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Title: to crutch or not to crutch (MCL sprain)
Post by: notsorunner on October 11, 2012, 03:02:33 PM
Sorry - I'm new to this particular board, but I think this is where this question belongs - let me know if I'm wrong (or how I can change it).

I sprained my knee on Saturday - I stepped funny and heard about 4-5 pops.  Got an x-ray, and as suspected nothing is broken.  I got to my Ortho on Tuesday and he said "definite MCL sprain, potential meniscus tear" and sent me for an MRI. (I go back on Monday to go over the results)

He told me that I was OK to walk on my knee as much as my knee can bear the weight.  Yesterday at work (mostly sitting) I walked with crutches, but putting 90-100% of my weight on my knee - crutches were just there "just in case", and then when I got home, I went without crutches, except for stairs.

I woke up this morning, and my knee is definitely more swollen than it was yesterday morning, and it's pretty sore. (I only took pain meds once yesterday, but took 800mg as soon as I got up this morning because of how sore it was!  and I'm STILL mildly sore).

So - from someone who's never had a serious injury before: how do I know when it's OK to go without crutches?

Also, the pain is usually tolerable (except this morning) - but the swelling hasn't really gone down at all since about Monday.  Should I continue to take NSAIDs, even if I don't need them for the pain, for the swelling?

Sorry if these seem like stupid questions, I really don't know anything about being inured :P and can't get back to the Dr. until Mon.  Thanks!
Title: Re: to crutch or not to crutch (MCL sprain)
Post by: notsorunner on October 11, 2012, 03:05:30 PM
maybe I should also add, if I do "walk" without crutches, it's a pretty bad limp (even with the brace).

Every once in a while, my knee will "go out" - if it wasn't for my brace, I think I would have fallen over (I did once when the brace wasn't tight enough).  Even with the brace, I step and feel like something is not right, and it feels like the brace is the only reason why I'm still standing...