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Title: "What is the standard waiting time for an MRI Scan"
Post by: Clarkey on January 18, 2014, 01:18:28 PM
I last saw my PT 12/12/13 after seeing him for 3 months of physio without any success in sorting out my right knee injury that I sustained after falling on black ice almost a year ago on 25/01/13. I have not been able to run since then.

My PT said the next step would be for my OS to send me for an MRI scan on my right knee. I should have a date by now, or at least be having the scan next week that now looks unlikely to happen.

My sister who is an orthopaedic nurse in Ipswich with the NHS said that I should have a MRI scan within 6 weeks of a referral on my right knee. Birmingham is a larger City, so may take longer to have an MRI scan done!

Has anyone had a delay of over 6 weeks from a referral on the NHS. I have been patient as it has been year on since my knee injury and would like my right knee inury sorted out ASAP.

I have a few gardening jobs to do in the spring. If I did need any further treatment needed looks likely it would be done during the summer months, the height of the gardening season. This would be bad timing as I am out of work right now and is the only paid job I am doing at the moment, depending on the gardening job I try to my best to put less impact on my right knee.

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Title: Re: "What is the standard waiting time for an MRI Scan"
Post by: kaelyn on January 18, 2014, 03:39:09 PM
My first MRI after my initial injury was 10 days, I'm not sure about my 2nd one but I think it was 2 or 3 weeks after referral. I think it can just depend on where you live, make sure you have been added to the cancellation list, you might get a last minute appointment.
Title: Re: "What is the standard waiting time for an MRI Scan"
Post by: Lottiefox on January 19, 2014, 12:56:53 PM
Has the OS actually made the referral? I know your PT said you need one but unless its been actioned by the doctor it won't be in the system. I'd check that first.

Friend of mine waited 12 weeks for a scan in Bham NHS, but her referral had gone somewhere it shouldn't have done. I'd make sure it has actually been done and then if it has been, chase up the MRI department if it is over about 6-8 weeks. Sadly it will be classed as non urgent (I know it isn't for you, but it is in terms of NHS categories), remember MRI scanners are in high demand and people with acute illnesses will take priority.

Good luck.
Title: Re: "What is the standard waiting time for an MRI Scan"
Post by: Clarkey on January 23, 2014, 05:52:37 PM
Thank you Lottie & Kaelyn,

I thought it might be the case that were you live in the UK will impact in waiting time, glad I checked now, hope they give me date soon for an MRI scan.

I rang up the hospital on Tuesday afternoon and as usual kept on ringing out with no one answering my call. I emailed instead and got a reply within and hour after sending my email. It looks like they did not book me for an MRI as the email reply said the MRI Department will contact me directly to book me in.

After I have had my MRI I should email the lady that sorts out appointments and complaints. She told me she will have a word with Mr Snow to treat me swiftly. The fall on black ice is 1 year ago this Saturday 25/01/13 and not made any progress yet.

I need it sorted out soon as it hindering my manual work as a part time gardener at my local catholic church that I getting paid for it while training to become a house parent at a special school, you have to be flexible and quick. A child may decide to try and run away as they often do when dealing with challenging behavior. I really need to be able to run properly again as my patience is on thin ice now!

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Title: Re: "What is the standard waiting time for an MRI Scan"
Post by: Clarkey on February 13, 2014, 05:42:11 PM
Hi All,

I have finally had my MRI scan after waiting 9 weeks, early this morning and did not have to wait too long until I was called into the MRI scanning room and was told to lie down. I knew what to expect as I have had 2 MRI scans done previously so 3rd time round was something I was getting use to.

I listened to the Local Radio Station Heart FM on the headphone and could hear the odd noises and slight vibration as my right knee was being scanned that took just over 15 minutes to complete.

I then got off the MRI machine and caught a glimpse of my right knee images through the result room overlooking the MRI scanner and could see that the radiography was looking at the results on a number of screens. My 2 previous MRI scans came up with nothing out of the ordinary. This may sound odd hope 3rd time round I am lucky and they do spot a problem inside my right knee rather then coming up normal again.

