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Title: First revision spacer taken out and replaced with another spacer
Post by: smileychopsuk on February 10, 2014, 09:55:30 PM

My dad had a knee replacement April 2011, picked up 4 infections, and was left with a wound care pump. Had 3 wash outs within 6 months.Not Sucessful but infections down to 2. They left him off antibiotics for a year to see what the leg would do. They finally decided to operate and do a revision, we said no and asked for a second opinion. We finally got our second opinion, now at a leading ortho hospital feb 2013 had antibiotic spacer put in, picked up more infections, allergic to most antibotics that could cure the infections so bad he became bedbound for 2 months only assuming down to the daptacmicine and tigercycline. Feb 2014 Spacer taken out and new spacer put in.

Why would they take the first spacer out and put another spacer in?, is there a time limit to having spacer in, if they cant cure the staph infections will this corrode the bone???