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Title: Two acl recons failed - can i live without it?!
Post by: Curz on June 21, 2013, 02:45:22 PM

As my signature says, ive had a hamstring graft which ruptured in 2012. My leg totally bent out of shape and this week I had an osteotomy to realign it. My leg, although extremely swollen is so much straighter now that i cant wait to see what its like in a few months time.

During the op, they tried to give me the patella tendon acl graft but this failed so i now dont have an acl. Im told by the surgeon that now my leg is realigned I can build muscles properly and go on without one.

Im a 26 year old active police officer, i have no intention of playing competive sport (football etc) but will row, cycle and do gym work (not high impact stuff on my knee) and want to know of any of you have gone on without one having had failures before. As a police officer i obviously need the ability to restrain at times but have seen online that there are a few basketball and rugby players who havent got acls but play professionally.

Thanks, matt
Title: Re: Two acl recons failed - can i live without it?!
Post by: kneesareapain on June 21, 2013, 08:04:36 PM
Hi Matt

I really sympathise.  I am in my 40s.  I did my ACL in the 80s, reconstruction in 90s [patellar tendon] which worked.  Then last Oct playing football with kids slipped and ACL went along (or failed in the MRI report) with both menisci torn.  Gutted about it but life goes on!

I have had some good advice from people here, esp Kaputt_Knee.  Also came across this link

Like you I don't want to play football or run but want a knee I don't worry about.  On rehab route & going to explore ACL revision from autumn.

In terms of coping without an ACL rehab has gone really well.  I got a physio who was really interested in my recovery.  I started with the basic exercises and balance stuff (which you will be tired of I imagine) and then a lot of Swiss Ball which are tougher than anything in a gym.  Physio told me that the hamstring can alleviate the loss of the ACL, at least to some degree.

Swiss ball has developed massive hamstring power.  Now I am pretty much there with stability and feel confident with the knee.

I do 3 times a week on the leg routine at home and am progressing it with levels of difficulty, (an hour or so including 10 mins stretching at end), bike 3 times (started on the recumbent in gym and outside now).  I get to the gym for some other fun stuff to feel normal (rowing, cross trainer & do some basic leg machines).

Your meniscus may be a problem with twisting etc and I don't know about HTO issues. 

Good luck and hope it all works out.

Title: Re: Two acl recons failed - can i live without it?!
Post by: Curz on June 25, 2013, 10:59:44 PM
thanks for ur response. i am going to see how the osteotomy progresses after rehab (damn it hurts at the moment!) an try an live without the acl hoping the osteotomy is enough. i really dont want a third op before plate removal, im desperate for a sustained period of normality and being able to get fit without having to start all over again after surgery!
Title: Re: Two acl recons failed - can i live without it?!
Post by: kneesareapain on June 26, 2013, 07:53:06 AM
Hi Matt

Good luck.  I had a recon ACL and a retear is hard mentally and physically - and you have more with HTO.

I am doing strict rehab and then will go for revision.

All the best Joe.