My right knee is still not feeling right after botox injection and PT and has been over a year since knee injury and would have healed by now if it was something minor. If there is a problem this time round and needed surgery I am not too fazed if it was to happen again. I know what to expect and it is not too bad the surgery part it the recovery thatís annoying.

I should know the MRI scan results within the next 2 weeks and hopefully what ever is wrong with my right knee can be fixed so I can go back to long distance running once again. I am still feeling pain in my right knee if I attempt to run at the bottom of the knee, there is still some swelling and fluid at the bottom of kneecap that I am sure will be spotted easily on the MRI images.

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Title: Re: "What is the standard waiting time for an MRI Scan"
Post by: Clarkey on March 09, 2015, 03:52:34 PM
Hi All,

Once again a mistake has occurred with arrangements to my 4th MRI scan after having last year MRI scan results a year ago this month and waited 9 weeks until I contacted the hospital.

I rang up my OSís secretaryís this morning as it will be 6 weeks since I had my consultation, I was told that I would have my right knee MRI scanned within the next 6 weeks when I had the my consultation on January 28th.

I found out today that I was booked in for my right knee MRI scan for February 24th!

I was not given a letter by post or an email or call about my MRI scan! If I did not make the phone call I would never have got a date for my MRI scan. It is disappointing that they cannot even manage to arrange an MRI scan appointment properly.

I have had enough now and will take out private health insurance in future rather then relying entirely on the NHS. I hope to get a date and time for my MRI scan before the end of the week.

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Title: Re: "What is the standard waiting time for an MRI Scan"
Post by: Clarkey on March 15, 2015, 01:14:09 PM
I was hoping by the end of this week after the mistake made with my missed MRI scan appointment last month that I would have a letter this week for a newly arranged appointment. I still have got Monday morning post to come still and may get a date and time finally for me over scheduled MRI scan on my right knee.

I will be on the phone again if I do not get a letter through the post tomorrow morning to my OSís secretary or may have to email the complaints manager as I done previously and tell them I want to have my MRI scan done this week at some point.

I have a right now to be more pushy and annoyed with the hospital for acting so slow and for not contacting me in any way about the arranged MRI scan I never knew about on 24th February!

Did not help when my mum hurt her knee and was at A&E with her until 3am Wednesday morning and had to get a taxi back home as there was no hospital transport available that unusual at one of the UKís top hospitals would think they would arrange hospital transport!
My mum had no skirt and she had to walk in and out of the taxi in the freezing cold in her slippers and dressing gown at the age of 76 they could have taken us both back using none emergencies patient transport as they do at the orthopaedic hospital.

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Title: Re: "What is the standard waiting time for an MRI Scan"
Post by: Clarkey on March 16, 2015, 03:44:14 PM
No letter this morning in the post so instead of ringing up my OS's secretary again I emailed the complaints manager as I had done previously so it's then in writing that I contacted the hospital. I was polite in my complaint email asking to be put forward on any cancellations that might occur this week.

Within one hour of sending the email has a reply and been put forward as priority for my MRI scan on my right knee if there are any cancellations this week or early part of next week.

It is frustrating as it not the 1st incident I had with the hospital not being able to arrange appointments properly that should be more punctual and reliable after the previous mistakes made with my other appointments.

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Title: Re: "What is the standard waiting time for an MRI Scan"
Post by: Clarkey on March 23, 2015, 10:46:51 AM
After much confusion and frustration I have finally been given a date for my long awaited overdue MRI scan on my right knee. Friday 10th April I am booked in for 7:30pm when it should have been done on Tuesday 24th February that I was not told about so missed my MRI scan.

If it was not for the added delay I would have had my consultation as I would have known by now what I am dealing with and how to treat my right knee if I had my original scheduled MRI scan done. That has been prolonged due to poor communicational skills at the hospital appointments office.

Hope to get in earlier still as I meant to be on standby on top of the list if there a cancellation supposedly!

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Title: Re: "What is the standard waiting time for an MRI Scan"
Post by: LeanneWhite87 on March 24, 2015, 07:44:40 AM
I'm sorry you've had to wait so long for an MRI.

