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Title: Plica removal scar tissue
Post by: denisefall on November 05, 2013, 06:06:11 PM
Has anyone who has had plica removed had an issue with scar tissue? If so, does it show up on an mri? I had plica removal on both knees, 1 11 years ago and the other 6 years ago. I have been having pain in the knee that was removed 6 years ago. Had an MRI and there is a little meniscal fraying (nothing the surgeon would do anything about) but other than that, nothing. There is a "binding" feeling when i bend and straighten my knee. The snovial fluid is irritated, but we have not gotten to the bottom of this and i am getting frustrated as it's been 6 months since the pain started. Cortisone does not help.
Title: Re: Plica removal scar tissue
Post by: allyd on November 05, 2013, 06:37:47 PM
I think it would be odd or unlikely that scar tissue would develop after 6 and 11 years. Scar tissue usually develps right after surgery or injury and the majority of the time breaks down as you rehab and regain motion of your knee joint.  After this much time, it may or may not be related to previous problems. Especially if things wrere good up until 6 months ago.

Perhaps you could maybe post the complete results of your MRI report. Sometimes someone might be able to point something out (or translate to layman terms) that you should ask your doctor about further that has not been discussed. Basically - sometimes the radioligists that read the MRI will see something that the Ortho disagrees with or does not see himself. Sometimes the radioligist is right, sometimes the ortho is right.
Title: Re: Plica removal scar tissue
Post by: denisefall on November 05, 2013, 07:06:50 PM
will do. Thanks for the advice
Title: Re: Plica removal scar tissue
Post by: Clarkey on November 08, 2013, 11:24:13 AM
Hi There,

It is coming up to my medial plica excision and fat pad trim in my right knee 4th Anniversary in 8 days time. After surgery I had some scar tissue problems to contend with and was a slow recovery of 18 months to get back to full fitness again. My PT did friction massage therapy as my portal scars took a while to heal up properly as well as having a cortisone injection.

Fluid in the knee often occurs after surgery many years later as I still have swelling in my right knee around the portals and was 4 years ago when I had my exploratory scope. An MRI are only good for certain knee injuries and does not pick up so well on soft tissue injuries and had ultra sound to show I had fluid around my fat pad and thickened collateral ligament in my right knee that did not show up on the MRI I had done beforehand.

I hate to say this once you had surgery on the knee it never going to be 100% perfect again and may have to accept that my right knee will never be the same as age is also a hindrance. I am nearly 35 and still young just that age range onwards are at a higher risk of injury and wear and tear on the joints. Many professional sports men and women are passed their prime once they are into their 30s as they overdone it and not as flexible as they were in their teens and 20s.

Good luck, hope you manage to sort it out.

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