to do or can do they help me with it or talk to me to distract me to keep me going..... If only some in the medical profession had a more positive attitude it would go a long way!! 
So as you remember I had an MUA just over 2 weeks ago and the sutures they ripped are still bleeding....i wasn't given and plasters for them when I left the hospital so I went yo the pharmacy and they spent ages with me getting me the right plasters...... So even the pharmacist said it will talk along time for that to heal as it's on my flexion point... So they managed to get me done antibacterial silver lined plasters to stop risk of infection... And to help it help..... So it's getting there..... My knee I think I did abit to much on today my kneecap is painful today it was hard to sleep but didn't take any painkillers I just iced it...... Then kept it raised .......I'm walking around the house without any crutches and in my gardens...... But it's the rom that isn't helping my walking..........
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Post by: lucha86 on June 23, 2014, 07:13:14 PM
Day 40- physio - improved by 3 degree - bad news - time to travel
So today had my physio appointment and I improved by only three degrees so by this point I was frustrated and the physio asked what was wrong and I said no one is giving me a straight answer.... I want answers to why it's so slow I have 2 physios one pt you should be at over 90 degrees by now and my knee feels tight still so she told me in terms what my 2nd physio told me about two condition possibilities which they both agreed on...... So then I ask her can I wrestle start of next year she said no when the surgeon said I could I am still in shock as it was a charity match  and now I have to change my plans who do you believe the physio or surgeon?????
as an athlete you need clarity as otherwise our promotors and physios will get annoyed and we will become frustrated with the timeline as athletes..... the physio should agree with the doctor the best scale of timeline i think
I'm frustrated with my knee because it keeps over reacting....... I can do straight raises with my quads lying down and standing no lag but my rom is terrible... So my promotor has asked me to go to meet him overseas, to meet the physio and independent doctor as part of the insurance  sign off, contract rules  etc and I also have business appointment to attend there at the end of this week so hopefully will get a little clarification........
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One of the area of stitches broken  in the MUA taking awhile to heal
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Day 41 - strange sensations - not allowed to walk without crutch - playing with a ball
So my knee today has had pain in my knee cap, it's the type of pain that you can control yourself but it's very uncomfortable pain... So I decided to see if playing with a ball and flexing my knee under my desk would work and it made it throb more.... So I decided to do some excercises but again wasn't taking away the pain I felt as if my ligament was too tight in my knee as if it's pushing on the joint....... So I have been walking without crutches near my house and in my house but my physio said no walking without a crutch till I reach 90 degree flex and because I have a little limp as right now I am at 70 degree rom .... So to be honest I'm carrying on with what I'm doing as I feel comfortable doing it  if I feel I am strong enough to do it I will do it......only I know what i can and can't do ....

Day 42- walking to work / head over heels - hydrotherapy - spasms- preparing to fly physio not happy.....
So I was walking to work today and I had been walking with a mate then all of a sudden my knee just went it was like my quad abducter and other muscles around the knee  over reacted went into a spasm and contracted and went into a spasm with the new ligament I felt a big pull and my knee over flexed and I fell down ...... So I don't know what happened there luckily my friend got me up again.... So I went into hydrotherapy which was great helped to relax my muscles after the fall........but I have to fly for a evaluation of my knee for my sports contract and the hospital physio wasn't happy with me flying away for the weekend as it's a long haul flight  so the surgeon said I could fly post 6 weeks after surgery and the physio is saying I can't?????  Who is right and who is wrong ????
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Day 43 - flying abroad with mpfl is interesting- questions answered- stubborn moments - pain in kneecap
So I flew out to Latin America to speak with a top doctor as an independent doctor as my promotor needed me to do it for my insurance i was forced to do it or my insurance wouldn't pay out - if you have ligament surgery make sure you go business class my flight was 11 hours direct and even for me I felt it was getting very stiff quite often luckily enough I kept moving when I saw it was getting swollen the flight attendants were helpful with some ice for me.... And make sure you wear flight socks...... Luckily enought I was just past the 6 week point to fly and I had a business class flat bed...
So spoke with the doctor who agreed to what I thought and my sports physio thought I had got my insurance side of my Job... So now I have to go back to my surgeon to discuss it with him as the independent doctor has two reasons for lack of flex and he us concerned if I don't get my flex back soon we might have a problem...... So I decided to drop the final crutch I only use a stick to get up off a low chair or for hills it's a foldable one.... So I'm walking 80 percent of the time without a stick which is good I got fed up seeing the crutch all the time call me stubborn but sometimes as an athlete I have always believed that only you can say what you can do or can't no one else your body will always tell you....... especially when your stubborn or frustrated it gives you more determination to get to that goal... I have been noticing my knee cap pain is not nice pain massaging it makes it worse.... But I can control it without painkillers... It's a sharp, sticky pain  when I pivot in certain points it's worse..... But everything is trail and error............. You never know till you try

Day 44- flying back night flight - escalators on undergrounds bad for knee -  no painkillers for nearly two weeks - hot knee -
Flying back with the knee was interesting found sleeping with ice on it stopped the swelling, it kept jolting but I'm use to that... Kept doing my straight leg elevations knee dances and other excercises while on the bed to keep it moving..... So I had to use escalators for the first time back in London, FYI do not do it till your knee is at it's full strength  before the op I i use to run down them, now I was hanging on to them for dear life like a baboon on heat..... I nearly tripped up at the bottom as my knee over flexed as it was moving quickly....... So I am quite happy to say no pain killers in the last two weeks, which is great to say that I feel better without taking them I would rather use anything else like arnica gel or ice to stop the pain........ But I have been noticing my knee has been hit the last two days maybe I might be doing too much on it as the walk I did the other day I wore black trousers my op knee was covered in a huge white blotch on my trousers which was pure sweat but my other knee didn't have it on it which dhows how hard I'm pushing it... I would rather do more than less so the doctors can't say oh you haven't been doing enough.....

..this is my daily diary from Monday to Friday
5am- 7am daily excercises
Then walk to work up hills
8am - 4pm do excercises under desk at work physio for knee twice a week for one hour
4pm-6pm with pt in gym doing more knee rehab excercises and upper body workouts
6:15pm speak with sports physio via Skype for 30 minutes eat at same time do other excercises
7-8pm walk outside up and down hills
8pm- 9pm more excercises
9pm shower, a cup of tea
10pm bed!

I have a busy life lol
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Day 45 - walking too much day before = pain - fire sensation in knee - legs on wall
So as I had walked around a lot the day before I woke up and I couldn't get up on my feet for an hour my keg just felt so weak! So kept massaging it to get the muscle moving, and doing a few excercises to get it moving it seemed to move after a bit of time then when I finally got up I was so stiff I was worse than here flick from the series allo allo, so my mum later got some ice for me to stop the swelling to make me more I decided to rest my leg today... But had really weird fire pain sensations in my knee cap so I ended up putting my legs on the wall and sleeping like that I found it relieved the pain a lot in the knee cap it was more manageable......but my knee is swelling a lot and is still a little hot good I got the physio tomorrow ..

Day 46- physio cancels 30 minutes before session! - knee cap pain still! - fed up!
So I woke up again knee was very stiff.... So I went to work for an hour went to hospital in a taxi only to get to the physio dept for them to say oh we left you a message at your house to say it was cancelled 30 minutes ago why didn't they ring my mobile number? I asked to see another physio none avaliable for advice, nice considering then cancelled so short notice.....

. So today my knee cap still has the same fire pain in it it's a weird sensation must be the healing process I suppose, it is just so hard sometimes to know what is a good feeling and a bad feeling sensation in the knee...... Because some of the sensations I have never felt before, and to be honest there is no point going to a gp because as soon as you say mpfl surgery they look at you dumbfounded and start asking you what us mpfl surgery
Then you feel like your sitting there teaching a doctor about mpfl surgery and your like they probably know less that what I know about this!! What is the point, I think on all notes in the uk doctors who specialise in rare surgeries should put in the notes what exactly it us so then we don't make the doctors look stupid by having to explain what mpfl surgery is to them.....
To be honest I have given up on all help from  doctors because I don't want to explain myself all the time, I just get on and deal with it and ask my physios or surgeon when I actually get to see the surgeon!
If I feel something is dodgey I tell the physio who then writes it up so the surgeon can see it...
I mean let's be honest with so little research on mpfl surgeries compared to other ligament surgeries what can a doctor prove is right or wrong or what is a bad feeling or good feeling??
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Post by: lucha86 on July 01, 2014, 10:36:02 PM
End of week 6 what have I learnt
-don't bother going to a gp because they will have no idea what mpfl reconstruction is and they freak out saying they don't specialise  in that and they don't know what to do and just offer you painkillers! I'm fed up with painkillers no thanks!! Lol
- ice when flying is best and fly business to keep your leg elevated
- fire sensation in kneecap must be normal but I'm no doctor.....
- tight calf , and shin and quad try to kneed it out with special sticks by reebok makes it feel better.... But be careful doing it... Do it with a physio or pt....
- mpfl is a long recovery not quick
- I've seen enough doctors to last me the next 5 years.....
- swelling ice ice and more ice after long hill walks or excercises........
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day 47 - shin and calf hard as rock - fires sensation in knee cap- physios research
so today my calf and shin have been feeling tight and my knee cap is still on fire sensation and i feel its being pulled down too much when i exercise so I'm trying to thinks of ways to exercise it out.....
so i left a message for a physio to ring me back for my leg is shiny on my calf and tight she thinks i may Have DVT! s now im having to wear this tubigrip on my leg till i see her and the surgeon in the next couple of days.... Im walking up hills without crutches, swimming in the pool doing hydrotherapy everyday as well as going to the gym even with a 69-70 degree ROM.......

so she thinks i might be doing too much on it for me personally its frustrating because im a pro athlete and for someone to sit there and say you have to slow down... is irritating when you need to move and keep yourself moving because if you dont you risk losing ROM gain and getting things like DVT! ESPECIALLY when you have matches at the end of the year...

So i decided to speak with my independent physio and doctor again and they think there is two possible reason for my slow progress of ROM one is anthrofibrosis/ compartment syndrome or complex regional pain syndrome,,,,,which can cause lack of ROM and the second is graft failure/ i will hope to speak with the surgeon in the next couple of days as to be honest im frustrated annoyed irritated, I'm doing everything and my ROM isnt budging

day 48- knee cap sensation of fire still there - stiff calf and shin still - hyper extension of knee
so im finding when today still got same problems but still doing my exercises and having to ice my knee and im not taking any painkillers still if it gets bad i just meditate it out or just sleep...... i am finding when i am walking sometimes my knee overextends and then the joint goes forward at the front and loses hold untill i reign it in sometimes it has been shocking when i have fallen down with his and i dont reign it in on time it feels like my muscules are too tight so my joint moves into a direction which is comfortable on the medial side because its so tight that the medial side doesn't want to move.... i do all the exercies so im which might be due to muscule weakness who knows................
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End of week 6 knee
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Day 48- still fire in knee cap sensation - pushing myself to limits -
So I'm still getting this fire sensation in my knee cap especially why I am walk in a sarcastic way I'm no doctor but who knows if it's good or bad so I keep plodding along I'm still walking with a limp, but I don't care as long as I am off the crutch as it hurts your hands after a while, I'm not taking any painkillers for this knee cap feeling  just deal with it with listening to music or icing it.....
Today I walk quite a lot I'm becoming more and more active which is good but every time my knee wants to flex it's too tight or it will overextend because it can't flex, my calf and shin are still tight nothing I can do about that just keep going........
So far then fire sensation stiff calf, and shin and wearing a big mummified bandage on my bottom leg as per physio request ... Looking good lol best to stay positive :))
And the rom hasn't changed I now hate the word rom lol

Day 49 let's try some hill walking- getting nervous of seeing surgeon- boxing
So I thought I would try some hill walking- and my knee didn't really like it I pushed it and the fire sensation in my knee cap was worse and it overextended again my knee....
I'm getting nervous of seeing the surgeon and I tell you what if he says I have been overdoing it I will throw my toys put the pram....... I am so annoyed and frustrated with my knee I can do everything else except get the flex ion I can extend me knee and can lift it right in the  air my quad is firing I have 2 physios and a pt helping me so I have tried my best it's down to him now!.......,,..,..
So as my pt saw I have been getting increased frustration she decided to stop me  getting into a ting to release my frustration she got me a boxing kit and showed me things I can do and can't do and I feel a lot better for it I feel like I'm working out raising my heart rate and releasing my frustration......
Honestly half the doctors don't realise how frustrating this surgery is.........,!!!
My knee is slowly getting there it's good to be out and about but it's just so frustrating the rom I'm doing everything I can  the next time I hear oh your not at 90 I'm going to scream!! Lol
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Post by: lucha86 on July 08, 2014, 08:48:02 PM
Day 50 - saw doctor - confused -letter to main surgeon - wrestling promoter not happy

so i saw one of my right hand surgeons other doctors, who just contradicted my physio, which just confused me any more so i kept saying to him who do you believe a doctor or a physio who sees me more than a doctor does and sees my trial and error process.. so i came out more frustrated as the answers i seeked i didnt get expect for contradictions between both, i just wanted clarity, so i decided to write a letter to the main consultant/ surgeon who did my surgery asking for clarity on the questions i had as my promoter wasn't happy and wanted me to seek answers from him or he would have sent me to and independent doctor as he has his concerns, so i  have sent the letter and i will ring his secretary tomorrow to confirm he has received the letter..

Day 51- friendly secretary- the surgeon replies - now have clarity - new research techniques in mpfl rehab from mexico city from leading doctors now i am following..

so i spoke to the secretary of the doctor who was lovely and said she would crack her whip on him to answer me as soon as possible, as  my promoter was getting restless and wanted answers, and said she wanted to help me as i have always been nice.. so thank goodness the surgeon replied to me and given me clarity on the questions i needed answered now i feel i am more aware of what has happened rather than being kept in a bubble.......

so i also have been working my wrestling physiotherapist from mexico city who has given me a new task to work with my PT in the gym... he has conducted research with a fellow doctor on knee ligament surgeries including mpfl and it has been seen that many athletes body goes into shock with this type of surgery due to being so immobile post surgery, and they have found the best way to get a athlete back on track is through shocking the body again.. through intensive, cardio and endurance training.. and also at the end of each class, doing kneading exercises which is basically using the reebok rollers to roll out the muscle groups to stop swelling and release any scar tissue, for those who have suffered from over scarring or bleeding in joint post surgery
i have been doing this for 5 days now i had improved by 14 degree, which show it does work, and the best part i have currently lost 15 kilos on the knee surgery diet lol things are now positive and have more clarity and now i can go on the stepper machine and cross trainer through this new technique in rehab
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Post by: lucha86 on July 09, 2014, 09:03:52 PM
day 52- wonders will never cease! - the new rehab is working ! - got pt and wrestling physio!
so today i found that the hospital could only give me one appointment to see my hospital physio after 4 weeks. So  i thought stuff it time for the Pt in the gym and wrestling physio to concentrate on so today my wrestling physio sent me an email and told me to get my pt to train me as a athlete in a rehab form, to keep stretching out the muscle when they get tight and to keep me going after the end do the kneading of the leg to stop swelling and control muscle weakness and massage,

my word im amazed by doing this technique i managed to go on the cross trainer fine, rower, fine and stepper, fine, by the end they measure my flexion it had jumped to 8o degrees!!! yey!!  so my pt and my physio are beginning to think that its the swelling that is the issue and the over scarring so by using massage techniques and kneading techniques it is helping my muscles by reducing the swelling

i have noticed the nerves are still healing as you get the jumping sensations running through the knee and leg and the doctor said this can take up to four months to heal, so things are looking great =)


I was shocked i never thought of this question she could not find any information or research on the longevity of mpfl reconstruction but as an athlete does that place me at higher risk of rupture? time to investigate with some professors i know because i cant find any research on it except for acl surgery
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Day 53- twice in the gym three hours total - the bike grrrr! - cold weather affecting knee - hot showers great for knee-
So today it has been quite cold here and I have found my knee is reacting to it but I just get on with it with a hot water bottle on it... So went in the morning at 5am to the gym did some cardio then I went after work to train with my trainer at the gym, been doing a lot of weights to strengthen up the muscle groups .. Which I feel happy I'm doing as I need to get ready for a few matches in November ... Squats lunges Swiss ball lunge I could name every single knee bend I have been doing
My extensions no lag at all it's firing like normal again ROM is still 80, I can do the cross trainer and the stepper and the rower but I'm still stuck at 80 I can't do a turn in the bike yet my knee won't allow it I'm. Determined to hit it in 3 weeks......
I have been having a lot of hot showers after work as it makes my leg less stiff and also stops the cold affecting the screws in my knee....not taking any painkillers mind over matter :)

Day 54- gym twice a day- sharp pains in knee cap and anchor point - assessing trail,and error
So went to the gym again had my trainer twice worked on my knee again to be honest I feel my pt in the gym is better than my physio because I'm the type of person through me in the deep end first and I will swim quicker than if you throw me in at the shallow end... I'm finding my body is reacting more to gym workouts than physio, I'm still getting these pains with the cold weather but it comes part of the surgery hey ho!
I feel that no physio or doctor can tell you when your ready to do something as long as you stay determined and you get it done then you know when your body is ready ...

Mpfl surgery is a hard surgery but through determination and raising our frustrations and seeking the answers to our questions can only give us more clarity in our rehab because if we have so many questions with so little information it can be frustrating..... SO DOCTORS GIVE CLARITY AND ADVISE,CLEARLY :))
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Post by: lucha86 on July 12, 2014, 11:35:03 PM
What things could be changed? What needs to be learnt? What doctors can improve on?
With mpfl surgery reconstruction

In the nhs in the uk there is not a lot of information on mpfl reconstruction
What could be changed?
1) more information from the surgeon and what to expect, I think most surgeons will not tell us everything
    Because of how complicated the procedure is...

2) gp's need to be positive rather than treat us like leopars because they don't
   Understand what a mpfl surgery is?

3)rare surgeries or uncommon ones should have more notes written on your notes
   About the procedure so then any complications you have a doctor or nurse will understand
   The procedure in the notes rather than the patient having to explain to a doctor of 20 years exp

4) mpfl surgery is complicated for me if a person who has complications
   It should be followed up by the main surgeon till these problems gave been solved

5) due to the lack of information clarity is needed with the patient at all times
    How are we suppose to know as a patient what's good or bad?
    When there is little research on this surgery

6)physio have to understand everyone is different I have made more progress
   With my gym trainer than my physio because my gym trainer is testing
    My body and pushing it while my physio was doing more manipulation than stressing it

7) stop being so negative on rom if I can't do it and have several people training me there is a reason why

8) considering mpfl surgery is new it's amazing to see how high
   Complication rates are from stiffness ,dvt,anthrofibrosis, compact syndrome, technical failure of graft,     rupture, bleeding in joint,  and that is by looking at medical research, if I was aware of anthrofibrosis or compact syndrome I might have been able to help my leg quicker,

9) physio needs to be earlier on nhs I know the nhs is stretched but if your young and fit and you hAve to wait
  5 weeks to see a physio post op after knee reconstruction it's a long time
  Luckily I had a physio and pt at the time

The nhs I know is stretched the nurses do a great job on the ward everyone does but all
That is needed is better communication in notes and the surgeon with the patient because
With clarity it will only just benefit everyone involved especially in a very new
Area of surgery who knows what is right or wrong it will only be through
Research or trail and error where we will know what works in mpfl
Reconstruction asking question and having clear answers
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Post by: lucha86 on July 13, 2014, 10:10:45 AM
Day 55 booming out the weights- shunting of knee - overextension
So the past two weeks now I have been booming out the weights.... My legs are now limiting well over 120 kg on my quads and hamstrings so I should be lifting 170kg by October.... So I know my hAmstrings and quads are working..... My abductor  are lifting around 80 kg but I have to be careful with the mpfl muscle and my vastus ( side of thigh) is lifting around 120 kg also... Great as I have matches in November

but my flexion is only allowing me 81 degrees I feel like my knee cap is being shunted and forcing my knee at the back to overextend because of the new ligament
I know I can still improve my quad but it's frustrating and when my pt or physios try to move it back they can feel either a cramp or too tight sensation you can actually see it!

Day 56- in love with roping- still got fire sensation-
So my pt is making me throw battle ropes around in the gym as you gave to do lunges with it it works your knees and upper body deltoids triceps, chest and Bicep, so we hope this will also help the flexion and everyday on cross trainer and stepper and tower twice a day..... I still have instability ad the fire sensation in my knee but I'm hoping by about week 15 this will go....

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day 57- gym twice a day - knee weak - amazing pain meditate
so i have been going to the gym twice a week now, for the past 10 days,ive been building all of my muscles in my legs, the quad and hamstrings is doing very well.... my knee is feeling weak but i have to expect that after the surgery i have had but i feel the hamstring is so strong in my weak knee which im building up..

So im just pushing it but i feel the new tendon is a bit under pressure and im getting sharp pains and the fire sensation, i don't take any painkiller i just meditate through it.... if i can control it that its better to be in control than take painkillers and you dont feel if something has been pushed too far and you do more damage than good.

day 58- knee shunting - pressing on - still problems with flex and rom
so today i have continued to go to the gym, but my knee has been shunting recently- i feel the knee cap forcing my knee and pcl ligament back and i have to keep catching myself, it's frustrating me but i just keep going otherwise, i just get more frustrated with my progress, i think as i had bleeding into the muscles post surgery into my thigh calf and shin maybe this might be why my progress is slow, i still have stopped at 82 degree rom and i just keep pushing myself to keep going, im still getting over flexion so going down hills is getting my leg over flexing so again my kneecap shunts and i have to control it myself, so i am hoping in the next 6 weeks i will build up a lot more muscle by that point, and in hope that will speed my rom up

day 59- pain in new ligament - positive vibes in the gym - knee over flexed on stairs and fell down
so went to the gym the support has been amazing from the pt's in the gym giving me advice on how to get my leg better given me extra things to do, but i have been noticing that the new ligament graft the pain is very uncomfortable maybe that is because i'm working so hard on it, so today i was walking down the stairs my knee shunted again and i fell down the stairs, the pain was crazy but there is no point in getting it checked by my gp because your treated like a leopar because none of them know what is mpfl surgery...

i havent lost any flexion which is a good sign and i can still raise my leg i will see my physio in a weeks time i will get her to check it,

Day 60- Swollen knee- keep pushing - anything you want is on the other side of fear.....
so after the fall my knee is swollen... so i have been icing it to stop the swelling.... i still went to the gym on it call me crazy, or determined but my frustration i put into my sport or into the gym to get me going and i keep going because for me failure is not an option i want to keep going and stride to get where i want to be in november... fear will ever stop me one thing i have learned is with mpfl surgery you dont know till you try and with the lack of research on mpfl surgery... is very hard to know what works......

day 61- hope -faith - feeling stronger
so i feel a lot stronger - but  hope and determination has get me going the fire sensation, the sharp pains the swelling,
the stiffness,
the frustration,
the hyper extension,
the sharp extreme pains  .......only me as a person can deal with it,

 a doctor can never understand the full context of an mpfl surgery, you have to strive and have the determination to overcome the barriers which you reach with mpfl surgery turn the negatives into a positive and just reach for it everything is trail and error in life, the same with this surgery, everything you want is on the other side of fear and you will never get to it unless you don't try..........
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Post by: lucha86 on July 19, 2014, 09:28:24 PM
Day. 62- meditate meditate!! - burning sensation getting worse- rom down to 79 - still twice a day in the gym

So I'm finding this burning sensation in my knee is just annoying me- I meditate to get rid of the pain or just distract myself I just feel that my knee cap wants to rip out of my knee
And the anchor position in the femur is sore.... But still refuse to take painkillers I would rather work with it than against it........

My rom has decreased to 79 which is probably after the fall I had so it should go back up my extension is great no lag my quad is firing...... I'm doing 7 machines in the gym twice a day working on the legs to build up the muscles my abductors is back to normal as the weight I use to lift on it....... My quads are lifting the weight on the leg press but have poor flex ion... Don't care as long ad it works them........

However word of advice the inner muscles of your leg the medial side where the sutures are it's hard to operate this weight machine as it causes this area to be tender so make sure you put a small jacket or towel to cushion that side of the knee when you are on this weight machine.........or ask the surgeon to do a hole in a different area which is impossible probably lol...........

Day 63- stiff - leg says no more - nice leg massage - can't sleep so sleep with leg up..........
So after going to the gym a lot my leg got really stiff..... Couldn't stand after getting out of bed- so I tried to get up and go to the gym and my leg overextended and gave out... And the fire sensation came back to haunt me so I decided to contact me wrestling physio who met up with me and gave me a sports massage on the leg to relax the leg.... My calf and shin and quad were tight.... So after that night I tried to sleep I could the fire sensation kept me awake so I decided to put my leg up and sleep that way which seemed to help it :)

Day 64- frustration of rom!! - great gym comments - keep pushing -
I am fed up with rom today it's annoying when your doing your best and everything else has worked from the extension to building strength in muscle but rom is standing still!! But today as I wear shorts at the gym some people commented on how far I have come struggling into the gym on 2 crutches to one crutch then to none and how much weight I have lost..... So that was positive to see people are even watching me and egging me on..... I keep pushing myself everyday
I refuse to let this beat me frustration gives me determination and determination gives me hope ........

Day 65-stiff again..... Time to relax it....
My leg was stiff again so I decided to take a break from the gym and go walking for 8 hours instead   

Day 66- still got swollen knee- fire sensation again!! - time to burn weights...........
So my knee is still swollen which I expect it to be with the amount of rehab and training I'm doing on it today my kneecap really wanted to explode the fire sensation was terrible but I iced it anyway to relax it...... So today I burned some weights at the gym to release my frustration.......
I don't know how some surgeons  can say this will be easy pfffff

Day 67 review is mpfl reconstruction a good option...."...........????
So for me it has stopped my dislocations yes so it is good, as an athlete you can't have a knee that keeps dislocating in the middle of a match it is just no viable or safe for you and the others around you......

I think if your an athlete min 6-10 months to get on track to your sport...........for me if I knew about more of the complications and the recovery aspect I would have been more prepared for it..........I have had some serious complications.... Which I didn't expect to have sometimes your body reacts in unexpected ways.....

Always get clarity from doctors and surgeons...... Ask for straight answers no maybes a straight answer.... As this surgery has limited research there is little information on mpfl reconstruction...... Research as well get all the information you can.........

Exhaust every physio before you have ligament surgery, because then it's a last resort... Because it takes time to get back to normal .......not days ..... Months!!!

Mpfl surgery so far for me has been complex but it has stopped the dislocations and made it more stable even with lack of rom....

I just hope any doctors or surgeons reading this who do mpfl surgery must realise that they have to be upfront and honest and have more clarity on this form of surgery as there is so little for the patient to find on it but also sometimes this type of surgery is hard to get your full rom back so you have to explain that and allow us to ask the questions that we need to ask because it is a case of trail and error until more research is done on this surgery
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End of week 9 what have I learnt- in very sarcastic form because it's the only way I can let out my frustration :)))
- take a towel to put between your leg and gym equipment to protect the suture area and give more comfort for your leg.....otherwise it will hurt

- fire sensations are pure strange you feel like your knee is one fire and your knee cap just wants to explode put ice on it........

- swelling ice ice baby ice!!

- after some doctors  not having a clue ....... Just do what you think is best with your physios because yo be honest doctors and surgerons will never see your pain, torture and progress and physios see all of this....generally as soon as your surgeon has fixed it in the nhs that's it you see registrars or standard doctor who really dont understand what this surgery is and you have you explain it to them because they have no idea....... So that's why I'm saying trust your physio more..........

- rom - just keeping pushing just do your best...... If you have done your best and worked with great physios then you still haven't improved go back yo your surgeon for clarification.........

- distraction is key ......... whenever my knee is having a bad day my iPod is my saviour listen to it in the gym, walking, walking up hills .........

- what pains so far have I had after 9 weeks let's list them for any doctors actually reading this!
- nerve pain when it shoots right down your foot at the least expected time
- fire sensation- when you just want to rip your kneecap out of your knee because it feels do hot
- knee cap tendons dull pain,- probably due to atrophy .and also fire sensation in this part
-stabbing dagger pains- probably due to nerves bring cut and now healing....
-throbbing - in the whole knee but after major complex surgery to be expected
- swollen tight shin and calf  do hard I could punch it ...and not feel it a few times a week due to surgery apparently......
- sutures in knee I have felt....... P,s I'm no doctor lol

How have I dealt with these pain ice ice baby and a nice iPod with 2500 songs!! :))

feeling very sarcastic tonight in my tone as is have got the annoying fire sensation in my knee again keep pushing myself physio thinks I'm doing too much but I'm trying to prove a point to a certain doctor! That doing three hours of gym workout / rehab on top of the physio lessons, swimming and walking for miles, and my range of movement isn't there it isn't my problem because I've done my best everyday .......even my gym trainer of 12 years expire fence and wrestling physio of 20 years experience  who rehabs people with mcl,acl and mpfl reconstruction...think  this ligament is too tight !!

Time will tell!!  I will keep at everything I'm doing because I'm so determined and frustrated with my rom I want 90 degrees!!!
I can do
- straight leg raises or extensions no lag
- can lift 140kg on my quads and hamstrings with terrible rom because my knee shunts
- abuctors can lift 70kg the most the machine can go
- i walk up the stairs ok ish coming down stairs I have fallen down them three times this week!! Because my kneecap shunts! And I went flying! Like Mary poppins!
- abut I can't heel kick my bum because it's way too tight and shunts....My rom Now is 81 again 
So I have to try other techniques to be able to get a heel kick to my gluteus or I won't be  flying out  of a ring .I will be carried out of the ring lol .....

sarcastic Rant over feel better lol :))
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day 68- more gym - burn baby burn- trying to control swelling ::)
as we all know we are the only people that can do it, everything is on the other side of fear, i ahve been going to the gym twice a day having a PT each day to keep on top of me she measured me and i went back up to 82 degrees which is great =) my knee is still burning, but have to accept it with the amount of nerves broken, healing process, but the swelling is becoming an issue maybe i am doing too much but i refuse to take any painkillers i just use the cryo cuff icer which is an amazing machine to control the swelling...

day 69- wrestling physio- kneading and more kneading-anthrofibrosis- compact syndrome
so i have a wrestling physio who had been working on kneading my leg, massaging it and manipulating it to keep the muscles from getting tight, and doing kneading techniques with the reebok rollers as through his research with another professor have been doing is that athletes have a higher risk of over scarring as their bodies can go into shock and suffer from things like compartment syndrome and athrofibrosis so they have been working on making sure my muscles are not tight and as soft as possible and to make sure any scar tissue is broken up as this can effect ROM ( range of movement) the treatment they have been giving me seems to be working as im getting less tightness and stiffness in my calf shin and quad.......

day 70- burning screw sensation - tender new ligaments- rom  (range of movement) now 84
so today i am still getting the burning sensation but i feel it in the screws or anchor positions as well as in my knee so icing it a lot recently, getting the new mpfl feeling tender and a bit sharp pains to be expected really when i am working it out like crazy and my Rom has increased by two degrees yey!! 

day 71- really stiff when sitting for long periods- burning knee again with scars.......
so i find when i sit for long periods my knee is very still and my walking is terrible for about 10 minutes i feel like an OAP LOL, but i get it moving the physio told me this is normal up to 8 months!! because of everything healing and the stretching of the ligament.... and the trauma caused by the surgery..... im still getting the burning sensation but just ignoring it now its annoying so i listen to music to distract me

day 72-dancing- fall down - swelling - force my knee to excercise-
so i had to go to a business event, so i decided yea i can dance but due to the pivoting motion of dancing while dancing with someone i slipped on water on the dance floor my knee over extended and i went flying oh great my knee started to swell so the porter boy took me back to the room and gave me some ice its ok swollen but i will get the physio to check it in two days time, i tried to excercise on it which made the swelling worse and some bruising came out so i decided rest was the best option.....

day 73 - rest no play -skype call- cant move- massage
so my boss came to check on me but i could'nt get out of bed my leg was just so stiff my calf and hin were very red and stiff  so i decided to call my wrestling physio for advice via skype so he suggested to get a lady from the spa to massage my leg to  relax it, which in event it did help a lot and i managed to get up walking and my rom felt better even the lady said my leg was really tight and stiff,

day 74- leg alot better- physio - yes welcome to the 90 club!!
so my leg felt lot looser the director of my company drove me back home in his car as there was more space in his posh car..for my stupid knee lol.... so he dropped me off at the hospital for my physio appointment my physio was suprised at how far i had come my rom had reached 91 degree !!! FINALLY!! no suprise when you consider 2 and half hours in the gym one hour swimming and one hour walking everyday on top of my normal job so nearly five hours of rehab per day....... so i was so happy to see i had reached it..........

day 75- Pt today- more fire pain- uncomfortable screw pain- im getting there
so im still having this fire pain and feeling the screws in my knee, but i just work with it rather than against it you cant expect all surgery to come out 100% perfect everybody is different and react differently, its a slow frustrating progress but im getting there.......

day 76- cant sleep knee uncomfortable-now can turn on bike yey!!
so i have been having problems sleeping my knee isnt liking certain positions it burns so much so i have been just working with it rather than against it.... but today i managed to turn the pedals on the bike which gave me an amazing determination so im feeling very happy today!!

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Day 77- now in 100 club - happy - still got siffness in knee
So today I hit 100 rom which was great news I'm feeling a lot happier I still suffer from stiffness when sitting for long periods and when I get up in the morning........ But I'm happy considering I am an athlete and the complications I have had have been frustrating at times from the mpfl then to an MUA then to celaxne which I now currently never want to see again for anyone who doesn't know what celaxne is it us a drug they inject into your stomach post surgery to stop risk of DVt I had over 80 of them I'm glad I have no more because your stomach can get bruised
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Day 78 - can't sleep again- my personal trainer is evil - body shock
So had problems sleeping again the ligament just felt uncomfortable in certain position and sharp pains........ So my wrestling physio contacted me to ask my personal trainer to be pure evil with me in the next 4 weeks and work everything out intense to shock my body , the shock system has been working so far so I told my pt .... I am not kidding by the end of the session in the gym I was on the floor my knee was fine she told me I had burnt 1200 calories in that one session, and considering I was really fit before the surgery it's amazing how my body reacted badly to as we say failure is not an option so I got up and kept going and my body felt shocked but happy, my knee was a little week to be expected.........

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Day 79 knee picture mpfl reconstruction
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reflecting over mpfl reconstruction
during the whole process i have been taking pictures to show how far i have come and to show how mpfl surgery can effect any part of the limb.....
this picture was taken 3 weeks post surgery of my foot, as you can tell its very swollen and is retaining alot of liquid, luckily enough even though the surgeon cancelled on me till week 5-6 i managed to get some help with my foot, the hardest thing for me was to walk on it as it was so tight... now they are very flat feet no swelling compared to this picture this whole swelling did not stop at my foot it stopped at my calf and shin and knee joint as well, the surgeon finally agreed with me that there was some bleeding from some point causing all of the swelling in the lower limb.......  the benefits are the surgery has given more stabilty but you have to be aware is that every surgery has its risk of complications so be aware of them.......

complication i have had
- excess swelling/bleeding/fluid retention in calf, foot and shin and knee joint
- DVT risk
- Nerve pain

One thing i have learnt is that if you are active it is a frustrating surgery sometimes you feel banging your head against a brick wall will make you feel better..... but my suggestion is keep going... because in life there is no pain no gain theory and its very true in this procedure... i am now on track to getting onto my first match in December which will be nearly 6 months post surgery in December......

Another thing i will say is if your based in the uk get as much private rehab as possible as a boost to any nhs work as i understand they are stretched as a system and they do the best they can do but this surgery you need as much rehab as possible to get you moving as quick as possible or the stiffness will not help you later on, luckily enough i got 2 physios and a pt and now im starting to see benefits of having all 3 of them compared to other people i ahve met who have had the same surgery who are alot slower due to lack of physiotherapy
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Post by: OSVictim on July 28, 2014, 02:25:53 AM
Is a mpfl reconstruction the same thing as a lateral release reconstruction?
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Post by: KP84 on July 28, 2014, 01:30:31 PM
I'm almost 7 weeks post op and bending just over 100 degrees however I have constant pain in my knee if I sit with a 80-90 degree bend. Has anyone else had this problem? I can only sit a few minutes with it bent before it starts throbbing and I have to stretch it out. Sometimes that's not an option, like when I'm riding in the back seat of a car and have to wait until I get to the destination to stretch it out, it starts to get unbearable!

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Post by: lucha86 on July 28, 2014, 07:29:50 PM
Yes kp84 I know the feeling well sometimes I feel the new ligament is shunting my kneecap and if throbs I also have a office job on top of the wrestling and it kills I have it stand up and walk it off as it gets so stuff and sore... Up have been told by my physio this is normal as due to the trauma and site of mpfl reconstruction they have found it can be a complication but it's about stretching the new mpfl to lessen the throbbing/ pain  it's great to see your over 100 degrees :)))

Os victim I found this it is a different surgery
Lateral release is best for patient with excessive patellar tilt. When the lateral retinaculum is too tight, it can act as a tether to the kneecap. A lateral release is a procedure performed to cut through this tight retinaculum, and allow the kneecap to sit properly within its groove.
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Day 80- knee down to 95 degrees pff! Knee cracking - still gyming it
So today my knee has started cracking noises and it's annoying me the worst part was going for a meeting with a VIP and my knee overextended cracked sound and went straight down, so not a good look it has been cracking 8 times today - I am still going to the gym my pt us now giving me more excercises to work my 4 main quad muscles as my hamstring and abductors are back to normal as in weights and strength being used........

Day 81- frustration - still 95 - cracking and fire ...... - fighting the pain
So as we all know mofl is a frustrating surgery my knee has been pretty bad today cracking a lot shunting and the fire sensation and I feel complete burning in my knee cap I was near the point of taking painkillers today but I used arnica gel instead it seemed to relieve it and it is a alternative therapy from natural plants...... Because as an athlete I want to be aware of everything I feel in my body.... Sometimes it's hard to know what is a good sensation or a bad sensation... But if my body doesn't like it I know it will stop....

Day 82- 2 physios and pt= intense , fire sensations cracking shunt sensation still there
So having the two physios and pt is intense my leg feels more awake and tired than it has ever felt before I got to the gym at 4.45 am for 1 hour 30 minutes then from 5pm for two hours then for a swim and I fit in my physios in between all of I suppose you could say I'm overworking it but I need to get back to matches...... I would rather do more than less my 2 physios said I should gave a rest day tomorrow..... I still have the fire sensation and cracking sensation in my knee  it gets worse when I'm in the office and my knee is bent.................especially shunting of the knee .......

Day 83- hope- rested it - knee not happy
So I decided to rest my knee found my knee felt a lot worse by resting it so went back to the gym to work it out and there was less stiffness ...... So by resting the knee if feels stiffer so I had to knead it again with the rollers...... And go on the zobu ball to strengthen the quads............for me I feel the stiffness is the worst part because you have to get it moving..... No pain no gain as they say and the difference between the impossible and possible lies in a persons determination.... That's why I refuse yo stop at the gym because I'm so determined and stubborn to see this through.........a knee will never beat me!!
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Post by: lucha86 on July 29, 2014, 10:24:55 PM
Day 84-bosu - Swiss ball - trx - kneading rolls  - to help knee
So today have been doing a lot of work using the trx Swiss ball bosu ball at the gym to work on balance and building up muscle strength in the quads and thigh area -
The kneading is at the end to stretch out the muscule groups and to get rude of any scar tissue- so my knee has been very stiff today to be expecting when I am torturing it..... I go back to the hospital in just over a week so fingers crossed they will be happy with my progress........... Because I am but sometimes doctors have other ideas lol  if over three hours of intense training isn't good enough on top of physio per day and swimming then I don't know what is lol
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Day 85 knee mpfl surgery picture
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Post by: lucha86 on July 30, 2014, 06:11:20 PM
Day86- yes I lifted 75 kilogram man !! -still got clicking fire sensation -
So today in the gym felt so happy managed to lift 85 kilos, I still have the clicking and fire sensation which us rather annoying but I just keep going I do 3 hours in the gym each day still I'm so happy I managed to lift 75 kilos as it means I still have another 4 months till my surgeon assesses me ....... My quad is doing well so it's starting to come together now as now I know I can lift 85 kilos and my knee didn't give way .....

Day 87- fire/ clucking sensation - sore scars - arnica gel
So today I still had those two sensations....... My scars were feeling sore so I decided  to use arnica gel on my knee again and it worked so I also iced it and my knee has improved  so that is a good sign.......
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Post by: lucha86 on July 30, 2014, 10:05:30 PM
End of week 11 what have learned in a sarcastic tone lol...... :-*
1) quadricep graphs for mpfl are less tight feeling and more equal to the natural mpfl compared to my hamstring mpfl reconstruction which, I'm just going to have to get use to and stretch it out
I found from research in Brazil and Germany  ....

2) anytime knee keeps clicking it fire sensation or shunting I keep using the bosu, Swiss ball, and kneading
Techniques and trx squats get rid of the sensation

3) arnica gel/ wax does really help on the knee when it's bad

4)  new patellar pain / patella tendon is interesting makes my leg jerk randomly lol , well as patients we probably know more about what feels right if wrong...
Cannot be bothered to ask a doctor they know just as much as we do or they sit there and just smile
And say it's normal you ask why and they just smile!

5) invest in good physios the amount of progress I'm seeing is incredible now

6) I've seen enough doctors to last me 5 years lol

7) some doctors need to understand they don't know everything... The body is too complicated to
Understand and everyone is unique... P.s a smile goes a long way doctors of reassuring patients rather
Than acting like your having a bad day and taking it out on patients........rather than look miserable it takes
More muscles to frown than to smile :)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 31, 2014, 09:17:19 PM
Frustrations I'm feeling in a sarcastic tone!!!

My knee has cracked over 20 times today and for the past week and even my work colleagues have heard it!!! Four times when it cracked I lost my balance..... Frustration is not the word!!!!!

My knee feels like it wants to burst open on fire....... And has felt like that for 3 weeks!!! Today has been bad.....

Ever time I sit at a desk I can't sit for no longer than one hour and a half because the stiffness and pressure in the joint us too much. And I walk  like herr flick  from the series allo allo until, it gets moving again pfff......!!!

I'm going to the gym over 3 hours a day to rehab it with a special pt and swimming and relaxing it I'm just so frustrated right now !!!

My knee is not wanting to behave lol !!!!!!

But one positive is the weights on my leg are increasing very well, doing squats lunges and trx, bosu to help strengthen the leg but I'm thinking of giving my leg a rest tomorrow or take a painkiller but I font really want to take any painkillers!!!
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 02, 2014, 10:38:15 AM
Day 88- yes I rode a bike!!! - knee gone up 10kg on weights- finally seeing progress - still fire sensation and cracking

So today I managed to rude a bike my knee went round it was so emotional I'm so happy to be on a bike again!!!! Yey!!!! My weights in the gym have also increased by 10 kg which is great news.... I still have the fire sensation and cracking popping house but now I'm just ignoring it because I don't know anymore what us a good thing or bad thing as in sensation... I'm finally happy to be seeing the progress I'm making...... And so is my pt she's amazed and how quickly my body has been shocked back into activities today is a good  day :))))
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 03, 2014, 05:13:07 PM
Day 89- sharp pains burning sensations - legs on wall - not much sleep
So today suffered big time from sharp pains dagger style in my knee and in my shin at certain points I felt my knee just wanted to explode with fire and my leg would randomly jolt!!!   so kept icing it was fighting with taking a painkiller but I didn't... Had to sleep with my legs up on the wall and the pain would stop but because of this I didn't sleep that well......

Day 90
- back to gym - more zobu workouts lunges trx lunges squats pivoting workouts-
So today back in the gym doing every single leg excercises that is known to man two and a half hours of excercises , my knee felt ok ish today I was more in control of the pain after icing .
So today my leg still burning but just ignoring it....... And abit swollen icing again.... The question to ask is how much is too much?? Because doctors don't give you a straight answer so your left to work it out by yourself when you don't know what's a good sensation or bad sensation quite amusing really lol so if you screw it up then it's trail and error with this surgery
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Post by: lucha86 on August 03, 2014, 08:51:12 PM
Knee 12 weeks post mpfl surgery
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 05, 2014, 07:34:20 PM
Day 91 still sleeping with legs up wall- now skipping- training muscles - throbbing pain burning and clicking
Well still sleeping with my legs on the wall which is not the best position but it stops my leg knee from throbbing and the fire sensation...... I can now skip which excites me I'm training every single leg muscle twice a day on poverty weight machine and I have noticed even in two weeks my muscles are coming back really quick.......even my pt is impressed maybe this shock therapy my wrestling physio has done.....

Is working because as an athlete we run on a lot of adrenaline etc so by shocking the body again post surgery it is getting the muscles to remember everything again.... For me the whole process has worked very quickly including the kneading techniques for people with over scarring and I'm coming on leaps and bounds......

But one thing that is annoying me is the throbbing burning and clicking I can even feel my knee pulsate sometimes and it's annoying me hopefully after 16 weeks post op this will disappear ! :))
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 06, 2014, 08:48:56 PM
Post 12 weeks review -------- in sarcastic funny tone

Still stiff getting out of bed and sitting for more than two hurs even an OAP can walk quicker than me... That is the most frustrating part it takes a good 20-25 minutes to walk normally........

I can just about run like a person who really needs the toilet.......

The person who designed this surgery of mpfl reconstruction never thought of how the side sutures really don't help as if you look at every weight machine in my gym  they will use those areas where the sutures are based well done boys! Lol !! ;)

PAin- the next till so done offers me a painkiller I will scream! Dear doctors all we want is assurance at this point that all the cracking burning, and tingly and rubbing sensations are NORMAL I don't want to be drugged up thanks I can deal with the pain in my own way....... I don't want to be as high as a kite! Lol

Burn sensation are just plain weird!!!

I don't expect my knee to crack in front of a board of directors and they all hear it it don't look good  they asked us it normal I relied oh just ripped my hamstring out drilled holes into my femur and kneecap then bolted in the knee ligaments with screws that's about it really.... Never seen A bunch of directors go so quiet and white! Lol

Everything else I'm doing all bikes rowing machine stepper, skipping but had a big of a stupid moment a swinging dumbbell went straight into my bad knee lesson learnt don't get distracted .............even with good looking men around it will make you look bad lol

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Post by: lucha86 on August 07, 2014, 09:06:14 PM
Day92- knee swollen - still going - pt training best thing I've ever done.....
So after swinging my dumbbell into my knee by accident it's swollen but I'm still going
Pain I am just meditating through it...... It's hard but you have it keep going  and learn that you will never know till you try....... The personal trainer has done more for me than the physio has I have managed to get a lot more movement back with her help........
My knee still is cracking a lot and still have the burning sensation but I suppose you have to accept with all surgery there is complications and nothing can be 100% perfect you just have to adapt to it.......
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Post by: lucha86 on August 08, 2014, 05:59:12 PM
Day 93 - doctor number  123456789... - hyper extension of knees - cracking knees - back to surgeon I go!! Pff!

So today I had an orthopaedic consult with a doctor, he was very nice and sarcastic with a nice sense of humour.. finally a doctor that actually smiles and is happy and  got trained by my surgeon a nice one compared to the other ones I have seen lost count of them now.... I even see to him in a sarcastic funny tone, your smiling are you ok do you have a fever? he started laughing and i explained to him he was the first doctor i saw with a smile and for him to keep smiling.. he laughed... he said your going to be a very sarcastic patient i am sarcastic too..So he started reading out my notes.. so your surgeon has said you have had a stormy recovery this is interesting so....... you have had an MPFL, DVT risk, stiffness, swelling and an MUA... then i said sarcastically yey everything is so positive especially as i am an athlete with a time restriction ,  at least i can walk, he started laughing.....

So in the room my knee started cracking was not amused so he asked me to walk and it cracked again and he said was that your knee I was like ooh yes!  Then I showed how I cannot kick my bum. I can barley get my foot behind below my calf/ my knee which probably is normal as he has ripped out my hamstrings... then he sat me down and tried to get my flex back he said oh 90-95 degrees ok ..... a small silence then he went back to the notes
And today to add insult to injury he told me I have hyper extension of both knees oh joy my physio have already told me that! Lol .....
I then said i have a wrestling match for children with cancer in December and he said oh like the American wrestling in which i replied oh yea just lifting 110kg men above your head and throwing them out of the ring like you do my personal trainer laughed  and he dropped his pen and then he said your a crazy girl but i would'nt want to piss you off.....
then he kept saying i dont want to annoy her... which meant to me something was wrong and i asked him... no reply....

I said I needed to go back to wrestle in December he told me he wanted me to see the surgeon in another 6 weeks before I have my knee assessment in October/November WITH the surgeon .... Well now I have more questions for my  surgeon, and considering this doctor said he didn't want to  upset me and forcing me to go back to the surgeon is making me think something is wrong, i can understand why he would be scared of upsetting me from the fact my notes say i wrestle and i lift a lot of weight no wonder he is scared of telling me any bad news its like pass the buck lol

I then told him how I felt that sometimes my knee will just stop and say no! I dunno it's just like a bad nerve twitch and you just can't do it.. Your knee just refuses or the pain is a burning nerve style pain and just stops you in its track it's so hard to describe.... He then said this us a form of bio feedback he said that is a good sign to stop he said done athletes can feel this as they are more hypersensitive to their body movements and aware... And he told me if I get it just stop it as it's valid what the body is saying

I hope the surgeon will allow me to wrestle in November I'm just getting frustrated now I'm doing everything in the gym now  running, lunges and squats are perfect every day i do those, lunges/WALKS with dumbells everyday i do those ...............
 frustrated lol just want to wrestle
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Post by: lucha86 on August 09, 2014, 02:08:14 PM
Day 94- teaching myself to sprint again - burning sensation - there always hope....
So been training my leg to try to sprint again on the running machine for the last 10 days  but it's frustrating as because I'm still missing rom I'm finding it hard to get the movement so I hit taught some new ideas on how to get running again by holding onto the sides of the running machine so then I have support for my knee if anything happens...
I still have the burning sensation inside my knee which the doctor confirmed yesterday was the nerves and the repairing of the cut nerves.........
So I keep pushing  myself even though the doctor told me not too but hey hoh everyone is different each person is unique and I am hopeful I will get it done in my own way asan athlete because that s what my body is use to doing........
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 09, 2014, 02:17:59 PM
Knee post 94 days mpfl reconstruction
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 10, 2014, 01:13:43 PM
Day 95- yes I'm running!!! - still got burning pain and cracking sounds
So today I am happy to say I ran for 20 minutes my rom was rubbish but I'm exstatic my knee didn't give way or hyperextend it was such an amazing feeling I'm over the moon and some personal trainers saw me and came over it congratulate me it was such a great feeling by put they all did not my range of movement sucked by up still managed to run :)))))))))
I still have the burning nerve sensations in my knee....... And the cracking noises but to be honest I really don't care anymore I'm just so happy I ran :))))))))

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 10, 2014, 08:27:46 PM
A quick review of my MPFL reconstruction----- findings

MPFL surgery/ reconstruction has been i suppose as my surgeon describe it "stormy" it has had its trails and tribulations....

1)Knowledge of the procedure
For me the frustration from lack of knowledge and information has been the biggest part..As a patient should we be explaining to a doctor of 20 years experience our surgeries, considering this surgery is classed as complicated..

We should be able to go to a doctor for help without being treated like a leopar because they are unaware of what a mpfl procedure is for me the only way for this to stop would be the notes being clear and concise on rare/ complicated surgeries so then a patient an feel at ease when going to a doctor then the doctor is clear and concise in the knowledge of what we have done.... rather than having to ask every doctor do you know what mpfl surgery is?? Sometimes i have even went to a gp with a paper of what is MPFL surgery so it saves me explaining it......

2) Research all you can, but only you can find the way to get through it
find out as much research as you can before having this surgery, diaries are good to read but i'm must say that everyone is different and everyone finds there own way to get through this surgery there is not  a lot of research available for post surgery... but i have found through trail and error what works and what doesn't.... trusting your instinct and listening to your body is the best advice i can give it will tell you what works and what doesn't

3) Pain
 the first 4 weeks are the most painful, the first two weeks you are generally drugged up. but for me i found after week 5 -6 the pain was easy to handle, but for me i found that doctors just tried to drug me up when i said i thought something didn't feel right for me i tried to get off the medications as soon as possible so then i am aware of what my body was trying to tell me so i could work with it rather than against will get easier have hope and faith

4) doctors
- to BE HONEST my surgeon and his ex registrar were great with me answered every single question i had and gave me an answer made me feel content and they both had a great sarcastic sort of funny attitude... the other doctors i had were more frustrating for me......

the doctor who did my MUA- A SMILE can make a patient more content than a frown, i felt a bit nervous having surgery with you, but i have been brought up to have hope and faith, i know you doctors are under pressure to perform, but for me a smile can make a patient at ease, rather than frown and be unhappy maybe you had a bad day i don't know, but i still brought you chocolate to say thank you as you eased my pain and gave me one smile......i always got brought up to always say thank you when someone has helped you

The doctor who saw me after the MUA- you started staring at me for quite a long time for some unknown reason  i know i was wearing make up that day as i had to go to a meeting but i would like to know who you are and you to ask a basic question like hello, good morning.... how are you feeling- rather staring at me and saying you liked my bag, p.s dont tell a patient a surgery they have had which they haven't had and that it will be a long time that doesnt help an athlete .... think first will go a lot longer... i know your under pressure but a second to think and check things will make a greater difference in the world and within a patient being content.

The doctors at the fracture clinic who said normal/long time - i currently hate the adjectives normal and long time, give us a valid answer we are all not stupid say that is because of nerves or that is because of the graft then at least we know why it is normal. As an athlete a surgery is more frustrating for us , because we have time scales to get back to fitness, i cannot go back to my promoter and say a long time otherwise he would be marching back to my surgeon asking serious questions

so what have you learnt from this doctors, clarity of answers, honesty, manners and to smile they are very small things that can help a patient but they do go along way to make a patient feel content than a frustrated patient. I will never give the names of the doctors or even my surgeon as i feel every doctor needs their confidentiality we can learn something from this, and as human beings we all make mistakes and we all learn from them we are all not perfect..........

5) have hope, faith, positivity
you will find the first four weeks are the hardest yes, you will get frustrated you will get emotional you will have a lot of pain, but how you react to it and how determined you are to achieve success after this surgery is all down to the individual all a doctor can do is fix and advise... but you are the one that has to put the hard work in... There are time where you will feel progress might seem slow but i assure you that no matter the complications no matter the pain things no matter the obstacles things will get better.....have hope and faith in yourself...
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 12, 2014, 06:50:39 AM
Day 96- still running skipping cycling and cross training..... Burning sensations and cracking - knowing when to stop.....
I'm still running cycling and cross training it feels so great to be active again normality is back! I still have the burning sensations I still find sitting down for over two hours kills my knee..... I get very stiff joint  and it takes time to get it going...... When I am training sometimes it's hard to know what is a pain uh can carrying on with or what us a pain you should stop with...... So for me how am I suppose to know what us normal when my knee freezes and just stops I can't do anymore I gave to stop but then the sharp Pain through the new tendons which are hard to describe I'm still trying to assess if it's good ti carry on with it or not.......
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 12, 2014, 08:32:12 PM
Day 97- what the #%#% - keep going -
So today I was sitting at my desk at my second job when all of a sudden my knee just went mental! The pain was terrible very sharp pains.. I couldn't control it at all mentally it Was making my leg jolt... Then my kneecap felt like it was being shoved into the back of me knee ... It actually made my cry it was that strong....... Then I felt the screws felt like they were burning......and my boss had to give me 20 minutes to recover.... Because the pains would not stop

Luckily enough a mate had dome tablets so I had you give in and take them because the pain was mental! I don't know what was going on but my knee just froze with pain...... My knee and calf have swollen up....

So I decided to how swimming today..... So then that way I could excercise my whole body without putting pressure on the knee I suppose you have to keep going but you have to work with the knee sometimes rather than against it.......

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 13, 2014, 07:39:30 PM
Day-98 - sharp and burning pains - keep pushing - what do we know is right??- interesting about hardware
So the leg has been frustrating me very sharp pains and burning pains which probably is nerve pain and us to be expected in this surgery.....
I keep pushing myself in the gym I'm finding using weights  to build the quad twice a day is working a lot  I'm using the stepper, cross trainer and running to try to get the flex by rom got measured today it went down yo 92 degrees........
For me I will say do what is comfortable for you find things that work for your legs because they all react differently I found by trying a lot of things I get more movement as it pivoting because
I also found out today from a sports therapist...... That the hardware they use in knee ligament surgery can effect flexion..,,,.. Wth????? Why wasn't I told this???? I mean I fly out of rings for a living flexion you always need .....then the sports therapist went on to explain to me are they keeping the hardware in or taking it out I said I didn't know then he told me well you need yo know as it can effect your rehab /physio
Now I'm .........................
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 14, 2014, 01:11:38 PM
Day99- still running - flexion is frustrating - gym is my life right now-
So I'm still running daily now can run for like 20-25 minutes depending how my knee is....... The gym is my life I go twice a day for a total of three hours per day... I have noticed me weight us dropping dramatically can't composing lol.........

One thing that is frustrating me is flexion!!! I can't even flex my leg back to touch my backside....... I can just move it slightly bend the my whole knee shunts! And starts moving as I'm trying to get it to kick back but it won't move back... I'm doing all the physio excercises but still having problems with rom......
I'm still at 92 degrees but it's frustrating especially when your an athlete and your leg won't do what you tell it to do lol

But the positives are I am running now with poor rom but i dont care lol walking fine now no limp can do lunges a certain level of squats  I'm on every single machine now which feels good
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 14, 2014, 07:52:40 PM
Day 100- milestone review of the good and the bad
So here gropes in a nice sarcastic tone :)))
- stable, no dislocations, I'm running on the cross trainer, rower with bad rom and bike but thank goodness no crutches!!! I feel like crutches you swing in them like a crazy baboon monkey on heat lol

Hyperextension, rom frustration especially with flexion, stiffness sitting down and getting out of bed, cracking popping, burning pains which I expect will get better fingers crossed :))) MUA, DVt, compartment syndrome

Yes so the surgery is worth the pain torture and frustration but it isn't an easy one to get through it's a long winder.........even though I had the mpfl then had a DVt deep vein thrombosis scare which now my wrestling physio thinks was compartment syndrome then having a MUA  because of the swollen leg blistered leg, swollen calf and a balloon of a foot  and stiffness where the doctor basically grabs your leg and cracks it back to get the scarring broken up and then have celaxne injections over 80 of them in my stomach and I'm just over 12 weeks and I am running now I'm quite impressed considering I've had so many complications as an athlete in this surgery I'm impressed with my progress :))))
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Post by: lucha86 on August 15, 2014, 07:24:53 PM
Day 1o1- bosu bounces- one leg stands/ jumps - stairs now not a problem - frustration tantrum with knee and pt

So today went great did all the bosu leg stabilisers today to get it stronger, jumping from one side to another I can now do one leg jumps, have been doing these for two weeks now the stairs are getting easy now I'm beating my personal trainer up them......

Then today at the end of the lesson my knee just froze I don't know what happened, then I had a nerve shoot all the way down my foot........ It forced my down then I had a mini frustration moment and my to said tomorrow you rest you don't come here you can't keep pushing your knee it's forced you to stop so listen to it you have fine well but you need to remember we all need rest......

Maybe it's time to take a day off considering for the past three weeks I gave been going to the gym twice a day and swimming too......

But I'm very happy with my progress I'm getting there :))) just need a bit more flexion :)
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Post by: lucha86 on August 16, 2014, 05:26:47 PM
Day 102 - cryocuff day - nerve burn baby burn pain -
So decided stupidly to go to the gym knee was more swollen so I decided to come home and watch Bridget jones diary while having the sensation of my knee wanting to burst open with shoots of pain down to my foot of nerve pain so used the cryocuff to ease the swelling of my knee......

Lesson learnt - don't push your knee stop when it wants to stop

Still having problems with flexion hopefully it will come soon .... But no dislocations to date which s a positive thing
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Post by: lucha86 on August 17, 2014, 10:30:52 AM
Weekly review - in a sarcastic tone lol
Gym-gym-gym is all I can say, it shows how much I'm going to the gym when my personal trainer who is the general manager of the gym got a warning about my pin for the gym as they were classing me as an over excessive user or a pin being used by several people my trainer laughed and replied back to them yes that she does have a crazy client who she is training using the gym twice a day everyday for more than two hours at a time lol
The knee this week had been playing up with nerve pains shooting down my foot burning sensations cracking popping and swelling on the new graph and inside my knee but I suspect that will happen considering the new graft is an old hamstring and is having to adjust pulling my kneecap into weird positions it's not use to doing and also because I suppose inside is still healing even after 12 weeks , let's be honest here no knee will be 100% after knee surgery it will just be more secure but will have its issues........
I must admit in a rather serious tone that it is down to ones own individual determination to see results ... I have had a lot of help from two physios and a
Personal trainer so I feel I'm seeing results a lot quicker....... And because I'm so stubborn generally I just do what my body can do and keep testing it to try new things and keep shocking it to get back to my sport quicker, I think even my physios say I'm too stubborn to listen......
I just explain to them that the difference between the impossible and possible is ones own determination.....
I'm happy to be running at 12 weeks considering the amount of complications I have had, with every surgery there are risk if complications, to be honest I went into the surgery thinking yea this will be quick and easy and my body had other ideas lol..........
But the only thing I'm missing is flexion which is annoying but considering I do have a hamstring graft I suspect it's rather tight
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Post by: lucha86 on August 18, 2014, 06:31:26 PM
day 102 hospital physio shocked - double edged sword- new sports therapist
so today had to see the hospital physio so i said to her yea i started running a few weeks back she asked did the doctor sign you off to run, i was like no i have seen so many different doctors that i just do what i want now if my body feels it can do it i will try it, if i cant i will stop.... so she was quite impressed to see me running up and down the hospital corridors so she thinks im ahead of myself now!! yeye¬¬¬
so found that i was doing all the machines fine which also shocked her and even she said she was belwidered to see how far i have come its been one of the quickest recoveries she has seen with complications and she is a senior physio which is great news! then just to drop a negative she went yea but you flexion is bad your at 95 degrees so you have went down you should be at around 125-130 now  .... i thought ooooh great!!! just hit me with a big negative after all the positives lol just only 40 degrees off she tried to stretch it but it shunted my knee cap and the pain in my new ligament was incredible so so decided to leave it to me to find my own way thank goodness!!

so i have added a sports massage therapist to my expanding team to help loosen up the quads and hamstrings in the hope of better flexion... and my knee has been seizing up with the work i have been throwing at it so fingers crossed

sometimes its a double edged sword with this surgery as you have to find a balance if you push your knee too far your knee will hate you for a few days if you do less then your leg wants to do more and you get frustrated as an athlete, so you have to understand more about this surgery before you push it.......
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: kcknee on August 18, 2014, 07:42:12 PM
Hi Lucha-

Have you tried Graston or Active Release Techniques (ART) therapies for around your knee? They are both extremely painful, but are great at releasing any scar tissue or adhesions that have attached to your muscles or nerves. It definitely sounds like you are experiencing some nerve issues.  Graston uses metal tools that the therapist grates into your leg to break up adhesions and for ART the therapist digs his thumbs in and pins a muscle and then stretches or has you stretch the muscle fibers away.

Wishing you the best.

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 18, 2014, 08:59:56 PM
hey kirstin ,
no i havent but i will look into it with my wrestling physio and sports massage therapist, the nerve pain is annoying as it shoots down the foot as well as the new ligament so i look into it thanks for the tip =)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 19, 2014, 08:04:03 PM
day 103-  unhappy knee, blinkin nerves! -  ::) - knee not wanting to flex back what so ever
so today did abit too much at the gym with the TRX MACHINE I THINK trying to get it to flex..... now its unhappy have pain going through the new mpfl as well as pain from my knee shooting down to my foot, i have been trying to flex it back over the recent days and the pain is immense and it shunts when i try to flex it back and then i get dagager pains through the new mpfl...... well time to  try the bosu again...........

Im beginning to get so frustrated with this bum heel kick whatever you wanna call it....... It was funny as the physio asked me how much flexion do you need to get back to wrestle i said all of it! she replied hmmmm...... we will see >:( which makes me even more frustrated and determined to get it going....
the question is how do you get a shunting knee with massive pains and dagger pains going through it even after doing yourself up on painkillers doesnt do it

its beginning to make me wonder having a wrestling physio hospital physio personal trainer and a sports massage therapist if it isnt me or if its the graft itself..... who know to be honest as long as i can run im happy im just fed up and frustrated right now..... and the worst part of this is that i cant get back into a ring untill the surgeon signs me off!!
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 19, 2014, 08:22:29 PM
14 weeks post of what  have i learned in a sarcastic funny tone

1) the difference between nerve pain and actual knee pain your knee jolt and feels like a dagger with nerve pain and it catches you off guard

2) stubbornness is not also the best form of action know when to stop

3) if you be really sarcastic to a doctor then you get the answers you want weird i know!

4) MPFL takes time every doctor will tell you the last doctor that told me that i said well done sherlock holmes i didnt even realise that...... i think every word like ok, normal, and long time should be banned by doctors with athletes and we should be given actual factual reasons,

5)MPFL ligament regrow nerves i suppose in the knee ligament because i feel it ! its like a saturday night fever in my knee!

6) rain showers with handle hold attachments great for the knee getting hit with water by both in the shower best relaxation ever.....

7) when a doctor says you can do more movement then there is a huge crack, massive pain i scream and my quad is shaking, im not doctor but i think doctor thats not normal and i havent got myself into lots of debt to learn that but you have

8)MPFL- you will be stiff for up to 6 months post surgery... so be prepared to feel like herr flick from the bbc series allo allo for a few months when sitting in a chair or lying in bed for long periods....

9) MPFL- no wonder they call it mpfl for short because it takes too long to pronounce it

10) MPFL in  four words
Mentality ----- mind over body
Perseverance ---- determination to succeed because its frustrating
Fuel - Fuel your body with the right things to succeed
Live- after you complete the first three stages of being drugged up and off the crutches and life is normal
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Post by: esm87 on August 20, 2014, 11:08:35 AM
Hi Lucha

How are you doing now? I've not been on here for a while and have just read your diary.

I had a hospital appointment yesterday with my surgeon, I've to get my second knee done in 9 weeks time! I'm still nervous but I just want to get it all over and done with.

I'm going to the gym and i'm still at physio too, i've found things have improved loads but theres still things I struggle with on a day to day basis. At least there's light at the end of the tunnel now!

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 20, 2014, 08:52:10 PM
Hey Emma glad to see your getting on ok... yes i agree there are some small things which are a struggle like stiffness for me is a problem when i sit down for too long or sleep are you getting your surgery done on the nhs?  keep going things will get better =))

day 104- first rehab sports massage AMAZING!! 1- running at 10.0 wohooo!!! -
so today has been a good day had my first sports rehab massage my leg feels amazing now! IM NOT KIDDING if you can invest in one you will feel the benefits of it....... in the morning i was running at the speed of 10.0 on the running machine my flex is rubbish but who cares i can run =)
i'm still getting a lot of sharp pain in the knee ligament and in the nerves and the burning is still there but my leg hasn't dislocated it has remained stable which is a positive thing..... knee tried to flex it again today but the pain was immense dagger pains to be honest i keep trying and its getting me frustrated lol
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Post by: lucha86 on August 21, 2014, 09:28:43 PM
Day 105 - beginning to see the light - still got burning / dagger pains- but not dislocations

So I'm beginning to see the light doing a 30 minute run twice a day and on a bike for an hour a day which I could never do an hour on the bike before the surgery.... My weights on my leg are getting stronger dramatically by what my personal trainer and wrestling physio is giving me ......

I still have the dagger pains in my new ligament sometimes I feel the bone rubbing I think but I can't complain really I haven't had any dislocations nothing is perfect in life it's hard because I don't want yo take any painkillers because I want to understand my knee more..........
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Post by: lucha86 on August 22, 2014, 07:41:15 PM
Day 106- MRI planned - fingers crossed -.still no flexion to heel change

So my promotor and insurance asked they wanted me to start training in December.... But I had to get an MRI to confirm everything was ok in my knee as my wrestling physio was treating me for over scarring and compartment syndrome...... So he suggested to my insurance company for me to get my knee an MRI before returning and have the surgeon check it over as well..... Then my promotor said oh yea you have to lift 75 kg or more in front of him to confirm your leg is stable for a match........

I'm sure my surgeon hates me by now lol so I wrote him a letter saying this information... I'm sure he thought it was a rather strange request....... but it comes with the territory as I said to him lol......

So I have to see him in next 5 weeks and have my MRI in that time.......

I'm still not getting the flex backwards I suppose I just have to accept either it will take time or it comes part and parcel of the surgery..... I still have dagger pains and burning and rubbing pains but I suppose they will last a while........
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Post by: lucha86 on August 23, 2014, 06:29:34 PM
my evaluation of how i have done..... day 107
- After and MPFL surgery and having an MUA surgery DVT risk... stiffness over scarring and part compartment syndrome which my wrestling physio has been helping me with.... i must admit i should be proud of my progress, and i'm coming out better.........

- running 75 days post surgery( 10 weeks)
- lifting 120kg on my legs post surgery ( 8 weeks-9weeks)
- running up stairs (post 8 weeks)
- skipping jumping, ( post 8 weeks)
- squats lunges, lunges with dumbells 20kg) post (7 weeks)
-free weight lifting, lifting weight onto my shoulders with squats post (8 weeks)

I would say the past two weeks is where i have been seeing the vast improvement, i know i have not got my full flexion back but hopefully that will come in time, i hope that this shows doctors, patients, physios reading this that not to place a judgement on a person or their abilities, because sometimes we in ourselves can conquer any goal or any obstacle in our own unique ways.......

My wrestling physio is even shocked himself with how far i have come in his over 10-15 years experience of helping people with ACL,MCL,PCL AND MPFL reconstruction he has never seen a recovery so complex with complications but with a rapid recovery he believes its a miracle......

i personally believe now through this experience alone is the following a quote which is true


For me what i believe happened medics, physios can argue but i think they forget a very basic thing, treat an athlete as an athlete and you will see progress, i found by having the right team who pushed me and forced my body back into sync, and through having the right mentality and wanting to prove people wrong was what helped me to succeed

Medics and doctors and physios alike forget the basics for example in any sport or any athlete we are in the gym all the gym we run on the fight or flight response, we have a natural run on adrenaline.. we strive to be the best we strive the determination to succeed.......but most importantly we dont give up...

when you have a surgery like knee reconstruction your body goes from active to immobile, so it would be a natural position to assume the body will go into shock, the body will over react, because it is use to  a certain way of life....... this is why my wrestling physio treated my body in a different way to my hospital physio and  the wrestling physio treated it as an athlete and i noticed quicker improvements, than with my hospital physio.... each person is unique and should be treated differently.....

my wrestling physio said i am the first patient he has seen with suspected compartment syndrome, over scarring with mpfl surgery he has seen in which he believes is due to the complete contrast or change my body went through........ but i am also the first person to prove him wrong and get over my complications at such a vast rate that he is still shocked.....

I got to the gym three hours a day now, i run up the stairs i pick up and run after my two year old nephew who generally will look at my knee then me before i pick him up as a look as in to say your safe right to lift me? lol I do squats with weights, i skip, i run, i row, rope training, things are coming together now post 14 weeks i m getting there now .......
but i have had a lot of people help me get there a hospital physio, wrestling physio, two sports therapist massager's and a personal trainer. they have been my saviours in getting me to the level of my fitness, my surgeon i will say has helped me answer my unanswered questions but the others have seen me in tears, and my most frustrated moments,they  have picked me up and got me going....

stronger and fitter........ things are getting brighter =)
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Post by: lucha86 on August 24, 2014, 09:54:09 PM
Day 108---- grrrrr flexion grrrr flexion grrrr---- frustrated/

Ok a all out moan now..... I tried for the past two weeks all the moves my physios have given me to try to get a heel kick to my gleuts and today it's just not budging..... I have done every excercise known to man and my teoair physios and personal trainers and the funniest part was my hospital physio said maybe my hamstrings are weak??!!!!!

Wth??? My hamstrings are lifting up to 70kg on the hamstring  machine that only goes up to 90kg  and 140kg on the  leg press machine  with bad rom ... Generally daily my knee keeps cracking and shunting when I try to bend it or it starts shaking my knee and quad .....ooooohhhhhhh  .......

The frustration..........

So I decided to release my frustration by running at 13.0 on the running machine to vent my frustration then my knee shunted and nearly went flying not best decision I made but it released my frustration......

Has anyone else had problems with flexion to gleuts kick ??????? Because both my physios have tun out of ideas expect the graft might be tight oh joy!!!!!!!!
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Post by: Chester57 on August 24, 2014, 11:25:54 PM
Hi Lucha,

I have been following your diary and have to tell you that I find myself shaking my head wondering who would tell you to push your knee, which just underwent not only a ligament reconstruction but also an MUA to the point that you have in the time frame you have?  What benefit is to be achieved by continually causing inflammation?

You had an MUA which you stated was because of a lot of "stiffness".  Why was the surgeon only able to achieve 90 degrees under anesthesia?  Did no one think that perhaps there was something blocking your flexion?  Your joint was so stiff that they ripped your sutures.  MUA's can rip external sutures but can also tear tissues, etc. within your knee. 

You are running, skipping, jumping, doing leg presses, etc.  Who cleared you to do all of those activities at this point in your recuperation and who told you that the intensity at which you are doing them is safe? 

I cannot understand why anyone would think it is prudent to continue to abuse a knee that continues to react negatively to what is being done.  The old adage "no pain, no gain" does not always yield the results you are looking for.  Your knee is screaming and yet you "vent your frustration" by pushing it further. 

I would not want to see you cause yourself permanent damage by continuing to overdo it.  If you think your graft may be too tight or that there may be a problem with scarring limiting your flexion, then you need to address that with your surgeon.  Do not ignore the signals your body is sending you.  Your knee is reacting the way it is for a reason. 

Wishing you a complete recovery.
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Post by: lucha86 on August 25, 2014, 09:05:38 AM
Hello Christine......

In reference to pushing the knee my surgeon said that my ligaments have consolidated.... So I am allowed to do more rigorous activities.. Quote unquote in reference to pushing the leg........ My surgeon said it is safe to do so......

With the activities to be honest also in the letter my surgeon told me to seek advice from the physio rather than the doctors of my care and progress.... I have asked my wrestling physio and my wrestling physio has said to me you can try but if your body says stop you stop.......

However my hospital physio was not amused with the fact that the surgeon had said to me for me to go with her for any answers or reference to who signed me off to do these it was the surgeon who confirmed I could do more rigorous activities........... What people define as rigerous is down to each individual.......

Reading a lot of journals / diaries I see that rehab going to the gym is painful on the knee..... So partly to be expected..... If I was going to bluntly say to my surgeon oh you did the ligament too tight he would rather not be impressed.....

Also how do we know what is right and what is wrong MPFL surgery is in a way trial and error.. because of the lack of research that has been done on mpfl surgery... even my physios have both said it is down to the individual..... and how we can have the correct attitude, and how some people may react quicker to rehab than others.....

My suggestion from both physios which I agree with is to exhaust everything first before you start passing blame back to a surgeon so this is why I have two physios, a personal trainer and two sports therapists.....

As we both know with ligament surgery you need to get the joint moving sooner rather than later for the risk of over scarring ......... Which is what I am doing I do try to stop when my knee says no but........

The frustration for me is the lack of flex ion of heel kick when you have tried to hard and your physio says to you everything is great but your rom is rubbish you should have been at full flex post 9 weeks which makes me try harder and gets me more frustrated

and I'm doing everything there given me but like I said it is best to exhaust everything before going to a surgeon and saying hey I have done abcdef with these people they you have done everything in your power to achieve the full rom....

All i want to know is after researching mpfl surgery i have found little information on lack of flexion, so all i want to know is have........

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Post by: lucha86 on August 26, 2014, 06:34:21 PM
Day 109- massages by sports therapist amazing!! - lifting lots of weights - sitting down a little problem
So I have continued to have sports massages which is the best thing I have done..... My legs feel a lot more relaxed and less tense....... I have now had my sports therapists and wrestling physio all agree I have the symptoms of compartment syndrome in my operated leg........ But the massages are helping this.........
I'm up to lifting near enough 100% of what I was lifting before the surgery..which is good.....

I'm still finding I can't sit down for long periods as my knee shunts and doesn't like it but hopefully with the ligament stretching in time I hope this will get more comfortable................

I have worked hard to get where I have got to post   Fifteen weeks so I'm proud but there are still things like the stiffness and flex rom that I need to keep working at I measured my rom today was ninety five degrees ............
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Post by: lucha86 on August 26, 2014, 08:30:23 PM
Day 109 knee picture
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Post by: lucha86 on August 28, 2014, 06:42:36 AM
Day 110- lunges with 20kg lifting 150kg on leg press- lifting 79kg on adductors- running at 11.0

So feeling very positive today I'm finding the nerve pains are beginning to settle..... The burning sensation is still there....... But hopefully it will go in time.... I am finding my muscles in my kegs are beginning to remember weightlifting as I'm nearly at 100% of what I lifted before the surgery..........

I'm running at 11.0 if I want to but I like to run at 9.5 so it is good, my physio and personal trainer are trying to get my get back hope it will come back soon."........... 
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Post by: lucha86 on August 28, 2014, 07:34:51 PM
Day 111- standing lifts - squat lifts - lunges ----
So today is the first day I have had no nerve pain........... I have been doing lifts and squat lifts to build up more of the quadricep and hamstrings any lifting like this I always gave a personal trainer with me who assesses what is best to lift and watches my kegs..........

I still have the flex problem........ But nothing is ever perfect it takes time I suppose to achieve what you want to build............still have done swelling but I'm finding my muscles are adapting and recalling last weight lift because my increase has been dramatic as if my muscules have come out of hibernation.....

Stiffness is going to last up to 6 months oh joy lol and rom just keep working at it I suppose
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Post by: lucha86 on August 30, 2014, 10:24:40 AM
Day 112 pinging sensations - - wrestling physio says stop....

