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Title: Patellar tendonitis
Post by: ellelawton on August 15, 2012, 08:47:36 AM
I've been playing volleyball for years, and a year ago I was diagnosed with patellar tendonitis.  The doctor had given me a light brace to wear when it hurt and my coach showed me how to apply KTape for it. For a while, I was able to just wear the tape( about a month and a half) then I had to wear a small strap around it( about another month) and after that I had to wear both together for the rest of the season. I know it needed rest, but I play two seasons of volleyball every year, so I only had about two months to rest before the new season. During that rest period, I always wore the strap. During the new season, I went from playing with the tape and strap to playing with the knee brace. I then had another two months off, but am currently going through volleyball tryouts  again. I play with the tape and brace and still have constant pain. The pain is always there, 24/7, even while lying down, forcing me to always wear the brace.  I've found that ice only hurts more, I can't take most basic pain/inflammation medications because of a stomach condition, and it physically creaks when I try to stretch it. It pops and gives out constantly, and the inflammation never calms. I do not want surgery based on all the negative experiences and warnings I've read on here. Is there any other way I can at least relieve the pain besides resting it(which I hope isn't my only option)?
Thanks! -Elle
Title: Re: Patellar tendonitis
Post by: kneepaincure on August 19, 2012, 04:28:21 AM
You are right that surgery is not a good option for this condition. It's hard to predict whether it will have good results. Have you been doing any strengthening exercises? I was given aggressive eccentric strengthening exercises to do which have helped a lot. Perhaps you can take a break from volleyball for a while and focus on some physical therapy. You don't want it to turn chronic which makes it harder to treat.
Title: Re: Patellar tendonitis
Post by: Vickster on August 19, 2012, 10:40:23 AM
Might a corticosteroid shot help if you cannot take anti-inflammatory medication?  Might be worth a discussion with your doctor if the RICE doesn't work - as well as the RICE

Good luck :)
Title: Re: Patellar tendonitis
Post by: dm on August 21, 2012, 02:39:40 AM
I had patellar tendon tendonitis when i fell and landed full weight on my shin on a concrete floor. Sucked big time. Wouldn't resolve either. Yes, ice massage sucks, but you have to massage perpendicular to your tibia as well as parallel, to break up the adhesions. Also, it helps if you solidly ice the entire area first, so that it's already freezing numb when you try and do the ice massage, you don't feel it so much.

I ended up having a shot in the patella tendon sheath - fair warning, it sucks! It did bring down the inflammation, but the way they do that shot is not fun. Having someone pin your knee in a bent position while they stick a needle in the front of it at a weird angle is not pleasant, but you can't move while they do it. It's not like a simple in the joint injection - it's gotta be a lot more precise to work.

Sorry to be brutally honest about it - but figured you'd rather know those shots aren't fun. You could also ask about topical NSAIDs like voltaren (diclofenac) which comes in a gel or patch (gel's cheaper) those don't cause tummy issues cuz you don't swallow it.

Title: Re: Patellar tendonitis
Post by: Vickster on August 22, 2012, 07:15:06 PM
I just had a PRP injection for my tennis elbow - wow, if I thought a steroid injection hurt!! Those are given with lidocaine!!  :o

My OS, now he is able to do PRP (as he has recently got the centrifuge), doesn't do steroid jabs much now.  He does all injections using ultrasound guidance so he can hit the tendon precisely!

I am hoping it works...don't want another of these!