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Post by: Apeterson28 on October 31, 2013, 02:33:04 PM
Over the past couple years i have had a weird situation with my knee. It started midway through high school, i am a college freshman now. Anyway, sometime when i bend my leg in a certain way, i feel a ligament or tendon pop over something which seems to be a bone. I've looked around online for a while now, and i suspect its my bicep femoris. The tendon/ligament that pops over feels like its the one on the underside of my knee. There two tendon/ligament on either side, its the outside one. It happens on both knees. After it happens there is a little pain at the instant, but its more of a reaction because i am used to it know. But the most painful part is straightening my leg after. if i bend and lean my leg a certain way, i can easily get it back into place like nothing happened. But sometimes i just instintively straighten it out quickly, with a some pain. If i dont act quickly, and try to straighten it out standing it is quite painful, but if i sit down and slowly lean my leg the right way i feel little to no pain after. I feel soreness for about a day in the under/ouside ligament (when i dont work it back in) and then its back to normal. It happens when i bend it like sliding ito a base in baseball. Or if i were to do a quad stretch, but of to the outide. I have asked trainers and such but all the say is that my knee shouldnt be bent like that. But every time it happens my knee is like twisted in an extreme way. It happens every once in a while during physical activity (basketball,boxing,ect.). I easily go back to playing, but i am wondering if it is something i can prevent, and if its harmful. If you read this whole thing a appreciate it i know its long. Thanks help if you can!
Post by: John42 on October 31, 2013, 06:28:34 PM
You make no mention of having consulted a Doctor, which is first line of action and suggest you do this
 A S A P.

It would be unwise to guess.

Take care

JohnK/ Manchester UK
Post by: waldstein on November 01, 2013, 03:23:30 PM
my guess is you have tight IT bands which are pulling you knee caps (patellas) to the outside, and when this happens your patella is clicking across your tibia which makes a pop and feels horrible.

have you tried IT band stretches?

But like the previous commentsuggested....go see a doctor!....I am certainly no doctor