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Title: Questions for new surgeon
Post by: Hiker girl on November 12, 2013, 09:10:44 PM
Nineteen months ago I had a "simple" key hole surgery on hoffa pad.  My surgeon got frustrated with progress and ditched me.  So my MD took over, got the swelling under control and ordered me back into PT. 

I work hard at PT and do my exercises at home daily.  I keep losing quad and now hamstring control, strength.  I have burning pain from hip to toe.  I am being sent to a new OS. I will be taking in the pictures of the surgery, an x-ray is being ordered.  (The nurse was shocked no post MRI or xray was done).

I am going alone so I need to take in some questions.  I am scared of this doctor abandoning me like the surgeon.

Can you help me with some basic questions to ask?  There are so many issues going on I don't know how to prioritize them.  Please help I would love to walk well again, hike and get some strength back. 

Thanks in advance,