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Title: Knee scope
Post by: javsam on August 27, 2012, 11:13:35 PM
Hello all. I am a 54 year old male who has chrondomalcia level 1 in my right knee. It is painfull when standing. I can have it cleaned out by an Orthopedic surgeon and have heard there is only a 50 percent chance of this working. Are there any success stories out there ?Please let me know.
Thank You
Title: Re: Knee scope
Post by: lorilove on August 28, 2012, 04:07:11 AM
My understanding is that knee surgery when the only dx is chondromalacia is not recommended.  However, if they scope the knee for other purposes (i.e. meniscus tear) they will go ahead and clean up the chondromalacia while they are there.  This is what I had.

I guess it depends on how much pain you are in as to whether you should consider surgery.
Title: Re: Knee scope
Post by: LAS on August 28, 2012, 04:36:41 AM
I think they can do a abrasion chrondroplasty (create scar tissue) but I have heard that it does't work all the time and you need to be non weight bearing for about 6 weeks to get better results. I'me not sure what you mean by a clean up unless you have a tear and they shave or repair that.    LAS
Title: Re: Knee scope
Post by: vickster on August 28, 2012, 08:28:22 AM
I am not sure how you clean up Grade I cartilage - this is defined as "grade 1: the cartilage has a soft spot or blisters" - it is softened rather than tatty

If you have grade III for example, the raggedy bits can be tidied up - I had grade 3 on lateral patella which was shaved, seems to have worked well (was apparently looking good 10 months later).  I think abrasion chondroplasty is used for more severe damage

With extensive softening, a hyaluronic acid injection may help lubricate and settle the knee - worth a try if you can have it covered / afford it

Hope it all works out for you :)
Title: Re: Knee scope
Post by: javsam on August 28, 2012, 08:26:02 PM
Sorry about that,The surgeon would do a scope of the knee to get a better look inside. I had a MRI  about 1 year ago  and the findings were:
1. No meniscal or cruciate ligamentous tears.
2. Tiny Bakers cyst.
3. mild prepatellar bursitis.
4. Mild tri-compartmental osteoarthritis noting multi-compartmental chrondromalacia.
The knee aches/stiffens up on the inside just from standing and also aches at bedtime.  If I had the scope done could it worsen my condition or am I just worrying too much?.
Title: Re: Knee scope
Post by: vickster on August 28, 2012, 08:44:05 PM
It could make it worse, or better - no surgery is without risks.  Have you asked the doctor about viscosupplementation injections like Synvisc, Euflexxa, Durolane (there are other brands, depending on your country)?  Personally, I'd try this first.  Have you discussed the risks and positives of the surgery - your doctor is the expert here?

The Baker's cyst may indicate that there is a meniscal issue - these are often missed (or sometimes misdiagnosed) by MRIs

Good luck :)
Title: Re: Knee scope
Post by: LAS on August 29, 2012, 01:20:03 AM
Hi Javsam:  I had a very large meniscus tear down to the root, chrondromalacia and a bakers' cyst.   They did do the abraision chrondroplasty but it really didn't work.  They fixed the tear and said the baker's cyst was the result of the meniscus tear and that it would take care of itself.   About 3-4 mounths after the surgery I was limping so I did get the synvisc injection and there was an improvement of 40-50%.   In my case, I could no longer walk so I had to get the surgery done and the  chrondromalacia pain kicked in after the surgery and the synvisc injection did help but not completely.   So yes the outcome sometimes is not what you expect.  I believe that surgery can aggravate and stir up certain conditions while it helps in many other ways ie I'me walking without a limp.   What did I expect?  To be walking normal in 3-4 weeks but it took 6 months.   Ask the surgeon what he thinks the outcome will be for you and concentrate on that.  One mistake I made was that I didn't ask enougth questions and I got disappointed.   It's alot better and easier to know ahead of time what to expect.    I hope this helps.   LAS
Title: Re: Knee scope
Post by: javsam on August 29, 2012, 01:47:51 AM
Thank you for your replies,they do help. :D