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Title: knee trauma
Post by: vikingjw on February 28, 2013, 07:59:00 PM
I injured my Left knee one week ago getting taken to the ground doing MMA.  Impact to the outside of my knee caused it to pop(felt like the knee moved), causing immediate pain.  swelling came on gradually and pain persisted for 3 days.  Xray negative.  Present time-  walking with major limp as my knee won't straighten completely, knee feels very loose on the medial side, and pain when twisting it wrong.

went to sports medicine ortho who suspects grade 2(maybe 3) tear of ACL/MCL/meniscus.  Sent for MRI and wont know until next week.  Brace he supplied feels great.  I have a hard time thinking that my ACL could be injured and was hoping someone had similar experience.