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Title: Supplements that Aid/speed up tendon healing
Post by: vonlehmd on October 19, 2013, 06:08:15 PM
Besides a high protein diet, fish oil and vitamins, I am aware of a couple of supplements that MIGHT aid and speed up tendon repair/recovery.  Both can be researched on google and purchased on

Cissus Q.... 
Just search under Cissus.  Many studies related to tendon and bone healing.  Also boosts testosterone in men. I have used for a couple of years to help with recovery after workouts and strength.   Somewhat of an anabolic effect and useful in preventing muscle waste (which is helpful in our case).  I take as much as 5 grams per day.  I buy Bulk powder on Amazon. 

I just ordered this after also reading it helps aid joint and muscle recovery.  Haven't tried it yet.

Hope this helps.  Never hurts.  These are natural herbs/supplements.  But they may interact with other meds, so use caution.  Most doctors won't know about them or provide comments re: natural healing.