My MRI was less than 2 weeks after referral which was about 8 weeks post injury and I got the results and consultation 18 days later (yesterday)
Title: Re: "What is the standard waiting time for an MRI Scan"
Post by: Clarkey on March 24, 2015, 03:56:19 PM
Hi Leanne,

I am glad that you did not have to wait for too long for your MRI scan and results! It is very much a postcode lottery the time a patient has to wait in different regions within the UK. With Birmingham being such a largely populated City it takes a while to get treated.

My mum has been waiting to see a consultant about an on-going foot problem after her GP made a referral on January 27th. She has yet got a date and time for her appointment at the hospital. It seems to happen a lot long wait that's frustrating for the patient.

Hope you can get your knee problems sorted out soon, good luck.

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Title: Re: "What is the standard waiting time for an MRI Scan"
Post by: Plumie on March 24, 2015, 07:53:36 PM
Way too long I would say!  It's a crazy, disgraceful situation.

I had a Consultation with a Surgeon and had immediate X Rays taken yet he wasn't able to fully evaluate until he had the MRI scans - 3 weeks later I was still in my wheelchair, unable to work and no scan date in sight so I went for a second opinion privately and MRI scans were taken immediately there - OK for £350!  To me it shows the inefficiencies of the NHS - I am working age and can't get back to it until there is a plan for my recovery in place all held up by MRIs!  Bonkers.
Title: Re: "What is the standard waiting time for an MRI Scan"
Post by: LeanneWhite87 on March 24, 2015, 09:10:45 PM
Thanks Clarkey, Same to you!

I agree about it being a post code lottery and I think as Norfolk/Suffolk are smaller counties this is why we don't have to wait as long.

I would be going out of my mind waiting for as long as you have!

Please keep us updated on your results etc...

Can I ask if you have any indication as to what the problem may be?
Title: Re: "What is the standard waiting time for an MRI Scan"
Post by: Clarkey on March 25, 2015, 04:20:09 PM
Hi Leenie & Plumie,

I know the east side of Suffolk well as I have a sister living outside Woodbridge in a village who is an orthopaedic nurse as Ipswich Hospital. The waiting time for an MRI scan is usually within 6 weeks from referral, with Ipswich is less populated then Birmingham.

My right knee problems has been going on for a while now and so far have had two failed surgeries as I am prone to excessive scarring that's hard to control and eradicate once you have got the condition!

Here a link to my long post op diary of both scopes in greater detail to save me some time writing it out.

Plumie I have already made some enquires into having what ever needs to be done to sort out my right knee privately as I happy to use my savings to get the proper aftercare if post op if I did need to have a 3rd scope.

My last two scopes were a waste of time as I was not given the aftercare I needed for Arthrofibrosis of the knee! A chronic knee condition that hardly known about when mentioning the condition. The UK seem to be lagging behind in the aftercare after anterior release surgery as no one seems have heard about AF and AIR!

Hope you have no more glitches and see improvments with your knee problems as it is not right that you had to pay in the end for an MRI scan. I do not like to be running down the NHS that do a fantastic job with cancer patients and A&E if they see you in a decent time scale. Just seem laid back about general health problems.

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Title: Re: "What is the standard waiting time for an MRI Scan"
Post by: Clarkey on April 09, 2015, 05:56:19 PM
Hi All,

Finally having my long awaited MRI scan tomorrow evening and did not manage to fit me in before 10th April that has been frustrating time. The hospital could have done more as they know I am autistic with Asperger syndrome! I was not at fault missing my original MRI scan on 24th February that they never informed me about.

After over 10 weeks since I saw my OS in January I am finally having my MRI scan done? I hope they do not say tomorrow you are not down for an MRI scan! If  this was to happen I have got a letter as proof to show them, so should be going ahead still.

Has not done much good for my stress and anxiety levels the delay and mix up as it putting a hold up in looking for employment supporting kids with autism and additional needs

I am not at all happy with the way my MRI scan appointment was mismanaged so badly.

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Title: Re: "What is the standard waiting time for an MRI Scan"
Post by: Clarkey on April 10, 2015, 07:12:36 PM
All booked in for my long winded and overdue MRI scan! Think this is my 1st post ever from the actual hospital using my good old iPhone 4S.

Hope I get results back soon and not having to wait for another 10 weeks. I am the last patient of the day this will be my 4th MRI scan on my right knee.

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