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Title: FSA/HSA reimbursement records for Regenexx procedure?
Post by: DakotaD on March 11, 2013, 12:58:05 AM
This is a bookkeeping question for those in the USA, who have paid for experimental treatments such as Regenexx with an HSA or FSA account. 
I recently received the Regenexx PRP procedure from a new Regenexx affiliate.  Because I have an HSA account through my employer, I have been planning on reimbursing myself with pretax dollars through the HSA.  Thus, I asked for a proper statement of the charges for my records to justify the expense.  What they provided describes the procedure as "Regenexx Prepaid" and gives a procedure code of "RGPrepaid".  Is this sufficient for IRS record keeping?  It seems a little vague to me.