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Title: Been told i have wear and tear on both sides of the knee!
Post by: higgi on March 13, 2014, 06:24:09 PM
Had ACL reconstruction done 9 years ago on left knee, all seemed well then had and a few cartilage repairs done in both knees about 3 years ago, past 12 months have been having pain and swelling in the knee i had the ACL done, been to the hospital today had x-rays taken and waiting to go for a MRI scan now could be 12 weeks then, x-rays shows i have wear and tear on both sides of the knee, has anyone else been told they have that and what was the outcome? much appreciate any info.  :)
Title: Re: Been told i have wear and tear on both sides of the knee!
Post by: LAS on March 14, 2014, 02:16:50 AM
You could have arthritis in both sides of your knees.   Meniscus tears and acl tears don't show up on x-ray but arthritis does.   My orthopedic told me that I had worn cartilage in  the inside of my knee(medial).  When I had the MRI it showed a huge tear among other things.   So you could have a lot more going on.  The MRI will tell.  There is a 50% chance you can have arthritis set in after meniscus surgery.   I have heard so many people tell me that after the mechanical  problem is fixed, they now have developed arthritis and  that's exactly what happened to me.  Since the MRI is 12 weeks away,  I hope your  Dr. gave you advice regarding your activity.   I am curious what the results are.  Keep us posted and I hope  your feeling better.   LAS
Title: Re: Been told i have wear and tear on both sides of the knee!
Post by: Clarkey on March 15, 2014, 04:16:39 PM
Hi There,

I was also told recently by my OS that I have early signs of wear and tear in my right knee as I already had 1 scope on my right knee and due for a 2nd scope in July that can increase the risks of getting arthritis; surgery is a big trauma for the knee to take on.

One has to remember that our knees support most of our body weight, that we use on a daily basis. Also if you have a history of knee problems eventually the knees will start to show signs of wear and tear.

I have maltracking in both knees, that basically means my knee cap is not at the correct angle and tilt so is going to end up wearing out the knee; this unfortunately cannot be avoided.

If you enjoy competing at a competitive level in physical interaction you are going to wear out your joints; that is why professional sports men and women retire in their 30s as they have burnt out their joints, that cannot take anymore high impact. I could be one of them at the age of 35, if my OS cannot get my fix up my right knee again after my 2nd scope!

Would be nice to be able to do competitive sporting activities, without worrying about our consequences and risks that it can bring to our joints.

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Title: Re: Been told i have wear and tear on both sides of the knee!
Post by: higgi on March 20, 2014, 12:34:11 AM
 :) Thank you Clarkey and LAS for your replies, i'm at such a low at the moment, i work as a nurse on 12 hour shifts but i am on sick leave at the moment due to my knee, i have another appointment with my General Practioner next Wed to see if he can maybe get the MRI maybe done a bit sooner but not holding my breath!  :-[ as its now starting to affect my work, and life in general, even simple tasks are now starting to suffer!  :'( my hip is playing up now also probably because of the knee, i feel so miserable  :-[ and just wish i had money to go private but alas i can't! i am 53 and used to play a lot of netball, the sport i was playing when my ACL went, i also played hockey and have always been active, when i gave up sport i would spend time in the gym, long walks with the dogs, and sometimes when i get the cracking sound when i bend my knee it's sometimes is quite loud, My main concern is my work, been told my job is safe but its in a home so no chance of doing lighter duties! but even thou i feel i am luckier than others, i still wonder what the outcome will be, as i have had steroid and synvisc injections in the past which didn't do anything, will just have to plod on and wait for the MRI i guess :-\
Title: Re: Been told i have wear and tear on both sides of the knee!
Post by: Clarkey on March 20, 2014, 06:08:05 PM
Hi higgi,

It is human nature to get down if you are being hindered by numerous knee problems that's hard to accept at 1st, itís normal to become depressed. I am still in shock myself having early signs that my right knee is wearing out at the age of 35! It would be unwise if I carried on running post op if bone already rubbing at the bottom of my kneecap.

