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Title: quadriceps fat pad oedema
Post by: 5leander5 on December 09, 2013, 08:42:18 PM

I would really appreciate if anybody can give me some advice on their knowledge and experience.

To summarise: I have had 2 arthroscopies on the same knee, both of which had thickened plica's removed. The first was a complete success but the OS noted that there was some fat pad swelling. This did not cause any issues for me.

I had my 2nd arthroscopy in July 2013, again a thickened plica removed, but this time I have not even been able to walk correctly since. I have had 2 post op mri's and they both say everything in my knee is fine apart from

(a) mild quadriceps fat pad oedema, and
(b) mild quadriceps tendinopathy

I have tried physio, difene, resting, icing and I still have this problem. The symptoms are worst when descending stairs and straightening my knee. It feels as though my patella is getting caught for some reason. Extension causes this "trapped" pain sensation.

Does anyone have any information on this? I'm looking into a cortisone injection and also possibly draining the fluid from the fat pad. Would the cortisone injection be to the tendon or to the fad pad?

All information very very appreciated. Thanks


Title: Re: quadriceps fat pad oedema
Post by: Clarkey on December 11, 2013, 05:52:33 PM
Hi There,

You knee problems sound very similar to my right knee problem, I had my medial plica removed and fat pad trimmed in my right knee during an exploratory scope in November 2009. Pre Op I was unable to run and felt pain and catching inside the knee.

I had an MRI and nothing showed up when my OS looked inside my right knee I had a thickened medial plica and fat pad and was sorted out during surgery. It took me 18 months to fully recover before I could run to full capacity long distances. My right knee was holding up well to long distance running until January 2013 after on black ice while walking on the pavement.

My OS says it a pre-existing conditions and not from my fall as I did get the odd sharp pain while running in my right knee. It is now swollen at the bottom of my kneecap and unable to run again. It causing pain and discomfort and not great when kneeling and squatting.

I am having PT at the moment as I am having problems with my ITB and doing stretching to release the tension that may help reduce the knee pain and swelling.  My OS did warn me my plica could regrow again or may be a torn meniscus from the fall and high impact running if PT fails to resolve my right knee problem.

Scar tissue was the reason for my slower recovery period that that was resolved through a cortisone injection and friction massage by my PT, this could also be causing you your current knee problem. Or could be a torn meniscus that can sometimes not get picked up on an MRI scan as I tend to get stabbing pain going up and down the stairs if I strained my right knee trying to run or walking longer distances.

I would see your OS again, just be aware any further surgery could cause scar tissue build up that is hard to eradicate completely.

Good luck with what you decide to do next, keep the board posted how you get on.

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Title: Re: quadriceps fat pad oedema
Post by: greatfulgann on December 11, 2013, 10:00:07 PM
I have similar symptoms as you.  What was the reason behind your first surgery?  Injury, pain etc?  I have had my plica removed and have fat pad scarring.  I often wonder if the plica is there for a reason!    It sounds like your problems are mainly above the knee ?   
Title: Re: quadriceps fat pad oedema
Post by: Hiker girl on December 15, 2013, 10:00:23 PM

I had fat pad trimmed.  Post surgery I felt like my knee cap was trapped or caving in between the joint.  I had to get the swelling down and work very hard on building quads.  I still have difficulty extending my leg on my own. 

We can't answer where the cortisone shot will be.  I had mine on the bursa which helped overall pain.  Every surgeon has their own way of treating.  Do TONS of research so you can ask the right questions.

All the best,

Title: Re: quadriceps fat pad oedema
Post by: Clarkey on December 17, 2013, 05:12:50 PM
Hi A,

I had pinching and sharp pain in my right knee pre op similar to a torn meniscus but without any locking that often happens with soft tissue injuries to the knee that can be as painful as a torn meniscus.

It was my last option left after PT and conservative treatment failed to have an exploratory scope and may happen for the 2nd time with my present knee injury if my MRI scan shows up nothing. I could take a gamble and get my OS to do an exploratory scope if PT does not improve my right knee in anyway. This would save time, just more of a risky option.

I do not get as much pinching in the knee, more general pain and restriction at the bottom of kneecap, that is delicate to certain movements that easily flares up, so running is out of the question. Even at the slow pace I can manage it still flares up my right knee, it then takes a few days to settle back down again.

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