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Title: Ruptured Patellar tendon, ruptured ACL, torn MCL, and cartilage
Post by: Repete86 on October 06, 2013, 01:01:12 AM
Damaged me knee badly August 2 2013, had surgery August 31 to repair ruptured Patellar tendon and remove most of cartilage. I'm 5 weeks post op my knee feels great ROM is 105 but I'm locked at 90 in my brace and 0 when walking, but I have walked with out brace on still have a limp. Thing is am I moving to fast? My PT person said I need to slow down but if I feel good???? Please respond with your opinion   
Title: Re: Ruptured Patellar tendon, ruptured ACL, torn MCL, and cartilage
Post by: carkeltom on October 06, 2013, 01:11:42 AM
Hey Repete86.   Most of us with ruptured Patellar tendons (I ruptured both at the same time) were locked in extension in braces for 6 weeks.  I would think your progression is your progression.  Protection of the tendon, it can take up to twelve weeks to fully heal, and some people have the wire, is the reason for caution.  I would have been in a world of hurt if I had had to restart my healing.  ROM is a good indication of tendon flexibility, but if your read the main RPT thread, quadriceps strength is the key.  It can take three times longer to regain the size and strength that it took the muscle to atrophy.  If the doctor gave a protocol for PT, that is a good thing.  John42 on the RPT thread has lots of good info.  best of luck.

Title: Re: Ruptured Patellar tendon, ruptured ACL, torn MCL, and cartilage
Post by: John42 on October 06, 2013, 07:30:30 AM

Hi Repete86

Welcome to KneeGuru - repost on the webpage  Ruptured Quadricep/Tendon thread.

How did you sustain your injury?  Where do you live.?

This is a very rare and serious injury, with a very long rehab period.  I think that you have to keep your brace on for a little longer - once you come out of the brace, your ROM should be in the region of 30/40.

The next milestone is 90 ROM which will take quite a bit of physio and should be reachable within 10/14 weeks.  After that,your final aim is 120 ROM plus.   Treat your leg with respect - PATIENCE is required.

I suggest that you refer to the undermentioned webpage, which contains a collection of documents
which I have put together with KneeGuru and should beread with care.

Keep asking questions - lots of buddies to give you advice

Take care - watch out for those wet roads and winter snow and ice and don`t drive until you obtain the OK from your OS

JohnK/ Manchester UK
Title: Re: Ruptured Patellar tendon, ruptured ACL, torn MCL, and cartilage
Post by: Kaputt_Knee on October 06, 2013, 09:56:12 PM
You need to stick very carefully to the protocol you have been given. Yours is not simply a ruptured patella tendon; you also have considerable instability due to the torn ACL and MCL which complicates matters considerably. I had a similar multiple tendon/ligament injury but so many years ago and treated very differently. What may be similar though is that the the MCL was left to heal itself, which it did while my knee was in a plaster cast (8 weeks if I remember correctly initially).

If you feel it is going too slowly, talk to your consultant and your physiotherapist as these are really the only people who can advise you as to your particular progress. Have you had any indication what is going to be done to the ACL, or did he do the whole lot in one big op? My ACL and patella tendon were operated on at the same time by open knee surgery and it caused a few problems due to the ACL protocol calling for early passive then active mobilisation whilst the patella tendon tear required immobilisation in a plaster cast. In the end I was in the cast for nearly 3 months. My ACL graft failed about 6 months later, something I was later glad of due to it being an artificial (carbon fibre) one. However at the time I was devastated and felt I was starting from scratch again.