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Title: ACL surgery HORRIBLE stabbing pain in SHIN please help!
Post by: mirl89 on July 14, 2013, 05:03:23 AM
hi, my name is Kristina

I tore my ACL on May 18 in my right knee and by June 4th 2013 I had ACL reconstruction using the hamstring graft on that knee, a month later I found out I tore my other ACL in my LEFT knee. So by July 2nd 2013 I had ACL reconstruction in my LEFT knee using the hamstring graft as well. The reason I did it so close together is my insurance might be ending in Sept. Plus my surgery in my right knee went so well so I figured lets get it done with BUT its been nothing but pain when I move my left knee (2nd surgery knee). I get a sharp STABBING pain when I move it in curtain positions. Not to mention a HAND SIZE part below my surgery scar is numb. I cant do most of my rehab exercises and I have NO answers from MY physical therapist or my doctor. My doctor just says he doesn't know what is causing the pain and Im getting sick of tired of him just acting like I am just complaining!!! My PT is a wonderful girl but she isn't paying attention to the fact that I am in horrible pain. I feel both my doctor and PT just think its normal after surgery pain BUT I know it is not. I didn't have this pain with my other knee and yes as I know each surgery and knee are different, NO ONE should be going through what kind of sharp stabbing pain I am going through. THIS is not normal I can just feel it.
I have been finding people with similar problems BUT no one ever says if this pain goes away or any type of solutions that might help. All I am able to come up with is that it was nerve damage from the surgery ( hence explains the numbness). But I'm still all confused and scared that no one knows why this stabbing pain is happening to me.. PLEASE is anyone knows anything PLEASE email me through here!! or Repost please!
Title: Re: ACL surgery HORRIBLE stabbing pain in SHIN please help!
Post by: Curz on July 14, 2013, 10:54:58 PM

I had acl surgery on my left knee using the hamstring graft two years ago. The numb sensation you are feeling is exactly what you said, the nerves have been cut and are having to repair themselves. The pain your getting is most probably scar tissue. Remember, your two weeks post op so will have pain.

Ice it when it feels sharp to numb the pain. Dont worry of your struggling with the exercises, no two knees are the same and what takes someone 2 weeks may take another 5 weeks. Just keep trying them, eventually u will notice a difference. I know that when i dis the exercises
I found them incredibly frustrating and boring as it was hard to see an improvement. What I will say is u will get there in time.

The best advice I can give is not to worry and whatever you do TAKE IT EASY. I re-ruptures my acl graft and that led to my leg bending from tearing the cartliage and wearing it down. Im currently recovering from a failed acl patella tendon graft (so i dont have an acl still) and a knee osteotomy.

Take time, if it takes 12 months thats what it takes. Hang in there buddy, its hard, but i guarentee the first time u do something dynamic your knee will be strong and it will feel brilliant!

Good luck!
Title: Re: ACL surgery HORRIBLE stabbing pain in SHIN please help!
Post by: Curz on July 14, 2013, 10:56:21 PM
Btw - which is your stronger leg?

You may find that your left leg hurts more because you have been over-compensating for your right leg. I had that issue to!
Title: Re: ACL surgery HORRIBLE stabbing pain in SHIN please help!
Post by: Snowy on July 15, 2013, 06:01:54 PM
The numbness is completely normal; as Curz says, it's caused by the fact that a branch of the saphenous nerve is often cut during ACL surgery. You'll get a whole variety of strange sensations in your leg as the nerve starts to regenerate a little further down the road. The numb patch will usually decrease in size as rehab progresses.

As for the stabbing pain, it's certainly not atypical to have quite high levels of discomfort at this stage and there are a number of possible explanations - adhesions, for example - but if it's genuinely so painful you can't make progress with rehab, you need to push your surgeon harder for answers. We can share experiences on this forum, but we're not medical experts and given how scared you sound by the pain you're experiencing, I would strongly encourage you to seek further advice from professionals who can assess your knee properly and provide expert guidance.

Keep in mind that two weeks is not long at all when you've had an invasive joint surgery, and you're going to experience a whole variety of pain, discomfort, and other sensations as things progress. It's also true that your rehab experience for the two legs is unlikely to be the same, particularly having been through the same surgery and immediate recovery so close to the second surgery. It sounds like you were extremely lucky with how smoothly the first recovery went; the second one is inevitably going to be a bit bumpier given that you had the other knee done just a month ago.
Title: Re: ACL surgery HORRIBLE stabbing pain in SHIN please help!
Post by: Zag1 on February 21, 2018, 08:43:14 PM
Was there any relieving of the stabbing shin pain? I had surgery in sept. Iím now almost 5 months out. The shin pain started a about 3 weeks post op and is still there. Therapy for the most pet has gone well except for the shin. Its a sharp pain that hurts when I jump and land on that leg. Any info will help. Iím worried itís nerve damage and really worries itís permanent.
Title: Re: ACL surgery HORRIBLE stabbing pain in SHIN please help!
Post by: Lpato2 on June 09, 2018, 07:11:17 PM
Hi zag1, I had right knee ACL done around 4 years ago and all went smoothly and rehab, back playing football 10 months later with no shin pain. I am now 5 months post op and have shin pain when run or jump or like put weight or stress on the knee. I had a fall at work about 4 weeks post op and only noticed the shin pain a few weeks later when got more active,

Does anybody know what this could be?

I spoke to my physio and he said he wouldn't worry too much  at this stage and my surgeon said ACL is very strong and hoping it will get better through physio but it's not getting better, same amount of stabbing pain now as 3 months ago. HELP???
Title: Re: ACL surgery HORRIBLE stabbing pain in SHIN please help!
Post by: leahjg-90 on June 09, 2018, 07:59:06 PM
Hi Kristina,

I had a slightly different surgery - MPFL reconstruction using my hamstring tendon - however have experienced similar pain just below my kneecap at the top of my shin. Like a sharp, stabbing sensation (its horrid) when I do certain positions. Mainly weight bearing with a bent knee - so squats, climbing stairs and walking are when the pain hurts. However, non weight bearing, I don't experience pain.

I am now 8 weeks post op and the pain started around 6 weeks post op - this pain is slowly improving following advice from my physiotherapist. Below is a summary of what she said:

1. I still have significant swelling for this stage post op, and the excess fluid is likely to be putting extra pressure on an already inflamed joint.
2. As my knee cap has slightly altered positions, she suspects patella tendonitis. She explained it, that the forces through my knee have slightly altered and this has led to an increase in pressure in certain parts of my patella tendon (bottom of knee/top of shin).
3. She recommends to continue icing as needed, using ibuprofen, resting more - but not stopping my exercises. She has given me isometric exercises to do instead. Non weight bearing, but strengthening the quadriceps tendon and patella tendon. She has also taped my knee to relieve the pressure when walking and climbing stairs and as I was off crutches /using one for longer distances, she has told me to go back to two crutches temporarily while the pain eases off.

In the last 4 days since I saw my physiotherapist, I have had improvements. Much less pain, leg beginning to feel stronger (I assume from the isometric exercises). For me, I am feeling much better about it - however, I have learnt recovery is one step forward and two steps back sometimes and that is completely okay. Everyone's recovery is different, however listen to your own body and if you are concerned continue to seek help.

Leah :)