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Title: Post op walking issue
Post by: ozzie on April 05, 2013, 10:19:53 PM
Hi,  if anyone has any ideas about my concern based on you experiences, pleas let me know! 
Even if you are just guessing-it's helpful.  Basically, I have re overestimate range of motion, quad strength, and straightening after arthroscopy, but am not walking properly...

I am scheduled for an ACI patella surgery and Fulkerson (patella realignment)at the end of April and I had an arthroscopy almost a month ago to harvest cartilage for the ACI, scope to make certain I was an ACI candidate, and to do a minor shaving to a torn meniscus.  I did physical therapy 5 sessions over two and a half weeks and I can do straight leg lifts and bend my knee all the way(heel to bum). But I can't walk normally!  It feels like there is something overlapping the bottom of the kneecap that kind of gets stuck so that My knee does not bend properly when striding. So I am limping and moving slowly. My kneecap on the leg on which I had surgery feels looser than the other leg when I manipulate it...I have an appointment with the doctor and PT late next week which I don't think I can move up (put in a call today) and I'm worried that I need to be back to normal before next surgery.  I don't want to delay the ACI and also I'd like to be active now to keep in shape before that surgery.

Thank you for ANY feedback.
Title: Re: Post op walking issue
Post by: Mistyd on April 06, 2013, 04:23:03 PM
Hang in there Ozzie!  I too am awaiting an ACI surgery.  I had the harvesting on Feb 4th, but a Dec. 17th arthroscopic surgery (that was initially supposed to be harvesting but they didnt' have the packet for collection) did more shaving and cleaning up, so my 'rehab' from the Feb 4th surgery was super easy as it was just the harvesting.  Still, it took a good 5 weeks before full range of motion came back (and still is tender).  Also, the grinding and locking I experienced before has escalated.  I don't believe they will delay the surgery for your lack of ROM since it is so close post surgery. (just my opinion though).  Infection, or cold would be the more likely cause of delay.

Keep doing quad sets and pulses, and do what you can for exercise.  Mine has been dramatically reduced, but I can still find ways to get a good 'burn' in and my heart rate up.  Swimming would be ideal, but I don't have a pool or one around nearby, but maybe you do :)

Hang in there and good luck! :)

God Bless,