So today was with my physio and personal trainer my second lesson with the trainer was an interesting one as we are trying to make sure the hamstrings are strong..... But then all of a sudden I felt a pinging pain as if you have an elastic band ping onto your muscules followed by stabbing and burning pains it actually stopped me in my tracks the pain I felt was where the new ligament was attached.... I didn't know what to think or judge what it was  if it could have been suture pain I just dunno lol

So I said to my pt we have to stop and she guessed by my reaction something wasn't right in my knee.... I told her what it felt like so she told me to contact my wrestling physio on Skype in Latin America so I contacted him he said to me to stop because it could be to do with the ligament...... It may need a rest.......... Not to push it and ice it....... He said if your knee stopped it stopped for a valid reason........

Looks like no gym for me today lol time to rest with a nice bit of cadburys chocolate and a cup of tea lol I'm so british lol
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Post by: lucha86 on August 30, 2014, 10:17:57 PM

where do i start....... I must admit, this type of surgery is so complex, complicated, rare, underestimated....
I think you have to have a belief of determination, focus, strength, and hope, to get past the difficult points

The first month is the killer month.... if you get through the first four weeks then things get dramatically alot easier pain wise, movement etc....

One thing i have learnt from this surgery, is that physios are needed ASAP, if you do not have that i think it could seriously effect the results or outcome of the surgery and quickness of ROM RECOVERY..... Luckily for me i hired my personal trainer and wrestling physio to get me moving.....

From week 10 onwards, you will notice that your body will move leaps and bounds as you adjust to it....

With this surgery there will be times you will get frustrated, where you rely on others especially in the first few weeks... or if your trying to get yourself back on track through trial and error.......
I feel that with this type of surgery there is a case of trail an error as there is so little information on rehab post surgery avaliable.....

I myself have felt especially in the gym you have to judge what is right or wrong for your knee.... Also there will be some unusual pains and you will just have to judge what feels normal to continue or what you need to stop at, sometimes when one of my surgeons doctors has asked me to describe it .. sometimes i am unable to.....Sometimes i have thrown a question back at them when they say its normal i ask them

 " As this surgery has being only happening in the past decade and not all complications have been found due to lack of research, how is it normal?" Generally i just got a smile which means they don't know how to answer the question....

Other frustrations are doctors not knowing what MPFL surgery is, so make sure you do your research so you can explain it, lack of information, ..... BUT ........... I MUST SAY ........... the surgeon and his team and the ward have been amazing when the surgery was done, and lovely down to earth people...... people sometimes complain about the NHS is under stress, but considering what they work with i think they all do a good job..... all doctors and nurses need to be congratulated for their hard work....

THE FINAL thing is HAVE HOPE...... HAVE DETERMINATION..... DONT FEAR...... things will get better it takes time but the determination will help you to succeed the hope will get you through the times when you are in tears with the pain... and having no fear will help you in your rehab....



I must say just over 15 weeks post op and i have had no dislocations i can run, jump, run upstairs..... i just have a problem with rom BUT ..... its better than it dislocating all the time...........

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Post by: lucha86 on August 31, 2014, 08:31:50 PM
Thoughts on mpf reconstruction part 2

Things which are true- remember every individual is different
- It's a complicated, painful surgery

- There is a huge importance of gaining rom ( Range of movement) ,
    make sure you have physiotherapist ASAP

- CRYOCUFF, invest in this ice machine it will be the best friend you have for the first four weeks...
   as you get a lot of swelling

- Drugging yourself up on the right medication for the first 10 days so you feel no pain, as if you
   miss your painkillers its a hard pain to deal with....

- Doing exercises is the most important thing to get you going.......

- MUA and stiffness don't be scared of at least your knocked out when they flex your leg

- nerve pain, jolting, dry skin, swelling and stiffness common in the first 7 weeks......

Things that arent....
- recovery isnt up to a year but every individual is different it is down to ones own determination
  and support network..........i had massive amount of complications and i was running post 10 weeks

- Everyone doesn't need a brace down to the intelligence of the surgeon i suppose, in a way for
   me im happy i didnt have it as it would have probably blocked my progress with my complications...

- ROM range of movement - down to the individual..... NOT ALWAYS.... this is a complicated surgery....
  complication rate is around 25-30% so if you have stiffness, overscarring, complications, type of surgery
  graft used this can all effect your level or speed of gaining rom be patient... its frustrating i know.....

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Post by: lucha86 on September 01, 2014, 08:42:50 PM
day 113-  pinging sensation still - working on new techniques - lunges all the day
so i still have the pinging , burning sensation but to be honest you don't know what is normal i have found my nerve pain has settled a lot now... i have been concentrating on lunges and other stretches for the quad and hamstring and my flexion is still an issue hey ho cant complain i have had no dislocations....
Im also have been doing new research techniques for mpfl recovery to see if that helps only time will tell...

Day 114- dead lifts- still pinging along, weird feeling........
so i have been doing dead lifts for the past week to get my quads stronger as well as my hamstrings, i still have the pinging, burning sensation..... so its weird with this surgery when your on the bike you feel your new ligament moving in and out with your knee cap its so weird but amazing at the same time how medical knowledge has become that advance, when i turn on the bike i feel it moving it feels like its artifical but i suppose stretching it over time the feeling will be less..... As an athlete as you are constantly aware of your body that sensation is completely different
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Post by: lucha86 on September 02, 2014, 05:43:50 PM
MRI mpfl reconstruction scan post 114 days
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Post by: lucha86 on September 03, 2014, 08:59:39 PM
day 115 - running outside more difficult than you think- swelling - no more
so i thought i would run outside with my trainer and, we just jogged for my legs to get use to the no shock absorber compared to the running machine and wearing my new nike air max £140 shoes which i had worn in it felt like i was walking on a feather, it felt great even though it was at 5:30am in the morning to run and feel normal again, i said to her after this no leg work until the next day...
Im glad as my knee started swelling, and my body just said no more, so i decided to give it a little rest, i think my body deserved it lol, its still a bit sore but i suppose you just have to expect when doing rehab on your knee you will feel pain and you just have to listen to your body i still have the burning pain, not much i can do about that lol just keep rehabbing i suppose
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Post by: lucha86 on September 03, 2014, 09:55:50 PM
a thought on MPFL Surgery - What is Normal?

So i found myself saying to my personal trainer and wrestling physio today i believe the word "NORMAL" should be banned from a doctors linguistics of explaining issues and should be replaced with basic medical reasoning, for exampled if i have sharp shooting pain dont say "NORMAL " SAY "OH that is nerve pain due to the surgery" at least i have a valid reason for it or do doctors just use the word normal to finish the question with an answer quicker.....

Sometimes when i am at the gym and my trainer see my knee is getting sore she asks me is it a normal pain? I said to her what is normal? With a surgery like this can anything be defined as normal, because each and everyones process and pains are unique to the individual and type of mpfl surgery.......

When the doctor asked me what do i feel? When you cannot physically describe them, it is very difficult  to describe when you have never had them,  i remember just saying to the doctor when he asked me oh you the the normal stuff you guys call it with no valid concept of evidence to prove that it is normal such as stabbing pains, throbbing, burning, dagger pains, effusions the normal day to day thing.... the doctor replied....... hmm, ok thats....... i stopped him and said if you say the word normal i will scream the word normal consists in the english dictionary to means without complications... just give me a valid medical reason for me to understand how i can make my leg better, and to perform better.  If you had dagger pains in your knee im sure you would want a valid reason why....

The one basic fact some doctors forget with athletes is we can get very frustrated very quickly, because of lack of communication or honesty, because  we need a medical understanding in terminology to take back to our physios and contractors so then that way they can help us to perform better, because the word normal, can for me be a misguided word for athletes like myself who need to  accelerate themselves back to pre surgery fitness......
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Post by: lucha86 on September 05, 2014, 11:15:33 PM
post 116- knee getting back to normal- medial pain/ stabbing pain hey ho=
So my knee swelling is going down, i was working on pure upper body to give my legs a rest,  i still am getting the medial pain on and off especially when i sit in a chair i cant sit in a chair for no longer than 2 hours before it seizes up so i have to get up....... feel like an OAP lol 

But HEY HO..... cant complain i suppose with all surgery comes risk of complications a positive things is it hasnt dislocated which is good =)

day 117- back to running - bosu ball and foot sliders-
so today got back to the running after go ahead from my wrestling physio, my personal trainer in the gym has been giving me more exercises with the bosu and foot sliders, which are great as they make jumping jacks and lunges even harder, and you have to work harder to get the control right which is good =) this morning i used the cryocuff havent used that in ages but i thought it would decrease the swelling in the knee after the rest i had given in......... still getting medial pain but just have to teach myself when to stop lol which is hard when your an athlete lol
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Post by: lucha86 on September 05, 2014, 11:22:04 PM
Post 116 days mpfl reconstruction
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Post by: lucha86 on September 06, 2014, 09:55:37 PM
 ;D More thoughts for doctors researching MPFL reconstruction  ;D

So i thought about this while in the gym the other day, so the doctors want us to make our leg stronger post surgery but a question i have is the position of the suture on the inside of leg is not the best place... as some machine which tone these muscle group force pressure on the sutured area on the medial side..

2) How many patients are given enough rehab information? Well depends on the physiotherapist you have luckily i have a physiotherapist who has dealt with ACL,PCL,MCL, AND MPFL reconstructions, but i have met physiotherapists who have never dealt with MPFL surgery patients,  so surely making sure you have the right experienced physiotherapist is the most key thing...

3)Simple is best?- sounds simple? Is being simple the best form of action with this surgery? For me personally i understand everyone is different but simple ideas of physio and rehab have progressed me alot quicker than more complex / complicated ideologies, and has had less effect on the knee, for example lunges, squats, foot skiers, bosu, trx, balancers  basic things which have immense effect

4) Shocking the body- As an athlete my physiotherapist in Latin America has done research on athletes with a doctor with athlete post ACL,MCL,MPFL,PCL RECONSTRUCTION, that the body can physically go into shock and the body needs to be re adjusted by shocking it back using specific gym techniques....

Now considering before the surgery i was in the gym twice a day over 3 hours each day, then post surgery my body was very immobile, then naturally the body would be shocked or confused or over react because of the change of circumstances, my physiotherapist treated me for over scarring and compartment syndrome, as he believed this was an effect of my body going into shock,  the pain levels as the body over reacted, he said some people may have pre dispostions to having this and he has noticed a lot of active athletes with similar symptoms, and i must admit some of the things he has given me have actually worked.... going from post 6 weeks having an MUA/ stiffness then using his techniques and my trainers help at the gym, had made me recover a lot quicker, in which my hospital physio said she was shocked and wanted to understand how i managed to recover so quickly considering my amount of complications.... the key to shock the body back to normal using certain gym techniques i told her...
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Post by: lucha86 on September 08, 2014, 07:02:34 AM
Day 118- joint stiffness-  Rom still no improvement - gym is my life
So past few days been suffering from stiff joint feel as though the hardware is rubbing my I have been taking if easy one good thing is stairs are not the vain of my life anymore neither are escalators....... No problems whatsoever I think this is due to the amount of weight training I have been doing with my legs.....
My flexion has cone to a stop I font know why it us rather confusing me considering I have been doing everything to get it going, the gym us my life I currently spend now about 3 and a half hours in the gym each day to back up to prime level before my first match in December hopefully if my surgeons kindly signs it off ....
Which I'm unsure of as I still don't  have full rom ... Wait and see I suppose
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Post by: esm87 on September 08, 2014, 01:42:51 PM
Hey Lucha

I got a phonecall on thursday to tell me that my second surgery is on wednesday! There had been a cancellation which I was offered. Feeling pretty nervous now! Because i know i've got to go through it all over again, I'm sure i'll be fine though!

Glad to hear you are still doing well. Hopefully you will manage to gain full ROM again in the future. Are you still having much pain?

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Post by: lucha86 on September 08, 2014, 08:56:05 PM
hey emma! thats great news about your surgery fingers crossed for you =) i told you cancellations is always a good thing to be on..... i dont get much pain just twinges now and again but my knee will stop when it doesnt want to play lol sitting in a chair for long periods can be painful but i just get up and walk it off I hope your surgery goes well keep us posted =)

Day 19-  knee showing effusion/water-  answering a four year old neices questions-  burning nerve pain
so my knee has been showing like a water retention\ effusion so i decided to give it a rest for the day and i also had burning, sensations with pinging.... so i had it up and my four year old neice said to be. "Why did the doctor make a smiley face on your knee?" I replied to make my knee better... she said " But it cant be happy your knee is big.." I replied " its takes time to get better darling he had to fix my knee inside.. she said " what did he do?" I replied he had to clean my knee and repair it she then replied " Did it hurt auntie?" i replied no as not to scare her she replied " you lie it did hurt your poorly knee  AUNTIE.. YOU HAVE A BAD DOCTOR!" i replied "NO he isnt darling its My knee it;s going to get better slowly" she replied when i grow up i will be a doctor and make your knee better.... she then walked out of the room with her head high.. lesson learned dont try explaining mpfl surgery to a four year old neice who is very stubborn and independent lol

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Post by: lucha86 on September 09, 2014, 08:31:58 PM
day 120- ligament very swollen- time to rest- pinging burning sensation- upper body it is lol
so today i noticed on my knee my mpfl ligament is protruding and looks swollen so i have decided to listen to my body be shocked and rest my legs......... so i decided just sit down on a bench in the gym and do triceps, biceps deltoids, chest, to work out those muscle with my leg having no stress put on it what so ever..... and just been cryocuffing it with ice
I still having the pulling pinging burning sensation but i suppose that is the ligament stretching or the hardware rubbing o be honest who knows lol just feel like a human guinea pig lol So i just try if it hurts i will stop but its a strange sensation...........

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Post by: lucha86 on September 11, 2014, 08:33:36 PM
day 121- running - rom 98- gym x2 per day-  nerve pain now and again
so today i have been feeling frustrated as i measured my rom as it went down got it to 98 degrees my hospital physio thinks is going to take a while to get my ROM back ! i said shouldn't i have it by week 16 i got replied with a yes... hmmm......... now what to think of that can i just scratch my head? lol
I can run outside now which is a sense of freedom and dignity to do what i want even though my flex is not great... i feel so proud i can do a 4 mile run but i run with a personal trainer as they are first aid trained and in case anything happens until my knee is signed off by the doctor....... i get some nerve pain but i deal with it its part of the healing process i believe so i just get on with it... because i now have a non dislocating knee which i'm happy with...........and there are so many worse situations we can find ourselves in..... i work with children with cancer to raise money for them in latin america through my sport and i never through this take it for granted......i must be greatfull for what i have
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Post by: lucha86 on September 11, 2014, 09:00:47 PM
day 122- evaluation so far of MPFL surgery
 It has been a frustrating emotional journey....... from DVT, MUA compartment syndrome post MPFL reconstruction but through determination, frustration, hope and desire to succeed, i believe i have achieved the impossible, i have proven to doctors and physio alike that......

"the difference between the impossible and the possible is ones own determination."

I have achieved so far
-running outside 4 miles (14/13  weeks)
- Lifting 140kg on leg press (12 weeks)
-squatting with men on shoulder ( 12 weeks)
- running 75 days post surgery( 10 weeks)
- lifting 120kg on my legs post surgery ( 8 weeks-9weeks)
- running up stairs (post 8 weeks)
- skipping jumping, ( post 8 weeks)
- squats lunges, lunges with dumbells 20kg) post (7 weeks)
-free weight lifting, lifting weight onto my shoulders with squats post (8 weeks)

Amount of help 2 physiotherapists, 2 sports therapists, 2 personal trainers......

I believe that MPFL surgery is still in its early stages there is still alot to learn from it....... Alot of it to be honest has been trail and error, as there is so little information on physiotherapy post MPFL, so you have to try things in order to succeed.....  MPFL is painful in the first couple of weeks, but once you pass that stage you will see big differences, and big changes post 8 weeks.  I believe my personal trainers have helped me a lot more as they have pushed me to my best, they have been my rocks throughout this process whith a thanks to them
 as an athlete we must be treated in that sense as our bodies are use to adrenaline, activity and endurance... Without it its a natural reaction for the body to go into shock, so do physios or doctors need to adjust to a different way of thinking of an athlete v patient?

Reading as much information in research and with working with my wrestling physio, has taught me simplicity is key to rehab with this surgery, bosu, trx, bands, reebok spike balance, foot sliders, lunges squats, are the key simple things to get moving.......

Doctors still i feel need to understand or to be able to clarify things especially rare surgeries like mpfl surgery because without it it can only leave a patient frustrated........ there is so little information avaliable to the patient to read, we will always seek information from the doctor/ surgeon because you are in the unknown ....

THE SURGERY MPFL RECONSTRUCTION has given me my life back....... it has stopped my knee from constantly dislocating, , i feel like i have my freedom again, i still have to get my ROM back but i cant complain because i am now no longer worrying about is my knee going to dislocate again........
With all things the pain the complication etc, it was worth it because i have a stronger knee from it.....
Post 16 weeks im now running 4 mile with lack of flex i feel proud to see what i have survived, MPFL SURGERY, MUA, DVT RISK, COMPARTMENT SYNDROME, STIFFNESS  and im running after all of this post 16 weeks

To any person having an MPFL RECONSTRUCTION there is so many gains,its if you want to take the leap of faith and trust in your surgeon to have this surgery, then if you have the determination you will ride through the storms, have faith, hope and determination in yourself and you will succeed

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 12, 2014, 10:44:09 PM
day 123- anchor hardware rubbing- resting today- running 18 minutes quicker......
so the past week i have been feeling the anchor hardware in my femur bone is rubbing or pinging i dunno how to describe it.... it feels like on fire pinging rubbing sensation...... i how to describe it lol
i find if i turn my knee in medially the pressure or sensation goes , if i turn it out laterally it kills!..... but i just deal with it and get on with it and don't take a pain killer......

but my running has improved i am running 18 minutes less now which is great news, my knee does get a bit swollen to be expected i suppose but i just ice it....

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 13, 2014, 09:54:20 PM
day 124- fed up with the word rom! - wrestling physiotherapist not amused- I'm rare lol

So i met up with my wrestling physiotherapist in London today who examined my knee, and he was not amused with my knee or ROM flexion of the kick to the gleuts.........I'm only at 98 at a push he said and that i should be at 140 degrees right now, he said 98 is ok to jog at, but to do other exercises which are  and considering i have been doing my sessions with and my personal trainers, and physiotherapist on top and my hospital physiotherapist i only see every 6-8 weeks now as she thinks I'm doing well...... I'm beginning to get confused......

My wrestling physiotherapist has a lot of experience with ACL,MCL,PCL, reconstructions as well as MPFL in rare cases, so he contacted another contact who sent him some information about how in RARE cases..... of 5 % some cases who have has stiffness over scarring and excessing bleeding into the lower part of leg a.k.a me lol just my luck lol can take a while to gain flex due to these complications if it is not gained by post 16 weeks... then there could be a ligament too tight........

But then looking in a surgeons mind if i had a wrestler come to me and say yea i fly out of rings throw men over my head you would want it tighter in a sheer logical way of thinking of it due to the sheer forces on the knee and ways it will pivot? I'm i being stupid here?  or is that a logical way to think? lol

But then if i am doing every exercise my physiotherapist has asked, doing three hours in the gym two hours being with a personal trainer every day who specialises in sports rehab as well as sessions with my wrestling physiotherapist....... which totals around 33 hours a weeks of rehab and gym... I'm beginning to get frustrated with flexion because i am trying my best here......

So the physiotherapist is now calling me a rare species..... because it's like he said such a unique case.. he said he has seen it also in ACL cases but never in a MPFL case, stiffness he has seen but never loss of flexion.... So he has given me some questions to ask the surgeon who i see in a weeks time....... my personal trainers are coming with me for back up to help me as back up to prove i have been doing the best in my power, but also to help the surgeon assess if i can wrestle i hope i can because i need to release my frustrations lol but my wrestling physiotherapist is not sure................oh joy positive vibes people positive vibes lol feeling rather sarcastic tonight lol

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 13, 2014, 10:04:18 PM
Knee scan
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 14, 2014, 06:19:36 PM
day 125-  ligament sore- frustrations of rom-
so today my knee has felt abit sore with the mpfl ligament so i have rested it today..... its has a sense of throbbing pain to it with a pinging sensation...

so i have a frustration why do some many people go on about ROM when there is so little information to go on with this surgery i feel that i have looked in some many places for lack of flexion post MPFL and only my wresting physiotherapist found two articles out of hundreds..... it seems crazy......... and even if you look on the web i only found 4 sites but with only one sentence! how is this suppose to help me rehab my leg when there is so little information avaliable to the patient??

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: kcknee on September 14, 2014, 07:51:06 PM
Hi Lucha-

I was able to find several sites were they talk about lack of flexion after MPFL surgery. The causes range from the graft attached too far anteriorly to arthrofibrosis (scar tissue). I know with ACLr  ROM problems, the first step was to order x-rays of the knee to determine if the graft was angled correctly. Your surgeon should be able to do that fairly easily.

The 2nd part of this is coming from my own experience. This may or may not be related to what you are going through. Before my ACLr, I was in great shape and working out several hours a day to get my legs as strong as I could before my surgery. I was not a professional athlete, but determined to work hard, succeed and get back to my life as quickly as possible. I had little guidance from OS except return to work when I can and progress through accelerated rehab and be on the ski slopes again 4 months after surgery. I had the surgery on a Monday and was back in the office a few days later on Friday. As soon as my immobilizer brace was off, I threw myself Into rehab. My PT was shocked at how fast I was progressing and even running and jumping about 2 months out of surgery. But, my body was telling me the entire time that I was doing too much, but I didn't listen and pushed on. About 3 weeks out of surgery I had major swelling over my knee that then dumped into my leg doubling its size. Saw OS a few days later and he put me on ant-inflammatorirs and encouraged me to keep pushing on and that I was doing great. I did and the muscles and strength came back, but so did new  nerve issues, muscle pain and what was finally diagnosed as compartment syndrome. During that first fasciotomy he found a shocking amount of scar tissue and had to even release my peroneal nerve from the scar tissue. But no, even that in my head was just a temporary setback and soon after surgery I was back at PT working hard again. This time it was my ROM that kept reducing, but I kept pushing harder determined to get through it. Didn't work and I ended up with scar tissue (arthrofibrosis) wrapped around my patellar and quad tendons. My misfortune has continued with misdiagnosis, incomplete surgical procedures and injuries at PT.

Please listen to what your knee is telling you. Get it checked out to see if graft was put in correctly. Wishing you a complete recovery.

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 15, 2014, 07:46:47 PM
thank you kristin for you advice
i think you have a great understanding of wanting to get back to daily life, i think sometimes like you said little guidance  was given from the OS, to be honest i have just been going to the PT in the hospital all she did was kept trying to bend my knee and after a while I'm the type of person that gets frustrated because before the surgery i was very active and after surgery you have to build it all up again which is frustrating in itself, which doctors do generally fail to understand with active people, so you get frustrated...
and you think its time to get back into daily routine and i suppose it is a natural feeling because you miss basic things.... i think that is why now i have two physios and personal trainers in the gym for different opinions...
Because one thing i have learnt from this surgery is to exhaust everything i have in a rehab point of view, before i go back to the surgeon and say " hey something's up" the medically i have done everything in my power to achieve full ROM..... and say the physio and personal trainers said this then from a scientific approach...... the surgeon cannot say i must work harder especially doing over  3 hours of rehab a day
 i appreciate that ACL, MPFL surgery takes time, but sometimes like you said the body you have to know when to rest, i ran about 10 days ago and my knee just stopped it physically stopped, so i stopped and rested it for a day, i learnt my lesson from that because i saw the ligament protrude out.......
I still have problems sitting cant sit down for more than an hour and a half in a seated position the pain / shunting is incredible i have to walk including flex ion being a major issue and my rom just stopping at 98 degrees post 16 weeks now but everything else is great....

I think alot of people go into ACL AND MPFL surgery and in a way i think we underestimate it because we thing ahh.. hes only going to attach a new ligament, its easier than a knee replacement got that completely wrong lol more painful than a knee replacement is what the nurses told me lol........

I hope your getting better kristin and you havent had any more complication =))
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 15, 2014, 08:04:17 PM
day 126- nerve sensation, and pinging- ladder training-
so today this morning i woke up and my leg got tense especially the ligament i dunno why i just woke up and it seized and i had the pinging throbbing feeling in it... so i got a sports therapist i know to massage it and it felt a bit better... my trainer in the gym has come up with more new techniques with a ladder formation to help with the motion of the knee to get it going so we should be trying it in the next few days....

i also have been getting shooting electrical pains down to my foot which i suspect is the nerves repairing themselves....... i just keep carrying on i suppose but i see the surgeon in just under a week and hoperfully will get the news on my MRI results and if he will sign me off to start wrestling training,,,, fingers crossed!  :P

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Chester57 on September 15, 2014, 08:22:10 PM
Hi Lucha,

Sorry you are still struggling.  Just one thing I wanted to mention. I was getting a significant amount of nerve pain that shot down into my foot and also up into my thigh and groin; however, it was not because nerves were repairing themselves but because they were trapped in scar tissue and needed to be released.  Just something you might need to rule out.

Best wishes.
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 15, 2014, 08:50:40 PM
Thanks Chester I didn't know that I see the surgeon in under a week and will get the mri results for the pictures I posted on here a few days back,..... Sometimes I dunno you just think oh carry on what pain or sensations is not normal for a standard patient is not normal lol  I'm mpfl surgery how long did it take you to get your flexion Chester ?? Thanks for all your opinions it really helps :)))
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Chester57 on September 15, 2014, 10:43:22 PM
Hi Lucha,

As you can see by my signature line Arthrofibrosis and I have been together a very long time.  Unfortunately I have recurring AF and still have almost no flexion at all and am short extension when weight bearing (even after having proper surgery to remove it and following AF rehab protocol).  I can have surgery to deal with it and within 2 weeks it is back with a vengeance. 

I can also tell you from personal experience that Arthrofibrosis does not always show on diagnostic tests.  I had numerous x-rays, MRI's, arthrograms, CT scans, whole body nuclear bone scans and none of them showed it.  The only test that did show some of it was an MRI with and without Contrast (they inject contrast solution into a vein in your arm).

The post I made to you several weeks ago with regard to your pushing too hard was because if you do have an issue with Arthrofibrosis, the more you push the more inflammation you create.  The more inflammation you create causes more adhesions/scar tissue to form; so while you think you are doing yourself a favor by pushing through the pain, in actuality, you are creating more problems for yourself.  Those of us who have dealt with this hideous condition learned that the hard way.  If you recall I also voiced concern that your doctor was unable to fully flex your knee even while you were under anesthesia.  That, to me, is a big red flag. 

Lucha, I know you are an athlete and think you can force your knee to do what you want it to do but I am here to tell you that Arthrofibrosis does not care what your profession, how old you are, or what you want to do.  It can completely change your life if you are not careful.  Please heed the advice others have given you and also read everything on the board with regard to AF.

Wishing you the best

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 16, 2014, 07:30:46 PM
Knee mpfl post 127 days
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 17, 2014, 08:45:05 PM
day 128-  i just want answers-  feeling frustrated - bah humbug!
So today i have been getting frustrated with my knee, as i cant sit at a desk no longer than 1hr and 30 minutes before the pain kills because the pressure in the knee feels immense...... so i had to take a painkiller today which isnt me........ before the operation even with a dislocating knee i could sit at a desk 5 hours no problem now i am been given called " knee time" to give me extra time to move by HR......

My wrestling side rehab aids are just as frustrated as me with my progress of my ROM, they told me today they had exhausted everything they can imagine to get my ROm moving, then are thinking the ligament is too tight, but then isnt a MPFL ligament suppose to be tight if it is to last many years?

I just feel so frustrated today because im trying my best, and nothing is working to get this ROM moving it is making me feel bit stupid to be honest... ALL i want is answers, why i can jog do the bike, cross train but my leg will not go higher than 98-100 degree ROM............
I will see the surgeon in 5 days so i am hoping i will get answers because right now im baffled and i have the people helping me baffled even they have felt it when i have tried to flex it and the tightness they have felt even they are shocked by........
But then from the surgeons point of you if you had a wrestler you would want to make it as tight as possible... all i want is my flex and answers!!...
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: esm87 on September 18, 2014, 12:11:42 AM
Hey lucha

I think it's a really good thing you are going to see your surgeon soon. It seems odd that your knee still seems that sore and that you are unable to sit for longer than 1hr 30mins.

I can sit for unlimited amounts of time and even cross my legs, I only feel slightly stiff when I stand up which only lasts one or two steps then it's back to normal?

Hopefully they will be able to give you guidance with this and it can eventually get sorted out for you! I can't imagine how frustrated you must be.

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 19, 2014, 01:11:37 AM
Yea I know Emma I just find it weird how I can run walk, cross train, but my flexion is terrible still and my sitting isn't great I shall soon have my answers but one good positive thing is I have had no dislocations :))))
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 19, 2014, 09:42:06 PM
day129- burning sensation, pinging sensation again past couple of days - running outside -

I dont know but when your an avid runner and to have MPFL reconstruction get through the pain of the first 6-8 weeks and then teaching yourself to run and i ran 4.5 miles outside and it feels like i have my freedom back i do not have to worry about my knee as much........ and after going through the surgery all you want is to have freedom and normality back its the one thing you crave so i have been running outside for a while now and it feels amazing i shouldnt take my legs for granted ....

I still have the burning pinging sensation that is the best way of describing it. on the medial side and the anchor position of the mpfl .... i just had to wait to see the surgeon see what he says...........
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 21, 2014, 09:48:03 AM
Day 130- running galore - pinging sensation still there - I love kneading
So been running a lot more now as I feel pretty free when I run I can run up to 5 miles now which is good, I still have the pinging throbbing sensation on the medial side but just dealing with it as I go along.......
I also knead my knee everyday as my wrestling physio has taught me about 15 different ways and it does make a great impact as some people know who have had mpfl surgery when you work out it can get sore after I knead it after the workout it feels a lot better the soreness goes down a lot :))))))
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 21, 2014, 08:29:59 PM
As im going to see the surgeon today i thought i would do a review so far........

I have achieved so far
running 5 miles outside ( 15 weeks)
squatting/lunges with 30kg in each hand ( post 15 weeks)
-lifting 150kg leg pres ( 14 weeks)
-running outside 4 miles (14/13  weeks)
- Lifting 140kg on leg press (12 weeks)
-squatting with men on shoulder ( 12 weeks)
- running 75 days post surgery( 10 weeks)
- lifting 120kg on my legs post surgery ( 8 weeks-9weeks)
- running up stairs (post 8 weeks)
- skipping jumping, ( post 8 weeks)
- squats lunges, lunges with dumbells 20kg) post (7 weeks)
-free weight lifting, lifting weight onto my shoulders with squats post (8 weeks)

So far no dislocations, which is great, feels more stable, which as many people who have suffered from MPFL issues and dislocations, is a great feeling that its more secure and stable........

My flex ion is still an issue, but i suppose i will have to work with it rather than against it, but hopefully the doctor tomorrow will explain it to me.......

I have pushed myself i must admit but as an athlete you get easily frustrated when you cant do something so you work harder or strive harder to achieve it .........

Is MPFL reconstruction worth it i hear you say? Well yes it is if you want stability in your joint and dont want to it to keep dislocating then yes it is worth it..... you will feel frustrated at some point but to be honest it is rather a positive because it only drives you to improve your leg and work at it.........

Mpfl reconstruction is for me still in its early stages...... there is still lots to be learnt from a surgery point of view, complications, rehab etc... but for me it has given me more freedom and no dislocations which is a huge benefit.........
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 22, 2014, 09:58:58 PM
day 132- surgeon appointment - loss of flex ion - quick reflex-
So i had an appointment with the surgeon today to see if he would sign me off to wrestle.....
So he started off with lunges, he wasn't impressed i kept falling down not able to reach my knee to the i kept trying and kept getting up i had a personal trainers with me who were giving me advice.. I don't know why but just as i was about to hit the floor my knee just went.......
the he said right extend your leg up my leg zoomed up and nearly hit him in the face, he was actually surprised even the nurse laughed with my personal trainer, and he said "wow, that was rather good..." I replied these legs do lift 150kg on a daily basis." he went rather quiet and then said well your a unique monster.. i was speechless the nurse, trainers and surgeon all laughed.....then i said told you he was sarcastic then i laughed lol
I still wonder how he used that non and adjective to describe me lol.......

to explain in an easier context basically...... my squats were fine..... we then moved on with my flex ion...... he then informed me that i wouldn't get my full flex ion back due to the new ligament, he said that he does use artificial ligaments in most cases but he used my hamstrings which were very strong.......
He said i will get some flex ion back but not all in time.........hmmmm.. i thought to myself to try to prove him wrong because i already have done so lol.......

He then tested my lifting a man, which you have to do in the wrestling my surgeon then said "oh my lord.... i've seen it all now...."
so i managed to lift one of the personal trainers onto my shoulders then he got a chair and wanted me to touch  it  via a squat position with the personal trainers and get back up with him on my shoulders..! i tried my best but he kept showing me what to do and i said would you like to try it with a man on your shoulders he then let me get on with it lol.....

so then he decided it was ok for me to train to enter the wrestling again, YEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
.... and he told me no blunt force trauma to the knee cap area, to fall on the geluts or hamstrings, so now i have had to reconsider moves etc, but i have decided i will probably do another 10 matches then retire........

I then asked him how long does an  MPFL graft last for?? He replied with a silence........ In which i then said to him so basically my case is so unique that as a wrestler, who has had mpfl, and complications and a MUA, it is a unique research to you because there is no answer because there is no study that exist like my case so that is why there is no answer and that is why your probably more than likely doing research on me ....... the nurse who accompanied him nodded her head behind his back at me which suggested i was right my surgeon smiled and said nothing but laughed... suggested to me i was right and my trainers smiled at me as they got the same feeling....
nurse and physios laughed.... in which i replied so basically i cant fly out of a ring then..... again he smiled... i'm beginning to think he smiles mean a yes but he wont admit it lol

Then i went on to say to him MPFL surgery is trail and error and we are guniea pigs due to lack of information provided...... he then said no that is not the case... i replied well tell me where it is because to be honest i have looked through many medical journals which have little information on MPFL,  i have only got back up and running with the help of personal trainers and my wrestling physiotherapist..... who have tried things through trial and error to test it because not many people know what an MPFL Is......
Again he smiled at me and said... your not a guniea pig... i replied that's how i feel......

Then after getting my letter to say i said finally discharged!! yey! he said so when do i see you next??
I SAID oh lord no i dont want to see you any more thanks very much...... the nurse laughed and he laughed and he said when shall i see you next and i said you have given me permission to wrestle so why do i need to see you? he replied shall we say in three to four months... so i have to go back and see the surgeon for whatever reason which i find rather suspicious as he has just signed me off to wrestle..but he still wants to see me..... hey ho best part is I CAN WRESTLE WOHOOO!!!!
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 23, 2014, 07:59:46 PM
so today walked into the physio and she looked at me and was rather impressed with my training, she made me run round the room, i did pivot turns to turn around the room, and she said i cant notice or see and difference in your leg.. it amazing to see....

She then talked to me about the flexion and asked what the surgeon said, and i told her that i wouldn't get all of it back and she said i thought he would say that............. then she gave me some advice as i said to her he wants to see me back after signing me off for the wrestling and i dont get that is he wanting me for research or something she said well look your case is very unique you have had some many complications, and have come out quicker than a standard MPFL patient who is generally 6-8 months before physios release them you have been four and a half months, they are things they could learn................

then she said she had some information she was getting from stanmore hospital which is doing a lot of research with MPFL surgery which i have been looking at today and there is some interesting things there.........

SO she said to me i wish i had a video of you with your swollen leg and bleeding when i saw you first and the sheer pain you were in to now it gives me joy to discharge you today!!!! YEY!!!!!!!!! i actually jumped up and down 4 months and just under two weeks i get discharged =)))))))

today is a joyful occasion i feel like over the moon that i can carry on a lead my life day to day now!! =)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 23, 2014, 09:29:50 PM
after just over 4 months and being signed off by the physiotherapist there is a hug sense of relief for me...
It has had its trials and tribulations, but there are things to be learnt....... :o

MPFL as a surgery is complicated, it does take time, to get back to daily life and routine.... There are so many varied techniques of doing the surgery.... especially if your an athlete make sure you know which type of technique they use as this can effect many things in any sport or daily life I found that out too late......

Doctors can forget the basic principles of Post surgery
1) Every patients recovery is unique
2)A silence will only make a patient more frustrated, A patient always needs an answer
3) Lack of information available for MPFL is frustrating for the patient
4)A Smile goes a long way, rather than a doctor with a chip on his shoulder, we already as a patient feel tired we dont want a miserable sod to look at =)
5)Communication of what is going right or wrong....
6)Complications is a overwhelming situation with Mpfl SURGERY

Gains from surgey
- no dislocations =)
-no sublaxions =)
- can run for longer now than i could before the surgery =)
- stronger leg =)

complications from surgery
- dvt
-compartment syndrome
- loss of flexion

HOWEVER sometimes we all have to make a choice of what is best for us, my kept dislocated over 40 times in a period of 6 months if i didnt stop it there could have been a lot worse things to come, i made the choice, i believe it was the correct one considering i now have a knee that no longer dislocates and i can run and have my freedom which is the biggest positive outcome than having lack of flexion sometimes we all have to look at the positives than the negatives,,,,, =))))))))

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 25, 2014, 07:09:50 PM
day 135 part two MPFL and what can be learnt.....

I have thought more about MPFL surgery..........

I believe there is a lot of frustration with the surgery from many patients who can understand this who have had MPFL reconstruction, the frustration is because of the unknown, the unknown challenges, the unknown are we as a patient to know what is normal when sometimes not even a medically qualified doctor can give us an answer to the questions we have?

Is this due to lack of Research, or due to lack of experience?? Well depending on the situation....

I have found through this surgery than any doctor who doesn't not have experience in orthopaedic will stay away,  or offer alternatives to help you rather than them treat you because of the lack of knowledge they have on the subject of MPFL e.g GP...

Orthopaedic doctors will always use the word "normal" but never give you a specific medical reason if they have lack of experience with MPFL surgery and just smile to try to change the subject however if i have stabbing pains in my knee i know that is not normal and i want to know specifically why... So generally i found myself always asking for the answers to my questions because i could never get a straight answer even sometimes my surgeon could not answer some questions i had due to what i felt was lack of research in the field of MPFL reconstructions.......

So i feel it falls into categories depending on research, experience etc

I would say websites like knee guru has given some much vast information on MPFL than i have found on other websites and gives you the best clearest insight into what to expect from Mpfl surgery.... Most answers to my questions i have found by looking at diaries and so on..................

My final point is that MPFL surgery is worth the pain because it gives you your life and agility back..... but i think doctors and physio need to be aware more of how frustrating it is for the patient with so lack of information and the more information and clarity of information a patient has the more that patient can work to improve their rehab etc..............

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 25, 2014, 08:19:36 PM
Knee mpfl reconstruction  day 136
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 26, 2014, 09:43:31 PM
Day 137- rubbing sensation - soreness - massage
So today my knee feels like a rubbing burning sensation in my knee , it feels sore today so I have been taking it easy but I got a massage on it and it seemed to help.........

Another thing that is weird.... Is like when your on a bike you feel the ligament moving and it feels so odd lol I have to get use to it but it is so weird even my trainer felt it and found it weird lol..........

My scars are still quite red and the side one is still bruised but in time it should get better I hope :)))))
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 27, 2014, 04:12:24 PM
day 138- rubbing sensation - ran for over an hour today =)) - no sublaxtions or dislocations =))

so still got the burning rubbing sensation today- just get on with it but a good thing was i ran for an hour today which was amazing as before the surgery i couldnt even run for 25 minutes before my knee would dislocate, i have had no dislocations or sublxations which is a great feeling you feel you have your freedom back to do what you want without having to worry about oh is my knee gonna go???

My plan is next year i want to do the REEBOK SPARTAN RACE  at complete all three an ending to this journey AROOOOO!!!

 Because i feel determination is what strives you to succeed and when you succeed you should always have a goal or objective at the end of that road and begin fresh and trust me the MPFL road has been a crazy rollercoaster lol =)

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 28, 2014, 07:49:10 PM
day 139- running for 1hour 20 minutes on the machine =p , knee feel strong, BACK IN WRESTLING RING!, Opinion of my surgeon.....

so today has been a positive day ran for ages i have had no swelling in my knee which is great news... today my knee has felt its strongest which for me finally i feel there is a sense of being normal after 10 years of a dislocating knee...... =) i got into a wrestling ring and managed to do some moved and i cried but smiled because considering how far i have come through and going from just over 4 months to being back in the ring and practising i feel like im back at home....

It sounds strange but when your an athlete in certain areas and your injured you miss so many things of that sport... for me i missed the fans, the smell of the ropes the vibrations of the wrestling ring, the feeling of strength and agility ..... the pride in helping others and the adrenaline rush.........

Now it feels like everything is coming back into place..... im working with my wrestling physio for my last 7-10  matches before i hang up my boots to help me change my movements etc,  so that it wont affect the leg... i have hope i have agility again and i finally have my pride back, because what the surgeon has done has saved my life and given me my life back again, i no longer worry about dislocations i can run for 6-7 miles with a trainer watching the sunrise which i havent been able to do in a long time..... life is coming together......... =))
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Post by: lucha86 on September 30, 2014, 08:19:36 PM
day 140 - deep lunges very deep =/ - knee is hyperflexing too much-  preparing

so today we worked on very deep lunges, my word my quads i can feel them now it was hard to get out of bed with them lol...... my knee i have been noticing over the past few days has been hyperflexing too much backwards its a weird feeling but im taking it easy with it to so if will ease.... i also preparing in the enxt few days to start practicing with the wrestlers, feel a bit nervous but everyone does.......... when going back into sport

Day 141- gave gift to physio - running running - time to rest
so today i gave a gift to the physio as a thank you but i think as i'm the first full on athlete they have dealt with they are wary of me returning to the wrestling and want to see how my leg performs as there has been no research done on athletes on contact sports returning to something like wrestling and them seem interested to see what happens i have now decided im a guniea pig lol !!so after that i went for a long run to clear my head.... then i decided it was time to rest my need as it was hyper flexing backwards again lol..... and i still get the burning pain maybe its the anchors who knowws pffff lol
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Post by: lucha86 on October 01, 2014, 09:04:02 PM
day 142 - hyperextension of knee - no swelling- gyming it !!

so my knee has been going backwards on itself like rolling back quite alot i dunno why so i am working on  to strengthen my quads more to see if that helps it because its happening a bit too much...... i have no swelling i am going to the gym as usual i feel so free now that i can do so much more post surgery than i could before this is the strongest i have felt my knee in a long time
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Post by: lucha86 on October 02, 2014, 08:09:24 PM
Day 143++++++++++ knee picture post mpfl surgery
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Post by: lucha86 on October 03, 2014, 07:29:30 PM
day 144- achievements so far in Mpfl reconstruction
I have achieved so far
actual match ( post 20 weeks) went ok ish
weight lifting on legs increased by 12kg ( post 20 weeks)
bike 1 hour ( post 19 weeks)
survived two hour personal training session non stop (post 18 weeks)
lifting 100kg on shoulders ( post 17 weeks)
ran 6k ( 16.5 weeks)
wrestling in the ring practising ( 16 weeks)
running at 13.5 on the running machine (15 weeks)
running 5 miles outside ( 15 weeks)
squatting/lunges with 30kg in each hand ( post 15 weeks)
-lifting 150kg leg pres ( 14 weeks)
-running outside 4 miles (14/13  weeks)
- Lifting 140kg on leg press (12 weeks)
-squatting with men on shoulder ( 12 weeks)
- running 75 days post surgery( 10 weeks)
- lifting 120kg on my legs post surgery ( 8 weeks-9weeks)
- running up stairs (post 8 weeks)
- skipping jumping, ( post 8 weeks)
- squats lunges, lunges with dumbells 20kg) post (7 weeks)
-free weight lifting, lifting weight onto my shoulders with squats post

So as you can see i have achieved a lot in the time i have had considering i have had the mpfl, MUA, DVT risk, compartment syndrome, and some over scarring, i sit here happy considering what i have been through there is some things i have learnt........

Flex ion/ loss of flex ion can be problematic in wrestling as you need the flex ion, it is fine in a day to day occurance but in the sport it can be harder for full performance..... but i am glad i'm hanging up my boots in a few matches.......  i think in all MPFL surgeries people should be made aware of the loss of flex ion which can happen as it can be very important to someone but i am determined to get my flex ion back and prove my surgeon wrong because naturally i'm determined and competitive of character i never see one challenge as impossible only the individual can strive to succeed through their own willingness to succeed......

I have had no dislocations, no sublaxations after a 10 year journey of problems with this knee i now have more confidence in this knee... i run very early in the morning and watch the sunrise i have lost a bunch of weight by my knee being able to keep itself together.......

MPFL surgery in a way has help me to succeed in so many ways, it had its ups and downs after the surgery because of all the complications but for me, i have my life back again..... i can put up with the slight loss of flexion and hardware rubbing because its better than have a knee that constantly dislocated and suffer a knee replacement by the time im 45 ...............

The other thing i learnt is the rarity of this surgery i asked several people i know who are great doctors and physios alike and a small few have heard of it... so for me mpfl SURGERY is not just life changing but it is also a learning process for the people involved to see what they can learn to improve techniques of rehab and so on.... I decided to give my physiotherapist from the hospital a copy of my training diary and i said i hope this helps you gain ideas or new research into helping people with MPFL  because the more information we can give as a patient the more it will only help  others in the future who have mpfl surgery, my physiotherapist said she would as i was the first athlete she had dealt with and they were interested why i recovered so quick after so many complications......

Finally it is down to the individual, be strong be determined and just listen to your body because you are the person who will get through it bit by bit...... you can be as strong as you want to be ...=)) have courage to test it but know your limits...=))
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Post by: lucha86 on October 04, 2014, 07:00:10 PM
day 145 - throbbing and pain - burning rubbing sensation - time to rest
SO TODAY has been a day where you get frustrated because  my leg is slightly swollen and refusing to do anything today, its throbbing painful and the rubbing sensation is there.... so i feel slightly frustrated because im an athletic person.......

I tried to stop the pain with ibuprofen it didnt work so i spoke to my sister who is a pharmacist who told me to wait for 8 hours and try another medication which i tried it has taken away the throbbing but not the pain which leads me to think is it the hardware which is the pain side? and ice doesnt hep it which is really weird and considering i dont see my surgeon for the final check up until January no point in even going to a doctor about it because all they do is look at you blankly..... just get on with it i suppose lol

so today i decided just to sit down and do upper body workout on my chest, deltoids , triceps and biceps and obliques...... that will vent it all out ..........
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Post by: lucha86 on October 05, 2014, 07:07:48 PM
day 146- weather change isnt helping - throbbing sore- just dealing with it
So i have noticed over the past few days where the temperature has dropped my knee feels like its swollen inside or as if something is expanding inside like the screws or something so it is feeling sore......
tired painkillers but they dont work which makes me think it could be the cold and the hardware within my knee.........
It is quite uncomfortable but im just dealing with it as there is no point in going to my GP as they dont know what my  surgery is and they look at me blankly or dumbfounded... so will try deep heat pack to see if they work as they keep the knee warm... fingers crossed =)))
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Post by: lucha86 on October 06, 2014, 09:06:38 PM
Day 147- relief of rubbing expanding pain - knee swelling going down
So as I'm not a scientist but have basic logic understanding I found that using a basic hot water bottle has taken away a lot of the pain and has also reduced the swelling in my knee which is good news .... My trainers have also given me ideas for before I train to warm the knee with certain items.....

So the expanding rubbing feeling in the cold has been stopped by a hot water bottle which is great I'm happy with that my knee is still going strong and I have had no dislocations or subluxations ....

My knee has reacted big time to the cold but time will tell when winter starts setting in if it is the cold that effects it.....
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Post by: lucha86 on October 07, 2014, 07:31:08 PM
day 148-  - knee no pain today wohoo!!

So today has been the biggest milestone EVER!! I remember my surgeon a few weeks back saying i wouldnt get my full flex ion back due to the procedure so i worked with my gym trainer on different ways rather than the standard MPFL rehab, and today i managed  after working at it for several hours per day over weeks from 5am in the morning to 9pm at night !! , i managed to do dead lift in very low squat form.... I feel today a huge weight off my shoulders than i have achieved my dream to have my full flex ion back! it is something so small my gym trainer took photos to prove it.......... i sent them to my promotor and wrestling physio and they both replied in shock / amazement wanting to know what i have done to achieve this... it just shows that sometimes by getting different opinions you can achieve greatness or things you never expected to achieve.

I can wait to walk into my surgeons office in 12 weeks times and say,i did this...... my frustration and determination drove me to seek different opinions some of the medical professions i think do underestimate personal trainers in gyms they are for me after this experience are just as good or better than some physios i have seen and met.... they drive you better and without my gym trainer i think i would be in a different position....

My knee today has had no pain as i have kept it warm TODAY IS A MILESTONE I'M OVER THE MOON =)
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Post by: lucha86 on October 08, 2014, 08:00:41 PM
day 149-  rubbing for cold weather- lifting 150kg on leg press - finally feel complete
so i have noticed with the change of weather i do get soreness in the kneecap and femur, which i suspect is the hardware reacting to the cold so i just try to keep it warm....

My leg press is up to 150kg which is great news =)))) and my knee doesnt feel sore by doing it it feels the strongest it has ever felt....

Im finally feeling less frustrated and everything is coming into place i want to do so much to try to see what works with MPFL reconstruction and what doesnt because the more information we can give to doctors and physios it will only benefit the patient in the future....=)))))))
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Post by: lucha86 on October 09, 2014, 07:22:56 PM

so today i managed to do burpees and mountain climbers and my personal trainer was amazed i feel so happy that i can do them now and i feel so confident because before the surgery every time i tried to do one of these my knee would dislocate so now i have complete security in my knee that it can do it and i am so happy because being able to do something that i couldnt do just shows how much this surgery has changed my lufe for the better and i have dropped an extra 30 kilos by having this surgery as it has given me athe ability to do more things =)))))
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Post by: lucha86 on October 10, 2014, 10:14:11 PM
day 151  - taking a rest - tired
I think sometimes you have to know when to stop so today i did as my knee felt very tight from yesterday so i decided to do nothing today and just ice it to ease it off...... i have noticed though still when i go for long walks i cant do it as much as i use to as my knee starts to get sore so i hope by when the ligament stretches more this will ease over time..... i still am getting it feel uncomfortable in the cold then i have to keep it warm ............
i suppose i am a guniea pig lol
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Day 152 photo mpfl reconstruction surgery post 152 days ( 5 months )
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Post by: lucha86 on October 12, 2014, 06:11:50 PM

So i thought this would be a good round up for those who are seeking information or rather looking for information regarding MPFL reconstruction surgery... The reason why i have also done a DAILY dairy is for people to better understand and what to expect from the surgery..but like i have said before everyone is different and we all heal in different ways.........

MPFL reconstruction surgery as for me was rather "STORMY" as my surgeon described it...... and the start of the surgery i got really frustrated with myself not being able to do things.. the Surgery made me realise the following
1) how low some objects are like toilets chairs and its hard to get down to that level with MPFL surgery
so adapt your surrounding sif you can i go a chair on wheels which goes up and down
2) Be Patient- IT's frustrating not to be able to do things but time heals
3)MPFL reconstruction surgery expect bizarre sensations like jumping leg, nerve pain it will go in time
4) The quicker you move the better increased recovery , work with your leg rather than against it
5) SKIN- vaseline intensive care the first few weeks then it goes
6)Medications- the sooner you get off them the better you will feel, and less spaced out
7) Trust what your body is telling you.. My leg went massive and swollen luckily enough the MUA operation resolved the issue........


As an athlete for me i don't like to have a physiotherapist who is soft with me, for me as an athlete i want to be pushed i feel rubbish enough as it is just push me so i can recover quicker, so what i am saying is always ask for different opinions and seek what your comfortable with and what physiotherapist works best with you my wrestling physiotherapist pushed me and understood better how to treat me being an athlete and i recovered a lot quicker so don't be afraid to ask other people.

Doctors......  A nice big smile first  ;D it creates a better feeling for a patient who is already going through a lot sometimes a smile can go a long way  ;D Never feel afraid to ask questions or seek answers from the surgeon who did your surgery as because there is so little information on MPFL surgery what else can we go by ????
Some doctors if you don't have the answer to my question then say so... don't give a patient a silence or a smile because it wont help anyone by not being honest....... From an athletes point of view i need as much information as possible with valid answers because i need to feed it back to my physiotherapist etc.....
Some doctors not all your banging your head against a brick wall because they don't know what MPFL surgery is or they lack the experience in knowing what it is when you have to explain it to them and they reply at you with a grissly look lol............ so make sure as a patient you have as much knowledge to pass on to these doctors who don't know what the surgery is...........
I must admit my surgeon and this registrar who he taught have given me a lot of information about this surgery which has helped me to get better quicker.......
Also some doctors underestimate personal trainers in a gym i have had two helping me and i feel i have recovered a lot quicker with their help and they have got me through the complications quicker... even my wrestling physio wants to know how i managed to get back to training post four months after MPFL surgery dvt risk, and AN MUA he normally sees them back post 7-8 months, which makes me even prouder of what i have achieved with the personal trainers

This surgery for me has been a case of trial and error to see what works and what doesn't  due to the lack of information available i have learnt a lot from it myself and how its important to have determination to get through the stormy points....

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Post by: lucha86 on October 13, 2014, 07:39:54 PM
day 155- knee acting up with cold - but fine when warm-  very active now
So today my knee has been acting up with the cold and throbbing where the screws are which to be honest i expect as metal is not normal in the body and metal against cold generally does get cold, i still get some throbbing sensations but then i just rest it but to be honest ...

Im very active lost a lot of weight with this surgery which is a benefit because i can do more things than i did before, i can now run after my three year old nephew when he decides to go running away on his mini marathon lol i now have no problems with the stepper or rower i feel glad that i dont get frustrated  watching people doing this that i couldn't i look back at my diary i think there is so much i have come through and so much i have achieved and even suprised doctors .......

I just want to say to those who are going through MPFL reconstruction SURGERY there is big positives at the end just ride the storms and you will see the life changing things that can happen with this surgery =)
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Post by: lucha86 on October 14, 2014, 08:16:52 PM
Day 156- resting knee pushed it too much - knee picture mpfl reconstruction

So I pushed my knee abit too much so I have rested it as it is swollen as you can tell from the picture and  I have to understand that my knee is still getting better after surgery so it got abit swollen so I'm being good and rest it and listen to it as I went for a run in the cold and my knee seized up and it got really tight  so I'm hoping it's just the cold weather that has effected it so rest is needed :)
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Post by: lucha86 on October 15, 2014, 07:58:16 PM
day 157- taking it easy- working upper body sitting down- throbbing- sharp pains
so my knee is still throbbing today and especially in the new tendon so i have rested  legs again today i have also decided today that i would just do upper body workouts sitting down, working out biceps triceps, deltoids chest etc my knee is giving me a few sharp pains down to my foot which i suspect is the nerves healing themselves i have found the sensation around my knee hasn't returned yet my physio in the wrestling said this could take up to 10 months in some cases if not i wont get it back.......
So hopefully by resting it and listening to my knee it should subside......
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Post by: lucha86 on October 16, 2014, 08:25:39 PM
day 158- sports massage- legs more relaxed less swelling

so today to try to sort out my knee and legs i had a sports massage and it was good i did i had over 8 muscle masses in my legs which is a muscle which has gotten too tight and formed into a ball which  protrudes , my abductors and my medial inner side of my legs have compartment syndrome and some masses....... OH JOY lol so i got a few massages to go to help my legs and they feel amazing now less tight my knee is still swollen but not as bad as it was a couple of days ago.....
The cold is really affecting my knee now it gets very stiff and i am just dealing with it day by day and trying to keep it warm... my wrestling physio / independent doctor have told me to rest my leg.... to make sure its rested the only thing they want me to to in the gym is upper body sitting down... id ont see my main surgeon until Januray.... so i am following their advice.... better to be safe......... i know its frustrating but i just have to suck it up and rest lol ............
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Post by: lucha86 on October 17, 2014, 08:58:34 PM
Cold weather effecting knee- stiffness - help from physio
So today I sucked it up and went back to my wrestling physio for advice I had been doing really well until the last few days for me to seek advice my wrestling physio knows generally something is wrong because I just generally keep carrying on and deal with things mentally.........
I have found since the weather has dropped and gotten colder my knee has become stiffer and sorer which does not help while training he has advised me to rest it a few more days take it easy but also to keep the joint warm as it could be the hardware reacting to the cold etc.....
I feel it throbbing quite a lot over the past few days and very stiff so I keep massaging it to help but but as soon as I walk outside in the cold it goes stiff very quickly........
So I'm going to try to find ways to keep it warm and see what will help it :)))
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Post by: lucha86 on October 18, 2014, 06:50:34 PM
Day-160 - knee and hot showers - knee cold and hot working - throbbing -cold weather with mpfl reconstruction

I just find it bizarre I'm find having very hot showers is helping my knee and stopping it from swelling and then it doesn't like it then I have to change it for hot and cold presses will my knee just make up it's mind lol the throbbing has got worse with the cold...... So I'm working between both ideas whatever works with my knee is the most important thing.....

I suppose it's like working with your knee rather than against it........ My scars are looking good turning pink now instead of red but the ones they ripped on the MUA have remained bruised and very red and not changed for 3 months so it should go I hope in the next 6 months :)))))))

My personal trainer and physio is seeking advice on things to keep my knee warm they have found some alternative knee bandage which keeps your knee warm which I think I'm gonna try as we all know from mpfl reconstruction it's all trail and error you have to try........
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Post by: lucha86 on October 19, 2014, 06:45:05 PM
day 161- bad night vey bad!- knee refusing to do anything !!
So last night had a bad night my knee kept waking me up during the night about 80 percent of the positions were just not comfortable enough... then the throbbing started and the fire sensation, came back so i forced myself to take some medication that did not work either i felt every single hardware my new ligament was throbbing and the screws in m knee cap felt like they were about to burst out of it..... in the end i managed to get myself to sleep after a few tears...

i have never had my knee felt this bad since post surgery i dunno what is going on with it...... it kept seizing up when i just when to get some vegetables from the supermarket... im beginning to feel a little frustrated as im resting it and not pushing it and its doing the complete opposite of what it should be doing
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Post by: lucha86 on October 19, 2014, 10:00:15 PM
Day 161- knee stil swollen....... Hmmmm. .... Mpfl reconstruction
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Post by: lucha86 on October 20, 2014, 07:20:07 PM
Day 162 - ( 6 and a half post months) post mpfl reconstruction....
What have i learned through MPFL surgery........
- Dont ever believe what a surgeon says 100 percent lol i mean it in the best possible way my surgeon said i would never get my full flex ion back and i have, the body is capable of doing so many things that only you will know.

- Post 12 weeks the rate of recovery is two fold it accelerates rather quickly, if you get through those first 12 weeks then its easy from there

- Know your limits sometimes you just have to suck it up and rest it, i sometimes believe as an athlete yea its only MPFL SURGERY BUT i forget that the body needs its time to rest and heal and the fact that my femur and knee cap now have rather large screws in.......

- Turn your frustrations into determination into your physiotherapist and you will see greater success

- MPFL surgery is trial and error and about finding your way of doing things and getting yourself back on track the diaries did help by giving me some information but for me as i said to my surgeon we are guinea pigs with MPFL SURGERY it is still in its early days, do what you think you can do when your body feels like its telling you to do it only you know when is the right time to try something... There is not much information to go on MPFL surgery so research as much as you can and just keep trying ..........

- Personal trainers in the gym who are qualified to level 4 rehab or greater i found to get me back on my feet quicker than the actual physiotherapist, i found my body responded a lot quicker with their help and i got back into sports quicker i think the medical profession underestimate personal trainers in the gyms but i must admit mine have proved my surgeon wrong already lol

-SPORTS MASSAGE THERAPIST - great i must say massages by qualified people were amazing it hurt but my word my performance my training got a lot better as my legs were not as tight and i found it helped my knee a lot as well and stopped it from going stiff

- Get yourself decent shoes for me i chose NIKE AIR MAX 2014 they were worth ever penny post surgery my knee felt no pressure when walking and even training my knee has been fine with.... you will find choosing the right footwear is the best benefit..........

- MPFL surgery is complicated but it had given me my life back i had over 30 dislocations at the start of the year now i have had none im running im back in the ring i have more control the pain has well be worth it the only question i have now is how long does an MPFL RECONSTRUCTION LAST?
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Post by: lucha86 on October 21, 2014, 07:41:26 PM
Day 163- knee finally less swollen - training - can't sleep still
So for the past couple of nights I cannot find a comfortable position I have now tried everything and I don't know what can be causing it.... I'm just confused when I do find a good position and I sleep I wake up with massive pain as my knee has moved position.... Frustrating is not the word lol
My knee is less swollen so I have done light training on it yo keep the leg active and not push it which is good and this surgery is good because now that my knee is stable the weight is falling off me
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Post by: lucha86 on October 23, 2014, 05:17:08 AM
Day 164- knee settling- still some sleeping issues -
So my knee has settled abit since the temperature has gone up during the day
Which is good but my knee still likes to wake me up half way or several times during the night
I'm hoping it's just the hardware acting to the cold feeling abit tired since it has been waking me up a lot I have tried hot water bottle cold pressed and they don't work thinking of trying arnica gel next
As we use that in the wrestling for many things fingers crossed but my training is back to normal which is a good sign
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Post by: lucha86 on October 23, 2014, 07:31:27 PM
day 165 - knee has now settled - lifting tractor tyres- back into the gym - still sleeping issues
So today my knee has settles with having the extras massages i think has helped alot im now flipping tractor tyres to help my leg gain strength with my wrestling physio, mental i know but its a good way to release your frustration lol..... im back in the gym training again but going light and watching how the knee reacts....
I get some nerve pains still but that can be up to one year post surgery i have been told and sleeping i still cant find a comfortable position which is frustrating as it wakes me up still...............
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Post by: lucha86 on October 25, 2014, 07:04:18 PM
day-166 saving a tourist- knee screaming - annoyed  :-[
So today as my knee was feeling a lot better i went to london oxford circus to shop. BIG MISTAKE!! i saw a tourist taking a random picture in the road then i saw a taxi the taxi was coming at him he had his earphones in!! so couldnt hear!! so i pushed him out out the way to stop him getting hit and GUESS WHAT!! he took me down with him front facing and my mpfl knee was the one that took the major hit on the knee right on the knee cap !!! and the tourist was fine but shocked even the taxi driver got out to check if i was ok and started shouting at the tourist for standing in the middle of the road and the whole embarrasing thing was i had a few men help me up which was nice in the busiest street in london !! My knee cracked and the pain was immense i could barely walk the tourist was crying luckily may fate have it there was an orthopedic sister nurse who said are you ok i'm a nurse i could barely walk and i told her what happened with the taxi driver and they both said bad luck for you today isnt it the taxi driver offered to take me to the accident and emergency to get it checked out as my knee was swelling up at an alarming rate... but all i wanted to do was go home and cryocuff my knee im thinking about going to get it checked as i cant barley walk now.......... so i currently have two gashed elbows and hands and my left non operated leg the whole quadricep is covered in a massive bruise and my mpfl reconstruction knee is swollen up a lot .... The tourist when i left him had settled down but why would you stand in the middle of a road in central London???  I refuse to save people now lol  so im currently sitting here with a cryocuff on my knee after being given medication by a pharmacist wondering what to do .......... i could seriously vent some frustration right now......... dont know whats best to do :/ go to accident and emergency and have a doctor go oh whats mpfl surgery and tell him how to do his job and what to check or b) wait till tomorrow and see how it is .........
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Post by: kcknee on October 26, 2014, 03:28:46 AM
That is so unfair that someone else's carelessness has possibly set your recovery back. I really hope that it doesn't turn out to be anything serious, but with your profession, I think you should get it checked out as soon as you can. It doesn't make it any easier, but you know you did the right thing doing such a brave selfless act, and know that even if you knew you would land on your knee you would save the man again.

Please let us know how your knee is when you get it checked out. We are all so used to serious injuries and surgeries that our minds automatically head there, but I am hoping that you will catch a break and this won't be a major setback.

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Post by: lucha86 on October 26, 2014, 08:51:55 AM
Day 167 - a&e - doctors don't know what mpfl is - waiting game

So I decided to go and get it checked the triage nurse I saw didn't know what mpfl surgery was then I saw the doctor who didn't know what mpfl I felt like banging my head on his desk it was rather frustrating have to explain to another doctor and actually show him pictures lol........ I should do my own book about mpfl surgery so doctors can learn lol

so what he decided to do was check I had no fractures which he cleared thank goodness !! But then he dropped bad news in me and he said judging by the size of the knee I'm hoping you haven't ruptured your knee ligament so I need to refer you back to the orthopaedic clinic to make sure you have ruptured it and get an mri as your knee is too swollen  so have to wait till Monday for an answer I got in at 4am and I only had one hour sleep he has given me codine phosphate dicoflenic paracetamol and ibropfuen to help with the pain till I see a orthopaedic doctor oh joy lol  I had to laugh or I will just get frustrated I hope  I don't see my surgeon because he only signed me off to wrestle 3 weeks ago... Any other doctor will be fine lol
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Post by: Leenie on October 26, 2014, 12:03:49 PM
Yikes, Lucha! Hopefully, you'll get good news on Monday...

Don't you just love it when medical professionals are so clueless about MPFL reconstructions? From this board, it seems like a pretty standard procedure, at least in the sports medicine context. I know orthopaedics is a specialty, but don't doctors have to know about all the bones and ligaments of the body at some point in the careers?

Let us know what you find out from the MRI!

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Post by: lucha86 on October 26, 2014, 05:28:50 PM
Thanks Lennie
I find it rather amazing and amusing that when you go to a doctor and you go hey I have had mpfl surgery standard doctors look at you with a ' errrr.... What's that '  you think and this is a doctor who is clueless about how to treat me so right now I'm a guinea pig.... Lol.........

You would think before a doctor would see you they would read your notes and if they don't know something look it up before you see the patient lol

On the athletic front I don't think many doctors have a clue with athletes and mpfl lol I have had a rather few discussions with my surgeon saying I'm a guinea pig .......and he says I shouldn't feel like that and I said well if I have no answers to my question what else is there except trial and error... I even said to him let's be honest here you have never dealt with a lot of athletes he smiled said nothing........ Classics when doctors wont want to admit when a patient is correct... In which I replied to him so I am right I am a guinea pig because you have no idea how much stress an mpfl reconstruction can take so this is perfect research for you because it's such a unique case and you can't answer my question and he laughed and smiled  again and his nurse nodded her head and smiled at me behind his back..... So I was right....

Because if you think of all the pivoting motions we do in sports and all stresses that can happen on the knee it is a rather grey area of medicine because of the different stresses that any joint can be put under so how do doctors know what works for athletes without the athlete of that surgery trialing and testing the joint to see how it performs then reporting back to the doctor

What I do believe is from this surgery if you don't try you never know, because everyone is different and unique...........I just think proving doctors wrong is the best way of changing surgeons opinions on rehab , surgery techniques etc without the patients and testing and research and trail and errors techniques we wouldn't be in such a great world of modern surgery this one surgery has given me my life back which is truly amazing and i think without a lot of trial and error and research medicine cant gain ground without it =)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on October 26, 2014, 06:33:47 PM
My legs after being  taken Dow by the tourist left leg all bruised up right knee swollen showing some bruising but has went down as taken painkillers and cryocuff. The bruise on my left leg goes up my whole quad! Hoping knee will get the ok this Wednesday
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on October 27, 2014, 10:40:49 PM
Day 168- cant get out of bed- wrestling physio suggestions- high on painkillers- Got AN APPOINTMENT!
So today i tried to get myself out of bed... as soon as i good out the pain threshold shot through the roof!!
So i gave in and decided to take some painkillers so i could get to work that the doctor gave me......
Well very high on medications i was in my little bubble all day long, even my work colleagues were saying i was so spaced out even my clients/ customers were asking me if i was ok over the phone i thought to myself if i can get through today then i have a leiu day......
So the orthopaedic department got back to me and said they need to see me on Thursday at 9am the first appointment of the day...... i remember i kept going yea and even the medical secretary on the other line was like are you ok and i remember saying fine, on ibuprofen, paracetamol, codeine phosphate absolutely fine i remember her laughing.... and her saying oh dear is the pain that bad and i replied you try getting out of bed and scratching down the walls because you cant stand up it seemed to get my point across lol
Im finding the pain is when im sitting down with a bent knee is terrible and when i get up the pain is incredible after sitting or lying down........
So the wrestling physio rang me and suggested it would be a good idea to work with my personal trainer at the gym to assess what my knee can do and cant do to give him an idea of what is going on with the knee......
So i found i can only go on the stepper or cross training running makes my knee scream at me the bike my knee hates and the rower its just a no go right now........ so the wrestling physio think i might have either ruptured it or there is swelling behind the knee cap because of the fall and in the deeper tissues and on the femur aswell...... SO POSITIVE ISNT HE LOL ........
So im just annoyed lol the bruising now is alot worse than it was and i feel my quads are pretty badly bruised so its a case of waiting till thursday now i suppose OH JOY !! lol But i will say to the doctor i dont want my surgeon knowing about what has happened as he will more than likey freak lol ! Walking is still a bit of an issue but at least im walking =))
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on October 27, 2014, 11:00:09 PM
Bruising showing now oh joy lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: vickster on October 27, 2014, 11:05:39 PM
Are you really trying to use gym equipment despite what happens and before you know what's been damaged? And while spaced on painkillers  ???

Hope you get a diagnosis on Thursday. The leg looks really swollen

Good luck h
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on October 28, 2014, 12:02:24 AM
it sounds mad but it was just a test as my physio wanted to see what works and what doesnt to assess my knee as certain machines will work different parts of the leg so i tried it for like 30 seconds on each machine no more............ just to assess the joint as how its moving but we have found today i have lost a little extension  and the flex has been affected .......but i hope its only bruising........
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on October 28, 2014, 07:09:29 PM
day 169 - drugged up to eyeballs- measured swelling- knee is buggered lol
So have been topping up on the medication as without it my knee is too painful it keeps seizing up when i sit down or lying down and the pain is terrible when i stand up........ we measured my legs ( me and my pt) against last week my right knee which is my surgery knee has went up by 5 inches and the quad has went up by 6 inches!!!! i have to double take on it and we double checked it so its rather shocking ... my left leg with the bruised quad has went up by 5 inches also.......... i don't know what else to say but my knee is buggered lol  for saving a tourist lets just hope this doctor in under 48 hours can give me good news because i'm pretty annoyed right now lol lesson learnt don't save a tourist from getting hit by a taxi lol just need some hope from this doctor because i have matches in 12 weeks time ://// oh well i least i still have some humour lol
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Post by: lucha86 on October 29, 2014, 09:12:59 PM
Day170 - knee picture
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on October 29, 2014, 09:15:17 PM
Day170 second picture
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Post by: lucha86 on October 29, 2014, 09:29:14 PM
day 171- day before see orthopaedic doctor- knee cracking - swollen - have to laugh lol
so tomorrow i see if he knows what mpfl is i will be happy if he doesnt i will ask to see another doctor who knows because i just want someone just to check everything is ok so i can get active again ..........
my knee keeps cracking sounds out of it and im like that does not sound healthy lol and its swollen the bruising is getting blacker so fingers crossed it will be gone in a couple of days..... im still on medication as it keeps seizing up when i get up or sit down for long periods after the fall....
To be honest i have to laugh if i dont i will just get frustrated because by me trying to help someone and save their life and then its just my luck that would happen lol oh well fingers and toes crossed for tomorrow lol
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Post by: lucha86 on October 30, 2014, 07:25:58 PM
day 172- A spine clinic wth?? - fighting for an MRI - physio ballistic- more talking
So today went to the fracture clinic to find out it what for problems with spine, and i remember i said to the doctor last time i checked my knee was lower  than my spine he laughed...... He checked my knee i explained how my knee has went up by 6 inches in size it keeps seizing up and how i got hit by a taxi and that my physio and promotors would not allow me to get back into the ring without the mri and he refused to sign the paper, and then he said oh you have lost flexion and i can see your joint is stiff then i requested an mri again he said wait see how it is in two weeks and if not better then an mri...... I said this to my physio and promotor and they both went ballistic... they said you have been hit by a taxi at full impact and fallen back down onto the kurb at full force on your knees and quads... YOU SHOULD HAVE HAD ONE 4 DAYS AGO!
Now they refused to touch me or allow me to wrestle and they wanted words with my doctor to ask why i attended a spine fracture clinic and not a knee clinic and considering the impact surgery and nature of sport i do why no mri has been asked for.... to be honest they had a few pitchforks out lol
So i thought i would write to the medical secretary of my surgeon to ask for a request then she told me he was on holiday so i said to her thanks for helping but i will ask for a gp referral for an mri she asked what had happened for me to need one i explained i go hit by a taxi my leg was bruised etc and i needed an mri as the doctor had refused to sign it . I am always nice with the medical secretary as they put up with a lot of patient issues so i always send them a treat or gift now and again as a thank you for helping...... so she said she would speak to my surgeon on Monday to get him to sign one and low and behold within two hours she said she managed to get in contact with him and explained the situation and he got a referral for me
So she really helped me which i am very thankful for so now my wrestling physio can check the mri once i get it done tomorrow and be sure my knee is ok to continue and also my trainers can as well as my physio said yes they cleared you for fractures but they forget if your an athlete they say your leg is ok and you go into a match and you hurt it because they didnt check it on a mri they would be alot of consequences for the doctor from it as long as i get everything checked in black an white im happy and the others around me are happy.... IT REALLY ANNOYS ME HOW SOME DOCTORS ALWAYS TALK ABOUT LIABILITY it is so SAD to think that doctors are more worried about being sued and i just say as long as you make me better and everything is ok im great and i will thank you with A gift  simple i know all doctors are under stress and people should appreciate them for trying to help us =)) I mean for my surgeon to sign it on his annual leave is very nice of him and now fingers crossed by saturday i should have an answer of the mri =))
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Post by: Leenie on October 31, 2014, 04:38:50 PM
Wow, I can't believe the first doctor wouldn't sign off on the MRI! I would be so mad. At least you eventually got the order for the MRI. Let us know what you find out. Are you still hopped up on pain meds?
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on October 31, 2014, 07:37:26 PM
hey leenie - day 177 - moving slowly back into training - off painkillers-
i forced myself off the painkillers just putting up with it now so then i know when i am training it i have started going back to the gym training with two personal trainers who are being extra cautious and watching how my knee acts with the smallest of movements.....because i was getting frustrated running i cant do as the bruising is  very deep and my knee cant take it i can do the bike and cross trainer rower i cant so hopefully by tomorrow i will have answers =)) i will put up a picture if i can if im to be honest i think its deep bruising in my knee but my promotor wants to check if to be 100% sure so i can return to the wrestling....
Im glad leenie i went to my surgeon because he understands from an athletes point of view i need to make sure everything is 100% ok because without it i could not go into the wrestling etc............. or my insurance would not be happy for the doctor not checking with a mri before me entering the ring again after having a trauma hit.....
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on November 02, 2014, 10:06:09 AM
day 178- Looked at mri- MPFL still intact thank goodnes!!! - but other problems pff!!
So had a look with the mri with my independent doctor as a athlete you always have to have an independent doctor as a second back up to check everything is fine for your insurance......
He said i was lucky as my mpfl was still intact, he said there was a little swelling around it which im concerned about... but then he also added the fact that behind my kneecap there is alot of swelling and i have bruised my femur and my cartlidge looks like it has been damaged.... i said to him anything else lol?? He said  he says he will wait till he sees the full report or what my surgeon or radiologist says to confirm all of this them he said its good you had it because im signing you off the wrestling "WHHHAATT?"
As this independent doctor specialises in high contact sports he said in your sport with the amount of damage you have you need to let it rest by what is shown on this mri it was good you pushed for an MRI , because if you had stepped in the ring with that in two weeks time there could have been disastrous consequences your sugeon wont understand the sport as well as i do so im signing you off when we get the results from your surgeon/ radiologist then we will discuss your return further........

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on November 02, 2014, 01:00:24 PM
Mri mpfl reconstruction
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on November 02, 2014, 01:05:29 PM
Mir mpfl reconstruction
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: esm87 on November 02, 2014, 09:45:46 PM
So sorry to hear about this lucha! And that you can't wrestle at the moment. Hopefully it can be fixed soon!
Make sure you take some time to recover after such a set back! Hopefully all goes well

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on November 04, 2014, 12:57:51 AM
Day 179 - returning back to gym - knee swelling going down - bruising fading
So I have still been going to the gym before the accident I was doing amazing Burpees but I can't do that as of yet because of what the doctor said so I have been concentrating on sitting down working with the kegs on weights etc rather than impact the joint.... Boring I must say...... But in this situation I must relinquish and listen to the doctor..... The swelling is going down  around the mpfl which is good..... The bruising is also fading which is good my knee is feeling less painful just rehabbing it by myself to get it going again I know within two weeks I will bouncing out these Burpees and flips in the wrestling which I can do even with this reconstruction which us good :)))
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on November 04, 2014, 01:15:37 AM
day 180  6 months post op achievements so far in Mpfl reconstruction in  getting back to sports and normally

I want people who are thinking of having mpfl surgery or who are in the rehab process to give them some hope or understanding of what to expect or what can be achieved as I know hard it is considering the complications I have had ........

