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Title: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - EXPERIENCE ?!
Post by: Mr.Qaili on August 13, 2012, 04:38:14 AM
Hello dear .
I have heard that PRP can help heal knee arthritis even if it has severe cartilage damage .
In google search i read some article where they say : even if arthritis is bone on bone they help regenerate cartilage and unload the pressure off the joint .
They mention that PRP have growth factors which helps in cartilage regeneration and healing :) !

I would like to hear true experience from anyone who had tried these PRP injections .
All thoughts are welcome
Title: Re: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - EXPERIENCE ?!
Post by: ashok_guru on August 13, 2012, 11:28:07 AM
No PRP will not help to regenerate cartilage.
May  be you can try HGH or Bone Marrow stem cell injections that should help.

I have tried more than 8 PRP injections on my right knee cartilage damage but no help so far.
If you have problem with your tendons or ligament may be PRP can help but not for cartilage.
Title: Re: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - EXPERIENCE ?!
Post by: Mbjack on August 13, 2012, 04:44:25 PM
PRP will not regenerate cartilage, but some early data states it can have an effect on the pain and possible degeneration process. Autologous stem cell injections can also have a positive related effect on thiese issue as well. As always there is no silver bullet, and I would also suggest it can also be impacted by the output of different devices that create these mixtures and concentrations.       
Title: Re: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - EXPERIENCE ?!
Post by: Mr.Qaili on August 16, 2012, 02:37:55 AM
Thanks for ur posts Ashuk_guru, mbjack

How much serious was ur cartilage damage? And what u will say about bone marrow stem cells, prolotherapy did they really help, how many injections u had used and how did u feel after that

Why 8 PRP injections has not helped u ? Maybe u were suffering from severe damage or ?!!

Best wishes for both
Title: Re: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - EXPERIENCE ?!
Post by: ashok_guru on August 17, 2012, 05:37:37 AM
I am copying my experiences from another forum and pasting it here - it gives background about my injury and the treatment i underwent ... this below post was from DeC 2011 I guess


I thought this is the time for me to share my Regenexx-SD experiences here.

Regarding my Injury :

I had a cartilage damage due to intense sports activity in my right knee during July 2009. Since then I had two surgeries

         1. Partial Meniscetomy - Dec 2009 - 20-30% of medial mensicus was removed
         2. Cartilage debridement - Mar 2010 - 2X2 CM of cartilage in medial femoral condyle region of right knee was shaved off due to cartilage delamination.

I did not find any relief after the surgery, infact surgery made things worse. I was asked to use single crutch while walking since weight-bearing on the right knee became very difficult. As a result I've been using this crutches for the last 2 years.
Crutch usage made things to worsen more, my other joints were impacted as well because of this crutch, My hip, left shoulder, left knee, left hand wrist started to pain. Before my knee injury and surgery I was perfectly healthy and no other complaints

After long hard thought, decided not to undergo any further surgery and definitely don’t want to end up in getting a knee replacement surgery, so was looking for other alternate treatments for joint conditions and for regeneration of cartilage also ways to preserve the health of remaining medial meniscus.

To manage pain, I started with Acupunture, Acupressure for some time but that did not help with pain/swelling much.
In the knee Geeks forum, I was following the thread posted by GB and Irentat about Prolotherapy, PRP, HGH Injections

At this point I wanted to thank Irentat for sharing his experiences about IAGH injections that helped to regenerate cartilage in his ankle and also for answering all my questions and thanks to GB for sharing his experiences about prolotherapy and prolozone injections.

So I thought I would give that Prolo+PRP a try, after reviewing many prolotherapy doctors I chose Dr. Ross Hauser from Chicago he had good record and had treated many patients for many ortho conditions. So I decided to have my first prolotherapy by July 2010. I was advised by fellow knee geeks friends that I should try atleast 10-12 prolo injections on the joints to see some improvements. I live in New Jersey and was travelling to Chicago every month for this Prolotherapy injections.

