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Title: Advise needed before I see the specialist please.
Post by: bizzylizzie on March 15, 2013, 02:14:04 PM
Hi all,
I have an appointment on Monday to see a knee specialist, he is apparently one of the top dogs and I'm just looking for some advise before I see him. I want to make sure I go in armed with the right questions and knowing what my options may be. So any advise or suggestions would be great.

So heres the background...
When in my teens I disclocated my several times and had a lateral release to stop it. All was fine after other than odd ache etc. over the years. But the last couple of years my knee has got progressively more painful and causes me serious problems now. So my own Doctor referred me to a consultant and who after MRIs and Xrays did an arthroscopy to repair a tear in my meniscus and clean up the cartilage. After the surgery he said he actually found a lot worse damage than he'd thought. His summary of it was 'grade III degenerative changes of the patella and an ACL deficient knee.'

He did this 2 months ago and said there was nothing more he could do because of my age (I'm 30). He suggested if it was still the same in 3-6 months then to get referred to the guy I'm seeing on Monday. (My own doctor felt I needed seeing quicker because of the problems I was continuing to have.)My knee quickly recovered from the proceedure but there has been no change in the pain and symptoms I have.

I cannot do any of the sports I used to enjoy, I find it hard to drive for any time, I have to keep taking time off work because its making my knee agony (I'm a primary school teacher) and most importantly I cant do the normal everyday things I should/want to be doing with my 3 young children. It hurts everyday, grinds when I walk up stairs and seems to catch regularly. So now I am desperate for something to be done so I can live my life a little more and without constant pain. But I'm not sure what the options are and what to make sure I say to this specialist. So if anyone has any suggestions on options or what to say I'd really appreciate it.
Title: Re: Advise needed before I see the specialist please.
Post by: kimb on March 15, 2013, 04:13:55 PM
The specialist will know from exam and other medial reports what the best options are for you, but I'd make sure to stress exactly what you just said: that you are young, your job and being a parent to young kids demands that you get your knee working as well as possible. Do you know any more about the ACL deficiency? Is it just weak or completely torn? Lacking a functional ACL can contribute to arthritis. Being told at 30 that you just have to live for decades with so much pain and difficultly, well, you shouldn't have to accept that. Make sure you tell your personal story. When I saw my OS and he found out that we have young kids and we're an active family, he said that even though I was 37 he was going to treat me as if I were 17 because it was just as important to get me functional again. Someone out there can help you, keep at it. I hope your appointment goes well.
Title: Re: Advise needed before I see the specialist please.
Post by: bizzylizzie on March 15, 2013, 11:44:22 PM
Thank you for your reply. The surgeon who did the arthroscopy said my ACL had totally gone, in fact he said I had no ACL at all which some what confused me at the time coz the way he said was like they had just vanished! I should have questioned him more.
Some good advise in your reply, I think thats the bit I'm not very good at, making a fuss and spelling out how bad it is but I am definately going to make sure I do this time as I am desperate for some solution. Did your OS manage to help you at all, sounds like you had a good one, fingers crossed this guy I'm seeing is!
Title: Re: Advise needed before I see the specialist please.
Post by: kimb on March 16, 2013, 02:58:48 AM
Yeah sometimes you have to be assertive and not accept what they tell you. For some people, just taking life a little slower and easier works. For others it does not and you have to make sure they understand that about you, and what your reasons are. You seem determined, and sometimes that is what they need to see, too! They may have gone to medical school but you know yourself and your life and what you need.
I really like my OS. I find him to be very good, easy to talk to, honest, and willing to give information instead of just expecting me to accept whatever he says. My particular injury will be an ongoing thing. I meet with him again next week to see where we go next, if anywhere. I dislocated my kneecap in December and when that happened, it tore a piece of cartilage from under the knee cap. He took the torn piece out but the kneecap still comes out of the groove (it never did until I injured it). So, it remains to be seen if PT is going to help enough or if more surgery will be needed. Hopefully not! I have 3 children as well, and stay home with them so being completely laid up for weeks at a time just is not a good option right now.
Title: Re: Advise needed before I see the specialist please.
Post by: JessJess28 on March 17, 2013, 01:21:57 AM
I could have written this post minus the ACL deficient part. I have 2 young kids,  I am close in age to you, my knee grinds, can't take stairs well, etc.  I did the same as you are doing and sought out another opinion on my knee. It's at the point where it is really affecting my life. My OS recommended a TTT (Fulkerson Osteotomy).

Like Kimb said you should tell the OS how active you are and you want to know your options to reduce the pain in your knee. In my case I can fix it now OR wait 20 something years for 2 TKRs. I'd rather be back out there running, swimming and biking again  ;)

Let us know how the appt goes and good luck!