I have achieved so far
10 hours of personal training sessions a weeks 4 hours a day in the gym post (24weeks)
Lifting 170kg on leg press post (24weeks) back to normal yeye
Cross trainer level 8 1 hour 30 minutes non stop (24 weeks)
Quadricep press - 75kg wohoo beats before the surgery (24 weeks)
Running 8km (24 weeks
Bike level 10 1hr 30 minutes (post 23 weeks)
Flying moves in wrestling out of ring ( post 23 weeks)
Lifting two people one on each shoulder in a match = 170kg ( post 22 weeks)
Burpees and mountain climbers ( post 22 weeks ) full flexion got back when surgeon said I wouldn't (22 weeks)
Flips ( post 22 weeks)
actual match ( post 20 weeks) went ok ish
weight lifting on legs increased by 12kg ( post 20 weeks)
bike 1 hour ( post 19 weeks)
survived two hour personal training session non stop (post 18 weeks)
lifting 100kg on shoulders ( post 17 weeks)
ran 6k ( 16.5 weeks)
wrestling in the ring practising ( 16 weeks)
running at 13.5 on the running machine (15 weeks)
running 5 miles outside ( 15 weeks)
squatting/lunges with 30kg in each hand ( post 15 weeks)
-lifting 150kg leg pres ( 14 weeks)
-running outside 4 miles (14/13  weeks)
- Lifting 140kg on leg press (12 weeks)
-squatting with men on shoulder ( 12 weeks)
- running 75 days post surgery( 10 weeks)
- lifting 120kg on my legs post surgery ( 8 weeks-9weeks)
- running up stairs (post 8 weeks)
- skipping jumping, ( post 8 weeks)
- squats lunges, lunges with dumbells 20kg) post (7 weeks)
-free weight lifting, lifting weight onto my shoulders with squats post

I hope this will give patients doctors and physios alike what can be achieved if your determined to see it through I know it's a hard surgery to get through but have hope faith and you can achieve those goals one thing I have learnt from this surgery is it is a lot about trial and error and only you know when your ready to do something I'm sure sometimes my surgeon uses reverse psychology on me to see how far I can push myself as an athlete, as he has never had a wrestler before and I suppose for him it's good research but I'm determined to keep proving him wrong because I already have just by turning my frustrations into determination I have surpassed the goals by weeks he set out and I suppose as we all know all surgeons will make a judgement and when you prove them wrong they will only answer with a smile or silence lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on November 04, 2014, 08:27:39 PM
Day 181- still gyming - knee improving...... - bruising from MUA not going away
So I gave been going to the gym working with the personal trainers after getting hit by the taxi my knee is improving the swelling is still there but the pain is manageable after the taxi incident.. But one thing I was discussing with my trainer is we have noticed the bruising I had come from after the MUA after the stitches got ripped open the bruising hasn't even lightened and it's the same colour as it was after the MUA in June 4th so we both believe it's not going to go now.... But I will put that question forward to the orthopedic doctor I see a week tomorrow .............. But everything is going ok ..... :)))  but it's incredible I have lost over 5 inches off each keg since the surgery which is great as it shows how much more things I'm able to do :)))
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Post by: lucha86 on November 05, 2014, 08:35:27 PM
day 182- knee doesnt want to play- swollen - rest i think
So today my knee has swollen up again but the temperature has went down so i dont know if it is to do with that i tried going to the gym with it and it doesnt want to play so i thought listen to it and rest it there is no point in trying to be stupid with it, its doing if for a reason lol..... but my brusing is nearly going which is good =)
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Post by: lucha86 on November 06, 2014, 08:05:35 PM
Day 183 (6months 3 days) post mpfl reconstruction surgery picture
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Post by: lucha86 on November 06, 2014, 08:47:58 PM
Day 183  - Lessons leaant from MPFL Reconstructions..... post 6 months
I must admitt when i look back i see how much i have come through and beaten from swollen blistered leg, DVT, MUA etc. Has it been worth it???

I WOULD GO THROUGH IT AGAIN!! why i dare see you ask?

I now have a life again i am more mobile, my weight has dropped and for me by the surgeon taking the risk and choosing to do my surgery he has given me my life back, yes there was a case of trial and error and feeling like a guinea pig, but sometimes we forget how far has medicine come without help from patients and fellow researchers?

Things i learnt from MPFL is that the first 8 weeks i call "Riding the storm weeks" Because the pains you feel the inflammation, the frustration, the lack of understanding is very hard to even understand and accept.......
I think those 8 weeks are when you feel like every reserve of energy you have is used in those weeks and they are the most emotional weeks because of lack of sleep being uncomfortable etc........

I found with my surgery i noticed from week 9 onwards which i call "The end of all ends" my recovery speeded up x2, i noticed a considerable difference compare to the first 8 weeks where everything seemed slow my leg was reacting a lot quicker and sport seemed to flow naturally back when i started the gym. Everything seemed to settle and it was easier to cope mentally as the pain wasn't as unexpected or so unusual

I think some surgeons forget this as well as doctors that when you have had MPFL surgery the pains we feel for us are not normal i remember sarcastically replying to my surgeon registrar when he said how are you feeling i said " My knee feel likes its on fire and wants to rip open, i have zeus lightening bolts going down from my knee to my foot and my new ligament is screaming at me , and it keeps cracking like breaking a nut not much really " He looked at me and laughed and said that normal. I then replied what may be normal to you medically is not normal for us patients....... he went quiet........i think i hit a point.

That point is .... ask why something is normal......... ask the doctor to explain because i saw another registrar of his and he explained everything medically why it is normal for example he said that is normal because the nerves are repairing... which is a lot better than its normal its normal .... is that the only adjective or descriptive words doctors use in the English language lol.....

To be honest the amount i have researched about MPFL i have used very little of it i have found by looking outside the box i have found new and interesting ways with my personal training in the rehabilitation of mpfl reconstruction... keeping to basics and slow movements have worked the best we have found the TRX machine to be a great help in rehabilitation of the knee
Sometimes my surgeon didn't agree with some things i did but then i said to him if you have it in black and white to prove to me that it is wrong to do then i will not do it, but if you cannot answer my question due to lack of research that is being done on MPFL reconstruction worldwide and you do not have the proof then you cant tell me it wont work because it hasn't been tried when i said this to him he just smiled.... again i hit another point........

ONLY YOU AS A PATIENT WILL KNOW WHEN YOU ARE READY TO DO THINGS- rehabilitation has guidelines of where you should be but everyone is different, if you feel you can try it try it with a physiotherapist or personal trainer with you at the time if you are cautious but you never know till you try, and as there is so little research on MPFL and rehab, then we must try to help other patients in the future....

and FINALLY...........  no matter how much frustration you have with lack of movement, lack of doctors knowledge of MPFL, just keep going have hope, and be determined to get back up on your feet because you know your body better than anyone else, if i can prove a surgeon wrong how many more people can?
Sometimes i find it rather funny myself explaining MPFL surgery to a doctor as they generally go quiet or red because a patient is explaining a medical procedure to a doctor lol
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Post by: lucha86 on November 07, 2014, 09:53:12 PM
Day 184 - weird sensations - some pivots moves on trx hmmm- planning Spartan race x2 next year
So I have been getting weird sensations which I can only explain is my knee with the cold weather I have also come  across a problem with my trainer when I try to squat and flex my left arm over to my right side on the trx my mpfl knee doesn't like it at all it feels like it's going to dislocate she felt it and noticed the ligament is acting rather differently I see the orthopedic Doctor in 6 days so I will ask him then whatever number #123456789 doctor I see lol - me and my personal trainer have decided to sign up for two Spartan races next year which will be amazing today as I have my ability to do anything I want now and not have to worry about dislocations :)) so I hope I will get an answer for that pivot motion because in wrestling that is an important pivot we use :)
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Post by: lucha86 on November 08, 2014, 02:12:10 PM
day 185 - 10000 views wow! - round up of last 6 months - MPFL reconstruction is it worth it?

I am shocked to see today there has been over 10000 views on my diary, the reason why i have done an everyday diary is i noticed on many other diaries it was only every so often and i thought to myself well in order to understand MPFL reconstruction better and the progress made it would be better to do it day by day as there was little information i could find on the surgery... I hope this diary has been helpful to patients, doctors and physiotherapist alike......

So i thought i would round up my Mpfl surgery so far
Early May - had MPFL reconstruction,
Late May- operated leg swollen to triple the size, with blisters and very red and stiff, DVT was suggested
                cleared then sports physio suggested could be anthrofibrosis or compartment syndrome
Early June- MUA to stop stiffness
June - August - sports physio, hospital physio, personal trainers, and sports massage therapist...
July - Running 10 and a half weeks post surgery
Mid August - had first training matches.........September - has first actual match
September - ran over 8km, back up to full level of fitness post surgery equal to before except for pivoting motions.......
October- got hit by taxi - now recovering from the bruising
November- Researching different pivot moves to see what is possible with an MPFL reconstruction

for me yes it is i have had no dislocations only one small slight sublaxtion when i got hit by the taxi....
My life is now complete everyone understand when you suffer from  knee dislocations it gets to a point where you just get fed up and have had enough, i can now run fully i can dead lift weight without having the fear of my knee dislocate... Yes the MPFL surgery for me was rather complicated but i came out better than before the surgery and now i'm able to do so much more that before the surgery if i did a burpee before the surgery my knee would dislocate now i can do 50 without stopping which shows =) and i say to those who are considering MPFL reconstruction go for it as its changed my life for the better and all that pain and complications i went through were well worth it..... Because now im living and now im gonna enter a SPARTAN RACE!!

Anyone looking into mpfl surgery this link was a good info for me
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Post by: lucha86 on November 08, 2014, 07:28:04 PM
Day 185- knee mpfl reconstruction
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on November 09, 2014, 03:15:35 PM
Day 186- have to wait for mri results tomorrow - knee ligament throbbing - still going lol

So I found out my surgeon has the radiologist report so I will wait till Monday Tuesday for an answer back my Independent doctor checked it last week said the ligament was still intact a few things did concern him so he told me to wait for the radiologist report so fingers crossed it's ok one thing I have noticed is I still can't  run my knee is still sore from the hit by the taxi - seriously I font know how many more lives I have lol

I have noticed my mofl ligament is throbbing/ pulsating feeling it's strange but I just get on with it I suspect it's the nerves healing.......

So I still keep going I'm still going to the gym.......with personal trainers I have two 9x a week then I have the time which I do by myself they have helped get back to track they have saved my life they gave got me back on track more than my physiotherapist have they have both learned things by rehabbing me  I think doctors should take on ideas from personal trainers because there is still so much to be learned from mpfl by them helping me I have made bigger steps I suppose gym personal trainers see a lot more and they push you...
I'm hoping soon by when I get the full mri results then that will give them clearance to do more with my leg because I'm getting frustrated lol
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Post by: lucha86 on November 10, 2014, 07:56:56 PM
day 187 - YEY!!!!! got clearance to train ! - mri ok- finally happy !
So i got clearance to train again i got my mri results back from my surgeon and i can finally train fully again =) I feel so elated and happy that i can now keep going to prove MY SURGEON and my INDEPENDENT doctor wrong as long as i dont get hit by another taxi lol

I have already proven a lot of doctors and physiotherapist wrong, because what annoys me the most is some people in life generally make a judgement and then that is it they keep to that judgement, some doctors i feel and im not pointing the finger here but they need to realise sometimes you cant always judge a book by its cover until they understand or have read the first few chapters at least.

I am so determined to show how much research is missing from MPFL for us patients and the lack of information and how to be honest there are better techniques that can be used in the rehabilitation of MPFL my personal trainers have come up with 30 new techniques on how to REHABILITATE MPFL RECONSTRUCTION with my thoughts as well...... because  i wasn't given any at the start i was given a paper with four exercises and told to bend it that's it but there is SO MANY MORE MOVES and techniques you can do to get your leg going which are more appropriate for MPFL TRAINING........

As an semi professional athlete myself i know how frustrating it can be for a doctor that says no you cant do that well im under the impression if you haven't got the evidence or research in black and white to say i cant why cant i if i have so little information on MPFL rehabilitation......

I have written a twenty page book with hypothesis and all the new exercises we have created as a guide and a understanding for doctors and physiotherapist to undertsand better the frustration many patients have with LACK OF INFORMATION but also to HELP FUTURE PATIENTS because all of these new exercises which i have discovered with my team through trial and error and have proven the doctors wrong with , by doing these exercises the medical staff are baffled by my speed of recovery.... my plan is to slam this book in front of my surgeon get signed off in 9 weeks time and say this is how i proved you wrong learn from it there are things to be learned from everyday in life !!

I have bounced back from MPFL reconstruction, DVT, MUA, ripped sutures, compartment syndrome, and started running post 10 and a half weeks after surgery which generally is at least 12-13 weeks post surgery on a standard MPFL patient with no complications, so it just goes to show this trail and error technique has paid off....... because without it i would be in a different situation ....

Yes my surgeon and his medical secretary have been great in giving me the help i need but i think sometimes some people need to look outside the box to see different views on rehab after mpfl reconstruction and to be honest a good start is personal trainers! they have been the key to my success and the key to gaining my full flexion back =)) frustration released lol
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Post by: lucha86 on November 12, 2014, 10:16:20 PM
day 188 - TAKING THE EXTREMES - trying new things-
So i started practising today i managed to lift one man on each shoulder and throw them down which was good as i felt nothing on my knee and i have felt no pain since with my knee, i also did alot of contact and alot of falls and my knee was fine-
In the gym im doing everything dead lifts, squats, lunges, burpees , mountain climbers calf raisers etc. Very easy on my knee my knee is still sore when i run but i suppose when you get hit by a taxi you will expect that lol.. Im trying to understand some moves as some pivot motions are very hard in a peculiar way like the new mpfl ligament goes mental like tries to pull too over laterally so i see the doctor in two days so i will ask him that question... i feel that i need to try things and they seek the answers to my question to help others answer their questions about mpfl in the future as there are very few answers that you can find but more and more questions about MPFL....

i FEEL this has changed my life for the better no matter the complications i have my knee feels so much stronger......
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Post by: lucha86 on November 13, 2014, 07:46:57 PM
Day 189 - intense gym - see doctor number 123456789, give it straight!
So I have been doing everything at the gym now I gave got my full flexion back after getting hit by the taxi, my life is better than normal compared to pre surgery skipping, Burpees, mountain climbers, slides . Trx moves not a problem dead lifts easy, squats easy, .....

So today I had to go to the spine clinic to get my knee checked out last time I checked my knee was lower than my spine lol, and I saw a lovely doctor, he sat me down and he said so you hAve had MPFL, MUA , DVt risk, internal bleeding within leg, you are a wrestler and you have been hit by a taxi..........
He laughed and said a few life experiences there I laughed I said it a witty dry sarcastic done listen here doc, I lift men above my head for a living I had to contact my surgeon for an mri because one if your team would not give me an mri to check if my knee is ok and my promotor would not allow me back into the ring until it was checked.... My surgeon has checked it said it's fine , I have no swelling I have full flexion and showed him , he then said I shouldn't have full flexion it's impossible and I said well I gave proved you wrong now...
He dropped his pen.....
Then I said listen I go and see my surgeon in January there is nothing else you can do for me because my surgeon has fine all the checks so I can keep throwing people out of a ring,  I'm moving I'm jumping up and down I can move my leg, I'm lifting people above my head so all you have to do is sign  the paperwork and I will be on my way, then he signed it and asked me more about the wrestling and what I had done,  he told me my case is rather unique.... And he thinks it amazing how far I gave come and proved to the doctors the impossible is possible

I replied yea I know that that's why I'm a guninea pig because I don't care I'm trying everything to see what works and what doesn't work , my main goal through this I said to him was to prove my surgeon and doctors wrong that something's not all judgements are correct and that the impossible can be achieved....... I f you tell me not to do something I will do it for sheer curiosity ......
He said he was happy to meet me and to continue what I was do as something was working well..... I said to him it's thinking outside the box which works ....... I then left he shook my hand a complete gentleman.....
It just shows sometimes as patients we can prove the medial professionals wrong through sheer determination to succeed....
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on November 14, 2014, 10:18:49 PM
day190 (6 and a half months post surgery) sitting down with three men who had ACL, MCL AND me MPFL reconstruction understanding similarities VERY INTERESTING! - cold is seizing my knee up- finally running better again

SO TODAY in the gym i met three men one who had ACL reconstruction 5 years ago the other had MCL AND ACL reconstruction 10 years ago and the third had a PCL/ACL. It was rather interesting to sit down and talk and share our experiences,
SEVERAL IMPORTANT THINGS, we found a correlation or similarities between,

1) Cold weather- Has an effect on the knee on all of us, and also seizing sensation, which is a suggestion        its the hardware used within the surgeries,

2) Clicking and cracking- we all concluded this is part of the surgery, as they didn't have it before the surgery

3) Burning sensations / jumpy legs - we all had which is rather interesting even though we had different ligament reconstruction so could this be down to the positioning of the ligament or hardware? I think more hardware and also jumpy legs because of nerves etc.....

4) Arthritis - Both of them have developed arthritis with their surgeries and the symptoms they describe match up burning sensation tightness, seizing, one is only 44 and looks like he will be having a full knee replacement by the time he is 50, The second one is trying to hold off the knee replacement as he believes if he can hold it off for 5-10 years medical advancement will be better... as a metal joint only last up to 15 years tops now...........

5)Flexion- Everyone has had a problem with flex ion and the interesting part is im the only one to get it fully back, so the question is that is it due to the type of reconstruction people have? Or down to having the correct physiotherapist etc?

6)Doctors opinions vary- What we found was my surgeon was the most honest but there were some of them who felt that, there wasn't even information given to them, the question we all asked was how honest should a doctor be, or how can we have the answers to our questions is even the doctor doest know the answer, the answer we all agreed on was try it and test it because everyones case in unique

So after speaking with them it has made me think and i looked into it further in the aspects of longer term care of knee ligament reconstruction does this prove, that by sitting down with patients correlations can be seen across the board? Why has no research been done in this manner? For me my surgery has helped me gain control of my knee and has given me back my life, but then when you look at the descriptions these gentleman have told me about there is still things to be learnt in the art of knee ligament reconstruction, and the only way it can be improved by us trying it ourselves and testing the joint....

I am now running again which is good but my knee today has completely seized up today the temperature was very cold where i live today now i can barley move it oh well lol a hot water bottle it is lol Sometimes with any surgery you have to expect some form of complications or some sort of sacrifice
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Post by: lucha86 on November 15, 2014, 07:19:44 PM
day 191- lifted two men - jumped from a ladder - went on a bike for two hours feel awed!
So today i had a match i lifted one man on each shoulder and threw them down, which was great as my knee did not react at all, i then after a lot of time with the wrestling physiotherapist changing up my pivots and movements i jumped from a ladder in the ring and my knee was fine and then i did a two hour bike ride so things seem to be back in place - dare i mention the word normal lol
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Post by: lucha86 on November 16, 2014, 08:17:34 PM
day-190 knee having normal day - gyming it -  have nerve issue
Ok so my knee is acting normal today wohooo!!!!! I have be gyming it while it is good but i have one problem
Because i get nerve pain down my leg to my foot and sometimes my knee with just go numb when i wrestle and i cant feel it and there has been not pressure put on the joint, and its unexpected i can cope with it but does anyone know how long it takes nerves to heal?
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Post by: lucha86 on November 18, 2014, 07:42:30 PM
Day 191- new stretch techniques  for mpfl - 100 burpees whoop!!!
So today I managed to do 100 burpeees which was amazing my knee kept going !!!!! I was so proud to do it as I had never been able to even do 10 burpeees before the surgery because my knee dislocated that much...
My personal trainer has come up with new stretching the mpfl ligament and it seems to be working......
I feel really strong :)))))) now my sports massage therapist is earning on imbolizations skills to make it flex even more and to stop it seizing up.......

Day 192- annoying wrestlers - the Achilles weakness - mpfl workouts - sports massage interesting
So I was tearing with a wrestler when I tried to pivot in a certain way and a wrestler go in my way and I landed in such a way that I buggered up my left foot, in fact Achilles tendinitis I now have got in my non surgical leg so I'm not allowed to run so while im giving my other leg a rest we are concentrating on my mpfl leg and firing up the vmo and gleuts as I still have some atrophy in the quad from the surgery......
And we are doing a lot of flexion......... And resistance techniques to build it up.......
I had my sports massage therapist say my IT bands which is the side of the thigh is really tight and that won't help the knee she released it and the pain was mental but after my leg felt so much more easier.... Then I has shin splints ...... And she noticed my mpfl  leg my foot was still turning outwards lol so I have to work on it lol
Just my luck..... Lol..... Things can only get better!!!!
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Post by: lucha86 on November 19, 2014, 08:23:05 PM
day 193 - Mpfl LEG IS VERY HAPPY! =)  no pain nothing !!
so Post 193 days i have the feeling of a normal leg back dare i say it lol I have had no pain in it considering its taking alot of weight from my left leg to give my achilles a rest =) It seems a lot better now than it did before the surgery i'm lifting 20 kg more on my leg now than pre surgery and i'm a lot fitter which is great.......
Im running alot better, im pivoting a lot better which is great =)
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Post by: lucha86 on November 19, 2014, 09:00:16 PM

So as an athlete if i walked in and said "yea i had this problem since i was 16 my knee would dislocate they put me into a cast for several weeks to stop it from dislocating, it kept dislocating throughout the next 10 years they i had a bad accident in the wrestling and my knee completely dislocated and now I'm gaining weight because its so unstable."

However the first doctor i saw said " It's your weight and your VMO" i replied i lift men above my head for a living i would not be able to do that if my leg was strong." I was then referred to physiotherapy. This doctor i saw was a very senior high doctor who ordered an MRI........

Physiotherapist baffled why my knee keeps dislocating as well as my physiotherapist and personal trainer and activities including wrestling getting harder due to the continuous dislocations and sublaxtions.... this lasted nearly 6 months

Doctor number two a rather stuck up doctor, who seemed to think he knew everything lol .Again gave him the same history as the last doctor again blamed weight and VMO " I said i can lift a man above my head my VMO is fine i could lift you quite easily right now to prove a point, he laughed then i replied you think its funny putting in over 30 dislocations and not being able to fully wrestle and my weight gain is rapid?"
Again back to physiotherapy.....

Physiotherapy again 3 months - again baffled to why it was dislocating in front of me and referred me back to the doctors AGAIN!! lol

Doctor number 3 !  I GET MYSELF READY FOR THE WORD BMI, VMO etc lol ....... This doctor i saw was a young doctor who had just qualified, he actually listened to me and he saw their was a problem with the movement of my knee cap......he said to me why hasn;t anyone referred you to a surgeon this has been going on for over a year? " I REPLIED YOU TELL ME your the doctor..." hE SAID "Judging by your accident and past history i think you have torn ligaments in your knee and i am referring you to a surgeon! He asked me completely different questions compared to the first two doctors

wait another 3 months for the appointment to see the surgeon......

The big boy - The surgeon lol
spoke with him he did not judge me on my weight he judge me on my history and sport, and even he asked me how am i still training on that knee? I replied dunno by this point i had given up alot of hope on doctors because of lack of diagnosis, i tried to explain to the surgeon i just kept going on wrestling as much as i could then he told me i had torn my MPFL, HE COULD SEE IT ON MY MRI from 6 MONTHS AGO!! Then i had the surgery 3 months later, that surgeon had basically saved my life and given me hope and my knee back again....

My frustrating point as an athlete is in wrestling you need to be big! simple! if im going to lift two men one on each shoulder and slam them down i need to weight bare.... Also BMI is so old now that it was created post war, but now everyone is built differently so shouldn't doctors be looking at the proportion of the build of the body and actual waist size rather than a code called BMI that is over 70 years old?!

Second if you know i am an athlete, then why does a doctor not look at an athletes injury as a traumatic injury, and not use other ways to assess the athlete? or is it down to inexperience with doctors treating athletes? How could a tear be missed on an MRI by a senior doctor, i find it funny lol how i saw two senior doctors who teach doctors and they did not spot it but it was one of their students that did lol

You would think the most experienced doctor would spot a problem with the MPFL rather than a just qualified doctor trained by them lol........

So with my treatment it took 1 year and 7 months to get to the point of surgery... My point is with athletes its important to make sure everything has been checked as timing is key, because if you tell me that my knee is fine i will carrying on lifting men throwing them out of a ring and flying into the crowd lol
But then the added question is how much damage have i done to my knee which could have been stopped? if the right diagnosis had been made at the correct time? by just thinking outside the box or asking a different question......

I must admit though my surgeon has been great i have lost the excess weight i put on as a result of the instability of the knee and he has answered all my questions and gave me hope at a time when i had lost all hope in doctors when your an athlete you are aware of when someone is wrong in your body because it reacts in such a way there are certain signals..... My surgeon put his faith in the fact that it was affecting my life and i could barely exercise by that point.... So by me losing the excess weight and being a lot fitter now and had no dislocations it proves my knee MPFL reconstruction was the best decision.....

If it wasnt for that young doctor who had just qualified i think i would still be in a different place....

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Post by: lucha86 on November 22, 2014, 09:24:38 PM
day 194- old weather issues- when to stop writing this diary - seizing up
So today i have noticed my knee hasn't been happen had to take a dicoflenix painkiller, and it also has been seizing up which hasn't helped i have to expect some form of pain when you have screws in your knee which aren't suppose to be there.......... so i haven't been able to do a lot of exercise

I have decided when i see my surgeon in end of January who better sign me off lol or i will scream lol i will stop writing it at that point and then update on a quartly yearly basis...... I just hope this diary has been useful to people so far on MPFL and i hope doctor physiotherapist and patients alike have found this to be helpful =)
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Post by: lucha86 on November 24, 2014, 08:48:34 PM
day 195 My thoughts on MPFL reconstruction
So my friend asked me to describe the whole journey of an MPFL reconstruction i said to her in two words
"Roller coaster" Its had its ups and down, it bends, its corners,but the ride has finally finished and come to a stop and i can get off and walk away normally from it all with my head held up high and think "wow i survived that i can do that ride again if i'm forced to, i survived."

Mpfl has changed my life in so many ways, i have lost a lot of weight as my knee is now stable today i managed to do 150 burpees which is AMAZING! I Believe though that there is still a lot to learn as i feel my treatment could have been quicker if the orthopaedic doctors understood more of MPFL ligament/ knee dislocations or took into account my sport or in other words to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.....
Is it that hard to ask a different question in order to obtain the correct diagnosis for the patient.

I was glad when i fund my surgeon, as i finally had hope that i wasn't going mad and there was a reason for my dislocations happening, and when the three doctors before him blamed everything else rather than look outside the box it was easy to lose hope with doctors.........


Yes i had a lot of complications even thinking back now i think my surgeon was baffled with the size of my leg and blisters, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT, the pain the tears, the jumpy legs, the frustration, the canulars lol, the celaxane in the stomach, and going to the gym on crutches...... i now have stability.....

PEOPLE who have had MPFL reconstruction you suffer from years of dislocations or sublxations and it gets worse and worse, so what is normal for you as in daily or weekly dislocations, then you have MPFL reconstruction and now for the first time you are classed as normal lol because there is no  fear of running and your knee slamming down and you having to put it back in....


I think though there is so much i have learnt about the rehabilitation of MPFL THAT there is a lot more things doctors and physiotherapist can learn, to increase the rate of recovery,

I would say to anyone who is going to have MPFL surgery... DO IT........ because you will have stability back and you will feel content in life again......

The first few weeks are the hardest but then you will look back and think it was worth it =)

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Post by: lucha86 on November 25, 2014, 07:45:58 PM
Day 1960- post mpfl reconstruction knee picture
As you can tell all the bruising is gone from getting hit by that taxi wohooo!!
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Post by: lucha86 on November 27, 2014, 08:58:34 PM
day 197- More lunges, and squats- stretching the ligament -tightness
So i have been working out on stretching the ligament to see if it will get rid of the
Tightness i still find after sitting down for three hours i have to get up because my knee is screaming at me to move, so i have to get up still and move around very stiff, so i have time at my work called "knee time"2 lol to get my leg moving.. so i have been working on stretching the ligament more, which is proving annoying and boring lol because you have to do the same exercises over and over and when your an athlete you start to get easily frustrated..... But hopefully it will ease the pain or my surgeon will get some words AGAIN in january lol

Day 198- Stiff knee- cold weather - frustrating
So my knee is stiff again because of the weather i feel and my knee has swollen up...... under the desk it has been doing the same today feeling its on fire and tight and i have had to get up a few times, at some points i couldnt walk i just had to stand and wiggle and rather hope that will sort it lol Sometimes it is rather frustrating because i want to keep going but sometimes my knee just says NO..... so its like your body stops you and you get into a position where, it is trail and error and move on and just get on with it lol

day 199- Heat therapy - stiffness - keep going- sleep issues
So after still having stiffness for a few days now which again i feel is for the cold weather that heat therapy was used now to see if that would improve it and to be honest it has which is a good thing.... which has brought down the swelling........ I still keep going the last few days has been hard but i think it has been for a change of the weather... and i have found even at night right now i can only sleep in certain positions as in some my knee reacts big time and i have to change position..... i think sometimes i forget i am nearly 200 days post surgery which is nearly 7 months post surgery....... and that the body is still healing maybe its me in my athlete way of thinking and maybe i just nee to rest the knee.........
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Post by: lucha86 on November 29, 2014, 11:32:02 PM
Day 200- heels with mpfl - stiff - keep going
So wearing heels with mpfl is interesting as you find your knee likes it for so while then as soon as you
Take off the heels your knee throbs and starts going mental lol my knee currently hates me lol
I think flats for future reference lol..... I'm already 6ft tall so I doing need them really lol
My knee is getting a lot stiffer with the cold weather coming in its harder to move the joint
I suppose keep on going...,,,
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Post by: lucha86 on November 30, 2014, 08:03:24 PM
day 200- Relaxing knee good- no pain wohooo!!
So today has been a good day it has seized up i have had a little pain in the new Mpfl ligament but there is not much i can do i can deal with it it is more like a throbbing pain but cannot do anything about that lol
I didnt go to the gym today as i have a friend from Germany, the weather is getting colder but im feeling the hardware more just chillin all day =)

day 201- WTH cant get out of bed- loss of feeling - trail and error to get it back
So today wasnt expecting this to happen, tried to get up out of bed but my knee just seized up and i couldnt get myself up, it was quite funny, my German friend is staying with me and she found it funny how i keep trying to get up but my knee gave up and went back down, i tried to get up for the third time with no success. So i got my friend to help me with some heat therapy as it was a cold night to sleep last night so i got a hot water bottle..... put that on it tried  again and my knee gave way and fell back onto the bed........
So frustration started to sink in lol so i text my wrestling physio and my personal trainer to ask for help to get me out of bed lol and walk..... So then say said use your resistance bands see if they will help get the joint moving so did then tried to get up.... fifth time being an hour later tried to get up and my knee again locked gave way a little then i lost feeling in my knee ... and then fell back onto the bed......... so then i rang a pharmacist i know and asked for advice as DOCTORS DONT WORK ON SUNDAYS ;p and i dont want to sit waiting in A and E............ so she told me to take two types of medications to see if that would help and wait for 40 minutes for it to work........... SO Sixth time i get up and i managed to get up..... but my knee was very stiff, shaky and not happy i had to have a stick to hold onto the first hour to get myself going..... Maybe my knee was having a bad day lol its still not great like 8 hours later but it just shows trial and error process of MPFL you have a bad day now and again but the good days make up for it =)
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Post by: lucha86 on December 02, 2014, 04:41:58 PM
Day 202- went flying - whole leg tight - hilarious lol
So today I worked out in the gym I went walking down a street to work and all of a sudden I dunno my knee extended way too back then overruled forward and I lost complete control of my joint it felt so weak maybe the signs were there over the last few days...... I  went flying on my arse and had major pain in the ligament  I thought oh great just my luck lol I heard a crack noise before I fell but I managed to get up after 5 tries... So after a couple of hours my whole leg has went tight even my calf is tight and my knee isn't feeling stable so I had decided to use an old support band to keep it stable for a few days till the knee settles this is so hilarious it's getting or becoming stupid lol.......... My knee is currently now swollen and it's flexes in weird ways I refuse to go yo a doctor because they know nothing about mpfl lol :) let's just get it better my way I think :)
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Post by: lucha86 on December 03, 2014, 06:52:22 AM
Day 203- ankle and knee not moving together- swollen -meh! - physiotherapist
So today my knee has got a lot worse it's swollen and my ankle and knee are not working together my ankle keeps falling to the outside when my knee is trying to flex or pivot and the pain in the knee is not great
Taken a dicoflenic to try to bring down the swelling and using hot and cold techniques on the knee
But my knee doesn't like it so right now I'm in a catch 22  lol so I have found out my wrestling physiotherapist is coming in from japan to london to see me so fingers crossed I should have more answers when I see him :)
This is such a meh situation and I have a big natch in 2 weeks pressure is on lol
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Post by: lucha86 on December 04, 2014, 04:41:54 PM
Day 104 muscle  knots muscle spindles, bruising around mpfl- doctor again - arggggg!!!!!!!!!!
So I went to my physiotherapist who is aliso a sports massage therapist to be shirt and sweet he wasn't happy lol he Said I have a lot of muscle knots in my legs he felt 20 of them he is trying to help also the muscle spindles which are like receptors and also I have a bruise around my mpfl ligament area which I didn't see lol ... So he wasn't happy so he said I should go back to the independent doctor........
So again went yo the independent doctor who asked me to come in to his consult room my knee jerked back quad threw itself forward my ankle gave out and I went down by his door I though just my luck!!!! Lol
Luckily enough he saw it thank goodness..... He said my leg looked rather unstable he cleared my ankle as the was no swelling but my knee was swollen up.......... He said I should go back to my surgeon as my leg wasn't reacting like it should be..... At this point I felt really annoyed and I just said to him I give up it's going round and round in circles..... My surgeon I will see in 6 weeks time I will wait there is no point in me seeing any other doctors because no one seems to have a clue how to treat mpfl reconstructions and as a patient I feel I have lost trust because I cannot get answers to my questions I just feel like crying..... The doctor then said for me to rest it and not do anything with it and see if it subsides after the accident ..... I just feel.l argggg!!!!!!
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day 105-!! -  JUST CHILLIN - cold weather strikes again lol
so i have been wearing my brace i decided to visit the gym but do sit down exercises on my upper body and not touch my legs to keep myself entertained lol so it was just relaxing it today lol,
But then the cold weather again on my knee is crazy again today the pain was too much i had to get a painkiller im sure it is the reaction of the hardware to the cold......... time to sleep i think and relax lol
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Post by: lucha86 on December 06, 2014, 06:55:35 PM
Day 206 - bracing and gyming trial and error - cold = painkillers - just keep going
So I have decided after a little rest to re train back at the gym I spoke with my wrestling physio who suggested to wear the brace during workouts until I see the surgeon........I have been workout out with the brace on and my knee is so stable with it on it's not overloading on the quadriceps and I'm able to jog which us good then I tried with it off to see the difference and my knee was jerking and hyperextending backwards the brace is key till I build up a few more muscules groups to see if that helps if it doesn't I have screwed up my knee lol . The cold is affecting it a lot now it's throbbing a lot and very painful when I try to sleep I try not to take painkillers if I can when it gets like that I ger really go to the gym which is 5 minutes away to warm the joint up or I use a hot water bottle.......
So right now I just keep going to see what happens all just trust and error I suppose I think sometimes as an athlete I do forget I'm still around 6 months 1weeks post surgery lol
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Post by: lucha86 on December 06, 2014, 09:53:37 PM
day 207 - Round up of progress so far........feeling on MPFL
well its been a roller coaster, i have had some unexpected bumps along the way, I'm still going strong
i don't regret my decision to have the MPFL reconstruction as an athlete i feel very fortunate to have had
a surgery that has secured my future but that has also save my life in many ways... i still have questions
such as the longevity of MPFL reconstruction in  athletes i look at ACLsurgery and they say in football there is a 30% chance of rupturing it.

But i wrestle so its more extreme so for me its a "grey area" What I mean by that is that it is an unknown area, where no one can answer my question not even research the little that does exist ON MPFL surgery, there is nothing on a standard athlete and the longevity post MPFL reconstruction, so I am risking it every time i go into the ring. No wonder my surgeon wants to see me again because the research does not exist.


I even tried to do a summer salt out of the ring and had two guys catch me and still i ended up with a bad knee, even by landing on by gleuts and hamstrings, which suggest to me some pivoting motions i can score out lol.

Yes i mean when it comes to sports its a completely different ball game because of movements etc.
For the standard patient who isn't a semi professional or a professional athlete, its great you dont
have to worry about certain moves etc, because daily life there is not along of non natural extreme
movement compared to wrestling. It is the biggest learning experience i have had i have had to adapt
certain moves for the safety of not fracturing my knee cap with the double band screws in it, and to not rupture my reconstruction i must admit by changing it my legs look a lot more defined and longer lol which is a positive there are always positive to negatives lol


However i think athletes must consider with every surgery to expect some form of change or complication
you cant have everything, with any change you always have to adapt in life and that is the same for MPFL
reconstruction or any form of ligament reconstruction. ;D

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Day 208- knee mpfl reconstruction photo
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on December 07, 2014, 07:25:33 PM
so today is not a great day as you call tell from the photo above my knee is pretty swollen. i have stopped the gym all together now and i am in a complete frustrated mood lol !
I can't go to get it checked because all i will do is get a doctor check it on google as they don't know what MPFL is or get you to explain it to them... and i refuse to wait two hours for that to happen.
Im currently sleeping with my legs up the wall as its the only comfortable place for me to sleep in, so my knee isnt screaming at me my knee has gotten more swollen and my wrestling Physiotherapist is now back in Latin America and my independent doctor has sodded off to the Bahamas for Christmas ( Nice for him lol) and my surgeon i don't want to keep going back to him, and it's coming up to Christmas so all the hospitals are  shutting down their surgery areas for Christmas....
I have used everything i can to get the swelling down, and its just not budging, i am beginning to think
i might have pushed my knee to far...... so basically i have no options currently fed up and in pain, dunno what to do ...........
But in this situation i dunno ... its different...... think i will rest it for the next week and see how it goes..... im one frustrated wrestler right now ..... lol
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Post by: lucha86 on December 08, 2014, 06:45:10 AM
Day 210 - hot water bottle easing pain - still unstable - frustrating - things to learn ::)
So I think they are things to learn here as even if your an athlete you have to learn when to rest the leg as it is not the same, I have been trying to use a hot water bottle to ease the pain it's easing the pain but making the pain worse if I ice it it makes the pain 10 fold worse and the swelling goes down a little cant win lol
IF I don't wear the brace my knee goes one way and my ankle gives the opposite way ooooooohhhh joy lol frustrated is not the word lol.
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Post by: lucha86 on December 09, 2014, 06:55:40 AM
Day 211 - wrestling physio finally spoke to - hard lesson learnt!
So today my wrestling physio called me via Skype to see how I was doing I told him frustrated and fed up so he asked me to try doing things in the gym with a trainer to see how the knee react and call him back later on.
So I did the things and it didn't end well lol.......... My knee sublaxed but pulled itself back in on the cross trainer I thought on great so went back to my physio who said I must wear the brace during any workout until I see my surgeon next as he thinks I might have done done damage and he doesn't want me to risk anymore damage pfffffff!!! Oh jingle bells lol !!! I am now speechless give up lol so upper body workouts it is lol
But he also given me exercises to strengthen up my vmo more to check it's not that is causing the problem ....
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Post by: lucha86 on December 09, 2014, 07:06:52 PM
what i have achieve so far before the issues with the leg lol
cross trainer 1 hour level 10 ( 28 weeks)
rower 35 minutes ( 28 weeks)
leg extension 85kg (28 weeks)
leg curl 60kg ( 28 weeks)
barbell squat with 100kg (28 weeks)
dead lift 100kg post ( 27 weeks)
match endurance ( 27 weeks)
running 10 km post (26 weeks)
lifting 175kg on leg press post (26 weeks)
( flipping out of ring ) post 25 weeks
10 hours of personal training sessions a weeks 4 hours a day in the gym post (24weeks)
Lifting 170kg on leg press post (24weeks) back to normal yeye
Cross trainer level 8 1 hour 30 minutes non stop (24 weeks)
Quadricep press - 75kg wohoo beats before the surgery (24 weeks)
Running 8km (24 weeks
Bike level 10 1hr 30 minutes (post 23 weeks)
Flying moves in wrestling out of ring ( post 23 weeks)
Lifting two people one on each shoulder in a match = 170kg ( post 22 weeks)
Burpees and mountain climbers ( post 22 weeks ) full flexion got back when surgeon said I wouldn't (22 weeks)
Flips ( post 22 weeks)
actual match ( post 20 weeks) went ok ish
weight lifting on legs increased by 12kg ( post 20 weeks)
bike 1 hour ( post 19 weeks)
survived two hour personal training session non stop (post 18 weeks)
lifting 100kg on shoulders ( post 17 weeks)
ran 6k ( 16.5 weeks)
wrestling in the ring practising ( 16 weeks)
running at 13.5 on the running machine (15 weeks)
running 5 miles outside ( 15 weeks)
squatting/lunges with 30kg in each hand ( post 15 weeks)
-lifting 150kg leg pres ( 14 weeks)
-running outside 4 miles (14/13  weeks)
- Lifting 140kg on leg press (12 weeks)
-squatting with men on shoulder ( 12 weeks)
- running 75 days post surgery( 10 weeks)
- lifting 120kg on my legs post surgery ( 8 weeks-9weeks)
- running up stairs (post 8 weeks)
- skipping jumping, ( post 8 weeks)
- squats lunges, lunges with dumbells 20kg) post (7 weeks)
-free weight lifting, lifting weight onto my shoulders with squats post
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on December 10, 2014, 08:10:00 PM
day 212 -doctor is a saviour!  ;D - now can run !! - feeling good =)
So my independent doctor  from europe checked on me as my london doctor is away and asked me to put my knee in a bent positon while lying on the bed so then he noticed something wrong with my knee he even took a photo ...he said my knee cap wasnt sitting right he looked at them and my knee cap was pulled too over laterally so he did this move felt a click and he then checked it and asked me to walk on it whatever so then he checked it made me do some squats lunges and walk i didnt have any pain =)))) AWESOME! HE IS A SAVIOUR LOL
he said that he pulled it back in line to the groove but he wants me to work on my VMO to be sure the VMO is fully strong to rule that out, as he said my quads felt very strong, so he just wanted to rule everything out before he said its the MPFL so i am so happy i have no pain from what we did and my knee feels like its working with my leg, i feel hopeful again but he told me to still be careful with it and he wants to see me before i see my surgeon to check it again well even though private i had to pay over £300 for the consult it paid off !!!!! im no longer walking like a umpa lumpa lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on December 11, 2014, 09:24:37 PM
day 213-things i have learnt from having MPFL
1) Always buy a cryocuff ice machine - very handy even post surgery to bring down swelling
2) Cold weather DOES affect hardware/ metal in the knee
3) Nerve pain to my foot doesn't bother me just fly out of the ring
4) nerve pain is generally common
5) Twitches in the MPFL ligament is standard lol
6)When knee is sore bask in hot shower or sauna and your knee will be 100% better
7) Don't always take a doctors answer as right especially if its a grey area and they don't have it in black and whit only you will know what is best for you.
8)hot water bottle, arnica gel works on pain in knee
9)Trial and error has taught me through MPFL reconstruction you don't know if it will work till you try.
10)Foot jumping in the first 12 weeks always happens
11) Sitting at a desk with a bent knee in the first four months will hurt it will get better in time.
12)Bad skin/dry skin for the first 12 weeks use vaseline intensive care to help it.
13) Frustration is common just throw a tyre or do boxing to get it out lol
14)have different opinion as it can help speed up your recovery
15)Only you know when to drop the crutches everyone is unique in their recovery
16)When doctors don't know what MPFL which is 80% of them make sure you have the research and information to describe it to them rather than them show you on google
17) Keeping positive and determined will help you get through the hard times
18) First two weeks are the hardest sleeping and moving the leg is crucial to recovery.
19) Burning sensation bursting open sensation get it checked with a doctor
20)MUA dont be afraid if you need to have one as it helped my progress in the end.
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on December 13, 2014, 10:51:26 PM
day 214 feeling in a sarcastic funny mode lol - knee swollen- problems sleeping
So i''m think im quite literally screwed in winter now lol well i have  screws in my knee too lol.
I have tried to work out on my knee, but its very sore and the cold is not helping it i fell like i need grease in my joint to get it moving lol I THINK i might have to train with my brace still, maybe i might be over training it even though i am down to three hours a day rather than four hours a day.....
I think i will increase the deep tissue sports massages to see if that helps the joint, i just don't know lol im not EINSTEIN lol. Just to top it all off i have three matches coming up now and they are against GIANTS! One match i cannot stop as it's to raise money for charity but the other two is up in the air.
Im finding sleeping i can't i have to sleep with my good leg bent under my left leg to stop my right mpfl FROM THROBBING and keeping me awake.........  like a figure of 4 ......
I'm having shooting pain in my shin and foot which again i believe is nerves repairing themselves....
What i feel is that the knee is going to have its good days and bad days and i have to accept that i find ways to make it comfortable when my knee is stiff or sore.......
Every surgery you have their are always complications and you just have to accept them so i will carry on jumping out of rings when i have pain shooting down my foot lol
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Post by: lucha86 on December 14, 2014, 09:28:54 PM
day 215- Signed up for tough mudder and spartan to raise money for hospital - on dicoflenic -  still problems sleeping - thoughts on it all - metal screws or dissoluble screws- promise from independent doctor- PFF!!!!

SO i thought i would sign up for the Spartan Race and tough mudder in 2015 so it gives me 7 months to train, to raise money for the orthopaedic  clinic in the hospital that did my knee, and im being joined by another friend who had her fractured foot mended there, and another friend who had her hand mended there as well.
Which shall be good i have been warned by personal trainers with the tough mudder race they think i have a high chance of screwing up my leg in the race but surly if i wear a brace it should be ok, i suppose its another question for my surgeon, but again he probably wont know the answer lol... but i have seen some people who have had ACL , and MCL reconstruction do this race.... I'm hoping my knee will be fully fit by that point......

So my sister as you know is a pharmacist told me to take dicoflenic as to help with the sleep as i am still finding after 2 weeks of being on it, i am still having trouble sleeping i now have my leg up against the wall or my good leg behind my knee in order to sleep without pain, i still cannot sit longer than 2 hours at my desk job without having pain, but like i said before i just have to accept i and deal with it i suppose lol
My independent doctor has asked me to ask my surgeon if i have dissoluble screws or metal screws as this could explain the pain issue....

Then he has also made me a promise if my swelling continues
to keep going the way it is in my knee he is going to BAN me from wrestling for 5 weeks!!!!!! UNTILL i see my SURGEON.......seriously i wasn't amused by that he even spoke with my promoter about his concerns while he was with me and i am currently dealing with a rather annoyed promoter asking me what have i done with my knee... I have done nothing different, i thinks its the change of weather he doesn't seem to believe me .........  :P Swings and roundabouts i suppose, but to be honest if i can do it i can do it if i cant then i cannot, i understand independent doctors are there to protect you as a second or third backup from entering the ring,  i think my second independent doctor who is from Europe who i see when i can't see my london independent doctor, is a lot more cautious with me as he has dealt with quite a few wrestlers compared to my london based independent doctor, he said to me yesterday "I know how you wrestlers think, your knee is double the size of your other one, don't screw it up further and don't think your invincible." i replied
 "Well my knee is screwed up it has screws in it."
 My promoter started laughing but my doctor looked not amused and  said.
 " Don't underestimate what surgery you have had, MPFL is not an easy one for athletes to recover from."
i replied
"Recover from? Well I'm sorry, but you cannot understand recovery, until you have been through what i have been through, no one able to answer my questions, there is no right or wrong MPFL IS SUCH A GREY AREA, because of LACK of research if you have the evidence there then i won't do it. If you don't then do not preach to me what is right or wrong it is only through trial and error that i have recovered so quickly, because there is nearly nothing to go by, i have been through hell and back and come back on top."
Absolute silence in the room, the independent doctor then replied
" You wrestlers are stubborn as hell........I WARN YOU, if your promoter says to me you have entered the ring with the swelling you have on your knee I WILL sign you OFF, i am looking out for you and the others you wrestle, we need to see what is the cause of this swelling!"
So i muffled a few bad words in Spanish so the doctor didn't understand me and i walked out..... He still thinks its to do with when he fixed my knee cap and things there is more to it, than the weather.

Sometimes i feel like i am banging my head on a wall. I mean when i look i see no information....
then in some research i see swelling is common as a complication post surgery so it's not clear
because there is no research on athletes on wrestling and MPFL so how does any doctor know what
is right if the information isn't there? I have been doing the same things for the past 8 weeks the swelling has only happened in the past 3 weeks......... Also it is only in the past 3 weeks where the weather has, changed and got really cold which is why i think the weather is the cause......
Sometimes i feel it would be better for me just to vent my frustrations in a ring lol but oh yea can't enter it
because of what the doctor said oh joy lol !!!!.

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on December 15, 2014, 12:34:36 PM
Day 216- sent a article to doctors
So today I sent an article well 25 page to three doctors who have been dealing with my care because I believe there are things people can learn and considering there is no research on mpfl and wrestlers. I hope it will benefit people in the future because I don't want other patients to have the unanswered questions I had and hope it will give them the answers they need.
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on December 15, 2014, 08:12:38 PM
day 217 - Gait measured - wohooo-  knee swelling up again - still having trouble sleeping
So i have found i had my foot gait measured to make sure nothing bad was going wrong with my leg movement when i run to see if that was affecting my knee and the guy said my feet were normal no problems whatsoever wohooo so he said he can rule out my feet and lower portion of my leg for the swelling of the knee.
But my knee has been swelling up again, frustrated now lol. Im still having trouble sleeping it throbs but i just get on with it now i think i would rather put up with that than a dislocating knee........
It is annoying with the sleeping issue after a while when you have your leg up against a wall it gets pretty uncomfortable lol
I'm still training but only upper body right now, and even if my knee is swelling without touching my lower half im beginning to think more and more its the cold weather doing it.....
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on December 16, 2014, 08:04:53 PM
Day 218- MPFL throbbing - feeling tight- try to release tightness- wrong move
So my MPFL ligament has been throbbing today can't seem to get rid of it and the knee has been tight so i tried to roll out my leg on a roller which rolls out the muscle groups WRONG MOVE..... the pain shot through the mpfl and my knee could not get up for 10 minutes, managed to get up, so i thought try just sitting gently on a bike to release the knee joint.... then my knee just stopped, refused to do anything after that...
so now i am just confused at what is going on with this knee lol i must laugh or i will just scream lol
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Post by: lucha86 on December 17, 2014, 10:07:34 AM
Day 219- cold weather knee sore - 3 hours sleep per day - seeing the independent doctor again!!!!
So the cold weather has been affecting my knee again, I'm trying my best with it tablets hot water bottles but nothing is working so I have decided to do so etching that my physiotherapist has suggested.......
He has suggested people who gave acl and mcl reconstruction have the similar issues with the drop of temperature as apparently we are quicker to dehydrate in the winter months as we drink a lot more caffeine and the weather pressure can cause a lot of issues within the knee so he has told me  to increase my vitiam d omega oils drink 4 litres of water a day which isn't bad as I drink 3.5 litres a day normally and cut back on caffeine to see if it helps it my knee has swollen up so much that my physiotherapist rang the independent doctor to see me as an emergency so I see him today wish me luck lol time to feel the Christmas spirit lol
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Post by: lucha86 on December 17, 2014, 09:28:06 PM
day 219 part b outside shopping mall go flying -water instead of chemicals - knee now swollen bruised- doctor signed me off!!!!
So i decided to go shopping with a friend in an outside shopping mall i had noticed the path seemed slippery so i took care, so we went down a hill part and i skidded and went flying face down and cracked my knees on the pavement, i did'nt realise the hill was icy in the shopping mall, so the first aider came to check on my knee and said instead of chemicals they had cleaned the path with water instead i was like its -4 degrees it will turn to blinkin ice!! So after having a go at the centre mall manager i left with my friend who helped me get home, then i had to ring the doctor to say i was running late due to the incident and now i have a broken iphone and ipod and told the mall that i will be asking them to replace the goods!!!! and i got charged an extra £50 for being late to the doctors as he is private. So he checked my knee and he said "Your signed off your knee is bruised, the swelling has increased, you go back to your hospital and your surgeon and you ask for your knee to be checked."
So currently cant frickin walk properly dont want to go back to my surgeon!!!! In pain currently got my sister who's a pharmacist looking at what to give me to alleviate the pain and swelling........
Was i cursed in a past life or something lol bad luck galore this past couple of weeks lol lets just hope when i get a xray all is ok =) .... positive vibes!!!! at least i still have my humour even though im in agony and have a lot of bad luck lol
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Post by: lucha86 on December 18, 2014, 10:35:10 AM
Opinions of MPFL reconstruction so far.........
So as a surgery i believe it is a life changing surgery for many people there is a lot more stability in the joint an Im less self conscious of if my knee will dislocate....

If i am to be honest this surgery has been rather a case of trial and error, because of lack of information or lack of research, because there is so little to go on, my best advice to anyone having this surgery is to read blogs and diaries and to research a few medical journals for more information. But also i will say only you know what you can do so when you feel ready to do it... then do it.

By using trial and error i have developed and quickened my rehabilitation process rather rapidly.
When it comes to physiotherapists make sure you have one that understands MPFL reconstruction or dealt with it do not be afraid to seek other opinions as it can only benefit you.

The medical professional e.g DOCTORS seriously underestimate the talents of PERSONAL TRAINERS in gyms to be rather honest, i found by using different techniques by them this has helped the speed of my recovery they thought outside of the box and have come up with new ideas for me in the rehabilitation of MPFL reconstruction. The personal trainers for me have been the saviours in my progress of the rehabilitation because as an athlete people forget we need someone to build us up again but also use our stubbornness, combativeness and determined nature and use that as a positive in rehabilitation which is good. I felt sometimes some physiotherapist were more about TLC that striving to push me in my rehabilitation while my personal trainers were mind over matter get up and do it you can do it reach your goal prove them wrong!

Doctors are a different subject lol. SO having doctors trying to treat me by using GOOGLE! yes no surprise lol I feel if i have a problem in the UK i cannot go to a GP because they don't know what it is and you will learn to expect it even if you hurt your knee and go and get it checked in A and E even the doctors there look on GOOGLE because they don't know and again they fear touching your knee lol So my best suggestion is you will have to know or learn to treat your knee in your own way.  I have a doctor now who i have who is private  is over £300 for a consult but he knows everything there is to know about MPFL and the knee. Sometimes it can be frustrating but you get use to it... lol/. Also my suggestion is with doctors in hospital ask to see a doctor that knows about MPFL reconstruction during the first 8-12 weeks so then you can feel satisfied with the answers given....

I will say MPFL SURGERY IS WORTH THE PAIN and frustration because it will benefit you in so many ways.
AND YOU WILL... easily get back into sports post 12 weeks i mean i was running post 9 weeks and i had many complications which is good and shows how quickly i recovered considering the amount of complications i had swelling, loss of flexion , compartment syndrome, dvt risk , MUA not much lol.
So i say if your considering it go for it and have an MPFL reconstruction because your life will feel nomral again......

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on December 18, 2014, 10:05:26 PM
day 220 - give GP another go - found a new gp- great - but back on crutches- banned from travelling
So i thought  rather than go back to the hospital for advice i would see if i could get a new GP doctor to have a look at my knee for advice, so i must admit she was GREAT!!  i walked in explained my situation and  said a GP KNOWS just as much as a doctor does in A and E i just want someone to check my leg and tell me its ok. I feel like when i go to other GP's they don't want to treat me or are too scared to treat me......

She was a young GP and she said i will treat you to the best of my abilities, i have never heard of this surgery but i will treat you, and make sure you leave here happy, because i don't want you to feel you can't be treated by a doctor because that is not ethical, and your a wrestler and i don't want to piss you off. She said for me to explain it to her and i did and she felt my knee which is a positive as the others didnt dare even touch it lol.

I even said why are GP'S so scared to treat me is it because of the lack of knowledge?
she said " Some people can think openly some on the other hand, feel when something is too complicated to understand, they feel it best to send them to a specialist who knows about it." then i said "Sending me to A and E has the exact same effect as the GP they know nothing about MPFL so  5 hours wasted."
She said to me."I'm hear to help you, and i will not treat you like a leopar, i can see your knee needs help.
I don't want you waiting there in a hospital, if i can try to help you."
When she said that i felt i had hope again, because i felt like a leopar with GP'S so sometimes its good to seek a different opinion. But i think she was more awed out she met a wrestler lol and found it rather unique as she described it lol.

So she check it i have bruised my MPFL ligament area i have a large hematoma on my knee and a collection of blood in it, she wanted to sign me off work as i can't even sit in a chair i said No as i had a lot of work, then we both suggested at the same time crutches i just asked her to give me a letter to say i can have crutches until the leg recovers, which she gave me, she said i can't travel for the risking due to bruising and swelling on my knee and to elevate the leg and she thinks im at risk of DVT, so NO travelling for 4 weeks at least.

Its is funny she said to me your very stubborn i said no i just don't want to sit on my arse  all the time lol it is not in my nature. Then i told her i had a match January 15th  and she said "Come on you as an athlete have to know when something is not right and this isn't you know in your heart it isn't ." So she gave me some painkillers Narproxen to deal with it  and to help with the sleepless night i have been having. and she said to me "Remember if you need anything don't be afraid to come to me I WILL HELP YOU, as an athlete you need answers, quick and all i can do is my best to help you. Even if i haven't heard of this particular surgery i will learn just the same as any other doctor, come back to me in two weeks if you have problems.

I walked out with a final sense of hope in GP'S again, with a bunch of bad news but still having someone i can go to  for it to be checked gives me faith again. But also it just shows how younger doctors are more opened minded that the older doctors are to help and to learn new things  :D :P
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: vickster on December 18, 2014, 10:42:57 PM
Did the GP give you prophylactic antibiotics?  Large haematomas are a breeding ground for all sorts of nasties.  I have a haematoma on my knee right now after a bike accident and am 9 days into a 10 day course of a strong broad spectrum antibiotic.  I also had an infected pre-tibial haematoma in Feb, ended up in hospital needing IV antibiotics and emergency surgery to evacuate the infected clot

Listen to what the Dr says, don't risk overdoing it again
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Post by: lucha86 on December 19, 2014, 09:07:18 PM
DAY 221 - worst sleep ever - banned from everything lol - knee still swollen..
SO as we know the story so far i got given the Narproxen to make me sleep and help deal with the pain... Well i only had 20 minutes sleep out of 8 hours my knee was not comfortable in anyway possible......
i flipped around tried putting myself into the weirdest of positions even a wrestler would be impressed with and my leg just couldn't get comfortable.... i tried lying on it i tried putting it in the air i tried up the wall i tried figure 4 of the leg didnt work, its was throbbing badly and just would'nt go the pain. So in the end the only thing that worked was putting 6 pillows around it to cushion it and keep it warm and i managed to sleep for 20 minutes untill the pain woke me up again.......
So i am near enough BANNED from everything right now because of the state of my knee lol.

SO my Independent doctor has banned me from the wrestling until i see the surgeon as he said quote "I'm one of the most stubborn driven athletes he has met in 20 years, and he fears i might do more damage than good to my knee if he allows me to continue, with such a swollen knee." unquote.......
So no wrestling for 4 weeks then!!!  He has also banned me from doing any gym work on my legs for two weeks to see if the swelling goes down.! lol wohooo feeling really sarcastic funny sense of humour right now lol just fed up lol
My GP has banned me from travelling, taking part in sports and put it in my notes. So by the time my surgeon sees it when i see him in January i think he will be banging his head on his desk lol

So i am currently in a state of pain and twiddling my thumbs getting rather frustrated with myself lol i suppose that goes for any athlete being told not to do a sport you love is heart breaking enough. Its like the ring is my second home, the gym is my second home, because i workout so much for sports and to keep fit... so i currently write this eating a bowl of luck charms cereal that i got for a secret santa lol
My knee is still swollen and painful when i get up especially behind the knee cap the ligament itself i have lost feeling in.... OH this shall be a RATHER interesting conversation with my SURGEON in January lol .

But my plan is as soon as the two weeks hits im back in the gym!! which i will be allowed to do as long as i wear a brace the doctor said to me!
In answer to your question vickster no i wasn't she felt it wasn't needed which is good i have seen to many medications to last me a life time this year lol . i am listening to what the doctor said because i have a few matches in February lined up if I'm on good behaviour lol
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Post by: lucha86 on December 20, 2014, 11:08:22 PM
day 222- Knee cracking, sharp pains - painkillers not helping  :P- hmmm--
So today i thought i would go for a 10 minute walk to stretch the legs in the process of doing this my knee became very unstable and was cracking and had very sharp pains through the knee ligament the sensations was as if someone was shredding my ligament with a knife, it freaked me out to be honest,the pain was not nice, it was as if my knee was telling me to stop... so i sat down i hoped it would get better it continued and i took a painkiller 4 hours later it has helped it at all..... Nothing is no longer normal lol i have accepted that to just get on with it lol

SO i am beginning to think something is not right as even my knee is slightly unstable its hyper flexing backwards to the back of me knee, an i feel it is overloading but the mpfl i know is in place, but its just weird the way the knee is reacting it keeps hyper flexing backwards then jerks my quadriceps forward and im having a hard time controlling it as an athlete you know something is wrong when that happens .... At least i still have my humour because with my bad luck i think i need some sarcastic sense of humour lol....

so beginning to feel abit meh at the moment lol lets hope rather i can sleep tonight or i will be having a rather large coffee for work tomorrow lol lets have faith and hope tomorrow is a better day ..... =0)
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Post by: lucha86 on December 21, 2014, 09:20:06 PM
day 223 - knee Not happy - very stiff knee - cold weather affecting it- doctors forget things
So i have a big bruised knee now and its not happy whatsoever i feel like i am walking like a umpa lumpa lol
im still on a crutch as my knee keeps over flexing, which is rather annoying....
Every time i get up it is very stiff and the temperature has dropped where i live so i feel my knee has got alot knee is just over flexing to the back of the knee and i feel its still unstable when i least i can walk lol thats the positive thing =) im getting very too much sarcastic...

I think some doctors when we sign that big RED form or YELLOW form form to say we will have the surgery they forget we put our careers in their hands to have stability again, but i must admit right now im frustrated i can barely sleep still wih painkillers as i feel my kneecap is pushing my join it, burning sensation........ feeling tired today but lets hope things will get better thinking positive ....=)))
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Post by: lucha86 on December 22, 2014, 06:00:32 PM
Can MPFL work for Marital arts sports and sports like wrestling??

Well i thought i would sit down and think about this as for me its quiet hard to give a definite answer.
Ok so for me there are some pivoting techniques in wrestling that i have had to adapt or do in order to survive lol quite literally. It is a case of trial and error and finding out what works and what does not....
I find anything like kneeling is the last moves i will do as you have to be very aware of pressure on the knee cap/ patella,or i generally change the leg to my left as a last resort i found when i have put a lot of pressure on the knee cap my leg will flex it out in a very quick way to relieve the patella.........

Pivoting using hip techniques etc generally are not a issue,  and twisting of the knee i would say be advised is the critical issue, this can effect falling movements quite dramatically my suggestion is to work on new techniques in how to break your fall in such a way  your leg is straight/ slightly bent...
I found this out to my cost i tried to do a summer salt out of the ring landed in the most bent position possible to break the fall my knee could not take the pressure and threw my backwards in the fall which didnt help my knee as a heard a huge crack lol

So now i use a slight bent straight leg position in any free fall moves for my leg to be able to react quicker
Any rolls, i used a figure of four stance at the end with my right to save pressure on the knee cap.....

Lifiting people i would say has had no effect in the pressure of my knee, as i make sure the person is as balanced as possible to lessen the pressure on the joints =)

There is one thing i want to make clear to athlete who read this DONT THINK NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!
Its only by using trail and error you can see what works and what does not, each and every individual athlete knows how quickly the body can adapt itself to train a different way.  So nothing is never impossible as long as you teach the body the right things to do..................
Yes this surgery has worked for me but i have had to adapt the body techniques to function better for my knee in a competitive  match so then i know the pressure on the joint will not be affected.......

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on December 23, 2014, 09:49:50 PM
day 224- knee still stiff - getting frustrated- want to exercise- pff!
So getting out of bed today my knee was very stiff it took my 40 minutes to get it moving, and the pain is still there and it keeps swelling,even at night i feel like the knee cap/ patella is forcing my knee back and the throbbing is getting annoying with the pain....... but i feel i need to exercise it more but then i cannot risk it or i will be BANNED lol from the wrestling for longer i feel like i have been grounded by the doctor lol
So i feel myself getting frustrated with myself because im banned from everything lol and my knee isn't improving i feel like i need to exercise it more to get the joint moving as it keeps getting stiff.......
Cant wait to get back into the gym to release my frustration...... :P
I mean i'm banned from everything what else can i not be banned from lol  :P
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: vickster on December 23, 2014, 09:55:21 PM
There are potentially worse consequences from hematoma, swelling and ignoring medical advice than not being able to go to the gym. Lots of time and money have been invested in your knee, so you should do everything you can to let it heal, if not, you may find yourself out of the gym for a long time! The medics were concerned about compartment syndrome with my of the consequences can be amputation :o

Enjoy the rest, gyms will be closed later in the week anyhow
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on December 23, 2014, 10:01:53 PM
rather valid point vickster i forgot the gym was shut this week lol it is christmas week ............
thats why im being good and not going but its just the stiffness that is bothering me because i feel that my body wants me to exercise it that is all lol. i HAVE to do what the doctor says or i cant wrestle simple lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: vickster on December 23, 2014, 10:06:54 PM
Why not use basic Physio exercises to keep the knee moving, heel slides etc? A warm bath might help too, soothes my poor tatty knees. Use ice for the inflammation.  If the knee gets red or hot or you start to feel unwell and feverish, seek medical help ASAP
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on December 24, 2014, 02:24:15 PM
Thanks for the advice vickster I have been using hot steamy showers which seem to be helping my knee :)) but as soon as it feels the cold air it stiffens up I have been using sliders to see if that helps I suppose trial and error :)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on December 25, 2014, 09:25:25 PM
Day 225- 20 minutes to get out of bed -  :( - temperature drop knee very stiff
So today I tried to get out of bed my knee locked and just wouldn't move so I tried several times and call someone to bring a hot water bottle to me, it seemed to work after 10 minutes my joint felt a lot loose which made me think it was the cold weather I feel since the temperature has dropped today my knee just hates me lol it's very stiff and even the skin feels very tight......
I have my good days and bad days with it I have to suspect it  but I'm just getting tired and frustrated also as I can't only sleep in two positions and that's it if I sleep in the other positions my knee starts throbbing or strong pain if I lye on my back or in my stomach the pain is insane if I lye to my sides it's ok and variable but I just font get why it's more painful at night that during the day because there is no weight on it??
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: vickster on December 25, 2014, 10:19:11 PM
When you say the skin is tight is that over the haematoma? Is it red or warm at all? I would strongly recommend you see the GP ASAP on Monday.  If it gets worse in the meantime, go to A&E. I think you are in London, what's your nearest large teaching hospital with orthopaedics?  Where does your surgeon practice?

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on December 26, 2014, 09:53:51 PM
Day 226 - what a surprise again sleeping issues - naproxen still not working - feeling annoyed  :(
So feeling rather sarcastic and witty I get like this when I feel frustrated because it's the only way I release my frustration as I do not  like to show anger lol So LETS START!!

WHAT A GREAT SURPRISE !!! Again under 4 hours sleep because my knee woke me up all the way through the night tried pillow technique tried hot water bottle tried arnica even took the naproxen but nothing worked tried sleeping on back sleeping on stomach made my knee scream at me tried sleeping on sides worked then woke up with throbbing pain.... Then put my leg up on the way feel asleep then woke up with a cramp.....
I asked two pharmacist could I take anything else on top of the naproxen I got told a big fat NO! Oh lovely that makes my day lol ............ So as you can tell I'm a bit buggered lol this had been happening since October when the weather changed and I JUST WANT a Good SLEEP, after 8 weeks I'm beginning to get frustrated lol
Not even lee evans or my iPod can help me to sleep lol.........
My heamatoma  has gone done drastically probably cause I have rested it.............
It's still getting really stiff in the cold weather I expect that but come off of it I just want a decent sleep!!
I feel like my patella is rubbing into my femur when I lye on my back and the throbbing and burning sensations is beginning to irritate me .... Well need to think positive I'm raising money for a air ambulance in the uk to help others,.............

In answer to your question vickster in the uk my surgeon I see in the next coming few weeks I think if it's not better my independent London doctor will be back from 3rd of January will go and see him for advice....... There is no point in young to the hospitals now half the doctors don't have a clue I had one ask me to look on his phone on Google to show what surgery I had done as he wasn't sure lol
Oh the joys lol I think I will go and listen to a hit of one direction or nickel back to release my frustration lol

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Post by: vickster on December 26, 2014, 10:03:52 PM
Good news on the haematoma.  You can take other meds with Naproxen.  I take it too, it's not really a painkiller but an anti inflammatory, think it may help a bit (take 2 x 500mg a day).  You can take paracetamol + codeine or tramadol for pain.  Just no ibuprofen, aspirin or diclofenac.  Talk to your GP as the stronger stuff needs to be prescribed to get at a worthwhile dosage

I am probably going to see my OS on the 3rd too as my knees are giving me gip...coincidence! :D

I'm glad it's not colder and that there's none of that white muck in London yet that is falling further north!
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Post by: lucha86 on December 26, 2014, 10:29:17 PM
Cit a long story short vickster lol before the naproxen was on ibropfuen then tried codeine and paracetamol didn't work dicoflenic was the one that work a little but my gp took me off of it as she said due to new research it can increase heart attacks and kidney failure so she wanted to put me on narproxen as well as she said dicoflenic was not a good option as she thought the size of my swelling I could be at risk do DVt as well lol
I might try doing a old Asian technique wrapping my knee up in arnica on the top then using a hot water bottle underneath well I hope your appointment goes well :))
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: vickster on December 26, 2014, 10:34:12 PM
Tried tramadol, works well for some people (I find codeine works better, especially at night to knock me out but bungs me up more)!  The gel pads you can heat in the microwave can help, also the old frozen peas in a teatowel!

I've not decided whether to see the OS, I would have gone before after whacking my leg again but couldn't get in before his Xmas break.  He'll probably just tell me again to do less (even though I am now barely cycling, too cold for me not least)!
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Post by: lucha86 on December 27, 2014, 05:23:35 PM
day 227- knee still stiff - its just becoming a joke now! -  arghhhh!! LOL
So it is becoming a joke now my knee had gotten even stiffer and i just don't know what to do with it any more and again bad night sleep...... i spoke with my wrestling physio on skype and he asked me what is wrong with it  what have i done to it and why is it so swollen i HAVENT BEEN TO THE GYM, im been walking that is it now i am BANNED from long walks...... and when your an athlete and someone is telling you to do nothing not even a nice steady stroll pffff!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
so i went off on one at the physiotherapist i said WELL YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO AND I AM DOING IT!! NOTHING HAS IMPROVED, CANT YOU TELL, you want me to wrestle in 8 weeks an i am currently walking like herr flick out of the bbc series allo allo ( he did laugh at that point lol ) the only think that eases it is standing under a 45 degree shower turning my bathroom into a sauna and then it helps i have drugged myself up till kingdom come and nothing works , i don't want to be drugged up just because of this stupid weather i get out of bed looking lik im 70 because my knee is too tight to flex i still cant sit in a chair longer than two hours.. SO I AM BANNED FROM TRAVELLING BANNED FROM WRESTLING BANNED FROM THE GYM BANNED FROM WALKING, why dont you just stop me from shopping next i said very seriously in a sarcastic witty tone... he laughed but then got serious and said we need to see what's going on there you shouldnt have that amount of swelling post 6 months.. so i will book you an appointment with your independent doctor in central london we need to make sure the ligament isnt too tight and assess everything before you see your surgeon next............
OH GREAT i said HES GONNA BAN ME FROM EVERYTHING ELSE LOL.... please let me go and let my frustration the physio laughed and replied NO! He said to me your really frustrated i replied . Sleep deprived, in pain swollen knee, cant do what i want to do, lack of information on mpfl long term issues IM IN THE UNKOWN,,,,,, all i want to do is just wrestle and throw a few peple out of the ring and i will feel alot better lol. He replied you will just let us check you.............

if i say anymore i think i will get myself even more frustrated at least im still smiling and have humour lol
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Post by: lucha86 on December 28, 2014, 03:53:19 PM
Day 228 - I'm allowed to swim wohoo!! - still sleeping issues knee very very stiff  in cold
So I spoke to the medical team I gave that I could contact and I said to them I'm going stir frickin crazy sitting on my arse lol so I said if I can swim I. Having a workout and that has no impact on the joints and it's the best workout I can do right now if you won't allow me to do anything else they called me back I two hours later and said I could do it got the next two weeks WOHOO get out the champagne lol
So I must admit it did help my joint it came out bouncing of the swimming pool but when I got up this morning my knee just stopped working just didn't move very stiff even the skin was tight it took my around 30 minutes to get myself up how bad foes that sound considering I'm in my late twenties lol throbbing all night as well and my knee cap was screaming at me oh joy lol
Don't you love cold weather lol
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Post by: lucha86 on December 29, 2014, 07:06:57 AM
Feelings on mpfl reconstruction so far..........
So what do I think........ We'll........ Where do I start......
Sometimes it's best to try the unknown because the unknown seems better than living a life over over 15 dislocations of the knee per month........
Sometimes you have to assess or make a decision where will the outcome be better than what you have currently got....?
So for me I  had the mpfl reconstruction surgery because as an athlete my knee was constantly dislocating in competition and I did not want this to cause damage to my joint or end my career you could say, it was a constant battle with my knee before the surgery to keep it in place. And keeping it taped up.........
I think there are some doctors who will keep classing you as a number rather than diagnose you correctly or due to lack of experience they underestimate how important the mpfl reconstruction can define a patient.....

I saw two "MR' which in the uk is the top boys as doctors they kept blaming my weight weak muscule but took into no consideration the fact that I was an athlete had this problem with my knee since I was 16  I remember saying to them " I lift men above my head and throw them out of things I'm sure my legs are very strong....
In a sense i by this point I had lost hope in any doctor that could treat me I lost hope in the medical profession I because my knee was dislocating so much I was unable to exercise even wrestling I was beginning to have major issues..........i was being forced back and forth  by the physio as she saw my knee dislocate and felt there was something seriously wrong

So I saw a young doctor who had just qualified after the two experienced doctors he looked at my mri and checked my knee and said I think you have ruptured a main ligament why haven't you been sent to the surgeon by this point it was a year and a half  I said so your telling me your the less experienced doctor and your the one sending me to the surgeon he then said if I saw you first I would have sent you straight to the surgey as you wrestle you have a history with this knee and it shows on the mri ......... The who ironic part of this is that young doctor trained under one of the MR doctors I saw earlier before him lol just shows sometimes medical opinions it's good to get a different opinion

So I saw the surgeon who was confused why I hadn't seen him earlier than this point I just said I give up he tried to make me squat my knee went and he asked how I was still trying I said I keep going that's it..... So he told me yes I had ruptured the ligament and I needed surgery judging by the mri so I was please mentally as I knew something was wrong with my knee but Also frustrated that several experienced doctors find not treat me as a patient or athlete to get the right diagnosis and with athletes time is critical........

Post surgery I have lost the weight I put on my knee is not dislocating I have had a few sublaxations in the past couple of weeks which may be due for several reasons but I will speak with my surgeon about those....there has been little knowledge of rehabilitation on mpfl reconstruction I had to look outside the box in order to rehab myself with the help of personal trainers...... I myself have learnt a lot about mpfl as well as personal trainers which could be a benefit to others

I have had Dvt risk, compartment syndrome, MUA, internal bleed in my leg and I have still surpassed medical understanding by getting back into sports contact sports post 3.5 months when the rule is 6-9 months....

It has been worth it as I gave got stability but the cold weather for me is affecting my knee now
Very tight and swollen I believe it to be the cold weather or the other option that my independent doctor said is the ligament is too tight as he had noticed my knee overloading itself so again another thing to discuss with my surgeon........

But no matter the complications I have had the surgery has helped me again and given me my life and hope back, if you want a different opinion seek one don't  be afraid think outside the box out of your rehab without thinking outside the box I wouldn't have had such a rapid rehab recovery it is a case of trial and error and only you as a person know what you can and can't do................ There has been a lot to gain by just trying the unknown and it has worked........

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Post by: lucha86 on December 29, 2014, 08:51:11 PM
day 228 -  >:( >:( stiff as a dodo my knee  >:( >:( - frustrated today- medial retinacular
so today my knee was playing up big time took me 40 minutes to get out of bed, i feel like i am 80 years old getting out of bed lo My knee has been so stiff, even when the cold hits the knee i feel my skin so tight then i feel and i have had medial pain for the past 12 weeks which is rather annoying.......
So my physio decided to throw me a surprise visit as you do when you have a wrestler who is frustrated lol

he felt my knee to see where the problem is  he said that he felt the issue area was around the medial retinacular where the pain was and also on the anchor position on the femur...... he said it was also still swollen which did concern him slightly........ he wants me to put these questions towards my surgeon when i see him in 3 weeks...... as he has his concerns about allowing me get back into contact sports
as you know im currently BANNED from nearly everything on this planet lol due to the doctors and my knee lol

 i feel very frustrated right now to be honest lol, because i am getting told not to exercise it but the research says you do, im very sporty individual which is rather frustrating not being able to do sports or gym, and the fact that my knee isnt allowing me to sleep and is throbbing and i have a burning sensation is beginning to annoy me, and i feel like my kneecap is digging into my femur when i lye down if i could just have a decent sleep that would make me happy =) .....
Keeping posiitve good days and bad days always happen there is always something positive you can make out of a negative lol
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Post by: lucha86 on December 30, 2014, 08:57:52 PM
Day 229- knee seems  to be having a good day wohooo!!!!! - bruising nearly gone
So today has been a lot better my knee is finally acting normal again which is good but it still is very stiff but I can do more with it I which is a positive it's not as swollen as it has been compared to the last couple of days I see the independent doctor on Friday 2nd so he should check  it over for me and hopefully he will allow me to train the leg in the gym the heamatoma/ bruising is going now which is great :)))
So let's be positive and think things can only get better :)))))
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Post by: lucha86 on December 31, 2014, 07:05:47 AM
Day 230- opinions in mpfl reconstruction surgery  rehabilitation

So for me to begin with I was unable to a physiotherapist for 5 weeks after my surgery. One thing I have learnt is it is crucial to get a physiotherapist as soon as possible in order to get the flexion back as quickly as possible. Luckily I had a wrestling physiotherapist that I managed to get four weeks post surgery and had a gym personal trainer 6 days post surgery.
For me there is very little information avaliable to the patient, for rehabilitation techniques which for me cannot help the patient or their recovery. For me it was a case of being a guinea pig, and trial and error.
My personal trainers had to work very hard and stay with me especially in the first 6 weeks to make sure everything was going ok some things we tried didn't work but by thinking outside the box and being more open. We all learnt a lot for example trx machine in gyms and leg hamstring extension are very good ways to get flexion back but also to get the leg moving ............
For me as an athlete I preferred personal gym trainers as they kept forcing me to do more things, they pushed me to my limits but knew when I had to stop they kept testing me rather than the physiotherapist who just kept bending it and that was it.....
For me mpfl is so new as a surgery even doctors I feel are wary of what is the correct rehabilitation procedure and even more unsure of return to contact sports.... All I will say is ...prove them wrong think outside the box ..... Try your best... Try new things because by doing this we can only help other patients in the future who have mpfl reconstruction
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Post by: lucha86 on December 31, 2014, 07:59:43 PM
Day 231- end of the year review of MPFL good points v negatives
So lest weigh it all up shall we or rather look at all perspectives?

