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Title: 'Interesting' patellar fracture
Post by: alwaysbelieve on October 16, 2013, 10:11:07 PM
September 8,2013-fall on concrete flooring landing directly on my knee. (actual immediate exclamation-MY KNEE! MY KNEE!
Emergency room within the hour-XRay=no fracture; ace wrapped; already have crutches; sent home
Not scheduled to work the next day, boss gave me the following day off as well....then:
Worked 10 hrs, then 14hrs, 14hrs, off, off...I'm a nurse and work in a large building that requires a LOT of walking.
Follow up appt with OS-Schedule MRI (dx: possible MCL tear, possible Meniscus tear)
Fuss with company about medical insurance policy number (I had just received my previous employer insurance termination letter & signed up for insurance the night of my fall-no worries, coverage would be retroactive to date of prev. termination)
FINALLY have MRI nearly 5 weeks after the initial injury. (P.S. In the interim I have been working 6 days/week, 10hrs/day average)
Next day I receive a phone message from OS office: 'The MRI showed a fracture. Be very careful to not bend your knee until your f/u appt'
F/U appt today- OS: "I don't know how you did this."
Off work 4 weeks with T-Scope brace and 'touchdown weight bearing'
For Pete's Sake! I worked >250 hours on this fracture!!!!

So here's the confusion regarding this fracture...I'm not even sure how to describe it. If you are looking at the side view of the patella, mine has a vertical fracture through the middle. Doesn't go all the way through front to back or top to bottom or side to side...just in the middle. Anyone have any experience with this??
Title: Deleted
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