Initially Dr. Hauser treated with regular prolotherapy with Dextrose solution and 2 I.U of HGH solutions, after 3 injections I did not see even 1-2% of improvement in my knee. So I  have requested him to do "Hackett-Hemwall Prolotherapy" Which is nothing but Prolotherapy + PRP injections into the joints. I had 3 of those treatment for the next three months where the doctor injected PRP + HGH + Dextrose + Magnesium + Other Prolo solutions into my joints. Still did not find any improvements but decided to continue with the treatment, in subsequent injections doctor also added testosterone. So I had mixture of many solutions into my joints but no real improvements. That's when Dr. Hauser started treating patients with Bone Marrow Prolotherapy. I decided to try that so I had Bone Marrow drawn from my tibia bone and got injected into the damaged knee along with regular prolo injections, I had two of those Bone Marrow prolotherapy injections.

Hmmm… Yes….Totally I think I had almost 10 Prolo + 4 PRP + 2 Bone Marrow prolotherapy Injections from Dr. Hauser. And also had three PRP injections from a local doctor [Dr.Sammy Masiri] in NJ but to be frank there was no real improvement in the last one year of trying all this. I forgot to mention I also tried Prolozone injection from a doctor  [Dr. Andrew Lipton] in PA. I  had almost 8 Prolozone Injections where they inject Ozone into the joints which is suppose to give pain relief.

In my last visit to chicago Dr. Hauser requested me to undergo the following tests

   1. Electrolyte panel
   2. Food sensitivity test
   3. Vitamin D Panel [25-OH vitamin D]
   4. Hormone Panel

He wanted to understand my body condition whether it is in anabolic state or pro-healing mode for natural healing with prolotherapy injections.

The reports came out showing that I have low levels of Magnesium, very low levels of vitamin D and moderate levels of some hormones. He advised me to avoid certain foods for sometime, asked me to take some supplements and requested to apply Testosterone topical cream. As per Dr. Hauser advise am following very strict diet

1. Low GI diet for the past 4 months
2. Also avoiding foods containing wheat, soy, egg, gluten, sugar, processed foods, high fat contents, caffeine, carbonated drinks etc
3. Taking Mutlivitamins/MultiMinerals/Phyto Nutrients.
4. Maintaining body PH balance between 6.5 and 7.
5. Regularly doing Stationary bike twice for 25-40 minutes.
6. Stopped using ICE for swelling after prolotherapy and stated using INFRA-RED heating unit and TDP Light therapy lamp.

These are the supplements list that am taking regularly.

Collagen Type I, II and III
Hyaluronic acid
Magnesium 500mg
Resvertrol 500mg
Vitamin C 1000mg as ascorbic acid
Krill Oil tablets
Vitamin D3 - 5000 I.U
DL-Alpha Lipoic acid 600mg.
WheatGrass/Barley Grass/Oat Grass

While I was doing all these, Parallely had set up a telephonic consulting with Regenexx. I spoke to Dr. Ron Hanson, sent all my medical reports/MRI and everything. Dr. Hanson rated me as a Good Candidate for the treatment.
But am not really convinced and comfortable to go ahead with regenexx treatment after telephone consulation so decided to have a in person consulation with Dr. Hanson, I travelled to Denver, met Dr. Hanson and he evaluated me thoroughly, answered all questions and suggested the following.

1. SFMA [Selective Functional Movement Accessment Technique] Evaluation, to understand the mobility of my joints
2. IMS [Intra muscular stimulation] for the joints
3. Regenexx-PL
4. Regenexx-SD
5. Regenexx-SCP.

After in person consulation I decided to go ahead with Regenexx Stem cell injections and had scheduled during August 2011.

I went to Denver and stayed in Broomfield for almost 10 days to complete the treatment. I really liked Dr. Ron Hanson, he was a very caring doctor answered all my questions during in person consulation and also all my email queries were promptly answered. Even small doubts/clarifications was prompty answered through email  despite his busy schedule. He took good care during bone marrow draw, Pre and Post Injections. In fact I passed out after bone marrow draw, and was unconscious for almost an hour. Am not writing this to scare anyone...bone marrow draw was totally painless, only the pressure of needly piercing the bone will be felt and nothing else. I passed out after bone marrow draw completion and when I tried to get up from the procedure table. Proper hydration of your body before the procedure will help, I did hydrated myself well by drinking enough fluids but still I passed out  . May be I was weak after all those Low GI diet.

After 10 days of my treatment I returned back to NJ and strictly followed the Post-Op instructions that was provided. I was advised to continue with the LOW GI diet.
4 weeks after Injections I was advised by Dr.Hanson to start PT using SFMA technique, and I have started PT since last week. Am into my 5th week now.