So with MPFL reconstruction from an athletes perspective it has been a long road, its been like a roller coaster its had its ups its down, its unexpected corners, its highs and lows, its grey areas, and exhilarating times, but i have finally got off the roller coaster and i feel, WOAH! that was a indescribable experience....

I think as athletes we all go in like bigging it up thinking its going to be easy because our bodies are so use to adapting to problematic situations injuries etc. So we think it will be an easy roller coaster i remember my surgeon saying yea you will be back in to weeks to work six months in contact sports....

Hmmm.... YEA RIGHT lol i think he jinxed it by saying that. Leg went to triple the size blistered hot, red blacking out with the pain and considering i land on cement etc and i'm used to pain for me to black out says something. I had to be dragged out of a bed because the pain was so much i blacked out by two pharmacists who got me out of the bed as well as a wrestling ring i blacked out......

So then i had  a DVT risk which was cleared which confused my surgeon even more by the look on his face as my leg looked terrible lol. So it was put down to an internal bleed, then my independent doctor believed it was a mix of compartment syndrome internal bleed or anthrofibrosis... as you can tell different opinions lol By this point i was extremely worried i had my promoters on my back about why my surgery was going wrong and when i would return.... Then i had to have an MUA, to be honest felt no pain with it after it lol
My next point was to PROVE medicine wrong to get the drive and get this leg moving at any cost......
all in all i probably spent around £6000 pounds on personal trainers and sports massages and physiotherapist as my wrestling phyiso and independent doctor were covered by my insurance....

It paid off by having different opinions and trying new things in the gym than the standard equipment they use for mpfl rehabilitation saw me progress at rapid rates, just by thinking outside the box........

I remember going to my hospital physio and he said we will go on the cross trainer now post 9 weeks and i said to her let me show you something i ran around the gym 8-9 weeks post surgery she looked at me in shocked i showed her i could do level 3 on the cross trainer and she was in disbelief how i had achieved the rapid rehabilitation...... she signed me off a week later but she was still shocked with the complications i had how much i had improved so quickly....... it shows never judge a book by its cover doctors lol

Even though i have had complications been hit by a taxi etc lol i would recommend this surgery to anyone sometimes its better to try the unknown than lead a life where your quality of life with a dislocating knee is not a great quality of life so i chose the unknown...........

So in a period of 9 months i lost over 9 stone of the weight i put back on due to my dislocating knee after getting the right help and someone looking at me as an athlete rather than a standard patient.... i returned to post just under 4 months post surgery rather than plus 6 months but generally for wrestling it is 8 months as its very high contact..... my plan is i want to walk into my surgeons office in the next few weeks and just want him to say well done or you have proved me wrong but the questions is will he or wont we i shall wait to find it out  .......=)) whats the bets people lol

i dont think many doctors who read this can say they have had a case like this one........

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Post by: lucha86 on January 01, 2015, 07:18:05 PM
DAY 232- independent tomorrow nervous!! - knee is so -so- positivity
So i will be seeing the independent doctor tomorrow in London he has more influence in the wrestling world than the other independent doctor i have as a back up, so i am nervous, but i just want to get back and start wrestling i am getting itchy feet...... hopefully he will sign me back in, if not im going to get annoyed lol
Im missing my second home the ring lol

My knee has been ok ish its throbbing a lot today and feeling very tight i tried lying down today but felt like my knee cap was digging into my femur so i decided to go for a long walk which helped it so fingers crossed for tomorrow.... positive vibes for tomorrow =) x
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Post by: lucha86 on January 02, 2015, 10:52:07 PM
Day 233- Independent doctor- Banned from wrestling - shocked doctor- feeling like a ping pong- knee stiff

So i went to see the doctor to see if i could return to wrestle i took another wrestler with me for support who was in the Uk as a stop over. So we went to London, and i saw the doctor at his private office. He said my promoter had been in contact with to address the concerns. So he looked at my knee,
again same as my surgeon he said "hmmm....."

So he did a few moves asked me to do a few moves,  then in one move my knee just went i don't know what happened if felt more like a sub laxation.....
He then said " Oh.. wow... your now suspended from wrestling until you see your surgeon until further notice."
I was pretty much rather flabbergasted i did not know what to say or do, i looked at my fellow wrestler for advice who even seemed shocked himself....

I then asked him for a reason rather than walk away from me and say i'm suspended.  He said
"You have crepitus in the knee, your knee has excessive effusion,  medial retinaculum pain, and your knee has just sublaxed and has just overloaded and your unable to sleep due to pain considering your knee is resting, i cannot allow you to wrestle until these issues are checked by your surgeon your ligament may be too tight or your over training.....  Then he sat behind his desk

The wrestler said to me in Spanish "Do what the doctors says there is always hope its only 3 weeks have faith."

I then asked him can i go to the gym he said he would allow me but no running and wearing a knee brace during the time at the gym, all must be as low impact as possible. Wrestlers he said are stubborn, push themselves too far because that is how they are taught to be the best and to not show pain,......
By this point i got pretty much frustrated with him.. so i decided to prove a point. Whenever i get angry i get really sarcastic but its seen as sarcasm rather than anger and once i go i can't stop talking lol
"That's its it in your chair sign me off, YEY!!!, yea as if you have any understanding of MPFL surgery."
The doctor went to me "What are you trying to prove to me?"
Then the wrestler who has known me for years saw me go really quiet and he said to the doctor wrong move she is about to blow.... and i did lol."

I replied "What am i trying to prove to you? Oh how the impossible can be possible, how doctors underestimate their patients and can' think outside the box.
How MPFL surgery does not have enough research for you to sit there and say what is right and what is wrong. Only by me thinking outside the box have i managed to get to where i am, back to sports. Because
lets be honest i am a frickin Guniea Pig for all your doctors, and you just what to see how long it takes me to screw it up, or see how far it can be pushed. Because you don't have the answers.

No one helped me except the personal trainers give me the new ideas for rehabilitation, to gain my life back,to gain my blistered swollen leg back i worked through pain to get to where i am... YOU HAVE NO IDEA, right now i'm feeling i go 5 steps forward ten steps back!
You say we are trained not to show pain yes, but you do know what lies under a wrestlers mask because you cant see behind it but we are trained to fight pain , to ignore it mentally and move forward, its about adapting to survive that is why we do it. MPFL SURGERY for a normal patient is great fine, no problem but for a wrestler you have to change pivots, kinetics, movements, you can't fall flat in case your patella fractures, or you destroy the ligament. Mpfl surgery for the patient is a roller coaster. because there is NO INFORMATION FEW ANSWERS JUST TRIAL AND ERROR.............. By this point i wanted to burst even
the wrestler with me said to me " Are you ok?"
The doctor looked at me in shock...he then said "Have you said this to your surgeon?" I said
"What's the point, if no one has ever dealt with a wrestler and MPFL. it's a grey area"
he then said to me "You must tell him this, and the information i have given you today."
then i replied "All i want to do is wrestle that is it....."
he said "you will give it time, until you see your surgeon, you have proven so much so far, but sometimes there are things as doctors, we need to check and sometimes there are times where your knee, or body will say it needs to rest, this is the time."

So now i feel like a ping pong ball, going from the independent doctor back to the surgeon oh joy lol. Sometimes i suppose humour gives me the faith and determination to keep trying there are always setbacks its sometimes how when the storms do come learning to dance and smile in the storm and make the most of the bad situation than just wait for it to pass.....

I decided to switch off my iphone as i was getting messages from other wrestlers who were making a joke out of the doctor, as the wrestler who was with me said he has never seen a doctor go white, quiet or drop a pen so quickly lol then i wanted to avoid my promoter rather than talk to him.......
The positive is i can go to the gym even if that means doing more upper body to release my frustration.
My knee is still stiff but it is best to follows doctors orders..... Im still having problems sleeping not much i can do just trying to sleep even if my leg is up against a wall lol....
Every cloud has a silver lining then say lets hope, we i see my surgeon he will sign me back in =)

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Post by: lucha86 on January 03, 2015, 10:54:33 PM
Day 234- feelings and thoughts on MPFL reconstruction.
So today i have been feeling alot of opinions build up on MPFL  reconstruction and i thought i would share them.. I had a quote put to me today y the independent doctor who sent me the email confirming his opinions tightness, effusions, medial pain, friction pain within join, and creptius etc then he followed it with a quote for me :

"An Individual who tries and uses hope and Determination to succeed and proves the impossible will always earn respect from those who watch."

I think after my riot act with him he felt bad lol I did feel bad the way i did my riot act, but i think by him giving me this quote he gave me hope, that people are taking notice, that i'm proving things to the medical world, and that they are listening in their own way.

I think the some doctors underestimate MPFL, sometimes you get so frustrated, because some things you cannot do, and you constantly fight to try to do them and in the process become even more frustrated.
In the First 8 weeks anyone who has had MPFL surgery can understand this.
Bending trying to walk up stairs, you start from scratch and have to figure out by yourself how you are going to get up 60 stairs, how your going to climb out of that bath after shooting nerve pains. When you try to sleep, but your leg refuses to let you sleep, you become mentally tired of the pain, and you again build up with frustration. Because all you want is one single thing INDEPENDENCE........

Then you get to the 8 week point and thinks got quickly and a lot smoother, then when you go to the gym there is certain things you notice you can't do but as an athlete frustrates you even though you say to yourself give it time, your body is so use to sport and adapting itself that, like burpees or lunges or dead lifts, you notice the flexion and other things, so then it makes you even more frustrated and determined to
PROVE THE MEDICAL WORLD WRONG....... I remember a "MR" said to me you will not be able to do a burpee again. so i got on the floor and did 10 in front of him, sat down he just looked at me in shocked.
I said as you were saying? he said how did you do that? i replied mind over matter that is how......
I think that doctor learned not to judge so quickly lol

So this is already proving a point, that no matter what a doctors says ANYTHING you can ACHIEVE , don't give up, and just keep trying, because any obstacle you have can only make you stronger. Only you can achieve anything you want to achieve.

MPFL yes it is a rather frustrating time, but you will reap its rewards at the end my case is so individual thats as a wrestler with an MPFL reconstruction it is new territory, most have had ACL,PCL,MCL repair but never met one who has had MPFL, so even for the doctors that have been treating me, i think to be honest
for them is a learning curve,because they have never dealt with a wrestler with an mpfl reconstruction, as much as it is for me, because they are so many things that can effect the
MPFL reconstruction within wrestling and training, that sometimes i suppose it's hard for them to know
the best way to treat me, generally my independent doctors sees if i have injured my knee he puts me in for an Mri to check everything is ok internally, which i rather think is better way for them as its black and white.
To be honest with myself i don't see myself going a lot longer in the wrestling one year tops, as i feel my knee is finding it hard but also sometimes i think its time to think of the future if my knee does not improve in the next 6 months i my have to consider these options.
I sit here writing this with a cryo-cuff on my knee as its swollen up but i suppose you have to expect in any surgery you sign for you will get some sort of complication from it nothing is perfect in life all you can do is make the most of it and keep going, keep moving, and keep achieving everything you want to achieve because nothing should hold you back =)

Im now sending this doctor a thank you card, because sometimes its the small things that count, =)

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Post by: lucha86 on January 04, 2015, 10:31:05 AM
Day 235 - knee stiff in cold weather - lack of sleep - but went to the gym did upper only
So today I needed a crutch to help me get me out of bed as my leg was stiff and I had to wear trainers for my knee to feel comfortable it took around 2 hours before my knee settled, sleeping again the throbbing burning friction pain just tried different positions and a hot water bottle untill I managed to fall asleep..........
It is frustrating but I just get on with it....... But a positive thing is I went to the gym and I worked on upper body which is great as its a way to workout without any impact on my leg :))
Fingers crossed having hope things will get better :)
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Post by: lucha86 on January 04, 2015, 09:21:43 PM
Day 236- mofl reconstruction photo still swollen
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on January 05, 2015, 08:25:46 PM
day 237- No sleep cried to sleep sounds sooo bad! -burning rope sensation-
So last night was my worst night ever- i had tried so many positions to sleep but my knee was terrible i took narproxen and cocodomol with it and it did nothing i felt like my knee was burning and wanted to rip open and i couldnt find a comfortable position if i tried to sleep on my lateral side of the MPFL knee it throbs and feel like rope burn in my knee by about 4 hours point i just cried because my body just wanted to sleep but my knee would not allow it to.......
, even when i walk i feel sometimes a friction/ rope burn sensation in my knee and i just try to block it out i even sometimes go up stairs and feel a friction going up or a rubbing feeling...........
im just maybe time to pump my upperbody at the gym lol
In a way i don;t know what to say to my surgeon in two weeks time because this is as new for him as it is for my independent doctor because there is no research on Mpfl and wrestlers, could the wrestling be damaging my MPFL who knows..... like i have said before it is a grey area............but i hope this will give patients answers who are in very high contact sports......
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Post by: lucha86 on January 06, 2015, 06:53:51 PM
Day 238- What have i achieved so far
I have achieved so far

Flips/ handstands ( post 21weeks)
stepper machine 20 minutes (post 21 week)
running 8km  (post 20 weeks)
skipping 20 minutes (post 20 weeks)
running at 15.5 on running machine (post 20 weeks)
actual match ( post 20 weeks) went ok ish
lifting 120kg on shoulders (post 19-20 weeks)
weight lifting on legs increased by 12kg ( post 20 weeks)
bike 1 hour ( post 19 weeks)
survived two hour personal training session non stop (post 18 weeks)
lifting 100kg on shoulders ( post 17 weeks)
ran 6k ( 16.5 weeks)
wrestling in the ring practising ( 16 weeks)
running at 13.5 on the running machine (15 weeks)
running 5 miles outside ( 15 weeks)
squatting/lunges with 30kg in each hand ( post 15 weeks)
-lifting 150kg leg pres ( 14 weeks)
-running outside 4 miles (14/13  weeks)
- Lifting 140kg on leg press (12 weeks)
-squatting with men on shoulder ( 12 weeks)
- running 75 days post surgery( 10 weeks)
- lifting 120kg on my legs post surgery ( 8 weeks-9weeks)
- running up stairs (post 8 weeks)
- skipping jumping, ( post 8 weeks)
- squats lunges, lunges with dumbells 20kg) post (7 weeks)
-free weight lifting, lifting weight onto my shoulders with squats post
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on January 06, 2015, 08:40:53 PM
day 239- Brace in bed - finally some sleep, feelings right now

SO I SPOKE WITH MY WRESTLING PHYSIO. who said for me to buy this brace and try it in bed when i was sleeping to see, if that relieved the pressure and pain in the joint, i thought to myself i havent got a lot of options left lol So i tried it and i slept all the way through the night expect for once when it woke me up but, with the brace on the pain is more controllable which is good =) so i am going to try this fo the next couple of nights, but then my physio informed me it was a BAD SIGN IF IT WAS HELPING ME TO SLEEP!

Because let's be honest after going through so many trials and errors of getting myself back on my feet i am beginning to think sometimes it is best to think outside of the medical understanding box because that is how i got myself better so quick.... Every case is unique and individual so things can be learnt from every MPFL case.

Im still feeling rather frustrated as the physio worked with m on the stepper today and i could feel complete friction and rubbing by the MPFL like a rope burn and i had to stop at 5 minutes, my knee just could not deal with it then i has shooting pains in my lower shin...  i got frustrated but then i suppose my physio was right he said you see your surgeon in just over two weeks, ask why, you don't have to assume remember you are the patient and don't leave the office until your happy with the answers your given.... or i will write a letter for you to give to your surgeon to back you up.......

Even sitting down i cannot sit down longer than two hours before my knee is screaming, just to think just over two weeks ago i was wrestling now im back to basics, sometimes i think mother nature or your body says when to stop when it needs to recover........

MPFL has changed my life is so many good ways but has also given me a few rather small issues which are rather hard to explain to someone who has never had a mpfl reconstruction lol.

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on January 07, 2015, 07:52:08 PM
day 240- still sleep issues - knee swollen up again - going for different rehabilitations
So even though i am wearing the brace im still waking up during the night but not as many times as without it, it has swollen up again my knee. So i am trying to work with it rather than against it....
I have decided to do some different types of rehabilitation to see if it will help my knee more......
My wrestling physiotherapist, thinks my ligament is too tight...... well lets be honest her in a sarcastic way before my surgery i could easily lift two men one on each shoulder around in total 160kg so my hamstring would have been at that time very strong.... so by the time my surgeon ripped that out of my hamstring and out it in my knee and suppose it would be in a logical way very strong and tight after lifting so many men lol
sorry feeling in a sarcastic funny tone again lol
So i have been swimming a lot and doing other techniques i first did with my personal trainers and it does seem to be helping it is swollen but i suppose i just got to deal with it i dont want to take any painkillers if i can because i want to be able to feel what is going on and be aware of it...............
Im still having a few problems getting out of bed still so i have a crutch by my bed just to help me up if i need one, but i hope this will rather surpass in time due to the weather HOPEFULLY lol
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Post by: lucha86 on January 08, 2015, 10:01:51 PM
day 241 - still wearing a brace  to sleep - stiff knee getting out of bed- still working out in the gym-

So i have kept wearing the brace as its relieving the pain issue and i would rather wear a brace than take any painkillers to sleep with because you grow fed up of taking them and there not good to keep taking from an athletes perspective as we need to be aware of our body and warning signs or when something does not feel right-..... the brace is helping me to have a better night sleep but is till wake up but not as many times without it...........
I still have a stiff knee getting out of bed and get out of bed walking like herr flick from the bbc series allo allo but hey ho lets be positive and hope the storm will pass =)
Im still working out in the gym and im doing alot more with my leg it is making it swollen but the point is MPFL is such a grey area with rehabilitation that everyone has their own way of dealing with the rehabilitation through MPFL RECONSTRUCTION SOME THINGS WORK FOR SOME PEOPLE and some do not.... so it is rather for me a case of trail and error..........

In a way i feel i have more questions for my surgeon now because i feel frustrated because i don't know the answer and i can't fine the answers anywhere how to get my leg to stop swelling or to be able to sleep normally without feeling my leg wanting to rip open, why my knee stops when im wrestling and locks, or why with certain pivoting or kinetics my knee will react in a weird way.... I think the answer will be hmmmm to avoid the subject by my surgeon or just a laugh... because lets be honest here lol no one or any surgeon have i heard has taken on a wrestler with an MPFL reconstruction so he probably knows as much as i know lol its like walking blindfolded and guessing what YOU WILL HIT next i suppose lol

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Post by: lucha86 on January 09, 2015, 10:20:11 PM
Day 242-  knee very stiff - no gym -  arrrgggggg!!!!!!!!!
So my knee has gotten really stiff and I think it's for the weather because even my rots massage therapist has noticed my knee has tensed up in the past 8-10 weeks, I tried to get on the stepper machine again and I was defeated by the burning rope sensation in my knee so I went on the cross trainer instead and the bike .......
So after that I decided no gym for a couple of days to rest the leg..........
So I'm beginning to feel rather frustrated as I feel after 6 months I should not be feeling stiff getting out of bed and be struggling to get out of bed....... It's rather frustrating me because I'm so active generally that my knee is just saying no no no no no !!
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Post by: lucha86 on January 10, 2015, 01:17:12 AM
questions i have about MPFL unanswered :

SO I FEEL THIS LAST 3 -5 WEEKS has given more questions more than answers with MPFL surgery reconstruction so i hope my surgeon is ready for them when i ask them lol.

So right now i am feeling i have gone back a few steps i try to go forward but my knee either stops, gets stiff or just doesn't play ball lol. Some people have asked did i return to the wrestling too soon? I believe i did not. I believe the two accidents i had especially the final role has played a major part in my set back.
i am so unsure of how to tackle my knee right now there is nothing specifically in black and white as in how to  tackle the problems i have. e.g flexion, pain within new ligament, roped burn sensation, swelling. i'M JUST HAVING TO ASSESS my knee day by day to see how it acts.....

It has got to the point where i have had to ask my manager in my desk job which is my second job as a back up..... that i needed holiday to try to get rid of the issues in my knee..... for example swimming rehabilitation with wrestling physio etc.
But most importantly to try to get some decent sleep, to be honest the pain is worst at night when i am trying to sleep which is rather annoying but i just keep ploddng along lol I just am very confused because when the knee is relaxing especially in a bed i shouldnt be feeling this sort of pain.........

My leg is getting tight and stiff and i cannot explain why expect for the past 10 weeks when it has got worse which would explain weather issues effecting the joint???

The question i ask myself also is kinetics, physics and the movement of wrestling can the MPFL reconstruction take so much force especially in wrestling when we fly out of rings land on cement etc?
i GOT TOLD BY ONE STATISTICIAN my risk of rupturing it could be within 3 years due to the forces being so high in wrestling....... TO BE HONEST i cant ask my surgeon that question because i don't think he even knows the type of wrestling i do, he probably thinks its more Olympic wrestling like mat to mat but i fly out of rings into crowds onto hard floors the pressures on the joints are immense, this is why after doing 20 matches post mpfl surgery im considering retiring from the sport.......

Today for example i have had shooting pains down my foot my knee is triple the size and i am thinking when is too much too much when it comes to rehabilitation when there is no context or literature to give you an idea when to stop? some literature says a complication of mpfl surgery is swelling long term and some say that is a negative side again what is right or wrong what do you believe? This is why i am trying to go by what my body is telling me to do...... rather than against literature because with MPFL SURGERY ITS  not very informative...... lol but i just keep going and trying new things to see what i can give to others to help them =)

very frustrated now but dont know what to say lol expect i hope my surgeon is ready to speak with me because my surgeon wont get a word in edgeways untill every question has been answered lol.........

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Post by: lucha86 on January 11, 2015, 12:51:04 AM
Day 243 mpfl reconstruction photo swelling finally going
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Post by: lucha86 on January 11, 2015, 08:15:02 PM
day 244 - working more in the gym - still sleep deprived - feeling sarcastic lol
so as the independent doctor said i could work out in the i have been increasing it and changing a few things off as cut a long story short i do not have a personal trainer at the moment as she fell off her horse, and broke her collar bone and had to have surgery to resolve an internal bleeding issue after the horse accident, so i have been working more with my wrestling physio the last week .......
So im doing some weight resistance with the knee to make sure the quads, VMO and hamstrings are all as strong as can be i like to be sure to cross my t's and dot my i's before i finally think the issue is not my issue, my physio has checked the VMO and says its back to regular strength, as well as my sport massage therapist has said this... I have also been doing ladder techniques, bosu and TRX exercises to increase the strength as much as possible ........ but my physio said my legs are strong and believes its not my issue, how do you tell a surgeon that lol............
Finally to add i feel abit annoyed well no annoyed cause i generally dont get angry but after all these dislocations previous to the MPFL surgery i had put on over 8 stone in weight........ because i didnt have a doctor think outside the box and treat me as an athlete.... my surgeon said to me when i was drugged out of my head after the surgery you have to lose the excess weight now.... i said i would i and he said no you wont take your time..... so i thought bugger it i will prove him wrong a surgeon of 20 years lo so before the surgery i lost 4 stone then after him saying that i lost another 7 stone so in a period of under a year i have lost 11 stone with the help of a personal trainer four hours a day in the gym....and also got through DVT MPFL reconstruction and an MUA, and you know what my surgeons nurse assistant last time did not recognise me she came up to me while in his consult and sat and said well done keep it up you look great its amazing !! but my surgeon just at there smiled and laughed i think i deserve a bloody well done from him lol
 Even my independent doctor has noticed the change in me the weight loss and has congratulated me..
So why hasn't my surgeon?? Is it because i have proven him wrong or are doctors to afraid to say it?? but there just as quick to complain about BMI lol but not applaud you on weight loss. I even saw some of his doctors around him and they were more worried with my weight loss that i might not wrestle WTH?? i mean surely if you see a patient has lost weight you should be saying keep it up well done, since most doctors always moan about BMI  and weight lol So will my surgeon say well done to me...... even when my personal trainer came with me to the consult she showed him the pictures of my transformation but again no well done?? i must admit the mpfl reconstruction has given me my life back but all i want is my surgeon to recognise how far i have come in weight but also how quickly i returned to the wrestling, but i dont think a doctor likes to be proven wrong lol we shall wait and see if he says anything lol........
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Post by: lucha86 on January 12, 2015, 09:13:50 PM
day 245- tried to jog i did it!! - but then knee swelled up again

SO I MANAGED TO JOG today but then my knee swelled up again and is all stiff, so i think lots and lots of questions for the surgeon in two weeks YEY!!! feeling not amuzed and rather sarcastic lol
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Post by: lucha86 on January 14, 2015, 12:06:05 AM
day 246 - round up on opinion of MPFL SURGERY............
So i have just over another two weeks to go till i see my surgeon, and if he signs me off i will be only updating this diary every month rather than daily... so i thought i would put my opinions forward..... about the world of MPFL RECONSTRUCTION..........

As i have said before i have found MPFL reconstruction to be like a rollercoaster, it has its ups and downs, its unexpected corners, it's bump bits, and it turns and twists, but when you finally finish that rollercoaster your like WOAH!! lol Because the experience as a whole for me has been crazy lol........

Has MPFL RECONSTRUCTION BEEN THE RIGHT CHOICE for ME? let's look at the positives and negatives
since the surgery in May 2014

POSITIVES                                                         Negatives
1)NO dislocations                                               1)Loss of flexion (slight)
2) more stable knee                                            2) Sub laxtions x6
3)less crunching                                                 3) stiffness and swelling
4)ablity to run                                                     4) problems sleeping
5)more active                                                      5) Medial overloading
                                                                            6) Nerve pain to the foot/ rope burn

So from an athletes perspective if we look at the negatives, then you can see some of these issues may
effect a standard athlete from returning to their sport, to be honest i don't care lol i will try it if i can and learn through biofeedback or trial and error, to confirm what i can do and can't do..... The stiffness and swelling is a major issue for me right now, if thats to do with the weather i don't know i'm not Einstein lol.
finding the stiffness and swelling have a major issue with my sport and then i feel this creates the medial overloading issue and sometimes the issues with sleeping also, and also i feel like a rope burn sensation in my knee as if the ligament is rubbing on my something i suppose to speak with my surgeon.. generally the shooting pains to my foot i just get on with it and ignore it, as we know with every surgery you have to expect some form of complication.................but sometimes i do get rather frustrated how one complication can hold me back because i'm a very athletic person.....

With the positive parts, yes in a day to day normal patients life it has given me the stability i can now wear a heel and not thing my knee is going to dislocate, before i had the swelling issues with my knee i could run 10km easy, it is generally more stable as in its not longer feeling wobbly my knee like Elvis Presley when he had the shaky leg lol ....... Yes i feel more stable but my complications are frustrating me presently......

So i suppose what i am trying to say is for a day to day normal life patient i would say take the opportunity and go for it and have the surgery because it will give you a lot of stability back in your leg.......

but i will say to athletes within high contact sports my surgeon said to me im now not allowed to land forward because of the risk of fracturing my knee cap/ patella , i even got told by a statician he worked out my risk of fracturing my knee cap could be 80% by returning to consider full risks and the ability to adapt within your sport before having MPFL surgery as athletes we can adapt quite quickly, however try to understand what changes to make or how to adapt your techniques in your sport before having MPFL surgery...............

Moving on to doctors and Physiotherapist......... make sure you have a doctor that CAN answer your questions as well as a physiotherapist as it can only cause more frustration when you seek answers to your questions which they cannot answer if they do not have the knowledge of MPFL reconstruction.....

At the end of the day you are the patient, and you want to make sure you get the answers you need...
MPFL is complicated enough in itself that there is so little information available to the patient... so in theory... we are just left for us to deal with it ourselves and find a way..................

For time frames i would suggest don't believe the doctors but the physiotherapist more as they know
and see on a daily basically recovery and rehabilitation processes...... some doctors will make the recovery process seem longer than it truly is to cover themselves............

RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH...... try to find as much information as you can on MPFL RECONSTRUCTION  so you can have an idea of rehabilitation techniques recovery times etc.

The MPFL reconstruction for me was a roller coaster now considering, i jumped into chairs fly and fall onto cement my pain is generally use to pain and has a high pain threshold but its the strangest / worst pain i have felt even my independent doctor was confused why my leg was so swollen and massive blistered red and the pain was strong in the first 10 days i blacked out a few times in the first 4 weeks,,,,,, but after that the pain got better after my MUA, and the swelling went dramatically down and i was checked for DVT LUCKILY i did not have it..... my progression was slow in the first three weeks due to complications but i became annoyed with one thing my surgeon said "Oh i thought you would be an easy case."

So it forced me to rethink my whole rehabilitation programme and look outside the box because the exercises the physio had given me were useless, and constantly about bend the knee bend the knee...... SO I GOT TOGETHER WITH a few personal trainers and my wrestling physio and tried brand new techniques with TRX, Ladder techniques, TABATA training, rolling meshes, weight resistance,sliding.. to get me going and....... it worked.......... sometimes by listening to different opinions it can only be a benefit, even my independent doctor was shocked by my progress considering the amount of complications  i had....

so one thing i will say with an MPFL RECONSTRUCTION is go for it but think outside the box when it comes to rehabilitation because even the doctors are still learning things about mpfl reconstruction

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: esm87 on January 14, 2015, 03:20:19 PM
Hi Lucha,

It seems like you are having quite a rough time of it at the moment!

Make sure you don't leave your surgeons office without finding out exactly what's going on and how he can help you.
I understand it must be difficult not being able to do what you are used to as an athlete but maybe a couple of days of doing nothing and icing your knee as often as possible could help? My physio at the gym tells me that if i'm having trouble or have worked my knee(s) too hard. I always find it helps as it just allows everything to settle and become less inflamed and swollen.

I was just on holiday in New York for a week and walked non stop - all day every day. I am REALLY feeling it now, even more so then when i've been to the gym and worked on my knee properly.
I am giving myself a couple of days off from exercise and I feel better already.

I think your progress so far is amazing and I was always so impressed by what you were able to achieve but maybe a few days of complete rest is what you need?

Keep your chin up, I know how hard it is to think about what we used to be able to do (and took for granted!) compared to now but i'm hoping with time we'll be back to normal :)

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on January 14, 2015, 08:57:46 PM
Hey Emma
i totally agree with you i think rather frustration does set in because we do take for granted the things we could do before and sometimes underestimate how different things can change.......
Its great that you enjoyed your holiday i do agree about the walking though when you walk a lot with an MPFL reconstruction if does take its toll on long walks.....
I have tried to ice it and have taken days off but it isnt working the only thing that works is bracing it up and that seems to hep the pain and swelling issue...... but like you said the surgeons office i will not leave until i have the answer i require........ i hope your well Emma =)
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Post by: lucha86 on January 15, 2015, 12:57:10 AM
day 247 - stiff knee - sublaxation - pffffff lol independent doctor
so today my knee was rather stiff all day long in went for a walk instead of going to the gym and my knee sublaxed and i fell down i was not amused to be honest it was more pffffff anything else lol
so i have decided to just swim until i see the surgeon in over 10 days time to try to relieve the knee from stress so im just rather irritated to say the least right now lol.
I feel just it comes in times you are doing great then in other times the knee refuses to do anything............
I have tried to ice it and have tried heat and the only thing that relieves the pain is with pressure, or a brace some im getting frustrated so say the least i have sooooooooo many questions for my surgeon..... because i do not have the answers..................

so i went and saw the independent doctor today as he got a call from my promotor about my knee sublaxing so i had to see him at 7pm oh joy! LOL so he decided then and there he wanted to put me in a cricket, a full leg brace...... I HATE THOSE THINGS LOL no independence and you can move with them i had that on my bad knee when i was 16 21 and 25 and i hated it lol
So he wanted to brace it up to make sure the knee was getting the best support all day ......rather than just in the gym..... so i asked him to meet me half way and i would wear the knee brace because i think by having the full leg brace would just damage all my gym rehabilitation and not help the muscle groups...... i said that to him and he said your rather intelligent i said no im an athlete that understands hows muscles works and through experience... so now he wants me to wear this brace everyday till i see the surgeon.........
ohhhhh joyyyy! lol
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Post by: lucha86 on January 15, 2015, 05:54:26 PM
day 248 - knee hyperextended and sublaxed again- knee feels better in brace at gym
So i got out of bed today again it was stiff i walked about another 10 steps my knee jerked back then medially jerked forward i felt my knee sublax then i was on the floor, i laughed when it happened because if i didnt i would have cried lol
so i feel my knee is performing better with the brace on in the gym right now i dont know why but its more stable and less issues on the sublaxtion front which is a good thing...... so i sad to say this maybe my independent doctor was right my knee is showing signs of medial overload as i am having a few still doing the swimming more than the gym though
 just have to wait and see the surgeon for answers........lets hope he gets my sarcastic dry humour when i try to explain to him my knee currently is like elvis prsely / herr flick from the series allo allo lol
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Post by: lucha86 on January 16, 2015, 01:06:23 AM
 ::) ::) ::) ::) day 249 - feelings right now

So i thought i would vent because i need to in a rather sarcastic witty way lol. So i have not been to the gym today as my knee swelled up, AGAIN! SURPRISE SURPRISE lol
today my knee has had the throbbing burning rope burn sensation going on especially when i am sitting or trying to bend it... now considering i was wrestling a couple of weeks back, and now my knee does not want to play at all... it's rather frustrating.

Because i have my independent doctor telling me i think our reconstruction was done too tight and this is why you have the medial overload. But then when you read journals its very hard to get an MPFL RECONSTRUCTION right...

lets be honest from my surgeons point of view i can understand he was think yea got a patient who throws men above her head and throws them out of a ring, then her knee reconstruction has to be tighter to cope with the demands of the sport..........
BUT THE QUESTION i ask myself is when is too tight too tight??

Then i consider what i am doing at the gym twice a day working upper and lower body to maintain my body form as an athlete, but also as part of making sure my leg is at the best it can be in full strength...
I work with Pt's a physio and a sports massage therapist, who are all just as confused as me .... i have had a suggestion from the physio to say it has been too tight from the beginning and my PT and my sports massage therapist have noticed my knee reacting differently since my accident.......

Sometimes too many opinions can be rather confusing lol

As an athlete i generally don't want to take any form of painkiller because i need to be aware of biofeedback and what my body is alerting me too, but currently with a PMT knee lol which keeps swelling up when it likes to do, shooting pains down from my knee to foot, and rope burn pain in my knee at night and while sitting...... im beginning to think something is not right as i have near enough exhausted every possible idea....
i Generally try an meditate to try to block the pain, or use a hot water bottle, ice or arnica.........

I do believe the cold weather has played a major part cause sometimes when i go and walk outside my knee gets so stiff it gets difficult to walk for long periods of time..........

Mpfl reconstruction has the ability to give a normal patient their life back in day to day terms and a security term, if the case of an athlete there is still so much for surgeons to learn from..... because i feel what sometimes is surgeons forget our careers we put into their hands because its our last option... so we will constantly be frustrated throughout the rehabilitation process ......... but then as athletes we forget that sometimes we cannot always be invincible sometimes change is inevitable... in terms of to adapt in the protect ourselves/.
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Post by: lucha86 on January 16, 2015, 05:07:52 PM
day 250 - ice and hot water bottles galore
so i have been going inbetween ice and heat to lessen the stiffness in my joint and it seems to be helping a little today but fingers crossed if i do it for a couple of days i can start gyming again i went swimming and that was fine, im just getter rather bored and annoyed that my knee is in control right now ...........
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Post by: lucha86 on January 17, 2015, 05:48:36 PM
day 251  easing swelling -  knee MPFL reconstruction...........

1) Cryocuff- This was the best £120 pound i had ever spent a machine with a brace that keeps you knee cool post surgery, and keeps the swelling at bay in the first 12 weeks...........

2) Sauna/ Hot showers- I have noticed in the colder temperatures i have been turning more to heat than ice to relieve the joint of stiffness and swelling, i find by staying in the sauna in my gym, or a very hot shower after every workout seem to relieve the pressure and throbbing and swelling of the joint..........

3) Hot and cold techniques- yes sound bizarre but i have found when my knee has been temperamental
   and doesnt take to one type of relief.... i use both i got taught this by my sports massage therapist as an extra back up for when cold techniques does not work on the knee..........

4) Arnica gel - generally alot of marital arts use this but i have found it effective during matches and post matches to relieve muscle pain in the knee or swelling............

5_ Sports massage therapist- Yes they can be expensive but your knee will feel completely different by the end of the massage and the muscles will not have any tightness..............
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Post by: lucha86 on January 18, 2015, 07:01:02 PM
day 252 - knee hyperextending - still swollen -off gym with flu -
so my knee has been overextending, and hyperextending, it is still swollen and considering i have been off the gym for the last few days as i caught the flu and bronchitis and currently banned from the gym by my GP,  and feeding myself medication im currently doing nothing with my knee so in a way the positive thing with the flu is my knee is still swollen and stiff even without exercise so then it shows that i cannot be overdoing it at the gym and there must be an underlying cause such as weather or tightness of ligament, even getting out of bed has just be irritating because its so tight....... so the positive with the flu is that it shows im not being over excessive on my joint in the gym as it is still swollen post a few days rest........ and its still throbbing and painful to sleep with..............
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Post by: lucha86 on January 20, 2015, 01:03:32 AM
day 253 -  knee very stiff - trying to describe tightness - feelings on mpfl reconstruction
so today my knee has been very tight and stiff but again the temperature has dropped again so i rather suppose i have to accept this in the winter periods lol...
It took my a while to describe the sensation when i row, go on the stepper or bend my knee to an excessive point...... rope burn was the nearest i could describe but after sitting down with my physiotherapist i was trying to exactly describe it in another way as in a law of physics so when i see my surgeon he can understand so friction of bone and ligament , rubbing, was the only way i could describe it as i barley have a voice my physio therapist helped me to write down the questions for my surgeon so then if my voice fails lol i can give him the sheet to make sure every question i have is answered..........

I appreciate the fact that being a wrestler there has been no research on high martial arts with MPFL reconstruction surgery contact sports so my surgeon is just as much in the dark as i am but if he does not know an answer i will ask him to say he does not know, because otherwise im trying to seek an answer for a question where there is no answer for it due to lack of research etc....

I am proud to say i returned to wrestling before 4 months post mark when generally the lower contact sports is 6 months and high contact sports is 9 months it proves to the medical profession that the impossible is possible with the right determination and thinking outside the box with the rehabilitation aspect........

 I have had COMPLICATIONS THROUGH mpfl reconstruction which did rather frustrate me ...
However the one thing i wanted to do through this whole process is see what works and doesnt work pass it onto my surgeon so then that way things can be learned and patients can have answers to questions in the future where sometimes i did not..........It is rather funny because i know when doctors don't have an answer their smile say your name and move onto another subject...

 because i think they feel by them not having the answer does not make them look good, but as some people who have had mPFL reconstruction can understand that especially in the uk as its still rather new surgery half of the doctors dont have a clue lol...... they look very blankly at you or just smile and offer you painkillers if you have a problem or refer you back to the hospital .... a never ending cycle where in the end your just best treating yourself through trial and error because doctors fear the whole liability issue if they touch you because they do not know what MPFL reconstruction is but surely its a doctors ethical duty to make sure a patient is comfortable or just to look and see if something looks ok?.......  But surely orthopaedic doctors are aware that even us as patients know there is little information on MPFL reconstruction so we are in the dark just as much as them and surely some honesty would be best for the patient ??

One thing i have learnt is with MPFL reconstruction is that now i will treat myself and not go to a GP because i still feel it will be a couple of years yet until general doctors will feel comfortable checking a MPFL reconstructed knee, they are comfortable treating acl, mcl, and pcl reconstruction but as one GP told me  "Whats that?" ive never heard of that in 12 years as a GP." lol
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Post by: lucha86 on January 20, 2015, 06:30:07 PM
day 254
be afraid my knee has been ok during the day expect for sleeping which is a plus wohooo!!!
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Post by: lucha86 on January 21, 2015, 12:56:28 AM
day 255- knee throbbing but not as bad as it has been
so im still having the issues sleeping but the knee is having its good days and bad days and i suppose with the change of weather you have to accept it comes with the territory........ today it is still swollen but  i suppose you rather have to work with it rather than against it, i suppose we are all not invincible lol

Im hoping to start the gym again tomorrow........ so fingers crossed =))  :P

i just want to get rid of the stiffness that is the rather frustrating part lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on January 21, 2015, 07:39:00 PM
day 256 MPFl reconstruction surgery for a standard patient v opinion

So for me as athlete i though further into this today and i thought about how MPFL surgery can have its benefits and problems for me as an athlete in a very high contact sport......

To be honest i think a lot of us athletes do think we are invincible until something proves us otherwise, because when i was training to be a wrestler over 10 years ago, we always got taught mind over body, go through the barriers, never feel defeated by an obstacle, never show pain to an enemy etc.

MPFL changed this whole ideology for me lol. I still remember an 80 year old lady who had a knee replacement next to me walking the next day, and i thought time to get out of bed, and i physically couldn't and it frustrated me that i was telling my leg to move but the quadricep wasn't functioning due to atrophy from the surgery, which shows how important it is to research what your having before you have it lol Even the matron was amused by my frustrations as i was trying every way to get out of bed it looked like the great escape she said... but i must admit the pain was incredible, i cannot even to this day describe the first two weeks, expect i was drugged up like dory out of finding nemo to give myself some dignity and normality...........

The first two weeks of MPFL reconstruction is the hardest as an athlete you are fighting a lot of frustrations as a standard patient and also you want your independence and dignity back and some sense of normality
But i suppose for athletes its alot harder to accept you have to rest, when your in the gym normally twice
a day and then currently sitting on your backside and twiddling your fingers or sleeping, you become irritated .

But for an athlete with MPFL reconstruction i had so many time frames to get back, to get fighting again,
but then again i think we forget sometimes the body has ways of teling us when something is not right.
In my time with the NHS i could not get a physiotherapy appointment for at least 5 weeks after the surgery
So through some insurance i had left, i got a wrestling physiotherapist i had through my promotor to help me get moving as well as a personal trainer who visited my house everyday she is not just a personal trainer anymore she is a very good friend of mine.......

But my body had other ideas, leg swelled up to triple the size, blisters everywhere, hot to touch, and my foot was so swollen i could not even get a slipper on my foot i had only a flip flop....... again as an athlete i broke a cardinal rule- listen to your body lol. My surgeon could not fathom what was going on with my leg just sheer silence from him, and he kept saying its not dvt correct you had it checked, and i had it checked. so he believed there was a bleed somewhere, but the physio i hired believed it could have been a mix of athrofibrosis and compartment syndrome.

So ended up with a big red letter which you know in the NHS means you screwed or its an emergency surgery lol. By this point as an athlete i was getting more tired and irritated that my body was no reacting the way it should and i had the pressure of time frames.....But i was forgetting the general rule that everyone heals differently my athlete stubbornness or competitiveness to be the best was forgetting the basic rules of healing and rehabilitation which as athletes we are generally use to ....

So after the MUA, and hiring more help to get my knee back on track by post four months, i was back on track signed off for the wrestling which generally is 9 months for high contact sport as you fly out of rings into chairs etc lol.....But it took time for me to adapt  and change my moves as my surgeon said to me after the surgery your not allowed to land on your front or you could fracture your patella i though and why didnt you tell me that before the surgery lol

As an athlete you have to be aware of so much more and your falling techniques and look out for yourself more, sometimes i do find my knee locks during matches or i have the rubbing friction rope burn sensation on the bone with the new ligament but i try and just get on with it.... i dont believe taking painkillers and painkiller is effective for the body or to understand what your body is trying to say you can and cannot do. I think all surgeons or doctors who read this who do MPFL reconstruction should make any athlete aware of flexion loss risk or patella fracture risks BEFORE the surgery as in high sports like wrestling where the risk of fall is 90% these are great things that can change important moves or changes to adapt within out sport.......

I think MPFL reconstruction is great for standard patients as in daily life it is great for me..... but there is still so much to learn for athletes with MPFL reconstruction because every sport has its different pivot and motion techniques where as an athlete we will need to adapt those to suit the reconstruction to work with it rather than against it... Every athlete has the capability to return to sport with n MPFL reconstruction it is down to the help they receive the right information and answers being given and also, i do think though
some doctors need to be more approachable or think outside the box when it comes to MPFL reconstruction as a patient we are just as confused as the doctors due to lack of research and information on MPFL reconstruction the only one who has given me the answers is my surgeon or his student or my independent doctors gp's dont know what it is lol MPFL reconstruction it is so specialised that it is a process or trial and error and thinking outside the box , without my physios and personal trainer giving me new techniques different exercises compared to the standard ones then i would be in a totally different situation....

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Post by: lucha86 on January 22, 2015, 07:09:29 PM
day 257 things i have learnt in process of MPFL reconstruction surgery with rehabilitation through the weeks and what to expect for patients to undergo this surgery in a funny witty way lol

week 1-2
1) make sure you dose up on painkillers, on the correct hour and dont miss them or the pain will be crazy
2)Sleep will be an issue you learn to expect if after the end of week 1 i called it the stormy weeks
3)Make sure you try to keep the leg and joint moving as early as possible
4)when having showers have something solid on the floor so you dont slip or a stool
5)cryocuff becomes a GOD rather than your ghd hair straighteners as it eases the pain and swelling lol
6)tears frustration and lack of independence will cause outbursts to pre warn you lol
7)anti clotting injections in the stomach they sting like wow but stops the risk of DVT no pain no gain lol
8) drain out the pain with your ipod touch or ipod, with George ezra, amy winehouse, one direction or adele, coldplay, u2 or nickelback really helps lol

weeks 2-4
1) Frustration tiredness and tears its a part of the process let it out even if it end up being your surgeon or physiotherapist you say it to lol
2) next time my physio or doctor say how did i feel i sarcastically replied you try having three holes drilled into your kneecap femur and your hamstrings ripped out and then see how you feel i got a laugh from them lol
2)Sleeping movements starts to increase as it becomes more comfortable
3) Frustration with VMO sets it to do full leg raises, its a pain but it will happen, its actually funny when you tell your leg via your brain to lift it and it won't but and the time its frustrating
4)Physios and the word "bend" and "time" becomes a common frustrating theme lol just keep going lol
5)Jumpy legs start to happen due to nerves healing and nerve pains that stop you in your tracks...
mentally just control it or use the right pain killers
6)Dry skin- ah very common around the knee Vaseline intensive care was my saviour lol
7) sutures sticking out of skin?- wrap some cling film round your knee to protect it in shower
8) expect your knee to feel a little weak if you have no brace like i did expect your knee to feel wobbly and be careful when walking it can feel like it will dislocate it is because your muscles are weak at that point

weeks 4-6
1) recovery process seems to speed up, you will notice the leg becomes more responsive
2)stiffness getting in at out of bed, very common the physio said it can last up to 6 months post surgery.
3)sleeping becomes more flexible and easier...
4)no painkillers by this point, maybe one if your knee is tired about physio or a stressed workout.
5)sticking out sutures finally dissolve yes i can finally have a normal shower wohooo lol
6)swelling starts to settle lot quicker

weeks 6-9
1) the bike oh how it frustrated me lol - turning the wheels of a bike is hard to do as the knee cant due to the atrophy then you watch people in the gym and it frustrates you more this is normal it will happen just keep trying :) i got frustrated when the physio was like we will try another day i was like no we try it now but know your limits people lol
2)need starts to feel more secure less wobbly due to the atrophy post surgery
3) the feeling of freedom and independence is fully back as you have the ability to do more
4) frustration can set in when doctors as you to explain how you feel some pains with MPFL you cannot describe and when you do doctors look and just smile expect this lol
5)finally running by week 9 wohooo!!
6)knee is still stiff and tight but work on rehabilitation and swimming to build on this..........

weeks 10 -12
1) swelling nearly gone
2)sleeping no longer an issue as the swelling has settled but still stiff getting out of bed and sitting
3)some things can become frustration in the gym because you the muscle groups wont allow you to do them keep doing and use that frustration as a drive to succeed =) its hard but worth it
4)can run now but still feels stiff
5)swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming is a key tool to flex the joint
6)feeling normal...........
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Post by: lucha86 on January 23, 2015, 12:17:53 AM
Mpfl reconstruction photo
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Post by: lucha86 on January 24, 2015, 09:19:25 PM
day 258 - independent doctor questions - knee still stiff - but im still going in a rather positive sense.
So i went for a check up with the independent doctor, before i see my surgeon in the next few days, he said he was still NOT HAPPY with my knee and still wants the surgeon to check it, he thinks the joint is stiff for a specific reason... tightness ......

my knee has been feeling like is rubbing inside i just cant describe the feeling expect it feels like friction and it has still be swollen so im just getting on with it

but then he also asked me to write, about an athletes return to sport about how i managed to wrestle again considering the surgery i have had done, can rather make huge impacts on my sport so i said i would write it up and i would also place it on this diary..... i think sometimes doctors fail to understand with athletes
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Post by: lucha86 on January 25, 2015, 12:13:36 AM
An athletes return following MPFL reconstruction surgery
Ok so for me i think there are several rather important things that effect any athletes return to sport...
Confidence, belief, psychology,determination, understanding, support.............
these are the key things i believe are what helps and are key to the success of return to sport so starting with

this a key major part, for me i felt like i had to be comfortable in my abilities to return to the sport but to also understand my limits and i could only do that through trial and error process, in any sport you have to be able to enter it feeling a sense of confidence i suppose you could call it in psychology the fight or flight response or the theory of survival rule, showing pain and fear in natural law, humans have a tendency to try to block it or not to show it or it for some people can be seen as a weakness especially in wrestling we try not to show fear.........So having the confidence and belief is a key important factor in helping you to succeed. Because in certain sports being nervous can cause un forseen situations more injuries etc.

two more important key features i think sometimes whenever an athlete goes through rehabilitation we have a drive and determination to succeed due to the amount of frustration we feel, our mindsets change throughout the process, but the psychology of it is simple KNOW YOUR LIMITS, if something doesn't feel right, change it or adapt it to make it work for you rather than against you.
with psychology aspect its funny because i remember i had a match a couple of weeks back, and i lifted a person then my leg just locked stopped and the nerve pain was mental but i managed to control it mentally for a second to get myself out of the position and adapted it to make the person get down safely, sometimes pains, and sensations can get you off guard but now i try to assess it mentally to think is it a pain i can control mentally or is it a pain i need an answer for, because when you have knee surgery you will get some weird sensations, and as an athlete you need to be able to decipher what is ok, and what is new.........

I thing theses two are the biggest important factors in the outcome if a athlete returns to their sport.
i think all athletes need to understand what changes they need to make before their return to sports by assessing all information :-X before having the surgery so athletes are EXACTLY aware of what needs to be adapted or changed for exampled with MPFL surgery i'm not allowed to land forward in case i fracture my knee cap which i was only told after the surgery when generally in the sport i do landing forward is like 50-60% of the time so i have had to completely adapt within the sport.
this is why it is IMPORTANT to ask questions about contact sport and what you can and cannot do after the surgery to the surgeon..............
 With the support aspect generally i think its best to be up front and honest with the surgeon and physiotherapist the first time you meet them tell them what sport you do to make them exactly aware what they are dealing with, to be honest i think it was hard for my surgeon as he probably have never deal with  wrestler before who can lift two men on each shoulder and throw them down, so everyone is learning lol.

 I think by being honest with the surgeon you are only protecting yourself and the surgeon so then your surgeon can make you aware of any things that might happen or need to be changed. Generally my surgeon is quite supportive and helpful in my enquiries as to be honest i am a guinea pig with this MPFL surgery lol he helps me to get mri scans which i pay for through my promoter if needed for unforeseen circumstances or bad falls etc, which is great so then i can get back to the sport asap, and anything i don't know 90% of the time he gives me an answer for which i appreciate........
Physios i think are just generally too nice with me they are good as in the medical aspect but i find by expanding my opinion base and working out with personal trainers in the gym who say to me get up dont give up and keep moving i will not see you fail compared to a physio who says well done well done bend bend bend, as an athlete i need a more pushy approach which is why i used more personal trainers than physios in my rehabilitation process and i made sure i used at least a Level 4 trainer in the gym who specialise at that level in rehabilitation............ so make sure you have the right support networks and make sure your feel you have a surgeon that is approachable if you don't as an athlete you might have a few issues along the way... but make sure you have a network of people within your rehabilitation that are well experienced and supportive with any questions you have as this will help your rehabilitation process to be quicker
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Post by: lucha86 on January 26, 2015, 06:44:49 PM
day 260- what is wrong with the surgeon ????- feeling deflated  want to cry....- indescribable- great nurse -
So today i was waiting outside my surgeons office and a lady came out and said he was miserable....
Then i thought... this is going to be interesting lol
So i went in to his office,and asked him to read the sheet of my list of positives and negatives, then i dunno what happened to him i dunno if i offended him or if he was having a bad day and his attitude changed, i really didnt know how to take him after five minutes, i dont know what i did or what was wrong with him, or if he had a bad day.
He challenged every point i made and got very defensive on some of my negative problems,and gave me an answer for each point, at some points even though i wasn't saying anything i felt he was getting very defensive and i was like in my head what have i done wrong or what's wrong with my surgeon  :-\ So some negatives i gave he said he DID'NT LIKE and he reacted to them...... but i just let him have it out because he didn't look happy at all today .......
So then he checked my knee and he said why is your knee crunching it shouldn't be crunching  he kept feeling it and saying its crunching why?? he kept repeating this several times and moving my leg up and this point i just went very quiet because i thought there is no point in even trying to say anything because he's on a mission to vent lol.

So then he went onto my VMO and thats' when he lost it for me he vented and said cant you feel your VMO and the difference in contraction feel it feel it wont you!! your personal trainers are doing  a useless job, you need to change them, YOU NEED to work your VMO do you know what that is??
I thought like saying yea sorry for the atrophy considering i didnt have a physiotherapist in the first 5 weeks!!, had two major accidents in December with my knee which put me back on crutches but i thought don't do it. So he seemed to cheer up after i gave him a thank you gift, but i dont know what was wrong with him at all? He said he wanted to see me again and i said i didn't after that i just thought i was useles she said he needed to see me to check the problems as they were not good.... i feel deflated to be honest, there are other things he said which i don't want to mention but i thought to myself maybe he is just having a bad day and not to take it to heart. because he has never been like that i have never seen him like that he is normally funny and witty.........

But his nurse said to me outside your an inspiration, you have lost so much weight keep it up keep it up, your doing so well, and after having that and my surgeon i just wanted to cry because all i wanted today was positivity from my surgeon and i didn't get it .... i have two completely different outlooks and to be honest i feel even more frustrated....... considering i have done so much and come through so much and not had a well done from my own surgeon i feel deflated............i get well done from his team but not from my surgeon considering i have now lost 11 stone in excess weight, going to the gym 4 hours a day, and wrestling as well.  Maybe he was having a bad day i dont know im just confused... just want to cry so frustrated!! all i need right now is more positivity that anything with the way my knee has been acting up..

:( :(

Funny enough a friend of mine text me and said to me did you see your surgeon today i said yea, she said i had a lady moan in our shop that he wasnt happy today..... well that gave me some hope maybe he was having a bad day lol

all i want is for my knee to be good that is all, i always be nice to the doctors, because i know they get stressed out, i will work on the exercises i asked my contact on for the next 12 weeks but to honest i dunno what was wrong with my surgeon i really don't i'm in shock, i just handed him the sheet gave him the description of each negative and he was very defensive there are still some explanations im trying to understand but as he was very defensive i thought i did not want to irritate him further i dont know if he suspects something but to be honest all i want is just to have a knee that performs i will try everything to get it there.... but one think i do need is a bit of positivity,,,, i think sometimes some doctors just fear some things sometimes..........but im the type of person who just says well you tell me what to do and i will do my best to fix it and exhaust everything
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Post by: esm87 on January 27, 2015, 03:32:20 PM
Hi Lucha

That doesn't sound very positive, is there anyone else you can ask to see for a second opinion?

I understand it must be a very difficult and at times, frustrating job. But for you as a patient you have not had a great experience and are not any further forward after that meeting. Especially after all the set backs you've had recently!

If it was me I think I'd ask to go back and see him or if I could see someone different, you need to find out what's really going on and how you can make it better
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Post by: lucha86 on January 27, 2015, 08:28:03 PM
hey emma
i hope your recovery is going well =) i do generally believe he was having a bad day....there is one question that did bug me which i didn't asked him which was why was i signed back on to the wrestling several months ago after me lifting weight around 75 kg in front of him then he looked at my leg yesterday and said my VMO wasn't strong enough/ contracting?? strange?
But like i said maybe my surgeon was having an off day, i just feel deflated that he reacted so defensive to my queries of my negatives, all i wanted was an answer , i had never seen him like that because he had always been nice and chirpy never like that  :-\
He has helped me a lot previous to this experience which i appreciate, and been very supportive until yesterday. i think i will do the exercises as set out by my independent physio which he has added ONTO my other EXERCISES....... and see what happens at the 12 weeks point at our next consult, because i want to exhaust everything.......because my surgeon generally is a cool guy i think he was having a bad monday.....

All i want is to wrestle, be happy, have a good working knee that doesn't feel like the ligament is rubbing on bone or painful to sleep with, or feel grating behind the knee cap, i just want it to be sorted and im a happy person, placid generally and very sarcastic but i'm not asking for much just for my knee to be ok
i appreciate doctors are under pressure and the stresses they have but, i need a bit of positivity and support right now and someone to say hey it's gonna be ok and explain a plan which i dont have =( rather than defensive
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Post by: randoknee on January 27, 2015, 08:29:36 PM
Hi Lucha,

The tough thing for those of us who are sophisticated consumers of orthopedic services to remember is that, our ortho surgeons, who we're trusting to put our f'd up knees back into perfect working order are themselves human and by definition imperfect.  Everybody, even doctors have crappy days.  They have professional and personal lives and you never know when someone has a bucket of unpleasantness dump on them.  It can be tough to compartmentalize the bad stuff and always remain cheerful and supportive to everyone around us.   I grew up with a dad who was a surgeon and remember vividly when he'd come home after a really bad day.  I suspect (and hope) you just got him on one of those days.  If you like and trust your doc I'd say give it some time and another try.  Do look around the exam room and make sure there are no hammers, meat cleavers and bone saws lying around though. ;).   I hope everybody has a better day and follow up appointments.  Dan
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Post by: lucha86 on January 27, 2015, 08:41:26 PM
hey dan
i know what you mean i use to teach doctors English on the side out in Latin America where i use to wrestle and i remember the surgeons would come to the starbucks to learn English big black eyes lol they always wanted americanos or expressos lol and tired and stressy after 12-15 hour shifts lol, and i know how much under pressure they are as doctors and that why i give doctors and nurses and their secretaries  gifts now and again for their help as i know the pressure they are under, and sometimes i have seen how bad patients shout at them and i feel so bad for them. I think for sure my surgeon did have a bad day, and he does go the extra mile every time and thats why i do trust him and thats why i will do the exercises and see if it helps..... due to the comments of the patient and i had never seen him react like that, and he has helped me a lot,   luckily enough dan there is no meccano sets lingering around in his room lol  many thanks for your comment =)
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Post by: lucha86 on January 28, 2015, 04:37:47 PM
Hey guys so after  264 days this is  where my diary ends. I don't feel that I can write anymore that would be if benefit I hope that all the information has been useful to you all  I hope it has taught doctors physios and patient about mpfl surgery  alike ..........

I wish you all the best good luck everyone it was nice to talk to you all  :) buena suerte con mucho gusto :)))
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Post by: Leenie on January 28, 2015, 05:34:02 PM
Lucha, I can honestly say that your diary has helped me immensely. I'll be sorry to see you go, but best of luck with your recovery and beyond!

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: patriciapatella on January 31, 2015, 10:08:40 AM
Thank you for this wealth of information on MPFL, lucha. I've been a follower of your diary and I thank you for replying to my questions in my own diary. It has become a very good reference for me in my own recovery. I pray that your knee becomes better, dear. Best of luck, lucha!

- Kristine
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Post by: lucha86 on February 01, 2015, 01:36:36 PM
Thank you all got your kind words I will still see how everyone is doing on the board this is my final update
I now have an independent physiotherapist 20 years experience she is very good and she worried about the state of my knee".......
1) over stiffness In the joint wants to manipulate the joint more because it's too tight
2) vmo slight atrophy which she said is to be expected since had no physio 5 weeks post surgery
3) she believes the ligament maybe too tight due to the symptoms I'm describing but she wants to build the vmo abit more then reassess the joints new ligament  mpfl
4) she said I SHOULD HAVE NOT have been signed back on to wrestle as knee is showing distress and my ankle is rolling out wards

So I will keep going on but not with the diary but I will check others peoples diaries to see how you are all doing :)) Emma Leenie and Patricia good luck in your recovery i will leave you a message now and again on your diaries
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Post by: esm87 on February 03, 2015, 03:38:12 PM
Hi Lucha

Please keep us updated on your recovery :)

I wish you all the best!

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Post by: lucha86 on February 06, 2015, 12:14:37 PM
Thanks Emma hope all is well
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Post by: lucha86 on February 12, 2015, 12:03:41 AM
Final follow up!!
Do I have been to the new physio therapist so so far as a round up
1) crunching of knee and knee cap is still sublaxing and misaligning and should not be happening it semi dislocated in front of her......
2) should not have been signed back on to wrestle
3) knee and ankle are working against each other knee is going one way ankle is going the other
4) put into ballerina tiptoe points weird flexions to test need movement pain and flexion, she wasn't amused by the stiffness lol
5) she thinks I have slight nerve damage ( well to be expected I suppose so many nerves around the knee I signed the paperwork) but I told her I deal with it mentally when it happens in matches
6) failure to have physiotherapy in first weeks of surgery was the biggest issue......especially being an athlete
7) swelling of the knee is a concern for her......

So she said most of the groups of my muscules are ok she wants to strengthen one group see if that helps if that doesn't help then it's not my issue she said lol  but she has her concerns with the crunching when I'm walking and flexing

So I got rather frustrated at certain points when I could not describe what I feel is going on inside so she went out of her private office got a knee model and smiled and said well now you can :) and she said show me and I tell you what I showed her the motions I feel when I walking the crunching of the kneecap with the bone behind and the issue if the movement and do you know what she is the first one to let me describe it visually it's hard enough describing what you feel after mpfl reconstruction I think doctors should use these tools more and models because then it's better for the patient to describe the problem :)

She said to me sometimes doctors forget with people within the martial arts their knees are put under the most amount of stress compared to other sports, so these athletes are more aware of their joints and motions because of the stress out under them.....

I then said to her well explain to me why I managed to lift two men one on each shoulder and chuck them down previous to these issues because my surgeon doesn't believe me  .... Some doctors forget the following She said you had two falls which didn't help but again in wrestling your use to taking hits and pain falling onto cement wood the body will adapt and it will through adrenaline and the mental ability to overcome pain which you have built but now your body is saying something is wrong your body will stop if there is an issue for a valid reason and a lot of your problems concern me and I can see these problems I work with athletes daily so I know when something isn't right"........

She also told me to rest which I did and my knee swelled up she wasn't happy about that lol so how am I currently feeling lol I dunno just I suppose I want to laugh because I'm just confused now just want a working knee that's all lol .... So will carry on with the physio and see what happens in the next few weeks this is my last update Peeps :))
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Post by: lucha86 on February 25, 2015, 10:49:40 PM
the final conclusion of MPFL reconstruction  AND ATHLETES OPINION
I wanted to right this as a final evaluation of an MPFL reconstruction

So for me i believe KEY is movement is the first couple of weeks and making sure you have a physiotherapist available or complications could occur. I did not have a physiotherapist till at least 4 weeks post surgery... in some cases on this board i have seen some people have physios within the first week i suppose it is dependent where you are in the uk...............

Is there enough information on MPFL reconstruction for a patient i would say it needs to be improved, i did feel throughout my journey it was a case of trail and error to integrate new moves to help my knee, because i did not have the information available to me at the point of time,  i appreciate doctors are still learning about the surgery but i think in the recovery process especially of an athlete .......

MPFL reconstruction to think those  who have had it would understand sometimes the strange sensations you get are weird but normal, and sometimes it can be rather hard to describe it what i will say is to expect it to be hard to do a straight leg lift in the first few weeks, numbness, shooting pain dry skin, sleeping in weird yoga positions lol just to be comfortable leg jumping randomly while sleeping, frustration tears it is all part of the process and be aware that when you have had this surgery for the first couple of weeks anything to sit low in is very hard and uncomfortable ,,,,,,,,,, but it is worth it to stop the dislocations
The first few weeks are the hardest but then it rapidly improves. I will say if you have to have an MUA it doesnt hurt and it will help you to move so dont be afraid of it =)

As an athlete..... well you have to understand a wrestler before you understand why we think the way we do..... we are trained not to show fear or pain or it is seen as a negative we turn our frustrations into power and use it as a positive we are stubborn of nature and highly competitive if you tell us not to do something we will lol we get taught mind over body........

For me this surgery has pushed me to so many extremes lol that i don't think many wrestlers or people in martial arts could cope with lol The first few weeks i was throwing my crutches around because i lacked the independence that i had before the surgery having to rely on others was a problem for me luckily enough my family were very supportive and understood me....

getting back into the wrestling was unique i had to adapt my back my landing position my pivot techniques, in order to not land on my front as my surgeon said i could not free fall forwards on my stomach as a wrestler that is hard to do considering you are constantly falling generally........... forwards........... i managed to do 12 matches  then my knee was having problems for me it was rather frustrating because i managed to do the 12 matches and my knee was not coping crunching, slightly weak VMO which is no surprise due to the physio reasons.... but you keep going as an athlete and block the pain that is what we do that is what we are trained to do......

 i lost one of my brand contracts due to failing to keep going in the wrestling the question i would consider for athletes with an MPFL RECONSTRUCTION  is consider the type of sport you do and how much you fall on your knee cap or kneel because it could cause problems within your sport, before you have the surgery. I have had some people say should i retire i say no i want to continue and work on making sure my leg is strong..... some doctors i believe do underestimate the pressure athletes are under when it comes to return to sport or when you get complications after return from sport from a reconstruction which is rare......

In a normal patient mode i believe the knee reconstruction is a good option for day to day life to stop dislocations, for an athlete it is down to the individual and the sport and if you can adapt within your sport to not damage the reconstruction........

I am proud of myself the weight i put on before the surgery due to not being able to exercise i have lost 11 stone in 9-10 months during the time of the knee surgery and returned to the sport in 4 months but now at post 10 months i have been suspended from the sport due to the knee being insufficient in contact sport, i suppose its swings and roundabouts but i hope i have proven some doctors wrong that you can return to sport post 4 months after mpfl surgery and it can change your life and that to have belief in a patient to achieve everything they can the human body is fascinating in many ways but anything is possible.......... i would say to every patient for an mpfl reconstruction it is better to try it that keep living in the dark with constant dislocations of the knee but also remember every patients recovery is different and unique.......................

I now wait with baited breath to see if these exercises work to help me return to the sport =)) it is my last hope or my 6 pairs of boots will gather dust ......

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on March 09, 2015, 09:37:45 PM
an update......
So with the physiotherapist she is pleased that my VMO IS hitting back and showing more stability and that my leg is looking more stable.....  im doing every exercise she has set me but i have had a few setbacks..........
she said i have very bad noise of crepitus in my knee and i said i feel like its rubbing and burning inside this she said i need to go back to my surgeon about that....
My knee has dislocated twice just by walking but have managed to pull it back into align, my physio had her concerns that it was doing it when i walked rather than in impact exercises,
so now im having to use specific banding to keep the knee cap aligned to try to see if more advance exercises will help it further out of any colour it is bright pink so you cant miss it lol
My knee is also still semi dislocating due to the hyperlaxity but i have to expect some of that.......
My physio has said if it sublaxes or dislocated i must rest it and not do anything with it and ice it to reduce the swelling for the first 48 its a case of twiddling my fingers and giving in and going back and forth lol if i dont laugh i would just cry lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on March 17, 2015, 11:03:37 PM
So I currently sit here writing abit feeling meh ! Lol
So my knee has dislocated twice today and considering I have been doing everything the physio has said lunges squats bosu single leg balances , I now have a rather cold cryocuff on my leg un bemused lol
So I have several options and I will explain my reasoning as other mpfl patients can understand this  in the uk

Go to a gp - forget it as they don't know what is mpfl reconstruction look at you blankly and give you painkillers to get rid of you lol

Get a doctor to check it at the hospital - again generally don't have a clue and you end up teaching a doctor of 20 years what mpfl is lol and you get the blank look or huh ?

Go to private physio - as she has experience with mpfl as the doctors don't seem to have a clue in how to treat mpfl patients unless then are orthopedic trained doctors.......

So I will ring my physios clinic in the morning to see if she has any free appointments there pretty good because to be honest right now I'm fed up with my knee  I feel everything I am doing and it's still dislocating I don't know if it's due to the hyperlaxity in my joint  why did I even have this I'm beginning to think but I do think to remain positive and keep going  as an athlete frustrations will make us work harder....... All  I want is a normal knee ............. I see my surgeon in over 4 weeks......... So we shall see fingers crossed I can see the physio tomorrow :)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: esm87 on March 18, 2015, 01:56:09 PM
Hi Lucha

So sorry to hear you're still having trouble. Have you phoned your surgeon? I think if it's still dislocating then maybe you need to go straight to him and not a physio/GP.

Let us know how you get on.

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on March 18, 2015, 10:16:17 PM
So saw the physio who wasn't my normal physio  he was pretty cool.... I found out a lot more with him than my regular physiotherapist I explained to him what had happened and my history and first he decided to check how hyperlaxity my joints were and I got 8/12 he pulled my finger right back never knew I could do it lol..

He checked my knee and he said who was your surgeon I declined to answer I said as this will remain independent so he's a local then I just changed the subject so he checked my knee and said you have major spasms in your knee and quadricep area which is a classic sign after dislocations so he wanted to try to relax the joint and keeping feeling and massaging the area it was burning like hell lol the pain was terrible.....

So then he said this is a very poorly knee ...... It's crunching swollen spasms .... He asked me how did I feel I said to him when you try your best go to the gym and do every exercise everyone asks you to do and your knee dislocates you begin to think your best is not good enough but I keep going because I'm determined to reach my goal........... I said mpfl is suppose to stop dislocations I rather don't understand what's going on...
He replied it can take up to two years for a knee to fully heal as everyone has different healing rates.....

He told me everything I'm doing to treat my knee is correct the cryocuff to reduce swelling and the painkillers and if I need crutches for a doctor to sign a form to say I could use it at work if I need them.......

He said my knee should settle within two weeks , he then asked me to walk he said the dislocations and spasms had cause lack of control of my leg and it should settle"...........

So he put my trainers back on for me as I have lost flexion and could barely bend and he wanted me to be checked in a week to see how I was going and he said to me when I see my surgeon next to ask three things so we shall see so currently stuck with a cryocuff round my knee about to sleep  if I can having to sleep with my leg up a wall to stop the throbbing burning rubbing sensation in pain but hopefully the painkillers will kick in
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Post by: lucha86 on March 21, 2015, 05:26:44 PM
So i ended up in A and E about two nights ago two days after the physio visit as my knee went again and the physio wanted me to get it checked the doctor said it was back in and that he said i was now back to square one as its dislocating again i laughed and said no im not its not as many as i have had previous to this lol...
so positive the doctor was lol as im an athlete i don't like to hear negatives because it only frustrates me and makes me more determined to try......

 i have already proved a lot in medicine and to doctors no martial arts person has returned to sports post 4 months after MPFL i have lost over 140 pounds when some people didnt have the belief i could do it so im determined to keep trying..............

the doctor requested i speak with the surgeons secretary which i did to try to move the appointment forward she is a lovely lady my surgeons secretary and she moved the appointment forward for me for just over a weeks time instead of four i hope i rather do hope i shall get my answers because this is what i have so far......... i do not see these as negatives i just see them ad things to improve on or obstacles to try to get better

 i appreciate in any surgery it will not be 100 % perfect but sometimes we all need the basic things in order to overcome the rest of these obstacles,
 i am not taking any painkillers as i trying to do a lot of meditation that the Japanese wrestlers taught me as in the wrestling we get a lot of drug testing with my promoter, and i believe its important to be aware of your body's reaction 

1)6 dislocations now /multiple semi dislocations
2) hyperlaxity of knees/ joint hypermobility
3) popping and grinding and burning sensation of knee cap on main bone when walking
4) burning throbbing knee when sleeping sometimes i sleep with it up a wall im lucky if i get 4-5 hours   sleep...
5) bike and cross trainer burning grinding sensation
6) knee mechanically locks and doesnt move at certain points especially in quick moves........
7) swelling issues/ shooting pains from side of knee to foot

but considering these points im still going to the gym in a brace and continue with the physiotherapy routines with me i REFUSE to give up i want to prove no matter what obstacles you face with MPFL reconstruction keep going some points are hard where you hit walls but remember there are ,any ways to get around an obstacle and even though you might not be able to do something that do you will be able to do it someday =) I have had points where i have been back on a crutch and last couple of days i have been on one for the dislocations but sometimes in order to make greater steps in life we must go a step back to learn through trail and error then succeed in bigger ways

Be aware the power of human thinking and emotions can drive you through these times.........never be afraid to try ,remember no matter what a doctor says to you in be it good or bad information you are the one in control of your body not them and you are the one that can achieve success...

fingers crossed my surgeon can answer my questions because i want to return to wrestling i have done 12 matches some wrestlers have said to me im not as good as before so i put them in a British lock then that seemed to make them rethink lol =) when you come back to sports from injury there is a lot of judgement and pressure to return but like i said you know your strength and what you can and cant do but never think you wont be able to do something, i know in myself my knee something isnt right as an athlete you are aware of a lot more so lets wait to see the surgeon.....

MPFL for a standard daily life is a unique surgery that can save your life it helped me to lose the weight and get a small sense of normality for a bit of time and it can make you feel more secure people know when you have constant dislocations what it feels like ..... i would say go for it for anyone considering it my case is rather unique in itself as im a wrestler and lost the weight returned to the sport and have pushed it due to the weight loss etc but sometimes its better to go for the unknown that live in constant fears of dislocations, remember everyone's recovery is different and unique everyone has a different opinion of MPFL

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Post by: lucha86 on March 23, 2015, 07:02:02 AM
So just a quick update
My knee is continuing to act like wobbly elvis Presley leg lol so I'm still doing everything in the gym as my physio said I am the one use to dislocations so I know when I'm ready to work it ..... She said to me I'm very goal orientated and driven and thinks I'm doing well considering the dislocations.......
I don't get why sometimes physiotherapist and nurses are more positive that doctors lol
I told her I was doing lunges and squat classes for the past 9 weeks and I'm going back to them in a brace for this week only she didn't look amused as she thinks it's could dislocate again I said well squats sitting by a wall and lunges is what my surgeon wanted me to do I will carry on doing to prove a point ..........

I train everyday so I know I'm trying my best, and if I can do everything else in my power and my ability there is not much more I can do ........

I have got to a stage with my knee where to be honest I do what the physio tells me to do and do my exercises and go to the gym over 2 hours a day everyday because I need to wrestle again I'm not angry but frustrated because I don't expect to run on a running machine my knee locks ups gets stuck then I have to grab onto the rails to stop me flying off  because it locks so I try to work with it "..........
As an athlete I know something isn't right because the motions aren't there correctly.......... But I'm working with it right now and fingers when I see my surgeon next Monday I will get answers and fingers crossed he won't shout at me like he did last time when he was having a bad day lol all I want is abit if respect for what I have achieved so far without the complications
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Post by: patriciapatella on March 23, 2015, 09:33:14 AM
I'm rooting for you lucha! I can just imagine how hard you must be working, especially with your wrestling career on the line. I pray that your knee already gets better and that you get stronger. You had the surgery to better your life and not to make your knee worse. I wish your doctor would be more positive with you. It really helps when your physiotherapists and nurses are supportive.

Hang in there lucha! You can do it! :)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on March 24, 2015, 10:30:01 PM
thank you for your kind words patricia =) yes i  agree with you i had the surgery to make my life better i ADMIT that i appreciate with SURGERY you have to sacrifice something nothing is never 100% with surgery so you will get little things which you cant change, however i know im hypermobile in my ligaments so they are lax but the main question is i ask myself that if this surgery is suppose to stop dislocations??

mu surgeon did say to expect the semi dislocation due being hypermobile , but then as an athlete i do question now then maybe it is best for me to be braced for contact sport if i have a higher rate of increased semi dislocation because in a rather sarcastic witty funny way i cant lift a wrestler above my head and if my knee dislocated and say sorry dude hang on my knee has just dislocated lol =)), the safety aspect for me and the other wrestler would cause big problems,  people landing on necks etc

this is why i am now considering bracing my knee in order to return to the wrestling because i have to consider those who i wrestle but also myself within safety and not causing damage to another wrestle..............i refuse to give up because one thing MPFL has taught me as patricia and emma can understand is that anything is possible as long as you keep trying
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Post by: lucha86 on March 27, 2015, 08:39:59 PM
So rather I have been doing so many leg moves I thought I would share
Weight machine -------
Smith machine weighted squats
Leg press
Leg curl inwards
Leg curl towards
Hip abductor
Adductor inside

With resistance bands
Clock motions inside band
Crab squats
Internal and external pulleys to the side
Lunges / squats
Side steps
Swings on one leg

Bosu - and balance disc
- balancing on one leg on bosu like superman
- balNcing on one leg with weighted ball with motions of clock
- balancing on one leg getting a pt to throw balls at me and me to throw back
- squats on one legs and two legs
- interchanging balancing movement disc to turn legs in an out

Mountain climbers, the dreaded evil Burpees lol knee had dislocated but braced it up carried on with  upper lol

Standing squats against a wall Swiss ball squats , side jogging, obstacle go a rounds trx leg workouts
Being attached to a wall with elastic bands and running and forcing my legs not to pull back .........