I want to go into a new career by supporting children on the autistic spectrum, so would be doing a similar job that you are doing; helping and supporting people less fortunate then ourselves. I look at them and try not to let my knee problems get to me as they need support physically and mentally.

I am on the spectrum myself with high functioning autism with Asperger syndrome and it is very for hard for me to accept that I cannot really run again long distance. This does not matter now more importantly for me personally is caring and supporting children with special needs.

I understand your frustration, you are doing a fantastic job and that your knee troubles do not shorten or hinder your career too much as a nurse.

Try to remain as positive as possible, that all I can advise for now.

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Title: Re: Been told i have wear and tear on both sides of the knee!
Post by: IKneedHelpPlease on March 20, 2014, 07:31:56 PM
If I had it to do over again, I would take care of my knees at all costs.  I began Syn-Visc injections about 10 years ago, before they were FDA approved.  That went on for 3 years, until I couldn't deal with the "lock ups" and pain.  I had arthroscopic bucket-handle menisci surgery on both knees within a month of each other.  I wished I had done it earlier, as the clean-up made everything work like new after a few short months of recovery.  I DID NOT EXPERIENCE ANY KNEE ARTHRITIS POST-SURGERY:-)   Now, a decade later, I still work-out (although not high impact) and eat right.  I'm 5'7" and 121 lbs ...  not heavy, but took a spill hitting a pavement corner with my kneecap 3.5 weeks ago -- resulting in a patellar fracture.  A few days before that, I gave in to my PCP (who says I have familial hypercholesteralemia, total cholesterol 358) and started a statin drug.  I hate statins as they all make my muscles weak and achey.  Now, I'm confused.  Fortunately, my OS says no surgery for now, but the combination of immobilizer, cane, statin drugs and inactivity is taking a huge toll on my level of comfort.  My good knee hurts, my right elbow feels like I've gotten tennis elbow from cane use, I'm achey and stiff and my next OS apt. and x-ray isn't for over a week.  Has anyone had a scenario like this?  If so, should I quit the statin for now?  How effective is wearing this stupid immobilizer 80% of the time?  If I can bend my knee, is it safe since the fracture didn't dislodge?  Bending my knee doesn't hurt and actually provide relief is I lie on my back and arrange my legs like the number 4.  Thanks in advance for any words of advice or encouragement.
Title: Re: Been told i have wear and tear on both sides of the knee!
Post by: higgi on October 21, 2014, 02:44:56 PM
ACL reconstruction done Feb 2002 using the hamstring, had lower screw removed 18 months later as it was protruding and causing pain, between 2004-20010 i have had 3 menscial cartridge repair ops done, last Oct went to GP as pain was getting bad as i work 12 hour shifts, referral to Orthopedics actually seen in March 2014, had x-rays taken which showed i had Osteo Arthritis in the medial joint, with mild osteophytes and sub chondral sclerosis as well. History of removal of tibia screw which is prominent over the skin!
Planned in for MRI and review next time.
Had MRI 5 months later!
Saw Ortho doc and on the report says............
Results of MRI shows a strong evidence of a full thickness tear to the mid ACL graft and medial paterrofemoral articular cartilage degeneration as well as some changes on the lateral femoral condyle.
Clinically there is a mild effusion on the left side, i have a irritable patellofmoral joint with positive Clarke's Test.
Collateral ligaments are intact and there is no distal neurovascular deficit.
Whilst there is a possibility that my ACL rconstruction may have ruptured he thinks that it may more than likely that my symptoms where originating from a degenerate patellofemoral joint!
Therefore his plan of action for me is pain control and physio, so i am booked in with the physio on tomorrow and i am waiting for an appointment with someone as consideration for Radiofrequency ablation!
Just wondering if anyone else has had this, as i am at the end of my tether now! just seems to be going on and on! Appreciate any imput guys and thank you for reading my post.
And if anyone can understand all this can you please let me know as i didn't get much of layman terms explanation and felt as if i was wasting his time! :-\