Result of the treatment :

After trying hard all these I haven't yet seen any marked improvement though am not sure if its bit early to decide on the efficacy of the treatment but there is little bit of improvement with weight bearing part thought am still walking with a crutch and also wearing the knee brace so I cannot be affirmative on this one.

But knee stiffness has gone down a bit though not completely, I had considerable swelling on my knee after the injections on top of the original swelling I had due to injury. Now after 5 weeks swelling due to injections was very much reduced but original swelling still persists. I think I have to wait some more time to make sure am on the right path to recovery. Due to last 2 years of crutch usage there are lots of stiffness on my hip, ankle and back and also considerable wastage of muscles in my quad, hamstring, hip region that inhibits my mobility.  My PT is working hard on these, I think I still have long way to go to regain my full strength back on these muscles and to walk normally

I also wanted to thank Scooter72 on this forum, who has offered some good advices by sharing his experiences and also for answering all my queries that helped me a lot and to remain confident during these tough times.

Title: Re: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - EXPERIENCE ?!
Post by: rob wilson on August 17, 2012, 04:07:33 PM
Ashok - don't you think if you had done the microfracture 1st and then had all these injections afterward you would be feeling much better? Thanks. Call me if needed. You have my cell.
Title: Re: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - EXPERIENCE ?!
Post by: Honeybunch on August 28, 2012, 10:09:05 PM
I'm really hoping someone chimes in with their 2 cents for microfracture before PRP treat ment - I am having this problem now.

today my doctor said the last thing he can do for my osteochonral lesions is a different version of PRP, where they incubate my blood for 24-48 hours before injecting it. I am not able to see him until the treatment a few months from now, and I am seeing an orthopedic surgeon in a couple weeks.

I really dont like the idea of microfracture, but I, like Ashkok have gone through many treatments to no avail,

Also, I was under the impression that PRP is useless for osteochondral defects. That seems to be the consensus on here too.

so what do y'all think, microfracture plus 4 weekly sessions of PRP ? Its a new treatment, its actually called Autologous conditioning plasma.

FWIW- if i dont get the microfracture I dont see myself using crutches after the injections as oppose to I will be required to stay off my knee if I get the drilling first....

thanks everyone and hope your knee is giving u a good day today.

(I am 23 years old...)

heres a study:
Title: Re: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - EXPERIENCE ?!
Post by: ashok_guru on August 29, 2012, 05:16:21 AM
Hi Honeybunch,

Please check out this
Am not really a big fan of Microfracture because of the long rehabilitation and prolonged use of crutches. I was on crutch was almost 2 years [though not due to microfracture] it really spoiled my shoulder and hip joint. If you are planning to trying out Microfracture may be you can check on the Dr.Dunn's procedure @

I just had three HGH injection from a local doctor here in NJ but I had different reactions to HGH so I stopped taking HGH for now, may  be I will go to colorado again for Regenexx-SD still not sure.
Title: Re: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - EXPERIENCE ?!
Post by: Honeybunch on August 29, 2012, 05:31:52 AM
SO after more reading, I dont want a mfx due to the chances of a failed ACI post microfracture, as I read it can really screw you up.

I tried HGH.. i don't think I stayed off the leg long enough, my doctor said I didnt have to for longer than a couple days.... so i screwed that up
Title: Re: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - EXPERIENCE ?!
Post by: ashok_guru on August 29, 2012, 12:53:06 PM
Yes you have to stay off your knee for at least 6-8 weeks while on HGH injections.
Title: Re: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - EXPERIENCE ?!
Post by: mannmagic20 on January 23, 2013, 10:55:13 PM
I have also started having PRP injections in my right knee a couple of weeks ago.  I still have discomfort in my knee.  The first 5 days were difficult but then I got some relief.  The last few days have been hard though.  I'm scheduled for another PRP injection this Friday.  My problem is with the meniscus, patellar tendon which has some tendonosis and my articular cartilage.  Dvase or anyone? in how long should I see some results?  My discomfort at times is all day and my lateral part of the knee feels very tender.  I had arthoscopic knee surgery in May of last year 2012 to remove a tear in my medial meniscus.  Now the lateral side of my knee hurts. 
Title: Re: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - EXPERIENCE ?!
Post by: ashok_guru on January 29, 2013, 12:06:44 AM
Another update from my side.