Lunges with weights in hands, hopping and cross leg ladder techniques  ballerina stance techniques , one leg squats

running, cross trainer and rower and bike

As you can tell it's a lot of excercises lol but I still find it rather funny how the knee still isn't doing what it is  this is what the physios set me and my knee is still sublaxing/dislocating but hey ho and then i do my other training on top of that to keep me fit for the wrestling just work with it rather than against it  .............
suppose to be doing but I carry on keep going because anything can be achieved if you try .......... :))

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Post by: lucha86 on March 30, 2015, 08:18:58 PM
My knee with taping bright colours lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on March 30, 2015, 09:03:16 PM
so i saw the surgeon today and i explained everything i felt and he really did listen which made me feel a lot better ....
i explained that i felt with stability i felt that i could not wrestle for the safety of other wrestlers due to the instability i still had and i explained all the problems i was still having said i dont expect a 100% great knee nothing is perfect i just want stability for me to wrestle..... he checked my knee over he then though it might be an idea for him to go back in a check in as he thought there could be an in balance around the kneecap and ligaments or it could be loose debris he also wanted to check my knee when i was knocked out lol

so then he can see the movements of the knee so he can have a better look at the problems with what im describing and see if there are any underlying issues so he said he had three plans for the surgery
after he goes in and has a look  dependent on what he finds

plan one - Clean up look around and move any debris

plan two - clean up look around and tighten the lateral ligament side of the knee

plan three -clean up look inside tighten up the lateral ligament of the knee and tightening up the top of the knee cap muscles

so i feel happy now that something is getting done then its getting checked and fingers cross i can return to the wrestling im now on the nhs waiting list so i dont know how long that is anyone have ideas??

but fingers crossed positive things are coming i am now taping my knee up with red tape to stop risk of dislocations etc as seen above so fingers crossed positive things are happening !! =)

I'm now using the taping as requested by my surgeon and physio to support the knee from semi dislocating or dislocating and it's funky colour tape too lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: vickster on March 30, 2015, 09:44:13 PM
Waiting time will depend on the surgeon and the hospital? Which one is it? However in London, unless you get lucky with a cancellation, probably at least 3 months for elective knee surgery. Best to ask the surgeons secretary, she'll have an oversight of his lists for the rest of the year probably. I assume he does private work too, so he's not operating for the NHS that many days a week (perhaps 2)

Hope it works out. Take it easy until the op...and follow all the instructions afterwards ;)
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Post by: esm87 on March 31, 2015, 02:41:04 PM
Hi Lucha

So glad to hear you are feeling more positive and are hopefully going to get to the bottom of the issues with your knee.

I waited 12 weeks the first time and 2 weeks the second! (thanks to the cancellation list) hopefully you wont have to wait too long!

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on March 31, 2015, 04:36:35 PM
Thanks guys for your kind words :) yes I hope this problem will be sorted I have least told my surgeon I will expect to wrestle 3-4 months post surgery he replied with a laugh and said only you will know when your ready so I'm happy now that it's getting sorted because I felt like I was getting frustrated as my knee for me wasn't mechanically acting the way it should be  so I have hope and faith again :))
We shall see how long it is I see most people are saying 12-18 weeks so I will rather just go with the flow :)
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Post by: lucha86 on April 01, 2015, 10:03:58 PM
Thoughts so far on MPFL surgery............. for doctors and patients alike
So MPFL this as a surgery, i have questioned it a lot recently but then i think as an athlete i underestimated it, it was going well until the complications got worse, there is still rather a lot that needs to go into the research of this MPFL reconstruction surgery to understand it more,
i think in generally as living a day to day normal life yes wonderful MPFL surgery is great to give the self confidence back, security and the stability of the joint........

As and athlete we underestimate what frictions pivots movement and forces we put out pressure on as you can rather imagine in wrestling when your flying out of rings into chairs, the knee because the one important complex joint you reply on for everything,

 i remember when my complication started happening i jumped out of the ring from the corner and my knee locked up i couldnt move it and i had to flex my left leg and pivot my body to fall correctly if i didn't my knee would have been damaged in the chairs, i also lifted a person and my knee locked so for me i understand why my promoters stopped me for the safety because they do not want to put me or other wrestlers in danger which i appreciate and understand..........

I APPRECIATE in every surgery nothing will ever be 100% but you expect stability if you have had a surgery to regain stability within the joint i cant put up with the other complications but for me stability is key in order to return to the wrestling there are so much pressures within out joints in this particular contact sport...........

mpfl surgery i think everyone's recovery is different, no matter what you read, my case is rather different in the sense im a athlete, for me there were times during the process that i felt frustrated which i think many people felt because you forget the basics things, it takes time to heal but as athletes we become frustrated rather quickly and you get on with it because your determined to see it through...

Many people who have had MPFL CAN understand the first two weeks you learn so much about accessibility dealing with pain etc,  i think what is crucial through my experience is physiotherapist the earlier you can get it the better this is key to your recovery process, i didnt have it till after 4 weeks post surgery due to availability of physiotherapist and had a leg which was triple the size compared to my other leg.

 Doctors are learning just as much as their patients with MPFL reconstruction...
 however the question i have for the doctors is this ..." if there is nothing in black and white to say you cant do something, then why try to challenge something when there is so little research on MPFL surgery." how can we know what works and doesn't without trying, i found that by asking different opinions from personal trainers and physiotherapist, i got different moves and motions to help me in my rehab but also to get me moving quicker than anyone expected, i think its important to have an open view and listen to different opinions alot of medical research has happened through trial and error and im afraid to try if it would benefit other people in the is about learning....... :)
With MPFL reconstruction i think its best for doctors to give as much information as possible as there is so little available to the patient..............

MPFL has taught me more about motions pivoting and kinetics you do have to rather adapt to the positions and change to work with the leg, life is about adapting that is what is important to understand a situation and react to it.............

I now move on to the next phase of this journey and have faith and hope my underlying complication will be resolved i dont expect a 100% perfect knee but i expect stability  i have physios already preparing my muscles to be the strongest they can before this surgery, so i am waiting for my surgery date so then my physios can amend the plan further... i said to my surgeon i would return back to wrestling in 4 months then he laughed i said how about 3 then he laughed again and said i thought you said four about 5 minutes ago, i replied nothing is never impossible he replied only you know when you are ready to do it. But for me i think one key feature of an athlete is we are stubborn and never give up no matter what complications are thrown at us =)

But i would say for those leading a normal life go for the MPFL it is better trying the unknown that living a life of constant complications and remember everyones diary of MPFL is different =)
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Post by: lucha86 on April 04, 2015, 12:38:04 AM
so today has been rather interesting i work out in the gym this morning went for a walk to the local supermarket a couple of hour later and considering i did very little lower leg work today my quad went over my knee and went back out my knee went back on itself at the back of the knee and then i fell down right on my backside .... i managed to get up by my knee felt very lax and unstable and the joint didnt want to do anything lol but i managed to get home, so i got home burst into tears let it all out lol so put cryuocuff on it to relax it and had to take some painkillers to reduce the swelling but it seems to be settling now which is great.........see the physio on tuesday so i  will wait till then =)

oh the joys of a hypermobile  mpfl joint lol  ::) ::) if i dont laugh i will just get rather frustrated more lol
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Post by: lucha86 on April 05, 2015, 09:46:02 PM
the world of kinesio tape - knee taping rather than bracing

so i have been through around 8 different types of brands of knee taping and i have finally found one that actually lasts, i find sometimes some tapes you get dont last that long while this one i can EVEN shower with and it stays in place !!
Kinesio tape i a new way of trying to stabilise the knee without using braces the best brand i have found is called ROCKTAPE it comes it funky colours too i rather quite like one which has hazard signs on it lol and it has made some people laugh at the gym and ask where did i get the support tape from you also get camo, british flag, tartan, fur print and plain colours too... it has helped slightly during training but everyone is different and its better wearing tape that a big brace so if your going to use taping use ROCKTAPE as the rest come off after an hour..........
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Post by: lucha86 on April 05, 2015, 10:37:08 PM
So my independent doctor in London asked me to write on this what can a doctor or Physiotherapist learn from an MPFL reconstruction?...........
as many of you know i have  rather sarcastic funny way of putting things i see everything in life not as a negative but as a way to improve or a way to challenge ourselves so therefore i ask doctors or physiotherapist who read this to understand and learn from it and take it as a positive ........ I must say my surgeon has generally been great and his secretary has been amazing in answering my questions or getting me mris when i needed them even at a last minute point =)

MPFL reconstruction- Information for the patient
1) There needs to be rather more defined information for the patient regarding MPFL and the recovery process, for me to be given a sheet with four exercises, and be told thats your crutches, it's a bit like saying bye bye get on with it, luckily being an athlete i train so hard i got on with it.

2) MPFL reconstruction complications need to be defined CLEARLY i would stress if athletes are being dealt with or with peoples job who need flex ion make them aware from the start the chance of LOSS OF FLEX ION, as flex ion is crucial in major sports especially wrestling.  i cant just flip from the corner i go wohooo or my knee will throw me backwards then the fans would laugh at me lol now due to the flex ion loss lol

1) Physiotherapy i feel MUST say is rather VITAL role within the first 10 days of this surgery, after having my leg swell to triple the size stiffness dvt risk post three to four weeks post surgery as no physiotherapist available, movement is vital and key to speedy recovery..........

2)Doctors...reassuring a patient with an answer than a silence or a rather pronounced common phrase or trying to change a subject to get out of it lol just generally annoys athletes as it does not help to lower an athletes frustration due to lack of sport, or timing to return to sport lol ..

3) There needs to less fear in how doctors treat a patient with MPFL because they are unaware of what the surgery is, for me i have become rather accustomed to now if i have a problem go to one of my two physios as they know what MPFL is rather than go to a doctor who looks blankly at you as they don't know what MPFL is and try to get you out of the door with painkillers (which i don't want lol), surely if a doctor does not know what something is there have the resources to ask and to check?

4) as MPFL reconstruction still is in its early stages of publications of research i feel as an athlete i will try anything to get myself back into sport because for me when a doctor advises against something i ask them "Where does it say in any journal publication i cant do something?" if they have it in black and white then i won't but for me i think in order to learn more about MPFL reconstruction there needs to be people to try things to say ok that works and that didn't to help future patients....

5) There are more techniques with sliding discs trx machines, and other items which could play a pivotal part in the speed of process of recovery within MPFL recovery and physiotherapy...... i only came across them after asking for opinions from others and thinking outside the box and working with personal training in gym LEVEL 4 and above...........

6) be happy with the physiotherapist you have, and make sure they know what MPFL reconstruction is and have the experience to deal with it

7) Sometimes i feel that doctors can treat everyone the same as a standard patient but i do believe sometimes they forget how everyone is unique and how great the body can achieve goals i was lifting men above my head post four months when they said to me it would be 6-7 months.........

well i must say for normal patients i agree this surgery can give many people their lives back, and give them a sense of security and confidence to be able to go out and not think their knee will dislocate.....

For me it was to begin with great and i was feeling the benefits of the surgery then after the accidents and returning to the sport something hasnt worked as i have lost flex ion i have had to changed a lot of things, teh locking of my knee i dunno why it does it i shake it off stretch out the leg and it seems to get it moving, and had a few sub laxtions and dislocations which maybe due to the things mentioned earlier or the hypermobility of the joint so my case is rather unique and as i have said before everyone is different and everyones recovery is different

 i would say living your life day to day without jumping out of 20ft cages into fans and chairs lol the surgery will be fine for people who arent professional athletes, but i think for us athletes there needs to be a rather more careful consideration for what you can and can't do or what you have to adapt to in order to be able to perform well......

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on April 06, 2015, 02:35:36 AM
part two of what the independent doctor asked me to write 1-12 weeks stage point
so im going to write a quick summary of what happened to me in the first 14 weeks

weeks 1-2
Painkiller for the first two weeks strong medication
leg began to swell, exercises ,
sleep issues, jumping leg, nerve pain
showering mobility slow - rom 30 degrees
dragged out of bed due to inability to control pain and swelling, leg hot

weeks 2-4
leg triple the size suspected DVT, celexane moved from 40mg to 180mg per day
stiffness of leg, even though exercises complete, blistering of leg foot treble the size leg hot.....
ROM 60- 70 degress by end of week 4
MUA decided upon due to stiffness and swelling of leg....
sleeping issues, throbbing burning sensation due to size of leg feeling of skin going to rip open
1-2 painkillers per day

weeks 4-6
MUA week 4 seemed to help, sensation returning in leg lowering of celexane after scan
fire sensation, blistering begins to settle
movement ROM 80 degrees by end of week 6
sleeping returning to normal

 finally turn peddles on a bike, noticed during these week recovery became rapid
ROM 85 degrees, fluctuating due to pain, swimming more to relieve symptoms
returned to the gym to workout
leg returns to near enough normal size still swelling of knee
starting to walk without crutches slight limp

ROM starting to hit 90 degress
start to begin to teach my leg how to jog-
leg feeling tight
sleep is normal- a few throbbing feelings but no pain
lifting weights on legs to strengthen quad vmo hamstrings etc

finally have the ability to run
need still tight but moving
ability to walk normally
lifting more weights on legs
signed off from physio
wrestled at post 16 weeks 8 weeks earlier than journals such as BMJ ASJ AMJ suggest

swelling of shin calf and lower extremity of leg including foot, hot swollen triple the size
suspected DVT, stiffness,  currently several dislocation and some sub laxtions which may be due to hypermobility but currently having locking issues of knee and grinding sensations when walking or on cross trainer

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Post by: lucha86 on April 06, 2015, 08:36:47 PM
Knee swollen again so tried to tape it up ---   :'(
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Post by: lucha86 on April 07, 2015, 07:13:14 AM
So today feeling rather frustrated I suppose as anyone knows who has had knee surgery or mpfl surgery understand at certain points you get frustrated this is the point lol so my knee gave out again  :'(
How do I feel ........ Sheer utter frustrated I don't generally get angry..........but with my knee locking up and
It giving way again and grinding and crunching and pain when I walk  I feel there is sometimes where I feel
My knee does what it wants when it wants  :-\ which shouldn't be the case, I appreciate my knee won't be 100% but I don't expect to be wearing a cryocuff each night to reduce the swelling or put my leg up a wall just so I can sleep  there is a certain quality Of life you expect even with complications.......
So how do I feel frustrated as all I want is just a certain quality of stability with complications so currently sitting down with a swollen up knee and hope the physio can fix it well I have thrown my toys out of the pram lol
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Post by: lucha86 on April 08, 2015, 07:19:08 AM
Swollen knee
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Post by: lucha86 on April 09, 2015, 12:17:26 AM
more questions than ever now but no information to answer those questions lol :o ;D :P
So i went and saw my independent doctor on Tuesday along with my Mexican Physiotherapist i reminded them of what my surgeon there is three plans but until he gets in and has a look nothing is decided so they are:
1) clean out and smooth the cartilage
2) clean out smooth the cartilage and tighten up the lateral ligament
3) the same as above but with also tightening of the muscle above the patella tendon....

My independent doctor went rather quiet and ask me was it due to an imbalance or loose objects within the knee, i said the surgeon did mention that but he wants to check my knee when im knocked out and have a look inside first....... The independent doctor agreed with my surgeon thank goodness for once lol!

then he said if you have plan 3 you know you will have to quit wrestling by this point i was like WTH?!
i then said where does it say in literature and journals i wont? he went quiet and said its from experience i replied how many wrestlers have you had have this surgery give me a number please? he said 0 , i replied then dont say its from experience if in isnt from the particular field of sport because every sport is different which how joints react he seemed to go quiet  :P......

So he checked my knee as the physio wanted him to check my knee as it felt and looked lax said it looked very lax when i was walking on it, he asked is my ACL and LCL ok? but then he mentioned when i have the surgery the surgeon will more check everything generally speaking....... i thought in my head dont mention any more ligaments especially the ACL lol all i want is a stable knee which isnt lax or dislocating.....

because generally speaking in wrestling most wrestlers i know who have screwed up their ACL generally dont come back due to forces, weight on the knee, kinetics, pivoting etc.......... :P

Then he checked my knee and said there was a lot of swelling and rather than put me in a brace he wanted me to rest on a crutch and wear knee tape, i said to him i felt that being on a crutch would do more harm than good and would not benefit me in my preparation for surgery he replied my mpfl knee was 4.5 inches bigger in swelling to my normal knee and it must be rested i replied im cryocuffing it every night and i have to do all my physio exercises and the gym to maintain my weight........

I replied i have felt these things for ages after the surgery walking with grinding on my bones and popping noises with pain, knee locking up, pain in my joint in bed, nerve pain now and again, knee swelling, knee dislocation, and i still plod along lol i said i dont expect a 100% knee but i though this surgery would give me stability! now i sit here in your consult thinking where is my wrestling career going because after 10 years of dislocations i took the risk to try this surgery and i cant wrestle because its still unstable..............i remember at this point just putting my ray bans on as i didnt want him to see me react........ he smiled and said

your hyper-mobile remember that so the other ligaments needs to be checked too which im sure your surgeon will check, for me i think there are a few things going on with your knee and i think your surgeon is correct in his plans, you tttg was rather high 20>>mm but lets hope by stabilising the imbalance or the cartilage it will make you better to perform again and the knee function better............ then he said but your not wrestling until after this surgery im not signing you back on at all until i see full stability and your knee not over flexing forwards and backwards............... great i thought just great lol
He said but remember how much you have proven to us as doctors, that sometimes the impossible is possible...... dont be frustrated it will get fixed...........

I said to my promotor in spanish that i was leaving his consult as i felt frustrated i said goodbye to the doctor started to walk out and he said we havent finished yet, i said " Yes we have for the moment, because there is nothing you can help me with untill i have the surgery." i shook his hand and left....

so i walked out then my promotor said to me if your not back into the ring in 10 months you have to think about retiring then your insurance will be asking questions! i thought oh great what an end to the day lol............. ::) i said to my promotor well i suppose the benefit is not travelling if im forced to retire lol :P ;D at least i still have rather a little humour lol

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  Hey Lucha, I've read almost all of your diary. It's great, thanks for writing it! I just wanted to add a couple quick things. A lot of non athletes, like me are extremely athletic and just as disappointed when we can't return to our activities after surgery. I worked out nearly 6-8 hours every week before surgery and ran 20 miles on the weekend and it sucks to not be able to do the things I once loved, at least not yet. I understand though, that losing a hobby is less damaging than not being able to do well in your career, wrestling.

 Right now I'm four weeks post op from an mpfl and trochleoplasty and I do 4 hours of Pt a week. I just got cleared for the stationary bike so I'll be adding an hour of that into my routine every day. I think it's more about the mindset than whether or not your an athlete. Some people are just super determined and push themselves and some people take it slower. I think even if you weren't a wrestler you'd be pushing yourself just as hard lol. It's just our personalities. I hope you start feeling 100 percent soon. I know you've had some frustrating moments recently. Keep your chin up and keep pushing yourself as hard as ever. It'll get better :)

All the best
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Post by: lucha86 on April 09, 2015, 07:36:39 PM
Hey sammy it's great to hear your on the bike again and that your recovery is going well  ::) I agree with you this is why I have said in several posts everyone's recovery is unique and how many people undergoing mpfl surgery reconstruction have frustration in losing their ability to do things and independence for a period of time"................
Every has their own mindset I do agree dependent on experience be honest the wrestling trained me in such a mindset to keep going push past the pain barriers mentally and to keep teacher said never fear only try or you will just regret not trying......I was very lazy before wrestling lol  :P but I must explain the wrestling further to understand pressures and cultures  :D

It took me a good four years to learn wrestling and build my mindset and body to a point  where when men challenged me in Latin America and said women were lady didn't deserve to be in the ring They were not as good as men I had to keep proving them wrong started on Olympic wrestling then freestyle wrestling then other types then I kept proving them wrong jumping off 20ft cages lifting two men one on each shoulder to prove we are all equal and anything is possible ... :P

For me absolute key to maintain wrestling is to be in the gym twice a day to work everything out I use to spend in one week 24-28 hours in a gym  now that has gone down to half that time  losing a sponsorship worth 12000 british pounds a year and having one sponsor left  because my knee went  in a match and my contractor  getting worried and being down around another 20,000 pound in one year....then as I need more surgery times that by two ... The money does not bother me as I have savings and insurance. im a good girl lol ..but it's shows when your an athlete and you get injured things can change quite dramatically to be honest i feel sorry for those who havent saved lol ..then you have the pressures of returning to sport for contract reasons fans sponsors promotors companies etc .... after working 10 years to build up the respect you earn seems to be disappearing .......

You then do get frustrated because you can't perform because your knee locks in front of 2000 people and you can't land well land the pain of the grinding of my kneecap on my femur and you could risk hurting others which are big factors but you take that risk when you go back to sports lol ..... Then when my knee is lax and I have to maintain it in that part of the world showing pain or a weakness in the ring people can take advantage of that in bad ways......... Wrestlers can try to dislocate it etc so your always on your guard.....
i have also worked with children with cancer through this and this was what i loved doing as you helped them to achieved their wishes but it teaches you a lot about life.....

I agree here that I agreed to the surgery that was my choice because my fear was I would cause more damage to my knee than if I didn't have the surgery due to the amount of dislocations  i took the risk because there was no other option except to suffer debilitating dislocations which i didnt want............

but like you said sammy  and like i have said before everyone is different in how they deal with mpfl reconstructions and I respect that........ I chose the surgery but with all surgery carries risks nothing is 100% :)

The point is also mpfl is in it's early years of surgery so there is still lots to be learned some things will work for some people and some won't for others........but I'm considering retiring because I have to be honest with myself I think I only have probably about another 2-3years of wrestling in me and I have to consider the long term rather than short term.......

 I know my surgeon will make the right decision i have faith in him and if it means more work on my knee that stops me from wrestling  then I will retire because I want to be able to enjoy life rather than end up with a knee replacement lol

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Post by: lucha86 on April 10, 2015, 07:07:23 AM
So my physio in the uk has been me from the gym as my knee is sublaxing and dislocating  too much and the swelling  is massive as she told me so time to rest for 10 days  and have some Ben and jerrys  ice cream  on a hot day like this lol
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Post by: lucha86 on April 12, 2015, 12:30:44 AM
So today i was out walking and my knee went again my knee bulked overflexed forward them bulked right backwards overflexed at the back of my knee and the knee cap moved laterally and i fell down and heard a big crunch and crack while out with my niece who is only 5, luckily i had my ray bans on so she didn't see me cry the pain wasn't that great she said look abit scared auntie is you knee poorly again? She looked a little scared... i thought by this point my knee is not right and my niece should not have to see that happen in the middle of a shopping mall .......

i tried to get up rather quickly my neice tried to helped me up but i explained to her im bigger than her lol i took her to the nearest coffee shop and got her a hot chocolate and a treat so i could sit to recover my knee.... i took her home on the bus and said not to mention it to my sister or i know she would allow me out with her again, but as you can guess being 5 she blurted it out lol and my sister being a pharmacist said " you and i know something isnt right with that knee."

i dont need people to keep telling me there is something wrong with it  all i want is it to be stable i dont expect a 100% perfect knee.. as my Uk physio doesnt work over weekends i spoke with my mexican wrestling physio who said one of two options, go on a crutch to give the leg less weight bearing or brace it and keep walking with the brace until the surgery.........i thought brace it would be better at least the knee is locked in so it cant overflex or over extend backwards, i cant risk further injury of the joint

so right now i feel that im back to square one, i suppose i feel like my knee is more in control of my leg than i am in control of it, but the positive is that hopefully this surgery i have will resolve the issue, now sitting in a cryocuff AGAIN! trying to be positive right now....... please but me in a ring so i can vent my frustrations oh i cant as im banned lol still got humour lol in a rather sarcastic way lol
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an old wrestling teacher once said to me obstacles in life are there to make us stronger and wiser they are there to challenge us push us down and force us to get back up and keep going untill we tackle that object, funny enough he is 65 now some wrestlers
got him to rang me on my skype the other day , he said why are you so sad your blue eyes are sad eyes in spanish?

I explained with my  MPFL surgery that i feel i keep running into the obstacle and no experience or good answers from around me can tell me how to tackle it as its such a new surgery i feel so frustrated i said maybe i should just stop wrestling, my knee is beyond the point of repair, i barley sleep with it now im relying on about 4 hours sleep a night i cant run or walk on it without pain i cant even wrestle which i love i broke down in tears.....

He then stopped me and said in spanish i never taught you to give up the  wrestling never taught you to give up, you are a warrior, you were trained to act and to adapt, do not let one unknown thing try to destroy you, you proved men of 20 years experience in wrestling wrong by going up against them, and defeating them and lifitng them above your head which women havent been able to do in latin america.. you made history here in latin america you have proven to the medical profession you can return to sport in 4 months not 6 months you have done so much, don't let a obstacle defeat you, people will have frustrations at one point let it out, and then reach for the goal again we are all human, you are a women with no fear, keep trying.....

then he turned around his computer 10 big famous wrestlers i know had a shot in each of their hand and said " with luck, and god willing, things will get better in spanish, and they drunk it  at this point i burst into tears again............ I really didn't expect to see them but they just finished an event that's why they were all together and they thought they wanted to show me support which was nice of them.....

then a wrestler i know on there said to me " you were in agony before this surgery, you know it was your last chance to have stability, the unknown is a risk but its also a learning curve for you and doctors, we all have scars as athletes but wear them with pride to show what you have survived..........its not easy being an athlete injured you have to act stronger in front of the press and in front of the fans
sometimes doctors cant understand  us wrestlers, we are so goal orientated, determined driven because that is who we are in the ring we are passionate about our sport, the love of the game when you take that away from them its like ripping them in two....its like taking a man away from his dog after 15 years together.....

I suppose my friend was right, but i replied.  im trying my best but i feel my knee just wants to work against me, and i feel like everything is grinding inside and the pain especially walking sometimes is bad. and then it just randomly dislocates.....i keep going but i cant help my knee from the inside as what is done is do i cant change the mechanics of it   ........i just want a sense of normality not 100% perfect but just stability .. i want to wrestle i burst into tears again..... i heard all the wrestlers  saying they had never seen me cry, by this point i didnt care i had so much frustration and pain to vent i think i just needed to cry then i heard the wrestlers stop talking trying to boost my spirits but to be honest i felt better after i vented how i felt .... my teacher said three of my friends on skype were stopping in london in the next couple of days with the mexican physio before moving to japan and to meet them for a couple of hours and that my teacher would have a present for me.......

my knee is still swollen today and very lax but i hope it will calm down and the positive thing is its in the process of being sorted, sometime one thing is with MPFL reconstructions its the friends and family and network of medical staff that keep you positive or keep you going because they are the ones that help you get through the storm :))  but I think I needed to vent my frustrations as we all know with mpfl surgery it can be a hard storm :)) feeling a lot better now but my knee is still dodgey as hell lol
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Post by: lucha86 on April 15, 2015, 12:03:12 AM
so today i had to have a medical test for the wrestling .... to no rather suprise..... i failed it lol  ::)
so they tried my knee under certain stresses on then my quadricep bulked over my knee then my knee hyper extended backwards into the back to the knee, i controlled my quads then my kneecap went again and fell on my bum to the floor, by this point i laughed because i didn't know what to think lol

So i have now been signed off wrestling for another 6 months...............well i suppose i can relax lol
I think i have come to just accept the fact that currently my knee is screwed lol and i might as well do what i want on it because, i want to try to keep fit, if that means wearing a brace up till the surgery date then i will but working with the knee rather than against it ...........because currently im quite literally in limbo lol and im trying to make sure my leg is strong as possible before the next surgery........... :)

the person who did my medical test said to me " Do you have hope this will get fixed as your knee is showing distress." I replied without hope and faith in life no one can ever be positive in life. MPFL is very new surgery and doctors and patients alike are learning things which work and things that dont...
sometimes we all must take a risk to have a better quality of life when it comes to our health, for some people it works for others its doesnt that is what happens.......... ??? ;)

Sometimes i feel that in MPFL reconstruction everyone understand who has had this there are just some things you cant describe or explain or you try something because nobody has said it is bad to do to see if it will make you more comfortable etc....... everyone is learning...... 8) 8)

so tomorrow i see the latin american physio who will sort out my knee, with some electrical therapy massage to stop pain after the spasms of the sublaxtions/dislocations and relax the muscles around the patella.... so im using the cryocuff tonight to settle the leg and hopefully in the next couple of days it will be back to the gym...... ;D ;D ;D ;D

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Post by: lucha86 on April 16, 2015, 07:09:14 AM
So I went to the gym today and my knee went again lol after the physio told me to try a little on it so the physio had said only light workout brace wearing exercises until the surgron does the surgery ........
My promotor said to me wasn't this surgery suppose to stop my instability I replied yes but I suppose everyone has different problems e.g my hypermobility probably does not help but in general it is suppose to stop or alleviate the dislocations......
My promotor has a match lined up for me in January and he said he needs me back then I said yes that's if I can fight I don't even know when the surgery will be. Lol he didn't look amused but to be honest don't care right now main priority is to get the knee fixed long term :)
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Post by: vickster on April 16, 2015, 07:26:07 AM
Why doesn't the promoter cover the cost of the surgery to be done privately if time is important? I'm sure you'd rather get it done sooner too
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Post by: lucha86 on April 16, 2015, 12:32:33 PM
insurance wont cover as it's because it comes under pre existing medical conditions so insurance company won't cover it I have a health cash plan from latin america which got me a unlimited amount for physiotherapy diagnostic etc
I have taken out a new health insurance UK based which will only cover my knee after 3 years of not seeing a doctor about it so that's good for the future but then my surgeon has been great generally and his secretary has been great and most surgeons who practice on the nhs do private work too so to be honest I am thinking more of the long term vickster so just going with the flow right now a lot of insurances of very wary of athletes so they checked everything about me before I signed it and said all pre existing won't be covered because I suppose they know athletes have a high chance of Re injury lol so fingers crossed it will be soon I will get some sort of surgery confirmation date :)
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Post by: vickster on April 16, 2015, 12:39:38 PM
I more meant paying out of pocket, self pay :)  I wondered why as a (professional?) athlete you were reliant on the NHS, most seem to go straight to the top guys privately

Hope you don't have to wait too long, presumably the surgeon's secretary is able to give some idea on the length of his list.  Your knee does sound rather poorly right now :(
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Post by: lucha86 on April 16, 2015, 05:16:04 PM
Hey vickster
It can be annoying for us athletes sometimes or rather plain luck lol we get insurance out to protect ourselves but some insurers are rather over cautious and they check your whole medical records and they will put the smallest pre existing condition on there to stop paying as they saw I had a knee that kept dislocating they said that's an existing condition.."...........that's why I took out a cash plan insurance as this wasn't effected by the pre conditions in Latin America don't ask me why different laws lol  ...I had some savings but needed to use them on a important mpfl reconstruction worked out more than a knee replacement lol and that didn't include physio etc....... Including physio etc looking around 15,000 in london

But then I thought to myself we should be proud to have an nhs and be proud to use it :)))))) I have been using the nhs since I was born in Newcastle now I live in the south :))

But then I had this since I was 16 all of these dislocations and doctors on the nhs  just kept putting me in a cast for my leg to rest so I was quite literally buggered lol I wished it had been fixed when I was 16 ....but I suppose doctors were still learning about mpfl in 2002 lol .......

I did look into self pay  but I didn't feel sure that these doctors didn't know what they were talking about and I went to one private doctor and he said stick with the nhs because generally most doctors on nhs do private work too........I was shocked he said it to me lol  it was very hard to find a doctor who understands patella instability ............ Or mpfl reconstruction...... I felt more comfortable with the nhs doctors and staff as they were genuine people and kind hearted :))

So in the end I thought I'm british and proud if I have to wait then I will wait I should be proud of the nhs and to use it and at least I might have the chance of getting a surgeon who's mental enough to take on a wrestlers screwed knee lol  but i did meet some other athletes along the way who had nhs treatment for the same reasons with the insurance and i found a surgeon who has the knowledge of patella instability"..........but I think the nhs considering the cut backs they have had the staff do a great job I have sent my surgeon and his secretary some cakes and sweets as a thank you to them for their help when i have struggled lol because sometimes some people are so rude to doctors on the nhs when they are only trying to help them it makes me think where has the respect gone ???

So now my money I get from the cash diagnostic/ physio plan they pay the physios mri,s that I need and the independent doctor in Latin America you have you have a second doctor to check your  injury to make sure what your surgeon said is correct in a way it protects me and the surgeon and to make sure I'm returning to sport at the correct point so then there is no issues with promotors etc will also help speed the recovery process I think the rehabilitation point is the most critical point of recovery and getting back on your feet quickly

I'm a semi professional wrestler so for me I don't do it all the time I have work and a job in the uk I pay all taxes etc's generally on weekends or I take off a few weeks at a time to do wrestling it makes you more wanted as your not as commonly seen lol .and you get paid more ............I prefer it like that or you can overwork your body............I have one sponsor left which might be gone soon lol that comes with injuries lol but I accept that :))

Well i just keep plodding a lot victor that's all I can do I have a great surgeon and I appreciate I was the one that made the decision to try the surgery all actions  can lead to good or bad things :)) but I suppose a nice rest and not throwing men from my shoulders out of the ring is a rest lol  but fingers crossed I will hear soon just controlling the swelling right now :)) but I have to start thinking long term for my knees sake right now lol

For me I do have to consider the reality that I'm getting old in the female wrestler world most are lucky if they last up to 32 from experience I'm 28 now and I have to considering I have decades of years to get through and have to consider the long term now than the short term because I don't want to have a knee I can't rely on for the next 50 years if I carry on wrestling and damage it further .............only after the surgery will i be able to tell and i will make the best decision for my long term future,
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Post by: lucha86 on April 18, 2015, 12:35:31 AM
So today i went running with my latin american physio in london to try out the knee with new nike shoes top line ones, my knee did it again extended backwards quadriceps went over knee reigned it back in and my knee cap sublaxed with taping so now i am forced to wear a brace i feel my knee is joint is going way back too much and then my knee cap cant cope with the malignant......

the physio said to me or advised if i wanted to run outside again i need a personal trainer or physio to run with me outside in case my knee dislocates.......that gives me a lot of hope of my dodgey knee lol
considering i have dealt with these dislocations/sublaxtions for 12 years so far i suggested just to carry a phone on me and run by himself and he bluntly refused unless im with 10 minutes of my house or friends.......

so then he bluntly reminded me of the surgeons plans
plan a ) clean up of knee -fine to wrestle
plan b) clean up of knee and lateral ligament tightening - problematic to return to wrestling
plan c) clean up of knee and lateral ligament tightening and quadriceps tightening - goodbye wrestling

I suppose the rather weirdest thing is that until my surgeon gets in and has a look at my knee, i wont know the outcome until i wake up if i say goodbye to the wrestling so your basically going into something blind lol and keeping  positive lol it is a rather weird feeling lol  8) but i think no pain no gain to make my knee better lol like i said earlier i wanted my surgeon to fix my knee and not think about the wrestling or return to sport because for me the most important thing is to gain stability and less pain and grinding in my knee  ;),

 i have accepted if i need to retire from wrestling then i must for the long term perspective.............
 i have done wrestling for 12 years now, there are points where as an athlete i think sometimes its hard for some athletes to accept retirement as its the passion they have for the sport and the years of dedication , i have been offered the chance to train people IF i retire which is good .......
sometimes we have to accept as an athlete that sometimes we cant push ourselves too far, we need to listen to the body  8)

do i regret having this surgery... no i dont......... to begin with the stability was there but then i started to lose it i felt grinding, locking, pressure, crunching knee overextended backwards that even my gp and physio could hear with a basic squat loud cracks too lol........everyone's recovery is different there are many different techniques with MPFL... there is still a lot to be learnt and i suppose you could say us as the patients are helping the doctors to advance and learn to help future patients  ;D sometimes the unknown is better than living a life of instability ......

we all make decisions, i never expected my knee to be 100% even after surgery as it has never been right but i expect some form of stability after a knee stability surgery, i can deal with the complications as long as i have stability........
i still have alot of pain but i dont want to take any painkillers i dont believe taking so many of them will be good........just keep going now lol thats  all i can do until the surgery and fingers crossed this surgery will give my knee stability back again =)
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Post by: lucha86 on April 19, 2015, 01:12:13 AM
so my main goal right now is to make sure all the vmo quadriceps and hamstrings are strengthened for the surgery... just keep plodding along on this its hard sometimes considering my knee is dodgey right now lol

But it seems from publications i have read that is the main priority and the main goal in order to speed up rehabilitation post surgery.....i am resting my knee and sometimes having to still use the cryocuff on it, sleeping is still an issue im finding im having to use my good left to support behind my bad leg to elevate it so i can get some sleep, if i just put my bad leg flat down the pain is well rather not nice..... or i put it up the wall lol still looking or sounding like yoga but will put my leg in any position for it to be comfortable sounds rather uncomfortable but i suppose you just adapt lol  ;)

the knee is swelling but just controlling the swelling for now, had no surgery date due yet but as we know on the nhs waiting times can be up to 18 weeks, so going with the flow 8)

some of my friends want me to fly out to mexico city and hamburg germany to see them before my surgery ..... i think germany is ok but i tell you what when your still not signed off by your surgeon the insurance is crazy for long haul flights.......... :o
i probably think it would be a rather stupid idea for me to fly tp mexico city with my knee swelling the way it is, germany may be possible as its only an 1 hour flight compared to mexico city with BA or aeromexico direct is like 11 hours dont think my knee would like that  :P

the knee today is just grinding, tight and swollen and locking but hey ho thats normal for me right now lol oh dear i still have a sense of humour   ::)lol considering how frustrated i feel but i have hope which is the most important thing

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Post by: lucha86 on April 20, 2015, 07:09:41 AM
so im currently in a position with my knee, where im plodding along but also rather frustrated with it..
so my knee has  decided to lock up swell up, and started grinding, for me as an athlete its the inability to be ableto do something because the mechanic of the knee will not allow me to do so,

when i walk i feel like my knee cap is scraping along my femur,  and i just keep going................

there comes a point in all MPFL RECONSTRUCTION when us as patients do get frustrated, because
some things are beyond our control, we can do our best at rehabilitation however if the main mechanics
of the knee are working against then you can only lead a certain point of normality, like i cant go out with my friends at night right now because i dont feel my knee is stable enough, and i don't want  to cause any dodgey situations lol

i have adapted it in every sense possible to make the knee more comfortable and to be able to work with it better however it has left me feeling frustrated, because i should be able to run without it locking or dislocating, i should be able to sleep without pain, or grinding when im walking, i just want the ability to have stability, which for me is frustrating especially when I love to run and walk but my knee locks up or sublaxes

because as many people who have had MPFL reconstruction understand the whole process can be painful/ frustration but it is hope and determination, drive and support that gets you through the rehabilitation, frustrations etc.........
To feel after all this im still having problems with stability is rather frustrating lol I suppose every case is unique, different instability issues, and i suppose trying to get it right, is difficult due to the mechanics of the knee...... trying to create the perfect balance of stability must be hard for any knee surgeons........i suppose all doctors  are learning from this surgery........

every surgery has complications but i hope this second surgery will change some of those complications, no surgery is 100% perfect, i expect some form of complication, but i expect to have stability but right now I am trying swimming at least that will keep me active but just feeling so frustrated not long now till it gets sorted :)) I don't care what my surgeon does to my knee as long as he fixes it for the long term....... :)) and fingers cross after the surgery I can get a decent sleep ....:))

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Post by: lucha86 on April 21, 2015, 07:09:08 AM
So the knee went after I came out of the swimming pool I think I will stick with the gym lol at least I can wear a brace to keep it intact lol it was rather funny getting out of the pool then my knee doing an elvis Presley style wiggle my knee going back into the back of the knee joint , my knee sublaxed and fell on my backside not lady like at all lol at least I still have my humour hi ho hi ho it's back to the gym to go lol
Swimming I think I will leave  lol :))
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Post by: lucha86 on April 23, 2015, 07:15:42 AM
so after several weeks of not having the stability i have come to a conclusion my knee is currently already screwed lol and it does have screws in it too lol, so i will try everything i can in this rather current normal situation which has happened for the last ten years lol
So i thought about it and was like i might as well just do everything i want to do or try to do it and if it works it works it doesnt it doesnt, i got to a point about two days ago where i just had to laugh at my knee because it was getting beyond a joke,
i don't feel like im back at square one as there are things to be learnt from this surgery........
The knee gets very stiff , swells and stills grinds even in front of my physiotherapists even they say thats not normal lol
sometimes i say to them normal will never exist for me with this knee, i have accepted that lol
someone did asked me did i feel annoyed with going through so much to still have instabily? I replied i took the risk with a surgery that there is so little information and it was my only chance in creating a sense of normality, or stability for the knee, but there has been complications but that is what happens when you try the unknown,

the one thing i have questioned is full impact frontal knee force sports, is MPFL reconstruction with these sports a game changer?
The answer i thought about more, because the ability to adapt is important, but there is only so much that you can adapt in a specific sport in which you might put strain on other parts of your body........
I do think if you use your knees in a frontal position over 60% in a competition i believe it can be a game changer, because its the ability to move with speed, to get up freely, and to get out of reversal techniques etc, flexion and the ability to move is the most important things to have in any sport especially martial arts,  because without it things can go wrong.........

so i currently just give up with my knee lol just plod along keep going to the gym otherwise i will just simply cry lol still got humour lol
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Knee mpfl surgery
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SO my promotor and latin american physio i went to the gym with to see how my knee was doingwas on the cross trainer and my knee went again my knee hyperextended right back into the back of my knee it sublaxed then my quads went over my knee and managed to reign it back in but in process fell on my backside lol i went into what is called a wrestler tantrum where we lapse into languages releasing our frustrations lol i remember saying to my physio this is a joke now im becoming more frustrated because i should be in control of my knee not my knee in control of me........

the promoter said to me today in London did i not have any fear due to the different plans my surgeon has said for my surgery untill he has a look inside the knee?

I replied how can my surgeon make a plan before he can actually assess what the problem is because right now my knee is in alot of grinding pain and cant assess it until he checks it when im knocked out and cant feel pain, i didnt want to admit to him i do have slight fears like anyone naturally would but i have the belief my surgeon can resolve the issue, but its still i suppose you could rather say as we do in the UK you deal with it when you get to that bridge..........

When you have had instability for over a decade nothing never surprises you after a while when you have a dodgey knee lol.......

 no date on surgery yet but i appreciate the nhs with the Waiting list and so on so fingers crossed in the next two weeks i should hear something as that will be nearly 8 weeks by the point

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Post by: lucha86 on April 27, 2015, 04:15:58 PM
ok now its becoming funnier lol in a real sarcastic sense of view lol
So as my knee is unstable now, i have decided to make sure now i have  a Personal trainer with me in the gym as im trying to exercise on it to keep fit and after losing over 10 stone with this knee surgery im trying to maintain this weight loss and also trying to keep myself physically fit for the wrestling and because my knee is like a temperamental toddler lol its proving difficult especially when its over extends backwards into the back of my joint and the knee cap sublaxes when i have final control of it so i thought for my own safety until the surgery comes i must have someone there who can help me in case my knee goes awol lol its costing me but i would rather be safe and not be stupid about it lol considering the knee has just been unpredictable recently lol

 it has its good moments and bad moments i need to make sure i am still active i have done so well so far, i just see this as a setback but soon it will all be fixed, there is no point in feeling frustrated about it because it is beyond my control of fixing it, i do laugh now though whenever my knee starts playing up because i just think here we go again lol

the knee has been going backwards into the back of my knee alot recently with the quad going over my knee even my PT saw it and was like what the heck just happened with your knee, it went out in so many angles , she is use to my dodgey knee she is very experienced she has over 10 years experience and is a level 4 PT which is very high even she said she hasnt seen a knee like mine in eyars of doing her job lol

all i want to do is wrestle  :'(
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Post by: lucha86 on April 28, 2015, 04:57:45 PM
so i got some well rather frustrating news last night lol my promoter wants me to be in a match in December for children with cancer in latin america at the end of December this year so he wanted to know or have an estimate for how long the waiting list is in the UK so he can plan to send the wrestling  physio to see me and plan my rehab back into the sport if i make it lol i explained to him it could be up to 20 weeks but he said no harm in asking then he also said if im not back by December my final sponsor is pulling out lol oh joy lol  ::)

then my knee went out again while on cross trainer fell/flew off backwards AGAIN knee extended right into the back of the joint knee semi dislocated quads went over knee tried to reign it all back in thats when i fell, so now my promoter wants me to train with a personal trainer to make sure my joint is secure and if anything happens i have someone with me........ i feel like im being babysitted

so then my promoter asked if there was anyway of finding out if any appointments had been released then i rang up the NHS line and they said i wasnt on a waiting list i was like WTH!! i signed the paperwork with the surgeon and he said i was going to be put on a waiting list lol by this point i felt just completely demoralised, i just dont know what to believe lol he seemed like a newbie on the phone because he went off a few times to ask other people.... so he said for me to contact the medical secretary which i did via email shes amazing so fingers crossed she can confirm everything ,

how am i currently feeling i cant wrestle i cant barely do gym work without pain or knee semi-/ dislocating, or hyperextending,  i have completely lost faith in my joint now i just expect the worse lol because there can be nothing worse than that with my dodgey knee lol ......
i just want to get my knee better i dont expect it to be perfect, but i expect a certain quality of life, nothing is perfect in life, but you just work with what you have and appreciate what you have =~) ........
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Post by: lucha86 on April 29, 2015, 09:06:49 PM
so my promoter took me to see the independent doctor again as he was concerned about how my leg was reacting even the doctor said it looked like my knee was completely out of control and very lax he wanted to put me on crutches to rest the leg, but then i asked what use would that be if im trying to make sure my leg has its full strength before the next surgery, crutches would put me back, he then asked me to promise him if it got worse to go back and see if for him to check it, and to stop if it feels very lax...........he then tried moving it into certain positions an two particular position test just caused massive pain so by the point i was in tears...........

He said to me he understood how i felt and how frustrated  i felt he said he understood athletes and the position of injury, i dunno i think i just let my frustrations go and its always on this doctor lol
i said to him " You can never understand the pressures of returning to sport, you can never understand what a wrestler has to prove, you can never understand what it is like to be ripped apart from something you have done for 10 years the drive and the passion for the sport, and you have to sit by the sideline watching, you dont know what it is like to say no to children with cancer you cant help because of your knee which was suppose to have been fixed ......

 but i said you know what once i have this surgery im determined to show science wrong and these doctors wrong because anything is possible if you get the right help have faith in the surgeon and resolve the obstacles and most importantly have the determination to do it everyone has their own recovery and im determined to recover quickly...............
He then smiled and laughed and said thats better your back to full normal self driven and stubborn as hell

He also agreed with what my surgeon said that there may be an imbalance in my knee he said to come and see him again to check it if it gets very lax and if crutches are needed to rest the leg he will give me a note.. so i can still continue to work in a crutch.......

so as you know i have taken on a personal trainer she has changed up my routine in the gym to TABATA style training which is high intensity short circuit workouts but it burns double the amount of calories to a normal workout, my knee seems to get on with that better but i do get a lot more rubbing and grinding in my knee but its at least helping me to workout in short bursts so i suppose TABATA has its benefits as it can increase your cardio and burn fat which is a positive ................... :)

so at least i have something to keep me going for another couple of trainer is constantly watching my knee and she is even saying she can see its unstable but i keep going i haven't heard anything back from the surgeons secretary but fingers crossed it will be soon having a little faith =)) because shes always great , because im getting frustrated with my knee and its getting really sore and the wrestlers are starting to miss me lol  .....

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Post by: lucha86 on May 01, 2015, 07:21:39 AM
So I saw my uk based physio today who is private and she was lovely today and honest she said to me how can I help you? Because I think you have done excellent so far and there is not much more I can do until you have  your surgery and I don't want you wasting your money ......
That was so nice to hear as she was positive and honest about my recovery she checked my quadricep reaction attaching my legs to electrodes to see how they were firing even she was impressed she said to me considering your knee is still unstable and your still have semi dislocations you have a very small deficit on your bad leg but I see that as normal as the instabilities you have can Inhibit the quadricep from working.....
She said well done to me she was so positive I needed that to be honest I think :)))))
So she only wants to see me once a month until the surgery I rang the secretary to ask her how long it is she said 12 weeks so been waiting 5 -6weeks now so fingers crossed I will hear something soon.........
But it was nice for the physio to asked how she could help me or just let me talk because  all a patient wants to do is let out their frustrations say how they feel and agree ion a rehabilitation process and know what is going right and what is going wrong and have an answer rather than no answer
She said for me to keep the personal trainer as that will keep me stronger and fitter and make sure I'm at full strength pre surgery and did said whatever my trainer is doing is working great and to keep it up finally I feel  lhappier  :)))))))
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so today i spoke to someone who works in the same hospital as my surgeon my friend i hadnt seen in ages and she asked how i was getting on, i explained the situation to my friend and my friend said " my friend knows normally this surgeon generally is specific on what he does, and my friend seem concerned about the different plans and she asked had i sought a second opinion?....."

I said i have the independent doctor to check everything is ok but i dont want to seek a second opinion as of yet as i believe i have a good surgeon and i have faith he will fix it in the revision surgery......
my friend then dropped a clanger and said " But your the patient you should know what is going to happen to you and especially wrestling don't you want to be able to plan dont you have any fear of jumping into the unknown and not having a clue what is going to happen ..?"

I said to my friend in a way i can see the surgeons point of view that he wants to assess my knee in order to check it without me jumping and to see whats going on inside.......and also the hypermobility aswell i suppose doesnt help.........

also the way insurances work in latin amercia revision surgery must be done by the original surgeon then if it isnt right there is always a independent check for security..... but as i said i have the faith in my surgeon the issue will be resolved

I didnt admit it to my friend but of course i do have a little fear, of the unknown about someone saying yea everything is going to be alright getting knocked out lol and not knowing what is the conclusion until i wake up from the surgery , and being a wrestler i suppose in our sport we have to be in control of everything or we could break bones quite literally and to feel it's out of your hands but in the hands of a surgeon, i suppose it is more about the trust and faith you have and the belief you have in the medical team supporting you but also in yourself to be able to think that nothing is not impossible,

but i suppose when you have had a dodgey knee for over a decade it becomes the norm lol and the funniest thing is it seems to run in my family my great gran had a dislocating right knee so did my grandad and my dad and now me lol love genetics lol and they also some had high TTTG measurements too like me

I tried to find out information about these types of surgeries my surgeon is planning there is very little so i have left it in the hands of my physio and they are looking into it............

As long as its fixed and its stable im happy i can deal with all the other complications that come with it, sometimes it makes me sad at how some people always talk about liability for me i dont believe in this as you signed the paperwork and you expect all actions have consequences, i dont expect it to be perfect this is why sometimes i feel sorry for doctors and surgeons for this reason... my knee gave out again just getting frustrated with it now just need to get this knee fixed for the long term aspect,

because my knee is sore hot grinding, and just not happy but i will keep plodding along because thats the type of person i am =) im not allowed to take any painkiller right now as have a few tests for the wrestling so sometimes im finding cryocuff cooler is becoming my best friend lol i try not to wear a brace as my its just too heaving braces sometimes taping work and sometimes it doesnt, i just work with it rather than against it...... hurry up surgery lol !! but still trying to get my legs as strong as possible with my personal trainer while its been giving out now and again.........
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So knee has been painful today and hyperextended too much again I have had to end up taking painkillers for it as the cryocuff isn't working hot and cold techniques aren't working and my knee was still swollen so my promotor has suggested I go back to the doctor just to get a sign off to use a crutch to rest my leg up abit .........
I said to him I would either visit the gp or other doctor on Tuesday for advice as I need to control the swelling of the knee hoping it will settle :))) ::)
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The theory of everything behind MPFL reconstruction........
So this is a sarcastic witty guide to understanding MPFL
So with the NHS i have a surgeon who generally would not call himself sarcastic but i would lol I remember him saying yep you will be up around moving in two weeks your an athlete i thought great fantastic.......
So had the surgery, tried to get out of the hospital bed and my leg was not firing i was like WTH? then an 80 year old lady walked right by me after have her knee done smiling saying come on dear, there was me trying to get out of my bed a 28 year old wrestler unable to move my leg........
by this point up to the 8 week point i learnt these valuable lessons..........

1) Showering use some cling film to wrap around your knee and you will be fine
2)Drug yourself up especially in the first few weeks... and do heavy walking activity when your medication is at its strongest.....
3) PHYSIO is key and movement is vital , make sure you constantly moving your leg.........
4)Celxanae injections into your stomach or evil and you just have to suck it up or risk getting a blood clot.. i currently blame pfizer , and bayer pharmaceuticals for not coming up with a new drug yet lol
5)wear your compression stockings as much as possible......
6) shorts or baggy trousers down to knee are the best as knee will swell
7) moisturising cream you will need plenty of as leg gets very dry... vaseline cream is best i found
8) crutches your own arch enemy lol- buy a pair of nike gloves to combat skin issues on hands
9)CRYOCUFF- BUY ONE!! icing machines saved my life it helps reduce the swelling and now rates as one of my priced possession equal to my GHD'S lol
10) MUA - MANIPULATIONS on most post i read people sounded scared by it.... it was actually a lifesaver for me and it didnt hurt, so dont be afraid to have it =)
11) be aware very low seating in the first weeks is near enough impossible make sure you have a high seat to sit on i didnt realise how low a toilet seat was till i couldnt sit on one lol
12)sharp jumpy stabbing pains is normal, even though it freaks you out lol
13) Have humour, because it will get you through the frustrating times
14)After 8 weeks i found by having different physios and personal trainers i gained more ideas in rehabilitation and recovered quicker.....
15)swelling, i found normal i found in winter months knee, started acting like a hormonal teenager had its good days and its bad days lol or swelled up to double the size found steaming the knee or hot showers helped this.........
16)deep tissue massage- i found to be a real benefit, as i found alot of my lower leg suffered after the surgery and having a deep tissue massage on the leg helped my recovery process
17)if you lose flexion with this surgery the reebok muscle rollers will help to roll out your hamstrings and quadriceps......
18)Physios - make sure you connect with them if you dont search elsewhere remember it is your recovery
19)trying to turn your feet on the bike when you cant is normal after 8 weeks it will =)
20)and finally remember everyone has a different recovery so go at your own pace and remember everyone  ha their different journey through MPFL  but my IPOD was my lifesaver lol
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Post by: lucha86 on May 04, 2015, 12:25:59 AM
So i have been feeling abit nervous i dunno its came on all of a sudden, lol

Maybe you could call it fear of the unknown, because, after everything i have been through in the past 10 months losing over 11 stone having the knee MPFL reconstruction during that time, i seriously dont know how i did it but and returning to wrestling in four months............

Now post 11 months im sitting on the sidelines of wrestling, still having instability of the joint, gym is becoming harder, and there are three options for my surgery i have no idea what plan will be done until i wake up after surgery as as any person understands to be out of control is hard, but you work with it...

...... a wrestler told me the other day "Exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty.".....

I then thought of it in a different light, i thought my knee has never been normal and never will be, sometimes the basic necessities anyone who has knee dislocations wants is stability nothing else... so i suppose everything has always been the unknown or uncertain with my knee since i was a teenager, no one could give me an answer threw me in casts to see if it worked in the 1990's, or put me on crutches but i never had an answer to the problem or to my questions, i suppose its now two decades on and medicine is more aware of the problems of knee joints and can assess them better due to medical advances..

I feel right now my knee, is currently buggered.... lol pain everyday subulaxations swelling grinding, instability, extreme hyper extension, lack of sleep due to pain of knee... the question then i ask myself is or answer is that is my quality of normal life acceptable right now? probably 50-50 right now,
but with all the unknown risks you take that risk some works some doesnt ...... everyone's recovery is unique and for me i have had a few accidents and wrestled too so i suppose it is just as much a learning process for me as it is for my surgeon.......

Today my knee has been in a lot of pain an im considering calling the NHS  waiting list line for an estimate because honestly my knee isn' t right and its affecting everything i do and i generally cry when i try to sleep because its so uncomfortable i feel like my knee cap is digging/pushing into the back of my femur .......... i have faith that my surgeon can fix it as he is one of the best and knee surgery is unique to each person...... but i dont know what is best to do with this knee right know i have tried bracing it no good taping it no good, and crocuff so so ......... just tired and frustrated lol`

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A wrestler thought he was funny and bought me some knee tape by rocktape in the form of bio hazard signs lol it is quite funny since my knee is buggered right now lol
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so was in gym today and my knee got locked up again and couldnt get off the cross trainer again so i had to have a personal trainer help me to get me down, i tried again to get up on it but knee locked so i decided to leave it and i see my personal trainer tomorrow i hope she can do something to loosen it up as its very stiff and sore today,  seriously its becoming a joke now lol even the pt's are saying there is something dodgey with my knee lol
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Post by: lucha86 on May 05, 2015, 11:46:19 AM
Knee gave out in gym
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so my personal trainer and physio sent me up to the NHS a+e today to get my knee checked so while i wait here i thought i would just let out how i feel,...................disappointed and frustrated..........
i currently sit here next to an older lady who said your too young to have a dodgey knee....... i said when you have a unstable knee like mine nothing is normal she laughed and said oh dear you gonna end up up with a knee replacement later on i thought to myself " geat lol" so i sit here writing to you with my leg up on someones back to their chair waiting to see a doctor to check out my shaking cramping quadricep, hamstrings and lax knee fingers crossed x
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Post by: Chester57 on May 05, 2015, 09:04:47 PM
I have been reading your posts since you had your MPFL reconstruction and while I realize that you are an athlete, do you actually believe that being an athlete precludes you from having to follow common sense rehabilitation?  From the time of your MPFL reconstruction you have pushed yourself to the point of absurdity in order to prove to your doctor that an athlete's recouperative powers are greater than those of mere mortals.  Not only did you have a major surgery, you were hit by a car, fell numerous times and you act as if you are surprised that you are having major problems. 

While you are sitting in the hospital once again, do you not see anything wrong with this picture?  I don't know why you think you are going to get a positive result while continuing to abuse a knee that has been severely screwed up for months.  You have tissues, muscles etc. that were traumatized by surgery and the numerous injuries you sustained.  Your exuberance may wind up causing you more permanent harm than good.
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Post by: lucha86 on May 05, 2015, 09:29:40 PM
so i ended up in the NHS a and E , i suppose when you have MPFL reconstruction surgery you get used to the "Huh?" Whats that?
so as you know you see a clinical nurse first, explained the situation, hopped into the room, and she said what painkiller do you want
i said a crutch to balance on that a painkiller would be good right now, she gave me a painkiller. and said she would try to get me a crutch, two hours after sitting waiting for a crutch,i got up to ask for a crutch again my knee went and a member of the public helped me up, i still didnt get a crutch.......
So i waited another hour i got called in by a matron nurse, who saw me , she had never heard of my surgery, and she asked what did i do i told her, she thought i was awesome, then she said she would speak with a consultant about my case as she wanted to make sure, and i explained everything that happened i just said i wanted it to be checked it was that i could be on my way.......

Then i heard her over talking with this consultant next to my room about my case she explained everything and this consultant said " She is 28 years old and she is still having these problems its ridiculous, why hasnt her surgeon dealt with this yet and given her revision surgery sooner? Shes an athlete!! he said to the nurse to send me for an xray- and check no bones were broken, i didnt think there would be i was just concerned more that everything was in place....... i didnt tell the nurse i overheard them i thought better not lol
so went for and xray and this radiologist was awed out too that i wrestled with my notes, hasnt anyone met a female wrestler before lol So then i looked at my x ray and i saw something strange i noticed my kneecap was really high, so i thought i would ask why did it look so high he looked and smiled and said cant comment, but i suspected by his suggestions / body language i had picked up on something as my knee cap was sitting higher on my femur which i found odd..... so i would explain why i have felt my kneecap rubbing on my femur............

so i went back i said to the nurse and gave some chocolates to the team as it was mental in A and E people were standing as there were no seats, and i said to them thanks for seeing me today and helping me i know your all stressed out but i appreciate the help, they seemed shocked lol but you have to show gratitude for help..................

so the nurse came back with two crutches, and said you need to rest your knee there is alot of swelling but no broken bones,
i said if my surgeon finds out im on two crutches he will more than likely got ballistic im trying to get my leg strong for the surgery......... having two crutches will inhibit this and im very stubborn she laughed and she said no workouts no gym, nothing except walking your knee is bad, you need to REST, ..... she said it was sad to see me at 28 years old having the knee problems i was still having after the surgery i had, and that it must be debilitating, especially for my sport, she told me to go to the Gp to get a note from the doctor for a note for my work so i can continue on one crutch..........
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Post by: lucha86 on May 05, 2015, 09:57:16 PM
chester- in order to understand rehabilitation and the history if rehabilitation everyone's recovery is unique some things work for some people and some doesnt for others.......

i have followed the recovery process all physios have given me as part of the process of recovering from an MPFL reconstruction, my surgeon gave me a letter post four months to say i could do anything i wanted in order to rehabilitate the the mri had proven my ligaments were fine to take the stress of return to sports etc and new activities etc..........

yes i agree my knee has taken many hit and rather stints of bad luck, i have two physios not including the NHS one, personal trainer who have guided me through the process to make sure i dont make the wrong turns.......however due to the loss of flexion due to the surgery this has forced adaptations to be made like i said earlier on some things work for some people and some dont work for others............

in pre contractual agreements in latin america/ abroad to wrestle it states that an applicant must return within a certain season period after injury dependant on injury or the contract is lost or terminated...... my time to return to sports is 6 months with an MPFL anything more "extensive is 6-8 months"
the reason for this is due to branding and promotion and also charity work generally with children with cancer......

my knee has been a complete state since i was 16....... dislocations have always been there........
the question i asked myself at the start of it when researching mpfl was there was so few ideologies on rehabilitation and available to read there was little to work with.....

so how does anyone know what is right and wrong for each individual? because everyone is unique, some things have worked some things haven't but isnt that a case of trial an error and learning in life? How has medicine advanced to the stage it has without medical advancement or people trying new things??

I have had to adapt because i come from a culture of sport where people say "Fear is never an option" "No pain no Gain "Mind over body" " if you fall down get back up and learn from it." "Wisdom comes through our errors learnt."
i have constantly said through this chester everyones recovery is different at least respect for for trying and saying at least i tried  different things and considering my surgeon gave me the all clear post four months and after the accidents i was following protocol..............." mere mortals" i do not agree with that phrase as i have said before everyone is different......... i find it abit insulting to be honest..............

but from my sport point of you you must appreciate and understand the pressures to return to sport and the money loss due to injury and also contact, promotor and fan pressures im sorry but im not the type of person that can say to terminally ill cancer kids who are fans of wrestling in latin america i cant help you.....................and when you have to keep updating people on your progress....... there is alot to consider

There has been no record / publication of an MPFL reconstruction on wrestling or marital arts recovery athletes so im just learning just as much about this as is my surgeon........ .
so really its very new in that area as forces are very different and kinetic are different.....

understand everything i have had to adapt to in order to keep wrestling, is like changing everything i have learnt all over takes years to learn how to wrestle and when you cant freefall forwards anymore which is 70%of a match you wrestle trust me its a a life change.........
 and confirming from what my surgeon said previous to me that is may be an inbalance in my knee..... it confirms alot of the problems i have been having sometimes some things are beyond my control mechanically but at least i can say i have damm well tried my best when doctors have told me to lost the weight i have lost it, when they said i might no return to the wrestling i has been an absolute emotional rollercoaster for me and i have done my best ....  what i want this to show is everyone can achieve what they want to achieve no matter the obstacles ....................

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Post by: Chester57 on May 05, 2015, 10:31:13 PM
I understand cultures are different, ways of life are different and people heal differently; however, there is a saying "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting a different result".

I wish you nothing but the best and hope you resolve your problems.
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Post by: lucha86 on May 05, 2015, 10:51:16 PM
i know you wish me the best chester but understand this...... this is why im not wrestling im trying to help my leg by making it the strongest i can...... my surgeon had said something isnt right that is why i am having a second surgery....... but how can i find what works and doesnt work in my sport when i have followed all protocol without trying because there is nothing there to say in research or publication wether something is right or wrong to help in my rehabilitation there is a saying called a grey area called the unknown.....and for me this is what it is right now for me, if i jump from a ring corner what pivot motions works what doesn't, if i flip my body... when i lift a man above my head how can i put his safely down without pressure on the mpfl ??

what landing works without pressuring the mpfl what would help it in the gym, this doesn't exist because wrestlers i know havent had this surgery........ my independent doctor has tried asking other doctors in the states europe and asia to no avail....... they can only find soccer football and rubgy players.......which is very different movements.... most wrestlers have had PCL or ACL surgery none have had MPFL as in professional wrestler not olympic wrestling two different types..............
When i am trying things that i have been unsure of to wrestle i always had a medical person present to check movements or to help me adapt it by watching the pressure of the movements.........

sometimes grey areas can be seen as extreme......but there is nothing there to give advice on correct procedure what am i left with ??..... so im limited to know what is right and wrong without trying it so im working blind you could say....... but then if i dont try or adapt then there is no hope in returning to wrestle......
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 06, 2015, 11:25:37 AM
so today i managed to get my note from the doctor to give me a return to work on one crutch as we know in the uk you need one of these before you even enter an office with a crutch lol..........
so i also found out there booking in my surgery for july time so around 16 weeks waiting list  she told me my surgeons waiting list is very long..... im happy because then at least i can plan my life, as i have alot to get covered and have to get people to cover me in the ring and can now start planning rehab post surgery =) which in theory would be 5-6 months in order for me to return to sport....... and fingers crossed everything will be a lot better =)

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Post by: lucha86 on May 07, 2015, 05:41:26 PM
so rather funny my GP, rang me to confirm my return to work note and he kept saying to me " are you sure its advisable to return to work? how many stairs do you have a lift? i think you need to rest it.....
he seemed rather reluctant to give me the note generally in my office job separate to my wresting you can only have three sicknesses thats it i have had two for my knee so far in one rolling year,

 if i got another one by 20th may i would have a disciplinary, i didnt explain that to the doctor i said it was an office job sitting 80% of time no hard labour, he seemed to let me off and he gave me a return to work with one crutch for one week i said that was all i needed until the knee stabilised.......he said if i had any more problems to go and see him and he can refer me back to the fracture clinic.... everyone in the UK understand the fracture clinic means orthopaedics in NHS words and if i needed stronger painkillers to contact the surgery lol why is it as soon as doctors know you have had MPFL surgery they fob you off with painkillers do they know its a painful surgery lol so i thanked him i got on with filling my croyocuff

can someone just fast forward 8 weeks for me lol so i can get this dodgey knee sorted hurry up surgery lol
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Post by: lucha86 on May 08, 2015, 07:02:22 AM
So had a very bad night my mpfl and lcl side and the back of my knee cramped  up so much It went  into a spasm tried to get out of bed to stop the cramp and knee just gave out again semi dislocated knee went back into the back of the knee joint quadricep went over and knee whent back in line after the joint settled into it's original position...........and fell on my backside
It's still very shaky to walk on it I haven't been to the gym at all in 5 days so my knee is just buggered right now
I might ring one of my physio to see if they can see me over the weekend or Monday because it's in a bad
Way a And I'm just confused in how to treat it and abit fed up it's tight stiff grounding and acting like this... Walking is not bare able right now but have to until I can get a physio to look at it as I only have one crutch
So fingers crossed I will get it sorted :)
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Post by: lucha86 on May 08, 2015, 05:26:39 PM
so my physio is out on monday so im going to see a kiwi physio who i have had one session before he has alot of experience with sports athletes , he is really funny and sarcastic and he has had alot of experience with ligament reconstruction as he had an ACL on his knee 40 pounds (75 dollars) for half an hour but better than seeing someone who doesnt have a clue about mpfl lol ......
and my work wants me to see my physio as ,my knee gave way after getting out of a chair went very lax shaky then i was down i thought bugger here we go again so i promised them i would see a physio on monday even my work understand how rare mpfl surgery is as it took my HR 4 weeks to get back to me as they had to confirm it was an actual operation with a doctor as they had never heard of it GP's are very cautious or dont know either when it comes to mpfl they generally ask me what can they do to make me comfortable and thats it   lol so they know generally its only the physios who can help me or my independent doctor, as i have to wait my turn for my surgeons surgery date so no point in bothering the surgeon untill i see him when my time comes on the NHS... ............. knee is .... not long now i keep telling myself =)
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Post by: lucha86 on May 09, 2015, 07:50:50 PM
ok so what i am going to write now is my experience an trials and tribulations of an MPFL reconstruction and to remark that everyone's recovery is different dependant on the situation and circumstances and diagnosis etc. but please respect me for what i and saying or what i have i have done it in the best interest for me but for my career in my sport with lack of information available...........

So my dislocation first started when i was 16 when i was growing considering i was nearly 6ft by the time i was 16 and the doctors were unable to confirm what was the the issue with my right knee, and just kept putting me into casts, and redoing physiotherapy in the late  1990's /2000..... i suppose when there is no answer you just try to adapt and carry on the dislocation continued, because no doctor could give me an answer but they even saw my kneecap go out of place , it was rather frustrating times......... by the time 2008 hit i had already well over 300 knee dislocations which i generally put back in myself by doing alot of wrestling moves or plank positions
 by 2011, my weight was getting out of control, due to the instability and inability to exercise, i tried for the next few  years to keep going on in the wrestling and just ignored my weight issue and kept going on i suppose its what my teacher taught me you work through the pain and deal with it mentally..........
by 2012/2013 i had a major dislocation in my knee in a wrestling match and then i fractured my foot in 1 12 car crash pile up in mexico where a drunk bus driver crashed into my pick up with four of my friends i go hit on the passenger side car rolled over several times only to find out the bus after us crashed into several more cars it killed a few people and one of my friends too.....  i was out for a good four - 5 months no exercise and inability to get out my weight increased i thought i was still 16 stone at that time my normal wrestling weight but i would get a shock in just over a few years............. in wrestling generally we are very big order to catch men and throw them about in mexico ...........
so early 2013/2014 i finally went to see a doctor in the NHS ....... blamed my weight and more physio as weak vmo.... same as second doctor what he said......... even though i told them of my history and had a traumatic injury in the wrestling it wasnt taken into account till i saw on the third visit and a year later..... i saw a young registrar who listened to me and saw my problem in my knee............... and referred me to my surgeon ... i took on a trainer and decided now was the time to deal with my weight before the surgery i wasnt expect to see i weighed over 25 STONE!! i thought now it was do or die.....
yes you might say i should have dealt with my weight earlier but i had to accept that and deal with it by myself with the help of a personal trainer.......
so my surgeon agreed in february 2014 to do the surgery as the ligament was ruptured and i needed stability as i could even do a lunge......... by working with a pt from January to may i lost over 5 stone it was hard work day and night in the gym with the PT strict diet, some people might say i pushed my knee before the surgery but you can respect me for taking action and dealing with my weight loss........
so after the surgery in may 2014 the surgeon said to me you need to lose the rest..... i said i would lose it by the end of the year, he laughed i said take your time..... as being a wrestler and competitive i said to him i will watch me! he smiled but i knew he didnt believe me lol....

I went back to my trainer paula as i found i couldnt have a physio on the NHS for four weeks so she helped me to get me moving and helped me with the exercises given to me by the hospital i said to her i want to prove my surgeon wrong when my leg gets better and lose this weight i want to show anything is possible no matter what obstacle.... she said she would help me..... but i had complications the scariest one was my leg being triple the size and the doctor saying i might have dvt and the celaxane going from 30mg to 180mg per day in the stomach injections and the silence in the room where they scan your veins to look for clots, and the blistering and swelling of the leg i prayed a few times that it would go down.....

then due to stiffness my surgeon gave me an MUA, I remember my surgeon saying i thought you would be an easy case, this in a way demoralised me but also built up so much anger i thought  i need to prove this dude wrong...... the mexican wrestlers always say when you fall you get back up and you show that you tried and you keep trying till you get over that obstacle, nothing is failure, you can only gain wisdom...

so after my leg settled i managed to get into the gym as after 6 weeks my surgeon said the ligament was now attached and pressure could now be put on i had lost flexion and both physios had said that can be a complication from the surgery.... some things worked some things didnt so it had to be adapted..... in order for it to work ... like i said previous some things work for some people and some dont for others and for my sport i said to the nhs physio how do i jump off a corner of a ring onto a guy with lack of flexion i got told well you have to adapt the rehabilitation to work for you.......

so we came up with exercises different to the rehab as well as my personal trainer to help me back to sports,as there was nothing in publications to say how to return a wrestler back to sport post mpfl because in mexican wrestler there is alot of flying out of the ring gymnastics flips etc, pivot turn kinetics which when some physios looked at found hard to rehab as it was a grey area or the unknown as there was simple no right or wrong answer.....

so i thought i must try or i cant return to the wrestling..... some people may call it crazy but without research or trying .... medicine can never progress without things like clinical trials or patients trying new things, medicine would be a very different world..... so by around july august i had lost another 3 stone with the help of my trainer........ by then i got hit by the taxi my knee was swollen but it recovered and i still plodded on i returned to sports post 4 months as my surgeon got an mri to check everything was stable so i returned to sport 2 months earlier than standard procedure as i was determined to help these kids with terminal cancer in some matches..............some people might say i was crazy to do that but respect me for trying and understand that i had the sign off from the surgeon........

i continued with my training at the gym under supervision of my pt i managed to lose just up to 11 and a half stone by december.........during the last few months of 2014 i noticed even wrestling was becoming harder as my knee was locking grinding and giving out i knee something wasn't right my promoter and insurance were getting very concerned and signed me off for safety.....

returning to wrestling was hard as i had to change everything as i was no longer allowed to fall of my knee in risk of fracturing the knee cap any doctor reading this should take this into account with all athletes and advise them before the surgery, i had alot of guys say i wasnt the same person i proved them wrong because it frustrated to a level where i thought it took me 10 years to gain respect and honour and i wasnt have some young peeps take that away from me lol
i found knee flexion the hardest as flipping was impossible due to the loss of flexion mat movements fine as long as no full force on the knee cap twisting motions were 70% impossible to i changed them up too...... i think sometimes doctors underestimate how loss of flexion can have a big effect on athletes it was of a case of if i didnt adapt in the gym or in the ring or with the physio i would have to retire ... with their help and the physios i managed to do 12 matches before i started having problems

 to be honest in my hearts of hearts i remember saying to the surgeon post 6 weeks this knee is too tight and was grinding, i knew something felt wrong mechanically as my knee shouldn't lock and give out while running grind when i walk or have to cry myself to sleep because i felt like my knee cap digs into the back to my femur........ some people might say i might have pushed myself too much but my belief is everyone is different and has different circumstances i was under wrestling contracts to return post 6 months and wanted to achieve my weight loss goal to help my knee......and as i had sign off from the surgeon i was following all protocol and was always working with a personal trainer or physio

it was funny because every time i went to my surgeons clinic his nurse and assistants would comment on my weight loss and say your shrinking where have you gone i had went from a size 26 to a size 14-16 in around 10-11 months, my surgeon didnt comment so i thought screw it im going to bring in one of my old pair of trousers and show him....... so i said i had something to show him and showed him the trousers from feb 2014-feb 2015 he said oh my lord and i think by that point he knew he had to say something, he said my weight loss was miraculous and i remember saying to him have i proved you wrong then? he smiled  and said im learning things all the time.... i think even the patients are learning things too lol more than the doctors

to be honest i said to my surgeon the last time i saw him i don't expect a perfect knee, but i expect stability this is what i thought this surgery would do......i said nothing is perfect in life...... i said but i shouldnt have grinding locking..... and have to cry to sleep at night or still have semi dislocation or dislocation..... i can deal with pain/complication.... all i want is stability of the knee... so now i have the three options of untill he gets in and has a look in the revision surgery he thinks there might be an imbalance inside the knee and wants to check as as my joint likes to hyperextend who knows the outcome lol.........
1) clean out of knee and check inside
2) clean out of knee and tightening of lateral side
3)clean out of knee tightening of lateral side and tightening above the knee cap

MPFL there is still alot to learn with do i regret having it no as it did give me some stability within the first 6 months, why don't i get a second opinion some people have asked me? i have said you have to have faith or trust in a surgeon if you have that then any problems for me will be fixed as for any surgeon doing mpfl for me by what i have read there is a fine line in mpfl reconstruction and many things can effect the outcome of the mpfl reconstruction and since i have hyper laxity in my knee and a tttg of 20mm that probably hasn't helped.... everyones knees are different and everyone can react differently .....

