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Title: post op wonderings: odd sensation and what else is left?
Post by: nicnac7 on January 19, 2014, 12:38:59 PM
Quick background:
I'm 20 and had dislocations, instability etc. in both knees since the age of 4. Had fulkerson's on both, which did little to help. Then had trochleoplasty, Semitendinosus tenodesis and a bone graft from hip to knee and some other small bits and pieces (chondroplasties).

I'm really sorry I don't do the technical speak aha. I had a synthetic ligament grafted in to halp stabalise one of my knees four weeks ago and just have a couple of queries and general wonderings.

Firstly if anyone has had this or knows much about it have you been able to feel it on the inside of your knee quite dramatically? I'm still sore (to be expected) but the feeling like I have something stuck at the inside upper knee region is different from anything I have experienced, at the moment it's affecting my sleep but I seem to be gradually adjusting.

Another thing is that I've had quite a fewmajor surgeries now to correct my Knee dislocation, pain, instability etc. and they haven't worked as well as anyone expected, obviously I need to calm down and see where this last surgery leaves me but if it turns out it hasn't worked are there more options? What else can be done?

Thank you for any response!!!!!