I had my second Regenexx -SD injection + Fat cells + Regenexx -PL from a doctor near by location [Dr Shiple..Springfield PA] last tuesday 01/22/13. This is time I didnot travel to colorado.

I will be having Regenexx-SCP by next tuesday. For the last 5 days I was in terrible pain and swelling.
But now the pain has very much reduced and inflammation is slowly going way. Today I started mild biking and for the last two days I have been working on my range of motions and leg lifts.

In another 3-6 months planning to travel to India for RFQMR [Rotational Field Quantum Magnetic Resonance] treatment

Anyway for now continuing with my Regenexx stem cell injections.
Title: Re: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - EXPERIENCE ?!
Post by: ashok_guru on January 29, 2013, 05:25:23 PM
Title: Re: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - EXPERIENCE ?!
Post by: zminem on January 29, 2013, 07:58:10 PM
Hello all,

This is my first time posting here, but I have been following this website for a while now. To make the story short, I had a lateral meniscal tear injury in my Lt knee, in Sept 2010, operated on it 2 months later(repair) it failed so 5 months later I had a review (partial menisectomy) and still in pain ever after the original injury.

my latest MRI showed horizontal tear in my lateral meniscus with a cyst. My doctor thinks its not a good idea to go for a third surgery especially that I'm relatively young(29) and that many surgeries might affect my out come. I kept doing PT, and started PRP and prolo, had like 7 of them then one BM stem injection and one Fat derived stem injection (all over 1 year span). The pain which I had around the patellar tendon has disappeared but all these treatment didn't really help much with my joint line meniscal pain.

My pain is cyclic comes and goes like every 3 days. I can do my daily activities but nothing more. The whole prolotherapy helped me slightly but not to the point where I'm pain free. When I have my pain flare ups I wonder if I should keep going in the conservative way or should I go for another surgery.

Any help or tips from you guys will be highly appreciated,

Title: Re: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - EXPERIENCE ?!
Post by: jtcarlto on April 30, 2013, 04:16:57 AM

You may want to look into a CMI (Collagen Meniscus Implant) or if that fails, a meniscus transplant.  Dr. Kevin Stone is experienced in this.  I believe he also uses fresh (or relatively fresh) meniscus donors. 

He is out of San Fransisco.  Costs more than your standard doctor.  Other doctors are learning about meniscus transplant procedures but I would definitely do homework before choosing.

1. Do you use a fresh or frozen meniscus allograft
-If answer is frozen, move on or ask to switch to fresh.  Reason is frozen meniscus have less alive cells (it's basically dead) and therefore it's less squishy and becomes more like a dead fish (i.e. if it's frozen).

2. Number of procedures they have done and whether they do it via arthroscopy?

I know Stone does.  CMI also is not covered by most insurances (in some places maybe but usually not).  Stone created CMI and so has a direct interest (or exceeding interest) in performing a quality operation (not that the other docs dont) I think is the address or google it.

Best of luck to you.

Also, the reason HGH injections won't spontaneously grow a meniscus (or partial meniscus) is because it doesn't it's missing.  Without bloodying the current one or some operation to replace it, it won't grow back.  If you do have surgery it wouldn't be a bad idea to use IAGH in the recovery process.  This could regrow native hyaline cartilage while everything is stimulated and "upset"; that'd be a good idea.

Anyways, once again good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Title: Re: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - EXPERIENCE ?!
Post by: zminem on June 29, 2013, 11:27:11 PM
Thank you Jtcarlto,

I already know about Dr.Stone's work. However, I'm not thinking of having any surgeries for now. MT is a major procedure, and I have to think deeply about all the options available before going ahead with that.

Thank you again for pointing that to me, I appreciate it.

I'm sticking with Stem cells injections for now, will see how it goes.

Title: Re: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - EXPERIENCE ?!
Post by: Kefu on November 21, 2013, 01:24:57 AM
Does anyone know if PRP would help someone with severe pain due to chondromalacia patella/anterior knee pain? I am only 23, and I am in constant pain!

I have feel like I have tried almost everything. You can read about what I have tried and what worked and didn't in my thread here:
Title: Re: Platelet Rich Plasma Injection - EXPERIENCE ?!
Post by: zminem on January 27, 2014, 07:21:02 PM
I just saw your post! yes it should help especially with the anterior pain part. Try Prolotherapy+PRP.

Hope you are feeling better by now!