So i sit here with a cryocuff on my knee 6 dress sizes smaller lol writing this its an ironic thing but i want people to understand that no matter how many diaries you read be aware everyone recovery is different and that no matter what obstacles you hit post surgery anything you can achieve with the right help right support and determination inside you, but know your limits and only you know what you can and cant do ..........

so i have been told i will be booked in for july for my revision surgery if cancellations are there i would grab them lol, i have to look at the long term and i want the surgeon to fix it in the long term perspective and not as a short term goal if it forces me to retire from wrestling then i must accept it but there is always hope....... 2014 was a hard year but im hoping 2015 will be the year where things are resolved  xx
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Post by: lucha86 on May 10, 2015, 08:04:05 PM
So I have been on a crutch for around 5 days now and no gym either had to work today nearly fell down the stairs as knee semi dislocated I was abit shocked and cried a little but I suppose needed to let it out lol .......... Luckily my boss didn't see it or I would not have been allowed in the building .... I would have been marched home or a and e and generally emergency staff don't have a clue on mpfl lol ..........So it's quite painful so I got out the codine phosphate I had left over from the surgery ........ And I cryocuffed it ....... For me to get that out I just didn't care about my wrestling testing by that point as my knee was that painful confirmed it with my promotor ......... It's abit of a double edged sword because bracing the knee will inhibit the quadricep and won't help with my strength training before the surgery ..... Or wear it and hold the knee in place and have a weaker quad before the surgery which won't help post surgery.......
So I'm hoping the physio I see  tomorrow will help my knee as it still feels it's not tracking rather floating and very lax ............ Fingers crossed he can't sort it out ........ Because everything I'm doing to try to settle it is failing it"............  Faith in the physio :)))
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Post by: lucha86 on May 11, 2015, 12:03:46 AM
So i suppose i want to rant as to how im feeling right now
So generally right now im lucky enough to have four hours sleep a night with my knee i find the only comfortable position is putting it up a wall, putting my left knee under my knee to elevate it ... but it still wakes me up, so you could say im just very tired......
i walk and my knee stiffens and grinds on the back of my bone and i have to stop....... i have to keep stopping, before i went on a crutch i was at the gym, it would lock n the running machine and on the bike, i kept questioning it saying maybe it was a tight ligament, but naturally i shouldnt feel my knee cap grinding on bone or locking up or holding on for dear life on the running machine when it locks up.........
all i want is a 70% working knee not a knee that feels 65 years old attached to a 28 year old body ... just in alot of pain and tired i dont want any reply from anyone just a way to vent my frustrations... i just want to be able to live life in a decent manner..........
my surgeons secretary offered me another surgeon to do the job which in a way i was shocked by .. maybe she was thinking of my return to sport i dunno.. the other day and to be honest the amount of pain im in im just not sure whether to wait for my surgeon who has looked out for me alot or get another surgeon to do the job who can do it sooner, im just too upset in  too much pain and tired to think about it..... i just want to be able to sleep pain free............
its just so frustrating how can i keep strengthening my vmo quadricep when my knee keeps sublaxing giving out and dislocating when all of this will inhibit the strength training aspect and if i wear the brace that again inhibits the quadricep and vmo so feeling very sarcastic right now  so i get to rest my knee and no do any exercise by one doctor then by another i get told to make my muscles as strong of possible ?? its like 5 steps back two steps forward so i feel considering i have tried my hardest lost all the weight and had help of physios personal trainers and dealt with all the complications in 2014 following the mpfl recon i feel deflated but have some hope i suppose.................. no replies please just wanted to vent my frustrations and i feel alot better =))
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Post by: lucha86 on May 11, 2015, 05:00:44 PM
so today i went to the private physio and my normal physio had an appointment with another patient and i saw the other physio instead she asked me how i was i burst into tears, couldnt stop crying, and explained all about the semi dislocations/ dislocations, lax joint, lack of sleep and i was just in so much pain and tired she gave me a hug and said what you really need is a decent sleep and said the other physio will relax the joint for me and she asked have i heard anything for my surgery?? i said end of july is the nearest with my surgeon.... she said to me cant they do it sooner?? than that considering it was a revision surgery??
i said i got offered a different sugeon but i thought if my surgeon is teaching doctors how to do mpfl then i have the best..... but i said im in so much pain i dunno what to do.. she told me to think about it and go with my gut....

so then she saw her other patient put my ray bans back on the receptionist bought me a coffee and she could tell i was just tired and in pain lol it was nice of her.... so then the other physio came out asked how i was and i just burst into tears again...... i felt so emotional and frustrated and tired i suppose i needed a release as im unable to do what i love to do......
so he took my bags and stuff as i was trying to control my shaky leg and took me into the room i already felt embarrassed enough as i broke down in tears in a private clinic..
i did a drawing of everything i felt and the dislocations to explain it beforehand as i was just too emotional in pain and tired to explain it...... and i explained that the last 10 days has been the worst i have had  :'( in the last 10 years of all my dislocations i havent been to the gym now in a long time either and my knee seems to be worse, im tired in pain fed up!!
so he said some of my flexion had gone and the knee was very lax..... he said me what was the plan for the surgery? i said dunno my surgeon has 3 plans... my physio replied he has probably spoken to his buddies or other doctors about my case because its very unique all doctors do it as it can help then i explained  it probably is true and the high tttg 20mm and hyperlaxity hasnt helped and being a wrestler too.... I said i wanted to stick with the surgeon as i have faith in my surgeon and he seems to be one of the best.... the physio agreed and said when you get to the pre assessment which is 6 weeks before the surgery say to him any cancellations that you will take it because anything can happen i know that as a physio some people cancel the surgery get ill last minute etc.........

he used a new cream of me a spanish one called FISIOCREM i tell you what it is an alternative cream all natural plants etc..... the heat in my joint was amazing and i felt nothing it was the first time my knee has felt at ease........i bought it off amazon today i will get it tomorrow............and the good thing is it wont affect the drug testing in the wrestling as its natural =))

so he gave it a deep tissue massage, and tried relaxing the knee was jumping and going crazy, and he said your knee hates you right now doesnt it ... i replied thats normal he laughed lol
sometimes you need humour in times of pain lol  so i walked out with a better joint but still limping he said my knee is not stable enough and i MUST wear the brace for the next few weeks ... he said he would rather keeop the joint stable and try to get the ligaments recover in the joint, before touching the quads...... he said my knee needed the support right now and not to worry what doctors said about wearing the brace..... he said i would rather your joint stays intact by you wearing that brace than by not wearing it and you cause more damage to the joint....... he said if i want to go to the gym i can go as long as it ONLY upper body sitting down or abs etc no pressure on legs etc no work on legs for next week or so he said i really need this surgery to stabilise the knee.........
so after my complete tearful breakdown i feel better its now just a waiting game to see if this surgery will be soon................ im hoping and praying something comes up  :'(
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Post by: lucha86 on May 12, 2015, 06:53:52 AM
So my knee went again after going for a walk with some milk so jystckeep plodding along I also have a sports massage tonight so hoping that will help trying to keep positive :))
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Post by: lucha86 on May 12, 2015, 09:06:19 PM
so today i saw my independent doctor for a catch up in London after my sports massage..... feeling rather pained
and sore.... i sat in his private clinic in london, and i met a famous footballer, who also seemed to have a dodgey knee,  he told me he had problems with his acl and needed in repaired and he asked me for advice lol as he saw i had knee surgery, i replied only you know what you can do and everyones recovery is different medicine is there to guide us but it can never tell how we progress individually...
he smiled then i got called in.............
the first thing he asked me was " have you got a surgery date?" i said its called the nhs you have to wait for your turn i have been given end of july as estimate but no date.

never seen him go ballistic lol he said "Your surgeon knows your an athlete, and this is revision surgery and you can only just get about with a brace on your knee its absurd! If i have revision surgery i make sure it gets done quickly so there are no long term consequences!"  By this point i was beginning to get frustrated because people were not understanding i have to wait with the NHS as my insurance wouldn't cover my knee as they said it was pre existing condition the independent doctor already knew this.....

as you know already i have had this independent doctor as a second back up as part of the wrestling contract, due to insurance contractual agreements they are there to double check your leg is ok......

then just for the doctor to finish his rant " he said the way your going you wont return to wrestling." i said i got offered another surgeon which could do it quicker and he said to me "No! let the surgeon finish what he started! as it doesnt help things it will keep you longer out if you changed now, and it gives the surgeon a chance to resolve the complication!" he wanted to write to my surgeon expressing his concern..but my promoter said that was impossible as all independent doctors have to remain unbiased and remain independent and from a different area from the surgeon, for contractual and insurance agreements.......

so he got a bit huffy, and check my knee...... he put his hands on his head and just said "Terrible," he then said your knee really needs this stability surgery its  weak and lax..... by this point then he asked me how am i feeling ? I thought a bit late for that question in my head. then i said you cant understand how i feel........he said yes i can...... i then got so frustrated i said.......

"yea you cry yourself to sleep at night because your knee is that painful and you rely on 3-4 hours sleep, you can barley go to the gym you cant walk for long because you feel your kneecap and femur and grinded away.... you wear a cryocuff, anything every night just to try to get some comfort the knee just locks up and you have to catch yourself... you cant bend your knee without being in major pain, you have to watch wrestlers jump in and out of rings and your not even allowed near the ropes, the fans and wrestlers ask when you will be back, and you have to keep smiling and say soon? you have the press ask you when will you be back? and you just smile, your knee keeps dislocating and semi dislocating after a surgery that was suppose to stop this, you have to keep asking your GP for a return to work with a crutch because the knee is so unstable and break down in tears in a private physio clinic because your tired in so much pain and some doctors refuse to help you because they dont know what mpfl is and just offer you medication??? and you still want me to believe you can understand you know  how i feel? wrestlers saying your not as strong as you were and you have to keep showing them you are even on a bad knee you lose a major sponsor....dont stand there and say you can understand... because your not the one who has to accept the fact that the hope i had in mpfl reconstruction is coming to a painful realisation and rather large learning curve i said what i need from you right now is positive vibes not negative vibes or help and hope........ by this point i remember i was staring right into the doctors eyes and i broke down, and i remember my promoter saying to me in spanish, to relax and he was going to take me somewhere where i could vent my frustrations after the consult...............

so the doctor i think was taken back i could see him think about it.... he said how can i help you then you tell me? I showed him the same drawing i drew for the physio and  said i want your opinion of it about how my leg was dislocation and the symptoms i had, he said my joint was showing as lax and probably it would be a good idea for the surgeon to tightening the lateral as to balance the leg, he said the word acl to be checked too as my knee was hyper extending into the back of my knee to make sure it wasnt ruptured as it can in these situation but he agreed with my private physio that the brace is best for now to keep my knee stable and intact and without it he said my knee right now is beyond unstable well at least hes honest ..... no replies please just want a place to vent =)
then he asked me again if i wanted to write to my surgeon and my promoter was NO! trust us on this one the insurance wont allow it you need to remain independent no further information can be mentioned  ........
so he told me to take care and that if i needed anything even for a check up go and see him rather than wait in a and e for it to be checked if the gp's wont check it for me............ i said he would be my second back up if my private physio couldnt help he agreed and i will see him at the start of june.......... but as i walked out of the office he gave me a reminder quote i dunno he likes to do things like this  he said "obstacles are there for a reason but quitting never lead a man to victory.." no replies please as i just want to vent =))
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Post by: lucha86 on May 13, 2015, 06:44:00 AM
So had a bad night sleep last night so I have left a message for the independent doctor to give me a prescription for stronger painkillers so I can sleep at night so fingers crossed :) just need some decent sleep the sooner this surgery happens the happier I will be
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Post by: lucha86 on May 14, 2015, 07:07:57 AM
so my knee has been cracking a lot i dunno why so i keep wearing the brace and i sleep with the cryocuff to relieve the pain....
its so frustrating and im just counting down the weeks to be honest to till the surgery......
I think everyone's knees are different in how they react after surgery, when it comes to mechanics of a knee inside after surgery you cannot control that, as it is beyond your point of control, you can try to work with it or it will work against you........
i suppose when my physio said to me think of it as a bad two weeks because it can only get better........ yes but when you have had dislocations for over 10 years and have hope that a surgery will correct this as your last option and you still have more dislocations any person would still feel loss of a chance to feel normal, however there is always an ability to keep trying or trying something else available to see if that will help........... still crunching still grinding still painful but i suppose your learn naturally to keep going//////////
its a case of to adapt to what you have on each individual situation.........
the doctor rang me back within the hour and has given me better painkillers  to see if they will stop the pain so i can sleep better so fingers crossed =)

for me when it comes to MPFL reconstruction and think some surgeons/doctors who deal with knee instability need to get back to basics and understand that it is important to try to help a patient rather than ping pong them to another place because a doctor fears something due to a lack of knowledge, why as patients should we feel fear of no answer, because of lack of knowledge of a procedure surely for some doctors their is the resources there such as internet, books publications or other tools to help a patient.......
If i want to check my knee still isnt dislocated surely a doctor/GP can check it without sending me to wait in a and e for 5 hours? it is just a sense of confirmation a patient needs, do we live in a society where doctors fear more liability issues than they do with treating a patient with the fear of lack of knowledge?  No replies please :)
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Post by: lucha86 on May 16, 2015, 12:03:30 AM
so the last two week has been the most frustrating and tearful,  well rather it has been the most debilitating, i now find myself working out with a personal trainer just for safety reasons, and just for back up as my knee is just unpredictable, right now even with the few weeks rest and no gym, i have found my knee to react worse than  when it wasnt at the gym.............
I now wear the brace during workouts and the knee tape for walking, as when you wear the big bulky braces, your knee gets a bit too hot,
 but GREAT NEWS!!  I i dunno my knee cracked and pop several times over the past two days and then on the fourth incident my knee cracked again, and clicked it was a weird sensation but it felt as if my kneecap settled into place better now its feeling better it is still very lax but i cant do anything about that.........

the theory or approach i have right now is that this surgery is my final option, and that i still have hope this shall be rather resolved.
I did in those two weeks feel very frustrated, but i suppose that was something natural to feel as when you try everything to settle an unpredictable knee, and nothing works, and you have lack of sleep for the leg, and considering what i have achieved in the year with getting back to the sport the weight loss and getting back up on my feet, then to have these imbalance/ locking complications, can frustrate me, in life people what the ability to do what they want,  when surgical mechanics are beyond your control, it is hard to adapt to that, it is down to the individual as everyone's recovery is different for various reasons.....

with all the semi dislocations/ dislocations i have had my lateral side of my knee has become  sore, along with the medial/lateral side, so im using the cryocuff every day on it to ease the swelling, i find more of the pain right now is with the semi dislocations and dislocations the nerve pain has gone, or i will get pain in bent knee position or sleeping  using the fisiocrem and trying to only take painkiller at night to help me sleep more comfortable as i feel that is when my knee cap digs into my femur.........
since cracking my knee in and out it has helped my knee but it has become slightly more lax but then i can wear the brace till the surgery to support it................
Even my pt saw my knee hyper extended back into my knee and my quad going over and me reigning it in and fell down a few weeks back tried to get up knee kept locking and going back on itself ended up cryocuffing it and bracing it to keep it in place, now she is adamant until i have this surgery which i dont know what im having its a bit like  lucky dip get knocked out hope it goes to plan. lol ........however i suppose the unknown is a better option right now than having the problems i am with my knee........

One major flaw i did was my surgeon explained to me what he was going to do but not the names of the actual procedures, i think at the time i was more concerned with the fact i had to have more surgery,...... but i have looked into lateral tightening myself and the recovery seems longer than an mpfl recovery, im the type person i deal with it when i reach the bridge i suppose there is no point in making assumptions untill the surgeon does the surgery......... but the unknown is better than the present for me right now
hope is an important thing to have........
but after a year post  mpfl what have i been left with??

Positive                                                                             Cons
1)did have some stability                                               1) lost instability/ sub dislocations/ dislocations re occuring
2)Nerve pain has stopped                                               2)Grinding on bone/ feels under kneecap being shredded against bone
3) Very little knee pain (generally with                         3) unable to sit longer 40 minutes with a bent knee before sore and stiff
only disllocations )                                                             4)Knee cap feeling too tight against femur......
4)scars healed well                                                            5) lateral side very lax and sore, a lot more hyperextending of the joint
5)weight loss in the time of stability                               6) feel the mpfl is overconstraining other knee ligaments
6) ability to return to sport post 4 months                    7) knee locking up/ loss of flexion
7)                                                                                             8)some pain on femur screw feel graft is       pulling tight on bone

so it depends how you weigh them up... everyone's recovery is different a wrestler with a knee that hyperextends, has lax ligaments
and has been wrestling for 10 years i suppose can take its strain, but everyone's situation and regard to recovery is different i want everyone
to realise everyone is unique and you can read diaries for tips and answers but understand everyone's outcome is different... one thing i believe surgeons with mpfl do have to take into account is the occupation of the patient if they are athletic or in high impact roles, where knees take full brunt forces, all patients should be made aware of risks of patella fractures, landing on knee risk loss of flexion etc i know there are alot of complications to write down but full consideration of the occupation of the patient must be understood in order to help the patient plan their rehabilitation or create the best possible outcome for them, because the simplest of complication can cause major changes in one particular patient.........

  no replies please =)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 19, 2015, 11:46:13 AM
My knee has given away a few times since I last wrote so I'm trying  to still keep building all muscle groups pre surgery so still plodding on sleeping I'm finding now I'm having to sleep with my leg up a wall  or with a pillow on and under my knee not long now I suppose just keep going :))
Just feeling a little tired no replies please
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 20, 2015, 12:24:08 PM
So I went to the physio who told me my quadriceps and vmo are strong my calf and hamstrings are strong, mybleg was shaking as it had just dislocated again! Lol so she told me she wants to keep going as I am and she gave me two hip exercises and she is pleased with my leg but not dislocations so just frustratedv right now I'm hoping to get something from the nhs in the next two weeks which will be 10 weeks without no news if I don't hear anything in three weeks I might consider another surgeon as I'm only sleep 3-4 hours per night I'm just exhausted just near tears 😭 so fingers crossed it will be sorted soon no replies please.......
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 22, 2015, 12:32:29 PM
So I'm going to the gym now with a brace as my knee dislocated even by not going to the gym so i either brace it or tape it so fingers crossed I will have a date soon for the surgery trying to be positive but just tired with lack of sleep... No replies please
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Georgie28793 on May 22, 2015, 04:43:12 PM
good luck lucha! sounds like you are having a really tough time. hopefully you will get a date for your surgery soon - lack of sleep makes everything harder! fingers crossed for you
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 22, 2015, 10:49:12 PM
Knee red and slightly swollen today  took painkillers after a semi dislocation after picture was taken  used cryocuff on it to reduce swelling and physiocream after the picture was taken
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 23, 2015, 01:23:22 AM
thanks for your reply georgie yes i do hope than ever before that i will hear some news, my promoter has said for the long term im not allowed to train without a trainer present for working on legs etc, as he is freaking out that my knee my just give completely so if i want to run i have to have a trainer with me if i want to work my legs i have to have a trainer with me.........,

he said the insurance and sponsors are beginning to ask questions about the length of my recovery and complications and are wanting more answers an are wanting to speak with my surgeon as verification im trying to hold off as much as possible because i dont want to put the surgeon under stress, as i want him to fix my knee for the ability of the long term perspective and not in the name of wrestling..................sometimes this can be a problem with insurances promoters they expect you back by a certain point and get very agitated when your not, damage control you could say but they understand due to the pre existing medical condition exemption that i have to wait my turn in the NHS...............

i have the physios trying to keep my leg going, but im finding even they are struggling, as like they said its a waiting game until the problem is resolved with surgery, some days my knee just seizes, locks stiff and just dislocates, then other days its lax and gives way dislocated or hyper extends into my knee... my personal trainers are working alongside the physios advice to try to make sure my legs are strong as they can be for the surgery, but when my knee dislocates........its frustrating for them as well as me as we find we have to do a lot more upper body or core to let the leg rest a week... so its like you go three steps forward six steps back.........

sleeping is still the same, 3-4 hours have to sleep with knee bent with other leg resting under it or putting it up a wall if i try straight i feel my kneecap digging into my femur and it feels not a nice pressure, but i generally just deal with it...........sometimes cry to sleep but nothing i can do, to be honest just shattered, some things  i cant do in the gym any more, knee still grinding when walking cant sit in a chair for more than 30 minutes  my boss in my second job has given me extra time to get up and about as the knee gets so stiff otherwise im in agony.....of course anyone would feel slightly rather frustrated my promoter and insurance have asked me if i dont get any information for an assessment date by the end of the first week in june which would be near enough 10 weeks, to ring and question them and they will get the independent doctor and physio to write a letter and send it via DHL to my surgeon stating the concerns they have with my knee and the amount of instability i have....
so fingers crossed i will hear something soon..............=) trying to keep positive
no replies please many thanks =) .
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 25, 2015, 12:07:39 AM
so my personal trainer has gone to an equestrian show in Lisbon with some horses so has left me in the hands of a clark kent superman lookalike personal trainer for the next 10 days lol, he is fully trained in first aid and level 4 qualified which is the highest you can get, he wanted to understand my dislocations better in the event of a dislocation or semi dislocation, so i told him what to do and he said it was the same as he was taught to do,.......... my normal trainer who has more experience than him has already laid down the law what he can and cannot do with me,  she has 12 years experience he has 8 years experience....... and she said to him to stop if he sees my knee go like bambi......

so my knee has went lax several times this week and last week and given way without going to the gym and going to the gym, it has now become rather discoloured, and i have noticed my side scar looks very lax the skin around the area, looks shabby/saggy looking, for the past few weeks of rest i have been feeling as if the ligament has pinging as if its like an elastic band pinging on my bones, but just kept going with it im now wearing tape everyday and a brace too on heavy days on top of it...............sitting for long periods forget about lol its rather impossible... i see the physio in 3 days so fingers crossed she will help me out, still sleep deprived but at least i have my ipod to entertain me nothing like goos classical music, or sam smith george ezra  to listen to  lol

so  i think sometimes you feel when your an athlete, that your like a ping pong ball between the surgeon independent doctor insurance and promoters etc..... because legally we are contracted to return to the ring after surgery, due to contractual agreements legal insurance agreements etc When rather large complications happen, you start to become a mediator in this situation....
My promoter wants me not to give my surgeon any more research until the surgery is complete and believes i should detract the research i have already given if i don't have an assessment date within the 11 week point of waiting for an assessment date.......
i explained its the NHS, you have to wait your turn, in which my promoter replied, your waiting for a surgery to fix a problem from your first surgery, shouldn't that take a priority, you said the secretary told you it was 12 weeks tops, then you rang the appointments line to confirm an estimate which was July, and they said he had a long waiting list which would make it 17 weeks....He wanted me to go for a second opinion to a doctor in London i declined for the moment... I replied, you just have to wait your turn that's how its works and i wasn't covered under my insurance due to pre existing condition.......... and shouldn't we allow the surgeon to try to fix the problem he knows my knee better than anyone right now, he agreed as did the insurance.............

Then i had the independent doctor email me a few days ago to check in how i was doing.........he said so got a date ...i replied no............ his response was.........if you do not get a reply by two weeks i will write a letter for you to your surgeon, and i will ask your personal trainer to write one too, in regarding to your ongoing instability, lack of sleep, and inabilities ,it must be addressed sooner rather than later and i will send letters to your insurance wrestling promoter and company........... otherwise you wrestling careers will be DESTROYED i have to cover myself too as your independent doctor i don't want this coming back on me either in form of liability ...... its ridiculous its taken you over 3 years to try to get this knee sorted...........
at that point i replied.........

"actually 12 years no one has been able to give me an answer for my knee issue........ you can send as many letters as you like but you know after working in the nhs it wont speed up the process ..........." plus im near retirement age too im three years off......... i dont care about liability ok? all i ask is just a decent working knee not 100% but something i can work with rather than a knee that works against me, doctors need to cool it on the liability front... if they keep thinking like that then it will just cause more problems/....
i got no reply... expect "two weeks then the letters are being sent..."

welcome to the world of honesty in sports and medical complications and politics lol i think now its just a case of faith now in the fact that an assessment will come through. in the next two weeks..... just want a decent knee to work with not expecting 100% knee but something i can work with im trying to back my surgeon up here because i want him to fix it and he has helped me on a several occasions when my leg has been buggered, but i myself i'm just tired my knee is buggered, sore and have my wrestling and insurance and independent doctor  and sponsor moaning and its rather frustrating and as i said before i have to wait my turn on the NHS.......... NO REPLIES PLEASE I SEE THIS DIARY AS A PLACE TO EXPRESS MYSELF..................................

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 25, 2015, 08:29:37 PM
So after so nagging from my promotor and physio and another email I  just gave in and sent a letter to my surgeons secretary who is a very nice lady to explain my situation to see if any good can come about I would rather it come from me than a letter from my promotor I think it's the more respectful way to do it..........
You never know till you try because if I'm not wrestling by the end of the year big problems no replies please !,,
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 28, 2015, 02:38:27 PM
so still no word from my surgeon secretary i suspect she is rather busy after the bank holiday ...... my knee went again but just got it back in a plodded along with the help of the independent doctor, i saw my physio today who suggested i sought a second opinion, and was concerned that i hadn't even had an assessment date yet which is generally 6 weeks before the surgery........................
i got my physio some biscuits after the last time she saw me i had just burst into tears, and i was just not coping with the reactions of the knee just being so temperamental.........
she asked me how i felt today i said demoralised and frustrated and sleep deprived..........  but i still keep plodding.....
she said she found it rather bizarre how the surgeon had several options.... i replied to her i have no other choice as my private insurance wouldnt allow me as it was a pre existing condition .........
she asked if there was anything she could help me with and i remember feeing i was welling uo, and she knows me know to change the subject when i react like that............
then after the physio the knee went again i have just managed to get home hopping, tired and in tears and frustrated to say the least and to add insult to injury my sponser told me they would drop my sponsorship if im not wrestling by December  and i have explained that too my surgeon too.........
just feel so tired with lack of sleep, all i want is an answer for someone to say hey this is an assesment date you will be fine, we will get it sorted ....................
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 30, 2015, 12:06:28 AM
SO TODAY HAS BEEN AN EYE OPENER------ OR A JOKE! you could say in frustrating terms........

So my knee went again, and considering quite literally my knee is truly buggered...... i decided i would ring the NHS appointments line after travelling to see if there was any news on any assessment dates that had come through, to no surprise NONE AFTER 9 WEEKS, im always nice to the staff never shout at them or rude i was never brought up that way i believe alot if respect and honour.....
so the guy who helped me on the appointments line i spoke to previously and i put in an email about his great attitude and the funniest things is he recognised me for my humour and sarcasm lol about 5 months back he helped me and he thanked me for the recognition , he said its nice to hear a happy patient rather than a patient that shouts, sad really how some people treat others...........
So i explained the situation that my knee was still dislocating i still was waiting from my surgeons medical secretary to get back to me on the email i sent nearly a week ago but i appreciate it was a bank holiday....and i was standing to lose 22,000 pound if im not wrestling my December. as my promoter is losing the plot as he believes a year is too long to wait.....

 i said i shouldn't have to end up at a hospital with a dislocating knee and doctors just dont know how to treat me because they haven't heard of mpfl and send me home to deal with it myself .... he said so your waiting for revision surgery and they still haven't given you an assessment date after over 2 months????
i said yes and he said WHAT!!? that's ridiculous..... the surgeon was aware you are an athlete and this is revision surgery and you have not had anything..... so he replied that's is im going to help you and you shouldn't be waiting this long...

 its astonishing or ridiculous so he said he would send an email to get the secretary to contact me regarding my email, then he said and im going to give you an appointment with this surgeon because you need help,he cant keep leaving you like this .... you need to be adamant on this appointment how long has this knee issue been going on from the date of surgery he asked ..... one year i said and its still dislocating after a surgery that's suppose to stop it and he said you shouldn't have to wait considering this is revision surgery and your an athlete its a high priority and your young, he kept saying he couldn't believe it.... how are you still happy he asked me? i said to him dunno just keep going.... he replied im going to help you.......and here is my email and you let me know if they get back to you and i will chase them up for you ok?.......... you shouldnt have to wait this long............ its beyond the point ......

so someone is finally helping me,  im just tired of it all, just want to burst into tears personally rather i find it demoralising, you would expect even with the over 10 stone weight loss and  that i hoped to have the stability i wanted but in a way yes i do feel let down, i think sometimes any doctor or surgeon underestimates the fact that how much faith and trust we put in them to put things right with a problem we have, especially when you have to return to sports, i think generally surgeons or doctors can underestimate the pressures of this........ i understand the NHS is under strain and every doctor nurse and employee is trying to do the best they can, but i think sometimes by overcomplicating things and not keeping things simple doesnt help the patient or doctor alike, ................

to be honest getting desperate now i even said it to the guy on the phone im not sleeping well, at all my knee dislocates when i run or semi dislocates.....

hope is a hard thing to hold on to when most of the things you love to do you cant do in sports etc......when you seem to have no answers and just left in the be honest after this whole experience im beginning to lose faith in doctors,  and the problem with mpfl reconstruction is there are few doctors who do the surgery so therefore few who can help so your left in a position where you can only treat yourself..... so fingers crossed this guy can help me because im just tired of it all just want the ability to have a decent night im desperate for help to sort this knee out.......... no comments please
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 30, 2015, 10:42:12 PM
Knee red and swollen after another dislocation no surprise now no comments please
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Post by: lucha86 on May 31, 2015, 05:09:48 PM
So my knee has given out again it's just laughable now  ::) sometimes it's hard to remain positive I can't walk on it right now barely so I have left the private physio a voicemail to see if they can check it tomorrow ......
I hope they can fix it as they pretty much understand my situation ......
It's a case of trying to keep my knee going until I get a surgery or assessment date, and they agree with my independent doctor it's a case of damage control right now.......
I'm beginning to think their is a major imbalance in my knee joint as I find the medial side mpfl is pinging like an elastic band and the lateral side is tiring and very sore and the rubbing grinding is creating more problems but I keep plodding on .... I'm not a doctor but I know when something isn't right ..... The medical secretary for my surgeon hasn't got back to me yet after nearly a week, but I'm giving her some time as I know it was the bank holiday last week..........
I think my private physio is going to go nuts as the physio is getting concerned about my knee and how lax the joint is and the instability .and the physio hears that the medical secretary hasn't got back to me ...... I'm not wanting to be on the end if that let's just say..................just tired of all of it right now..... Just want someone to help me to get this knee sorted........ And have some hope and faith again...... No comments please

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on June 01, 2015, 12:35:58 AM
so my independent doctor decided to send me a high importance email on a sunday which rather confused me as most private doctors in london, generally like the weekends off?? So i thought considering the day i have already had it is probably going to get worse lol...  ::)
So he said the promoter made sure before he left the insurance paid to check up on me while he was on holiday...... "Money talks" i said to him via email.... he asked me how i was doing? I replied currently got my leg up a wall with a cryocuff dripping to try to stop swelling...... fed up and demoralised but still plodding along after my knee gave out today..... he asked had i heard anything from my surgeons secretary yet i said "nope." Next thing i know my mobile was ringing and he said " ARE YOU JOKING?!"
i replied about how the appointments line guy was going to help me, and that i was going to see the physio tomorrow, as you know in the UK most doctors go "HMMMMMM..." either when they dont agree with something or annoyed, or change a subject ....... so thats what he did, and he said to me

"Its time to pull out the big cards, and be blunt, stop being so nice deal with it or the letters are going out!"
your knee is in a terrible state, and the NHS generally would put revision surgery down as a priority if they suspect technical error. or surgical error........due to risk of liability...." Again that word got mentioned

To be honest i dont give a care in the world about liability as long as someone fixes the problem im happy.......i replied " i would not even think of liability i just want it sorted thats it."
the doctor replied you forget about your insurance and legal papers, if your retired because of this surgery  huge complications can occur......."
"I replied to be honest right now im tired, annoyed, frustrated im trying my best to get it sorted but no one is trying to help me, and your just ping ponged from one person to another and i dont care about liability AT ALL full stop just as long as its gets sorted everyone else is happy too in which he did agree  i said i have trust in my surgeon and that im sure everything will be sorted with the revision surgery........" I hate the fact that so many doctors are scared of liability than treating a patient nowadays...!
so i try to be nice and help my surgeon, by blocking the insurance and promoters and doctor from blocking them from speaking with him but the independent doctor said if you dont get an answer by the end of this week, no more blocks can be done.... as we are concerned with your knee and the time its taking for treatment when this is REVISION surgery for the first surgery..........
i then replied to him ." So have you got anything positive to say?"
so he sent me a link for something a publication which did interest me rather

so the interesting part was it showing higher TTTG and hyperlaxity were/ could be causes in dislocations, post MPFL surgery can cause greater stress on the MPFL reconstruction, and cause the kneecap to dislocate, which would explain the problems i have been having as my TTTG was 20mm and i have hyperlaxity........but as i said to the doctor i have had this for 10 years and still having problems, its just becoming an in house joke now lol  if i dont laugh i will just tomorrow wish me luck................... BUT WHO KNOWS WHATS GOING ON WITH MY KNEE JUST GIVE UP AND PLOD ALONG JUST WANT A RESOLUTION THATS IT!!! no replies please
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Post by: lucha86 on June 01, 2015, 10:08:23 PM
Knee looking all mummified after physio
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on June 02, 2015, 12:34:15 AM
So i went to the physio, i was feeling pretty demorlaised considering my knee had given out at at the aiport before i was suppose to fly out to latin america to give interviews about the condition of my knee and return... which to be honest the interviews would have been just a case as all doctors do to try to avoid a subject smile and say "soon" to avoid the actual answer, and considering it was for a 12 hour flight i thought no point on risking getting on a plane...........

So i saw my physio and she said i wasnt expecting to see you i thought you were....... then she saw my knee and said are you ok?? your knee is very unstable and very very lax, what happened?? she tried to massage it and honestly the pain was just too much especially behind the knee cap and on the femur i burst into tears and said i just want a knee that i can work with not a 100% knee but something that i can work with........ then she said why don't you ring the medical secretary for your surgeon so in the moment of emotional frustration i rang then burst into tears down the phone at her didn't shout at all just tired and emotional just crying said i couldn't take these dislocations any more, remember her saying a few things.......then passed the phone onto my physio just couldnt cope with the pain and then passed the phone for my physio to talk with her....... then i heard through the pain oh he has been talking to him about her surgery?

I thought in my head " Great ... everyone was right all along he was unsure of what to do..." Considering i backed my surgeon up several times over saying he has alot of experience, and i trust in him and he knows what he is doing i didnt know what was best at this point......"

then my physio said something which was true she said to me "Some surgeons just dont understand the pressures for people like you to return to sport, and especially when you have complications, it can be even more frustrating....."
she said "When i started with you and you had nothing you have achieved so much and you should be proud of what you have achieved i can see your legs very strong, but your knee is very very lax, and with bad instability there, i will speak to the surgeon and get a number for him and will contact him then contact you after i speak with him.......... and make sure you take some meds keep with the cryocuff and the cream because under the kneecap has a lot of fluid and swelling....... so im following orders, because my knee has given in.........................
So i left in agony, but i must admitt the physio clinic is great i couldn't fault them, they are always there for me......... so she knee taped my knee up............ so i tried to keep it covered with a bag and cling film in the shower the taping got wet and my knee went again out of the shower, .......................
so now i have to go to see the independent doctor tomorrow to check my knee as its got worse ............. so how am i feeling LOST ALL HOPE IN SURGEONS, KNEE IS SCREWED, AND IM CURRENTLY WALKING LIKE HERR FLICK OUT OF ALLO ALLO, not the day i planned................. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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Post by: lucha86 on June 03, 2015, 07:10:09 PM
So I got a phone call on Tuesday ......... From my surgeons PA she said that the surgeon would like to see me on Wednesday after speaking with my physio........... So as anyone knows in the uk if your waiting on the nhs
This is very quick or there is something going on.........

So I went today anyway while I was on my way to the hospital I got a call to say ........ I'm from the surgery list and your pre assessment is Wednesday next week, and your surgery date is 30th of June.........
I was like OMG!!!! I remember crying because I was elated :)))) but she said my surgeon had spoken to her about it......... So now things were starting to make sense..............

So I said do I still go to my surgeons appointment she said yes...... So I went  to the clinic, saw my surgeon he told me his plan which was an mpfl revision with a lars revision a clean out of the joint, and tightening of the quadriceps if needed............I said to be honest I didn't care what he did but as long as I had a stable knee I can deal with the rest...... He said after speaking with my physio he thought that was the best course of action............
He then said because it is a revision mpfl, there is a chance he could fracture my kneecap and with the lars ligament a risk of arthritis..... But then I said to him.... My knee is dislocating so the chances are higher of arthritis right now than not doing anything about it sometimes the unknown is better.............
He said he had spoken to the surgery waiting list coordinator for my appointment to be put forward , and I gave him a bottle of red wine to think him for it.............

So my surgery is in just over 3 weeks !!!!!

Finally I have some hope and faith again I took a bottle of wine to thank my physio for speaking with my surgeon......... She had a patient but left a note sometimes it's important to thank those people because 
They are the true heroes of the nhs and should be thanked.....

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on June 07, 2015, 12:08:31 AM
so while listening to abit of john denver i write this point trust me im not that old i was born in the late 80's but i like his music lol..........

So how am i feeling..... well  there are so many adjectives to describe how im feeling.........nervous, anxious, happy, rather several different emotions, i received my letter today to confirm my surgery date in the post...... so i decided to read some publications on the LARS ligament to see what i could find about it..
and it created more questions for me.......
Ok so the LARS ligament was created by the French.... but it has shown in some early publications to create early arthritis..... it has shown to allow people to return quicker to sports..... but it has also shown its better not to run on the joint for up to 12 weeks until the fluid retention is built in the knee...... some doctors are concerned with the lack of research of the longevity of the ligament..............

so finger crossed i will get my answers in the next assessment i have =) just hoping now everything will go well
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on June 09, 2015, 05:25:14 PM
so i read through my diary to see how much i accomplished and it made me think i shouldnt feel deflated to how much i had achieved with the complications and everything else..........
but for me its raised several questions for me for the doctors that i suppose only research can answer in time

1) What is the right ligament to use for the individual?
There is still a misconception about what is the correct ligament to use in an MPFL surgery, from the quadricep to the patella tendon, to the hamstring which is the more common one or artifical ligaments?
For me with the people who i have spoken to about mpfl surgery i think its is dependent on the strength of the graft and how this graft can be adapted to a persons occupation and the condition of the natural knee as by what i have read some grafts are see stronger than others, i think some things such as lax ligaments needs to be careful consideration because a lax joint over a over strong ligament can result in complications..

2)When is tight too tight?
So when it comes to the ligament, when is tight to tight, when flexion is lost or when the inability to do basic pivots or motions? locking... when does a surgeon draw the line and appreciate and understand the quality of a persons life is affected  by overtightness?? I appreciate that MPFL is still in its new stages but there must be from experience an understanding, when a patient can't physically pull their leg back, or overlocks which could cause early  arthritis by not giving the joint the ability to move, there is a fine precision within mpfl 1mm one way could be great 1mm the other way could make the knee react differently, so im not surprised how hard it is for surgeons when it comes to mpfl a way sometimes surgeons forget we leave our career in their hands and step into the unknown, sometimes in life its about taking a risk because anything cant be worse than dislocations.........

3)the points where the sutures are in MPFL reconstruction
as i got to the gym a lot i have found that some machines you cant work with because they sit on the sutures, but then now i generally put a towel in between the leg as comfort, sometimes its a case to adapt to the situation and do what works best with you =)

just my opinion everyones recovery is different and unique not long till surgery now under 3 weeks i just hope that doctors can learn alot from mpfl reconstruction patient to give hope to other people in the future that any complications that arise with mpfl can be overcome and not to fear them and that anything is possible to achieve........ ! no replies please............
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on June 11, 2015, 10:24:24 PM
so after mulling over what my surgeon said to me, i was beginning to think of the chances of what he described as fracturing or breaking my kneecap it made me abit nervous as from a recovery aspect because i thought then i wouldn't be able to do any rehab on it for a while so i have been looking for more information about it..... recovery looks longer which is the worst case scenario, but i will deal with that bridge when i come to it at the end of the day i wont know till after the surgery fingers crossed with luck it wont get fractured or broke.....
no replies please
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on June 14, 2015, 12:01:34 AM
so had a bit of a bad experience today lifting my niece today she is 4 and my knee just went when i was holding her luckily, shes very athletic so she jumped to the floor, while i got my knee together, and to be honest the lateral side of my knee, i don't believe is coping well, and feel as if its being tugged too much, against the medial mpfl, side, so i think i will mention that to my surgeon before my surgery to make him aware because its just a weird feeling  :o so surgery is due for june 30th so not long to go now till its gets all sorted sometimes is important to have faith in this situation.... no repliesplease
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on June 17, 2015, 06:24:10 PM
i had my surgical assessment today, and i feel like everything was answered, my surgeon did say if he breaks my kneecap then my career is finished which i did expect to be honest as the patella holds a lot of constraints in the knee.....
he went over his plan, and why he chose it and i think its my only viable option right now as i need to get back to my feet, if i can wrestle and he doesn't break my kneecap he said it should be fine to me to wrestle in November he said if my kneecap breaks thats at least four months until it heals, in December i had the matches planned and 3 of my friends are getting married in mexico, so im looking at flight where they have like premium economy so then there is more room for the leg as business class is crazy amounts at that time of the year, if i cant wrestle at least i have some joy in watching my friends get married.....
i think sometimes we all have to take a risk to see if it works or doesn't and there its true actions always have consequences......... but i must accept the fact i must do what's best for me knee rather than what is best for a sport......
so its a case i suppose of getting knocked out and see what happens when i wake up on june 30th its in my surgeons hands now its out of my control lol/.........
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on June 20, 2015, 08:24:11 PM
so im getting more and more nervous i suppose as the surgery day looms, i have many emotions going on in my head,
with the fear of being unable to wrestle, and having a broken kneecap worst case scenario, i think my surgeon forgets that it is easy to knock a patient out, but sometimes they forget as patients that we have to wait to know when we wake up if our careers are ended, its an unknown, where we have to just deal with it, and have faith in the outcome.....

The question then  asked myself, was what my surgeon said to me on our last consult a few days ago about how he has to get it right and he can get it too slack or too tight... and that he was going to try his very best not to break my kneecap.. and he said as its still dislocating he needs to get it sorted, but then i remember him saying if he breaks the kneecap, then the ligament reconstruction will fail, and he will have to consider other options at surgical point....

So then it lead me to ask another question today and that is...... if he breaks my kneecap, then im screwed from a stability point....??

But then i thought with all the dislocations / mini sublaxations and hyperlaxity im having, im already damaging my knee and more than likley causing early arthritis so its a double edged sword i suppose lol
Then i considered the next factor my quality of life of the present moment..... and today taught me i have made the correct decision, i was in a class to make sure my quadriceps etc are strong for the surgery as told by the surgeon and physio and in the middle of my class, my knee cracks, gives out, in agony on the floor, and the 15 people in my class. ask me if im ok, i burst into tears, because for me i felt so embarrassed lucking enough the class trainer and a guy in my class stayed with me got me home in a car, and made sure i was ok, even they said my knee was massive, so with the embarrassment of the class and being helped down two flights of stairs in the middle of a busy gym

... i realised sometimes the hardest decisions we make can be the best decisions we make, because for me the quality is not there..

im still having sleeping issues on it to and i cant sit down for long on a chair and sometimes semi dislocates when i get up..., so for me i will risk it because what else is there to lose right now

another surgeon who i met at my gym who knows my surgeon asked me " Do you have faith and trust in your surgeon."
Another open ended question..... so i thought it in a simple way before i answered his question. My surgeon is the only one who hasnt turned me away, and has been the only one to have given me an answer for over a decade of dislocations, my surgeon has helped me get back into sport, when i didnt think in all honesty after seeing three MR'S in the UK, and constantly being sent to a physio to be told go back to the physio as they couldnt fathom the problem, as an athlete makes you lose faith in medicine because there is no answer even though you know there is a problem....... My surgeon has helped me with MRI'S etc, when other doctors have not and his secretary have been amazing, and to be honest for any athlete sidelined by injury or any patient needs that trust, because with trust creates hope and with hope creates the ability  to believe that anything is possible.......

Nothing is perfect in life we are all learning, with new surgeries such as MPFL, it is very hard to get it correct.....

so i replied to this surgeon " Nothing is perfect in life complications can happen, if my surgeon is teaching doctors how to be surgeons then i must have the best avaliable, then i  have faith and trust  that my surgeon can fix it i do have the faith in him as he has been the only one who has given me answers for my dislocations for over a decade when no other one has.......

so fingers crossed for the 30th of june! no replies x
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on June 22, 2015, 01:14:13 PM
so after my knee acting like herr flick from the series allo allo i have been doing basics with my leg with no pressures on the knee to strengthen up as much as possible...
sometimes we all forget the basics and sometimes the most basic options can be some of the best things to do........
I live in a three story georgian house (250 year old house) so you can imagine getting the house cleaned making it accessible is rather hard as preparation for surgery, three flights of stairs should help my rehabilitation after surgery lol.......
My knee is about withstanding itself im still wearing ROCKTAPE which is knee tape, i have went from the biohazard funky one to a british flag tape now.... it helps ease the tiredness of the muscle but does not stop the dislocations...... its very good to swim with too as i find when i come out of the pool my knee can be less tried with the tape on than without........
im off painkillers too right now, so my knee keeps swelling up so i have been using the cryocuff, to ease the swelling as its only ice........
the funniest thing is all the physios and my personal trainer are trying to prepare a rehabilitation programme for best case and worst case scenario but they all agree that untill the surgeon gets in and does the surgery its best to wait and see..........trying to prepare for the unknown is a rather difficult task...
so lets hope its all sorted =) if i wake up to find myself in a cast or splint after surgery then i know im quite literally rather screwed lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on June 23, 2015, 08:31:11 PM
so i have been having alot of massages on my leg to try to relax it with the upcoming surgery and also to get the lymph drainage system moving as my leg swelled to triple the size last time i dont want it to do it again......
everyone has taken measurements of my leg including my physio and personal trainer to make sure that the size of the leg does not increase to crazy amounts like it did last time... and to keep an eye out for dvt or compartment syndrome.... anyone knows this who has been on Celaxane injections they are EVIL lol if i could get a surgeon to take them for one week they would understand how us patients feel lol.........
I do have a fear of this because my leg was hot blistered red and triple the size i made my surgeon aware of this as my biggest fear as this can effect recovery for me..............even to this day some people think it was a bleed from my knee that caused it.... but i just dont want to take the risk this time even my wrestling promoter is keeping a physio based in London for the summer so if i need to see a physio or other wrestlers passing through to america or japan can see him....

funny enough i had a massage session after coming out of it my knee did this almighty crack i felt pinging sensation on the mpfl reconstruction and it felt better lol

I saw my independent doctor who said for me to ask the surgeon from him to make sure my ACL, and LCL hasnt been placed under pressure due to the imbalance and starting the / sublaxtions/dislocations off, even the doctor said to me he has had no wrestler return to wrestle after a fractured patella as the knee just wont be able to cope with the pressures.........
so i suppose the most important thing to have now is faith and hope...............
and im also trying not to stress as i suffer from rare migraines called hemplegic migraines which makes me have what looks like a semi stroke as one side of my body stops working and the pain isnt great so just been doing alot of boxing when i can lol.............
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on June 26, 2015, 09:18:08 PM
so i have thought about questioning what is the best grafts to use and should there be a determination in a patients choice of what graft should be used?
So as through contact in the medical field i have studied the MPFL reconstruction literature and publications to try to understand or create a theory behind the logic of MPFL reconstruction..........
So starting with natural ligaments such as the patella tendon, quadricep and hamstring........
for me its down to ones own life occupation etc........ For example generally an athlete wouldn't want the patella tendon because it could effect return to sports as well as the quadricep, hamstring is better to use as a form of tendon as its less problematic...... but then with hamstrings being stronger than the natural MPFL ligament, some questions i found arose.......
1)if a knee has hyperlaxity or is a lax joint, would it cause more problems within the joint within an imbalance..
2)if  hamstring is the stronger than the natural MPFL ligament why isn't quadricep tendons and others being used
   more equal to the natural MPFL?
3)why cant patients be informed of the different types of ligament for an MPFL reconstruction?

Then i moved onto the artificial ligaments... LARS etc...........
ok so most doctors believe in the short term, they work well by what i have read in publications, but there is more research needed on this area.....some have questioned the ability of LARS ligaments in some sports, to be not suitable...The recovery time is quicker than a natural ligament as no other ligaments are taken from the body to replace the MPFL

for me by what i have seen there is many factors, but the key one is occupation, for me as a wrestler i believe that
if there are choices available it should told from the very start, because if the incorrect ligament is used, or if the ligament is too tight, it can cause many problems yes with MPFL the new ligament does loosen up in time... but from a sport point of view, mechanics is key to the success of any athlete or patient returning to sports,
I think doctors sometimes need to research to understand more we are all learning alot from this mpfl process, but in
order to understand a patient the basics of understanding need to be there of their occupation and daily life.......

Every patient is different every knee is unique, everyone's recovery is different, but one thing i have learnt from MPFL
reconstruction is dont be afraid to speak to your surgeon to ask your options or explain MPFL reconstruction to you...
Because you need to understand what to expect and know to adapt. be vocal it is your knee lol.... dont be afraid to change people or seek fresh ideas for your recovery because sometimes being open minded can create more understanding for each individual case....... NO REPLIES X
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: esm87 on June 29, 2015, 08:55:18 AM
Hi Lucha

I know you said no replies but I just want to wish you luck for your surgery. Hope all goes well. Keep us updated on how you're getting on.

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on June 30, 2015, 08:38:54 PM
So had my surgery it was a relief to know it ended up being a clean out and that I had alot of wear and tear behind my kneecap.... He said the instability would be because of the hyper Laxity not the mpfl and so i told this to my independent doctor via email who went mental aswell as my promoter they said if you knew you had hyperlaxity then why hasn't the main underlying cause been dealt with ass an mpfl will not help the underlying issue ? It would not be secure to wrestle with... My promoter has gone mental too with my  doctors reaction as he saw it go and has asked me to speak with my surgeon tomorrow with some questions they have given him currently feeling in the middle and fed up will wait and see But no replies please x
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 01, 2015, 10:34:53 PM
After surgery
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 02, 2015, 05:18:35 PM
So following on from seeing my surgeon I got entertained by an 89 year old woman on my ward who was  slightly hard of hearing lol she wanted to talk to me till 2am and sort out her air conditioning which in a way kept me awake so I could reply to my promoter who was travelling.......
So in the morning got an email from my promoter to say him and my independent doctor have got together to send me to a doctor who deals with lax joints etc on Friday originally ......and they told me to explain this to my surgeon and ask the questions I thought the questions they want me to ask my question I'm not going to ask in a full ward so I gave him a piece of paper to say I need to speak to him privately because of the promoter etc.......... So he came back to see me I explained the situation and how my independent doctor still believes a clean out would not help my knee and that there was an imbalance of the joint and has signed me off as uninsurable and now wants me to see a doctor Friday who deals with lax joints to check my joint has an imbalance in it... I explained when doctors start writing to my promoter and insurance it's not good .....
I explained I'm trying to keep everyone happy but everyone is giving me contradicting opinions and this is why I must see the doctor on Friday........he told me to let him know what happened........
So Friday got moved to today as my promoter started throwing a hissy fit lol so I drugged myself up got up on a train to meet an middle aged man in a clinic........ He took one look at me and said post op are we? I laughed he laughed so he said he had my notes passed and Mris etc to have a look at ........
He asked me did your surgeon before the surgery examine every joint to check for hypermobility ? I didn't reply because I was trying to remain unbiased and clear........
So he checked me the best he could considering I was two days post op ...... He said can I be honest?
I said go ahead ..... If you have a lax knee and do an mpfl it would cause an imbalance so this is why I asked you earlier did your surgeon check for hypermobility in each joint?
He then said that he doesn't believe me to have any laxity syndromes as it's only one problematic joint as the other lax joints I have aren't effected........
He said he agreed with the independent doctors opinion that a clean out would not benefit my knee in the long term..... He said the underlying instability needs to be addressed he said the knee for sure at this current time is uninsurable I'm a health and safety hazard to the sport due to the instability and he will counter confirm with my promoter my knee needs to be addressed.  He also said in the long term it's important for the knee to be addressed or it could deteoriate
So I sent this information to the surgeons secretary who is lovely who said he will look at it Monday more than likely now drugged up I plan to sleep lol no replies please this is just where I can express myself
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 03, 2015, 05:29:01 PM
2 days post surgery
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 04, 2015, 06:29:33 PM
so i thought all was going well i did have a fall when i saw the consultant in london as my knee went right back into my joint...........and got put back on crutches  which was the thursday just gone..... today saturday my leg is well..... weird/ its got really hot, and red and two of my wounds have started to bleed, and the knee has swollen up even though i have taken the drugs, the calf is feeling tight and im on that lovley injection you call celaxane as as anyone knows in the uk on the weekend gp's and doctors dont work so im trying to assess whats best to do here, i have changed the dressing with the help of my pharmacist sister who has changed my drugs up to try to stem the blood which seems to have helped it but celaxane is the problem...... as celaxane makes the blood thinner i suppose that doesnt help.......... if it doesnt stop by monday or gets more swollen it looks like a trip to the GP.........but im trying to keep the leg elevated now hopefully it will stop..............
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 05, 2015, 07:21:34 PM
so far the last couple of days have been unpredictable lol
so my knee port holes the second one stopped bleeding the third one is bleeding on and off at the top of my thigh so that has a double cover to try to put pressure on to stop the bleed, i have managed to get the swelling down of my lower leg with icing the whole, leg it still feels tight but you just get on with it.......
the bruising is coming out but im doing all the heel slides lifts etc to try to get my leg back on track......

My promoter has been in contact with me to say that he now has both letters from the independent doctors in agreement the clean out would not have helped, as they believe due to laxity of the joint the new MPFL isnt helping the knee so casing an imbalance and effecting the knee.... he asked me to ask my surgeon for a solution ASAP or other options will follow the pressures of contracts lol , to be honest im just tired of it, all anyone wants who has a knee that doesn't work correctly is something they can work with something that is not 100% but something that works with you rather than against you, i dont expect perfect, if it gets fixed to the best it can be im happy=) im not expecting it to be perfect.. but i dont expect my knee to roll back on itself in front of independent doctors,

the saddest thing to hear when a doctor says your a danger to others in wrestling because of an imbalance due to the MPFL and laxity and that the clean out i just had would have very little impact .... there is many feelings i have,
frustration- because i chose this to try to make my knee stable in which i still have instability
acceptance- i cant undo what is done and must find a solution for it....
who to believe ??
We all take risks in lives in the hope that in will give us a better quality of life, we put hope in surgeons and put their lives/ occupations in their hands in the hope for a better quality of life.......i cannot fault my surgeon and his secretary as they have both helped me out a lot and been so wonderful and he was the first one to try to help me when others wouldnt but right now i just need some hope and to try to make everyone happy here ...
because i have the independent doctors and promoter not happy with my knee and my surgeon saying something different.......
 i couldn't have this done privately because they would not cover it as i had my knee checked by an NHS doctor so they classed it as pre existing even though it was over 5 years ago lol but i suppose like my promoter said its the same surgeons that operate on the NHS as well as private....

The thing i miss the most is the ability not to help children with cancer.... because we would go round the hospitals with our wrestling gear on giving kids hope, fingers crossed i will be given some hope back soon.....
no repliesx

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 05, 2015, 11:31:15 PM
Knee getting here one wound still bleeding others have stopped still swollen
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 05, 2015, 11:33:17 PM
And another  sorry about lighting  caused by flash on Sony phone lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 08, 2015, 12:02:31 AM
so i booked my first physio appointment as the wounds seemed to stop bleeding then the top one on the thigh just started bleeding down my leg today and its seems to be looking angry and its hard controlling the bleeding probably because of the celaxane im now in celebration mode as i have only 5 injections to go wohooo! so now the physio i might have to cancel as the wound is still bleeding and go to the gp to get it check as it doesnt look a happy wound shall we say....... the other portholes are fine closed and sealed up but this one at the top of the thigh is just temperamental and angry looking but judging by the strips over it when the others wounds didnt have them it must have been a problem this porthole from the start  lol
i got the surgeon booked in for this monday so we shall see what happens ........
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 09, 2015, 12:14:13 AM
so went to the nurse to get my knee wound checked it was rather amusing to see her reaction she said this steri strip is all that is holding it together no wonder its still bleeding and oozing, so where are the stitches i asked?
She replied they didnt stitch it but kept it together with the steri strip but that wouldnt have helped you to help it heal it as your walking on it so the steri strip will move, she seemed abit shocked it wasnt stitched,

so she cleaned out the wound and took off the strips and came out the blood crust now i have a small deep hole so she told me to make sure it was kept clean and now she said i will have a large scar because of the healing process had been prevented yey! i thought another scar to add on lol..........
so no wonder it kept bleeding and seeping yellow stuff for over a week, happy i got it checked but she even asked me do you know why they didnt stitch it?

 i  just laughed i said to her who knows, if i dont laugh i might just cry lol she said for me to ask my surgeon why in my next appointment on monday
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 10, 2015, 12:50:23 AM
so the reports my promoter showed me what was written by the two doctors they both agreed on an imbalance and believe a different graft should have been used because of my laxity of my ligaments, they put down their opinions of what surgery should have been originally done etc,
and my point to my promoter what what has been done cant be undone so what is the solution so they told my promoter..........
so how am i feeling......... deflated...........
now to add insult to injury my nephew decided to crawl between my legs he passed i walked 6 steps knee went back on itself went falling back luckily he moved out of the way, so now have i lost faith.... yes i have....
but i continue to plod i see the surgeon monday..... pfff..... not feeling confident.... just want something to work with that is it i dont expect 100% no replies x
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Post by: lucha86 on July 12, 2015, 12:02:40 AM
Knee surgery post 11 days you can see the upper cut is taking its time but its hasnt bled for the past day which is good
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 13, 2015, 06:25:30 PM
So I went to see my surgeon who was away and my knee gave way twice in front of his regristrar  and the nurse tried to help me up but I got back up myself after this point  we talked and I confirmed my problems what I wasn't happy with I explained my knee had went twice in front of him and that for me is cause for concern of the instability in my knee that still exists ....what happened next shocked me.........

He said that my surgeon didn't know what to do with my knee now.......which sent  off alarm bells for me 

At this point I suppose in a way I freaked out so I asked for a second opinion from a doctor in london.......I now have to wait for a reply to the second opinion letter..from the surgeon .....

In a way I'm shocked  I'm flabbergasted I don't know what to say lol  I just thought why couldn't my surgeon just be honest with me and just say hey I'm not sure I will speak with other surgeons for advice or pass you onto someone else who has that experience........
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 16, 2015, 05:18:46 PM
so i decided to book a private appointment to see this specialist on Wednesday, at least i have an hour to sit there and talk and have clarity of opinion..........
i feel that i need answers to some of my questions im not getting and a two big answers i want is about my loss of flexion and instability and i feel i need an explanation because i haven't had any answers except silence, sometimes everyone needs a sense of reassurance i feel like something isnt right.........
even in a quality of life perspective if my knee is still unstable something is not right and i feel by having a second opinion will helped everyone , and to be honest i just want a certain quality of life so i have hope ..................
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 20, 2015, 12:07:03 AM
the physio v doctor
So one thing i have realised through this process i now think physiotherapists now know more than doctors, and sometimes i feel there is an imbalance between these two professionals,

i think a physiotherapist should be allowed to speak to a doctor or surgeon if they feel they have exhausted possible treatments or there think there could be an underlying cause, without fear,

Doctors do not, see how that individual patients body or joints act, so how in theory can a full explanation be given over a few tests, rather than a varied opinion from a physiotherapist who has seen the patient 120% more than the doctor, has surly if doctors and physiotherapist work more together the right treatment would be agreed...........

If im to be honest i go what the physiotherapist tell me rather than the doctors, and go by my own instincts too, sometimes the book is a rule with doctors but sometimes not all rules work in each and every case and for me i think physiotherapists understand this more.......................

So with my recovery so far, i have lots of exercises im doing...... my leg is still collapsing on itself and giving out, so im glad im getting the second opinion, someone told me my surgeon might not be happy with me getting a second opinion however if his registrar has agreed to it the second opinion and my surgeon was only going to ask for a second opinion then im helping him lol, and my knee is still collapsing on itself after two surgeries a line has to begin to consider your quality of life........

for me after my knee collapsing on me in front of his registrar  and he asks me has the surgeon seen it do this i replied, no my knee goes when it wants an when its very lax and you tell me this surgery has worked? even the registrar said to me that's not good and said maybe its inside the joint and said medicine is not as simple as ABC... .... moment when i want to bang my head against a wall lol

I got no crutches but my knee is still giving way and collapsing randomly like it has done since i remember just keep going, doing all the exercises i have been told to do......... so only a few days now till i speak with the other doctor in london fingers crossed
no replies x
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Post by: Chester57 on July 20, 2015, 09:38:58 PM
Lucha, check your messages.  Sent you a PM.
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 20, 2015, 10:06:17 PM
so i went to the physio today who described my knee as a sloppy lax that still isnt tracking ....
SLOPPY???? now thats a new word one concern the physio did had whatever this test means in the posterior drawer test my knee was very lax and had now its just going to be interesting wednesday......
thanks for your message chester if anyone has any ideas i dont mind you sending me a private message because right now im just lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 23, 2015, 09:02:00 AM
so i saw the independent doctor and its thrown up more question than answers.......

so originally the doctor thought of dyplasia or nail patella syndrome, he said that as i has this since i was a child, he is not sure if the MPFL would have been the best course of action

He said he would have given me more slack in the mpfl it is tight but not overtight dunno how to take that lol

he said having small kneecaps would have made it harder for my knee as there is more pressure in a smaller area..............

i need to work more on my quadriceps to make them as strong as possible........ and i also have a extra hole in my femur which he couldnt explain why i had that for an mpfl reconstruction and some metal in my knee which he couldnt explain lol

he suggested on given me some injections in the joint to give more fluid as i have fat pad impingement and chrondmalacia patella.........

and the final thing would be to release the mpfl reconstruction and he seemed scared to mention i he said if he does do that its not good its big.....
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Alpinist77 on July 24, 2015, 09:35:05 PM
Luch86, have you been to any complex knee surgeon or patellar specialist?  If you have trochlear or patellar dysplasia (they often go together to some extent), that should be clearly defined.  There is no guess as to whether or not you have it.  Have you been to a doctor that measures the anatomy of your knee and takes the relative ratios?  I feel like this would give you a fairly clear idea of what is going on.  I went to nine doctors before I figured out how to measure some of it myself and then found a doctor that could.  Perhaps you could request all of the x rays, and mri's you have had?  Specifically a Sunrise/axilla view, lateral radiograph with knee slightly bent, and tunnel view for x-rays.  MRI views of the trochlea, and if you can look up how to take the measurement yourself, you can get a TT-TG distance on MRI, although it is inferior to a measurement taken on a CT scan.  If you can post any of these views, maybe we can help figure out what the issue is.
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 25, 2015, 12:04:53 AM
What is nail-patella syndrome?

Nail-patella syndrome is characterized by abnormalities of the nails, knees, elbows, and pelvis. The features of nail-patella syndrome vary in severity between affected individuals, even among members of the same family.
Nail abnormalities are seen in almost all individuals with nail-patella syndrome. The nails may be absent or underdeveloped and discolored, split, ridged, or pitted. The fingernails are more likely to be affected than the toenails, and the thumbnails are usually the most severely affected. In many people with this condition, the areas at the base of the nails (lunulae) are triangular instead of the usual crescent shape.
Individuals with nail-patella syndrome also commonly have skeletal abnormalities involving the knees, elbows, and hips.   In addition to loss of skin creases there is often
decreased ability to bend the end joints of the fingers. Fingers may also be more
hyperextensible (bendy) and some NPS patient’s fingers may be held in a “swannecking”
position. In-curving of the fifth finger is seen in 35%

KNEE PROBLEMS...........
The kneecaps (patellae) are small, irregularly shaped, or absent, and dislocation of the patella is common. Symptoms associated with knee abnormalities in NPS included pain, giving way, a feeling of instability, locking, clicking, patella dislocation and the inability to straighten the knee joint. Other occasional knee problems may include, quadriceps muscle wasting, genu recurvatum (knees bent backwards), genu vagum (knock knees), genu varum (bow legs), different leg lengths, rotational deformities of the legs (twisted legs), Osgood Schlatter's disease, osteochondritis dissecans, and absence or abnormality of the anterior cruciate ligaments

The patellae (knee caps) may be small, irregularly shaped or absent and one knee may be differently affected than the other. Frequent subluxation (slipping) or dislocation of the patella is common in NPS and may be associated with poor development of the muscles around the knee.

The patella usually dislocates upwards and outwards. There may be prominent tibial tuberosities – a bony bump at the top of the shin. Tight hamstring muscles may stop some people with NPS from being able to fully straighten their knees. There may also be other problems with the knees and early wear and tear arthritis is not uncommon

Some people with this condition may not be able to fully extend their arms or turn their palms up while keeping their elbows straight. The elbows may also be angled outward (cubitus valgus) or have abnormal webbing. Many individuals with nail-patella syndrome have horn-like outgrowths of the iliac bones of the pelvis (iliac horns).

These abnormal projections may be felt through the skin, but they do not cause any symptoms and are usually detected on a pelvic x-ray. Iliac horns are very common in people with nail-patella syndrome and are rarely, if ever, seen in people without this condition.
Other areas of the body may also be affected in nail-patella syndrome, particularly the eyes and kidneys. Individuals with this condition are at risk of developing increased pressure within the eyes (glaucoma) at an early age. Some people develop kidney disease, which can progress to kidney failure.

How common is nail-patella syndrome?
The prevalence of nail-patella syndrome is estimated to be 1 in 50,000 individuals
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 25, 2015, 12:26:30 AM

So i went to my physio after the second opinion explaining this syndrome called Nail Patella Syndrome and the physio and my other physio had never heard of it so as you know even they admitted they would have to google it so i got this information from a doctor in the wrestling..........

He found it intriguing as a lot of my symptoms match up with this and as he told me to ask for a hip x-ray to check the bones there as if i did have it it would show up the horns of the hip........ even he had never heard of this syndrome too he had to ask another doctor about it, apparently it is rather rare....... so the phyios said they would check with me next week about it once they have researched it further ...

so i suppose i have taught a few people a new thing about orthopaedics and i suppose like the second opinion doctor said its rare and if you havent seen it it hard to diagnose
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 27, 2015, 08:16:13 AM
Knee swollen after another collapse
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 28, 2015, 12:34:54 AM
So was doing my physio exercises knee collapsed  heard a crack then tried to do a leg raise and I physically couldn't  do a leg raise so after about four hours got it back then same thing happened and it's like my leg has switched off so put the de-icer on it and hope it will ease it, no point in getting it checked lol will ring physio got advice tomorrow I think ........
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 28, 2015, 08:31:51 PM
you can notice the varied difference the swollen one is my knee today after 2 give ways and the skinny leg one a few days after surgery
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 28, 2015, 08:36:19 PM
knee after several give ways today
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 28, 2015, 08:38:47 PM
knee a few days after surgery as you can tell the difference between the previous one which was taken today and the other one the swelling is clear
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 29, 2015, 07:49:17 PM
so lets have like a round up so far.........
June 2014 - had MUA due to stiffness and leg being triple the size
September 2014- managed to return to wrestling but still had collapses, dislocations and inability to flex
                         a.k.a loss of flexion, knee felt mechanical not working with me.
December- 2014 by this point lost over 10 stone in weight, went back to surgeon to say knee was acting
                up and not right.........get banned from wrestling due to instability
Januray 2015- speak with two independent doctors in the wrestle who believe i have laxity, imbalance of
                      the joint or PATELLA ALTA, and that i also have very small kneecaps..........
June 2015- had an athroscopy and medial plica excicison
June 2015- knee still collapsing, and giving out, still unable to wrestle........
June 2015- seek doctors opinion, believing i might have nail patella syndrome due to small
                 kneecaps   or dysplasia and i must make sure all my quads are strong..............

suggested causes/ diagnosis
- Attenuated patella alta

SO HOW AM I FEELING............ I JUST LAUGH NOW BECAUSE MY KNEE KEEPS COLLAPSING ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND MY PHYSIOS HAVE SEEN IT COLLAPSE...... I HAVE HAD THIS SINE I WAS makes me laugh because i have had it for well over 25 years too, and doctors forget this sometimes i feel like saying hey you have the dislocations i have had for decades and then when a doctor blames a muscle you wouldnt be happy ..........argghhh!!!! my muscle get to great levels and they still dunno and scratch their heads as they see it go out of place.............
and the closet i have to a diagnosis is abnormally small kneecaps, TT-TG 20, a MPFL which is suppose to be stopping the dislocation, when people said the laxity, might be affecting it?? So then why did i even have an Mpfl RECONSTRUCTION???? ANNOYED..COM CONFUSED...COM FEDUP.COM!! dont expect a 100% perfect knee just something i can work with, and clairty............hissy fit over feel better lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: esm87 on July 30, 2015, 09:00:44 AM
Hi Lucha

No wonder you're frustrated, you don't seem to be getting any answers or a solution on how to stablise your knee.

Has anyone ever looked into the potential hypermobility in your knee?
I have this and have just recently referred myself to a private physio clinic as I felt there was more I could be doing to help me get back to normal and to help the swelling etc. I also just needed guidance on how to help strengthen my legs as I felt I'd sort of lost my way with this as I was discharged from physio on the NHS in January.

Anyway, the new physio told me I have a Beighton Score of 9/9! Which is used to determine if you have Hypermobility. My knee dislocations are a result of this. When I was given the MPFL reconstruction on both knees I also had a Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy to help anchor my knee. My surgeon at the time told me there was no point in having one without the other, ie just the MPFL as that would only repair my damaged ligament and not fully solve my problems with my knee dislocations.

I'm not sure if any of this is relevant to you at all but maybe it is something to ask your physio/doctor to look into?

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 30, 2015, 04:14:58 PM
WOW EMMA HOW YOU DOING??????? long time no hear from you.......... hope your well =))

i also did as you did i got a private physiotherapist outside the NHS i still have her =) they spotted my abnormally small knee caps they said im an unusual case lol as my Beighton score was 5/9 so some joints are fine some are normal lol my elbows and thumbs came up as normal but my knee other fingers and flexion arms to toe came up as positive for hypermobility.........

So my independent doctor, told me to ask for x-rays of the whole leg and several different angles of the knee foot, hip and tibia, he said sometimes its better to get back to basics measure all the angles of your lower leg to make sure nothing has been missed so then a correct diagnosis can be made.........
maybe he is right to ask my surgeon for this because if i dont have a conclusive diagnosis then is it my right to ask for this considering i still have instability my knee collapsed another 3 times today..... was your surgeon aware you had hypermobility before the surgery emma?

So basically with my knee i have small abnormal kneecaps, laxity,a tt-tg score of 20 and still have dislocations/ semi dislocations post MPFL reconstruction, time to get my q angle size i think as this works in-line with the TT-TG score the doctor told me so then if that is abnormal then i might have something but just getting fed up with these dislocations

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on July 31, 2015, 04:44:12 PM
So my surgeon rang me on my mobile an generally if you have been in the NHS you know for your surgeon to ring you on your mobile something is up.........
so after the incident with my surgeons registrar where he said my surgeon didnt know what he wanted to do with my knee, and he was going to seek a second opinion, i did send a message to his secretary of my concerns and that i wanted a second opinion..........
well he admitted there still learning alot about mpfl and admitted im a guniea pig lol  ::) ::) ::) ::)
then he said my quads and vmo are  fine but i need to work on them still, in my head i felt like banging it on a wall, i said to him several times i have had this since i was a child and i still have the issue of instability, every time people blame the VMO and even when i get it right it still is showing instability
he talked about doing medial reefing,  and thought for now it would be best to work with the physio the physio said my muscules are looking good and i still have instability........... and my surgeon thinks it could be my hypermobility, seriously........... no one can give me an answer...... >:( >:( >:( >:(

What made me even more angry was so far this week had over 10 collapses fell down two flights of stair because knee went, and i feel its getting annoying now... so my independent doctor had asked me to ask my surgeon to get several different views of my knee via x-ray to check for trochlear dysplasia patella alta, and other things so i think that is my next best option............. let me go and bang my head on a wall and i might feel abit better lol

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 01, 2015, 12:07:32 AM
So  added to my smiley face scars I know have a bird or heart scar at the top of my leg the wrestlers are now calling it the hippie lol ......... Seriously lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Alpinist77 on August 01, 2015, 06:02:17 PM

If you have a TT-TG distance of 20 combined with patella alta, this is a clear indication for a TTO.  The TT-TG angle can also be reduced through a trochleoplasty, because oftentimes, with trochlear dysplasia, the medial facet of the trochlea has overgrown onto the lateral facet, shifting the lowest point of the trochlea laterally.

Hyperlaxity of the ligamentous tissues surrounding the kneecap and allowing it to dislocate are often the result of abnormal anatomy.  If you have trochlear dysplasia of grade B or D, this is also a clear indication for a trochleoplasty.  In almost all patients with trochlear dysplasia (myself included), the patella is also shaped abnormally.  Please post radiograph or MRI photos, as we can probably see what the issues are (including nail patella).  An adequate specialist is able to address all of these issues; we live in the 21st century.

What country do you live in?  I am sure you can find someone on this board who has seen an adequate doctor.  Without addressing the anatomical inconsistencies, an MPFLr is like a bandaid on a gunshot wound.

I'm sorry to hear you're going through all of this crap, but I'm there with ya; it took me 8 years to figure this out...
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 01, 2015, 08:20:28 PM
  knee collapsed again leg swelled up like a balloon lol but trying to figure out big bump swelling below kneecap?! 
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 02, 2015, 12:40:12 AM
Do you know sometimes i might come across rather sarcastic in my humour or very blunt in the way im feeling,....but its the only way i can express myself.......

I feel that doctors told me to lose the weight so i lost 10 stone, and i still have instability, they told me to make my VMO stronger, surgeon was happy, and my knee was still unstable.......
so then i agree to a second surgery of mpfl revision, surgeon changes his mind and gives me a clean out and medial plica excision...... which again has not helped my leg and now suffering from give  ways, semi knee dislocations falling down stairs due to the collapses im still doing physio back at the gym only doing exercises physio has told me to do and nothing else, so in a period of over a year and a half and over 15 YEARS of knee dislocations...... feeling abit frustrated.............

 i suppose all you want is some dignity or security in day to day life you dont expect a 100% knee as the knee has never been perfect, but not to have the embarrassment of your knee cracking out in the middle of a bar or in a shopping mall unable to move with people just staring down at you.......

I think sometimes doctors surgeons, they forget with people who have suffered instability for decades and they you mention the dreaded word "VMO" OR its your muscule, then you get thrown between the doctor and physios because the physios dont agree with the doctors, its gets rather pretty annoying.... i like to call it the "ping pong" sometimes just banging your head on the doctors table like woody the woodpecker would make you feel better lol

Sometimes i really do believe that in cases where there is childhood dislocations, there needs to be a different perspective rather than complaining about the same muscule group, i was called the clumsy one when i was a child because my leg kept giving out, i was the one that had to put my knee back in during netball and basketball matches at the age of 11,  forced into a cast for 8 weeks because my knee kept dislocating to be told, i was too tall and my knee and ligaments in my knee were not catching up with the speed of my height...... surley that tells you there is something underlying there im not doctor but im not a clown either lol

You see i think doctors also need to be honest with their patients, i dont think hiding things, can be of any benefit for the patient or themselves, if you give a patient clarity then you give a patient understanding, security, and faith.... if they dont this can lead to other situations where patients find out things in the wrong way, then you begin to question your faith in medicine as you begin to think when you have no answer or no clarity, you are quite literally in a grey area of medicine, you think.... whats the next step when the doctors doesnt know and you dont even know....................

sometimes i feel some basics are forgotten as everyone knows when you dislocate your knee/ kneecap it inhibits your muscles so then you build them up again then your knee goes again and its a never ending circle of dislocations and waking your muscles................ again .... and sure if half the orthopaedic doctors had this situation they would have a different view of patella instability, i have even asked some of them have you broken anything or been or crutches most say no, so for me i think how can they understand lol

how do i feel ... i have lost faith in medicine in a way because i dont have clarity i dont have the answers i want or a straight diagnosis but i hope with the x rays i have asked for i will.........
so i currently sit her with a cryocuff  with a leg triple the size after falling down a flight of stairs at the shard still doing my physio exercises trying my best and have been doing the exercises every hour of every day as requested unable to play the sport i love,  and trying to remain positive even though my quality of life is worse and im currently walking like herr flick from the series allo allo ....... but also thinking........
"was it all worth it?"    no replies please...........
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: esm87 on August 03, 2015, 09:29:54 AM
WOW EMMA HOW YOU DOING??????? long time no hear from you.......... hope your well =))

i also did as you did i got a private physiotherapist outside the NHS i still have her =) they spotted my abnormally small knee caps they said im an unusual case lol as my Beighton score was 5/9 so some joints are fine some are normal lol my elbows and thumbs came up as normal but my knee other fingers and flexion arms to toe came up as positive for hypermobility.........

So my independent doctor, told me to ask for x-rays of the whole leg and several different angles of the knee foot, hip and tibia, he said sometimes its better to get back to basics measure all the angles of your lower leg to make sure nothing has been missed so then a correct diagnosis can be made.........
maybe he is right to ask my surgeon for this because if i dont have a conclusive diagnosis then is it my right to ask for this considering i still have instability my knee collapsed another 3 times today..... was your surgeon aware you had hypermobility before the surgery emma?

So basically with my knee i have small abnormal kneecaps, laxity,a tt-tg score of 20 and still have dislocations/ semi dislocations post MPFL reconstruction, time to get my q angle size i think as this works in-line with the TT-TG score the doctor told me so then if that is abnormal then i might have something but just getting fed up with these dislocations

Hi Lucha!

I think 5/9 is still considered quite high? I'm not really that sure though! Yeah my surgeon was aware of the hypermobility before the surgery, I think that's why I got the TTO (tibial tubercle osteotomy) as he said there was no point in having one without the other (ie no point in having a MPFL reconstruction on it's own)

There must be someone else you can speak to regarding this? I'm pretty shocked that you've been left for so long especially when you're experiencing so many dislocations and your knee is unstable. Especially now that you've fallen down the stairs! I'd be trying everything I can to get it sorted. I'm not surprised you're getting fed up! Are you still able to go to the gym or is your knee too unstable for that?

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 03, 2015, 01:31:52 PM
Hey emma
Well with the gym i went today i could do bike tired to do cross trainer which is non impact and just gentle movement knee just collapsed semi dislocated went flying off machine lol not a pretty site lol i keep trying but it keeps collapsing lol you get up you try lol
So the independent doctor asked me to send a message to my surgeons secretary to confirm an xray to check for patella alta, dysplasia,nail patella syndrome, and small patella syndrome......

 so i have sent that request through and explained they want to rule out things but also to check there is no underlying issues which have been, when my surgeon did ring i burst into tears i explained i dont expect to nearly fall on my nephew because my knee dislocates after a surgery to stabilise it and i have had this for years and its still happening,  i have been taking pictures of my knee to show the physio even my physio in the hospital was concerned with some of the pictures.........

with someone to speak to i went with the second opinion and payed for it private as i was fed up, in which this doctor mentioned the idea of dysplasia and nail patella syndrome due to small kneecaps, so i suppose if the surgeon agrees to the xray then it will help to give clarity......

