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Title: Fulkerson?!
Post by: trish13 on February 08, 2013, 02:52:25 AM
Im new to knee problems, female 31 years old, pretty active.
 January 2012 I had done something to my left knee to make it unbearable to put weight on it, I had waited a couple months to see if it would heal on its own (I had also just undergone gallbladder removal) no relief. I went to a reputable OS and MRI/xray concluded medial and lateral meniscus tear.

Had arthroscope in May, findings were...ACL and PCL were intact. Medial and Lateral compartment were unremarkable with no chondral defects and the menisci were both medially and laterally intact. But patellofemoral area had synovitis in the area of the super patellar pouch especially laterally near the lateral superior trochlea and lateral gutter and lateral peripatellar area. (no idea what that means) limited synovectomy was performed removing inflamed synovium from this area. Chondroplasy was also performed at the patella where there was extensive grade 2 chondromalacia especially at the lateral facet and inferior aspect to the patella along with the trochlear femoral sulcu. Patella tracked laterally with 30 degrees of flexion. There was +3 lateral retinacular tightness of the patella dn the lateral patellofemoral ligaments. Therefore lateral release was undertaken.

I had some relief and was able to play volleyball for a short time until I started having weight bearing pain again. I am not incapable of doing squats or stairs or high impact sports but it hurts enough to were I favor my knee. I have a pretty high pain tolerance so I'm unsure if I'm just being a wimp or not because the lateral release was suppose to help. I was told that I have tilted patella and my other knee is the same but as the saying goes "if it's not broke don't fix it" so I won't.

I went in December 13th for answers and had xray done along with Gel One viscosupplementation injection (not very pleasant). Follow up was Jan 24th, I had no relief with the injection (thank goodness since I almost passed out from it) along with an allergic reaction. So now I'm bracing it to see if that helps (it hasn't) along with NSAID's to prolong having a Fulkerson procedure, in which is the next step. I want to do this and have my freedom and not have to worry about it anymore but I'm unsure. I have read others on here on how due to dislocation in recurrent subluxation (i'm not sure if mine does or not) that is why they have the fulkerson along with not being able to walk and so forth...I can walk all day, yes its sore by the end of the day but I can walk.

I want to do this but need some other input on there anyone else with similar history and has been faced with this? what was your outcome?

Also, I have a manual transmission Jeep, when will I be able to drive that? (haha that is my biggest worry)

Thank you for taking the time to read my post as I have read so many very interesting posts on here that have helped tremendously in worries. I will be surprised if anyone responds....
Title: Re: Fulkerson?!
Post by: allyd on February 08, 2013, 04:21:27 AM
While used at times to stabalize an unstable patella, A fulkerson can also be done to unload a chondral defect. by moving it they cause your knee cap to ride on a different area of cartilage. So, don't get to caught up that. It sort of has a dual use.

Have you considered any other cartilage repair procedures, such as ACI, OATS, or microfracture? I think there are a few others as well... I personally don't know much about them, but depending on how big your defect it is - it may be an option. Hopefully some others who have dealt with the issue can give you some input.
Title: Re: Fulkerson?!
Post by: trish13 on February 08, 2013, 12:03:13 PM
Nothing else has been mentioned. I am going to see another surgeon on the 4th and if hee agrees I'm thinking it's a go... my worry is with work, I'm on my feet up to 9 hours a day and I do a lot of squats. I am the front end manager of my store and the interior decorator so I need to be healed to do stairs before August/September as that'swhen Christmas starts coming I tentatively scheduled surgery for March 27, my husband doesn't know yet, but my boss didn't seem happy.... I'm once again stuck
Title: Re: Fulkerson?!
Post by: schnops on February 09, 2013, 06:05:00 PM
I am a high school athlete and have also been recommended to have a TTO or fulkerson.  I can definitely relate to your case.  My Q angle is nearly double what it should be which has caused me to get severe swelling in my knee and constant pain.  Like you, I can walk around all day, but am sore and swollen by the end of it.  A subluxation is when your knee cap slides out of the groove, but goes back in on its own.  If your knee cap has ever felt slightly out of place, then you probably had a subluxation. I would say if you are unsure about having this procedure to 1. Find a surgeon that you trust and 2.  Read some post-op diaries of people who have had it.  My OS told me that there is a 95% success rate and people generally do very well with it.  As for driving, it depends on your OS protocols.  Every dr's is different.  For me, I will be full weight bearing (with the aid of crutches for safety) by day 5 or so and will be able to drive probably 2 weeks post op. I know for several people though they are non weight bearing for 6 weeks, so it really depends.  Good luck!
Title: Re: Fulkerson?!
Post by: trish13 on February 09, 2013, 07:52:17 PM
I have been paying attention more to my knee and I am now understanding the doesn't feel comfortable at all and CANNOT imagine having it dislocate totally! I do trust this surgeon he has a really high success rate, very pleasant and I love the staff there. As for the driving thing..I'm going to have someone drive me where I need to for 2 months lol. I still will be seeing what this other Dr has to say and maybe even get a third to make sure...the Dr's I'm getting opinions from are highly recommended and reputable so we will see.
Thank you for the support!
-schnops- have you had surgery yet?
Title: Re: Fulkerson?!
Post by: schnops on February 09, 2013, 08:02:33 PM
having a good dr makes all the difference.  Keep fighting to work this out.  I am scheduled to have the surgery in April, so in a few months I'll def be able to tell you more.  When are you scheduled to have it? I have read a lot of post op diaries which has really helped and answered a lot of my questions, so if you're looking for someone to give you more details on the actual recovery I would start there.  If your knee subluxes then contract your quad a few times and do a few butt kicks to try and get it back in the groove.  Things will work out in the end, you just gotta keep at it
Title: Re: Fulkerson?!
Post by: trish13 on February 09, 2013, 09:13:27 PM
It's scheduled for March 27th... :-\  unless one of the other Dr suggest otherwise. Thanks for the advice on how to help with the subluxations.