My surgeon mentioned medial reefing whatever than means, but for me i think i want to have every single think checked before something is agreed and checked to make sure all the anatomy of the knee has been fully tested and checked...... but to be honest just given up with medicine, because i have a knee that currently screwed and its not acceptable when it affects your quality of life, so that's why i think i was right to ask for the x ray.............

just carrying on........................
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 05, 2015, 10:23:06 PM
So my surgeon has given me the permission to have an x ray to check for the following hypermobility , nail patella syndrome and hip dysplasia not much lol I will have it done on Friday and gave to wait for the knee x ray permission so fingers crossed everything will get checked :)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 07, 2015, 05:48:40 PM
so i went for my x ray today and i was rather not bemused as i had my hip x-ray the next thing i know my radiologist ask for help and then i have three radiologist looking at my x ray for about 10 minutes and leaving me on the xray slab mumbling about my right hip and my xray not saying anything to me.and rotating their heads around to different angles to look at the xray.....everyone in the uk KNOW WHEN YOU HAVE AN X-RAY YOU HAVE ONE SINGLE RADIOLOGIST IN THE NHS.....they smile send you on your way thats it now im bricking it lol....... then he said your surgeon will get back to you i replied what is it bad?  i have no appointment with my surgeon anyway then the look i got was a shocked look and the speech i got was ohhhhh.... erm...... well......... im sure he will contact you.... i thought oh great lol!!

So then went to see physio the physio said what i have managed to achieve in 10 days with my leg normal patients achieve in 4 weeks i suppose the muscle stimulator and going to the gym morning and night and doing the leg press leg extension trx etc has paid off but he wasn't happy im still having sublaxtions and give ways a total of 15 last week wohooo!!! lol but he said its alot better
i asked him can a tt-tg abnormal score, small kneecap and hypermobility can it cause the joint to dislocate or collapse and he agreed and i told him i asked for the q angle of my joint to be doctor as the independent doctor said if my q angle is high too it will show my kneecap doesnt align up......
so gotta wait and when will this ever end ........ lol just give me a diagnosis lol :p
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 09, 2015, 01:03:17 AM
So I feel like having abit of a release moment so...............
After a year and a half and having an mpfl revonstruction still having dislocations..... Then having a medial plica excision and arthroscopy in June 2014 I still have dislocationns.............then having three radiologist look at my hip x ray strangely and not tell me I'm beginning to get annoyed with lack of
The theories so far is......
1) nail patella syndrome nps - as I have a lot of the issues with this disorder

2) abnormally small kneecap, high tttg, hyperlaxity May cause significant amount of instability so why bother with an mpfl reconstruction????? Now the independent doctor wants me to get q angled checked for this reason

3) lack of vmo but this can be seen as a symptom in hyperlaxity joints and nail patella syndrome due to missing certain proteins.......

So to be honest just tired a good cry could let it out, I just want a knee that is stable not a 100% knee but stable! I don't know who to believe I just need clarity or answers, I went to london today knee collapsed while I was out with friends done had to help me I'm 29 I shouldn't have this is it a quality of life I begin to question it......I'm begging to question a lot as I still have the same issue I have had for over 15 years.........just fed up
Already feel bad enough or abit like a guinea pig when three radiologist look at your pelvis :((((( just want a
Non dislocating knee :((((((
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 09, 2015, 04:02:42 PM
So knee has fully collapsed can barely walk don't know what to do oh joy !!
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Alpinist77 on August 10, 2015, 01:56:07 AM

How are you doing?  Can you post pictures of your x-rays? or MRI's?
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 10, 2015, 06:40:58 AM
 Hey I posted some mri picture on page between.15-20 x rays I connotes I rang nhs 111 they told me to contact surgeon and Wear a brace but all my physios are on holiday and they told me not to wear a brace and now I have to go into work with a leg that's barley operating I hot told they wouldn't be able to help my knee as it's so specialised lol seriously! Now all faith has been lost!!  Hoping it doesn't go at work or I am screwed I can't put an x ray up as it's under the nhs
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: vickster on August 10, 2015, 07:55:45 AM
It sounds like you should not go to work with your knee in this state. They won't thank you if you have an accident at work. Call your boss or HR manager and discuss the situation :)

Also go to A&E and get checked if you can't contact the surgeon
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 10, 2015, 09:39:30 PM
so i think its time for a hissy fit now lol then i will feel better apologies it might come across rather sarcastic in a humorous bad sort of way-

1)So lost 10 stone in weight post surgery had Mpfl Reconstruction May 2014 got back to wrestling SEPTEMBER,
2)Knee kinetics were not right , locking, cracking clicking, collapses dislocations et.....
3)another surgery, arthroscope patella chondroplasty and medial excision, june 2015
4) knee collapses twice in front of registrar after second surgery thinks it would best for a second opinion so get a second opinion for MAYBE DYSPLASIA OR NAIL PATELLA SYNDROME.. OH JOY!!!!!
So ask the surgeon for a hip x- ray to make three radiologist question and baffled sounds great news is coming lol..........

so now i still have a dislocating knee being treating like a leopar by nhs 111 because they don't have a clue how to treat my collapsing knee, as i have had a surgery which is too specialised lol!! sorry my leg was up a blinkin wall all night !!!! good i had some linkin park to listen too lol

So luckily enough my boss was kind to let me go back to work but gave me more time to move or get myself going and leg is stiff because of the collapses.........i got a physio out of the nhs to help me and gave me some ultrasound therapy to bring down the massive swelling and to try to help me walk better

My sister is a pharmacist and told me to take pictures of my knee when its buggered up basically everyday as its black and white and cant be argued by a doctor so trust me im on hissy fit level right now loll, i have about so far in the past 5 weeks about 12 pictures of my knee massive, ugly and simply not acceptable condition considering im 29 years old had this surgery to return me to sport!!! and now i can barely get on a cross trainer without flying off of it like superman on heat lol........
Quality of life.......... hmmmmmm.......................... sucks!!! but i still go to the gym try my best, even when i fly off those machines because my knee cant hold in the joint!!!!

pain doesn't bother me at all its the fact that i dont have a clue when my knee will go and now people are beginning to think its my hip as i have hyper mobility and laxity???? yes my hip clicks but i have no pain!!!! Is this a quality of life i expected no!!! im 29 years old no 85 years old, i dont expect a 100% knee but i dont expect my knee to collapse or dislocation worse than before the surgery

so suspected diagnosis so far are drumroll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
Due to small patella / kneecap
1)Small patella syndrome
2)Patella Alta
3) Nail patella syndrome

1) knee dysplasia
2) Hip dysplasia

Laxity/ hypermobility
1)lax ligaments causing instability
2)lax ligament on to of hip dysplasia
3)hypermobility patella

so how do i feel pretty rather annoyed, fed up i just want this knee to work with me and have a clear diagnosis i hope i get the x ray s of the knee i asked my surgeon for as im not letting any doctor touch my knee until i have full facts and abnormalities as stated by my independent doctor in a way he is right have i got clarity or understanding to why i still have instability errr.............. no!!!!!!!!!!!!
i got about 15 different diagnosis or ideas on a diagnosis from the independent doctors and my surgeon and still in the dark .....................
im 29 im not 80 i need to be able to lead a certain quality of life without falling down the stairs because my knee collapses or semi dislocates,
 have i lost faith in the medical profession............ pfff!
hissy fit over lol

thank you for your advice vickster i rang my work to let them know but they did help me and make things easier for me which is great of them they have all seen my leg go so for them its normal its just a good think i work at a desk

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 11, 2015, 09:10:28 PM
so knee has decided to lock 4 times collapse 4 time and semi dislocate once, today seriously!!!
i just find it laughable now lol a good cry might make me feel better, but it wont do anything for me except frustrate me further just try to keep my leg going when it does this but its a frickin evil double edged sword collapse quad buggered build quad collapse quad buggered  but i kept going!!

had this for decades how about i just say my knee is just screwed lol for the swelling just taking the cryocuff or icing it or physiocreme which is an alternative remedy as i dont want to take any painkillers, its easing the swelling which is good........
but honestly, its  just frustrating not knowing when your knees gonna go ....
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 12, 2015, 09:27:01 PM
So... feeling better after my previous hissy fit lol

but STILL NOT got any answer about the hip x ray, which i suppose is the thing that is bothering me as, so many radiologist came to look at it, i know its a teaching hospital but i dont expect people to debate over my x ray and leave me lying on the x ray slab lol on the x- ray form there was history Hypermobility syndrome..... +/- nail patella syndrome then.... this.... hip Dysplasia ???? WITH SEVERAL QUESTION marks rather large..... so now i just want to see the results,

So no word about the knee x-ray maybe the surgeon is holding fire on that till the hip x-ray comes back i dont know.........

So my physio told me to try and get on the cross trainer again, and i flew off of it like superman lol, i just feel down and laughed the personal trainers in the gym are used to it now and the regular gym people so they let me deal with it, im in the gym trying to build up my legs but with these collapses its proving difficult, the physio said to me last time im doing a great job and he wanted to know the secret of how i managed to improve that much........ and he told me not to wear a brace,..........
then today got up from my chair at work, and walked 4 steps knee collapsed, boss basically told me not to move and brought me tea and everything after that...... he knows i want to work and have a sense of its like im not sure right now its a case of damage control by wearing the brace and inhibiting the quads   or keep going put up with the collapses and hope lol

So heard nothing from the surgeon so just got to wait and the way these collapses are going i would'nt be surprised if my joint is beyond repair by the time im 40 ...........

Alpinist77 and vickster thank you for your comments apologies if i havent said alot guys just been in a hissy fit mood for the past several days with the knee lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on August 12, 2015, 09:56:31 PM
Hi Lucha,

Thank you for posting on my diary, I was feeling lonely and left out on my own in the post op 300 section. It is nice to have another active member posting on this section.

Although your knee problems are different to mine we both have ongoing problems post op that are not a straight forward text book fix. I hope you can get to see your OS again soon and do not have to wait too long for your x-ray results.

I have to laugh after a stressful day with my OS's registrar about having others debating your knee problems at the teaching hospital. I am in a simialar scenario as my registrar has to start his medical career at some point even though he looked like he just left medical school, he looked around early to mid 20s.

I try and just take things as it comes, it is good to have a good sense of humour about it all rather then dwell on what might happen next.

[email protected]
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 13, 2015, 06:30:38 AM
Yes I know what you mean like the registrar said to me after having My surgery two weeks later that my surgeon didn't know what he wanted to do with my knee and he was going to get a second opinion I thought in my head shouldnt my surgeon be telling me this and not him lol then he tried to say my knee was fine even though my knee collapsed twice and the nurse had to help me up lol  he just sat and watched lol by this pointing freaked and asked for a second opinion   
My surgeon n rang me to ask me why I went for a second opinion I explained to him what the registrar said and did and  he went very quiet and said I was right to go for a second opinion at that point I thought the registrar as soon as he gets off the phone is going to have an argument

Then with the radiologists saying ooohhh look at,her hip who's her surgeon  leaving me there I just began to lose hope in the medical profession so fare this week had 17 collapses starting to feel like Johnny Depp out of pirates of the carribean walk lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on August 13, 2015, 10:32:46 AM
Hi Lucha,

I have also had my fair share of misunderstandings and communication problems pre-op to scope #2 when the registrar came to see me before going into theatre. He was going to mark my left knee, my healthy knee he was meant to be marking right knee so had to correct him! I think made him feel embarrassed and stand out. It not something you want to hear before going into theatre that they could have operated on the wrong knee!

I also had a Botox injection into the top of my leg muscles before scope #2 at the same hospital and was like a comedy sketch. 1st I was sent to the wrong department on the other side of the hospital, I had to be wheeled in the trolley when I could have walked over. The staff knew they made a mistake as I overhead a nurse on the telephone saying why was I sent to the wrong department.

After the injection I was sent twice to the wrong ward!   

[email protected]
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 13, 2015, 12:52:06 PM
My surgeon and his secretary have been very helpful it's just my knee problem is still not fixed and it's frustrating there is only so much a knee can collapse give out before its buggered lol......
The problem I have is my wrestling insurance keeps challenging me for an actual diagnosis and I have been given  a few if im to be honest I think with these Xrays everything is in black and white and can't be argued and by having them it would make things clear.......
My surgeon said about medial reefing but didn't explain what it is but I'm 29 and my quality of life with a collapsing knee sucks lol so that's why I want to know all angles q angle etc before I have any surgery as I dont have a defined diagnosis lol surely all any patient wants is clarity I don't expect a 100% knee but my fear is the amount of collapses and semi dislocations I'm having it will go in such a way that im.actually screwed last time I spoke to my surgeon cried down the phone....  just waiting now pffff lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: vickster on August 13, 2015, 02:14:53 PM
You should try to see a patella specialist like Prof Donnell in Norwich and not do anything else surgical until you are under the care of an expert and have a proper diagnosis. As helpful as your surgeon seems to be, he now seems a little out of his depth or short of ideas, and unwilling to admit this.

There is lots of info here around patella issues, and links to an explanation of medial reefing etc if you work your way through the sections

Good luck :)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 13, 2015, 08:34:55 PM
Thank you for your advice all.......... =))))
so i asked for the following knee x-rays to be done to check the following
1) Q angle
2) Knee dysplasia/ any type within the knee
3) Patella Alta/Attenuated Patella alta
4)Patella dysplasia

I know my TT-TG is 20mm

I might ask for my surgeon to also for a private MRI to check on the knee....... I STILL HAVE HAD NO REPLY ABOUT THESE X RAYS,i dunno if my surgeon is holding off until the hip x ray comes through, or if his secretary is away if i don't hear anything by start of next week i will ring and see my sister thinks i might have hip dysplasia due to the laxity issue but have to wait and see........,

Because its like the independent doctor said to me, you need clarity and everything in black and white and all angles, and all those things checked and cleared then you can look at the picture better and then you can go back to the companies and give them a clear explanation and he said its unfair that i dont have an explanation........and i still have collapses which he classed as unacceptable........

I just want a knee that works and not collapses like i said several times i dont expect a 100% knee but just stability or at least a sense of it........

My knee gave way 4 times today i still keep up with the physio programme everyday to keep building on it but im just playing a waiting game now, i could just cry but that wont do any good its just nearly two years of frustration and trying my best i feel i have hit a fall and im now just trying to win a losing battle with a collapsing leg.........

so plan of action is no one is coming near my leg or toughing it till i have these x rays done and have clear angles etc, because i dont want them to keep going in and trying when there is no clarity there..

Seriously lost faith now in medical profession but im persitant in my physio

thank you vickster and clarkey for your comments i agree with you both and vickster i thought about that after the second surgery until someone gives me a clear diagnosis no one is touching my knee im not a guinea pig ..... im a human being..... =)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: vickster on August 13, 2015, 08:42:04 PM
August, lots of surgeons on holiday...secretary probably too :)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 13, 2015, 09:44:48 PM
yep vickster holiday time lol i wanted to go to canun mexico to catch up with wrestlers and some companies to sign off paperwork  but my insurance said it would cost me 800 pounds in insurance for a week as had my surgery 7 weeks ago and as my surgeon was still doing xrays etc it could be higher....... so im stuck here lol.
i will give them a bit more time to reply like u have said before my surgeon and his secretary have helped me alot in the past so fingers crossed i will get something.......
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 14, 2015, 11:03:37 PM
Cryocuff and this stuff knee collapsed several times again will post an explanation in next hour or so ... :'(
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 15, 2015, 12:18:03 AM
so im not the best of writers, but i write the way i feel is best, in a rather sarcastic bemusing way......
So today was rather eventful......
i got out of bed walked about 10 steps knee collapsed on me... i got up knee was very lax, my physios told me not to use bracing on it and to keep going on it last week so thats what i did...........

second time was walking to work, my femur when over my tibia kneecap was going mad everywhere then tried to reign back in my kneecap fell flat on my backside.......  got up managed to get to work.....

noticed throughout the day my knee was getting hot so iced it...... and put it up.... then..........

Fourth time knee collapsed totally and my fell down two stairs managed to break my fall, now foot has gone numb knee is pretty much swollen and buggered and now currently cryocuffing my knee and icing it aswell as using that gel cream on my leg............and foot and knee is numb.... my physio told me last time that when your knee collapses or dislocated you can hit the nerve my physio is currently on holiday till the 25th of this month so ..............

so just got to keep going on a gammy leg .......... im trying my best im doing all the exercises the physio has given me and the gym workouts too the physio has given me, never did i expect one surgery to finish near enough my sports career, effect my quality of life to such a extent, i will keep asking questions till i get a  diagnosis i feel after still having instability i need a diagnosis because there is no clarity and for sure no doctor is touching my leg or hips etc or any part of my lower limb till i have  things in black and white..............let me just go and bang my head on a wall lol or have a good cry lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 15, 2015, 10:44:31 PM
so today was not great........ went over in the shower knee collapsed........
luckily for me managed to get a video recording of my knee just again well frickin plain weird very lax loose rolling back on itself forward, just basically not control of the joint..... and you an even see it go....
the knee is just shifting in different directions, and im thinking to myself something is clearly not right....

So now i have photos and video to prove this its a good thing i suppose something in black and white i have to show the surgeon...... or doctor....... or whoever pffff

So basically i am now still doing the physio but have lost all confidence in this knee as i now have a cryocuff on my knee quadricep is screwed again, i refuse to let any doctor touch it because some dont know what mpfl is and i wont let any other doctor touch my knee untill i have STATED FACTS in black and white as in checks for q angle dysplasia etc............
so somehow i have to hobble into work tomorrow and try to keep going on it....... sense of normality.... bah humbug !! lol its just ridiculous........... normality doesnt exist currently because my knee goes whenever it likes ........... :'( :'( :'( :'(  well at least i have one good knee lol

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 16, 2015, 08:31:54 AM
Knee after cryocuff use
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: esm87 on August 17, 2015, 09:39:44 AM
Hi Lucha

I can't believe what you're having to go through, it's really unfair and sounds quite dangerous if your knee is unstable as it could go at any time, on stairs, crossing roads etc.

Maybe you should go to A&E and see what they say? It seems crazy that you have to wait until your physio is back for someone to look at it. Can you phone your surgeon?

Hope things start to get better soon!

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 17, 2015, 12:41:06 PM
Hey Emma I had thought about it but I thought generally they just give me crutches and don't know what to do lol
So I rang my gp to see if they could give me the x ray result for the hip the lady said originally there was nothing there and said oh is your surgeon Mr...... I said yes and then she said oh no you need to speak with your surgeon about the xray....   I can't comment or give you information on this x ray.... Hmmmm....makes me wonder what's in there because surley i should be allowed to know my own data? lol

  If I don't get anything from the Secretary by end of day tmrw I will ring her on Wednesday she's a nice lady
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 18, 2015, 12:37:48 PM
So I rang the sectary who is lovely for my surgeon and she said he has just got back from holiday and she will remind him to check the x ray - say knee collapsed an hour ago after ringing the secretary but now I'm at a stage where I feel I'm at no loss what I do next .......
I just don't want to be fobbed off I just want answers my quality of life sucks so I'm thinking about
Next things to consider "........I'm 29 I didn't expect a surgery to destroy my quality of life so far  in a case of two weeks I have had over 30 collapses ......
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 18, 2015, 08:07:04 PM
So surgeon rang me after a long hissy fit tears  down the phone he has agreed to the ct scan.......I don't think my surgeon got a word in edge ways ....... I was so annoyed I let it all out I shouldn't be left in a state of disrepair I'm 29 ...........
To check all measurements etc......... My hip is clear which is a positive
But honestly I said to the surgeon I wasn't happy and my quality of life sucked as it was going and collapsing at ridiculous rates and said if I don't have answers soon I would put in a formal complaint as my quality of life is deplorable  ...... I fell in a road the other day as my knee collapsed luckily a walker by stopped the car coming ..... She helped me up.........things like this is when you think it sucks........

In a way today I have fully lost faith in medicine ........... I lose 80kg in weight still have issues with the mpfl in wrestling I took a risk as the surgeon have me the belief I would be back in the ring in no time ......
I still go to the gym everyday see the physios and try my best to build everything then knee collapses and screws it all up and start again......... I have said to my surgeon I have had this since I was a kid and it's still here.....
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 20, 2015, 12:33:51 PM
So it went again managed to get hold of a physio who told me to keep going on at the gym and not to wear the brace as suggested by the surgeon as it will inhibit more.......
I will post a picture later on today to show size of knee....
Will wait for the ct scan for angles etc and if my surgeon doesn't have an answer I will put in a complaint   said to my   surgeon before even when my vmo he agreed was strong it still went went mpfl recon  I would never want to put a complaint in about a surgeon as I know how hard they work but my knee is still collapsing and have to consider my quality of life and I can't drive as my knee keeps going too....
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 20, 2015, 08:50:52 PM
got a few shots of my knee in the gym it still is swollen but doing leg press as physio has advised me to even though its still collapsing
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 20, 2015, 09:31:10 PM
So want i wanted to make clear not everyones recovery is the same and we all have different obstacles,


so as you can tell my road, has been rather stormy, some wrestlers always keep telling me is not always about waiting for the storm to pass, its how to dance in the storm and get through it.... I took on a Mpfl reconstruction with the belief it would get me back into sport, it did for a little while but still had issues with the joint, even front he start after the mpfl reconstruction knee rolling back on itself collapsing dislocating etc...........

I should have been braver and questioned more quicker, i think as patients we all put our trust in surgeons doctors etc, but what my independent doctor said to me, is its your joint its your life the most important thing is your quality of life and how it effects you..........fight for quality of life dont sit in silence.......

So post 2 years near enough im not wrestling having to end my wrestling contract in December 2016, knee is still collapsing and semi dislocating, falling down stairs and unable to do so basic tasks.... even though im doing everything its exactly the same symptoms i have had since i was a child.....

So now i am becoming very vocal to my surgeon, as for me sometimes doctors forget the basics of humanity feelings and emotions, people with patella instability or knee instability have to live with it on a daily basis, and when they say they understand how can they? when your leg collapses in a street while walking going down stairs or in the middle of a busy road with traffic.... quality of life i argue by this point is deplorable because the basic daily life is effected, and should be fought for to find a solution...... im sure if a doctor dealt had this they would think rather differently.........

Should i have to cry and have a hissy fit down a phone to a surgeon because my knee has collapsed in two weeks 30 times?? No but it got to a point where i had to release everything i felt because i felt like my opinion was being listened to and with the quality of life being at a low, and after me working so hard to shed the excess weight, collapses damaging and effecting my other knee, surely in a doctors eyes this shows a patient is having problems??  I then questioned something i thought to myself if a doctor was more honest would it be more helpful for the patient rather than putting barriers up against a patient?

 Even after my hissy fit i felt bad, because im so placid and i know doctors deal with alot of stuff..... my surgeon had helped me alot... normally but all this instability is just affecting my ability to lead a good quality of life and its worse than before, and im doing everything the physio has asked me to do, and i feel like i have just been left to fend for myself at the side of a road, and get on with it  with a knee thats totally deplorable and bad, i then question should i be left in that state... no i shouldnt so that why now i question as my independent doctor has asked me to do........

I feel doctors surgeons and physio should talk more together i feel that doctors could learn alot from physios rather than reading things in literature, life is the greatest teacher by learnign through others in a hands own approach in mprl rehab or recovery i would say stick with the physios advice rather than the doctors............

my faith in doctors has gone, as no one can seem to give me an answer.... hope doesnt exist i just do what the physio says and get on with it its all i can do till i get the scan results... im left with a knee that does whatever it wants and will collapse whenever it likes and people keep checking when im all right when it goes my company wont let me drive the company car as my knee is a hazard .......
so you could say im a rather peeved person just plodding on lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on August 21, 2015, 07:30:06 PM
Hi Lucha,

It always interesting to follow your post-op diary as it is valuable hands on information of what you are currently going through right. It will help others in a similar scenario to what you are going through right now. Also medical professionals can learn a lot from members post op diaries on KG and your write well making it easier to read.

We are twins in that we both had medial plica excision and never really recovered from that surgery that not the best thing to be saying to you with your present knee problems. I also had my fat pad trimmed which might be the reason why I am getting pain and discomfort at the bottom of my knee by the tibia.

Instability is a good word to be using as pain wise I am fine until I try to kneel, squat or increase my walking pace! If I try to attempt to run my right knee instability stops me as the pain is too intense feeling pressure being pressed onto my right ankle! Do you feel this sensation after your surgeries.

My knee does not give out as much now thanks to PT and swimming but I know the knee still not right and not as stable as it should be! I was not to chuffed the other day when an lady more than twice my age overtook me walking in the street. I think we get use to our slower walking pace, we only notice it when others older then pass us by.

Sorry you may have to end your wrestling contract in December 2016, I had to give up running long distance since January 2013 to present day. You might still have time to get your knee sorted out before your contract expires. I am not yet going to give up getting back into long distance cross country running again. One must never give up hope, that can be hard to imagine at this point in our never ending knee problem journey!

[email protected]
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 22, 2015, 12:14:51 AM
hey nick
yes well i think doctors have alot to learn we are all human and we all learn no one knows the answer to everything lol.....

for me the word instability i agree is the best thing to use as when a doctor tells me ok describe it and i say joint goes very lax moves about, femur jolts over tibia knee cap goes mental and moves and semi dislocated  reign leg back in acl and PCL get knocked backed let hyperextends backwards and fall down as knee collapses knee cap cracks back into place......... and its not till after the collapse my knee feels more stable and thats what i have been having since i was a kid.........

so you can imagine when i tell the doctors this it always comes under the great word of "Instability" because its so varied and so many techniques need to be looked out for a single joint lol i think everyones knee problems are so unique sometimes its hard to pinpoint the exact issues it is very much like trail and error..... but there is only so much trial and error one patient can take before you ask questions lol

as you can tell not a fun experience every time i have a collapse lol thats why i have been having a few hissy fits recently lol

my knee has gone again today got a big ice pack on it quads are shaking just got to wait for it to settle. just give up now seriously lol  I said it to my surgeon tis a never ending battle with knee instability because you build everything up and the collapses still cause you problems because they inhibit your muscle groups and you build it up again same thing happens its a double edged sword...... but still keep plodding on lol

if i try to run for about 12 seconds knee goes and foot then goes too due to pressure, and that happened even when muscle was strong lol.............

it sounds bad to say this but i feel now my surgeon is listening to me after my hissy fit, but all i want is an answer and no one is even touching my knee till their is clear indications in black and white.......
all i know right now is i have small kneecaps, i have hypermobility and a high something isnt quite right so will wait to see when i get this scan............. a regristar once said to me my knee is normal anatomy, well the independent doctor agreed, that he was wrong as i have small kneecaps high tt-tg and hypermobility and hyper extension so something is abnormal lol dont you love how doctors argue cases, but the basic thing is they FORGET their patient lol.......
For me i would prefer a doctor to be 100%honest with me than lie...........
so tonight probably going to sleep with a cryocuff to ease the swelling and read some uselful information that the independent doctor sent me about patella instability and medial reefng

it was funny even some people noticed today at work some people noticed my knee was massive and said was i ok?? did i need ti do less walking on it or some ice? but i didnt notice it it felt full of fluid but not as big as it looked.... so lets hope the cryocuff works.....
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 23, 2015, 09:30:46 PM
so today im unsure what to do knee is acting up lax and flexing everywhere and it gave out at work i feel like the back of my kneecap has been scratched and just to add insult to injury my left knee made a massive crack when the other randomly collapsed out seriously peeved so i have several options.....

1) ring private physio which cost £50 to see their opinion dunno if back from holiday
2) get a note from the gp to ask for a crutch usage for a week till my leg recovers, and get my gp to check it when generally they dont have a clue what mpfl is and look at you and scratch their head. so they generally give you a note anyway because they dont know what to do with you and you seem to know more than them
3) wear a brace but the physio told me not to when the surgeon said it might help haha contradictions dont you love it lol
4) get it check at hospital which would lead to 5 hour wait and another scratch of the head and more likley sent home on crutches and back to a fracture clinic lol
5) just keep limping and hope for the best lol

oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh the choices lol......... so in a period of nearly three weeks my knee has collapsed in different severities given out and semi dislocated over 50 now is it a case of damage control ?/ even though my physio wants me to keep going even if it collapses.......

trying to avoid surgeon as getting no sense of clarity......just want it sorted and an answer.... and my knee keeps giving out and i dont think my surgeon can fully comprehend how a collapsing knee can effect someones life lol even though he has been helpful ...... my knee is slightly bruised today which i get with some of the collapses for the past 15 years dunno what decision is best to do will think about it....... feeling  in a rather witty mood lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: esm87 on August 24, 2015, 10:00:05 AM
Hi Lucha

If you are trying to avoid the surgeon, are you waiting for someone else to get back to you about your knee? I think i'd be inclined to go to A+E and just tell them you need someone to look at your knee as you can't continue the way you are!

Maybe go to a different hospital if that's possible? There might be another knee surgeon there who can help?

It must be so confusing as everyone is giving you conflicting options and advice on what to do! I just think it sounds really unfair that you've just been left to deal with such an unreliable knee!

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 24, 2015, 10:17:59 AM
Hey Emma long time no speak just trying to avoid surgeon untill get ct scan  result tried ringing private physio not back till September and knee gone again might ring nhs physio to see if I can move it forward my surgeon isn't sure what to do with my knee so just confused what to do left knee and right knee now buggered lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: esm87 on August 25, 2015, 12:49:36 PM
Oh no! what a time of it you are having. Maybe go to A+E and see what they say? Someone must be able to help!

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 25, 2015, 02:18:40 PM
So it's been a rather intriguing day I heard a Japanese physio was coming in with some wrestlers so I paid him to see me he seemed to be very good he said yes your quad is slightly weak but that is to be expected but it shouldn't cause the collapses I'm having .. So I showed him the video of how my knee went he went mental like literally he said what the bleep  does your surgeon thinks he is doing???
Your knee us not holding at all and the collateral ligaments are giving out  aswell as acl and he also agreed with the other physios I have very small kneecaps which is already a clinical indication of an abnormality.     
Then he asked me when I was seeing the surgeon and I explained dunno and he wants me to do physio he went ballistic he went why haven't you done a complaint on him I will come with you if you like or send a letter to him to back you up, you knee is terrible...
 He had a hissy fit lol he said he had another contact for another opinion in Europe he said get out of UK and get an opinion abroad as doctors talk in the same country he said I should sit in a and e and wait till someone sees,me
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: vickster on August 25, 2015, 03:26:45 PM
Sounds like you need a multi ligament specialist? I think Andy Williams at Chelsea and Westminster is the go to man in London for such injuries.

He has a private practice of course too, might be worth paying to get the longer consultation.

Although I would think rnoh would be more familiar with rare congenital conditions as they see lots of paediatrics

What hospital are you under?
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on August 25, 2015, 04:54:08 PM
Hi Lucha,

I seem to remember as a big Strictly fan that Russell Grant the Astronomer had to have a cartilage tear in his knee repaired by Andy Williams in 2009, the same time of year I had my 1st every surgery scope#1 done in November. It not the singer that the Andy Williams that I am more familiar with lol.

He was back on the dance floor a week after surgery, he was my all time favourite celeb to appear on Strictly closely followed by Paul Sergeant and Ann Widdecombe lol! Soon will be SCD 2015 to look forward too.

[email protected]

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 25, 2015, 08:57:43 PM
he guys ......

Regarding mr andy williams yes i did try to get hold of him but his private office said he was taking on no new cases and i found out he generally deals with footballers or athlete i went to another doctor in the same are who deals with knees and martial arts which was better.... he told me to work on my muscule as its expected to have weakness after surgery, get injections into the knee or take out the mpfl all together if the two dont work....... I explained this to him too that even after the first surgery my knee kept giving out and collapsing after my surgeon had said the vmo was fine and its still doing the same thing it has been doing for thepast 20 years he replied he wasnt sure if the mpfl was the best option for me, as i have childhood issues with it i explained all tall women in my family have had problems with their right knee, including my grandad,
he agreed my kneecap was small and i have hyperextending knees and laxity............then after seeing this dude i went back to the physio who said to me having a small kneecap can cause dislocations collapses etc and the hypermobility wont help so am i just like completley screwed or is there any doctor who can help me lol

Vickster, i have heard of stanmore too but its a case now of waiting for my surgeon to get back to me......
as its the NHS you have to follow the rules lol........ i will send you an email regarding that......

Its just frustrating when everyone is telling you different things theres no clarity, so me and the wrestling teams are the ones that have to find the answer....... knee gave out again today......... just a blinkin joke now but nothing i can do expect keep going,  completely lost faith in doctors.... if my surgeon does not give me a valid answer after the ct scan then i wont be happy, have i really got to a point when i have to fight for my quality of life and im only 29?? with no answers ?? should i be crying down the phone to a surgeon no i shouldntt about my quality jut keep doing the physio as i told, ...... some surgeons dont understand the fact that yes we sign our lives over to them and if something doesnt work its us the patient that suffer from it, and our lives that get effected not their they can walk away everyday with a non collapsing knee...... and not have to put the knee back together... feel like crying but i wont i just keep trying but just so frustrated too......... i just want a knee that is stable i dont expect 100%  but i dotn expect semi dislocations or collapses after a surgery for knee stability.....

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 26, 2015, 08:35:32 PM
so i see my physio tomorrow which is great timing as my knee is massive so im hoping he can deep tissue massage it for me......... got no news from the scan as of yet....... but i know in my area you can wait up to 12 weeks for a scan......
i have changed my insurance today and went with a different provider explained all the issues im having and they said once the knee is sorted they will cover it after i havent been to see a doctor about it after a two year period and they would write it in to the agreement...... which is some positive news =) it will cover nationwide hospitals, compared to my other provider ........
today fell up the stairs at work today hurt my knee as it collapsed, i managed to get up, its swollen but hey ho........ so hoping he can sort it out
i have had now over 50 collapses in the past 3 weeks i will mention this to my physio, im still doing all my exercises i also did a test to test my quadriceps with a professor at a uni who said he would have expected my quads to be weaker after knee surgery and he said as its only a small percentage there must be another cause for the knee issue.......
so i have a set plan to get myself to a point where no one can argue with me including surgeons
so as you all know i lost alot of weight i want to lose another 2 stone so that they doctors cant argue bmi even though other doctors tell me bmi is a bad measurement as it does not take into account body build, activity of person etc..........
so ...
1) do everything the physio says and ask nto to sign me off untill he is happy that there is nothing a surgeon can complain about etc........
2) get the quad testing done every month for 3 months, the professor is going to write a letter to the surgeon to confirm once test are complete etc......
3)lose the two stone, i have already lost 10 pounds of this.......

Then for me nothing can be argued medically i have everything in black and white and science cannot argue against science, i had this since i was a child and I WILL FIGHT for my own dignity and quality of life after two surgeries i still have the same problem so i know that there is something underlying which hasnt been resolved , so I WILL FIND OUT what it is.... so fingers crossed this ct will help.....
the theory a wrestling doctor and sports scientist gave me was if i have HIGH TT-TG (YES) SMALL KNEECAP (YES) AND HIGH Q ANGLE (AWAITING RESULT) and hypermobility ( YES) this will show there is something not right even without the q angle but the q angle could show the bigger picture.....
Sometimes i think with doctors you have to have things in black and white before they even will believe you, and a man of science ( doctor) cannot argue against science such as the quad testing by a sports scientist etc........
I AM DETERMINED TO FIND OUT WHAT IS THE PROBLEM BECAUSE I HAVE TOO MANY MEDICAL PEOPLE TELLING ME SOMETHING ISNT RIGHT...............ITS MY QUALITY OF LIFE WHICH IS TERRIBLE AND I WANT CLARITY... AND I AM JUST TIRED OF THE SEMI DISLOCATIONS AND COLLAPSES... i am also planning a trip in January to see someone but i dont want to name names as i believe every case is different and unique and
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 28, 2015, 06:59:16 PM
So I saw my physio .... Some interesting things came out......
So both in agreement what  the professor said at the uni everything single muscule us strong in my leg I have a slight weakness of the vmo which he said should be up an running by December....

I then said to him.... Can you write me a letter to confirm when my vmo is fine you confirm it in the letter you have tested every muscule and that it's ok ... He asked me what are you planning??? He laughed
I said to him a man of science cannot argue against another man of science and specialist I said I am going for a second opinion once the vmo is running but I refuse to say where as doctors and physios talk and I want an unbiased opinion I said we both know doctors talk to one another.......

But he did a really interesting test which I need your help on guys please let me know the name of it he did a test where he held my leg in his hand felt my knee go back into itself I was with legs straight on bed my left knee was fine he said but he said when he lifted my foot he felt a massive clunk of the joint as if the ligaments were not holding  and the patella not fitting into the groove correctly.......... He looked abot worried or confused by this I said to him  the inside of my joint didn't like it right in the middle of it as if I felt whatever holds the inside of the joint was unstable which led me to think could it be the acl as I felt as if when the joint hyperextended back the ligament that holds the joints together was a massive pain........and it felt like so ething was going over stretched .....
So what is the name of this when you legs flat on the bed heel is lifted by the physio and your knees clunk back into themselves and they feel the knee or what it by doing this.....

He asked me what's my secret as I have improved so much I said just doing it in the gym determination he agrees with what I'm doing tucking off all the boxes so doctors can't argue .... And doing the test at the uni etc

He asked me had my surgeon any news I went quiet and I looked at him and asked has my surgeon spoken to you? I tried to gage his reaction but then I told him what happened I said I feel like my surgeon is not listening to what I'm trying to say and I do t feel clarity my quality of life isn't great and I feel I shouldn't have to cry down the phone to a surgeon because I nearly get hit by car because my knee collapsed or fall on top of my nephew nearly that's not a quality of life it's a shambles and explained everything else the surgeon said  by this point we both went quiet he smiled and said well your stubborn as hell and you have proved a lot with your weightloss and recovery so I will help you with what you want to do.........

I replied watch this then you will understand my problem he watched my knee go and was shocked and he said it's clunking the kneecap us moving in and out if it weren't for all these collapses you would have more muscule strength but the inhibition is stopping it every time you have a collapse he wasn't happy with how my knee was acting in the video he thinks I should get this knee test done where they attach lights to you to watch your joint move ......

He told me to keep doing what I'm doing and I was right to go by his opinion of the brace etc........
So if any of you guys know what that test is please message me ..... Holding of heel legs straight knees clunking back
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on August 30, 2015, 12:15:01 AM
so the knee is still playing up collapsing and all the only positive i will say is removing the medial plica has taken away alot of the pain on the medial side, but im still left with a collapsing semi dislocating knee which is worse than i first started out with...... but im still working on my goals.... my friends decided to take me out today one is a first aider and the other works in the hospital so i thought it would be fine in case anything happened

 got to the station and waited on platform and bumped into my surgeons registrar   saw him straight away he kept away from me but smiled which was good as i was with my friends, and to be honest i didnt want to talk to him either, i wanted to enjoy my night rather than him ask questions about my knee one of my friends noticed who he was as he walked away which gave me a confirmation it was him...

I thought about this the other day how doctors could make patients feel more comfortable and i came up with a few situations....... in a rather funny sarcastic witty humour its an opinion and not seen to offend  :D

 "How can i help you." or "What can i do for you?"
what i mean by this is surely a patient with an ongoing condition you want to make as comfortable as possible so why not ask them what would make them comfortable or more happier?? I just think when your knee is constantly dislocating or collapsing and your not giving a patient advice or helping them to be comfortable, then i question is that patient, or has that patient got the best care they have to at least have a certain quality of life ? or are you hindering them by not asking that question? Surley the most important thing is to make the patient comfortable while a diagnosis is trying to be found?

The silent hmmm........... or smiling to avoid an answer...... 
Ok I don't think doctor realize how many times they use hmmmmmm..... or the smile to avoid a subject, or when they don't have an answer, or you are right..... I actually recalled in one meeting with one doctor this happened over 20 times.......Reverse the position and put yourself in the form of a patient, learn to keep the conversation going.................because after a while hearing hmmmm,....... is just ....hmmmm.....boring..........

-Honesty can only create more respect between a doctor and his patients.
So if one is honest with a patient, then this can only create more trust, we as humans are all learning, even as a teacher myself I'm still learning, we are all not perfect, if your not honest, and then it is found out through other means, many levels of trust towards that doctor can happen, then it can be hard to regain it. For me as a patient honesty is key to helping a patient and gaining the correct diagnosis....

- The surrounded by "I don't know these people." Guniea pig feeling.......
So after you have had a surgery, a patient is rather drugged up to their faces on morphine or whatever pink, white pills they have scoffed down, but the  suddenly your surround by 6 people around your bed. You don't have a clue who they are, but you think "Who are these people, medical students PA'S??"
If ones is in ones own space, there is a natural principle to introduce ones self or to explain why they are there, even if the consultant takes over after the introductions, at least the patients knows who they are and what they are doing staring at the as a test ...
- Doctors getting the nurses to bring in the patient to their consultation room
Ok so, all doctor say we must keep fit, keep active blah blah blah..... Its rather contradictory if you sit in a chair, don’t come to the door, shake a patients hand and invite them in to the consult. For me as a patient and a teacher, I believe in order to gain trust of a patient, there is a certain level of trust, or  understanding that can be quickly earned by doing
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Snowy on August 31, 2015, 04:43:24 AM
The test you're describing sounds like the Lachman test, which is done to assess the stability of the ACL.

I've just caught up with your diary, and this is really insane - at this point you should be under the care of a specialist having proper assessments to determine why the knee keeps collapsing. Every single time this happens you're at the risk of causing more damage to the joint. You need a surgeon who's prepared to manage your situation far more proactively than has been the case so far.
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Post by: lucha86 on August 31, 2015, 05:33:13 PM
so i have paid to see a professor in Germany and as you can see i generally don t like to mention doctors names that i have seen or have been treated under as every case is different.... for a second opinon as he deals with the latest techniques of instability and hypermobility this gentleman has published too on it which is a good sign.....i have set it up for start of November as thats only when my work will allow me to get time off, and i suppose it will give me extra time to work on the legs so far this week have had 12 collapses give ways and a mix of semi dislocations ......

i have been looking at standing 3D CT scanners too in London where it can capture the leg standing up and movement in order to capture the issue or collapse its the only machine in the country it would mean paying for it but dont care if it give me an answer, i have heard athletes have done this where doctors are baffled with certain cases and this ct scan creates a 3d motion of the joint so im also looking into that.....

soo fingers cross this dude can help me =)

no word from my surgeom
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Post by: lucha86 on September 01, 2015, 06:28:44 AM
Thanks for your kind words snowy I'm going to try to speak to my surgeon soon but I would prefer him get back to me that I'm not happy as my knee has gone again going to ring physio at hospital and ask for an emergency appointment .... Because to be honest the physio knows more about mpfl  etc that a doctor last tine I went to an a and e they said they had never heard of it sent me home on crutches and said for me to contact my surgeon .... It's said really that a doctor won't even look at a leg or help a patient be more comfortable if so e part of knowledge they don't know.......
But the benefit here is I have got an appointment to see the doctor because all I want is clarity and answers which I. Not getting currently ......
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 01, 2015, 10:50:30 PM
so i get a call to say that i have been booked a MRI i was like wth??? its a CT scan right???
the lady said no an MRI has been ordered  >:( >:( >:( >:(
so the surgeons tells me im getting a CT scan and now im getting an MRI??? im sorry but there is a rather big difference between the two one has rang me to explain why an mri it must have been the pictures i sent to his secretary with my leg swollen
so knee given out again and going to gp to get it checked tired to get physio he can only see me in a weeks time as he is fully booked so tonight im sleeping with a brace around my leg to keep it in place because its so lax......
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Post by: lucha86 on September 06, 2015, 11:24:01 AM
so  i have been doing all the exercises and these exercises;topic=64078.15;last_msg=630715

so knee has collapsed worst part went out on a date with a guy lol known him for years and knee collapsed wasnt amused, lol my mri is on the system just waiting for a date from the NHS i have decided in the next week im looking into the standing knee tests mri and flexed knee test mri as this is the issues and need so far this week and many people who have had knee issues where doctors dont know what to do have found the issues in these scans the machine only exist in london and they gave me a quote of £700 per scan ......................
 i have had 15 collapses but i suppose its sad to say its become normality once the mri is done i hope to get answers if not things will be said because its my quality of life not the surgeons and if my knee is collapsing on a date i shouldnt be forced to wear a knee brace.......
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Post by: lucha86 on September 07, 2015, 12:14:00 AM
so after a major fall due to the collapse ended up in lovley a and E just got home after 5 hours of waiting..... but i suppose i finally found a doctor who listened........  :D

so he agreed with me that a main ligament / with a mix of laxity is causing my knee to roll, such as the PCL or ACL, he was shocked to see my knee collapse the way it did and he said the need to get you sorted and stop putting your round in circles because its not good for you or the knee an x ray was taken which showed swelling around the joint the bones were fine, but he said with ligaments they cause this type of swelling if it was bone it would be more inside the joint.....

so now he has put me back into the fracture clinic in just in under 2 weeks, to get it sorted because he said the collapses need to be sorted,he said how do i cope with those collapses?? he said they look uncomfortable and painful?? he told me to keep  wearing the brace he felt it was a case of to keep it stable right now rather than the issue of the quad because the knee is just randomly collapsing.......... he said the collapse he saw that he couldnt understand why someone hasnt sorted me sooner......

so i feel better now that someone is listening........... i even said to him its finally nice to hear someone say there is a problem because they are in agreement something is not right with my knee........
i feel more happier now.....
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Post by: lucha86 on September 08, 2015, 04:59:17 PM
So i had another collapse this time screwing up my left foot which is now cut and my ankle is swollen after going to visit a kitchen and knee giving out and metal scratching top of foot, ankle is a little swollen.....

So i tried to ring to see if they could give me an earlier fracture clinic appointment but there is none till my appointment....... so i have physio at the hospital Thursday so this is going to be interesting......

So i now some people who work for the care quality commission who mark or investigate the hospitals for care levels etc, they said this would be deem unacceptable and needs improving so they have advised me what to do, and i have followed their ideas...........but wish not to go into it and further what they said........and i have taken heed of their advice......and followed it i did not give them the surgeons name but seeked advice

so for me when i think to be left with such a knee, and my surgeon to say to carry on with physio considering post first surgery my knee was a full strength he said and still collapsing and semi dislocating, and now after this surgery i still have the same thing, i feel like a tested guinea pig as in once they have tested on you its like ah cant fix that one next person and toss you to the side and expect you to continue with a knee that is worse instability wise sorry but its my quality of life, every surgeon can walk away after they have done their work but when you have had 80 collapses in 5-6 weeks they dont live with that....... they carry on with their horses or golf or yachting lol

I just want it fixed that is all, but the funniest part is how registrars seem to agree with me that my knee has a serious problem and the consultant needs to do something about it and a certain ligament is causing it to roll, with laxity suspected ACL OR PCL as no problems on the lateral side..... but the consultant says just back to physio.........

So the fracture clinic i have been put down as is not my surgeons judging by the registrars face in a and e he wanted me to get help from another clinic lol just heard a muffled annoyed hmm, surgeons hmm, so lets see if this works..... to be honest right now i do feel let down by my surgeon that i have been left in a state of disrepair and now i will follow the advice from the investigators, and i have no clarity from my surgeon..............

i even told the people who i know in the care quality commission and a consultant i know that i cried down the phone to my surgeon and said my quality of life was bad and my knee was collapsing unpredictable and i was scared it might go again they asked me has he followed up by phone call or asked to see you i said no the word they gave me was.... unacceptable..... he should be following up in this situation.....

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Post by: Snowy on September 10, 2015, 04:20:12 AM
so now he has put me back into the fracture clinic in just in under 2 weeks, to get it sorted because he said the collapses need to be sorted,he said how do i cope with those collapses?? he said they look uncomfortable and painful?? he told me to keep  wearing the brace he felt it was a case of to keep it stable right now rather than the issue of the quad because the knee is just randomly collapsing.......... he said the collapse he saw that he couldnt understand why someone hasnt sorted me sooner......

This sounds more encouraging - some solid advice on helping keep the knee stable and a doctor who's prepared to both acknowledge that this isn't an acceptable situation and take some action on it. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the fracture clinic comes up with some better options for you, both shorter term and longer term.
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on September 10, 2015, 10:08:00 AM
Hi Lucha,

Finally you are making progress finding someone that is willing to take action into finding out why your knee collapses so easily. It does take a while till you find someone that understands! Before I had my 1st exploratory scope my OS and his team all thought I was imagining the knee pain, the MRI results was all clear and visually my right knee looked fine.

Now looking likely that I will be having my 3rd surgery on my right knee! I just wish more professionals listened more careful to the patients and their concerns and symptoms. It frustrating when no one seems to take you seriously and then when they do you are surprised and stunned that someone understands that are happy to help you the best they can.

[email protected]
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Post by: lucha86 on September 10, 2015, 05:49:56 PM
Well today at physio finally broke down in tears, i didn't shout i just cried didn't make a noise explained everything to my physio to what had happened all the issues the a and e visit,
i said surely i should be able to lead a life of normality rather than my knee going in the middle of a road and my knee giving out on a date that is no quality of life it is unacceptable an its health and safety.....
and explained about the CT now being an MRI ... so he gave me a hug to try to calm me down and he checked my knee and took one look and said

your knee has lost a lot  the muscles have shut down you have swollen patella tendons due to the collapse and major swelling around the joint this is unacceptable i have to help you as i know your case i know you try so hard i agree with the doctor,  so he said he would ring this consultant im seeing in two weeks to explain the situation... i cant leave you like this i need to keep an eye on you, because i have not seen a knee react this badly and i can tell its collapsed because the muscles are terrible we must fix these collapses.......

he said for me to wear the brace and not take it off until i feel i have more control of the joint its a case of damage control without causing more damage to the joint...... he said to keep trying to keep the leg going with slow kinetics and stepmaster and bike as the other machines my knee collapses on.....

but then disaster hit at the end of the physio session he moved my knee i felt a blot sharp pain knee clunked out then my whole upper leg and knee cramped up it took him 10 minutes to stop the cramping by this point i was in tears and leg was shaking so upset,  just couldnt stop it the leg and i felt so
useless and tearful and then he made me laugh by trying to say a few jokes..........then he said your leg is not right is it ive never seen it this bad even testing it it is bad i burst into tears i felt all the gym and physio had done on it everyday was just nothing and he said I refuse to see it any worse than this....

But i remember saying during the cramping im 29 not 89 and i burst into tears i said a surgeon can walk away and lead a normal life i cant.......... so then he gave me some tissues he wants to see me weekly now until i see this consultant.... he said my knee is very sick and needs help he said i cant make my leg stronger untill the collapses are dealt with and i need clarity and answers.........
imy physio said he will speak with the consultant as he believes i need a specialist to look at my knee as im not getting any answers from my surgeon and im being left in a bad way i said to him i felt like i can no longer trust doctors anymore as i dont have any answers and have a terrible knee

He said for me dont worry i will get you hope back, there are good doctors out there we need to get this knee sorted he said that why he test it for hyper extending the left knee goes back but does hold position he said but the right just clunks and hits the table nothing is holding it and he said it doesnt want me to cause more damage to it...... which is not normal

he said it must get sorted otherwise bigger things could happen, he said if the surgeon wasnt going to give me answers then this consultant would lead me in the right direction to get those answers so just wait to see what happens.........he said its been too long now and i can tell your leg isnt right

then i saw a physio coming out who worked with me on the ward when i had my surgery and works with my surgeon and she saw me and i was in a brace and she said oh thats not good and she asked what happened i told her and she said did my surgeon know i replied yes and she said whats he doing i said you tell me i dont know  walked off in tears so just have to wait now

So now my physio is backing me up it makes me feels better my knee is agony right now since the massive cramp so let's hope there better things coming on the horizon
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Post by: lucha86 on September 11, 2015, 12:40:46 PM
So after yesterday I feel I only have faith in physios rather than doctors I feel I have list complete faith in doctors I seriously cannot understand or comprehend how a doctor would not check up on a patient that is having knee collapses still after two surgeries and just leaves them and thinks can't do one.     
I can't fault the physios they have been amazing and the a and e doctor and the medical secretary but I think my surgeon I don't know what to believe anymore because there is no clarity or no response or consideration for my quality of life my leg collapsed again today 4 times so far.   
But in a positive note hoping my physio can do something now that I have backup I know something isn't right
Why should I have to cry down a phone to a surgeon to fight for my quality of life which is deplorable if I don't hear anything from my surgeon in one week. ...   Then I will be writing a letter because I refuse to be left in a despicable deplorable condition even last night only had two hours sleep.  So I'm hoping by my physio speaking to the consultant then I can hope again in the medical profession because right now doctors I fail to comprehend how even under their medical oath they can leaves patient to have leg collapses and not even try to make the patient comfortable untill a diagnosis is found...   I can't even get out of my own city now because my knee is so unpredictable tried today knee gave way at station so now I hope mybphysio will call soon to let me know what is going to happen
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 12, 2015, 12:38:28 AM
so this is what the physio has found out so far...

failed the external rotation recurvatum test for posterolateral knee instability..........
.as right knee flexed alot more back than my left..... it can be indicators this test for posterolateral instability acl issues and a sign of hyperextension which we already know i have lol

i have movement he believes where the joint is not being held in place..... my left knee is fine

my knee cap/ patella on my right side ( bad side) moves alot and doesnt hit off the bone like it should but my left is fine and hits the bone.......

my patella tendon is severely swollen due to the collapses.............

but what was interesting was posterolateral knee instability can cause collapses of the knee and unusual twisting motions of the femur against the tibia and twisting motions or cutting motions the knee does not like which is true for me so now im getting a few favours as im finding little information on it as i taught a lot of orthopaedics in mexico English they are now based around the world so i have called in favours for them to help get me information on this...........
but i have had one get back to me to ask for the mri im going to have to check the posterolateral corner on a high mri such as a who blinkin knows but it would explain alot........
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Post by: lucha86 on September 12, 2015, 07:25:13 PM
So now ankle is going when knee is going really hoping the leg will hold  out for another few days up until I see my physio next my physio was suppose to call me to let me know what happened probably busy poor guy 

One thing I'm. Trying to understand is in the test I failed he said I had no end point on the external rotation point test what is an end point???

So currently lying in a bed with my sister making me cups of tea as the pain is annoying know I have had 6 collapses today currently got my knee in a brace on the bed and frankly strapped up just want to burst into tears as my leg just feels really tired and heavy with all the collapses but keep trying

Knee s swollen and buggered up just trying to keep going till I see my physio next now that my ankle is slightly buggered too I'm just rather frustrated
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Post by: Clarkey on September 12, 2015, 08:41:42 PM
Hi Lucha,

It is like a domino when you line them all up in one row and then push the domino in the front and they all collapse in one full swoop! If your knee it not too happy then it will put more stain onto you ankle and hip and your good knee or knee that is not as bad!

I am sorry that you are now more and less bedridden at the moment that is never a nice feeling having to be asking for help and support as you then feel that you are being a pain and burden on the person caring for you even though they say they are more than happy to help out the best they can.

Is there a way you can see your OS as a priority as there is bound to be a cancellation or could pay privately and see a OS that been highly recommend by members on KG or your family and friends might be able to suggest which OS to be seeing.

I think I am near to where you live visiting my brother and his family in Staines-Upon-Thames this weekend that is very close to Heathrow Airport. One can certainly notice when the big jumbo jets fly over like the A380! I love be a good uncle to both my nephews 2 and a half and 7 months and can babysit ok just cant kneel or squat  and not as quick as I would like to be on my feet if they older one decides to run off!

I am lucky that I can see my OS on Wednesday. If you lived closer to the Midlands region I would highly recommend seeing him as he would make sure he do all he can to get your knee right again. Hi is really nice in person with a good professional friendly bedside manner. Some OS's can be full of themselves as they have such a highly paid job and massive responsibility that they treat you like a label rather than a human being with a robotic personality.

[email protected]
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Post by: lucha86 on September 13, 2015, 05:53:57 PM
So as physio told me to keep it moving in bike only as you can tell it went again due to redness around knee and it keeps hyperexrending back to much and moving forward way too much
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 13, 2015, 06:11:36 PM
Hey snowy and Clarkey
Yes I do agree with you Clarkey but I think sometimes with some consultants it gets to a point where you have to show your knowledge or be straight with them I think alot think if we have problems they expect us to get on with it and not argue with them but for me I think over 100 collapses post 8-9 weeks after surgery and even before surgery too would make any patient question a doctors diagnosis because they are the ones that live with the consequences of their action and the ability to lead a quality of life is important  when there looks to show indecisiveness lack of honesty or clarity then other pathways must be sought ...

As doctors talk to each other if you want a unbiased opinion alot of doctors  have told me to go out the area I live to gain a opinion as all consultants know each other in an area and talk it's sad to say that but it's a fact........

If im to be honest I feel sometimes consultants are quick enough to give their own opinion but to listen to a patient or make a patient Comfortable generally falls onto the physios as the doctors never or generally don't ask these sort of questions if they listened more I think more diagnosis could be found quicker.......... Or patients would also be more comfortable too..... Without putting more pressure on the nhs

I remember even seeing one doctor in a and e who said to me the amount of problems he saw by surgeons and it's the a and e staff that have to deal with it because the surgeon doesn't know what to do or just isn't being helpful so they put the people back into the system to get them sorted... He said a surgeon is there to make sure their is no complications and if they are they must deal with them and not the a and e staff... So we could ask are surgeons asking the right questions or at least trying to make the patient comfortable untill a diagnosis is reached??
Thanks for your comments guys...

Hopefully snowy something will happen I agree at least someone has said there is an issue now I have also got a recording now of my knee collapsing in the gym I will show it to my physio this Thursday...... It's terrible how the leg goes in the video
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 14, 2015, 07:18:56 AM
My story so far.......
Feb 2014- surgeon said needed surgery
May 2014 mpfl reconstruction
June 2015 - MUA due to leg stiffness and triple the size,
September 2014 - still having instability and collapses,
June 2015 - clean out medial plica excision
July 2015- registrar said consultant did not know what to do with knee.
September 2015- over 100 knee collapses and instability post surgery surgery
                                 Surgeon doesnt know what to do now MRI again!!
September 2015 Physio not happy with knee instability cramping,  neither a and e doctor
                               put back into the fracture clinic, with different consultant at end of month.
                               Physio now talking with consultant as he is not happy.....

Things which i know.........
Have small patella, hypermobility, failed (positive) test for  external rotation recurvatum test and had no end point
and knee hyperxtended and clunked when my left still managed to hold itself, TT-TG 20MM,
have videos of knee completely collapsing

so as you can tell its been a long rather frustrating journey lol, and not including my weight loss and retiring from my sport at the end on December 2016, it makes me wonder was it all worth it??

I have lost faith in doctors in the process, as i have felt like my surgeon has given me no clarity and just feel like he has given up and doesnt know what to do and its like i have been a guinea pig and its hasn't worked so next patient sort of thing which i shouldn't be lead to feel like that if he does contact me the first thing i will do is send the video to prove my knee is buggered because things cant be argued in black and white,
 i cannot fault my physio hes a true Liverpudlian lol very funny and sarcastic lol but he has given me so many answers, and a bit more clarity and he tries in best in making sure, i get the right treatment etc....... hes a senior physiotherapist within the NHS one of the top boys at the hospital, last time i had him he stayed with me when my leg and knee all cramped out and collapsed, and made sure i was ok, and even said enough is enough something must be done! poor sod spent 40-50 minutes with me and i was just crying very quietly he knew i was doing it as i didn't want to make other people think he was causing me pain lol lol but that is why i cannot fault him in his quality of care my physio
so when this happens your physio is saying something is wrong and he is a senior in his job and an a and e doctor of course you would as a patient begin to question your diagnosis especially after nearly two years, but also the trust and respect you have for the surgeon because surely if a patient you knew was having so many collapses you would follow up on them to check......
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: esm87 on September 14, 2015, 01:52:05 PM
Hi Lucha

So sorry to hear you are still having so many problems however as other people have said, it sounds slightly more promising now that your physio is helping you and you have your appointment at the fracture clinic.

I'm really hoping you manage to get a solution that can finally fix your knee!

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 14, 2015, 10:57:45 PM
i hope so too emma i hope your doing well...
my knee went on the bike today so only sticking with stepmaster or sitting weights benches etc.....
hoping i will get some clarity.........

i think when you start have doctors and physio saying something is actually wrong you then start to feel something is more promising.......

but for sure i have lost faith in my surgeons and doctors alike just fed up with lack of answers and help... i shouldnt have to sit in an a and e when a surgeon has fixed something when it hasnt been fixed
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 15, 2015, 07:53:39 AM
So I sent my surgeons secretary a letter to ask for a transfer to another hospital saying that my knee is unacceptable condition And I feel I have lost faith because myknee went again and im just tired to it so I hope I will get what I need because I'm in a state of disrepair
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 15, 2015, 10:31:03 PM
Surgeons how can i describe them........

My roller coaster journey through MPFL reconstruction has taught me many things, some people on the wards told me the surgeons are treated like gods and not to be argued with....
I say this i was once told by a very wise teacher:-

"We all come into this world the same way, and we all go out the same way."

My wrestling teaching meant, no matter who you are you are an equal to be treated with the same amount of respect as you would anyone else........
Sometimes i feel the basic understanding of nature morals and principles can be forgotten and to listen do we as patients have to get frustrated to express our opinion as the surgeon has his own belief, we are the patients that live with the problem on a daily basis and must be listened to so that an understanding can be created before an opinion is formed.......
i think there are four key rules which sometimes are missed....

1) Honesty, 2) ability to listen 3 )hope 4) care

As a patient i require honesty from my surgeon, so then i know what to do and what to expect or if things got changed etc.....Surgeons and doctors can forget the basic principle sometimes the truth can filter out and the patient can find it in the wrong, way i suppose in a way doctors are less honesty now due to the liability factors......
With the a ability to listen, if you over speak over a patient, does that create trust and respect? It will only deem the patient to believe that they are not listening to them and the patient will just let the surgeon carry on. For me i feel now as patients we need to speak more, have the ability to open up to a doctor if the trust is there to say when something is not acceptable we are all not perfect we are all learning in life and sometimes we need someone to tell us where we are going right or wrong.....

Hope is a key for me i feel all patients need a sense of hope or a sense of the ability to lead just a sense of normality,  we are all human hope is what helps us in our natural instincts to keep us going through the trial and tribulations of life.............

Finally care...... If a patient has complications, or on going issues a doctor should check on them, if you leave a patient to get on with a condition that is deemed to be unacceptable it comes under quality of care and a patient needs to be checked on if thats by the surgeon talking to the physio or the physio talking to the doctor......

sometimes i do believe if these four key items co existed and worked with doctors and that physiotherapist worked with doctors on complicated cases more there would be less issues.....
Yes my surgeon was helpful until after the second surgery but then with the care aspect if all exams and ideologies have been exhausted and you can still see from videos my knee is collapsing... then why am i not transferred out to a specialist area,

I once got told by a doctor in London that if a consultant transfers a patient out after two surgeries it can black spot a surgeon what he said he meant by that was as doctors talk it can make them look bad.......but if this is or isnt true........ surely the most important thing is the quality of life for the patient and the care of that patient with complications rather than ones reputation as a surgeon??
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 16, 2015, 07:57:32 AM
Knee went again luckily I see physio tomorrow hopefully he can geddit checked over :)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 17, 2015, 05:47:00 PM
so i saw my physiotherapist today i showed him a video of my knee collapsing start of this week and i showed him the video even he said now that my vmo and quads are stronger my knee is still not right and the movement of the knee in the collapse is not right and worrying......

I explained i had sent this video and a letter begging for a referral to my surgeon as i felt it was unacceptable he asked me did i receive a reply i said no " he said it was good i sent the video as its clear and concise for the surgeon to see what the issue is as describing it is one thing he said seeing it is another because its in black and white and it cant be argued..... he said the video shows that a particular ligament is not holding the knee in place and he feels this is what is causing the collapse, he said it might be an idea for an athroscopy for when im knocked out to have a look at the knee, i said but ive had one like 8 weeks ago! he laughed and said relax but we need to get you sorted.....

i gave him a list of surgeons i had researched that i will not name for a referral to he agreed one looked very good and its in an area out of my normal area which i thought  would get the best unbiased opinion as doctors talk in each area and protect themselves...... sad but true.....

but like my physio said i have videos to prove my knee is collapsing so i need not worry as they cannot argue against me now......

he explained maybe another reason for no reply was maybe the surgeon was talking with his "buddies"
for advice as he said if he saw that video he should be concerned by the way the collapse has went....
he said he has written a letter for the consultant i will see a week today to request it is necessary i see this consultant with both agreed on as my knee needs to be fixed as something isnt right with it. and the knee wont get better untill it gets sorted...

Then he said to me so you had an MUA in june also ? I was like no no no that was after the MPFL surgery last year, and he said no on the ntoes it said you had an MUA too, i was like WTH......??? i said to my physio i keep finding out things and i dont get the truth i get it from other people than the horses mouth he didnt even mention the MUA!! i asked why would he give me an MUA when he was trying to clean out my leg???? ..... i said to him and people wonder now why i dont trust surgeons..

he patted me on the back said he would get all the notes and let me know .... i cant fault my physio but hopefully next week i will gain some hope if not i will just bang my head on a wall haha lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 19, 2015, 12:00:15 PM
so these are the problems so far with my knee after my physio has evaluated them......

sitting down at edge of table strength is there  when flexing leg from 90 degrees to full flexion both in full extension and flexion backwards, but knee joint is physically clunking in movement and isnt holding its place... when knee joint goes back he said its not normal at all and that is not a quad vmo issue....

lying down leg full extension with heel being held up knee again clunks, and doesnt stop going back he said even from the side when you see the joint go back there is abnormall movement in the joint.....

things we know
high TT-TG 20mm
small kneecaps, patella dysplasia,

then my physio said something really interesting he said to me that when i go and ask for a referral the second opinion surgeon would not be happy with the fact i had an MUA done on the second surgery.... i think i will ask my physio why this would be because he seemed insistant on the fact that the surgeon would not like that fact, for me when i think maybe it shows there must be something wrong.... because why would a second surgeon not be happy about an MUA or maybe i might ask the consultant i see next........

but i am alot happier to hink my physio is supporting me against my surgeon as he believes it needs to be sorted in order to get me on the road to recovery.....

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 19, 2015, 09:43:45 PM
so today ended with a bang quite literally in the kitchen knee jerked when out of place went laterally gave out and foot went, so was stuck on the kitchen floor for 1 hour till the cramping stopped my sister got me some painkillers she made sure i was dosed up as shes a phd in pharmacy so shes a good pharmacist lol

She said its just not acceptable and she said make sure i get the referral this thursday and request it and to show the videos, because its my quality of life, so she tried to help me up knee gave out again so sat there for another 30 minutes got frustrated then got my sister to give me two crutches to help me up...

I might contact my Gp to see if she can give me a note to say i can use a crutch for the next week or so to help my knee recover because its quite literally screwed....

so currently not amused if i dont laugh i will cry roll on Thursday thats all i say.......
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: vickster on September 19, 2015, 10:51:04 PM
Why does your GP need to sign off on using a crutch? Health & safety regs at work?
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Snowy on September 20, 2015, 08:02:39 AM
This isn't right. Your physio is spot on - you need a doctor who's going to help you - your knee isn't in a stable or acceptable condition, and if your surgeon won't step up and help you deal with the fact that it's in a worse state after surgery than before then he needs to refer you to someone else who can do more.

I would ask the same question as Vickster - is it not possible just to go to the hospital and ask for crutches?
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 20, 2015, 08:08:03 AM
As I want to continue to work everytime knee has gone and l ended back up on a crutch They know it's an ongoing issue but they always now ask me to go to gp to get it checked because ofcthe saftey issue and to have a note to explain restrictions at work etc. .. This is what occupational health ask for to cover themselves.. . But my gp is cool she knows the whole process when I ask her she knows what to do and she gets it sorted for me  luckily enough my physio told me to keep some crutches at home for emergency.......
Snowy fingers crossed this Thursday I will get a referral as my physio has requested a referral for me by letter and by phone to the different consultant I will see Thursday as he is deeming it also to be unacceptable
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 20, 2015, 09:13:31 PM
So knee went again spot the bulge lol  :P that my physio is worried about below the kneecap he said it's the patella tendon swollen because of collapse
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 21, 2015, 07:08:26 AM
So I spoke with a doctor I know and taught English who is an orthopaedic doctor he said I could have the following to do with posterolateral corner  corner instability or injury and a laxity issue of the acl or pcl
With this and it seems to match what I have been describing to my surgeon for nearly two years!!

 Knee rotary instability with posterolateral instability

Patients with knee rotatory instability will often present with joint line tenderness accompanied by swelling in the posterolateral corner of the knee. Due to the anatomical path of the common fibular nerve, injuries in this area up to 30% of the time present with neurological symptoms such as numbness, weakness, and paresthesias. Many patients with knee rotary instability report episodes of giving way or knee buckling during the stance phase of gate and pivoting or twisting movements. Some patients present with unpredictable giving way of the knee without provocation or simply when just standing.(Ferarri) Standing posture can present with genu varum while the stance phase of gait can present with hyperextension varus thrust. If patient experiences this they may try to walk keeping the knee slightly flexed when walking to avoid

It can also caus damage to the acl or pcl so I will share this with the consultant on Thursday fingers crossed
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on September 21, 2015, 04:14:29 PM
Hi Lucha,

I am glad that someone is finally seeing that you knee desperately requires attention and expert advice and guidance from a new OS that should have other idea what needs to be done next. I would have thought you would have seen an OS sooner rather than later. At least now you have the added reassurance after your consultation on Thursday. Good luck and hope he/she can sort out why your knee keeps on collapsing on a daily basis!

[email protected]
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 21, 2015, 06:03:46 PM
hey nick thanks for your advice, i suppose i have reached a point of desperation as when a knee is fully unstable you begin to try anything ti get a sense of normality, im still doing what teh physio is telling me to do and my knee is still collapsing doing it and i try to change it up and to get the knee comfortable....

i think i am just shocked my surgeon considering the fact my knee went and i nearly got hit by a car in the middle of a road a few weeks back and also yesterday when i went out with some personal trainers to the gym, its the health and safety issue of it and the fact there was no follow up or no phone call to say hey hows the knee doing, i find rather frustrating when i have made it clear im not happy and my knee is in a deplorable state.... a patient shouldn't  be left if there are complications like collapses as its quality of life which is effected.....and to be honest its dangerous when you dont know when your knee will go.

not even to call me and say hey you know what i dont know what to do i want to transfer you to this because of abc and d......i would have respected him more for that to transfer me himself.....its called quality of care......... i even said this in the email i sent to him and his secretary

I have had no word from the email i sent to his secretary that was over 9 days ago, i cant fault her his secretary has been great,  and i know my physio is writing a letter to the consultant i will ring the physio tomorrow to confirm this has been done... ready for Thursday........

now up to around 185 collapses lol if i dont laugh it the only way i get stress out lol.........

I feel sorry for the poor sod who has to see me on Thursday lol but all doctors talk so it wouldn't surprise me if my surgeon has talked to him.....................
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 22, 2015, 10:04:56 PM
well i thought i would ring the secretary to ask if she had received my email to be referred to a london hospital and they have moved me to another hospital in the same area, as we know all surgeons do talk especially in the same area, and i feel i may get a biased opinion... but i still will speak with the consultant on Thursday to express my opinion.......  but a positive thing is i suppose it is someone else...

I said thank you to my secretary for all her help, and said i was grateful to her for helping me she told me to keep in contact, shes a lovely person but i said unfortunately  that would be a bad idea and you can understand why =)  i wished her all the best and she said i would need to speak to the consultant on Thursday who i will get,

So my surgeon finally agreed to pass me on but to another person in the same area, its sad to see that a surgeon cant just admit defeat and ring you and say hey i don't know what to do but i will put you under the care of MR...... i feel better that i have well something that is better than nothing....

I cant see my ex surgeon giving me a surgeon ill equipped or ill experienced to understand sports or the knee, i have seen their is one particular surgeon in this hospital that deals with sports medicine, knee and medio-legal, so maybe it could be him............

Have i lost faith in the medical profession yes i have, and any surgeon that i talk to i will make clear i want honest, respect, and truthfulness... i found so much about what my ex surgeon did but didn't tell me through other means, and i still don't have an explanation to this day......
for example
1) extra holes in my femur after my first surgery when i looked in his notes after surgery nothing to say this and got it through a second opinion after he looked at the mri
2) said he wasnt talking to anyone extra about my case, after my second surgery, and said he knew what he was doing, then two weeks later registrar said to me he didnt know what to do and was going to get a second opinion..and my knee collapsed twice
3) why i had an MUA when i didnt sign up for it with my second surgery.....
4)why there was no follow up considering i cried down the phone to him begging for him to help me because my knee was collapsing so much and was told i might have to wear a brace for the rest of my life or weight till my knee stiffens up i was shocked!! i said no you will fix it otherwise the way im going i will do more damage than good,.........i had a reply of go back to physio i dont know what to do the surgeon said..... >:(

one week later i ended up in A and E, the doctor in A and E was furious and my physio was angry too........with how was knee was in a terrible state with the collapses......

People wonder why i have lost hope, but when that is only some of the things then you can understand why............. i suppose its time to see what happens Thursday fingers crossed a bit of hope i need
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on September 24, 2015, 09:44:04 PM
Hi Lucha,

I am sorry not to wish you good luck for today consultation and that hope you are satisfied with the outcome from the OS you have seen earlier today. I was so worked up yesterday that I totally forgot about your own appointment.

I have also started to upload some photos of my spindle looking legs and kneecaps on my dairy and can thank you personally for uploading your photos of your poorly knee. Of course yours is a more swollen then mine is that is no surprising with the number of knee collapses you had to endure on a daily basis.

Why do we always have to fight our way to be understood and to get taken seriously! We know our knee better than any experts out there. Patients should be able to have their say during a consultation if they are unhappy with the suggested course of treatment.

Keep strong and remain postive that is easier said then done!

[email protected]
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on September 26, 2015, 08:38:09 PM
So this is where i end my diary and will not write any more responses as i feel i want to start a new chapter with this new centre im going to.....and i wish that to remain private =)

All i will say is everything went well in the consultation i had several consultants i started with one lol they looked after me and come into my consult with a nurse was quite tearful explained everything and my quality of life how bad it was didn't said all my pleases and thank you's and respected them explained all i wanted was my knee sorted and they have transferred me to the right orthopaedic centre for help after watching my and by what i have described....i have also had some emergency diagnostics sent out so it shows you can get the gave me hope again and they were soo nice too i couldn't fault them.....even though i looked like joker out of batman with mascara running down my face lol

I think i now have to concentrate on this i remain hopeful and try to continue with as much in the gym as i can....

My experience so far is the following, if you feel a doctor has exhausted everything seek or request other help, and remember that doctors and ourselves we dont know everything and sometime it just takes someone with a speciality to help as they have more experience in that area compared to....

I think as people we are quick enough to get annoyed with doctors, when something doesnt work because its our quality of life, but i suppose in life we are constantly learning and we all dont have the answers..... and doctors are learning all the time surgeon did try his best but right now he did do alot for me ... but after having the same complications as he finally agreed for me to be seen by someone else..... i think sometimes the only way to help a patient is let them go to be seen by someone who has more specialised experience........because you can only help the patient by doing that

Doctors try to help us as much as they can but every case is different every case has their problems ad each outcome is different dependent on pre existing conditions etc

We all in life fight for our quality of life because its the sense of normality that we all want, but i do feel for these doctors in a way because i thought about it how much emotion they put up with and how they have to create or judgement or a decision through experience sense, or clinic exams to try to give a patient a diagnosis, so there is a lot of pressure on them........

I cannot fault the staff that have helped me on the NHS considering the pressure it is under, but the only thing i think doctors can learn is sometimes we all don't have the answers and sometimes to find the answers we need a fresh pair of eyes to look at a situation.... there is never no harm in trying to help a patient by a different route if it means the correct diagnosis is found.....even if that means seeing a different consultant..... =) they shouldn't be judged for transferring a patient

Thank you for everyone's comments and wishes i now have faith again and will no longer be writing this diary and i will comment on other diaries but not mine =)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on September 30, 2015, 05:04:35 PM
Hi Lucha,

I can funny understand why you come to the decision not to post anymore on your diary. Sometimes it better not to over think and analyse too much on how to try and get your knee right again. It is good that your OS was open and honest with you and has now passed you onto another OS.

I agree with your 100% that all the NHS staff I have helped and supported me with my on-going knee problems have been extremely helpful and pleasant. The NHS are under great strain and pressure! I clearly experienced this last week Wednesday when I was not booked in and then double booked at the same time with other patients.

Poor communication with admin staff being told to cut corners double booking. This then looks better on the hospitals stats with the number of patients seen at a set targets from the Government. The patients then suffer as they feel they are not getting any quality one to one with their OS. Quality and not quantity is a better way forward towards improving patients satisfaction.

Good luck in the future to getting your knee right again, I am not expecting a reply back as you clearly said you wanted to end your post op dairy.

[email protected]
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on December 14, 2015, 10:05:12 PM
i thought i would give an update.....  ::)
so i saw the second opinion doctor who was amazing!! he answered every single question with an answer and checked everything from my teeth to my toes, he wasn't afraid to give me an answer and if he didn't know he told me straight..... which only helped me gain more respect for the guy =)

So apparently i am hyper mobile he completely agrees, he also said i failed a lot of ACL tests and all my other ligaments are attached and fully intact , by he sounds of it it could be related in part to the old injury in wrestling a few years back in relation to my MPFL, i even thanked him and said i thought i was going mad....

i get the results of the mri in the first week of January so fingers crossed, and all the doctors were so lovely at that hospital
but honestly he was great all i have ever wanted is answers, that is all any patients wants is honesty and answers to give us the confidence and trust in a doctor, it is a basic form of humanity and the craziest part if i got my MRI 4 days later after i saw him =)

My physios are all happy too as they believed it was the issue too but didnt want to tell me to see if the doctor agreed with them, =) he said sometimes the MPFL and ACL can rupture at the same time......
he said my PCL,MCL,and Posterolatral corner are all intact

Sometimes there is hope in people and second opinions sometimes peoples experiences as in surgeons differ to one another..... and to be honest i walked out with so much hope as i knew what i had been feeling was correct that something was not right............ but honestly a wonderful calm gentleman this doctor was ....

so fingers crossed now, i dont care as long as it gets sorted that is the most important thing the ability to life life =) so fingers crossed after 300 collapses i have hope again =)

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on December 15, 2015, 05:32:52 PM
Hi Lucha,

I am glad this time round things are going your way with have an understanding medical team on your side. It always nice to be given a diagnoses as you start to think you are going bonkers and imagining the pain and discomfort that I been through several times. 

I hope your MRI results come back showing a problem that can be fixed easily. I have just had an email back from Prof Snow Secretary saying my MRI scan looks ok. Once again negative which is not what I wanted to hear. I am too worked up to post in my dairy right now, will give it till Friday when I will be 17 months post op for an update.

[email protected]
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on January 06, 2016, 07:38:48 PM
finally!!! i was right there was something wrong instinct paid off!!!  :D
I burst into tears in front of the doctor when he told me my mri results it showed several things such as edema, ligament issue and other issues and he wants to scope the knee before he decides what to do as in the best surgery or action going forward due to having hypermobility and so on the surgeon wants a clear idea of what is best and then to talk to me about it after the surgeon has had a look.......

this surgeon has been ever so helpful i walked out saying this mri has given me hope i was right all along =)

i finally feel positive, sometimes its amazing how instinct can prove that we can be right if we know something is wrong, dont be afraid to ask for a second opinion because it is about your quality of life, and this surgeon listened to me fully and just let me get it all out, and never judged anything, i cannot fault this surgeon.....Im building my trust up slowly with this surgeon by as i explained to this person, after having two years with issues, and no one listening, its hard to have trust..... an i suppose thats why i got abit emotional because after nearly two years of collapses there was an underlying pathological issue.... and my gut instinct was correct.....

I dont want to name surgeons names who have been in my case. as i feel it is in their best interest to keep them private, because all surgeries are different and can have different outcomes but sometimes dependent on cases some may need a specialist =).........

this surgeon only gets sent the complex cases, and i tell you what im indebted to the consultant who transferred me to this surgeon, so moving forwards with positive vibes  =)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on January 09, 2016, 02:36:58 PM
so on the day i had my pre op assessment and it was really strange in my regional NHS your not allowed to take any style painkiller 10-14 days before surgery and in this centre it was 48 hours? And also you have to clean yourself with a solution two days before the surgery, again in my regional trust that doesnt happen
I explained this to the matron and she said what on earth NHS trust do you come from??
at this point i thought i best not say anymore lol  ::)

So how am i feeling? Im happy in so many ways, that i knew i was right on many levels, but needed the evidence e.g MRI to prove it, I think i have learnt several things through the process, that each and every doctor in orthopaedics has their own expertise and its takes a lot of research and recommendation to find the right one. Not all surgeons know the answers to everything, due to different experiences, we are all students of life and are constantly learning, we all come into the world the same way and we all leave the same way.....

Sometimes i feel that if a doctor does not have an answer they should not be afraid or fear to tell the patient and pass them onto someone else who can help that patient and diagnose them correctly, they should be no fear in doing this, as you can only cause more problems holding a patient back, because it would only create a sense of distrust between a patient and doctor, i remain indebted to the consultant who overruled my ex consultant in the same hospital which took courage.... but very thankful =)

THIS NEW CONSULTANT IS AWESOME!!, and has given me all the answers to my questions sat there and explained my mri  turned the screen to me went through detail  by detail slice by slice from the patella to tibia, to mpfl reconstruction explaining every photo/slice of the knee and explained the problems within the mri which have been raised, is the first consultant to do that with me =) and by this consultant doing that i have no unanswered questions........this consultant has been very blunt, honest open and understanding. This consultant also was the ONLY ONE to ask me also had the major weight loss helped my knee and i said no it hadn't as it was still collapsing.... the consultant has been very clear not to promise anything which i agree with, and wants a full understanding of the knee, and the problems on the mri and then to talk to me once the look inside the knee has been done

I suppose the new consultant had the empathy and experience to understand when you have lost a lot of weight through knee surgery and your knee is still buggered even after losing 12 stone there is something wrong, apparently it isn't a long wait for the first surgery, to be honest i do not mind waiting as i know this consultant is experienced in buggered ligaments lol so i will wait =) yes i do have hope again but the trust will take time to build, i cannot gain two years back but the best thing i can do is look forwards onwards and upwards to know by the end of this year everything will be sorted to the best of the ability they can do =)

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on January 15, 2016, 09:45:37 PM
So i had two major falls recently one in the shower i turned knee collapsed and back went right into the metal shower pipe head and fell to the floor, luckily i managed to get up but i now have a massive bruise on my back...

Then i crossed a road luckily my friend was there as knee collapsed also i got slightly hit but not full impact which was lucky a my friend waved at the car when my knee went, as i was crossing a busy road......which frightened me so much now i wear a brace

So i decided to go to my private physio caught up with the physio who was happy for me as the physio agreed with the findings of my new surgeon but as soon as i mentioned the edema in the knee.. i was told.... no cross trainer no running no rower all close kinetic exercises not open, otherwise you might irritate it more, i was also confused about in the letter it saying i needed antibiotics after surgery which i have never had with knee surgery before and the physio explained as i have edema that can increase risk of infection..........

i explained everything that had happened and she used a machine to relax the joint, then physio talked about trust, i explained to the physio after two years its hard and after this mri proving i was right and there was something not right it makes it harder, i said i cant do anything about it but i must remain positive but its hard when you trying to get stopped by getting hit by cars, and lost a lot of income i said im the person who believes in honesty and respect i would like an APOLOGY BUT i will never get that from the ex surgeon........i just need the knee sorted and i want to lead a normal life, that is all i want... every doctor has different expertise, and sometimes its best to be transferred to the right one.....i have found a great surgeon now so positive moving forwards......and i cannot fault this new surgeon, honest, straight, answered all the questions

i think the physio understood what i was trying to say went quiet and said your poor knee we will finally get you sorted! this physio has backed me alot and i cannot fault this physio clinic they all know me there and say hello all the physios and i generally stick with one there and another one who is a Kiwi in emergencies ......

So now in the gym doing alot more upper body weights, and stepmaster has become my new best friend....
i ahve surgery planned for late march they have given me a date but they have also put me on a cancellation list if anything comes up which is great =)

im beginning to feel more positive its taken time i cannot change the past or the decisions that happened or the decisions my ex surgeon made,yes i have lost a lot, but all i can do is look forward to the future with a great surgeon =)

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on January 17, 2016, 02:00:32 PM
Hi Lucha,

Happy New Year, I am sorry it not started off too well with more knee collapses! The positive thing is knowing that you have finally found an understanding OS that knows what's up and willing to get it resolved for you.

I also had edema in my right knee pre-op to scope #2 of AIR! That was the one 100% positive MRI where my OS was happy to take a look inside the knee the others have not really shown anything too major or of a concern. 

I hope you can have the surgery done earlier than late March with a cancellation coming up, it is a long time to wait if you are in daily pain and discomfort. I am seeing my OS again in mid March and unfortunately the 3 cortisone injections last year have not helped! Maybe he has no other option now but to do a diagnostic scope! It a risk and gamble to consider, at least I then know I have tried all the possible options available! Or he might have to realign my kneecap, that's a big surgery to endure.

Good luck.

[email protected]
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on January 17, 2016, 10:22:46 PM
Hey Nick
I hope you  had a good new year,
well after reading the letter i received i have apparently injured the rarest area of this ligament at the back of the knee ( just my luck lol ) i have oedema and retro patellar so , in a way im more than praying lol for a cancellation as i have already paid out £450 in physiotherapy to keep my knee going, and it has given out today..........

I think sometimes it does tire you out trying to put up with a knee that is just not performing and is a greater risk for you walking outside and it just goes is just crazy......
It looks more like i will go to the physio again this week to get the knee sorted, then you begin to think how much more damage has my knee got now??

Im sorry to hear you injections haven't worked i hope when you see your OS nick in march he will help you i hope all is well with you

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: esm87 on January 19, 2016, 01:15:53 PM
Hi Lucha

I am so glad you have found a new surgeon who seems as though they can really help you! Hopefully you manage to get a cancellation and don't have to wait much longer for your surgery.

I am back at physio myself with recurring problems in my right knee and it looks like I might be facing more surgery too! :(

Keep us updated on how you're getting on.

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on January 19, 2016, 07:41:23 PM
so i feel abit witty in a sarcastic way today lol so finally read the notes from the surgeon lol
so drum roll please brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol

so i have injured a part of the ACL there are two bundles one called the anteromedial bundle which is the common one to tear, break etc and then the second one is called the posterallateral bundle which apparently im told is the rarest part to injure which is just my blinkin luck lol but the anteromedial bundle part is perfect no problems lol

so.......  the theory behind my physios idea is that if it was injured years back with my MPFL at the same time and it managed to heal itself an ACL can look normal on the outside but the fibres on the inside can look looks like im going to be having my leg in every single yoga position possible under anaesthesia to examine the ACL lol

I have oedema of the knee so fluid in the knee..didn't need a mri to tell me that even the surgeon could see it lol ..... and recorded history of patellar instability which can be seen due to loss of cartilage.......

so not much really going on with this knee... feeling rather bemused that my knee is slightly buggered but inwards and upwards to get it sorted with this new surgeon........ :)

HEY EMMA!! im so sorry to hear about your knee? What happened? its been a long time since i heard from you..... i hope they get it sorted for you emma be positive i know its hard but it will get sorted  :)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on February 04, 2016, 11:15:46 PM
So its been a couple of weeks and i have come to terms that my knee is a rather terrible state.........

We as the patients, put our hope and faith in surgeons, as we don't know any better than that.
One thing i have thought it that to research the surgeon to understand their expertise and what is crucial in getting the right diagnosis for you, sometimes i feel there is a taboo to ask for a second opinion or it's disrespect towards the surgeon, but if as a patient your body is saying something isn't right one must follow that i said earlier all surgeons have different expertise we are all students of life we do not have the answer to everything, one must accept this and when one doesn't know the answer they must seek the answer elsewhere.......

After now over 400 collapses of my knee, i feel that i have answers yes, but now to accept the fact that i have been right for two years that there was an underlying pathological condition, it's hard to think this even by me cutting back on the gym the leg is worse, my knee turns into some weird positions when im pivoting its scary... i have even taken on swimming more now and cycling as what my physio advised to do and i still get alot of issues on this....... so i have adapted it to the best i can to make it easier on the knee...

So what i suppose im trying to say is in order to get something right never fear asking a question or asking for a second opinion, no one is god and no one knows everything including surgeons and they all have their expertise in certain areas, as i have said before i will be indebted to the orthopaedic consultant in the same hospital who disagreed with my ex orthopaedic surgeon, and transferred me.............

i now am about 5-6 weeks away from the look into the knee surgery, with one of the best surgeons in the country, who only deals with complex cases, where no one else is allowed to look at my case, as on it it says MR ###### ONLY! even on the surgical papers it said this and the nurse said to me this surgeon never writes this on paperwork i asked why she said you must be a complex, unusual case that he doesn't want another consultant to see this case...

my trust is broken with surgeons im cautious, but im building it slowly again, but im constantly asking questions because i want to understand for what reason each and every thing has been agreed and why it has, as its my body and after two years of  knee surgeries recovery etc, you try to protect yourself as much as possible ALL ANY PATIENT WANTS IS TRUTH, its a basic principle, i mean im not being funny if your putting a drill in my knee i want to know why lol But i think this surgeon is use to it as he sees complex cases and probably by the time he sees cases like mine he would generally know that we as patients are pulling our hair out and are not as open to i remember him asking me " how do you feel? How has the situation effected you?"
in which i replied sarcastically
 " I tell you what you go from wrestling in front of fans in big arenas throwing men through tables to this a dodgy knee that keeps collapsing and you look like your walking like herr flick from allo allo, my life is like Russian roulette every action i do right now from crossing a road, to a turn is a risk, and i have a ex surgeon telling an athlete your knee is fine?

I fail to believe that Sir, because its my knee and i know just as much about kinetics and pivot motions to understand its not normal to see your tibia and femur rotate in opposites ways and your knee clunk out and not stupid sir something is wrong, because that is not normal........

my new surgeon greeted me with a silence then a pat of the hand and said trust me everything is going to be alright, my new knee surgeon has some calmness about him which i suppose is good because the surgeon lets you just talk and remains silent, i suppose he appreciates when you have a dodgey knee for so long of course you will feel frustrated..........

im now thankful for what i do have a surgeon that listens and is very respectful and is helping me to the best that he can i know my knee wont ever be 100% but if he can just give me a sense of stability it would help rather than worry about if i go out will my knee collapse......time to think positive and that im on the road to recovery from the lady sitting with a croyocuff on and ice around her knee at 11:30pm at night. lol....

so lesson learnt : never fear asking for a second opinion and doctors should put you to the correct surgeon with the correct expertise to help within patient care if they do not have the answer............

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on February 09, 2016, 04:34:13 PM
Hi Lucha,

I am glad you have finally have found an understanding OS that is listening to your concerns that's happy to doing something about it. I agree with you that one does not like to go for a 2nd opinion, worrying that you may upset and offend your current OS!

It's our body at the end of the day, we know best, Google your specific knee problems finding an OS's that specialises in your specific knee condition.

Good luck pre-op to your surgery in March that is around the same time when I see my OS again. I have lost count now how many times I have seen him since post-op to scope#2 of AIR surgery. I would now like to come to a final decision, I will be 20 months post op in March, I now need another form of treatment apart from a cortisone injections.

Hopefully shortly after your surgery, knee collapses will be a thing of the past for you.

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Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on February 09, 2016, 05:04:32 PM
so i have had a rough start to the week, so at the start of the weeks my young nephew who is under 4 decided to run through my legs, so u tried to stop him i turned then i felt a massive clunk crack pop and knee just physically went in a weird position like my tibia had rotated it was not  nice i managed to grab him before he caused more mischief and i sat him by me as  i tried to get my leg sorted and get it straight as i was the only one on the lower floor with him as sister was upstairs

so me being in agony he says "auntie are you in pain?"
i replied with a big smile "no" as i didnt want him to be scared......
he then said "ewwww... you leg not pretty not ok, didnt doctor make you better?"
i replied sometimes we need special doctors to help some people hun,"
he replied " now you have good doctor."
i replied "yes" he replied "thats good my auntie gets better, but your leg is ewwww..."

coming from a child its rather interesting how they pick up on things lol and the commentary was amusing
he was right in several ways too lol...... So i decided to call my private physio as my knee was still clunking....
i wasnt too sure if it was sitting is on holiday for two weeks, so i contacted my physio in the NHS, so i managed to get an appointment this thursday........

so my pt was like i needed to get my leg checked as it still looked mishaped so i called my private gp saw him, and he looked and said i wont know what mpfl is and the full context of the knee but it doesnt look right so he said he would give me a letter for the physio to say if my knee still looked dodgey and wasnt right then for him to ask for me to see the on call orthopedic doctor that day to check its ok...........i suppose if you dont laugh you will just get annoyed lol and i havent even done the gym in 2 weeks lol

clarkey i hope you get it sorted soon =)

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on February 13, 2016, 01:46:20 AM
So i saw my other physio, who i get on with well, i caught up with and gave the physio all the notes from what my new surgeon dictated so at least he was aware of the full context.....the physio read the letter and i had a silence scratch of the head and the physio shaking his head.

the physio agreed with me that now we had an answer for the re-current instability, he said my quads, vmo and hamstring were fantastic, but he did agree my knee was massive and swollen and puffy from the last collapse, and the physio warned me that before the surgery "No gym, no pressure on the joint, at least 3 days prior to surgery, otherwise the surgeon could turn around and say no due to high risk with a knee with excess fluid, Then i did ask my physio "how can a surgeon have missed this oedema, posteral lateral injury to the ACL, and excess fluid and some blood??" I got a major silence for a few minutes,
the physio replied "Well finally at least we have a surgeon who knows what to do now, and can get you sorted and get you back on track." But also it looks like another year with the physio, so i have been near enough in that physio department for three years by the end of it lol

So my physio set up my appointment, and asked the receptionist to double book me for after my surgery, she said that never happens and my physio said with my case he wants to see me for an hour. so it now makes me wonder if the trust is keeping an eye on my case due to the findings from my new surgeon from the different trust. I will see him three days after the first surgery as my work commitments in April are big........

So the surgery is happening in London no trusts being named or doctors for privacy reasons....... But i got given a present a stay at the SHARD HOTEL! the night before the surgery in London =) I will have a lot of support that day i will have my friend and ex personal trainer staying with me at the Shard, who will accompany me to the surgery, she is a very close friend who helped me to lose the 12 stone and helped me on my rehab. My sister will also pop her head in too on the day, and i am also dating a guy right now that i met in London a couple of months back, he is fully aware of the situation, he works in the NHS too, and he will be coming to wish me the best too in between clinics i might as well have a party i think lol

 I dont think my surgeon will be impressed lol with the amount of people going in and out lol... so i have a good support network, and they all understand that im nervous, as i still have trust issues with surgeons lol i suppose by having my good friend with me the night and going round London will be a good distraction............and most of them will all be jumping in a taxi with me after the surgery to get me home lol Im hoping that my surgeon will see that by me living so far he will want to get me out and home asap as i have to be at this hospital for 7:30am for morning surgery, so fingers crossed but i know he will choose what cases he wants to see or deal with first........

To think i have another year of surgery ahead seems just crazy,but its needs to be sorted. i had put my faith and trust in a surgeon to fix it, and it didnt happen, will i forgive and forget? Some people say that if you don't forgive then its harder to move on. I think anything that anyone would want would be an apology from the ex surgeon as a closure, but i will never get that if i did i would have respected that ex surgeon for doing that, i suppose my only closure is knowing that i was right all along, and my knee was in an abhorrent state,

 i suppose that gives me faith that i was right to fight for my quality of life. and with help from the physio and the other consultant who got me transferred i got my answers, and i got the right diagnosis after two years new surgeon is very conscientious, understanding and has empathy, and after the two years its good to have that. =) the surgeon sees very select cases, so i know that i am in good hands, quite literally lol with a person who is a specialist in his field.
So the surgeon i have got is the nicest surgeon you could meet,

My friend asked me if you could say something to any surgeon or ex surgeon what would it be i replied"

"No one is God, were are all equal and deserve the same respect, we are all students in life, and we learn everyday we do not know the answers to everything, if we do not know the answers to a problem we should seek help from others, and not be afraid to ask, and not let pride or fear of reprisals stop it, as your only trying to get the correct diagnosis. No matter how many years experiences you have we are still learning, but also that actions have consequences, and sometimes we have to admit defeat and in order to help others sometimes we must look outside the box and seek advice from others to see the broader view."

I hope if i can change the opinion of one doctor reading this then it will help other patients in too.....
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on February 14, 2016, 12:31:02 PM
Hi Lucha,

Glad you to see you are thinking more positively after all the setbacks you have had to endure and countless knee collapses. I does help tremendously to find an understanding OS that willing to help you, listening to your concerns without righting you off straight away as your previous OS did!

It also good to find a Physiotherapist that knows how to go about preparing your knee pre-op and what to do post-op once you have had your surgery. I was disappointed when my PT no longer could treat me due to working overseas for the majority of the year. I have now found one this week that exceptionally good at her job that straight away spotted what has been causing my long term right knee problems.

I am for you pleased that your have found a new boyfriend, a relationship does help to lower anxiety and stress levels knowing there is someone standing by you for much needed moral support as well as your family and close friends. I am also doing my post op diary not just for my own benefit, also hope it will be read by orthopedic professionals and for patients with similar knee problems that I already been through and currently going through.

I am sure you will be celebrating Valentines Day today  ;)

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Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on February 15, 2016, 05:14:53 PM
my theory is that some consultants don't like to admit they don't know in the fear it will make them look bad amongst their peers or patients, especially when the surgeon has one or two decades experience.
For me i think i would respect a doctor or surgeon more, if they were honest and said i need to pass you onto this doctor because they have better expertise in this field, and i think a patient would respect you more for that.

But i think there are cases where surgeons believe that if they pass on a case because they cannot find a solution they will be judged in a negative way.My point here is surely quality patient care is the most important thing,  surgeons are there to help one another to gain a correct diagnosis for a patient, its not about the understanding  ones reputation or pride in fear of questioning or because they don't have the expertise..... its about the understanding of the patient and getting the correct diagnosis for them....

This is why i do feel comfortable with my new knee consultant as he says it as it is does not promise anything, but says when he does not know the answer, and most importantly just lets me talk which i respect him for....... its already been a struggle enough as it is.. but the feeling that you have expressed yourself, is a good feeling.....because you have bottled it up for so long to fight for your quality of life with a ex surgeon saying no you don't know what your talking about your knee is fine, and then you find out it isn't im sure for anyone in this situation there is a sense of relief but frustration too.

Like i said before no one is God, no one knows the answers to everything we are all students of life on a daily basis. Some surgeons not all need to accept the fact that sometimes the best thing you can do with a patient is swallow their pride and transfer the patient to a specialist,  there is no point putting false hope in a persons mentality, if the surgeons are not sure themselves on what is the problem.......

Im not saying all surgeons are like this but some of them do exist but there are some amazing surgeons, too this is why i dont name my ex surgeon or surgeon right now because every case is different....
I think as patients we should research a surgeon first to understand their specialities too.....

I remember once my ex surgeon saying " You dont know what your talking about your knee is fine wait 20 years for it to seize up." well mri of Jan 2016..... damaged old acl injury oedema and blood in the knee... well i think i know what i am talking about .... its buggered i was right lol  :)

hey nick i thought when you said wrote me off i thought i would explain that about the consultants, like i said there are some great surgeons and there is a minority of them of the above i mentioned... and every case is different etc..... but i do agree with you if a patient is complaining about 300 collapses surley you shouldnt write them off ? lol i think some people just need to think outside the box a little more

But now positive thinking on the road to recovery =)

Sorry to hear about your physio well its good your new one knows what they are doing =)

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on February 16, 2016, 03:46:40 PM
Hi Lucha,

Sorry about the misunderstanding on my last post, English grammar can be confusing at times using the same grammar writing off as writing on paper and not righting off! I hope I was not too negative towards your previous OS that I am sure in a superb OS in his specialist chosen area of knee problems. I agree if they are stumbled as what to do next then they should not allow pride take over by referring you to another OS for a 2nd opinion.

Hope everything goes smoothly for you over the next couple of months.

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Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on February 17, 2016, 04:46:23 PM
nick you didnt offend me what so ever lol   :) :D ;) i agreed with what you said about writing me off but what i was trying to put across was like you said pride or not knowing an answers and they dont want to transfer the patient because of fear of damage to them is not valid, i agreed with you that each and every knee surgeon has their own speciality and they have their own talents
...... and if they dont know then there should be no fear in asking a questions or transferring the patient to the right surgeon who can resolve the issue.............a patient would respect a doctor for that is the correct approach.
Im not saying all doctors are like this there are some great doctors but there are some who are cautious in case of reprisals to transfer people..........
like i said before we are all students in life and we do not have the answer to everything =)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on February 17, 2016, 05:08:21 PM
Hi Lucha,

One has to be highly qualified to become a full time OS with years of Uni and working under an experienced OS. It always best to swallow pride if an OS does not know what to do next, passing it onto another OS specialised in your particular knee problem. 

[email protected]

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on February 19, 2016, 12:18:24 PM
So it gets more amusing a guy shoved past me in the gym which forced my knee to pivot...  Knee collapsed had 15kg dumbells in each hand let go of them to try to break my fall but one of them landed on my foot a day later massive foot. Bruised now got a gp appointment to get it checked today it's just mental now.....honestly I just want to cry lol

Yes nick I do agree with you someone's it's best to admitt defeat and say pass the patient onto another doctor who has expertise in the problematic area...  It's vital in getting the correct diagnosis
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on February 23, 2016, 07:27:49 PM
So i got my foot checked and i have fully bruised 8 small bones in the foot and have been told no running or heavy impact on the foot because i could risk a fracture, they said if it was fractured my surgeon would not have done my surgery!! phew!!  :o ::) so now im swimming and doing upper body in the gym.....

So now im like just over three weeks away now, nervous as hell, i suppose with my past experience its still a trust issue there, after two surgeries and finding out my knee is just screwed lol i suppose you do find it hard to trust lol. But i keep saying to myself i have one of the top knee surgeons in the county dealing with my knee so everything is going to be ok, i dont expect 100% knee as long as i have stability, that is all i care, i don't mind pain scars etc, its the ability to live a quality of life and be able to cross a road without the fear of a knee collapse.......

Alot of my friends are taking me out the next few weeks dining me out lol i think just to distract me, lol i do have great friends, and they know i have been through alot and have helped me through it one even helped me to get up in a restaurant after my knee collapsed its embarrassing for them just as much as me........

so yes fingers crossed all will be sorted soon..........

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on February 24, 2016, 04:20:12 PM
Hi Lucha,

Just over 3 weeks away until you have you much needed surgery by one of the UK's top knee surgeons. I am sure you ae now at the point of no return and just want to have it over and done with after so many knee collapses! Sorry that you have injured your foot, you are very lucky that it is not broken or would have had to postpone your surgery that you been preparing yourself for some time.

It is normal to get pre-op nerves after 2 previous failed surgeries that you are worried the knee will get even worse post-op! I have also been through 2 surgeries! I would also be nervous if the next step for my right knee problems is a 3rd diagnostic scope.

Your true and loyal friends are there to support you by taking you out will help to cloud over the surgery that is fast approaching. Seeing my OS in 4 weeks today, looking likely a 3rd surgery on my right knee. It's sore after 6 minutes of ultrasound therapy around the bottom of my kneecap this morning.  My PT did say it risky to remove bone spur that likely to be open rather than keyhole! Will start worrying once surgery confirmed!

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Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on February 24, 2016, 09:27:56 PM
so i think its rather bizarre i think sometimes its rather funny how some doctors say keep healthy play sport etc when it fact you bugger up your joints anyway lol........
so far this is what i have with my knee.... drum roll please

1)mild Retro patellar
2) mild chondromalacia patella
3) oedema of the knee
4) MPFL reconstruction
5) Posterallateral bundle acl injury from years ago and lax and buggered
6) hypermobility
7) mild trochlear groove damage due to history of patellar instability
8) some blood in the knee.........

im sure if i reemed this off to a surgeon they would probably go running lol or say wait 20 years for a knee replacement lol.... So when you look at all this you think is sport and bad genetics a good mix probably not lol
Someone has told me to try to see if i have Ehlos Dhanlos Syndrome... which is a type of hypermobility as i have teeth loss, fatigue etc, and general dislocations of leg........

like my knee went again and i normally see one specific GP and i went to a different one who is lovely when my knee collapses and the dumbell landed on my foot , he said i sounded like a medical person he way i was talking and asked how i knew the words, i said well when you research you find the answers when you dont agree with your surgeons opinion, so the Gp's have been great with me, but the one i normally see was rather shocked the ACL wasnt seen before this point, even though my new surgeon agrees its a very old acl injury...

Which goes to prove a point here generally gut instinct is correct and follow it never fear asking for a second opinion because we are all students of life and not everyone knows the answers and every doctor has their own specialist areas, and maybe some can pick up on rarer problems that other due to different experiences as surgeons.........and i feel sometimes if a surgeon doesn't know what to do then i feel in respect to the patient they should allow the patient if asked to be transferred for a second opinion as its not helping anyone by not being honest with the patient.............there are many great surgeons and you have to find the right one for your specific problem....

i feel bad by saying my gut instinct was right over my surgeon its a relief to know there is something wrong to explain my problem of the collapses and i wasn't going crying with a dislocated knee on the floor for no reason.... but im now on the right track.... my work gave me a meeting and have taken into consideration the issues i have and have said to me its not my fault i need more time off, its and underlying condition that has been misdiagnosed so no disciplinary action would ever be taken against me which is a relief.........

i might be doing a you tube blog but names of doctors and so on wont be mentioned for privacy reasons....

my knee went collapsed when i came out the pool today you begin to feel like eeyore from winnie the pooh you just keep going in slow motion lol but i pray and hope that im on the correct path now i will never get a sorry from my ex surgeon but it give me hope i have the best surgeon now =)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: esm87 on February 29, 2016, 09:43:12 AM
Hi Lucha!

Do you have a date for your surgery yet?

It sounds like you are having a really rough time due to all these knee collapses. Hopefully you have a surgery date soon to get this finally sorted out!

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on February 29, 2016, 09:43:56 PM
Hey emma
i think i answered all your questions via message =) I have surgery just before Easter, i asked my boss to do anything in his power to keep me distracted and trust me he is lol......

The knee collapses Emma, well is suppose if you don't laugh i will only cry lol so you have to just get on with it i suppose until there is valid confirmation with this dodgy knee....

I have made a good circle of about 40 friends mainly men in the gym lol as i do a lot of they see when i struggle that help me in the area they don't have to they know i'm stubborn and independent but they say to me we are there to help which is nice of them..... so like generally i do 25kg dumbbells per hand chest press i tried to carry them to the bench but i couldnt my knee was just crazy especially with my foot issue after my knee dislocating last, so the boys helped me and put the weights back for me, i will give them something to thank them soon, ..... if they see me struggle they generally always say for me to sit and they bring me the weights....
Sometimes the guy im dating sees i struggle with shopping too and he takes the shopping off me as i try not to show it but my knee ends up jerking out then he help me to walk and carries the shopping......

but when your such a independent woman like i am sometimes its hard to accept help, but i suppose and some points you must accept it......

im finding sleeping hard right now as my knee and foot are suffering but i keep counting down the days, twice i have cried myself to sleep as my knee has been double the size and my foot throbbing, but i keep pushing through....... My friend who is coming to me to the surgery has said what u plan to say to the surgeon, and i have written every single dislocation and collapse down so he can add it to his notes, because thats the best way to describe my quality of life..... deplorable i think would be the correct adjective........

I read a post on the evening standard about how now doctors must apologise to patients if things go wrong to alleviate a patients stress, for me i think it is a good idea because it can only create more respect between a patient and a doctor, because in life we all make choices all actions have consequences and sometimes the choices we make are not correct we are all human we all make errors in life that is a part of learning.......

if the ex surgeon has learnt a lesson then that gives me closure, but i hope and pray that the future of medicine that honesty is the best approach rather than not looking outside the box, and being of closed mind. Nothing will help by it that way,......

i pray and hope that there is something there to give me a solution, i have one of the best surgeons now i hope  that i will get the closure that i need which is........get back my quality of life.......
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on March 06, 2016, 08:10:57 PM
so i close to around 600 collapses, with the knee and its getting difficult to sleep i find i have to lye on my side for my knee to be comfortable if i lye down on my back or stomach the quadriceps and inside the knee seem to get really stiff, then i wake up mid night trying to stretch out the leg to gain comfort back............

2 weeks now till the surgery currently bricking it, i feel my sense of ability to lead a normal life sucks right now lol but im trying to remain positive to think that i have a good surgeon, i just have fear with my previous experience and not having the honesty in the past i find it hard to trust........

my surgeon said he will tell me in the consult what he finds and if it needs further surgery, but i think after 2 years of problems i will ask him yes or no to further surgery after the surgery and ask him to give me the full explanation why in the consultation as at least i can go home with an answer so i can prepare myself for the future in a sense, rather than twiddle my fingers and wait 4 weeks post surgery and start thinking is it a yes or no.... i can appreciate that he wants to have a good look check the hypermobility, because its a complex case,

but i think there is also a sense when a patient has been waiting so long for answers they need an answer for them to accept things too... when you have been fighting for two years to get your knee to a sense or state of stability, you do feel mentally tired but also frustrated because you want the answers you have been desperately seeking....

im trying to build everything up and make my legs as strong as possible but with these collapses my quads keep going and it just gets upsetting when you put so much effort in to find when your knee collapses on pivoting then your buggered for a few days so everything you gained you have lost and have to do it again.....

fingers crossed there is light and the end of the tunnel with this surgeon =)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on March 08, 2016, 04:54:03 PM
Hi Lucha,

It is normal to get pre-op nerves, hopefully it is worth the anxiety and stress if it puts an end to your knee collapses. I presuming that your scheduled surgery in on Monday 21st March, I am glad you are seeing one of the top UK knee surgeons. It is what you fully deserve after your long standing knee problems and disappointments with the previous OS's lack of expert knowledge with your particular knee problem.

Good luck if I do not get the chance to post again before your surgery.

[email protected]
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on March 08, 2016, 10:51:13 PM
thank you nick for kind reply,
i think my theory behind the logic when it comes to a surgeon is the following if you dont know the answer then transfer it to someone who does know, because im sure a patient can appreciate everyone has their field of expertise and i cannot fathom why unless there is a fear to being judged by their peers or a fear of looking, bad im sure a patient would respect a doctor for being honest than a doctor who isnt.

when it comes to my fear, my fear i suppose is not an anxiety its a fear that will i ever have honesty? the only place i found honesty was my notes, which is bad to say, every case is different and there are some damm great surgeons out there, who are great in their field but you just have to make sure you find the right one....

when its your body and someone is sticking their hand inside you , i suppose you want to know what there doing lol but im sure i wont get all the truth as doctors do look out for one another, but as long as it gets fixed then i dont have a problem, but i still hold resentment that my ex surgeon didnt transfer me to a person who speciality  in ligaments because my life got put hold for more time........

i think my knee surgeon is great, i think he is trying to break down my walls but they are staying firmly up, after my trust issues, i just want it sorted that it and less time wasted....... when i last spoke to him he kept saying everything was going to be ok i kept folding my arms, and i said to him thats what my previous surgeon said and im now with you...I think he is used to cases like this when the patients who are in my situation turn quite stubborn in a disbelief manner because they dont know what to believe any more.........
i think the only way the second opinion surgeons build the trust up is slowly........because a half broken bridge takes time to build it cant be built in a day.......he does as a surgeon give me as many answers as possible my new surgeon or try to explain them the best he can if he doesn't know the answer then he tells me, but i got a radiologist to check some old mri that was taken under my ex surgeon and the issue was there on the mri that was picked up on the new mri, so i have my answer what is done is done and cannot be changed the positive thing is its now getting sorted

like i said previous not every surgeon is bad they are have their speciality and its about just making sure that particular surgeon is experienced in that area.......

when you live with a leg with over 600 collapses of course you get tired but it annoys you to the extent you force it to keep going because you dont want to lose your independence pride, or even ability to have normality
you dont want to lose, not long now,  trying to keep positive even after two knee collapses today :-[
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on March 12, 2016, 07:54:39 PM
so im just over a week away now, my knee still seems to be giving out several times......
im getting just more and more stressed lol but i suppose its rather to be accepted i have been told im not allowed to do any workout on the leg 2-3 days before surgery as swollen knees they will not operate on due to risk of infection etc.........
trying to keep my knee as strong as possible from the collapses, but im feeling so many things, but its great as i have a great support network and many people wanting to help me , who arent judging my situation and are aware. and they are all wanting to see me after the surgery, and before the surgery.......
I think mu boyfriend is trying to keep my mind occupied i think he understands this as he works in medicine, but i suppose what i seek from this first surgery is resolution, understanding and honesty, i want to know the condition of my knee, and honesty of the intentions moving forwards with the knee.....i seek closure in a sense from the ex surgeon as i want the truth about my knee, rather than the way it sought it from my notes......

im hoping or praying that this surgeon is going to sort it out because for me to live a life with a collapsing knee is abhorrent, or unjustifiable..... every needs a certain quality of life, and you shouldnt have to fight for it ......
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on March 17, 2016, 08:22:40 PM
so my surgery is under 5 days now im scared quite literally but positive as well to soon know the answers to the extent of my knee issues......
so the hospital rang me up to check i was ok i had a slight tickle at the back of my throat which i told them about as everyone has cold and flu where i live so keeping away from all and secluding myself, so they told me if it gets any worse to contact them.......
i have had to stop the gym even my physio rang me to say "oy no gym!" lol and as i had the throat issue the hospital told me no wet clothes no gym too......
im feeling cautious nervous and so many emotions its crazy, im trying to keep telling myself i have a great surgeon all will be well, but i still feel cautious..........
but i have the shard to look forward to .... but im hoping and praying now there is light at the end of the tunnel.....
fingers crossed
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on March 18, 2016, 03:32:58 PM
Hi Lucha,

Pre-op nerves a few days before surgery is never a nice feeling to be going through. It is always a good idea to remain positive despite having a tickle at the back of the throat. After all the waiting and suspense knowing your surgery date it is frustrating if you are worried that your surgery could be delayed if you get a cold or cough!

I will be thinking about you on Monday morning hoping that this time round your new OS can finally sort out your knee problem. Hopefully the regular collapsing will be a distant memory for you post-op.

[email protected] 
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on March 19, 2016, 04:16:38 PM
thank you nick for your kind reply and i hope your second opinion goes well,  :D
so im nearing the two day point where i cant shave anywhere and cant use any soap,im so going to smell bad lol, you cant even use talcum powder..... so i waxed a week back my legs but underarms will remain like big foot lol,

Everyone keeps counting me down wishing me luck, but i burst into tears, when my boyfriend did it, and i suppose as he has come late into this he has an understand but not a full emotional understanding of the impact of the loss of two year, but he was understanding he came down to see me to check i was ok and that same day my knee had collapsed so i couldn't even really walk......
i think after he sat down and spoke to me it gave me some positivity but not long now till i have some honest answers =)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on March 23, 2016, 12:02:33 AM
so im a little big slight drugged up right now but excuse my spelling etc.....
So i had my surgery today it was rather eventful as a nurse started choking while assessing me and had to be taken away from 25 minutes to recover, except for that it was a quick effective efficient service,

so i walked into the anaesthesia room and the anaesthetist and the nurse was interested with my ex wrestling career and was laughing and banter with me, but my surgeon just came in spoke to the anaesthetist about what drugs to give me, but didn't say anything to me whatsoever no hello or hi, i think he was preoccupied with some things, poor guy, so then i decided to tell him or create conversation and created conversation by talking about how a dumbell landed on my foot due to knee collapse he seemed quite concerned my foot wasn't buggered i said luckily i have strong feet as well and it didnt get fractured, its now dangerous. he at this point when into a deep thought then went back into the theatre room

So then the anaesthetist put pencillin in, then another injection of like a freezing agent, then another antibiotic, then and another then fluid, then finally the anaesthetist, every time he kept putting something into my cannula i kept counting to 10 and he said no not yet and started laughing, every time i did it and the time i didnt do it the next thing i got is the nurse sitting in front of me.....

so i asked the nurse if i could see my notes she said sorry i cant show you them........i said yes i can surely its my data under the data protection law, so she walked away and smiled i got the message lol then i looked from a short view,  i could read very Lax ACL, and i could see the damage to my femur and patella due to the constant instability, the meniscus looked fine and the other ligaments by the drawing and writing looked fine.... she came back smiled and walked away with the notes, so after that i didn't see my surgeon or anything.......and i wanted something to go back with my physio with on thursday..... so i found out in my discharge note that the ACL has an injury is very lax and odematous and swollen, so finally something to prove i hadnt been imagining it, i felt a relief go through my mind that i now had an honest answer for all these collapses.......

so i had to see my surgeon in 3 weeks time for a full consultation for what he found, the physio said at the hospital the report my surgeon has wrote talks more about the acl issue and cartilage loss than anything else in the knee..... which i suppose if a good thing as there cant be any underlying facts with the hyper mobility and the other ligaments seemed fine... but will have to wait for his consultation.....

so my throat chest and lungs are killing as well as my knee probably from the cold i had my temperature was 36.9 which was in the norm range, i also got told they would clean the knee up inside if there was anything floating debris or cartilage etc, i think they have done that as my knee is feeling smoother but tight..... and they have put me on blood thinners for 4 weeks! instead of 10 days i dont know why that is but i suppose is more of rather a precaution......

so now yes i do feel happy i fought for what was right and i got the answer i wanted an the surgery today back up the result of the mri i believe now the second opinion has given me hope in the understanding of what is right thing to do for the patient rather than the right thing for the consultant, there should be no fear in passing patients between consultants if they believe their expertise would suffice in that patients best interest...........
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on March 23, 2016, 04:46:11 PM
Hi Lucha,

I am glad that your surgery went ok yesterday and can now concentrate on post-op recovery with knee collapses should hopefully be in the past and no longer in the presence. It never a nice feeling waking up from surgery with a large bandage wrapped around your knee.  The pain soon sets in and feel drugged up with all the prescribed painkillers.

Very long winded with the anaesthetist taking time to knock you out! I had just one injection of GA into the cannula for scope#. Two for scope #2, 1st injection think was to make me feel more relaxed and then was given the GA. I prefer to just get given the GA straight away rather than a few injections, I just want to be knocked out ASAP!

Good luck in your post-op recovery, with no more regular knee collapses to endure.

[email protected]
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on March 23, 2016, 04:51:19 PM
well this was just the look nick so once i get the results in three weeks, i will know for sure if he wants to do an acl reconstruction etc, but having major problems with lungs and breathing so i will see physio tomorrow and ask him his advice as generally you can get complications with breathing after surgery it is common
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on March 26, 2016, 04:26:16 PM
 :-[ :-[ so i suppose my last few days have been rather scary but dramatic few days....

so right after the surgery i noticed my chest especially my lower lungs felt like terrible, so post two days surgery my breathing was getting worse, so i thought i might have a chest infection, soi rang my Gp to ask if they could check t and explained i has a slight cold before surgery, GP then refused and said i must go to a and E as an emergency to check for blood clot!  at this point i was scared....
so went up to A and E at 1pm with the letter from my GP, they then took some bloods but only realised 3 hours later the machine was broken and hadn't sent it.....they wanted to give me an urgent CT dye scan to check my lungs, so THE CT department wanted the bloods first to check to then it got to about 5pm, then said said i needed a hand cannula for the CT so they put it in and then 10 minutes later they said oh no its an arm cannula we need for a ct scan so took the one out from my hand and put it in my arm, so 6:00pm came had my CT scan the nurses as wonderful as they are kept  trying to get a doctor to check my results for three hours, none came, by this point i was freaking as i have to take my anti clotting injection fregmin and i asked i needed it for the dvt, at before 9pm, the nurse came back to me to say they only stored celaxane on site and not fregmin! the nurse tried to get a doctor for me 9 times to get my results it was now 9pm i was more concerned about my injection as i have had risk of dvt in the past.....
so i rang someone i knew for advice who investigates the hospitals, she said for me to request if there is no doctor available in a period of 4 hours to give me the results ask the nurse to give me the results then discharge myself and say where signed no doctor available for results in four hour period then the nhs trust will investigate it .... the nurse was trying her best and kept apologising, i said i wasn't her fault.....
so basically i have a really bad chest infection.... nearing on pneumonia, they believed i didn't need any antibiotics as i still had a lot showing in my system,........ 
i went home in tears that night but relief also but there is only so much stabbing with needles one person can take
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on March 28, 2016, 09:17:37 PM
so a pretty good job all i can say is no bruising very little wounds all ok a great surgeon =)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on March 28, 2016, 09:32:36 PM
so everything is going ok with my knee my lungs are just a bit screwed i can do a full leg raise without shaking and my physio is pleased with that as i do have some fluid around the joint, my physio is one of the most senior in the hospital he believes by what is written on the discharge note that my acl is certain to be repaired now in another future surgery, as due to the words he uses my physio said ACL has an injury is very lax and oedematous and swollen, he cannot foresee any other option, the fregmin injections i have for another 3 weeks ....
so two weeks till i see the surgeon so lets wait and see
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on March 31, 2016, 05:48:55 PM
Hi Lucha,

Your knee is looking very good so early on post-op, one would never would think it was only 10 days ago you had knee surgery. I did not realise it was just a diagnostic arthroscopy for your OS to get an idea what’s up with your knee. I wish my OS was not so hesitant in finding out what up with my right knee 20 months post-op. 

I hope you are not in too much pain and discomfort with your lungs so you can breathe more easily. ACL reconstruction surgery shows all along that you have had something majorly wrong, glad that your OS is willing to address the problem. 

Good luck in all your future treatment plans.

[email protected]
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on March 31, 2016, 07:43:49 PM
so  yes my surgeon did do an exploratory surgery first to comprehend my rather unpredictable knee i can understand from his situation that he has been brought into this at a late stage and wanted to see first what was going on with my knee......he did say that if any loose debris or dodgey cartilage they would also tidy up during this exploratory surgery...
so he said in the discharge note that "ACL has an injury is lax and oedematous."
so my senior physio thinks the only possible solution by his wordage is a reconstruction to recreate rotational stability again.... When i saw this note on the discharge note i cried because i finally knew i was right to go with my gut instinct

In a way im nervous as hell within the next 10 days, as i have waited for honest answers for over a year and a half after my ex surgeon saying there was nothing wrong with my knee, i have to find out what is specifically wrong so i have written a list of questions for him to give me answers too,so i don't forget. and a knee surgical diagram i have drawn for him to draw on to explain to me so then i can also give this to my physio to look at.... so it helps my physio understand further.....

I suppose after my past experience with my ex surgeon when his registrar said to me my ex surgeon didn't know what to do and was going to seek another opinion just after doing the second surgery, you do feel a lot of anger its time wasted, time lost, you cant those years back. I appreciated the fact his registrar was honest with me, but im sure that got him into trouble with my ex surgeon for saying it....

so after situations like this you can imagine, im on tenderhooks to know what is wrong with my knee....i suppose it is dependent on the surgeon and how injured the acl is if he will do an acl reconstruction or not, but my physios are saying to me THAT IS THE ONLY OPTION, your NHS notes show how many times you have been admitted with a collapsed knee, but now it is down to the surgeon and if he feels its viable to do an ACL reconstruction...... i just want my quality of life back....

i thanked my physio again in the hospital of my ex surgeon with a different consultant over ruling my ex surgeon and getting me transferred i said you got me the truth and an answer that something was wrong, it takes a lot of courage to do that even when you work with them in the same hospital.. he went quiet i said all i care is about getting the patient better, and the quality of care.....

a week monday i will know the results .............
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Snowy on April 01, 2016, 07:38:34 AM
A compromised ACL would explain the symptoms you've been having, especially the instability and collapses. It sounds as though the ACL is intact but basically non-functional, like an elastic band that's been overstretched - maybe that's why the injury didn't show up on scans, because the ACL isn't torn?

I am actually very much hoping that this is the root of the problem and that the next step is a reconstruction. Because while it does mean another surgery and a lengthy rehab period, it's a common surgery with an excellent success rate as long as you stick to the rehab protocol. And as a professional athlete you know how to stick to a regime! Keeping fingers crossed that after the next consult, you'll have a clear way forwards.
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on April 02, 2016, 12:24:26 AM
Hey Snowy and nick
many thanks for your kind words, i think your right snowy on many levels, but on old mris which was taken previous to this surgeon by my ex surgeon apparently the laxity did exist i asked a friend of mine to check it...., however i suppose like i have said before even though someone has the title of knee surgeon they all have specific specialities of what area of the knee so, not all will have the expertise in ligament reconstruction/ hypermobility etc....

 my new surgeon only did an arthroscope to assess damage and work needing doing, but also to protect himself by knowing what he is dealing with as he has come late into it ........which i understand......

So i just laugh now at the whole situation, because after MPFL reconstruction may 2014, MUA june 2014 , july 2015 arthroscope medial plication and chondroplasty, arthroscope march 2016, now maybe an ACl reconstruction dependent on what the surgeon thinks yes or no, so basically i have already had 4 surgeries by the time im 30 in a 2-3 year period, maybe 5 if he wants to reconstruct the surgery...........

the clarity im trying to make here is if a surgeon doesn't know what to do seek advice, or pass the case on as early as possible, every patient does not expect every surgeon to have answers to everything now i feel bad i have costed the NHS an extra near enough 2 surgeries, because of a dodgy ACL that could have been picked up earlier.......

i cant change what has happened but i can look at the positives now....

I do have  great surgeon now who listens effectively and lets me express myself, asks me if he has answered all my questions, i think he knows i ask so many questions now through past experience issues of not getting answers or honesty, and like to remain very closed, but he will spend as long as he liked with you to make sure everything is ok and your happy leaving the consult......... i cannot fault him at all.....

a friend is now coming along with me to the consult who has seen my knee collapse actually twice today so i thought she will be a good moral support and can explain to the surgeon too.....

so im hoping i finally can see the light  :) :) fingers crossed i just hope the surgeon doesnt leave me like this......
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on April 03, 2016, 08:37:59 PM
so i have had more thought on the subject of if the acl needs reconstructed i looked into prices so as we know a standard knee replacement now is generally in the figure of £10,000-£13,000 depending where you look with ACL i got a bit of a shock lol.......

In the area i live on average an ACL reconstruction is between £4500 to £5500 pounds

now going with the top people in the top hospitals your looking at £8000-£9000 pounds double to the place i live,  unless your particular top surgeon does fixed prices where in the top hospitals you can get it for around £7000 but all fixed prices generally are for non complicated cases........

i spoke with some people about it this has now been going on since the start of 2014, so nearly two and a half years now, so under the NHS if i wait it will be another up to 5 months to wait for another surgery, then rehab on top on that is like another 6 months it would be near enough four years lol while if i go private i would get it done quicker.................

it sounds bad to say this but when you just become desperate to get something fixed because your knee collapses in unpredictable ways the DVLA wont allow you to drive till its stabilised which then effects your job promotions, you begin to want to get it finished with.... my boss said as long as he has one to two weeks notice to plan that is fine... its just frustrating...... should i have to pay for quicker treatment..,,, no i shouldn't after my past experiences being let down by my ex surgeon........

 but i feel about years of it i have come to the end of my tether and im exploring my options, because i feel my knee cannot cope anymore with the collapses its frightening just crossing a road now, im glad im in the hands of a good surgeon, but im looking into my options..............just fed up
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: vickster on April 03, 2016, 09:33:53 PM
Can you not get a proper ACL brace to keep the knee stable? Surely your Physio can help source one. See what the surgeon suggests

Good luck
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on April 06, 2016, 04:25:14 PM
hey vickster hope your ok havent talked to you in a while,
Regarding the ACL knee brace some of the physios arent agreeing as i have just come out of surgery and my quadriceps are dead for a 4th time one feels its better for me to build the quad without the brace as the brace will inhibit the quads further, the other physio was adamant on using it but using it with caution due to my recent surgery......
so i have tried using a brace at points where the knee is rather bad, but then my work doesnt like me wearing the brace a lot luckily enough i have a desk job, but my physios  both agree my priority is to get the quads active other wise it will be a double effect on the knee..... so im trying a approach of closed kinetics first to try to stabilise the quads again which puts less impact on the knee, given to me by a friend of mine in rehab who works for galaxosmith and another company... who have a place in the uk that rehabs athletes,
ive started to try to swim too as non impact on the joint but full muscle workout................but my leg just collapses without 5 minutes of walking out of the pool and turns and shifts outwards the joint does............
a never ending battle to keep trying lol..........

but i suppose only over four days till i find out what to do........i think im going to be pretty blunt with my new surgeon lol had another 6 collapses my knee feels a bit like a puppet and legs on strings right now but good news is leg is swollen but knee is ....=)

just over 4 days till i see the surgeon not long now
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: vickster on April 06, 2016, 05:05:17 PM
Fair enough. Seems pretty discriminatory of work especially if you have a desk job! Are you being looked after by HR/OT (depending whether private or public sector).  See what the surgeon says about the brace, if he recommends and work kick up a fuss, I'd be taking advice

My knees are being ignored as I'm recovering from shoulder keyhole surgery right now. 3 weeks post op, back to work on Monday, pretty sore, starting with physio.  No cycling, no driving, no swimming, nothing much allowed!
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on April 06, 2016, 09:20:52 PM
So a round up of what has happened so far
from 16 i had been having knee problems and mid 2013 got hit in back of knee while wrestling in a match,
February 2014- 1st Surgeon says "one must do an MPFL reconstruction to resolve issue."

May 2014 - MPFL reconstruction

June 2014- MUA due to knee stiffness, and leg swelling to treble size suspected DVT

October 2014- returned to wrestling even in first match knee was collapsing

February 2015- Explain to surgeon something isnt right surgeon send me back to physio
                       blames my vmo

May 2015- See surgeon again expressing knee is collapsing, suggests arthroscope

June/july 2015- arthroscope, chondroplasty medial plica excision, surgeon said nothing is wrong

july 2015- 1st surgeons regristrar said the surgeon didnt know what to do with my knee....
                burst into tears, furious ran out felt time was wasted

July 2015- got second opinion private, only to find out it was biased.............the ears have walls
                as they say lol

July to September 2015 - knee collapses over 100's of times, capture on video collapse  send to surgeon
                                  and begged for a referral to a different consultant lost wrestling career and retired.

September 2015- knee completely collapses in front of physio takes him 1 hour in his lunch to put it back in
                        he writes to another consultant in hospital asking for me to be referred ASAP..... not a happy
                        physio and furious                   

September 2015 - end up in a and e and another consultant in orthopaedics with the help of my physio letter
                           gets me a transfer to outside the area to a specialist hospital......

November 2015- go to new hospital new consultant, near enough at break down point, to find i may have an
                        old acl injury after 100's of collapses

April 2016 - had arthroscope to find an acl injury, intact, but lax and oedematous now awaiting full results...

so four surgeries later two and a half years later.......... im at this point ........ so 4 days time i find out what i have been waiting for for a year and a half !!!!
i now feel a sense of relief that i have a reason to my collapses and i wasnt imaging them but this shows always go by your gut instinct   :) :)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on April 08, 2016, 04:56:41 PM
Hi Lucha,

You have been through a lot up highs and lows with your on-going knee problems with a long history of knee problems from your teens to present day. It very frustrating when you know you have a knee problem and cannot get it fixed in time even with several knee collapses. 

I hope your next surgery will sort out your knee collapses and that you can return back to wresting once again or would you avoid returning in fear of making your knee worse again.

Be nice for you to know soon what you been dealing with and how your OS decides how best to try and fix or ease the knee from collapsing again in the future.

[email protected]
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on April 09, 2016, 12:08:26 AM
hey nick
well he hasnt agree yey or ney on the ACL reconstruction, but with the amount of collapses i have had i can forsee any other option....
My wrestling career has finished, contracts and insurance signed off, i have to consider now my knee and will not wrestle any further.....

I do agree with you Nick, all i want is honesty, and a complete understanding of what is going on, because after the distrust i have built up from my previous surgeon i feel its a little hard but like i have said before my new surgeon is a good listener and will listen.........i cannot fault him.....

then i spoke to a doctor i know and he said my risk of fracturing the kneecap is higher due to my mpfl reconstruction if i was to have an ACL reconstruction......... lol so for future reference have dont mix an MPFL with an ACL reconstruction lol........

and my knee has gone twice again...... i think i do though feel a sense of relief seeing that i do have an acl injury and i was right all along, sometimes it shows go by your instinct.......

But it is also proof that all cases are different and all surgeons have their different speciality so research is key... and that not all surgeons know the answers we are all students of life, and sometimes ones best move is to be transferred to a specialist in the area of the knee you need to be looked at..........
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on April 12, 2016, 08:55:14 PM
so yes i have a grade 2 acl injury...................... but now i have to do around 3-4 months of physio to see if it will benefit the ACL, before the surgeon says yey or ney...........

my physios and Pt weren't impressed........ but they all have their plans in action right now and have told me several time over we have given you physios for 2 years and its still collapsing... they think it seems illogical they laughed and thought i was joking the physios at first then their faces turned to im stuck between basically two walls banging my head lol

so i suppose i just gotta do it to prove it still going, but then when i added up the time so 3-4 months physios then if the surgery goes ahead another 6 months to wait then another year on top of that for full recovery....
so basically when that got explained to me i burst into tears... i remember saying can anyone try to comprehend to me why it has taken about 5 years to get a knee sorted when it should only be one year, i cant gain those years back????
because its hard to say this but my life is on hold quite literally...........
AM i happy to say i now have a proper diagnosis yes i am....... but now it means more years out of my life.....
which could have been prevented..........

but the think was i was right all along...... which does sadden me .......

however like i said no doctors will be mentioned as i wish to kep that private as all cases are different
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on April 15, 2016, 09:48:28 PM
so i think this is important to put on here.........

I dont think it's right to name doctors names, as they all have their own speciality and every case is different and everyone outcome is different.
and its not right to judge one case on one particular doctor, as each and every doctor have their expertise and every outcome is different, this is why i would never name them for this reason...... every doctor deserves their privacy and confidentiality

what i do feel is that there needs to be more clarity or understanding regarding doctors and diagnosis, my point is if a surgeon is very good at knee
replacements,  then why send a patient with ligament issues to this doctor?? Or if a patient needs a knee replacement why send them to a doctor who does more ligament surgeries ........

Or if everything has been exhausted, then a doctor must consider, looking in another direction for the patients interest, to gain the correct diagnosis.
if that is transferring a patient to another consultant, to gain the right diagnosis, but i question does this often happen?? no ............

After going to my surgeon, i burst into tears for about 20 minutes, after realising if the physio doesn't work which my physios are adamant won't. It would take 5 years to finish this saga off... I suppose my surgeon is feeling near enough 3 years if frustration lol, i'm happy i had my friend with me at the time while with the consultant,  i remember saying to this surgeon,

"Is this right to justify a knee issues to be finally resolved in 5 years, when it should only take a year to a year and a half, i can't get those three years back i have lost everything....What has anyone in the medical field learnt from this?"

I remember saying to the surgeon, i felt tired and i wanted to put in a complaint, maybe at that point i was frustrated with finally realising or accepting that my knee was screwed, and it might take a few more years to fix it. But then after speaking with my other half, who works in hospitals.
I think he made a valid point, "Your frustrated because you have an answer to a question after years of waiting for it, but remember it wasn't this doctors fault, you can't change the past, but this doctor is trying to change your future."
At that point i felt maybe he was right, just get on with it no complaint, i suppose in the moment and the frustration and when you have lost everything its hard to accept some things............and you have to accept the help then those who are trying to help you rather than be cautious all the time....

i have so far had around another 50 collapses, i keep doing the physio and the gym work on a grade 2 injured ACL, but all my support as in PT'S and Physios, and think are just trying to get me through the 12 weeks, keeping me positive as much as they can,...... and helping put my knee back together when it collapses......

you have to keep trying....... i feel its the only thing than keeps me positive by keep trying......because i need to go back to show i have tried my best, the way this collapsing sometimes i feel like im trying to fight a double edged sword..... but i suppose where there is a will there is a way lol

now my work has asked for a letter as my boss caught my knee collapsing and me falling down the stairs two days ago,

so finally i have my diagnosis .......... Grade ACL 2 tear/injury... roll on 11 weeks
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on April 21, 2016, 09:54:23 PM
so my rehab is hilarious my knee keeps going out and keeps collapsing and my physios are just folding their arms as well as my personal trainers just working out just muttering to themselves that they have to somehow get me through the next 10 weeks.......

they all believe that its more of a burden to do this as it will not improve anything but they all accept the fact that  if we dont do it then i wont have the opportunity for a reconstruction.......
had another 25 collapses, thei hypermobility and ACL issue is not a good mix......

to add insult to injury the DVLA said unless it gets fixed i wont be road worthy or i will need controls added to the wheel of the car in order to drive..... so i just have to laugh because its just crazy, so hey asked they need tow rite to my surgeon i said go ahead lol.....

The question i pondered on a few days ago is how honest can doctors be with us? How much truth do we get?>
I tried to fathom the answer to this only to find that, probably im not sure...........

with the ever growing possibility the internet has become and the knowledge we can get from it i think some doctors have become more closed in their actions and keep to basics, i think most doctors expect people just to sit and accept, but when your fighting for your quality of life, i will fight for it because they are not in my shoes. Some may not know how to react to it, as they do not expect it and it only takes the more experienced doctors that can settle these situations.............

Im sure not many doctors have come across a case where a knee still isn't fixed after three years to find there was an underlying issue the patient believed there to be when the ex surgeon said there wasn't , im sure doctors would expect the patient to be pretty much annoyed or frustrated, it didnt get sorted at the time... how does any doctor gain that trust back with a patient,  when you find this out as a patient? that you were right over an ex- surgeon who had decades worth of experience......

No doctor can ever train for an experience like that an ongoing case for 3 years of knee instability.......

my knee collapsed again today so the croycuff is my saviour today to bring down the swelling...........

so just feeling tired right now, cant go on holiday either as the insurance is crazy because of the knee,so im just stuck lol well i suppose it saves me money

but as the GMC in one publication "General Medical Council, the regulatory body for the profession, said: ‘Doctors have a clear duty to put patients’ interests first and act to protect them."

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on April 24, 2016, 10:11:47 PM
SO TODAY ...... I HAD A MAJOR COLLAPSE.... one of the worst i ever had......

So i was with my personal trainer, and lunges are part of the rehab process, my knee went out of place cracked out, rotated out and i fell to the ground...........
i ended up being put on a weight bench, lifting dumbbells, as i couldn't move my leg an my knee was massively swollen, i ending up hoping home, bracing up, and cryocuff .

Im not allowed to go, into work with a crutch otherwise they will sign me off a sick, so now trying to do everything to get is sorted, to see if i can just go in with a brace,

so i think what i have is a chronic acl instability as you can get it from old injuries to the ACL, where it just does not recover, i rang my boss for her to ask me what to do she said best to hop into work with a brace which does against worl ethic but would be allowed on this occasion..... see if i can see a doctor to give me a letter, to say my knee just needs help with a crutch and see from there......
but generally as soon as i say to a gp

 " oh yea i had an MPFL reconstruction, medial chrondo plasty, medial plica excision, and i got a acl grade 2 injury that got missed, which now they think physio in 3 months will help it even though i had it for 2 years...."

The GP will ask you to walk up and down its its shakey collapses and will look scratch their head and just say.... nah you need orthopaedics. Im not sure what is an MPFL "
So generally the GP will just do what you ask of them, as you know what to do, as they don't have a clue what to do....

so here we go again!!!  >:( ::) ::)

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: vickster on April 24, 2016, 10:26:32 PM
You should get in touch with your OS ASAP and ask to be seen. Have the physio write a letter in advance

Are lunges really sensible with an unstable knee even if working  with a trainer? Who designed the rehab? Is it the surgeon's protocol?

Does your company have occupational health, if so, you need to see them too. You'll need adaptations to your working environment, they should seek to comply with disability legislation or enable you to work at home. Or pay you for sick leave

Does grade 2 mean the ACL is stretched or partially torn rather than a full rupture which would need a reconstruction. You said your guy is a ligament expert so presumably he is correct in his diagnosis and treatment plan?

Good luck :)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on April 25, 2016, 08:59:32 PM
Hey vickster its quite funny really lol in a witty way lol

in regards to the grade of injury the way i got it explained to me a grade 2 is like lax slightly torn (fluffy looking) but still slight intact, as a grade three if a full torn ligament where generally with a level 3 they will automatically do a acl reconstruction on a grade 3

an acl grade 2 the way my surgeon explained it was it has a 50/50 chance of healing with physio..... i explained to my surgeon that i have physiotherapy for nearly two years now and nothing was happening, and even when my new surgeon suspected acl injury before the mri was done in October last year the physio made sure i had acl cover themselves to see if there was any improvement and their wasn't ......

so i said to the surgeon i cannot fathom how he thinks after two years worth of physio 3-4 months is going to make it better?? after two years of physio, but the surgeon was adamant on me doing physio before even trying an acl reconstruction, i said i didnt agree, but i said i know for a fact it will still collapse and i cannot believe logically under any medical principle how this would get better after two years worth of physio? i got a silence.........

i dont know if he need me to do physio as its a different hospital to prove things have been exhausted, or there are other things happening that i dont know about.

So the rehab book, i got given was given by the hospital, with the lunges etc in it, I said to my physios everything i was doing,  they both feel they are banging their heads against a brick wall, because im doing everything to work the vmo, quadriceps gleuts, hamstrings it band etc, medial and lateral, but the knee just keeps collapsing. my physios said its a double edge sword for me right not because if i dont keep going the surgeon wont do the acl reconstruction, so 12 weeks is enough to suffice, but they said it keeps collapsing and its not going to benefit me in the long run.... with the letter front i think physios are cautious not to upset surgeons by writing letters so i plan to prove it in other ways too, sometimes black and white can never be argued lol

regarding my physio, my surgeon wanted me to do extensive physio, both my physios laughed and said its the NHS not private lol  your doing everything right and they signed me off on everything, they believe my surgeon needs proof that nothing has worked, before he can say yes to a reconstruction, they said for me to log everything when it collapses get my gym logged etc, and get a trainer to work with me with my legs in the gym under supervised conditions so then if my knee goes its a witness statement etc............

knee is still sleepy but its getting there...........
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on April 26, 2016, 03:58:52 PM
Hi Lucha,

It's frustrating when OS think doing PT for over a long time period will suddenly fix and sort out your endless knee collapses. You have enough proof, I think you mentioned you have a video footage when your knee collapses. Your current OS was happy to try his best to sort out your knee from collapsing. 50/50 chance that physio will not work? Hope you can get your knee sorted out asap, good luck.

[email protected]
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on April 27, 2016, 08:56:04 PM
so im rather still perplexed by the whole situation nick but i suppose the way i have to think about it 2 weeks to wait if i have waited for this knee to be sorted for over three years i have to accept is a short amount of prove that i have a chronic deficient acl grade 2 injury.........

im trying my best but im like bambi on everything lol even my pt is agreeing its stupid doing this as that is all we have been doing to try to stabilise the acl, but the knee constantly shakes and rotates outwards....

i think generally the team helping me are taking big breaths and counting down the weeks lol........

my knee is generally massive and swollen recently so its annoying really... but i just have to suck it up do what the surgeon wants, but everyone around me is saying its wasted time, but basically i dont have any other option............. and i must stick with this surgeon as hes the first one to be honesty, and is one of the top in the country.....

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Snowy on April 29, 2016, 08:43:05 AM
This is insane! I went through my own painful, pointless saga with NHS physio way back when, and I have to be honest - the approach to ACL injuries in the UK sucks. It shouldn't be about the grade of the tear, but the stability of the knee and the demands that your lifestyle will put on it. When I finally tore through the remains of my left ACL in Canada, I was lucky enough to be left with a pretty stable knee - but my surgeon and physio both strongly advocated reconstruction given that sport was important to me. In the UK, I don't think that would ever have happened - the approach seems to be to avoid surgery if humanly possible regardless of what this might mean for the long-term health of the knee.

I agree that this really seems like wasted time and possibly even detrimental to the knee if it's causing further collapses, but as you say a couple more weeks is nothing compared to what you've been through already and you need this surgery. Take it easy, try to ease stress on the knee where you can, and let's hope your OS decides to move forward soon.
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 01, 2016, 08:28:08 PM
so i am just completely perplexed now lol  :o ::) >:(
so got the note back from the surgeon to class it as a subtle grade 2 acl injury, however  the ligament especially the posterolateral part of it is full of oedema and i have mild fissuring in the lateral femur compartment of the knee which is suggestive of an ongoing stability issue presently!! quote unquote lol yes i could have told you that myself lol !!

 >:( o thanks to the instability and collapses  i now have arthritis of the lateral femur compartment of the knee which my previous surgeon mentioned nothing about .....

I decided to ask a doctor i knew why does he use the word subtle? He said unless its a full grade 3 tear the surgeons will use subtle as its classed as still intact and apparently they have a small chance to heal, which is probably why the surgeon is insistent on physio first........

i also ask this orthopaedic doctor if you had a hypermobile patient, with an acl injury, would that not have a bigger effect on the joint due to the natural laxity it already has? he said yes it can but all surgeons will exhaust everything before they try surgery and as you have a new surgeon the previous physio would not count as he has not seen any evidence under his care from a physio  ::)

oh well not long i suppose 7 weeks isnt long i i suppose if thats the way it works i must follow it like i have said before at least i have had an honest answer from my new surgeon which is what i have always wanted,  im not angry with him i he has been great i suppose i'm just frustrated with the system lol and everything im finding out now i suppose is the what i have wanted to know but its sad to see my joint has suffered and have gained fissuring because of the instability .....
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on May 04, 2016, 05:54:19 PM
Hi Lucha,

One seems to get used to having to wait until you finally make the progress you be patiently waiting for. 7 weeks should hopefully go fast, it is a good time of the year with warmer days and shorter nights. Strange that the oedema in the lateral femur compartment was missed out by your previous OS, a full grade 3 tear cannot be fixed with physio!

It is no surprise why you had numerous amounts of collapses, wish you could have had it treated sooner rather than later, better late than never, at least you now know what you are dealing with. Good luck, I am glad you have found an OS that knows how to deal with your knee problems.

[email protected]
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 05, 2016, 05:14:59 PM
so my knee has collapsed four times at work today i think now everyone lets me get on with it rather that embarrass me its hard but now the knee keeps rotating out no physio appointments available till the 24th but i see the physio on the 16th im hoping to see if a sports massage might relax the leg abit.... now the knee is massive and im beginning to just get perplexed what to do with it except use the rice technique

this 7 weeks seems very long but if i dont do it it wont get me anywhere....
but this video made me think im changing it very motivating video about how we percieve life and how we can change things at any point without fear, there is always hope
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 07, 2016, 10:50:29 PM
looks like i might need some help with this knee 7 collapses today ...........cryocuff is me new boyfriend lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: vickster on May 07, 2016, 11:01:08 PM
Should you not use an ACL brace to provide stability and prevent further damage?
What are you doing when this happens, have you stopped gym work?
When do you see the surgeon again?
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 08, 2016, 12:07:21 AM
So i have thought about many questions today being near the brink, of a completely broken down knee.....
i begin to question a few things,.......

Hyper mobility and a damaged ACL surely any physical doctor would comprehend that by having mobility already creates some form of instability, but having the main structure ligament of the knee which stabilises the knee which is the ACL, and having femoral lateral compartment fissuring due to the instability caused with the injury, that there is some evidence to suggest an ACL reconstruction should be done....however
I read an article where there has been some struggles with surgeons with ligament laxity and ACL reconstruction about using more artificial grafts than normal body tissues due to risk of laxity,

So then i question myself and think then if my previous ex surgeon was aware of my laxity and hyper mobility why was a normal hamstring used for my MPFL reconstruction rather than an artificial?
I then question myself and think how many surgeons have treated cases of hyper mobility, do surgeons fear these cases, due to the laxity and risk of issues associated with it, because of the lack of knowledge or research associated with it and try to avoid touching these patients at any cost.....?

Im now left with a knee with has a chronic ACL deficient knee  grade 2 injury due to an old injury that got missed, on top of the hyper mobility, the knee is not at its full stability and now my femur and lateral compartment is suffering because of it, three years gone, that i cant get back, and now with another 6 collapses, i feel let down, as if no one wants to sort out the issue  :'(
My surgeon said to my knee one who i cant fault as he has been honest with me wants to do this

if my physio fails, which my physios have already near enough have promised me it will lol they cant comprehend how after two years it will change in 3 months.......

Lessons that could have been learnt i suppose is how many doctors are fully aware in orthopaedics of Ehlos Dhanlos or Hyper mobility?? some don't even know to check teeth for hyper mobility loss of teeth can be a sign of this my new surgeon checked this by my ex surgeon did not, if you have hyper mobility also a orthopaedic surgeon should know the ACL has a high chance or probability of being injured....?? Again i suppose comes down to education and experience.......

my point is why should i be the one struggling???

...because someone failed to admit they didn't have the answer, we are all human surely a doctor could appreciate more that we would respect them more if we get transferred to a person who can give them the answer....

I just want is sorted and fixed now that i have the correct diagnosis i just want my life back, i just feel tired because three years of collapses knocks back your confidence, all i want is my quality of life back, just feeling a bit upset i suppose today leg in agony and i keep trying to make it strong and its working against me

in regards to your questions vickster there is abit of disagreement on the brace front as i have had an MPFL reconstruction and now i have a dodgey ACL injured, it can inhibit the VMO and the quadriceps, so my physio says its better not to wear it and my surgeon is like yes and no because the issue lies with the mpfl reconstruction......

when these collapses happen doing the rice technique or using a crutch, and resting it but physios are adamant i keep it moving with the rehab as otherwise again the vmo and quads will inhibit and they are saying unless i get through the next 7 weeks they are not sure if the surgeon would say yes..... as im 7 weeks away.. i see surgeon around 1st of july..... it will be an interesting conversation but i will have paperwork with all the collapses i have......

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 12, 2016, 10:22:35 PM
guess the dodgey one lol as you can tell my knee has been reacting like this for the past two years i dont wear a brace but you can see the difference of when you have worked it out constantly to train to gain strength
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 12, 2016, 10:40:03 PM
so crutches have become recently then i decided to get off them and i went for a walk with my friend as i nearly got hit by a car crossing a road as my knee collapsed, went so i have written a letter to my surgeon to express my concern regarding that and safety issues, as my knee is getting unpredictable still i think its best to raise my concerns get it added to the hospitals notes so it protects me......... luckily enough my friend stop the car at the busy junction,.........

so i have been carrying on with the rehabilitation, still going i had to pay £80 to a physio to put it back in over a weekend as just was rotating way too much! and he said it want sitting well the joint so he managed to get it sorted an manipulate it for me rather than wait 10 hours in a and e,

still doing the croycuff and RICE and will see my physio this coming week so he should check how everything is.... just keep swimming i suppose lol keep going lol if i dont laugh i will cry lol
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on May 16, 2016, 05:02:51 PM
Hi Lucha,

Sorry that you are still having regular collapses, I am glad you are in once piece after nearly getting run over! Was it at a pelican crossing when your knee gave in as I have seen drivers going through amber and even red and zebra crossing are very hazardous! Many drivers often do not see that someone is waiting to cross and drive straight through.

Shame that you have to wait for a while till the actual surgery, from the link you have given it looks like a fairly invasive surgery to go through. Hopefully having a top OS doing a ACL Revision surgery will stop the knee from collapses post-op.

[email protected]
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 17, 2016, 08:44:32 PM
it was a traffic light just off a roundabout with cars coming off a motorway which was rather fearful but i sent the letter as i said to the surgeon.....
my physio can see the muscle is gathering pace again but is still concerned as he said:-

"you can build all the quads you want as you have been doing but if your acl goes again there is nothing for the acl to fall back on it is a main ligament vital in the joint of your knee...."

my person trainer keeps going training the leg as advised by the physio but he sees it keep shaking and he keeps saying " less is more but i cant fathom what your surgeon is thinking.?"

so for future reference apparently if you get a new surgeon all physio you have done before them is counted as non existent so you have to do physio to prove you have done it to your new surgeon as its under a different care provider........

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 21, 2016, 07:22:47 PM
so it goes from bad to worse i have been having same amount of collapses but i had a major fall a couple of weeks back due to the acl deficient knee i remember my vision going funny and thought it was concussion so i just dealt with it got on with it........

however my sight got worse and ended up going to get my sight checked by an optician they rushed me to speak to my gp who after a few weeks  since the fall of distorted vision floaters and flashes got me to an eye clinic i was to be honest just recovering from 5 nosebleeds related to the eye and another collapse too... as i have only had it since that particular fall and the car incident wasn't effecting the head he believed it to be from the stair fall, the doctor was rather shocked and said the trauma i had he was shocked by and i explained all my collapses etc but the stair ones is where i fell front forward hit my head too and remember my vision going funny from that point my eye sight had changed as before that i had perfect eyesight.

then the eye doctor informed me i have trauma at the back of the eye due to fall and collapse of leg if the damage gets bigger or worsens i might need eye surgery, so now worse case scenario is eye surgery on one of my eyes on top of knee surgery but if the stays the same i wont......

but for me the knee surgery is the priority because if i can stop the collapses i stop the falls and further damage because what is the point if only if i need eye surgery then my knee collapses i fall again then i damage the eye surgeons work.... am i scared yes.... am i livid .... yes .... because now its effecting my sight and im scared.....
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 29, 2016, 05:28:09 PM
so a quick update-
knee has been getting no better the original MPFL has been hurting a lot recently on top the the collapses im not getting a sports massage to try to keep the leg going as i cant lose the quadriceps that i have built otherwise i will have problems my physio said its vital to keep the quadricep there my physio is right in what he said that a ligament cannot repair itself and even if i build all the muscle group up..... i have recorded every single collapse and sent it to the surgeon too....

my eyesight is still the same sometimes i have worse days than others...

my knee i have been attaching a stimulation machine to it to try to helps it when the knee collapses and cryocuff.... so when you look at it to see what i am doing to keep the leg going and what i have bought and paid out for its a bit crazy to keep it going through its instability and now im finding it hard to read at my computer so im hoping i will receive the letters through from the eye doctor soon enough......
you begin to questions ethics now and safety as my eye and sight has been effected how can anyone leave a patient in a position like that i cannot fathom its safety care an ethics??  its just so frustrating and i just feel let down.........

honestly i think this whole experience has made me have a complete fear of doctors now,
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: vickster on May 29, 2016, 06:00:07 PM
I expect unfortunately it's not a question of ethics but of protocols partly driven by a lack of funding in the NHS. Assuming you are clinically eligible, If you can find a way to go private perhaps you should look into it  (ACL recon probably up to £12k with a top surgeon at a London hospital). Many hospitals offer instalment plans for payment. It shouldn't be like this, but unfortunately it is in the modern overstretched NHS for elective surgeries.

You could even look into other ligament experts like Jonathan Bell who only practice privately (he's in Wimbledon, possibly elsewhere like Harley Street)

Good luck :)
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: Clarkey on May 29, 2016, 07:36:25 PM
Hi Lucha,

Really sorry to hear what you are currently going through, I wish you could be helped out sooner rather then dragging it out! It is clear that you require ACL reconstruction surgery ASAP, with the regular knee collapses on top of our eyesight problems.

Do not want to sound too personal would having a counselling session be helpful with all the strain stress and anxiety that you are bravely enduring right now. I found it helpful seeing my psychologist when I am feeling stressed out. They are trained to deal with clients that are depressed and feeling down.

[email protected]
Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: lucha86 on May 30, 2016, 07:10:21 AM
i think im ok nick im just rather frustrated lol i think my gym is my output especially battleropes lol
i looked into it vickster and that 12,000 doesnt cover and complications either so if you have a complications then
you have to pay for them to...... so its alot of cash to pay out if anything goes wrong

i agree with you vickster than the nhs is overstretched but i think if there was communication and the ability for each surgeon to be honest then it would help, so i have just under 4 weeks now to wait sent all the info to the surgeon etc but have to wait for eye information

Title: Re: An athletes mpfl reconstruction diary
Post by: vickster on May 30, 2016, 09:07:04 AM
Think positive. If you have one of the best surgeons as you say, why should anything go wrong? And there's always the NHS if your surgeon does both. £12k is top whack, how much is an ACLr privately with your guy? Many charge half that. There are fee controls that cover surgeon and anaesthetist if they are within the wpa schedule . Premier hospitals like the Welington will of course whack the price up but most hospitals don't charge so much. There are lots of variables&n